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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  July 28, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now, abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: a 16 inch water main broke last night on bradley boulevard. john gonzalez reports on the complications slowing things down. john: this was a mess yesterday and it sounds like it is going to be a mess the rest of today into tonight.
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this is bradley boulevard and huntington parkway. we have a huge hole right here in the road and crews are having to do with a few obstacles, not only a sewer line, but a gas line -- that yellow pipe is a gas line that runs directly above and across the ruptured area. usually, with a job like this once the ruptured pipe is exposed, then it takes another 4-6 hours to make the repairs. they have not even gone to that point yet. they are still pumping thousands and thousands of gallons of water out of the area. here to tell us more about the situation is glenn reagins. >> this is certainly a difficult job with the gas line and the storm drain. we have a lot of water to get out of here. the pipe is just at a low point so all of the water is draining in here. about 25 homes without water right now. >> that's correct.
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we will do our best to get them into service as quickly as possible. john: folks are going to be without water for quite some time. wilson lane to the beltway from bradley, you will definitely have to turn around if you are driving that direction. jummy: also happening, a rally outside the u.s. capitol denouncing planned parenthood with dr. ben carson. protesters are calling for congress to defund groups -- the group. this comes after a second video released that appears to show organization leaders discussing prices for fetal tissue. planned parenthood says the videos were deceptively edited to support false claims. the coast guard expanding its search for two missing teenage
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boys off the coast of florida. planes and boats are patrolling funny 7000 square nautical miles -- 27,000ical miles for the teenagers. their boat was found capsized on sunday. their families are hopeful noting that life jackets a cooler were missing from their boat. a missing a-year-old girl in california found dead and a teenager now in custody. the body of maddie middleton was found in a dumpster near an apartment complex where she was last seen riding her scooter. a boy who lived in the same complex has been arrested. some federal lawmakers are teaming up with a major gun violence prevention organization to demand new gun legislation. they are pushing to require a criminal background check on all handgun sales. it is the largest gun violence prevention organization in the
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country. maryland governor larry hogan is showing off his new do. he posted this picture on his facebook page saying, "it looks like there is another white dome indianapolis state house." -- in the annapolis state house." he is battling stage three, non-hodgkin's lymphoma. we turn to the first forecast. the heat and humidity are ramping up this noon. chief meteorologist doug hill is here. doug: hey, jummy. chesapeake beach on the chesapeake bay and all across the area. a hot and humid one underway already. just a little shower, even a little thundershower trying to shape up. they are not moving much. they are drifting a tiny bit
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but kind of stationary. these tend to rain themselves out. we could get some heavy ones that could cause some rapid rises and water this afternoon. 90 degrees at reagan national. 82, gaithersburg. 87 fredericksburg. when you factor the moisture in this is what it feels like right now. it feels like a 98 at reagan national. feels like 96 at fredericksburg. 92 at washington dulles. a stray storm or two. back in a few minutes to check out the rest of the week and give you an early look at the weekend forecast. jummy: thank you. we want to check the roadways. jamie sullivan joins us with a look. jamie: i want to start off with the heaviest traffic. that is outbound on 66. your average is only 12 miles per hour. the reason is because of an
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accident near sycamore blocking the right lane. they are trying to shift everything over. we did have the right landlocked but it looks like they may have moved everything to the shoulder and starting to clear it out just pass this point. you will see quite a bit of volume and some spots only in the single digits. let's move back to the map. one of the issues for us is going to be an accident at 15th street northwest at rhode island. a demonstration happening on 3rd street northwest near pennsylvania avenue. it is on the move toward the capital. all morning and afternoon, we have been dealing with the water main break in bethesda. it is still closed off at bradley boulevard. that's take a look in this area. this picture was tweeted out and it gives you a great idea of why it may remain closed through the afternoon. there was a lot going on.
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repairs are underway. it may still take a while. plan to use old georgetown through bethesda. back to you. jummy: thank you, jamie. bedbug cleanup to tell you about today thanks to 7 on your side. we responded to a call about insects infesting a fairfax office building. sam sweeney is live with what is next. sam: good afternoon. this parking lot is empty. that is because there is a bedbug infestation inside this building. yesterday, an employee contacted 7 on your side investigators saying she had bed bugs crawling around her cubicle and management was not addressing the issue. 7 on your side got involved and within one hour of contacting the management, this building has been evacuated. they said they were aware of the bedbugs found, and the situation appears to be contained to the
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second floor. employees should remain home and they will be returning to work hopefully by wednesday. we did some digging to find out what you should do if you suspect bedbugs are in your office. first, make sure they are in fact bedbugs and not other insects. if they are, any clothes that have been in the area near those bedbugs should be put into a clear, sealed plastic bag. also, check your shoes. you should leave your work shoes outside your home because those bedbugs like to hide in the small crevices inside those dark shoes and they feed on human and animal blood. if you do would dress the bedbug problems fast and with professional treatment, it is easily treatable in any office or home environment. jummy: the boy scouts of america and did its ban on gay adult leaders.
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the member board voted last night to lift that ban effective immediately. it follows a unanimous boat by the executive board earlier this month. the group hospira's at it also helped end the military's don't ask don't tell policy. he said the boy scout dan was not sustainable. >> for far too long, this issue has divided and distracted us. it is time to unite behind our belief to be a force for good. jummy: individual scout troops can set their own policies. the membership ban on gay scouts was ended last year. president obama is wrapping up his visit to the east african nations today. president said creating jobs and opportunity for the next generation is africa's most urgent task. he is the first u.s. president to visit ethiopia. he heads back to washington later today.
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three of his cabinet members are back on the hill today facing some tough questions about the iran nuclear agreement. the foreign affairs committee held a hearing this morning. hundreds of members of a pro-israel lobby are on capitol hill today to get lawmakers to disapprove of that deal. coming up, a major scare on an american airlines flight. what prompted an emergency landing and a look at the damage to the plane. plus, on your own. why a 911 dispatcher hung up on a caller trying to save a shooting victim. plus, a warning about your smartphone. plus the heat is back on and doug hill is back with when will the electrical digits.
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>> you're watching abc seven news at noon on your side. jummy: investigations have been launched after government offices around oregon received suspicious mail. some of the packages contained an unknown substance. white powder was found. over in new york, prison employee -- the prison employee accused of helping to inmates escape is due in court today. joyce mitchell was a tailor shop instructor at clinton correctional facility. she is accused of helping richard's matt and david sweat escape in june. she was supposed to be the getaway driver, but backed out.
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wind and heat sparked a new fires overnight in california. 1800 homes have been evacuated so far. choppers and air tankers are launching an aerial attack. firefighters are on the ground battling at least nine major fires. a major scared to tell you about . an american airlines flight headed for dallas last night. severe weather including hail, forced the pilot to turn back. marcy gonzales has more on the damage and the frightening firsthand account from passengers. >> stunning damage after a scare in the sky. this brand-new boeing green line are desk dreamliner damaged by hail -- this brand-new boeing dreamliner damaged by hail. it was headed from beijing to dallas-fort worth. >> it was crazy. we were going sideways down. >> i thought the plane was going
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down. >> the pilots turning back to beijing, landing safely despite the major dents on the nose. >> hail can damage an airplane to the point that it can bring the plane down. it can make an airplane on flyable. >> that did not happen in this case but it is not the first close call of its kind. hail so badly damaged this plane that it was forced to land. the jetliner was grounded permanently. it is unclear if the same will be done with this plane. >> it is made of carbon fiber and it is very difficult to repair. if there is damage to their's airplane, it babysitting in beijing for quite a while -- it may be sitting jummy: in beijing for quite a while. that is so scary. doug: you think?
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petrifying. we don't have anything dramatic like that today. the heat and humidity are starting to build back in again. we will to you the tuesday lunchtime weather story. the mask us -- damascus elementary school. cloudy, a few patches of fog early on. we will be keeping our eyes on doppler radar today to see if we have any more showers were storms or slow movers like we had yesterday. the humidity is starting to surge up. we will stay in the 80's to the very low 90's in spots. it is more important what it feels like right now. the heat index. it is a real number. it feels like it is 98 degrees right now outside. 86, elkins. 90 through southside virginia and the carolinas. our forecast as far as the
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afternoon goes, somewhere around 92. you see the symbol for a little thunderbolt. anything that develops today will be kind of like yesterday. very slow moving. if we get any heavy downpours don't be surprised if you see me come back on the air and say we have a flash flood warning here or there. it is not out of the question. we are tracking on the radar and the satellite these little areas that are starting to pop up. out along the mountains and foothills, there are a few areas of showers and storms we are watching. most of the development occurs according to computer models south of the area. only an isolated shower or rumble of thunder in our area. it will mostly be hot and humid. our forecast, hot, humid, mostly 90's. no precipitation for wednesday. it will be sunny, hot, humid. highs around 94.
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it will feel at 95-100 degrees with the humidity. it will make you awfully uncomfortable outdoors. here are the next seven days. we will stick with the 90's for a while here. on thursday, we will have a 50% chance of showers and storms. then back to hot, humid weather friday through monday. the overnight lows are only in the mid-70's for lows. this is the heart of the heat and humidity as summer is descending honoraria. jummy: and we still have august. this noon, authorities released a shocking 911 call out of new mexico. the dispatcher apparently hangs up on a woman trying to save a teenager shot at a party. >> is the breathing? >> he is barely breathing. >> i don't know what to tell you. >> you know what ma'am, you can
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do with it yourself. ok? jummy: that is when the dispatcher apparently hangs up. the teen did not make it. the dispatcher is on administrative leave and the department says it is investigating. a new warning this noon about a massive cyber security flaw that could put your smartphone at risk. new research shows android phones can get infected from a simple text. it affects about 95% of androids. that is about 950 million of them. the problem stems from how the phones analyze incoming messages. google says androids can limit the hacker access. good news for students at george washington university. students do not have to submit their sat are 80 -- a ct score -- or act test scores for most freshmen. the new policy takes effect for the fall 2016 semester. coming up, a new casualty of the
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bird now hitting the deli counter. the long-awaited book just
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jummy: a 7 on your side consumer alert. quantities of fresh turkey meat are limited in some grocery stores because of the bird flu. the avian virus wiped out 10 poultry farms in wisconsin and more than 100 in minnesota. in many prices the -- in many areas the price of eggs jumped to a record high. a new federal lawsuit was filed
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against both the society for assisted reproductive technology and the american society for reproductive medicine, which set the standard for the industry. the suit was filed on behalf of egg donors, claiming fertility clinics have unreasonably cap to the value of an eight. >> because it is my body it should be my decision what i choose to get compensation for something like that. having a price cap is a bit arbitrary. jummy: the industry standard requires justification for an egg sale of more than $5,000. lawyers for the defendant say women should be to set their own egg prices. the new dr. seuss book and 25 years is now on sale. one million copies of "what pet should i get?" were printed to keep up with sales.
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it was rediscovered two years ago.
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jummy: a big birthday bash for one of the world's oldest pandas. she is now 37 years old. that is the equivalent of 100 in human years.
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she was presented with a birthday ice cake. she is now in the guinness world record as the oldest panda currently living in captivity and the oldest ever living in captivity. almost looks a little gray in the front. you know? doug: earned it well. [laughter] doug: weather-wise today, it is hot and humid. we have a couple little showers and storms. just east of interstate 81. we will keep our i on the slow movers. 94, tomorrow. 93, thursday. we will put it all together and give you an update today at 4:00. jummy: we will see what 4:00. thanks for joining us at midday.
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