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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  August 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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behind or the side. thankfully also in each case the women have gotten away. the mood is unmistakable. >> scary. jeff: women looking over their shoulders everywhere they go. >> i don't want to go outside. jeff: she lives near the latest attack. last night after 10:00 a woman in her early 20's dropped off work and started to walk home and tells police she noticed a man holding a stick and thought nothing of it. as she was about to make a call she says the man grabbed her from the side. pulled her toward the wood and demanded she take off her clothes. she kicked and screamed and got away running home to call 911. he took off with her cell phone. >> it could happen to anyone. jeff: this is the fifth sexual assault in arlington in the past three weeks. each happening in different neighbors. the arlington deputy police chief dan murray says the
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suspect description in latest attack is similar to previous cases. nothing too specific. >> not one of those cases. this is one individual doing exactly the same thing. but we would not ignore that is a possibility. jeff: police will have patrols on duty all weekend. and she and her friends do their own security. >> people are definitely talking about it. jeff: that is what police want. not fear but a focus on awareness, vigilance and safety. police are looking for the public's help in the situation. saying they could be one call or one tip away from getting a handle on the situation to solve the string of crimes. live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. kimberly: thank you. this just in from the district where the d.c. police are just now wrapping up a press conference on the recent spike
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in crime. specifically about closing open murder cases. d.c. bureau chief sam ford has the details. sam? sam: homicide in d.c. are up 30% over last year. the mayor and the police chief talked about it in the news conference yesterday. today police officials held a news conference to announce they closed specific cases. the police officials in front of headquarters announced arrest in death of two victims. 25-year-old dexter motley killed last year and 44-year-old eric smith stabbed to death monday. in the case of motley, they charged darrell cruz already in jail for the alleged involvement of the recent shoot out on douglas road. in the stapping monday a -- stabbing monday, they arrested 57-year-old hector felix in that case. the family member of the victim eric smith held a vigil for him last night in the case. according to the information today, victim and the suspect did not know each other.
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there was an incident on the bus and then a tragic stabbing. >> recent report of uptick in violence in the district of columbia and across the country is widespread. we think it's important to let folks know when we have closure in the homicide cases. >> we grow up in the same house together. [inaudible] jonathan: that was sam ford reporting. now a developing story out of montgomery county where parents of a 2-year-old boy face charges for killing him. jennifer donelan joining us after the couple appeared in court today. this is a heart-breaker, jennifer. jennifer: this is a heart-breaker. when this 2-year-old boy came in world the prosecutors say he had meth in his system. saying his mother used crystal meth while pregnant. in the final weeks of his life there was a series of falls inside the house. the parents said his head was
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floppy. he said lacerations and bruises all over his body. the parents are accused of murdering their 2-year-old son. inside a rep tall apartment in a home in wheaton on charles road. three weeks before 2-year-old matthew died on february 13 according to the court documents reyes placed the boy on a kitchen table. left the room to care for her three other children and returned to find matthew on the floor in a pool of blood. the parents told detectives they noticed the next evening he was missing his teeth. his say they did not take him to the hospital. >> they were quiet. didn't say much. jennifer: days later the mother admitted to striking matthew because he wasn't eating. a few days before he died document revealed the mother told detectives matthew fell again off of a chair.
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this time he had a lump on the back of his head. about the size of an egg where it oozed blood. again, no trip to the e.r. >> little kids don't pick their parents. reporter: the boy could not support his weight or hold up his own head. they held up his head with their own hands and did it for hours and that is when they drove him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. the question was posed why didn't you take him to the hospital sooner? the mother's answer is i don't know. his teeth had already fallen. i thought i would get in trouble for not being responsible. well, she is in jail on $800,000 bond. charged with murder. the father is in jail and $750,000 bond. also charged with murder.
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reporting live, jennifer donelan, back to you. kimberly: thank you. new developments prosecutors are urging a federal appeals court to require former virginia governor bob mcdonnell to report to prison while he appeals his public cription conviction to the supreme court. he wants to remain free on bond. his lawyers say the former governor is not a night risk and poses no public threat. he could begin serving the two year sentence in a few weeks. jonathan: milestone today as the u.s. and cuba restore ties. you hear the applause. secretary of state john kerry on hand as the stars and stripes were raised over the u.s. embassy for the first time in 54 years. >> i feel as home here because this is a memorable occasion. a day to push aside old
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barriers and explore new possibilities. jonathan: people with the cuban and the american flags gathered outside the embassy in the ceremony. but in south florida, a different story. exile in miami little havana neighborhood expressed anger about the warming ties between the two nations calling it a shameful betrayal. the three marines who lowered the flag in havana in 1961 were back on hand to help raise it again. jim tracy, mike ease and larry morgan received standing ovation as they escorted the flag back to the diplomatic mission this morning. >> we had no idea about the particulars behind it. it was a sad day. jonathan: they handed the flag to three active duty marines this morning and east told reporters it was touching to see the stars and stripes flying there fen. >> i bet it was. to be on the other seed of
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history. another gorgeous day for august. jonathan: we are living right. living the dream. chief meteorologist doug hill has a check on the forecast. two in a row in august. normally we'd sweat buckets. this is fantastic. doug: three or four in a row before the humidity is an issue. gorgeous outside the belfort furniture weather center. the live weather bug camera. look at that. a few clouds far out to sea. still at 5:08, the beach is jam packed with people. if you plan to go there, a good call. 77 right now at rahobeth. this a comfortable combination in august. this is mostly clear.
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70 to 60, 69. another cool start to the day. this is a look at temperatures. 60 at gaithersburg and dulles. 59 in manassas. 63 in baltimore. 64 in kwanty know. more about the weekend and the weather that comes after the weekend. join you in a few minute. jonathan: we look forward to it. thanks. breaking news from the university of maryland. the new women basketball coach bryce mcgee resigned. the head coach made the announcement moments ago. it's tied to sexual abuse with the ties coming from xavier university. issued a statement saying, "it's best that bryce tend to his personal matters to step away from coaching at this time." he had not even started as the assistant coach for the university and got in this situation. now officially he resigned. kimberly: some emergency responders take issue with how
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their chief wants them to do their job. joce sterman has their concern. joce: everyone has to multitask. even these crews. lonny fill listens with the alexandria professional medics association says that is what the firefighters and the medics in the city are asked to do. the e.m.s. service is changing because of a new plan from fire chief that will reduce the number of people solely medics by cross training the firefighters to do their job and vice ver sal. something already done in neighboring counties. >> if we follow a trend, we should make sure it's the right trend. joce: the chief believes it is saying it would spread medic services to every station in the city with the multitasking firefighting medics answering the call. >> you want someone trained so i can trust to get the help they need.
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>> multitasking is helping in some swaigs but i don't know if medical is one of those. >> the chief says it will and emphasizes there will be a focus on the quality management. lonny phillips and his group want the city council to close the door on the plan. >> maybe it's an idea worth trying. but not something to continue on. joce: they are supposed to review the plan in september. they are hoping that the public will weigh in and persuade the council to change it. you can read more about it or see the chief's plan on joce sterman, abc7 news. kimberly: thank you. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- back open for the first time in decades. find out why the district is reopening one street after 40 years. jonathan: then later -- >> i really didn't think this was going to happen.
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jonathan: emotional reunion after "7 on your side" is asked to help them find part of their family. kimberly: days after the massive explosion at a chinese fort, hope found in rubble. jonathan: first, family affair as a local father and daughter prepare to play a role in the holy father's visit to america. r
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it is moving 4 miles per hour and forcing people from their homes. the giant swath of fras land has been consumed. winds and 100-degree heat make it difficult to battle the flames. intense thunderstorms caused flash flooding in las vegas. take a look at the cell phone video. the road looks more like rapids. the slow-moving storm founded flights and caused power outages last night. the water leaked through the ceiling of the golden nugget casino to three craps tables. this summer has been deadly along the maryland waterway.
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jonathan: consider that 17 people died in boating accidents. the age range from 7 years old to 63. kimberly: as andrew miller reports the state is working to make sure that everyone boating knows what to do to stay safe. increase patrols are expected across the state. including the potomac and the deep creek lakes. with a high concentration on the bay. officials say with the nice weather cheaper gas and recovering economy more people are on the water this year. not everyone is operating safely and some don't have the appropriate safety gear. while the latest fatalities happened last month a crabber fell off the boat and into the mcgaffey river and never resurfaced. this when you go in the water, no time to look for your life vest. that needs to be on you. just like a seat belt in a car. reporter: it will be added at the high traffic marina and launching ramps, conducting free safety inspections.
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jonathan: talk about the situation with the weather. this is the weather that you see boating and you want to be careful out there but this is the time to get out on the water. it's great! doug: for the weekend. the bay is okay. don't anticipate the small craft advisories. the waves should be okay. but getting to next week, rougher surf out there. just keep your eyes open. talk to the lifeguard if you have question about how rough the surf is. this is from a van tan point. beautiful sunrise. rocket shot. there it goes. 85 in frederick. chris call clear sky. random lie and no. 5 in gaithersburg. laurel is 85ed 55.
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a nice cool start to the day. the range is 60 to 69. comfortable conditions throughout the overnight. midatlantic through the 80's. showers far enough to southwest and tennessee and the southwestern north carolina. cooler there. overwise low to mid-80's because of an area of high pressure to bring the temperatures below average but also supplying the cool air. dew point in ''s. perfect this time of year. monday and tuesday is in the 70's. the high is going to slide east. back fills and it is going to
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build heat and the humidity. tomorrow is similar to this one. the temperatures are a couple degrees warmer. sunday the temperatures start to spike. not much change of the pattern with the high pressure in control. west side of the appalachian, the showers and it will go away sunday. temperatures tomorrow could hit 91 in the afternoon. we will give you a look at the seven-day. sunny and warm and hot and humid next week. the -- by magic it's nold. this is hot and humid. check this out. a gorgeous mid-80's sunshine all weekend long. jonathan: nice. doug: breeze off the ocean to keep you cooler. the surf from 70's to 80's.
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>> cool breeze. jonathan: call it one of the most iconic images of the 20th century. >> i went and i grabbed it. jonathan: great picture. still ahead. hear from the sailor who grabbed that nurse in times square 70 years ago today. kimberly: quick programming note for you now because of the ravens game, we had to pre-empt the "jeopardy tournament of champions" last night and we heard from fans that want to know when can we see it. tonight at 7:00 on the sister station newschannel8. then flip over to abc7 at 2:30 for the rest of the championship. jonathan: now a look at the rest of the line-up on abc -- back after this.
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jonathan: we are a month away from pope francis arrival in america. local father and dad are going to experience history together for the third time. john gonzalez shows us the bond of faith that has grown stronger after four decades, three popes and one church. >> we came up michigan avenue. we got over there. there was nobody on the circle there. >> 79-year-old is taking a stroll around the grounds of the catholic university in the basilica at the national shrine. reminiscent of the day he took the same steps with his then 11-year-old daughter in 1979. >> a pope arrives in d.c. and
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my wife decides a farm girl from missouri should see the pope. so at 5:00, we wake the kids up. >> it seems like ages ago. >> it was october 8. sal was a volunteer at the largest catholic church and made sure his family didn't miss d.c.'s first ever papal visit. >> i'm italian. the tradition means a lot. john: 25 years after seeing pope john paul ii in person, they were here when pope benedict visited april 17, 2008. >> he came up the center. john: still volunteering as an usher but his daughter all grown up employed by the church they grew up in. >> now i work for her. >> it brings people together and it's amazing. john: for both catholics seeing a pope is a dream come true. >> i am seeing three in the same place. a plan. it has to be.
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john: so when pope francis arrives here sal and his daughter liz will once again be here and reliving history. this time a more emotional experience because someone very close will be missing. his wife has since passed away. >> she is gone. >> she is not there. there is a difference. >> they will help usher in the tens of thousands that will flock to east portico. >> it's emotional. i keep saying last night when i came toed by this isn't bad for a son of a schumacher. jonathan: not bad at all. stay with abc7 news and for coverage of the pope's visit starting when helants at the joint base andrews september 22. kimberly: monday is a very big day on "good morning washington." i mean not as big as the pope coming but it is donnie simpson day. you can send your good luck wishes to donnie as he starts
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the new job on the afternoon drive at magic 102.3. send in your videos, knows or messages to or tweet them to #donniesback. we may show them on the air monday morning on "good morning washington." jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- you have seen the amazing images of the port explosion in china. horrible. still ahead, a picture you might have missed that is getting attention today. kimberly: later. back in business. why d.c. mayor decided to reopen a street after 40 years >> a family reunion 25 years in the making. i'm chris papst. coming up, the incredible story of how the grandfather and his brand daughters
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". kimberly: took a quarter century to happen but today a maryland grand father finally met for the first time his two granddaughters. a reunion "7 on your side" was not just there to document but one we helped make possible. chris papst has a story you will see only on 7. >> what are you feeling? nervous. >> exciting. chris: twins are ank,ly awaiting -- anxiously awaiting a special guest. >> i'm tingling. my heart is about to jump out
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and run away. chris: the sisters who are adopted are a minute away from meeting their biological grandfather, a reunion 25 years in the making. a moment "7 on your side" helmed create. >> thank you "7 on your side" for helping us. i didn't think it would happen chris: in the spring she saw a service and recognized this man's name. >> that's him. >> i was emotional. i never seen him before. >> she knew he was her biological grand father but didn't know how to find him. so she contacted "7 on your sideing" the for help. we found the 84-year-old living in frederick, maryland. this morning, he drove to richmond. >> i didn't think it would ever happen. >> glad to see you girls. i have to give credit to
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channel 7. abc. i don't know how you found me. kimberly: newsome is their maternal grandfather. he hopes to maintain the relationship with his newly found grand daughters. i think he will. jonathan: something tells me he can take his spare time spoiling them. nice. kimberly: so sweet. jonathan: a look at the top stories. kimberly: arlington police look for suspect in an attempted sexual assault that happened last night at south frederick north of columbia pike. a woman tells police a man grabbed her and tried to drag her to the woods. this is the fifth sexual assault in arlington in the past few weeks. jonathan: wheaton couple facing murder charges in the death of a 2-year-old son. the couple was arrested yesterday and the son matthew died in february. in june the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide caused by dehydration, oral
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trauma and pneumonia. kimberly: stars and stripes over the u.s. embassy in cuba for the first time since relations were severed in 1961. next months and cuban officials will hold talk option full normalization of the diplomatic ties. jonathan: developing in china, a firefighter recovering from being trapped for two days following huge explosions. 50 people were killed in the blast. 17 of them firefighters. 19-year-old did survive under the rubble for 32 hours. when colleague found him. >> i think it's a strong will that helped him hold on. i could feel his strong inner power and we except pepping him up to tell him the ambulance was arriving. jonathan: right now the man is treated for the injuries to his face, chest and feet. rescue crews were cautiously moving forward because of the
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potentially dangerous chemicals at the site. chinese officials say the air is not contaminated. kimberly: today marks 70 years since japan surrendered to help end world war ii. in a speech today, japanese prime minister shinzo abe said they were responsible for suffering during the war but said the future japanese should not expect to apologize for the past. protesters took to the street after the speech to call him to step down. jonathan: v.j. day as it became to be known gave way to one of the most iconic images. this is a picture of the sailor kissing a nurse in times square. the editor said the photographer captured four frames of the iconic kiss blocks from the magazine's offices. in the process captured the excitement of the moment.
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>> we get into times square and the war ends. it was just instinct i guess. i went and i grabbed her. jonathan: george says he served when he responded to the bunker hill in 1945. two suicide bombers hit bunker hill and his ship helped rescue those sailors that were in the water. he says the image of nurses helping those sailors always stuck with him. so when he saw the nurse on v.j. day he wanted to give her a kiss. he said h didn't see the famous photo until 1980. kimberly: she is actually a dental assistant and she lives in maryland. she says she had heard that the war was over so she left to go see if it was really true. there it was. she said she went back to the office and didn't tell anyone about the kiss because she was a little embarrassed. jonathan: a great picture.
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kimberly: different times. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- millions in new funding for the purple line. jonathan: what is next in ongoing battle over the project? we have it at 6:00. kimberly: a look at wackiest pet names. nationwide insurance which does offer insurance for pets. barren von furrypants. and r2 dog2 are the top name for dogs. cats, leonardo dicatprio. fuz lightyear. jonathan: that is good. find out what wins the web
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doug: doug hill with the weekend weather outlook. clear skies and warm for the next few hours. overnight to the 60's. clear skies. partly to mostly sunny.
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19 tomorrow. comfortably warm. sunshine and 93 degrees. headed to the beaches, man going to be beautiful. it is now. and it will be all weekend long with the mostly sunny skies. highs mid-80's. maryland, delaware and the southern jersey beaches. warmer, the water temperature from virginia to hatteras. ideal mid-august weekend. home and at the beaches as well. once we get through the weekend, the humidity levels will creep up. temperatures creep up. lower to mid-al 90's through tuesday, wednesday, thursday with the daily chances of the showers and the thunderstorms. "abc7 news at 5:00" will
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horace: i'm horace holmes in the newsroom with a video racking up thousands of views. this comes from youtube. get it going. come from tube talk. the person posted it said it shows a drone flying toward that eagle. the drone was carrying the camera. it was no match for the eagle who took it down. luckily for us if drone did keep the camera. thousands on youtube. kimberly: i wouldn't want to
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take on eagle. jonathan: thought it made a new friend. look at this. thanks. plenty of animals to see at the montgomery county fairs. kimberly: doors opened two and a half hours ago. mike carter-conneen is there to show us what is going on. not using the teenage ninja turtles. these are the actual animals, right? mike: a lot of animals out here today. check out the goat. old mcdonald's barn here. the gate opened at 3:00. mini pony. calf next door. goats. if only you could smell this area. earlier we told you about the wonderful smell of the fried foods you can enjoy here. as long as you are not on a diet. check out the cuties. they are hungry for supper. we are joined by marty, the
5:41 pm
executive director of the fair. not just the animals, the kids love the rides. the carnival rides. tonight you have a special deal for the folks who come out for the first night. >> $15 wristband all you can ride. if you come between now and midnight you can ride until midnight all the rides. children 11 and under are free every day. mike: you are open fill midnight. you open at 10:00 a.m. and then several days of the activities. scavenger hunt, toilet decorating? >> toilet decorating left for a few years but it's made a reappearance. we had coverage in the california for the toilet decorating conference. going nationwide. mike: jengsy races and flower -- veggie races and flower arrangements contest. you have something for everyone. tomorrow is the abc7 day.
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we will be here to give away goodies. chuck out out. 501 perry parkway is the address for the g.p.s. mike carter-conneen, abc7 news. kimberly: from a fun scene to a not so fun scene. maryland, d.c., virginia are in for roadwork. jonathan: travel, yikes. look at the streets closing. we'll have that for you coming up. >> it used to have to turn right here at third and o but today the mayor opened a street that had been closed for 38 years. i'm sam ford.
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kimberly: with all the one-way streets getting around the district can be tricky, especially if roads are closed for con construction. in northwest, o street is back open for the first time in nearly 40 years. d.c. bureau chief sam ford explains why. sam: in a ceremony behind the high school, mayor muriel bowser cut the ribbon to reopen o street that was closed to traffic in 1977. not just the street but
5:46 pm
atabrine street. the 100 and the 200 blocks have 33 shrub built below the ground level to host and use rain runoff. >> the street will capture thousand of gallons of untreated storm water. sam: for residents walking by the ceremony -- >> this will help us with the flow of traffic. sam: the locals tell us the old dunbar high school was built astride the street. we caught up with the first person to drive down the street to ask what they thought. >> you are the first person to drive down the street in 38 years. >> ah! >> we head history. we didn't even know it. sam: they were from north carolina and did not know the street had been closed for years. >> you just opened it today? >> a few minutes ago. great news for folks at dunbar high. >> this is a delight for the fans to park here.
5:47 pm
for mack who lived at third and o since a child -- >> back like old school. in the 1960's and 1970's. >> what do you think? >> i'm liking it. sam: sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: tonight the summer road projects that are set to begin across the area. i will run through a few of them. start many district, where military lanes scheduled to close in a little more than an hour. crews will be installing overhead signs to wrap up work on 16th street bridge. military road should reopen tomorrow. in 15 minutes, maryland state highway administration scheduled to start closing brandywine road between tower and brandywine heights road. closed until 5:00 in the morning monday. so csx can replace rubber panels on the crossing. more virginia crews starting the next phase of work on washington boulevard. the traffic shifted over route
5:48 pm
110 by a few hundred feet. that is all you have to do to cause a tie-up. the drivers near the pentagon use what used to be part of the median. part of a $31.5 million project not set to be finished until 2018. i like, there is a midterm. in virginia crews are shifting lanes along route 7. between resting and rolling holly drive. they should wrap up with the change by 5:00 there the morning. if you miss this we have it on the web. kimberly: let john tan take a breath and check on the traffic with robert altman. it does not look pretty. robert: no. a couple fridays that haven't been so bad but this is not one of them senator toward the octaquan. that takes you to fredericksburg to 95.
5:49 pm
the stop-and-go continues. through the area of silver spring. a new accident at new hampshire avenue. the right side of the screen is the inner loop. there was an earlier car fire. eastbound and route 50. the delays dissipating. back to you. jonathan: all right. thanks. coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- the new effort to build the trust between the police and the community members. where it is happening and how it works. plus a chunk of funding for the purple line. what it means for the future of the project and h we could see action. consumer alert. hundreds of thousands of volkswagen cars being recalled. what you need to know is coming up tonight at 6:00.
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kimberly: time to check on our weather. gorgeous day. we don't want it to stop. dobs it's gorgeous -- doug: it's gorgeous. it will continue this way through the weekend. on the chesapeake bay. winds from the south/southeast at nine. it's beautiful. clear skies will continue tonight. 82 in annapolis. 86 in winchester. once we get past the sunset, temperatures drop quickly. early as midnight it's 70's. overnight we bottom out before sunrise. the temperature range is 60 to 69. as far as the weekend, spectacular. sunshine. 91 tomorrow. 93 on sunday. by sunday an, the moisture level start to increase. so you will start to feel the
5:51 pm
heat and the humidity combination. the beaches get a break on that. close to the high. dry. comfortable in mid-80's. warm, ocean conditions as well. this is what we have to look forward to. the humidity levels ramp up monday and tuesday and wednesday. even thursday. low to mid-90's. afternoon showers and the thunderstorms are a possibility. that is the latest. back to you. kimberly: thank you. whether you are a redskins or the raven fan, good news. jonathan: red red, costly win. robert: it's tough because it's preseason. not even the regular season. kimberly: it's a win. >> it's a win. robert: i love your attitude. she is good. jonathan: talk about it. robert: safe to say so far so good. good and bad news from the preseason opener. rgiii finished 4-8. 36 yards. no touchdowns. no interceptions. not very impressive. but our perception of his night may have been different
5:52 pm
if garcon didn't drop the pass here. if he hangs on to the ball, it would have been 61-yard touchdown. the drop changes the final numbers. yikes! one guy everybody wanted to see. receiver jackson who is recovering from dislocated shoulder. took time out at camp to sit down with jackpot. understanding where you finished last season, the chip on your shoulder, is it almost too big? >> you always have a chip on your shoulder. last year was a tough year. we want to erase it. start off this year the best position to make it to playoffs. help the team win. robert: talk about pressure. jay gruden is under pressure, the quarterback rgiii under
5:53 pm
pressure. what are things that you tell him to keep him uplifted jonathan: >> take advantage of it and be yourself. just go out and continue to work hard. robert: how bad do you want to give d.c. fan what is they want to see from the redskins football? >> you know, d.c. fans, myself. just a thing that you feel good in doing. win is the goal of working hard and coming together. robert: he should be back soon. wi have more at 6:00. kimberly: the redskins trying reorganize and gel. what is your view? robert: rgiii played a quarter. not a lot to see.
5:54 pm
4-8. wish we could have seen him play more. jonathan: thanks. >> call it an amazing story of survival. jonathan: when we come back a man's tale of coming face
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kimberly: now to a developing story on a bear attack. this has a happy ending. man in california said he is lucky to be alive after coming face to face with a 200-pound black bear on his own front porch. brandi hitt is sharing the incredible survival story, one of several bear attacks and sightings this week alone. >> scary. brandi: in a brutal fight for his life, larry survived an attack by a 200-pound black bear on his front porch in california. >> he ripped me here. opened my face. again, i punched him. i went to hit him again and he latched on to my arm.
5:58 pm
brandi: kicking and screaming the former marine pushed the bear off thursday. his tiny dog benji nipping at the animal, giving them time to run inside giving the time bear time to move on. the feeling throughout the west, experts say complete heat is forcing bears closer to people and food. this bear made its way into a home where a family of five was home. another sighting in yellowstone a week after a grizzly and her cubs killed 63-year-old lance crosby. that momma bear was captured and euthanized. >> the best thing if you ever encounter a bear in the wild is hold your ground, stand still. make noise. wave your arms. kimberly: that is what he did before driving himself to the hospital. >> i yelled but it didn't make a difference.
5:59 pm
brandi: the bear was eating his garbage. that brings up a good point. bears can smell food three to five miles away. so don't put in a bare container and don't leave food in the car. kimberly: coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- more money for the purple line. where the $20 million will go. a woman attacked attacked in a y section of arlington. historic moment in cuba. american flag raised in havana again. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: a fifth woman attacked in arlington in three weeks. the latest case the woman was assaulted last night after 10:00 on south frederick street north of columbia pike. jonathan: now the police rush
6:00 pm
to determine if the cases are related. in each attack a woman was walking by herself when a man snuck up and tried to assault her. maureen: we're live in arlington where the neighborhood is on high alert. rich? richard: this woman was walking alone. she had been dropped off from work. walking up this hill. she noticed a guy off to the right. acting strange. carrying a stick. she was like it doesn't seem like a major deal. she pulled out her smartphone and started to talk to a friend. that's when it turned bad. >> all of a sudden she realized the guy was next to her and grabbed her. got ahold of her wrist. had a stick in the other hand and started to pull her to agy sant wooded area. she is struggling. she had thrown her purse on the ground. continued to resist. >> this is scary.


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