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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  August 16, 2015 11:35pm-12:06am EDT

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kellye: presidential. the weekend looking for support at the iowa state fair. according to voters, there is a political tradition, this week and tradition took a backseat to donald trump. the iowa state fair, they are still buzzing about donald trump. >> there has not been anybody like him. i'm not supporting him, but i'm
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still talking about him. he was mobbed by admires. the billionaire republican front runner is making a legal immigration his showcase issue. we are building a wall. nobody is going through my wall. said he will force mexico trip for the bill for the border wall by hiking fees on mexicans. he also said he would and illegal immigration. as iowans voted their with corn kernels, a national poll shows donald trump holding on to his big lead in the gop field. former front runner jeb bush now shows up in fourth place and ben in second.s up he does not have a helicopter, but he flew over on the sky glider. carson: i don't even look at
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it in terms of catching him or not. we have plenty of time. tom: hillary clinton continues to be the favorite among democrats. as. clinton: i'm just having good time, four months into it feeling positive. tom: donald trump will be off the campaign trail monday, summoned for jury duty in new york. kellye: some are back in class, back tors will head school before you know it in several local counties are struggling with keeping up with the population boom. jeff goldberg has a look at how they are handling the issue in the commonwealth. the siblings may live under the same roof, their school has very different structures. their mother is not thrilled that kj is often in trailers.
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yes, it wasrowding, making it difficult for the teachers to do their jobs. certainly difficult for the kids to learn. jeff: on the other hand, the brand-new elementary school will be their school first month. not'm very excited she will have to go through the same difficulties. jeff: constant population growth combined with the challenge of finding money has left arlington little choice but to use relocatable trailers. arlington schools views discovery is a shining example of great progress. the preference to an acceptable alternative. aree found the relocatables actually very appropriate for learning. they meet the same standards as any classroom. the struggle is greater in
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fairfax, with 900 trailers in service countywide. the addition of 22,000 students in five years has made it nearly impossible to keep up with new buildings. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. was injured in a stage accident in mclean. news chopper seven was over the scene. group was renting the outdoor play area, being together the stage, when a rant fell on the woman's leg. she was not seriously hurt. the number of red light tickets and prince george's county has risen. pg county police issued 70,000 tickets so far in the 2015 fiscal year, up from 2013. the police department says it is due in part to new technology allowing cameras to catch and enforce right turn on red violations. firefighters investigating a two alarm fire at a recycling center and prince george's county.
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this was thursday night when flew over the scene on richie road and capitol heights. it took about six hours for firefighters to put it out. thankfully, no injuries reported. coming up -- a hiking trail at the center of a fight between neighbors and the army. we will explain. and a local father and daughter prepared to experience history together for the third time. how it is connected with the upcoming visit. devon: really hot again tomorrow, but the latest coming in, adjustments made only on "washington weekly."
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kellye: some silver spring residents are vowing to fight the army over plans to block access to a local hiking trail. it cuts across army property and an old military landfill. the army is concerned about medical waste and toxins. reporter: in silver spring, it cuts across army property. army plans to block public access to nearly half the trail. >> it will change everything. once was ahe area walking route for walter reed. isple show that the soil
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contaminated with chemicals, but local residents say that the studies are flawed. if theyhemicals come are there, are not emanating from the soil. army plans to fence off about 40% of the trail beginning near the creek bed. nearby residents say that is an overreaction. >> i have been hiking this trail for 35 years, five times a week. i'm not ill. mike: fort dietrich officials say they must protect the public from potentially dangerous materials on their property. they need to make sure that the risk levels at or below the stream remain at acceptable levels. some have advocated for compromise. they say small barriers, anything but this. >> we don't think the army should have the final say on the
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property in use by the preload forever. the army says its decision is final and once a contractor is decided, construction could begin in january. victory in japan day gave way to what could be called one of the most iconic images of the 20th century, a picture of a sailor kissing a nurse in times square. editors of "time" magazine say frames justd four blocks from their offices, capturing the excitement of the day. >> we get to times square, the war ends. mess and it was instinct, i guess, i grabbed her. kellye: he served in the navy when they responded off of okinawa in 1945. two bombers had hit bunker hill road and his ship rescue those
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in the water. he said the images of nurses hoping the sailors always stuck with them. when he saw the nurse on vj day, he just wanted to kiss her. he said he did not even see the famous photo until 1980. ahead, an interesting honor for the pope's visit to the u.s. next month. and the forecast.
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kellye: hot tomorrow, but the heat may not stick around long? data, the, the latest updated forecast, we are exhausting the temperatures down after tomorrow. we have another hot day to get through monday. 94 sunday. we will at least repeat that monday. it may be even hotter. then, the temperature comparisons, all the way to the south, the midwest, the east coast, 94 in washington only matched by little rock and jackson, mississippi. this cloud and showers and thunderstorms to the south, if we go back to the high temperatures, down to the south they were under where we were today, only the upper 80's. that looks to be a great indication, tracking though
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showers and cloud cover tuesday and thursday -- tuesday through thursday. that is the latest update. the next two days, the heat and humidity is here, but the adjustment tuesday. the rain is coming closer to the area, edging in with the cloud cover. let's break this heat wave early, i thick i heard a lot of the yeses to that. it's restart the forecast coming closer view, same outlook, mid to upper 60's tomorrow. it will be one of those warm and humid starts, higher humidity. may have are a widely isolated shower or thunderstorm. one nearn, we even got south riding sunday, a shower that is. your is a 20% chance. low to mid 90's, factor in the heat and humidity, the heat
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index, it will feel like 100. let's go with scattered showers possible thunderstorms bringing temperatures down. let'sd of going with 90, go upper 80's and the seven-day forecast. 89, so we break the heat wave technically. only three days of that heat. the likeliest rain days, again, showers possible tuesday, but wednesday and thursday look like more widespread rain, which we actually need. ragweed has been kicking in. mostis a big impact for people, the biggest allergen for most people. that is one thing to do, maybe eight before our allergy tab. -- maybe a 24-hour allergy tab. kellye: we are about a month away from francis' visit -- pope
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francis' visit to our area. >> we came up michigan avenue, goat over there, to the circle. 79-year-old is taking a stroll around the grounds of catholic university, reminiscing about the day he took the same steps with his then-11-year-old daughter in 1979. pope arrives, and my wife decides a farm girl from missouri should see the pope. 5:00 in the morning she wakes the kids up. reporter: sal was a volunteer at the nation's largest catholic church and major that his family did not miss the first-ever people visit. >> i'm just happy. tradition means a lot. years later, this out italian-american and his daughter were here again when
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pope benedict visited april 17, 2008. sal still volunteers as another sure, but this time his daughter who was employed by the church she grew up in. >> years ago we used to drive my daughter here. >> it brings people together. it's amazing. reporter: for most catholics, seeing the pope once is a dream come true. >> seeing three in the same place? it's a plan. reporter: when pope francis arrives in september, sal and his daughter will be here again, reliving history. this time perhaps a more emotional experience because somebody very close will be missing. his wife has since passed away. >> she's gone. she would have like this. >> she's not there. and i'd like her here. so yeah, there is a difference. : they will help rusher and
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those who will be coming to the east go. it's a very emotional. this is not too bad for the son of a shoemaker. kellye: stay with abc 7 news and for complete coverage of the popes visit. -- of the pope's visit. a new jersey brewery is releasing a limited-edition beer to come right -- to commemorate the papal visit. pope-inspired beer as 5.5% oak hall content -- alcohol content and will only be available on draft. coming up -- >> i did not think this was going to happen. kellye: a reunion decades in the works.
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v kellye: today, a maryland
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grandfather finally met for the first time his two granddaughters after nearly a quarter century. chris papst has the story. chris: what are you feeling right now? >> nervous. >> i'm so excited. these twins are anxiously
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awaiting a very special guest. >> my heart is about to jump out and run away. sisters, were i doubt they, or about a minute away from meeting their biological grandfather, a reunion 25 years in the making. >> thank you, 7 on your side, for helping us. i really did not think this would happen. chris: back in the spring, sophia saw a story about a memorial service at arlington national cemetery. she instantly recognize this man's name, matthew newsom. >> i said, my gosh, that's him. it was very emotional. he wassophia knew that her biological grandfather, but did not know how to find him. she contacted 7 on your side, asking for help. we found the 84-year-old living in frederick, maryland.
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this morning he drove to richmond. >> oh, my gosh, i do not think this would happen. >> it's great to see you. have to give credit to channel 7. chris: chris papst, abc 7 news. kellye: love a happ kellye: tomorrow morning will be
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a big day on "good morning washington." it will be donnie simpson day. send your good wishes to
12:02 am,, or #donniesback. we may show them on the air. so excited to have him back on the air, in this building. buzz: there has been a big since that was announced. that will be a long day. kellye: he will be fine, he is a pro. forecast, seven-day rain shower activity and thicker clouds to the south look to be underuesday, highs back 90. still hot and humid tomorrow. stay cool monday, 94, feeling close to 100. kellye: have a good night.
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. this weekend on extra. e good friend who tried to convince donald not to run. howard stern advising his long term pal,l, trump. >> i said what aoure youdoing? >> it's better than camp david, it's better than any white house. >> why donald wouldn't have it. the debate's big winner. >> when did you actually become a republican? >> the man behind megyn kelly. >> she's definitelyy interested in expanding her brandnd. the latest on ben's nanny scandal. whwhy was she on a private jet with ben


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