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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  August 17, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> now abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jumi: a city on edge. a killer gunned down young man in the shaw neighborhood over the weekend. it happened near the shaw metro stop. sam sweeney reports that this is just the latest in a string of violence in that neighborhood. salmon: that shooting took place to where the security fence is.
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effort to curb the violence in this neighborhood. he got out ofght, the cab right here, headed for a bar with friends to go to a party when he was gunned down in. at first, he did not know he was hit and then he collapsed. hisis funeral on sunday, friends say he had the world in front of them. he was an honor student and worked as a consultant and was fluent in spanish. he served as a student ambassador. he worked for a u.s. senator. his roommate this guide him -- described the moment with the bad news. >> you can't feel it -- describe the feeling. he was an innocent bystander. few police are releasing a
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details. it's believed the bullet was intended for somebody else nearby. the police are searching for a chrysler burgundy. are offering $25,000 for information leading to the arrest and convict and of the killers. police are investigating a shooting near a facility for at risk women. police would not confirm that the shooting happened there. a 21-year-old male and a 20 rolled female were shot. both victims are in the hospital in stable condition. there is no word on a suspect. new at noon, a man known for dressing up like that man in visiting sick children has died. leonard robinson died in a crash on east bound 70 last night. he was checking the engine of his batmobile when he was hit another car.
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robinson was beloved. he gave national attention when this video showed him being pulled over while he was driving. underway intion northwest d.c. where a fired damaged at least one home. a family of seven made it out just in the neck of time. on 7th street out just after 4:00 this morning. john gonzalez has a look at the damage and video of the flames. started in the alley next to the two floor home nd spread. >> the lady was running all of the house saying there is a fire in the house. john: they were sleeping when the house became consumed with smoke. once we walked through the inside, we saw much of the rear of the structure destroyed.
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he owns the home here. >> i smelled a lot of smoke, like something was burning so i ran through the house and knocked on all the doors for people to get out. most of the clothes, toys, furniture are destroyed if not by the smoke but by all the water. this is where the two-year-old way and his mother were sleeping at 4:00 this morning when she heard the flames. she saw the fire down below. the flames rushed through the room. window and saw a big claimant. i called 911. john: investigators are looking into what caused this fire. i asked if he smoke alarms were working and he said they were. at least one tenant said the batteries were out. he says he is doing some remodeling. there is a lot of wood and plastic that i have removed.
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that's what the fire started. developing now, six people have been killed and others injured after a large explosion in thailand. the suit -- security video shows the moment authorities say a bomb exploded at a popular tourist site in bangkok. it happened during rush hour. in whenquad was called a second explosive device was discovered. forch and rescue operations the crashed plane and indonesia have been halted for the day. the plane crashed into a mountain sunday with 54 people on board. no word on survivors. five of those in the plane were children along with four postal workers carrying government cash for poor families to offset a spike in fuel prices. temperatures could reach a record high across the country.
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in parts of the northeast, it will feel like triple digits. isere weather in the midwest increasing. today will also be one of the hottest days on the west coast and in the southwest. >> all of these days we have hot weather, we have issues. jumi: from the beach to the roadway, the heat can produce major damage. record heat in glendale, arizona resulted in 21 people at the arizona cardinals game meeting treatment for heat related incidents. we want to turn to the weather. e heat is ramping up. doug hill is here with a look at the first forecast area --. doug: we will feel the heat and humidity. it looks like things will cool off. like 93.and it feels the dew point is 71 degrees. numbers for you, it's 91 in
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frederick. it's 89 in hagerstown. we will climb a few more degrees in most areas. the heat index will climb a bit more. it feels like it's 94 in andrews. the heat index is 97 degrees in a federal, maryland -- frederick, maryland. highs will be around 94. it deals closer to 99 in many areas by this afternoon. high-pressure is keeping the heat and humidity locked in. give it a day or two and that stuff will start headed this way. we will achieve know about the timing in just a few minutes. jumi: a crash on route 29 in is clear. this was on the highway near the entrance to 66 west. aroundexplorer collided 8:00 this morning. no word on any injuries. this -- jamie sullivan joins us.
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jamie: it's nice right now. there is not much to worry about. if you want to focus on what we are seeing. it looks good. the stuff in green is the capital beltway. thermocouples right now. in maryland on 95, note problems. -- no problems. 270 heading north near georgetown, an accident is reported. that got clearly quickly and did not cause delays. as we zoom in to talk about 395, a little bit of volume crossing the 14th street bridge. that is continuing on the freeway. there are no slowdowns. we are good on d.c. to 95. heading north on to 95, it's quite. that is continuing closer to the 11th street ridge. is -- has some volume.
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let's take a look on that stretch between georgetown and arlington. it's a quiet ride across the key bridge. there might be some sun glare this afternoon. that something to keep in mind. that is a look at traffic. pentagon is looking into increasing drone flights overseas by 50% area this would include surveillance. this would expand the ability to conduct lethal strikes. if the plan goes through, it would be the first used to the program in several years. fast, the spreading new challenges for firefighters out west. plus, a pop-up concert in the district's morning. the big surprise announcement made by a music icon today. a must see before you head to the pool. what you need to watch out for.
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you'll want to find a way to cool off. it's a hot one. doug will be back with how long
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news ate watching abc 7 noon. arrested a manve in association with the stabbing death of morgan freeman step ran father. was charged with second-degree murder. freeman issued a statement saying the world will never know her artistry and talent and how much she had to offer. out west, 90 wildflowers are
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burning, forcing thousands to evacuate their homes. more than 10,000 firefighters are on the front lines in california. one of the fires destroyed 50 homes in a vacation community in washington. dry ares, heat, and feeling the fires. firefighters are stretched too thin. >> are resources are stretched so thin it, it's up to us to defend our own property. huge can't get a containment line around the fire. they have to prioritize. jumi: there are a series of new fires in california. to sports, the redskins wrap up training camp this morning. bagan be seen as a mixed there was good and bad. a few losses due to injuries, but those left on the field are trying their best.
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coach jay gruden is happy. >> i think it was a great experience. i think we came together more as a football team. that's what you want to get out of these camps. you want to get better want totally, obviously come together as a football team and i think we did that. jumi: the next step is to play this thursday night against the detroit lions. a major music star surprised fans in the district's morning. stevie wonder performed a free pop-up concert at the armory mall. jeannette reyes has the big announcement. better wayeyes: what to start of the week them to listen to stevie wonder play his biggest hits. crowds started gathering around 10:00 this morning. this got under way. nate -- mother nature seem to
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enjoy it as well. not a cloudless sky. they did have to stay hydrated. temperatures would into the upper 80's. this was for a big announcement. his tour,nnouncing songs in the key of life. >> i've never heard him before. -- >> it's a great opportunity to bring the kids to see a legend. here we are. reyes: this is a busy day. he has another contest -- concert tonight in philadelphia. reporting in front of rfk stadium. jumi: how exciting. the other big are the announcement is this will be his last u.s. tour ever. he will perform at the verizon center october 3. if you are a fan, you might want
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to get a ticket here in another big day in the district to tell you about. icone celebrating the returning to the radio. he got pumped up for his return. surprise guests wished him well on his day back. those are his two grandchildren. the fans get to share their well we wishn our facebook. him the best of luck. absolutely. he starts this afternoon at 3:00. it's going to be hot in humid. we are on the back edge of the high heat. let's get started. we will start with the time lapse. with the bright sunshine and the
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high-pressure, climbing quickly on the thermometer. it's very hot. this is live data. we have southerly winds. cooler weather is to the west. they are higher in elevation. columbus ohio is a three. there is cooler air. until that arrives on wednesday, we will see he did humidity continued to be a factor around the area. the heat index is holding in the low to mid 90's. it's 94 for a high temperature today. the keys here will be southerly winds bringing up warm air and bringing a higher moisture content into the air. it will be humid. we will monitor with a heat degreestween 95 and 99 across the entire metro area. we continue to monitor a few showers. those are well to the west.
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showers will be moving south to north again. this is being steered by this area of high pressure. gives us increasing heat. it will shift to the southeast and move offshore. andsystem will move in increase our chances of showers and thunderstorms over the next couple of days. we will deftly notice the difference in the daytime high temperatures. rain makingst shows progress to the morning. we are still keeping us in sunshine. there may be a few scattered showers pick-and-pop or it could be warm and muggy. we will keep temperatures down. quiet weather through tuesday evening. we will start to look out west and see a frontal system and that will increase our chances through wednesday and into thursday. it will be clear to partly cloudy and mild. 89 tomorrow.
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next seven days look like this are in the numbers come down it. they still stay at august levels. we have 40% wednesday. that is the most energy. it still summer. thank you. if you're heading to the pool, you will want to hear the story. a new study investigates how clean those pools are. according to the cdc, waterborne diseases are on the rise. one in eight public tools were closed immediately upon routine inspection. researchers found fecal bacteria, e. coli, staff, bacteria that can cause your infections. levels should be raised. it's going to take 12 hours. jumi: to protect your family,
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you should ask to see an inspection and maintenance records to see what exactly is in the water. snag as a new train rolls out on metro today. how the virtual personal assist jumi: a slight hiccup for a new
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7000 series train this morning. minutes before it was about to leave the station, it was stopped by an older train car that had drunken down in front of the new train car.
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it was held up for an hour before was finally removed from the track. metro has ordered 748 of the new railcars. for are in service. a teenager in tennessee is grateful to be alive thanks to an emergency dispatcher and the help of siri on his iphone. >> 911. >> i am stuck in my truck. >> where are you? jumi: he was working on his truck when it slipped off the jack and pinned him in any. this arm was stuck above his head, but he was able to maneuver his body and activate siri. he was airlifted to a hospital. siri saved his life. scammers are targeting customers
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in a new phishing scam. let's victims believe they own money on an account. they get a message that tells them to click on a link. even if you don't give up that information, just clicking that link can affect your in computer or phone with malware. watch out. it's a hot one out there today. doug is back with how high the mercury will go. that' doug: it's kind of warm already.
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let's take a look at what's going to happen in the 70. 94 will be the high temperature this afternoon. it will feel like 99 at times. you can see the numbers are still on the high side. thunders storms come into play especially on thursday. saturday looks ok. temperatures will be at or slightly above seasonal normals later in the week. today, well above average. be prepared for the heat. jumi: take it out to the pool if you need to. news atto watch abc 7 4:00. have a monday.
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