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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  August 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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they took the man's military i.d. and witnesses helped the victim who got up and did leave the scene. but the next morning the 22-year-old man realized the injuries were worse than he thought and he got help in arlington but police want the main witness or anyone else to come forward and identify the suspect who they say attacked the victim for no other reason than robbery. >> this individual was trying to do a thing for his friend and was the victim of a heinous attack. jeff: so while this situation took place earlier this month, at the same time that arlington is investigating a string of attempted celebrate assaults. five in the past several weeks. the arlington police wanted to get out the message that the town, the city, the county is safe but they are looking for witnesses who witnessed this crime or any others to come forward to put an end to the
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recent string of attacks. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. kimberly: a former fairfax county police officer charged with second-degree murder collapsed in court today moments after a judge denied bail. adam torres collapsed hitting the chair before landing flat on his back. torres was taken to the hospital to get checked out. his attorney said he was awake and alert this afternoon. >> you can't help but feel sorry for the entire situation. kimberly: torres shot and killed john geer in a standoff outside his home two years ago. g his hands were up. and the trial date is december 14. leon: tonight a water main break tying people up before 6:00 this morning. we spoke with the crews out there who say a temporary
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patch put in place. you can expect the delays to start clearing up now. ten. i pipe put in 1941. the water back on to the few folks there who were affected. kimberly: we don't remember that long ago. do we? live outside, it's hot and muggy. we look ahead to rain on the way. meteorologist steve rudin in the weather center with a check of the forecast. steve: showers on the way moving through in the evening hours. we look for a cold front. a stronger cold front for the dray tomorrow. it will likely bring us widespread showers and thunderstorms. temperatures outside the belfort furniture weather center. another day of 90-degree heat at reagan national airport. stands at 91. 86 at dulles. 88 in manassas. cooler in culpeper. it may be off a little bit with the temperatures. here are the heat index values. it feels hotter. the middle 90's inside the beltway. upper 90's in fredericksburg.
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close to 100 in frederick maryland. the live doppler radar. nothing going on inside the capital beltway. to the west, looking at the scattered showers. west virginia, the panhandle of west virginia are the areas that will likely see thunderstorms. at least in the next hour or two. show you the wider view. we are dry inside the beltway for d.c. you will see scattered showers and the thunderstorms. the radar with the temperatures are falling through the 70's moving through the overnight hours. more on the seven-day outlook and looking ahead to the upcoming weekend in a few minutes. leon: tonight a somber goodbye to a maryland man devoted to doing a world of good. lenny robinson, better known as the route 29 batman dedicated free time in life to cheering up kids with cancer. he was killed when his car broke down and he was involved in an accident. kevin lewis has more on the man who will be hard to
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forget. kevin: 900 people paid respects to lenny robinson, better known as the route 29 batman. in the packed temple, children he cheered. >> i have a hat and a necklace and i have book bags and bracelets. >> everything he did was for the kids. >> even the longtime hair stylist. this included biblical passages and eulogies from robinson. jackson went online and ordered batman suspenders to honor his late employer. >> you see a funeral this big you know it has to be a great man. all the people wouldn't be here. >> heart of gold and giving and kind. he loved riley a lot. kevin: 4-year-old riley brown melt ro byson in the hospital.
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riley idolized him ever since. >> he has been through a lot of pain for the surgeries. he was hurting and going through the therapy on a regular basis. >> they guided the procession and 130 cars deep to a private burial for a man being remembered as a real-life superhero. >> a good man. >> he leaves behind his ellerly parents the brother and the sister and three sons. lepny robinson was 51 years old. in owings mills, kevin lewis, abc7 news. kimberly: breaking news yesterday. now we know a young mother was killed when a fight between children erupted in gunfire. leon: tonight we learn she confined in a friend about her fears over the gun violence in the city. she worried about her children and her safety as well and she said so. hours before her death.
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stephen tschida lazy more. what are you hearing? stephen: a mile away those who knew the 31-year-old tanika grieving and remembering a mother that expressed fear for her children and herself hours before she fell victim to gun violence plaguing the city. as the homicide rate soars toward 100 for the year, they race from the city to shooting and shooting. today they responded to a call feet from an incident yesterday that left a young mother dead. her 12-year-old son injured. and the 17-year-old charged with murder. >> i washington opt egg shell to figure out if they were the target that day. stephen: she reads facebook post and response if her friend. >> no more than 24 hours she is a target that i was
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speaking about. stephen: the children exploded in gunfire. > children are easily able to get guns more so than a book to read. >> she wanted to be a clothing designer. stephen: she said she saw her 45 minutes before she was shot. for now, she and her neighbor share the same fear as tanika expressed the day before her death. >> you could be a target. we don't know where the shots will ring off. >> her 12-year-old son and the 17-year-old injured in the exchange were admitted to the hospital in stable condition. the 17-year-old who is now charged with the murder
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remains hospitalized and also still charged as a juvenile. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: new tonight an image you will see momentarily. this is something to give us a first glimpse of what could be the newest celebrity. kimberly: the cues of pandemonium. right? they put out mei xiang's ultra sound two hours ago and say boa boa could be a big sister as early as next week. tom roussey is at the zoo. they are calling this the most promising ultrasound yet. tom: absolutely! things are changing. you can see where it's outside. but if you try to go to the panda house, you will find this closed. it looks like mei xiang is pregnant. video from the morning. they were able to perform a panda ultra sound.
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they saw something exciting. for the first time ever they said they saw a fetus in the ultrasound. even when mei xiang has been pregnant in the past they have never seen that. this is the best evidence they have had that she is pregnant. i talked to a biologist who was in there at the time and said it was exciting but they had to can tain their excitement -- contain their excitement. >> it was exciting. we tried to be quiet. noise affects mei xiang in the ultra sound. we were all staring at the screen. shaking a little bit. >> in a goodway? >> yes. in a good way. >> right now are looking at a live picture of mei xiang on the panda cam. she is not moving around much. frankly that is expected at this point. this is another sign that she is in fact pregnant. according to the zookeepers here. we have a bit in the who's the daddy situation going on here. shev was artificially inseminated in april. they used the sperm from a giant male panda at the zoo
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but also from a giant male panda in china. we don't know who the father is at that point. we're told if she gives birth it could happen in the next month or so. she is the first panda in the history of the zoo to give birth to the cubs that survived. she has done it twice. the most recent time to the baby that will turn two this weekend. i'm tom roussey, abc7 news. leon: all right. kimberly: as a mom, i got to say the lady looks pregnant. leon: you think so? kimberly: yeah. she is exhausted. did you see her? leon: she looked like a panda. how they always look. kimberly: look at her! that is a chilled out woman about to give birth. leon: okay. kimberly: i think so. leon: we've got maury's number to call to find out who the father is. kimberly: the left leg is up in a more comfortable position. look for the signs, leon. leon: we'll see what happens. kimberly: hotel stay with a bizarre end. what happens to end with the baby rescue and a police call and a family on the run. leon: getting back to school.
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the new stress of its own. why kids are more anxious than ever. what you need to know before the bell rings for class. kimberly: amazon evacuated. a dangerous situation that ended with a call to bomb techs and how it could have been made worse. brad: i'm brad bell in waldorf. coming up, we will show you video of an explosion that is so startling you will wonder how the fire trucks and people manning them came away
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leon: check out this video. routine firefighting operation takes an explosive turn. kimberly: brad bell tracked down the firefighter who shot the video. he is live in charles county right now with the latest. brad not at all what they expected. >> they tell us when they go in a fire scenario they never know what they expect. the guys from waldorf were down there. when you see the video you will be amazed that the fire trucks are here.
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watch what happens next. 270 gallon oil tanks explodes. watch again. you can see the crowd of the neighbors run. now imagine this. a volunteer firefighter was at the base of that exmotion. working a hose, trying to keep that tank from blowing up. brad: today he tells the story calmly from the fire dedepartment where he lives. yesterday was anything but calm. the team responded to battle the blaze. the amish cabinet maker who owned the barn lacked a phone to call 911. the firefighters learned of the tanks and got the hoses flowing. >> i felt the explosion.
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>> the fire chief mark kauffman credits trains and equipment for the fact nobody got hurt when the tank blew and that includes the firefighter. >> got a drink of water. put the gear back on and went back to work with the rest of the men. >> when we come back at 6:00 we will have more including how it's possible that the firefighters came away ung scathed. they have a strong theory. brad bell. leon: the last company officials charged in a chemical spill in west virginia pleaded guilty to pollutions charges. last january a storage tanks leaked 7,000 gallons of the chemicals in the elk river. that prompted a drinking ban. five former officials pleaded
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guilty in the case. look at this. a bomb robot sent to an amazon warehouse this morning in phoenix. police there saying that drum filled with the butane containers began leaking. the robot was sent in to make sure that nothing ignited or exploded. no one was hurt and that is good and fortunate thing. butane is used in fuel. so it could have been a very, very explosive situation there. kimberly: residents in wisconsin cleaning up after a little tornado ripped through the area. wind speed between 86 and 110 miles per hour. you can see the damage and the storm that is carrying off rooftop. snapping the trees in half. downed power lines. there are no report of injuries or death. leon: quite and just humidity. steve: we are looking at the
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thunderstorms. if you have the outdoor dinner plans, i know the folks want to get in the barbecues before it's too late, dare i say. go for it now. national harbor, clouds and sunshine here and there. nice if you don't mind heat and humidity. another 90 degree day. the winds are out of the south at 13 miles per hour. the due point is in the 60's. that is why it's uncomfortable. 86 of in martinsburg. upper 80's in hagerstown. further west they have already had the showers around cumberland. they are in the lower to the middle 70's. 77 in cumberland. the heat index values are above 90 degrees.
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hot spot on the map. frederick, maryland, at 101 degrees. the feel like temperature. once we get a few showers or the thunderstorms running in, the temperatures drop and will feel better out there. can you tell where the cold front is located? by this time tomorrow night, the cold front to the west of us will move through the mid-atlantic. behind it cooler and the fall-like air. minneapolis at 64. deluth now at 60. 71 in st. louis where they had severe weather yesterday. the better likelihood for the thunderstorm and the showers and the widespread thunderstorms come in the day tomorrow. we will show you doppler radar inside the capital beltway. dry for right now. heading in closer. silver spring, the district, arlington and alexandria. no problems. if you head further to the
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south, wildly scattered showers. if you are watching and the skies are darking and the showers are moving in from the west. this is moving north/northeast. we are going to look for the conditions that will improve but a lot of lightning associated with the storms. the wider view from the north/northeast. d.c. metro will see a few thousand showers. they will diminish tonight. temperatures in the 60's to the middle 70's. the cold front that we are watching tomorrow. move through the midatlantic. tomorrow evening. it will stall off the coast. high pressure to build in the
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west of us. it will bring us more sunshine temperatures will be in the 80's. we have a better chance of pop-up showers and the thunderstorms in the late afternoon and into the evening. we have a seven-day outlook. to focus on the upcoming weekend. lower humidity. a lot of sunshine. saturday and sunday. 90 degrees. chance of storms for monday of next week. leon: thank you, steve. kimberly: we have breaking news just coming in right now we need to tell you about. in the last few minutes, deandre has been convicted of first-degree murder in the death of 27-year-old jesse chavez. chavez was killed at the hotel in 2013. chris papst is live in court right now and we will check in with him as soon as he is out of the courtroom. leon: in the meantime, former
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front man pleading guilty. jared fogle, the subway guy, admitting to a host of disturbing charges. what comes next and why he took the guilty plea. kimberly: bizarre hotel stay that ends with a baby rescued. where the staff had to pull the trial out from and whom police are looking for right now. >> a look at what is coming up later tonight on abc --
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kimberly: a stunning downfall for the former face of subway disgraced tonight. jared fogle pleading guilty to child pornography charges. jonathan elias at the live desk with what comes next. jonathan: he was in indianapolis courtroom today agreeing to plead guilty for paying for sex with a 13-year-old and 14-year-old girl. he admitted to receiving and distributing child pornography the prosecutors laid out a detailed case saying fogle was traveling and using the social networking in pursuit of underage girls and they shame he met and paid for sex from a 17-year-old in new york and asked her to get him another underage girl and was quoted as saying, "the younger the better." they confiscated child porn, some involving as young as 6.
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he faces a minimum of five years in prison but the prosecutors want to see him get maximum which is 12.5 years in prison. subway has severed ties with fogle. this case is just getting going. live in the newsroom, jonathan elias. back to you. kimberly: thank you. new delay tonight for the star athlete oscar pistorius. he was set to be released from prison this friday ten months in his five-year manslaughter sentence for the teth of his girlfriend. he instid is going to go under house arrest. today the south african department of justice says it approved the release too early. no word when it will reconsider. leon: a baby had to be rescued after a lock hotel safe in canada. this occurred yesterday at a hotel in niagara falls, ontario. the family told the hotel staff the baby was locked in the safe. they didn't exmain how the baby got in the safe in the first place. a maintenance worker freed the baby and the family drove from
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the hotel before misarrived. guests at the hotel who heard the story were shocked. >> people like that should be locked in a safe like they locked the baby in a safe. it's sickening. leon: the hotel says the baby was alert and crying once the safe was open. the police say the family is from brooklyn, new york and left in a gray ford passenger van with new jersey plates. kimberly: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- to 'terry and beyond. people -- to posterity and beyond. leon: and something else, it happened down south. the story behind a massive sinkhole that has even talking. >> after two and a half hours a jury in prince george's county reached a verdict. i'm chris papst. coming up the conclusion to a chilling hotel murder from
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. kimberly: a young man gunnedded down in a robbery attempt. and the tramdy he was trying to do the right thing. leon: the jury debating the fate of the accused murderer and chris papst has been in the courtroom all day and is live in upper marlboro with the new development. chris? chris: the jury here reached a verdict, guilty on all counts for deandre weems, which does include first-degree murder. this is the video right here
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of the incident that happened in october of 2013. prosecutors say weems is the man who walked in the clarion hotel w a handgun robbed a pregnant clerk and shot another employee in the chest killing him. now that employee's name was jessie chavez. chavez had seen the man walk in the hotel with a gun, go into and then cop front the pregnant employee. and then he confronted weems. now the defense was not arguing throughout the trial that the crimes were not committed. the defense argued that the man in video was not weems but rather somebody else. before the verdict we spoke to weems' sister and she agreed the man in the video was not her brother. >> i just want my brother to come home. i understand they lost a sun but if you convict the wrong man for the wrong thing i'd be losing a brother.
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chris: there are two other men who have been charged. one is the get-away driver and the other was believed to be the lookout for the robbery. the trial is set for october. prince george's county, chris papst, abc7 news. leon: time for a look at the day's top stories. the former fairfax county police officer charged with the second-degree murder collapsed in court. moments after a judge denied him bail, adam torres fell to the floor. he was taken to the hospital to get checked out. he shot and killed john geer outside a home two years ago. he was unarmed and the other officers say his hands were up at the time. kimberly: emotional send off for real-life superhero. the route 29 batman. robinson was would frequently visits sick children at area hospitals dressed as a cape crusader. larger than life he was. he died in a car crash sunday
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near hagerstown. leon: the national zoo on panda watch. ultra sound affected for what could be panda fetus inside mei xiang. based on the size she could give work next week. update on a story we brought you last month. smithsonian raised half a million to display neil armstrong apollo 11 space suit. as part of the reboot the suit campaign, another $200,000 was raised to save the suit worn by allen shepherd the first american in space. the museum relies on private donation for restoration and major exhibits. mission accomplished. kimberly: sinkhole in floor hoping up at the same spot for 2013. the hole is now on a vacant lot. it looks like it was perfectly carved, doesn't it? it first swallowed a house
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with the owner still inside. that map's brother was the only one who could be saved. the new hole looks to be 20 feet across and the sheriff deputies say they can't tell how deep it is. leon: straight out of "x-files." let's turn to vote 2013. bad turn for hillary clinton. the democratic front-runner polling numbers dipping below 50% for the first time in the election cycle. a new cnn poll puts her among 47% among the democratic voters. spurring the drop, the repeated question about the clinton private e-mail servers. this is while bernie sanders is closing the gap between the two. the poll puts him at 29%. in a head to head matchup cnn reports that donald trump the republican is only six points behind hillary clinton. 51% would take clinton and 45% would take trump. that is the first major indication trump could be
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competitive in a general election. donald trump is on the trail today with the top republican rivals in new hampshire for an education summit there. he is going to be skipping that. instead he will be set to hold his first ever town hall this evening. kimberly: for those of us who grew up with him, hard to believe he is gone but we are looking for ways to honor former mayor for life and councilmember marion barry. they want to hear what you think should be done. they have a public forum at 7:00. at the learning center on mississippi avenue in southeast. that is where you can chime in. pitch ideas for the tributes to the former mayor. leon: got a lot more to come on "abc7 news at 5:00". >> a wedding party left high and dry. why they no longer have a d.j. for the wedding and days away. what happened once said side stepped in. a d.c. company is helping the
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employees stay out of prison. that's this week's harris' heroes. kimberly: coming up at 6:00, fighting back against crime. new clue in a deadly shooting outside the church. the picture police want you to see and why the d.c. police union is at odds with the
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steve: welcome back. middle of the work week and already looking ahead to the upcoming weekend. it looks fantastic. in town, the temperatures are 86 to 27 degrees. saturday and sunday. not as humid. not looking at the heat index values in the lower 70's. only the upper 80's. we will take that. if you lucky enough to head to the beaches, the water temperature in the upper 70's for ocean city and rehoboth beach. daytime highs 80 degrees. further south outer banks of south carolina on saturday, you may see an isolated shower
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or thunderstorm. the water temperature is lower 80's. "abc7 news at 5:00" continues af
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leon: the group of folks that are the highlight of my week. company that provide more than a paycheck.
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the company hires newly released inmates who were arrested as juveniles and help them reclaim their lives. charlie and melvin aren't just building a garden bed. they are building new lives for themselves. all thanks to the clean decisions. will started the professional cleaning company last year. he wanted to help newly released inmates re-enter society. he knows first-hand the challenges because he was 1 when he was convicted as an adult. >> when i came out i had issues on how to get a job. >> they hire young men arrested as teenagers and trains them. they have landscaping and kitchen security even. >> they have an aggressive approach to do good work.
5:41 pm
that is key in a lot of businesses. >> it makes you feel good about the cleaning business and my place cleaned but to help the community. leon: with the support of clean decisions they feel good about themselves. >> i feel good about myself. feels good to work. >> i keep moving on in life. >> he says it's all about extending a helping hand. >> they believe in you and help you. >> we believe in you, will. it's a positive impact. clean decisions that it's having on the young men's lives. charlie going to school to get a g.e.d. melvin is hoping to start a carpentry business in the future. i know he will do it. they have eight employees
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right now. plus two volunteers to provide additional training and supporting. kimberly: that is like when you watch a wonderful movie. still to come, stressed by the bell. why kids at school are more ank, than they have been and how you can help. leon: the commercials played over the d.c. media for the past four decades. when a local family hiredded them for their daughter's wedding they got a surprise. the "7 on your side" coming up next.
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leon: a wedding day music went silence after the company providing the music service goes out of business. kimberly: who did they call? "7 on your side." horace holmes gets to the bottom of the mixup. >> now the new mr. and mrs. jones. horace: the you lived in d.c. area for any amount of time you have likely seen
5:46 pm
commercial. >> a reputable company. did my wedding. horace: 2 years ago they hire -- 28 years ago they hired him for the wedding reception. so when they went to the dry tall show with a daughter who is getting married -- >> there they go! that is who we'll hire. horace: they signed a contract with them in february and propped down the $700 fee. the wedding is saturday. let's rewind to the end of june. judy picked up her mail and saw a letter from the davis d.j.'s that said -- >> sorry, due to health, the economy n 2008 we are shutting our doors july 10. >> but they had a contract and everything was paid for. so they called the d.j.'s and couldn't find anything from the company. >> it's not the money. it's the principle. >> we tried to contact them too, but the phones are disconnect and shut down. >> everything was shut down. >> so they worked to put the
5:47 pm
final touches on the plan for the most important day of their daughter's life. it had hoped to dance at saturday's wedding to the music provided by the people who played for their wedding almost 30 years ago. but that won't happen. >> my daughter is getting married so why not get them. horace: well, we went online and discovered a number of other complaints from the couples with can contract for their wedding. they were able to get another d.j. company to do the daughter's wedding at the last moment. "7 on your side" will continue to find out someone who can get the money back. kimberly: all right. good work. keep on them. this time we have an alert about your child's health. childrens anxiety increased in the past five decades. leon: it peaks when kids head back to school. doctors say the stress impacts children as young as five
5:48 pm
years old. symptoms are headaches, stomach aches or trips to the emergency room. one study found trip to the e.r. for headaches jumped 31% in the fall. >> if anticipation and not knowing what to expect, that anxiety the be upsetting to them. >> i get headaches, i used to feel like i was going to throw up. leon: experts recommend encouraging the kids to get up and exercise. actively listen to the concerns and have them right down their worry to interimmize it and keep bottled up inside. kimberly: kids to be kids. 5:48. keep on time here with a look at traffic. we can be overscheduled. jamie: we need the scheduling!
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this is on the inner and the outer loop. let's focus in on the area. an accident moved shoulder. we are working your way to the activity. this is moved to the shoulder. you get by but it's heavy. shifting gears to talk about what we have on the beltway closer to virginia. thaw you goal by. they hope to it have done by 5:00 p.m. they did not. again in this area, you are seeing little volume through bethesda.
5:50 pm
kimberly: haze, sunshine and rain. steve: it's mostly south of us but will move through the metro area. heading through the evening hours. not everyone will see rain. showers and thunderstorms. 85 degrees right now at dulles. we show you the feels like temperature closer to 90 degrees. it will cool down. doppler radar. north of fredericksburg. we have embedded thunderstorms. moving off to the north/northeast. that's why we are in line for the showers and the storms moving through the evening hours. future cast tomorrow. great an umbrella. widespread showers and thunderstorms. cold front will come in and stall on friday. there is the weather center.
5:51 pm
keep an umbrella handy. kimberly: will do. leon: good deal. football to talk about. robert: let's talk about the other quarterback. tom brady. kimberly: is he going to throw in the towel? robert: he didn't show up for court. they were back in the courtroom making cases in front of the federal judge. they ordered them to appear on august 31 if no settlement were reached. both of guys were not in court. high school coaches from all over d.m.v. paid a visit to the redskins park welcomed by jay gruden for a even cooing clinic. jay with the offensive coordinator with sean mcfaye and the defensive coordinator joe barry. coaches led to the respective break-out sessions with the high school coaches.
5:52 pm
the former stint g.m. caserly was a keynote speaker. >> need to understand if they have a huge impact on their lives. huge. they may not think they do. when they get older, the coaches will have big influence on the kids' lives. >> the duality of the roles as a high school coach. you can't take for granted. you can't take it lightly because it's very important. we want the best product. we want to young men to develop into young adults that not only productive football players but productive citizens in the world. robert: okay. last night, clayton kershaw was not happy. he shows displeasure to umpire after a ball was called. jumps off the mound and makes a play. the third baseman could have made and drops the ball. bites the ball down like a football. he chucks it in the dugout. kershaw wasn't tossed but the
5:53 pm
dodgers lost. 5-4. not a good night. leon: he threw it into his dugout. robert: exactly! leon: if he threw it in the other team's dugout -- >> trouble! kimberly: tantrum. a big boy tantrum. more than 30 million potential cheaters exposed. massive data dump from the ashley madison and the surprise we found in the numbers. that's up next.
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leon: a glitch at bloomingdale's led the company to mistakenly issue $25,000 in store credit. some got an e-mail from the store on friday and one chopper took full advantage of the free shopping spree. he used it to purchase $10,000 diamond earrings, $5,000 watch and bag to put it in. they asked anyone who purchased with the cards to return the merchandise. good luck with that.
5:57 pm
kimberly: hackers released identity of 32 million ashley madison users. that is the website that facilitates affairs between married people. 15,000 of the users surfed from federal e-mails. >> the website ashley madison famous to encourage users to secretly cheat on its spouse has been caught with the virtual pants down. after a group called the impact team dutched 10 gigabyte on the dark web. the dump includes 36 million e-mail addresses, 9.6 million transactions. plus the partial credit card information, street name and phone numbers. more than 15,000 of the e-mail addresses appear to to to rimnate from the military servers. they threatened to publish name and nude photographs. ashley madison and another site are taken down. >> online extortion is
5:58 pm
something that is easy to do in an anonymous fashion. it has a high return. a low risk. kimberly: on other high profile attacks, this attack appears to be motivated by the ide log call differences. the impact team putting out a statement saying we have exposedded the fraud of the members and now even gets to see their data. that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". right now at 6:00 -- kimberly: residents terrified in the take of violence tonight. d.c. leaders and the union are at odds on what caused an outbreak of violence and how to pick it. a local principal death sparks outpouring of love at a local high school. barn explodes.
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"abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. >> abc7 news at "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. leon: a new day brought anotricide investigation to the district. this time it's the body of a 29-year-old man who was found around 8:00 with a gunshot wound behind a stanton glen apartments. it is at least the fourth since monday. this is the latest in a rash of violence crime in recent weeks that has the residents demanding a plan to fight back. there are competing ideas how to do that. sam ford joins us now live. it looks like the city officials and the police union seem to be at odds over the cause and the solution. what are you hearing? sam: we are outside the kennedy rec center here in northwest washington where the mayor and the police chief address the issue of the crime problem for the third day in a row. with the murderers up 35% over
6:00 pm
last year there are a lot of second guessers. some communities are hard hit feel they are under siege. scene of shootings including that of a mother, the residents are scathed. >> it's too much. this is cropped compare. people need to get god in their life or something. >> it may be self-inflicted. >> mayor bowser and chief lanier held the third anticrime appearance this week announcing they are raising reward on the tips from illegal guns from $1,000 a gun to $2,500. >> we will step up to the plate. we will find the money and we will add to the reward. >> we looked at the d.c. homicides before and after the baltimore riots. in the month before there were 32. lower than the same point last year when there were 37. after a 90-day period since the riot. d.c. homicide


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