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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 20, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," major developments from the northwest where the forest fires have gone from a dangerous threat to deadly. the firefighters killed in what's being called a hell storm. >> not again, the florida sinkhole that took a man's life two years ago has opened despite repairs. what is happening? new this half hour, a life-threatening hazard for golfers. >> they were playing golf when part of an airline jet fell from the sky heading right their way. their anger and relief. and later in "the skinny," your chance to own movie history. the house where "silence of the lambs" took place now on the market. should you make a killer offer? it's thursday it, august 20th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm phillip mena.
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let's get right to that developing story from the northwest. firefighters killed battling a fast-moving blaze in north central washington state. >> three firefighters died near the small town of twisp where people have been urged to evacuate because of flames. >> air tankers have been used in an attempt to stop the fire from spreading. it is being pushed by strong winds. the situation has forced local officials to call in black hawk helicopters to help and the national guard. >> past ten hours we're up here. it's hot, you know, i got new boots yesterday. we're breaking them in. getting blisters on our heels. >> from our place up, they've kept it up out of the houses and up into the forest and they've got it into -- i think they've got a pretty good line dug up there now. >> further south, a complex of fires is still threatening the resort town of chelan, washington. more than 1,000 firefighters are on the lines there. air tankers have also been called to help contain a growing
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fire near livermore, california. at least one building has been lost. othered threatened. the livermore national lab be nearby. but the flames are not moving toward it. today conditions are expected to get worst in the fire zone. here's accuweather's justin pavek with the latest. good morning to you. >> thanks and good morning to you. we're off to a dry start. it's going to be a scorcher of an afternoon in the northwest. bad news because we have an ongoing fire situation, gusty winds will enhance the threat for high fire danger over the course of the next 12 to 24 hours. something we'll closely monitor. the northeast it's the opposite. soaking showers, gusty thunderstorms here and huge travel delays expected from philadelphia to our nation's capital. phillip and reena, back to you. >> justin, thank you. fire crews and cadaver dogs searching the rubble of that blown apart motel near seattle. confirmed they have found no bodies. they say the only reason dozens of motel guests weren't killed or injured, the quick thinking manager who sounded the alarm and made sure everyone
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evacuated. she says she learned long ago, when in doubt, get out. >> some of them may have children that are guests and they're just happy to see their little kids and see them all together. >> about ten people were staying in the section of the motel destroyed by the blast. police are looking at the surveillance videos following up on reports that someone may have accidentally damaged a gas line behind the building. >> one body has been recovered at the site of that landslide in alaska. two more people are still missing after they were engulfed in the slide while working on a house. two of the victims were house painters and brothers. the other a sitka city official. search is dangerous because of thick mud and the threat of more land sides in this very area. deputies near tampa are keeping an eye on a sinkhole this morning trying to make sure it doesn't grow larger. that sinkhole opened up in the same spot where a man died in 2013 after the earth gave way underneath his house.
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abc's steve osunsami reports. >> reporter: florida authorities are trying to calm the nerves of frightened neighbors. >> what happened today is exactly what was designed to happen. so there's no danger. >> reporter: but it's still frighteningly large. now 17 feet wide and 20 feet deep, and it was supposed to be repaired. the body of 37-year-old jeffrey bush was never recovered from the hole here two years ago. his family here again. >> i didn't get to say good-bye to him. >> reporter: sinkholes and former sinkholes are a part of life in florida. about 30 miles away, we saw them using more than ten trucks of sand to fill a 90-foot-wide hole that destroyed a pool and two homes. and look at the same spot today. the property is now for sale. and the realtor says it's probably the safest land you can buy in florida. the county blames this one on recent heavy rains. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. another fatal police shooting has started a new round of protests in st. louis. police shot and killed a young
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black suspect yesterday while serving a search warrant at a home. but this time, they say the 18-year-old pointed a gun at them. they also seized three other guns and crack cocaine. demonstrators chanted "black lives matter." the rallying call sparked by the death of michael brown in nearby ferguson. former subway pitchman jared fogle faces more than 12 years in prison as he prepares to plead guilty to engaging in sex with minors and child pornography. investigators say he traveled to new york for sex with underage girls and received and distributed child important -- porn. he has agreed to pay as many as 14 victims $100,000 each in restitution. >> fame and fortune will not protect you from attacking those most vulnerable in our communities. >> he will completely acknowledge his responsibility for his wrongdoing. >> fogel was released on home detention and ordered to wear a gps monitoring device. his wife announced that she is filing for divorce. subway released a statement
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calling the former spokesman's actions inexcusable. to politics now and a war of words between two republican rivals in new hampshire. speaking at a town hall meeting, donald trump dismissed jeb bush as unelectable and low energy. trump scheduled the event to compete with a town hall hosted by bush just a few miles away. >> mr. trump doesn't have a proven conservative record. he was a democrat longer in the last decade than he was a republican. >> i think jeb bush is totally out of touch on women's health issues. i mean totally. >> trump bragged about the wall he wants to build along the mexican border saying it would look good and keep people out. trump said the wall would pay for itself in a year because all of the money the government would save. we're learning more about the two women who are the first to complete the grueling training to be army rangers. captain kristen griest from connecticut is a military police officer who served in afghanistan and 1st lt. shaye haver is from texas.
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an attack helicopter pilot, both are west point graduates. they'll be among the 96 soldiers graduating tomorrow. a big congratulations to knocking down a major barrier in the army. ditto. the federal jounl presiding over tom brady's deflategate suspension court fight says he hopes to rule in the case by september 4th. that's just six days before brady and the patriots open the defense of their super bowl title. brady and nfl commissioner roger goodell were not in court for yesterday's hearing at which the judge again pushed both sides to settle. he even warned the league's lawyers that there is legal precedent for judges to throw out penalties issued by arbiters. and here's something you might never have thought you'd see. former boxing champ roy jones junior meeting with russian president vladimir putin. jones was asking putin for russian citizenship because he says it's easier to do business in russia that way.
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putin reportedly told the boxer turned rapper it's no problem if jones intends to live in russia most of the time. spain is really known for really great big summer get togethers. the messy and disgusting annual tomato fight comes to mind. there's the running of the bulls. can't forget that one. >> in pamplona. here is another one. the annual human towers festival taking place in a town about 60 miles south of barcelona. thousands of people packing the town's main square watching an the teams form those towers which are known as castles. >> and one team stacked nine people on top of each other. they make it look so easy. the tradition of castles started in the region way back in the 18th century. every time i see these kind of videos i think of the i love lucy episode where she kept stomping on all the grapes. i don't know if it's the shirt color that reminded me. >> that looks extremely dangerous. they have a pretty organized way to get up and down there. it's a great display of organization. some wearing helmets. probably cheerleaders well
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versed in the pyramid process i'm sure. >> that's probably a good point. didn't realize there were lots of cheerleaders out there. >> for the pyramids. they're good at climbing up there. at least have no fear. it's like kids up there though. coming up in "the skinny," breaking news about kelly clarkson and it's personal. >> also ahead, an the trend for trendy men. the hipster hairdo called the man bun. why it's so popular and is it right for you? >> i could see you sporting one. first anxiety for kids this time of year. expert advice on helping school kids handle the stress and avoid getting sick. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather, brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, this is an important message. so please, write down the number on your screen. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door.
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so this, so this, folks, is a panel door from a passenger jet that plunged on to a north carolina golf course. it came from an american inrlines flight about to land charlotte. the 15 x 15 inch part landed on the 7th hole not far from where some golfers were playing around. >> just trolling around in the air. falling to the ground. >> i mean, that could have killed one of us. >> but the good news is no one on the plane or the ground was injured. american airlines claims the panel door came from a nonpressurized area and it posed no safety issue for passengers. federal investigators are looking into why it fell down. from our health headlines, a new study suggests that overworking can kill you. that's according to new research from london. doctors discovered workers who put in 55 hours a week increased their risk of having a stroke by
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one-third and the risk of heart attack went up by 13%. researchers say those who work too much are more likely to drink too much and skip those workouts. that's about right. >> i'm taking tomorrow off. >> great excuse to do that. but we're all overworked. that's the culture now. >> you can handle the show tomorrow, right, by yourself? >> see what we can do. turning now to stress in children. surveys show kids' anxieties increased over the past five decades and it intensifies this time of year. >> heading back to school is not easy for many kids. abc's mara schiavocampo shows us what parents should look out for. >> reporter: headaches, stomach aches an, even trips to the emergency room. these are some of the symptoms of stress exhibited by kids as young as age 5. >> stress and anxiety is one of the biggest struggles that our children and youth are facing. >> michele is the author of "generations stressed." she's seen a steady uptick in the number of stressed out kids,
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the stress often peaking when kids head back to school. >> the anticipation and not knowing what to expect, all that anticipatory anxiety can really be upsetting to them. >> according to a study conducted over the course of five years by nationwide children's hospital, kids' trips to the emergency rooms for complaints regarding headaches jumped 31% in the fall. 7-year-old hannah of arlington, texas, knows all about school-related stress. >> i get headaches. i get the feeling that i'm going to throw up. >> reporter: hannah's mom carrie says the stress became more pronounced a few days before school started this year. >> the routine and the schedule and going back and the transition, that does produce some anxiety. >> reporter: while every kid is different, experts recommend trying these tips. encourage your kids to put down the ipad and get up and
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exercise. use active listening, stay empathetic and repeat what your child says to ensure you understand them correctly and create a worry wall in your home where kids can add their worries on post it notes to avoid internalizing their stress. >> what really seems to help the most is just talking to her, reassuring her that we're here for her. we love her. no matter what happens. >> when i get worried, i talk to my mom. >> mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. yeah, adults. we always think about adults being stressed out. never really take time to think about how much the kids, they're stressed out, too. >> it is true. i just started reading to my son "monkey doesn't want to go to kindergarten." it's a good book. my husband is why are you reading that to him? he's excited to go to. sometimes it helps. >> so the monkey didn't want to school? >> at the end he came to terms that it was good. >> happy ending. when we come back, not one but two real life battles for
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the stars from ""beverly hills 90210." >> plus the muppets channel nwa. seriously, "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc
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♪ skinny, so skinny okay. we start with breaking news. kelly clarkson is pregnant again.
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>> she announced late last night in the middle of her concert in los angeles. getting emotional while performing. >> and clarkson revealed that the news to her fans that this will be her second child for both her and her husband brandon blackstock. congratulations to them. >> switching gears now to shannen doherty. she revealed she has breast cancer. she says she could have caught it sooner if it weren't for a mistake that she's now suing over. >> she rose to fame in the hit show from the '90s "beverly hills 90210 playing brenda and starred in the show "charmed." according to legal documents obtained tmz she is suing her former business manager for failing to pay insurance premiums which led to a lapses in coverage. >> she claims her cancer is more advanced now than it would have been had she been able to get a checkup or cancer screening.
3:50 am
turning now to a co-star of doherty's from the years, brian austin green. he's perhaps known better these days as mr. megan fox. according to "us weekly," not anymore. the magazine reports they separated. >> fox and green have been together for 11 years. and five of those they were married. they have two young children. >> they met when fox was 18. they were engaged once before, then splitting up. green reproposed and they were finally married. i hate hollywood breakup stories especially when they're good looking people. >> when they're good looking people, neither of them are going to have much trouble getting right back out there. >> you're not crying over this one. >> it's sad it's a family now broken up, obviously, they're people. but again, because they're so pretty, you know -- >> they're on the market. >> exactly, exactly. not lost on a lot of people for sure. next, a famous house from a frightening movie is now for sale. home of buffalo bill from home of buffalo bill from the silence of the lambs" movie is on the market. it was the setting for really scary scenes involving one of
3:51 am
the film's two psychopaths and, of course, jodie foster's character. >> i don't know why you'd want it. it kind of freaks me out a little bit. but this western pennsylvania victorian is listed for $300,000. you get three bedrooms, one full bath and a pool house made from a caboose. >> and a lifetime of nightmares too. >> i did not think of that. i wonder if that's on the marketing brochure. >> it's all in there. but what it doesn't have is the infamous basement where bill tortured his victims. >> those scenes were filmed on a separate set. the owner said they were eating dinner one night when a producer knocked on their door and the rest is history. the film went on to be the best picture at the oscars that year. and finally, "straight outta compton" winning big at the box office last week and the movie inspiring another group, that's right, the muppets. >> this mashup fearings fozzie bear, kermit and others and audio of nwa's "express yourself." ♪ again and again and again,
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♪ finally this half hour, we explore a hotly debated hairstyle. the man bun. some love it, others loath it, but either way, america seems to be fascinated by it. >> but to get the look, it's going to take work. here's abc's abbie boudreau. >> reporter: a hair-raising trend that's got tinseltown tied up in a bun. a man bun. >> you can see it in hollywood now in actors like leonardo dicaprio. chris hemsworth. even david beckham has been rocking it. >> reporter: no longer just for girls, now guys are loving them too. >> i think a lot of women and
3:56 am
girlfriends are saying i want my guy to be rocking a man bun. it's kind of cool and kind of hot. >> editor-in-chief of yahoo! style jose says it's a look most men can pull off. >> is there a way to mess this thing up? >> there's a fine line. if it's too messy it's sloppy. if it's too done, it's like a red carpet hairdo. >> in search of a perfect gun, meet j.d., hoping for that orlando bloom look. clint inspired by jake gyllenhaal's half bun and kurt, channeling his inner jared leto. >> how long have you been growing it out? >> two years. my hair gross really slow. it's been kind of annoying. >> do you call it a man bun? >> guilty. yeah. >> we're seeing it everywhere. >> yes, you see it on the streets and the runways. >> master stylist lindsay adair transforming their long locks into modern buns. >> create the knot. there you are. >> at spoke & wheel in west hollywood. >> what do you think? >> i think it's exactly what i was going for every time. >> but you'll need more than
3:57 am
just the bun. >> he's got that facial hair going on. >> it's the whole look. >> maybe we'll just try a classic shirt like that. we can roll up the sleeves and all that. >> after a quick change. >> come on in. >> oh, wow. >> see? >> yes. >> and it all works. >> from everyday hipsters to hollywood trendsetter. abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> those guys look great. i mean, i wasn't into it at first but now kind of you can rock it low bun or high bun and you prefer the high bun. look at you. i didn't realize you sported this look. >> i have always wondered what that would look like. wow. >> bk and jack approve. are you guys going to get one too? >> yeah. >> oh, no. >> that's awesome. more photoshop coming up. >> that's the news for this half hour. this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, wildfire tragedy. firefighters killed on the front lines while battling a fast moving blaze. new details just in about how it hatched. war of words. jeb bush and donald trump taking jabs at each other, the back and forth in a battleground state. ice bucket breakthrough. last summer's viral campaign for als paying off. the major discovery announced just because of those donations. moving and grooving in the delivery room. a mom's labor dance entertained the nurses and the internet. good morning, everyone. i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm phillip mena. we start with the breaking news from the battle against the wildfire in washington state.


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