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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  August 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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at 7:30. we will track the storms west of us and that is coming up in a few minutes. kimberly: if you see great weather shots, do take a picture and video and take -- send it over to us at be sure to include your name and where you took the picture or video. be sure to stay on top of any weather changes by signing up for our text alerts. we are under a flash flood watch. go to /texts and enter your cell phone number/ a crash involving caitlin dinner, known as bruce jenner. he could be facing terminal charges. they recommend prosecutors file 80 to give a manslaughter charge. investigators found gender was not driving safely for the road was not driving
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safely for road conditions. the driver of the lexus was killed when her car was hit head-on by the humvee. the district attorney will determine if jenner will be charged. kimberly: some frantic moments in quantico this morning. several people had to be rescued from a burning home. jonathan: diane cho is in quantico right now but the cause of this fire. firefighters are still investigating exactly what caused this fire this morning. what they do know it's it appears -- is it appears that started on the second floor where you see the damage on the outside of the building. they say heavy smoke and flames were shooting out of the building when they arrived this morning. that damaged area where you see on the building exterior, that is the unit or the firefighters found a man dead. we were told two people had to be rescued from the second floor and others needed help from firefighters getting out of the building. there were six people
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inside of the fire broke out. the under says she smelled the smoke and hurt smoke detectors going off and immediately thought of the victim who died and try to get him out. she managed to break the door to get in but this mode was too overwhelming. >> i just prayed that he was asleep. that the smoke got him and he did not feel getting hurt. he was a good man, i can tell you that. he was a nice, warm, loving person and i'm sorry that this happened. she says there were seven people in all that lived in that building, including her sister but she was already in the hospital. she also provided the victim's name to us but we are waiting until authorities have a chance to notify his family members before we release the information. diane cho, abc 7 news. jonathan: bob mcdonnell possessing supreme court chief justice john roberts to keep him out of prison during his appeals
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process. this follows a federal judge's ruling that he must go to jail in a matter of days to start his two-year prison sentence. he released a statement saying "i'm saddened to the court's decision today to deny me read while in pursuit indication in the u.s. supreme court. i am innocent of these charges and will petition the u.s. supreme work for a grand a bond." i asked my friends across the nation to support me in my family during this agonizing time." his wife maureen says the decision in her husband's case should not impact her own appeal. her lawyers filed a motion yesterday asking for her conviction to be overturned, or at least given a new trial. lawyers for mcdonald's say she was never a public official and federal bribery laws do not apply to hurt. responded byave sometime in early september. sufferedd firefighter
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severe burns. brad bell is at the scene with details were us. to tell you want that for firefighters were actually heard it here, one of them seriously. this is the building that burned. you can see what is going on right now is that just in the last few minutes fire investigators have turned the building over to those who are going to boarded-up -- board it up. this was a tough firefighters -- fire for firefighters to fight. the first arriving units did what they always do. they put on their gear, grabbed hoses, ran up the stairs to combat the fire from the inside. it was those firefighters on that initial attack that were hurt. three of them were burned. one suffering serious burns to his hand. another suffered an ankle injury. a spokesperson says they are
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trying to figure out exactly what happened. >> they would admit the fire in the stairwell. first they would do is get as much water on the fire is possible. at some point they were either sustaining steam burns or thermal burns from the fire itself. reporter: fortunately none of the injuries to the firefighters are considered like writing. -- life-threatening. these are the people that event displaced. fire units affected by the , 22 people have been moved out of their units. when we come back we will tell you more about what happened here and here about how one of these people feels like she barely made it out alive. brad bell, abc 7 news. kimberly: former president jimmy carter opening up about his battle with cancer. he said at first he thought the cancer was confined to his liver only to learn it had spread to his brain. marcy gonzales has more on the fight ahead for president
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carter. reporter: with humility and even humor -- former president jimmy carter openly detailed his melanoma diagnosis, sharing his fears when he learned the cancer first discovered on his liver had spread. doctors also finding it on his brain. carter: i thought ahead a few weeks left. but i was surprisingly at ease. i've had a wonderful life. reporter: alive he is optimistically fighting for, undergoing radiation treatment on the four small cancers on his brain starting today. >> the goal is to prevent them from growing so he can continue to live a hike or the life he has right now. >> my name is jimmy carter and i'm running for president. reporter: after leaving the white house, carter and his wife committed themselves to humanitarian work through the carter center. they are now
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taking a step back from those efforts to focus on his health. a commitment he takes seriously after losing his father and all three siblings to pancreatic cancer. president obama tweeting "president carter is as good a man as they come. michelle and i are praying for him and rosslyn. we are all praying for him." >> the first time they've called me in a long time. [applause] [laughter] reporter: taking on this challenge with laughter in a -- and faith. he says he has very little pain. today's radiation is the first of four treatments scheduled of the next few months. kimberly: it is a comfort to see minutes who in 15 will talk to a local oncologist for more insight into the former president's cancer battle in treatments. jonathan: this has to do the shooting that to waste the district over the weekend. police obtained a suspect in the
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shooting death of an american university graduate. we've been working this story all day. about 15 minutes ago i got off the phone with mpd. they confirmed that mdp is after this suspect, 19-year-old marcus king in connection with a flurry of yunfire the left matt shlansk dead on saturday night. several are wanted in connection with this gun fire that broke out and then some other shooting incident at the suspects fled. we do note that an army of police to send it on marcus king's apartment complex a block away from the shooting scene last night. residents tell me they swarmed the complex looking for king, but he took off before police arrived. they are looking for this suspect just identified. 19-year-old marcus king, one of several suspects
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wanted in connection to the shooting death of matt shlank sky, who was getting out of a cab when he was caught in the gunfire with fatal consequences. we will update you on the latest as it becomes available to us on abc 7 news at 5:00. jonathan: thank you. we have some encouraging news to pass along. the silver springs transit center which is been plagued with problems. the target opening date is september 20. this comes four years later than planned and about $50 million over budget. the transit center has been plagued with cracks and design be a. the facility will hub for metro bus and other bus services for thousands of commuters. kimberly: thousands of football fans prepared to bring the wet weather. tonight for the first preseason game at home for the redskins. jonathan: you'll want to bring
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your horn and poncho and an umbrella. you can bring a number of. -- can't bring an umbrella. robert: you cannot bring your youella, what is this then? might win to be prepared. i will step out of the way. they are preparing for anything here. they have a tarp on the field. right now, the cheerleaders repairing. a lot of guys still preparing since last thursday, trying to make this 53-man roster. they will have to do it because there is a thin line between making this team and not making the team. >> the games are important. some guys shine in some guys don't. some guys better way at practice and some of the gains. -- games. anytime you cross the white lines it is a great opportunity for you. that is rg iii in that red sweater. he's doing his
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pregame ritual, or whatever you want to call it with some headphones on. just kind of circling the field. coming up, a lot more on the redskins. they will take the tarp off at about 5:30. kickoff at 7:30 against the lions. kimberly: he missed an opportunity to get in there and dance with the girls and show them your stuff. [laughter] robert: i did not want to take them out of a job. [laughter] jonathan: you are pretty good with a pom-pom. kimberly: stay with abc seven and for complete coverage of the redskins's matchup. a report from tom tonight at 5:00. jonathan: coming up at four clock, a major movie theater chain of stepping up security in the wake of recent shootings. what to expect during our next trip to a movie theater. kimberly: tragedy for firefighters in washington state. what we are learning about a crash that killed three firefighters.
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a messy evening could be ahead for all. steve is tracking at all.
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kimberly: these guys are known
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as some the most elite firefighters in the country and up three of them have died. four others injured while battling a fire in washington state. the winds shifted unexpectedly, turning back on the crews battling the blaze in overtaking their vehicle. more than 3000 firefighters are trying to control the blaze in the town of swiss. they quickly spread to more than 1500 acres. >> the winds are blowing in every direction. >> is horrible. kimberly: a health storm -- hell storm. the president has directed his of ministries and to stay in touch with state and local officials and provide a federal assistance as necessary. jonathan: businesses damaged by riots have until the end of august to apply for a loan. a private fund is offering zero interest loans up to $35,000.
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they will later be forgiven if the business stays open for 24 months. identifiesation about 400 businesses that were impacted by those rights -- riots. the deadline to apply is august 31. kimberly: a major movie theater chain is making a big change in the name of security. regal theaters when all searcher back when you going to see a movie theater -- movie. any problems with this, suzanne? reporter: so far so good. this is going into effect over the last few days. this signposted says for the safety and comfort of all of our guest backpacks and bags of any kind are subject to inspection prior to entry to this facility. all 575 regal theaters across the country are putting this policy into place. this comes in the wake of
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several movie theater shootings, most recently in shreveport, louisiana. we talked with patrons and got their take on this enhanced security. >> i think it is a good thing. i would rather make sure that we are all safe. i have my grandchildren here now. it has become so important that safety first. >> i think it is fine. they own the place in the coco whatever conditions they want to for people to come in." small signs, big signs like the one you see here. they are everywhere at these movie theaters. if you bring a bag, they are going to check it out. i can tell you some other movie theater chains are also taking steps. one going so far as banning tags and backpacks -- bags and backpacks completely. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. jonathan: thanks for that. time of the check of the traffic situation. at least it is moving
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behind it. jamie: it is moving that this is the area where will see quite a bit of volume. the reason is the redskins'game at fedex field. this is right near reaching marlboro road. that affects the inner loop as well as the outer loop this afternoon. typically we see delays from prince george's county but it will get heavier. right now we are at about the 7-30 miles per hour in the stretch from joint base andrews and continuing to work you a little closer towards route 50. a lot of people exiting in this area. this is fedex field. the gates open right at 5:30 and the game is at 7:30. pedestrian traffic as well as the particular traffic. a lot of people will be traveling slow. route 202 is averaging 13 miles per hour. plan to have extra congestion. we focus in on the whole beltway, we have a typical
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delay. you have that working your way on the inner loop from virginia and maryland. topside continuing closer into silver spring. we have traffic on the washington baltimore parkway. and then in virginia, 95 southbound in the teens through lorton. some of these delays we're seeing, especially on the belly good of the game. we do not have any crashes so that is good. jonathan: thank you very much. didn't feel like we kind of got a break? kimberly: today? jonathan: the cloud cover kept it ok. kimberly: i felt like i was swimming in stew. jonathan: it did not feel that bad. steve: i was sweating. jonathan: forget i ever said anything. steve: it will feel a lot better tomorrow but we have a cold front on the way and they'll gives us summer heat -- some relief from the humidity.
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looking outside right now at national harbor, there are the clouds that will eventually bring us rain as a lutheran the evening hours and into the early overnight. it's part of a stronger cold front that will eventually bring us a little bit of relief. 83 degrees at reagan national air or, it feels like 90 with the dew point in the middle 70's. latest for you on the lash flood watch -- flash flood watch in effect for the district. all the counties in green, this is until midnight tonight. i think most of the heavy rain will be long gone by that time. show you what it looks like on our doppler radar right now. we are a little bit closer inside the capital beltway. no problems, at least not right now. however, up to the north and west of us run hagerstown in ,t. james in martinsburg looking at heavy to moderate rain along with a lot of under and lightning. this will continue for at least the next couple of hours. a little
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further down to the south and we are also looking at heavier rain at shenandoah forms -- farms. this moves off to the east. the impact on the immediate metro is going to become a bit more important in terms of the heavier rain, flooding is not good to be as huge a problem. we do have a flash flood watch in effect. lots for -- watch for lots of lightning. we are under no watches and warnings for severe thunderstorms at this ame. 83 at reagan national. little cooler off to the north and west of us. 79 at cumberland. feels like temperatures around 90 degrees or so but those temperatures will begin to fall as the cold front moves in from the west. cooler air in columbus. 81 degrees at trials and and lower humidity -- at charleston and lower humidity. it will remain a
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little bit on the muggy side as a move through the overnight hours into tomorrow. this is what is going to bring a really nice weekend. a lot of sunshine, warm temperatures. it will keep that trend going into early next week. 7:00 tomorrow morning, sunglasses. you will need them. upper 80's for daytime highs. the outlook shows temperatures in the middle 80's both saturday and sunday. beach weather a firm go for sunshine and a good time. it was warm but it was not crazy. thanks. kimberly: coming up next at 4:00, getting perspective on former president jimmy carter's battle with cancer. we will be joined by a local oncologists about the
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jonathan: as we mentioned earlier, president jimmy carter says his cancer has spread his brain and liver. he says he wants to undergo treatment. kimberly: here to talk to us about the diagnosis is dr. michael atkins, clinical oncologists admit start georgetown university hospital. >> closer to be here. kimberly: we are talking about a 90-year-old tatian diagnosed with melanoma. you say this is treatable?
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--five years ago, miller melanoma spread to distant parts of the body was considered a cancer the gate cancer a bad name. very few patients were successfully treated. the median survival was 6-9 months. less than 10% of patients arrive to two years. but all that has changed in the last couple of years through the adventive research leading to new therapy. there are several new therapies for advanced melanoma that even a 90-year-old could take that could be very successful. we are now anticipating that some of these therapies, as many as half of the patients will -- with advanced melanoma -- jonathan: you talk about the age of 90 and radiation. there are a lot of folks in the audience with undergone cancer treatments. you can be very taxing and harden the immune system. you are saying because of the
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technology am even that is changed? diseases spread to the brain is not very precise. machines such as a gamma knife can come at the tumor for 1000 different angles, intersecting just for the tumor cells are. give a very high dosage to just the tumor. know abouthat you the president situation, is that what they are going to do? target radiation to certain parts of his body? >> i think they will likely be targeting radiation to regions of the brain. i do not know the specifics of his case but will retreat patients with brain has to seize we -- we anticipate 90% will be eradicated. jonathan: and not knowing his thet -- how far in advance cancer is, what is the prognosis
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for 90-year-old patient with advanced melanoma? have patients in their 80's and 90's who received the new treatment and respond in the are currently disease-free. it is possible and may even be as likely as not that the disease could he controlled. kimberly: his former president carter coming to see you? >> i don't think so. i am assuming he is in atlanta. they are have very good oncologists who can take your melanoma and they will probably be involved in this case. kimberly: thank you so much for joining us. jonathan: still ahead it for clock, a specialist in for some students and their teachers. how they involve bicycles. kimberly: we are tracking storms moving through this evening.
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 4:00, on your side. jonathan: we are on storm watch tonight with rain and storms expected to get a sometime this evening. kimberly: steve, it was very windy today. steve: we will see the winds kick up on the storm front moves through tonight. that will give us relief from the heat and humidity. we will show you what it looks like with our latest warning or watch matt for you --
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you. this is until midnight tonight. i show you the doppler radar. this is from hagerstown, md were they have heavy rain at this time. that is my to continue for at least another half hour to 45 minutes as this line of storms move software tease. -- towards the east. inside the beltway for the district in arlington. west,d further north and especially around the hagerstown area, we are looking at heavy rain at beaver creek and fair play. moving towards the south around the winchester area. you are finally beginning to dry out. slowly funneling and. shenandoah farms looking at moderate rains at this time. we will watch the rain is a moves through the metro area. if you're heading out to the rain -- redskins game tonight,
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prepare for what weather. the heaviest of the rain should be out of here by about 8:00 or 9:00, at least for the district. in improving conditions throughout the day tomorrow. throughout the coming up in a few minutes. jonathan: six people escaped an early morning fire that destroyed a home in the district. that started before 5:00 this morning. firefighters say smoke was absolutely pouring out of the home. everybody did make it out safely but there's no word on what caused the fire. investigators believe it started on the second or. -- floor here at -- laura. kimberly: the debate over what they students will have office heating up. care once again testified, asking for fair treatment when it comes to religious holidays. in that testimony the organization did not elaborate but that would look like.
4:34 pm
currently students get an excused absence when a muslim holiday lands on a school day. >> every holiday that went on the school day, parents are able to decide whether to keep them home. it's a really challenging situation for many parents because they do not want their children to miss classes. the district says school closures are based on operational reasons, not religious reasons. the school calendar issue is not in the agenda today. it will be discussed and voted on on december 8. they encourage you to share your thoughts before that date. and facultyudents at thomas jefferson high school have reason to celebrate. the fairfax county high school to the top spot in newsweek's list of 500 best high schools in america for the second year in a row. they received a perfect 100 score for college readiness, 100% of its students graduate, and 99.8% enroll in college.
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congratulations to them. kimberly: call it a different kind of school lesson for some students. those students and their teachers are getting mandatory training on bicycles. jonathan: sam ford explained the reason for this kind of training. reporter: with school said open next week, these physical education teachers were in class teachingarning at a second graders how to ride bicycles and make sure they are safe. >> where going to check it for lateral wobble. reporter: it's a new program called cornerstone to make sure all students know circle -- certain skills. of second graders do not know at a lot that's right bicycle. >> its country rigorous and challenging and that is what our kids need. reporter: the city bought 500 diamondback bicycles. they will move them around in groups of 25 to all the schools. quarter,ng the winter
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others during the spring so the kids will learn to ride. reporter: no training wheels here. kids that do not know how to ride will use pedal-less bikes. they start to feel in balance themselves and that is for that comes in. reporter: pe teachers like antonio jackson love it. >> there are some children who do not have a bicycle and do not have a chance to get one. circuit to go to school and learn how to ride a bike and take care of it. reporter: sam ford, abc 7 news. jonathan: that is kind of sitting compared what i'm about to tell you. there is any ride at kingston minyan called delirium. the park says that illyrian will be -- delirium will be a spinning pendulum. they will swing back and forth as the ring spins and they will climb to about one of 15 feet up. it will -- 115 feet
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i think the guys that make those rights this want to make you sick. kimberly: another twist in a wild story at a phoenix. learn who has been arrested at a botched raid at the home of a phoenix police chief. some areas possibly seeing heavy rain this evening. some areas possibly seeing heavy rain this evening. stay with us. abc 7 news
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jonathan: the story is great -- getting even more bizarre. member this bounty hunters are rated at home to learn it was not someone they were looking for. it was the police chief of phoenix. kimberly: a rival bounty under is under arrest. he is accused of setting up the whole thing. reporter: you could call it the bounty bumble of the century. a group of armed dotty hunters mistakenly rating the home of a phoenix police chief. a competing bounty hunter under arrest accused of sending his rival bounty hunters to the chief's home on purpose with a false to that if you did it ever hunting was inside. >> it was pretty much in reckless disregard of everyone's
4:41 pm
safety, from the chief to the bounty hunters'. reporter: he allegedly used a burner app on his cell phone to trick the competing down hunters into rating the wrong home -- raiding the wrong home. it ended with one bounty hunter under arrest. charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct. reporter: i sent a text asking if he was still there. and they came back and said the person that dropped them off and not pick them up yet. reporter: farley maintains his innocence. as for gray, police say he was allegedly recorded by bondsmanale bondman -- using a fake number to set up the team. >> i cannot tell you why aaron david he did, but i can tell you it was wrong. and we do not like it. reporter: that bondsman turning
4:42 pm
those recordings over to police. jonathan: that is a big oops. do not bus down the police chief store. you develop its on the presidential campaign trail. how hillary hunted is going on the attack against donald trump and jeb bush. kimberly: an admission to a were troubled reality tv star.
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kimberly: we are keeping a close eye on the orchestral now with rain and storms expected to move in this weekend. showsan: a new poll donald trump is keeping up momentum in the race. hillary clinton is out with a new ad for lang which used last night in their dueling town halls -- language used in their dueling town halls. trail,r: on the campaign jeb bush is refocused on taking down the dominant front runner. >> all this stuff is to appeal to people's anger and angst.
4:46 pm
reporter: bush firing back at the billionaire's insults. the candidates holding their event at the same time just miles apart. >> you know what is happening to street?owd down the they are sleeping right now. reporter: he pledged to build a wall along the mexico border in police in at local mass deportation of illegal immigrants. >> is not going to be like please come with us. new poll shows him above -- ahead of bush in his own state of florida. those still behind clinton in ohio and pennsylvania. today, clinton is out with a new ad slamming both trump and bush for using the term" anchor babies." those republicans are using --
4:47 pm
defending its use. >> i will use the word "anchor baby." reporter: what that question came a reply in a tweet from hillary clinton, saying jeb bush should safely call them babies, children, or american citizens. withrly: 7 on your side health matters. a report on a potential breakthrough in the fight against als. it is because of the ice bucket challenge, the worldwide phenomenon raised $115 million for the als association. $77 million of that went straight into research and scientists say it is spurred a new discovery. decade we been trying to figure out exactly what it is doing. now, i think we are finally figured it out. the best part is is it can be fixed. kimberly: researchers say they
4:48 pm
have developed a potential treatment and will soon start human trials. jonathan: the true power of television. a man for massachusetts says he is alive because of "save my life." apron was watching an episode of the show last sunday about a man who thought he was having a simple case of heartburn and indigestion but he was actually having a heart attack. decided maybe it is not indigestion so he went to the emergency room. not only was he having a heart attack, but his doctor cannot be the same doctor from the show. i said i was just watching u.s. that on tv. -- watching you on tv. you get the he underwent emergency surgery and is now on the mend. disgrace reality star
4:49 pm
admitting he used the ashley madison website to cheat on his wife.'s name came up among the 37 million other people using the site revealed by the hackers this week. his parents broke the news on the family website, posting a statement from their son. duggers says he is a hypocrite and ashamed of his double life. accusedger also stands of molesting five miners. kimberly: a big announcement from kelly clarkson. kimberly: not partially but totally pregnant. sheena the news slip one tonight at a concert in los angeles. she said it just came out. she had her first child last year. jonathan: good for her. she has such a great voice. kimberly: we are getting some
4:50 pm
help on the weekend or cast. -- forecast. steve: the beaches will be a go. rehobeth beach? have you been there? jonathan: that is pretty. steve: people are enjoying the sun but that storm is now offshore. it is going to be beautiful for the beach forecast as we move through the upcoming weekend, especially if you like warm temperatures and lots of sunshine. saturday and sunday with highs around 80 degrees. further south you go, may see a thunderstorm or stray storm along the outer banks of north carolina. temperatures in the lower 80's. water temperature also in the lower 80's. let's talk about what is going on. we have the weekend forecast in town. now let's talk about what's going on right now. we have that flash
4:51 pm
flood watch in effect for the d.c. metro area until midnight tonight. the reason why, we have a cold front that promises to bring areas of heavy rain. it's heading a little bit closer. all that moves off towards the e-cig will eventually impact the washington metro area as we head to the dinnertime our -- hour. if you have plans to go to the redskins game, be prepared for thunderstorms of heavy rain. temperatures will fall from the 80's, eventually into the 70's. once that moves through our skies will begin to gradually clear. that happens around midnight tonight. shows 76 degrees on saturday. we will stay in the warm intent -- comfortable range as a moving to next week. at least we do not have any oppressive heat or humidity once we get this out of the way. it will look a whole lot nicer. kimberly: according to jonathan
4:52 pm
it is just find out there right now. [laughter] steve: i walk my dog at 7:00 this morning and it was warm. kimberly: jamie has the look out there. jamie: we definitely have slow spots. we really are seeing prince george's county and it is building. congestion near arena drive. you get a good idea. both the inner loop and the outer loop. we do have a little bit of activity. everything is on the shoulder. we have some issues on the red line and the blue line with midday track work. no delays right now. let's show you the area right here fedex field. getting there, we are in the teens. game time is 7:30. the gates 5:30.t: 30. --
4:53 pm
as far as the other volume, we are seeing 395 leaving the city in virginia on the beltway approaching the wilson bridge and 95 through -- getting into dale city. right around 15 miles per hour. no crashes on the interstates. again, typical volume. jonathan: thank you very much. coming up at 4:00, the most college students have heard of the dreaded freshman 15 regarding weight gain. learn what s
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] freshman college students are a lot about the freshman 15. kimberly: two words -- pizza and beer. as a student at georgetown university, claudia had less competitive -- left competitive soccer behind. she found down dog yoga.
4:57 pm
>> it was something that allowed me to really strengthen as well as rejuvenate my body. reporter: the majority of college tunes are not athlete and minus the organized sports of high school life, a new environment can give way to less healthy habits. short on time and on a budget, getting them into a gym on a field or in a studio can be a big hurdle. >> we know there are barriers and many benefits to physical activity. one is a successful transition into college from high school and being active to become more productive. reporter: during her time at georgetown, claudia said she started the take more than physical benefits of yoga mat and accurate campus. experts say the benefits from just a little bit more business -- fitness can extend into the classroom. >> science has shown that one of the best ways to beat stress is to get up and use her body. reporter: she says busy college
4:58 pm
students can get that stress relief simply by adding a walk or bike ride across campus. >> it is so important for students out there to understand that they can have a balance of all of this. reporter: that's what director of fitness says she will spend time early in the year getting word out about on-campus offerings for non-athletes. >> we have club sports, group that is, personal training. we also have intramurals. they can participate in any of those activities. >> you can be so much stronger. it centers everything. four people make it out alive in one does not. >> he was a good man, i can tell you that. leon: a fire inside an apartment that happens to be the scene of a notorious murder. could it be true? that troubled transit center about the open? a prosecutor wants caitlin
4:59 pm
jenner to face a manslaughter charge. coming soon to a theater near you, back-checks. >> it has come to this. leon: it will now take you longer to take your seat. >> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. leon: tonight at 5:00 start with the weather. almost everyone now under he last flood watch. kimberly: some weather is heading our way, possibly through the next several hours. see this and the storm watch weather center. steve: a lot going on as we move some heavy hour. rain to the north and west of the d.c. metro area will eventually make its way across the immediate a tro -- metro around 6:00 or 7:00 tonight. frederick, maryland, you can see the heavy rain. it will continue for lease another half hour. i want to show you what it looks
5:00 pm
like on doppler radar. it is quiet and dry inside the capital beltway. when we had to the north and west, you can see a line of heavy range is beginning to enter frederick. this will move off towards the east. not at a very fast rate. brunswick already looking at very heavy rain. that will continue. leesburg, give it another 45 minutes in your skies will begin to darken. if you are traveling out to the redskins football game tonight, we have a -- flood watch in effect until midnight tonight. temperatures will slowly fall from the 80's into the 70's with storms until about 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. more on the weekend forecast to make up in a few minutes. leon: anytime we expect severe weather you can make abc 7 news your first stop. you can find the forecast on a website at we push instant updates straight your smartphone weather weather


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