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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  August 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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kellye: a new addition at the national zoo, a new and a cub. over, thebarricade pain still very real. new details coming out about the ordeal. and two unexpected breaks. hillary clinton cutting her vacation short, and a visit tonight in d.c. that could answer a long-standing rumor about the race. the news at 11:00 starts now. 11:00,abc seven news at on your side. kellye: the national zoo welcoming its newest and a cub, mei xiang giving birth this afternoon. roz plater was there. how is the panda doing tonight? roz: mother and baby cub are bonding.
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doctors say they like what they see so far. some are stoned with how fast this happen. mei xiang went into labor at 10:00 this morning, her water broke at about 4:30, and tonight we have a panda. birth to a giant panda cub never gets old. it does not matter if you are a veteran -- >> i'm so happy, thrilled! roz: or your very first time. >> i've waited years for this. happenedmagic moment this evening, and so far so good. >> they are showing all signs of being happy and healthy. mom is being a great mother. roz: panda watchers began converging saturday morning after word that mei xiang was in labor. they crowded around the camera, evaluating her every move. likes tos where she
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be, in the corner, with the contractions. was inseminated twice, back in april, then earlier this month she began showing signs of a possible pregnancy. ultrasound wednesday confirmed it, and now she is bonding with her brand-new cub. >> i want to emphasize, we are very excited but we are very cautious. we will keep our fingers crossed. this is still a fragile time for this cub. occasion joyous happened just one day before older sister bao bao's birthday. a will wait for an opportunity to examine the cub, figure out if it is a boy or girl. we know a lot of you are interested because so many of you try to watch the panda cam today that the server crashed. you can also follow along on twitter at #pandastory.
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roz plater, abc 7 news. kellye: the coast guard stepping in to help after a group bad boat doubles in anne arundel county. this was sandy point state park, a mile north of the bay bridge. officials got a call of a boat taking on water and they found 10 people having engine trouble. everyone was taken to shore, nobody hurt. a 30 hour standoff in the district finally over, but people in the neighborhood say the sadness is sticking around. john gonzalez is live in northeast with the developing story. it is right where i am standing at 18th and otis where police negotiators and the swat team were parked over 24 hours, their guns and bullhorns aimed at the front porch. just moments ago, a neighbor left a lit candle. this is the home where the
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police say this armed man shot and killed his own aunt, 63-year-old loretta carswell, and apparently he continues shooting at the police when they arrived. there was a standoff. he was on the front porch for a while, eventually barricading himself inside the home. we understand he had been fighting with his aunt because he was not paying rent and was about to get takeout. we spoke with neighbors who were either evacuated or on lockdown. friend spoke to a close of the victim who said she was a retired metro bus driver. >> it was unsettling not knowing what scenario, how it would end. i'm glad it was able to and peacefully. during the standoff, how were you affected, you were not able to get around? drive, we not able to were not able to get out of our home.
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come down and pray with the family if that's possible. let them know they care. john: what can you tell us about loretta? >> very outgoing, a heat, generous with little kids. she was constantly talking about god. hn: the police were always communicate in with this armed man. sources tell me they delivered cigarettes to the door and were music, and this evening he turned himself in. john gonzales, abc 7 news. shooting invernight northeast and it with the victim dead, bringing the total number of people killed this year to 101. that was the 300 block of 54th street at 3:00 this morning. on any suspects or
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motive. huge delays on the bw parkway in virginia because of this, a car flipped over on the parkway near reagan national airport. that tied up traffic for more than an hour. no word on how this happened, but surprisingly nobody was seriously hurt. county, two cars hit each other, one of them catching fire. this was old centreville road and old mill road this afternoon. two people were taken to the hospital. neither of them was seriously hurt. now, a prince george's county firefighter is recovering after being hit by falling debris from a burning house. the fire started on the back deck of a house in suitland. it apparently bypassed the smoke alarms and sprinklers and did a half million dollars of damage. it has been a weekend of perfect weather, but you should enjoy it while you can. devon lucie is here in the weather center. i know there is a chance of rain
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ahead, but at least we have nice weather for the weekend. absolutely, temperatures today were wonderful in the belfort furniture weather center. the rain chances for the immediate washington metro, not too much stock in that right now. 86 in washington today, tops across the region. a lot of low to mid 80's. real-time temps this time of the night, already 60's in spots. lower 60's. the humidity is really low. that is back shown with the dew point temperature, the invisible measure of the water locked up in the air. the higher the were numbers go, the more water vapor in the air. the nationals could win their second series in a row with a 1:35 first tomorrow against the brewers. i will be there the first couple innings before i get here. the humidity is still fairly comfortable.
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not of the weekend, 88, feeling bad. we will discuss the rain chances in the complete forecast minutes away. kellye: see you then, thank you, devon. now an update on the death of a 10 week old baby girl. montgomery county police have charged the parents of the infant's death. thompson faces multiple charges, including first-degree child abuse. detectives say that davidson inappropriately touched and violently shook his child inside of their rockville apartment. neighbors say what happened is hard to comprehend. >> it's difficult, having young kids, but i feel that if it's not your first one, you know what's coming, long nights and sleep deprivation. kellye: although thompson did not injure her daughter, she suspected abuse and never reported it. the family of julian bond
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scattered his ashes in the gulf of mexico after he died this weekend. one of those ceremonies took place in the district along the tidal basin. the former president of the naacp died a week ago at the age of 75. another celebration in the district, people coming from all over to say happy birthday to chuck brown. the godfather of go-go would have been 79 today. he pulled gathered for a -- people gathered for a free performance from his band. we ied in 2012 after a suffering from pneumonia. debt, thec first naval ceremony today in virginia. first, rumors heating up. a meeting in washington tonight
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that could reshape the race for the white house.
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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kellye: two top democrats taking unexpected breaks in their vacation. one of them is running, the of the writ is not, at least not yet. hillary clinton had expected to spend the rest of august off the campaign trail in the new york vacation home she is renting in the hamptons. now she will be stumping next week. deny it's a change of plans. 56% ofoll say that americans feel that she did something wrong in her e-mails, up from march. vice president joe biden took a secret trip back to washington and a hush-hush meeting with elizabeth worn, fueling is thinkingbiden about another run for president. ren's backing would be a
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prize for democrats. donald trump is still baski ng in the glow of his rally. he drew 30,000 cheering supporters to weigh football stadium, a record crowd for this political season. mp: we love billy graham. you know, if it rains, i will take off my hat and i will prove -- i will prove once and for all that it's mine, ok? uck: jeb bush tried to cut taxes. versus bush duel continues next week. chuck sever's in abc news, new york. kellye: construction began on the second aircraft carrier
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named after president john f. kennedy. terry mcauliffe was among the dignitaries attending the keel-,laying ceremony. the first of the new carrier class uss gerald r ford will join the fleet next year. a new jersey man faces multiple charges in connection with the appearance of actress rosie o'donnell's daughter, facing charges of child endangerment. chelsea o'donnell was found in his home last week after her mother or not she was missing. o'donnell is 17. the police say that she met the 25-year-old on a dating app. next week is the 10 year anniversary of hurricane katrina. millionis donating $25 to disaster response efforts around the world. the money will be distributed over five years, with the first half million going to nonprofit
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groups. 10 years. devon: how time goes. i know exactly where i was. i was in las vegas at the time, working. honing myskills -- skills. 10 years, hard to believe. at least our weather is not feeling like las vegas. we have a cold front that has brought in wonderful air. the real-time temperatures this time of night, lower 60's in some spots. the temperatures have gone back well before the midnight hour, lower 60's. downtown, reagan national, 74. right now, towards national harbor, looking west, the wilson wheel, bridge in the distance, lit up at night, looking beautiful, ystal clear skies.
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the high temperature comparison saturday, 70's around the great lakes, 86 in charleston, west virginia. we are watching the cold front, this next front affecting us monday. it's so far west that it's a long time before gets here. also, a little bit of cloud cover, scattered showers, possible thunderstorms. more clouds expected tomorrow. the temperatures up, still comfortable humidity levels. monday, the heat will pickup, the community will be up, but not enough winter for widespread showers and storms. backing up, restart the forecast, overnight tonight, a closer view. the worth 50's at the crack of dawn -- lower 50's at the crack of dawn, beautiful for running. temperatures, the community still comfortable, 88, 90 in some
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spots. , the beach boys tomorrow. if you have picnic plans before the show begins at 3:00 am in the shade just fine, but during the show what will be warm. you will want to have the sunglasses and sunscreen. arrived front, set to monday. we will need the help of the thentains to spark up and th widespread showers and thunderstorms. we are hard-pressed to get anything other than isolated shower in washington, mostly about the heat and humidity. just not enough moisture to spark the storms except in the mounds. 92, it will feel hot and humid. forecast, if you don't get rain from the monday system and the cold front, we will not get the rain for a while.
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very comfortable temperatures, the humidity level, just not going to see much rain showers in the immediate metro. kellye: thank you. an early heads-up, starting next week, we are giving away three trips to see the miss america competition in atlantic city, including two nights hotel accommodations, two tickets, and $1000 of cash. watch "good morning washington" at 6 a.m. for the secret word. you can enter all week. we are announcing the winner friday. speaking of winners, thank goodness. a turn of events at the ballpark today. fan, youou are a nats need a heart medication to watch this. time is running out for the nationals to play consistently.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. with 40 games left in the regular-season and the nationals five games out of the national league east and the mets not going away, a show of hands among those concerned about the up-and-down tendencies? devon: yep. lou: yeah, yeah. nationals,ase, spread those runs evenly across the baseball games? first-inning, bryce harper and the center. shane peterson lays out, diving catch. he doubles up jayson werth, throws them out at third. michaela. taylor continues to be red-hot, opposite way, right center, number 13.
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paste fourth, wilson ramos third base, down the line. danny espinosa will score easily from first. nats take a 4-0 lead. they double their run output from their loss friday night, 6-1 the final. orioles-twins. herridia to left-center. bobbled by the left fielder, steve clevenger scores. buxtonthe seventh, leases one to left. torii hunter hustles home. the twins win 3-2. battle of the 7, nexts, the redskins' preseason opponent against a division rival. it's different to see the game when you have no doubt about your quarterback situation. , but he will be
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ready. this one way over the head of his receiver, off by maxwell. he takes it down the sidelines, 31 yards. s second half of the game. later in the second quarter, fielding the punt at his 32. breaks a couple tackles, cuts back inside, open real estate, 68 yards to the house. that gave the eagles the lead. they go on to win, 40-17. the ravens sloppy tonight with 17 penalties to the tune of 139 yards. the question on whether to bring benny olsen back as the d.c. united head coach has been answered with an emphatic "yes." leading the eastern conference of major league soccer, finishing strong is a must. in the fourthse minute, the visitors on the attack.
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the spin and score. 1-0 earthquakes. through three defenders, leaving it, the past, the united fall 2-0. at the wyndham championships, the recent host of the quicken loans national picking up where he left off. three birdies, one bogey, several huge par saves, shooting to under 68, two strokes behind jayson werth. he will be sharing his final tee time with him in the final round. and the redskins practice tomorrow, and it will probably be then when we get an update on if he's concussion and
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will play next saturday against the ravens. that will be huge to see what happens with robert griffin iii. colt mccoy. this quarterback situation needs to be fixed. kellye: yes, it does. still to come -- one driver for getting to duck.
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allye: unbelievable video, truck demolished when it say low bridge and western massachusetts thursday. this is only the latest incident at the e street bridge, the site of 15 similar crashes in 2014. and a message that we can get behind, the newly crowned bolus man is revealing his secret about longevity. he says if you want to live long, just take it easy. -year-old lives in japan, certified is the oldest man alive yesterday. world records presented him with a certificate at his care facility in japan. his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren were all there.
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