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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  August 23, 2015 11:35pm-12:06am EDT

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kellye: there have been more than 100 homicides in d.c. this year, a 30% increase over 2014. jennifer donelan looks at how one neighborhood is going old-school to fight back against crime. as the ongoing time rave crosses over the district -- >> i'm concerned about the uptick in crime. jennifer: ward 4 council members want new eyes for an old program. >> i'm looking to revive
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neighborhood watches. has 50 news area block captains trained in the last three weeks. >> that is something we should have right away. is afer: kevin taylor brand-new captain, motivated after becoming a victim of crime. >> if it happens to you, you realize how him and it is to be part of the neighborhood watch. jennifer: his house and garage were broken into. it's a wayr: for the neighborhood to get involved. jennifer: she is a block later. there are 1500 trained block captains of the city, with an estimated population of more than 658,000 residents. if the goal is one captain for every 50 residents, to help the police come you would really need 13,000 block captains. >> being involved in looking at
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for each other. jennifer: some neighborhoods are more involved than others. 800 block captains are in northwest in the second district. the remaining 700 block captains are spread out across the city, a city where crime is striking across the board. jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. supreme court chief justice john roberts will decide if bob mcdonnell stays out of prison as he makes his final appeal on corruption convictions. of fourth circuit court appeals and richman refused the request. chief justice roberts handles emergency appeals for that circuit. bob mcdonald has until november 9 two appeal his conviction. his wife, maureen, said the decision in her husband's case should not affect her appeal. her lawyers filed a motion asking for the conviction to be
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overturned or to be given a new trial. onnell say shedd was never a public official and federal bribery laws do not apply to her. lieutenant from baltimore county killed in an early morning motorcycle crash. collidedrrison jr. with another motorcycle driver just after 4:30 this morning. harrison worked for the fire department for nearly 29 years and was made lieutenant in 2009. the other driver also died at the scene. to honor theworks late d.c. mayor and council member marion barry. did a commission to commemorate his public service. members have until next spring to come up with ways to honor marion barry. he died last year. a key unity heartbroken about
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the sudden death of their beloved school principal. students and staff grieving the loss of dr. michael doran. >> he had a profound impact on all these kids lives. we are verified. jay: the keepsakes grows outside of wooten high school in rockville, at the spot where the school principal parked his car. charismatic,ny, and he deeply cared about the student body and every staff member. school does not start for another couple weeks, prevented not stop people from sharing memories of a man who made certain his community knew that he care during his years as school to ball. >> -- as school simple. imagine him not walking the halls or having a silly tie or shirt. jay: he was found dead in his
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bethesda apartment wednesday. without play is not suspected. his unexpected loss has the community reeling. in june, two students were killed in a car crash. now the person that students look to for guidance, leadership, and a laugh will not be here when school opens. >> the community revered him and respected him. i think he knew that. i have that we can affect on that now that he is not with us anymore, which is really sad. kellye: hundreds of people attended the memorial for doran at the high school football stadium. in theda prosecutor casey anthony case has been named in the ashley madison data dump and is being forced to defend himself a stop reporter: the state attorney said that he never met anybody on the cheating website ashley madison, calling the use of the service
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"an error in judgment." >> although no balls have been broken, these were incredibly stupid choices. have beenh no laws broken, these were incredibly stupid choices. reporter: he used a personal credit card and laptop while on the public wi-fi network. >> my hope is only that this incredibly good judgment in a personal matter will be compared by the public to 35 years of what i hope were very good judgments. reporter: the news broke over the weekend. a website founder has been critical of some of his cases in the past. we asked the state attorney if this was a political attack. the may have been politically motivated, but they had every right to do it. i did something incredibly stupid, and i should have been called on it. reporter: the state attorney
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says he regrets giving ammunition to to discredit his office. he says he does not plan to recuse himself from any cases because of today's revelation. he is said to be in court monday for a murder trial. we also learned the local county government is planning to review its databases to make sure that no one other county employees were accessing the site on taxpayer time. kellye: coming up --d.c.'s newest planes making their unexpected arrival this weekend. how mom and the new cubs are doing. and going to a movie could start feeling like going to the airport. devon: i will be tracking the return of heat and humidity.
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kellye: you may notice changes the next time you visit the movie theater. regal cinemas started searching bags thursday. shootings like this one in shreveport, the louisiana, there are questions about safety inside movie theaters. the nation's largest movie theater chain took a major step to keep patrons out of danger. on the world based we live in, it has come to this. policy says,new "to ensure the safety of our guest, backpacks and bags of any kind are subject to inspection."
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we observed employees going through bags at this silver spring theater, a practice patrons seemed ok with. >> it's just sort of a matter of course in this day and age. i don't object to it. >> everybody checks your bags these days. i do not even think about it. >> we have learned from past experiences. suzanne: they say that the move is overdue. >> there is no liberty without security. we have to strike a balance andeen the civil liberties the security considerations. suzanne: suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. kellye: still ahead --d.c.'s newest panda cubs. the progress reports from veterinarians. and the forecast. do you like the passaaadd?
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since the magnitude 5.8 coast,ake hit the east leading to link the repairs of the washington monument and national cathedral. there were no deaths and only my knee injuries. it was felt as far away -- or were no deaths and only minor injuries. there was felt as georgia and illinois. devon: everybody asks what we were doing. were you with us yet? kellye: i don't think i was.
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and you are heading that way in the near future. devon: yeah, heading to the mineral. i thought i would be riding a bike for a short little triathlon. i cannot feel it at all because i was on a pike, but i saw people at intersections talking to each other, which i thought was strange. so where were you? tweet us, post on facebook. , a bitw morning, 66 cool. by the afternoon, hot compared with the high temperature today, mid 80's. 66 will feel comfortable, depending on where you are in the city. was spots, low 60's -- the coolest spots, low 60's. there might ben, a rain chance. the real-time temperatures this
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time of night, low to mid 70's. the updates coming in at midday, 76 is how it looks right now outside. this is really dark at national harbor. it was not showing a lot. 80's, 80head, mid 81 nashville. a lot of times we take temperatures in the midsouth and those will be our high temperatures the next day full stop right now we have 92 on the books. that is close to the guideline of nashville right now. the cold front comes through tomorrow night. showers and storms ahead of it in ohio. the way things play out, storm chances most likely in the higher elevations tomorrow afternoon and evening. to the east, tomorrow night. washington is in between. tuesday, relatively mild compared with the heat and humidity tomorrow. let's restart the forecast,
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overnight tonight, the same forecast, closer view. in the suburbs, lower 60's, still not bad. in the morning it will become football. the front showing that you need storms in the mountains, a 60% chance northwest of washington. isolated showers, sprinkles at best. the higher humidity to the east, storms redeveloped tomorrow night. a light chance of rain, more hot and humid tomorrow, 92 degrees. if you want to have a small umbrella, not a terrible idea. there is about a 30% chance of rain in the washington metro. it will be warm and much less humid. the humidity really drops off, making 88 feel better.
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compared with the 92 tomorrow, that will feel hot, mid to upper 80's on tuesday will not feel bad. forecast, if we don't get rain monday, it will be a while. the rain we had this past thursday night, we had gone for a stretch where we had not had a lot of grain. the next rain chances do not even sure up until this time next week in. the weather is pretty darn good in between. may need to water your lawn at some point in between. kellye: "good morning washington," we are giving away three trips to see the miss america competition in atlantic city that includes two nights in the hotel, to tickets, and $1000 in cash. watch for the secret word in the contest. we are announcing the winner friday. [panda crying] kellye: that sound is music to
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and a lovers, the national zoo welcoming to win panda cubs, mei xiang giving birth saturday evening. jay korff has more. jay: visitors sunday to the national zoo -- >> it does not happen very often. jay: are talking about the birth saturday night. >> i turned on the news and said, wait a minute, twins? we have to come back to the zoo. jay: the cubs are believed to be in good health, the rare sight of giant and a twins drawing fans from around the world. for washington, and i think seeing the end of being born on the panda cam is incredible. jay: each cubs getting quality time with the mother and a better shot at surviving. while one is with mom, the other
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is being bottle-fed and cap warm -- kept warm in an incubator. and sunday was bao bao's second birthday. >> she had a birthday cake and extra persons, boxes all over the pit a cage. -- an extra presents, knocks is all over the the panda cage. studentsoming up -- across the region heading back to school. one of the newest schools may not open on time.
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kellye: a new high school in fredericksburg is behind schedule, which may delay the start of classes. stafford county, students are scheduled to go back to school september 8, but to an half weeks out it is still a construction zone. a stones throw away from the current building, dating back to 1975. it will later be demolished and become a parking lot. if the new building is not ready in time, they say that using the old building is not an option because the furniture and fixtures have been removed, but they are hopeful the construction will come through. ae construction company faces 500 dollar per day pretty for not completing the school on time. the deadlines go back to may 31.
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>> that will be worked out after the building is delivered to us. mike: they say they have seen a number of increases in construction workers, but today would not issue a temporary occupancy permit for the building. until that happens, administrators, staff, and students cannot move in. make alternateo arrangements, we will notify the community.
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kellye: the back-to-school forecast? , but nott and humid wide enough humidity to have widespread showers and storms. there are more storms likely in the mountains to the west. in washington, higher moisture returns. a couple different zones with rain chances. west of washington, east of washington. the rest of the forecast is great after that. eileen whelan will begin in the morning to help you get back to school and work. frederick, howard county, and d.c. kellye: thank you very much for joining us.
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. jenny's first interview about her surprise wedding. >> now on extra. >> extra. >> here she is, miss justin. newly wed jen tellingrene, about her star p packe backykyai dos and the first up close peak at her weddiding band. our donald trump exclusive. forget the republicans. now he's setting his sites on hillary. >> i don't know if she's going to make it. >> accused sex predator josh duggar admits he's a cheater too. his apology after getting caught on ashleigh madin. >> matt is allll over


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