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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  August 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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entrance to the louer -- louver run park. in this case the victim did get away. that has been the case with all the attacks in the past month. police are trying to answer the question on the minds of so many people. are the six crimes the work of one man? >> news of another attack on a woman in arlington is the norm of late. the most recent incident at a favorite spot for new mom. >> i walk my dog and my baby there every day. that worries me. >> just after 8:00 on friday night a 27-year-old woman and her 3-year-old daughter start walking in the park when the mother decides it's probably too dark and dangerous to stay. she turns to leave and sees a man nearby. she gets close and touches her inappropriately as the woman
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hunchings over to shield her child, yelling, "what are you doing?" he takes off and she calls 911. hour-long search by the police including the k9 units turns up nothing. now the arlington police investigate six similar attacks in the past month the question is whether they are looking for multiple suspects or one serial attacker. >> we don't know. >> dustin sternbeck with arlington police says in each case the suspect description is similar but vague. >> nothing has been unique from the victim's perspective, whether it's a tattoo or piercings. they are hoping they will catch him soon. >> it would bring a lot of relief. >> no question. >> arlington mishave extra patrol on the street. and the detectives work overtime to put a stop to the string of crime. police are looking for the tips and the help from the public and urging people to
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remain cautious and vigilant. live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. kellye: a scary start to the week as the dow ploppinged over 1,000 points after the opening -- plunged over 1,000 points after the opening bell. but the dow still closed down over 600 points. >> a big drop in market and asia and europe. >> this is scary. the stock selloff did come from out of the blue for most people. >> over the last week, the average american 401k lost $6,000. sounds bad but over the last five years, that same retirement account is actually up 61%. meaning, if possible, remain calm. >> look at the great recession in 2009. those who bailed on the market in 2009 lost half of their money. those who stayed as tough as it was to do made the money
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back in three years. >> the u.s. businesses added 13 million jobs in the longest sustained private sector job growth streak in american history. >> if you are in the market for a new car or home we could see the first federal rate increase since 2008. with all things considered they say proceed with caution. >> make the decisions thinking about your income, make the decisions thinking about your savings. >> rehave been down the road before and we bounce back. so don't panic and don't make hasty moves. elizabeth hur, new york. kellye: the drop started after a steep selloff overseas. the the neikki lost.
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coming up at 5:30 we will go live to wall street for a live report on the impact of the drop. a few storms are popping up around the region this afternoon. leon: chief meteorologist doug hill is standing by with a check of the forecast. hey, doug. doug: we are in pretty good shape. we are watching this, in the afternoon. but it looks to diminish a bit. they are not getting stronger in the western suburbs. farther south and west through the marshall and faquier county. in those areas the somes are stronger. a lot of rain. some lightning. not a tremendous electrically storm. but this line is going to make progress through the east and metro in an hour. so later it will come to an end. it's still hot and humid out there with the 88 degrees at
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the reagan international. 91 at andrews. 92 in fredericksburg. but in frederick and winchester it's down to the lower 80's. it will be muggy. it feels warmer than what ther this mom center says because of the --er this mom center -- because of the thermometer. it feels like 99 in fredericksburg, virginia. we have a few more hours to go showerers and storms moves west to east. the temperatures will slowly fall. before down it's less humid. we will be in fine shape for four or five days. that is the latest. leon: we have a story out of prince george's county where police are looking for a 17-year-old in connection with a murder that happened last friday in 4300 rockport lane in glenn dale. "7 on your side" investigator jennifer donelan is joining us live with the latest on the search. what is the latest? what do you know? jennifer: well, leon, we have
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a 17-year-old who is dead and another 17-year-old who is wanted for murder. get to the picture of the victim in this case. this 17-year-old jajuan mcrae. we have just met with his family, his grieving grand mother, his mother and his aunt. they tell us that mcrae had just spent the summer with his grandparents and just arrived back on sunday night. let's get to the video. days later this past friday, it hadn't been a week he was in town. the police say there was a fight with him and another 17-year-old. the 17-year-old that was known to him but they weren't friends. when the 17-year-old produced a gun and in the struggle shot jajuan mcrae through the arm. the bullet entered into his chest. all life-saving efforts failed. he died at the scene. get to picture of the wanted 17-year-old who has been charged as an adult. we have his picture and the name for you and the search is on. he is 17-year-old chet jarrett
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jr. facing first and second-degree murder charges. police are actively looking for him now. we will have more on the story coming up on abc7 news at 11:00 p.m. back to you. kellye: the homicide rate keeps climbing in d.c. now at 103. that is more than 30% higher than it at this time last year. in one neighborhood the residents thought they had less violence and -- left the violence and the gang warfare behind but it's back now with deadly consequences. stephen tschida has the story. stephen: a man injured in an assault this weekend died today. bringing the homicide number up to 103. now check this out. you can see in the city, the police out in force across the district. in every quadrant trying to bring the homicide rate down. seventh and "o" where the resurgence of the crew and the
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other crews and the gangs in this community, it has a lot of people on edge tonight. the rain of bullets has families devastate and residents frightened. >> it doesn't make me feel safe. stephen: last week they charged marcus king with second-degree murder and he allegedly joined a gun battle that left the bystander, 23-year-old slonsky dead. investigators say it stemmed from warring crews or gangs. >> it's very scary. stephen: the shootout went down in the area of a city in the midst of a rapid and a substantial investment. some are stunned by the crew warfare on their doorstep. >> the reason is it surprising, you see the development and you can see everybody walking around. it seems safe and carefree. hearing about the gun battles and the gangs fighting each other. stephen: long-time residents say the danger never really went away. >> what are you going to do? you can't catch even.
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you can't keep guns out of everyone's hands. they will find a way to get them. stephen: she worries about the violence, kathryn says she does not regret moving in the neighborhood. >> not at all. if people do bad things they will do bad things. bad things happen. in different neighborhoods as well. stephen: you have the different crews. they have caused a lot of problems in this area over the years. meanwhile tonight d.c. police are looking for more suspects in a shatting on seventh street last week, the fatal shooting. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. leon: you got it, steven. formal sentencing is underway for the colorado movie theater shooter james holmes who was convicted of 24 counts of first-degree murder in july. that is two counts for each of the victims. during today's hearing the daughter of gordon, trying to put her grief into words.
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>> my hope is that anyone listening to this or reading it in the future will remember that my father was a real man. even though he is no longer alive to bear witness to the reality. even though my words cannot do him justice. kellye: -- leon: earlier in month the jury could not reach unanimous decision for the death penalty. kellye: today, france's president presented three american men including u.s. airman and the national guard men with the legion of honor. the recognition comes three days after they tackled a heavy armed man on a high-speed train headed for paris. >> hit me on the shoulder saying let's go.
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it's what i thought was an artery. the bleeding stopped. >> a french-miles per hour man the first to tackle gunman received the honor and he was shot in the back and still recovering in the hospital. the gunman is questioned by french counter terrorism police outside of paris. leon: true heroes there. coming up, just dropping in. find out where the local police were less than impressed. kellye: a railroad is operating on holiday schedule. we'll explain why. >> a big buzz over two new zoo residents. the latest on the panda twin cubs coming up. >> d.c. schools open today. no shot, no school. i'm sam ford. that story is coming u
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kellye: back now with a look at the hundred of students who poured in elementary school this morning. a few of the thousands of kids that were back in class in district today. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live outside dunbar high school with more on the first day. how did it go, sam?
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sam: i think it went okay. we are outside of dunbar, the 111 d.c. public schools that opened today. among concern is the pedestrian safety, free transportation and immunizations. >> the students made it through the first day after a long summer vacation. several schools including woodson and northeast, had a visitor, mayor bowser reminding motorists to drive carefully and tout the new program. >> parents were encouraged to try the kids ride free program from the metro bus to the rail. sam: the slogan, no shots, no school, a number of the parents and the students scrambled to the doctors to get the shots. >> he hasn't had any problem with any shots he received? sam: elementary school and high school.
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>> dunbar high school. >> got to get this out. >> they are from cameroon and they are from el salvador. >> the first shot and then come back here. sam: annette brought her son for the human papillomavirus vaccine. the charter school happens next week. >> you have to get the immunization for the children. >> you are here to do it? >> i don't like needles. >> the health department says it is going well so far. >> we have 90% compliance. for the charter schools we are at 85 president -- 85%. >> that went up more when this charter student got a shot today. >> smile for the camera. >> over the course of the next coming days the schools have
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to meet 100% requirement, because that is the requirement here in the city. so the members of the slogan, no shot, no school. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. leon: thank you. update on delays for stafford high school. they are preparing for the possibility of delaying the start of school this year. construction was supposed to have been completed by the end of may but on thursday we showed you that is not the case there. in fact, today they delayed freshman orientation to september 3. the earliest the teachers can get back on campus is next monday. school is set to start september 2007. they are working on a contingency plan that could be delayed for a week. kellye: thank you for sharing your back-to-school photos to us. this is a picture of sofia that left for her first day for lincoln elementary school in frederick, maryland.
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you can see a photo gallery at if your children have not gone back to school yet you can find the start date on the website as well. leon: breaking news coming in just now. this is the case against the former virginia governor bob mcdonnell. chief roberts said mcdonnell can stay out of jail in the appeal process. last week a federal appeals court said that he would have to go to prison to wait there. he appealed that to supreme court. we will stay on top of this and have more information when it's revealed. kellye: we have another day of muggy weather. doug: it's a pattern. we have muggy, hot conditions and then a front comes through and we have four or five days. leon: not bad. doug: get to the information. this is the weather bug camera
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in virginia. you put this in motion. the clouds are moving across the screen. they will get lower, thicker and darker here as the storms will roll in to that portion of the southern southeastern county. 77 degrees right there. the clouds will show you something that is coming. coming is pretty heavy downpours. the storms roll through and they drop a half inch of rain in barryryville. there is a tenth in poolsville. the temperatures have taken a drop. there is a break. the heaviest action is south/southwest. the area we saw right here. right there. just about there. it's about to close in on them for heavy rain as well. but it will move to the east and the southeast. we are checking the district
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here, bethesda. they will move through. not even sees the showerers and the storms but those who do could get downpour. there is heaviest area of rain and lightning strikes involved. 88 in manassas. rain-free. 92 in fredericksburg. the area with the rain is cooler. it will stay muggy through midnight and the army morning hours but overnight when the rain moves out, it will turn breezy and cooler. northwesterly wind. temperature range in 59 degrees. to 60 in downtown washington and inside the beltway. there is a dropoff in temperatures. 72 in chicago. 60s and the 50's across minnesota. we won't get that cool. that will swing across the lower lakes across new england. we will stay seasonal in the mid-80's. the key is the flow of the northwesterly wind and the new area of high pressure bring in drier air for the next few
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days. like we enjoy at the end of last week. this is one computer rendering and it suggests that some could linger tonight. most models have the front coming through later tonight. we'll keep an eye on it. the scattered showers and the storms. the forecast for tuesday. mostly sunny skies. seasonal temperatures in the middle 80's. we have a stretch for the end of the week. pleasant numbers and the low humidity levels getting through friday. friday night and the weekend. the heat will build back and the humidity levels come back again. we see highs of 90 on sunday and 88 on monday. then turn cooler after that.
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it's rinse and repeat. leon: you know what else is not bad? the pandas on a roll. they are the talk of the town. kellye: just ahead we will take you to ground zero for the washington infatuation about the pandas. leon: first, let me tell you why the fans are in their own tizzy tonight.
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leon: the word is new direction is going a new direction. they are taking a break for one year. they will promote an album through february. though they are not performing. >> a panda is rare enough. but tonight the zoo has three to contend with. kellye: baobao turned two after the mother gave birth to twins. you can bet the panda cam has been pretty busy ever since. leon: the camera has been busy. the panda hasn't been. brianne carter is at the zoo. she has been busy and giving us a sense of excitement going on out there. how is it going? brianne: that is right. >> this has been the big draw
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here. the panda house. that is where people are coming to get a glimpse. celebrating a second birthday but now the two other additions as well. >> it's very exciting. >> they're all buzzing in over the newest residents. >> twins. so exciting. brianne: the tiny panda cubs born over the weekend are said to do well today after the zoo officials say was a challenging night. that tried to swap one cub for another but the mother mei xiang wouldn't let that happen. so doctors were finally able to make the swap this morning. the zoo officials say this week is important.
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>> we have increased the veterinary staff. >> the panda house are closed but people get a look at newborns on the panda cam. they got to see them in the outdoor habitat. >> baby animals are adorable and baby pandas are four time that adorable. brianne: pandas are one of debbie's favorite animals and she knows how important these are for the conservation. >> these little guys are the superstars when they come out. brianne carter, abc7 news. leon: thank you. good stuff. kellye: can't get enough of them. leon: not in this town. >> kellye: true. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- >> find out why these women shed their shirts and went for
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a walk. leon: a little later making the grade. where the local school system is lacking when it comes to classes to start. >> i'm brad bell.
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kellye: this weekend, police
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intercepted a drone trying o get over a wall that had contraband. brad bell has a look at the special delivery. brad: the police seized the little drone on saturday with the stash of drug from two men in a car parked outside this sprawling prison in western maryland. the men now being held behind bars themselves. the allegation the drone operators used the quad copter to fly up and over a fence like this one. landed in the yard where the inmates could gather drugs. >> according to the sources the inmate who called for the special aerial delivery was allowed outside at night to walk a service dog in training. >> you can't make this stuff up. brad: maryland secretary of correction says the drone could carry 8 ounces of cargo enough to deliver synthetic
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marijuana or spice. not a gun yet. >> that is my biggest fear. brad: he wants drone detection for the prison. he wants guard towers staffed 24/7. the seized drop is now evidence in a criminal case in the state police custody. they can be replaced with an online order. brad bell, abc7 news. kellye: checking the top story today. police are investigating a sexual assault. a woman told police she was walking with her daughter when a man grabbed her and ran off. this comes after the five previous sexual assaults in the past month. leon: police are looking for a 17-year-old in connection with a homicide in glenn dale friday night. chet jarrett is charged as adult in the shooting of jajuan mcrae. they believe there was an
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ongoing feud between the two. kellye: dow dropped over sign of economic in china. the new chips were able to rebound and finished down 588 points. leon: after a brutal commute, v.r.e. on a limited f schedule on the fredericksburg line. the trains were delayed three hours after a train hill and killed someone walking along the track in stafford at 5:20 in the morning. the victim's name has not been release and about the incident is under investigation. we want to thank those of you who took us time to send us picture in the delays on v.r.e. this morning. if you see breaking news yourself or weather. send it to us through kellye: topless men and women raising awareness. this is organize as part of a worldwide go topless day on sunday. similar event took place in minnesota. goal was to promote a message of equality.
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participants said if men can go topless legally women should be able to do it, too. leon: okay. >> this is about equal pay, o'quality insurance. kellye: now this demonstration in new york was a show of solidarity. it's legal to be topless in new york but ruiz wants to prevent toplessness for men or women except for the beach and the pool. leon: i am not going to there. kellye: yeah. move on. leon: normally i would. coming up on "7 on your side," signs of spread and a look at how to stop the wildfire. >> it was the most incredible moment of my life. kellye: a local fitness guru
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can add another title to the body of work. mr. america. we will have his remarkable story.
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steve: i'm abc7 steve rudin live at the national zoo plaza here right now. we have showers and thunderstorms on the way. doug hill will be back in a few minutes to look at live doppler radar. look at the elephants. they are enjoying themselves as we move through the early evening hours. we are looking for dry conditions in the next half hour to 45 minutes in district. but that will change later on. take a look at the upcoming weekend. always looking forward to the weekend forecast. talking about the daytime highs in the upper 80's to 90 degrees. both saturday and sunday. we will see a chance for a few pop-up thunderstorms on sunday. but i don't think it will amount to a lot. the weekend at the beaches,
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ah, dwindling down. we are temperatures in the middle 80's and a chance for pop-up storms. decent beach weekend ahead. stay with us. you are watching "abc7 news at 5:00". we are back after this.
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leon: a louisiana state trooper has died after being shot in the head sunday afternoon during a confrontation near belle city, west of new orleans. the trooper was conducting a traffic stop on suspected impaired driver. the accused shooter detained by the passing drivers and others assisted the trooper until medical arrived on scene. kellye: several activists are pushing for changes to the maryland bill of rights to protect those wrongfully accused of misconduct. critics say it's beig misused to protect the bad officers. state officers consider changing the law but others say it's weighted in favor of the law enforcement. legislation that would change the law stalled in the last legislative session. they had a panel to review the law after freddie gray's death. leon: maryland crime victims will get a financial boost from the federal government. department of justice awarded the office of crime control
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and prevention $36 million that will go directly to victim of the violent crime and support groups helping them. kellye: coming up at 5:00, let's do lunch. a look attoday's white house meeting between the president and his second in command.
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leon: check out the traffic situation with jamie sullivan. jamie: we had a big issue this morning on the rails with the fredericksburg line. this afternoon what they have put in place is an s schedule. so that is just for this an. red line on time. no delays traveling on metro, which is good news for you. still delays on the road. so traveling in virginia. the heaviest stretch on the outer loop will be from before 66, tonighting south closer toward little river turnpike. that will take you 11 minutes to travel 7.5-mile stretch to get close to the springfield interchange. bottom stretch of the roadway, volume as well. in maryland through prince george's county not too bad of
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a ride. we see normal congestion. focus on the accident. everything moved to the shoulder. that is why we saw the earlier delays. 395 out of the city you can get an idea how heavy we are on the freeway. this stretch from the 14th street bridge continuing closer to the capital beltway will make you about 22 minutes. something to keep in mind as far as the delays. we have an earlier crash before washington boulevard. that is now gone. no issues for you on 95 in virginia or maryland. that is look at traffic. back to you. leon: now we look at what is coming up at "abc7 news at 6:00". the stock market is plunging. we take a look at why and what the experts believe could happen next. plus a brutal attack and an elderly man is under arrest. we tell you what we have uncovered about his past and a connection to a local school district. and new voice on the nuclear
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deal. that's at 2:00. kellye: the national park service giving you a 2015 for the 99th birthday. tomorrow you go to shenandoah for free. it usually is $20 to get in per car. the parking passes are good for six days after the purchase. leon: how is it shaking up for weather? a great weekend. not too bad. doug: no. we get rid of the humidity tonight and back to long stretches of the seasonably warm temperature and low humidity and a lot of sunshine. but not there yet. the heaviest storm farther west to loudoun county. all the way to marshall and faquier county. they are moving east. that is the extent of the line. it will come through the area
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moving slowly. by 9:00 or 10:00 most will be out of the viewing area moving west to east. 77 in frederick. 75 in gaithersburg. the areas that are dry in the upper 80's. with the moisture content the humid flow of air feels warmer than that. but later tonight it will clear and the overnight will be between 59-69 degrees. that is nice throughout the day because of the winds from the northwest. this time of year, southerly winds are not nice. northwesterly winds are pleasant. this is where we get the heat and the humidity. wind ahead of the front. now with the highs the wind will turn northwest to bring in the drier air to make it delightful in the next few days. future cast, a lot of clouds here. it happens with a low over the hudson bay that spins around and bring cooler winds. this line will showy the cool
5:47 pm
air will go. it's not cooler. it gets drier. i will go to new england. but tonight through tomorrow and wednesday we will see plenty of sunshine. fair weather clouds and nice feel with the temperature and the humidity levels in balance for a change. 86 tomorrow with a lot of sunshine. the wind is 5-10. in the next several days we have temperatures in low 80's. 84 and 83. friday is 84. the heat and the humidity start to build back in over the weekend. early next week. after tonight the next chance of rain is and an and monday an. that is the -- sunday and monday afternoon. kellye: all right. update now on the redskins. how is rgiii doing? robert: the daily soap opera continues. leon: "as the skins turn." robert: love it. we are 2-0. no one is excited in the season. only in washington. the next battle is saturday in baltimore the ravens, they have the day off today after being 2-0 in the preseason. we know rgiii still feeling
5:48 pm
the hit he took on thursday against the lions. we all might still be feeling those. talk over the sports radio world is jay gruden may be trying to sabotage rgiii leaving him in the game too long. he didn't leave the game until suffering the concussion midway through the second quarter. coming up at 6:00 we hear from jay on why he left him in as long as he did. we all like to work out every once in a while. some more than others. you don't work out as much as this guy. i don't. meet robbie clark. for robbie clark, this is all new. >> first show period. that's why it's a crazy story. robert: his first show at the mr. america competition. >> the rush i can't explain. came over me. the d.c. native have made health and fitness his life. >> i get up in the morning and think how many sprints i could
5:49 pm
do in a half hour. that's how i start my day. i'm a fitness freak. robert: recently in rochester, new york, his body of work paid off. >> the first place rob clark. [applause] he was crowned mr. america for best physique. >> it was the most incredible moment of my life. robert: the 35-year-old human resources manager counts every calorie and works out a few times a day. does he ever get tired? >> never. no. i never get tired. a passion of mine. robert: he is the cream of the crop when it comes to physique. mr. america in the nation's capital. >> i tell everybody about the journey. however long it has taken me to get to -- how long it has take known get to this point. robert: it sounds like there are only women in that crowd. >> we approve. leon: what do you mean "we"? [laughter] listen, give the brother a little bit of advice.
5:50 pm
get a cape. all right? you need a belt and a cape. kellye: wear it wel robert: love it, kellye. leon: you made her day. kellye: you did. i appreciate that. come back with more of that anytime. six months after a shooting outside a j. v. basketball game at frederick high school you can expect to see more police officers outside the school events. they tell us that the officers will start providing extra security this fall. the officers started working at this event after the contract negotiations fell through last summer. the new contract set to last for two years. leon: speaking of the school, students in maryland are heading back to school next week. but one of the most prestigious district in area seems to miss the mark in the menu department. kevin lewis explains the call for action there. actually we will have it coming up later. technical difficulties as we
5:51 pm
say. just ahead right here. moving on. kellye: speaking of food, president obama and vice president joe biden they ate lunch together today at the white house. it was their first meeting since the president got back fr his vacation in martha's vineyard there. for 17 days. a spokesperson wouldn't talk about what they talked about but there is growing speculation this vice president will enter if presidential race. it's -- on wednesday, maureen bunyan will have a chance to sit down on her own. you can join us on abc7 to hear what he has to say. crews are fighting one of the largest fires in state history. leon: when we come back we take to washington state, and get an update on the firefighting progress out there. stay with us.
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leon: students in maryland heading back to school. but one of the district is having trouble with menus at the school. we have more on that. kevin: the school is highly regarded. it's an independent statistics website that gives spcs an eight-plus for teacher, culture and diversity, a for about academics but a c with the food. >> they should shoot for the stars with the foot. kevin: on a mission to improve that braid. >> a lot of the students said they were tired of the repeated pizza and the chicken patties and the burgers and it would be impossible for a vegetarian to find something to eat. >> across the d.m.v., alexanderia city earned a's.
5:56 pm
they are urging them to place quality salad bar in every school and void the menu of all processed food. >> a lot more examples around the country of people doing it to raise this or ann cooper in boulder, the cincinnati public schools. there are all sort of school systems that are making changes and starting to cook from scratch. all on the same budget. they could do it. kevin: they told us the meal provide the students with three-quarter of the nutrients they need on any given day and added it has unlimited unhealthy items including strawberry milk. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: president obama's two-time runningmate reportedly considering his own run for the oval office again. today, joe biden hired a new communication director, one with experience in presidential campaigns we're told. now this is after he left vacation early for secret weekend meeting with liberal icon senator i les beth
5:57 pm
warren -- senator elizabeth warren. >> i want to see all the presidential candidates lay out where they stand onee issues. leon: the vice president is expected to decide whether he will join the race sometime in the next month. we'll be watching. no one has heard after a massive explosion rocked part of the u.s. army depot near tokyo. the army says the warehouse compressed the oxygen, nitrogen, freoand air. no word on a cause. kellye: help coming in from around the world to battle the raging wildfire in the western u.s. more homes are at risk as the flames grow and the aid is desperately needed in washington state. another one sparked in california. brand -- brandi hitt has more.
5:58 pm
brandi: it has forced more evacuations. >> we haven't had the opportunity to get in there and secure that line. brandi: the fire is so massive, they don't know how many homes have been destroyed in central washington as the more fire victims return to survey the damage. >> i'm too old to start over again. one day at a time. brandi: just last week, three firefighters were killed overrun by flames. the resources here stretched so thin fire crews from australia and new zealand are arriving to help. with thousands of volunteers stepping in. >> i feel responsibility. to do what i can. brandi: 72 large wildfires are burning in the west, including the new fire threatening homes in southern california. mountain resorts are helping spraying water cannons usually used for making snow. it's that kind of resourcefulness john said saved his home. he built a concrete dome house and put it to the test this
5:59 pm
week riding out a wildfire inside. >> after the fire passed, i came outside and there was no dam whatsoever. brandi: the thick heavy smoke is acting as a lid and allowing the fire crews to get ahead of the flame. all of the heavy smoke can lead to the travel delays at the airports. in los angeles, brandi hitt, abc7 news. kellye: coming up tonight at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- an elderly man accused of abusing his wife with a curling iron. why police say it happened. more concerns on wall street after one of the worst days on the market. when we can expect a change. and 102 homicides in the district this year. tonight now police are trying to put a stop to the violence. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now. ♪ ♪ announcer: now "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: first at 6:00, an elderly man arrested in a terrifying case of abuse. police say he suspected his
6:00 pm
wife had an affair 50 years ago. now he is facing charges for attacking her with a curling iron. as kevin lewis reports the man works side-by-side with the special needs children. kevin: if the criminal charges are true, the pain george induced on his wife is incomp hence i believe. inside -- incomprehensible. inside their home he allegedly beat and strangled his 78-year-old spouse who suffers from severe dementia. according to police he sexually salted her with -- sexually assaulted her with a hot curling iron. neighbors say he is a bitter man. >> i'm surprised he didn't do it earlier. he was frustrated with the wife. the wife is a sick woman. she is not moving. she is on oxygen and she needs help to do her regular things in life. the guy is fed up. reporter: he works as


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