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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 26, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," news conference clash between donald trump and the nation's best known latino anchorman. the verbal battle, the reporter forced out and what happened next. heating up. the conditions getting worse for firefighters battling the largest wildfire ever in washington state. is there any relief? >> and new this half hour. trapped in a rail car full of sand. >> that is 80 tons of sand. the challenging rescue in what could have been a brush with death. and later, damage control. celebrities forced into explanations after getting caught in the ashley madison data breach scandal in "the skinny" on this wednesday, august 26th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm phillip mena.
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we want to begin with that remarkable clash between donald trump and univision anchor jorge ramos over the issue of immigration. >> ramos is probably the country's most well-known spanish language anchor and works for our sister network fusion. he was at one point removed from trump's news conference by security. tom llamas was there when it happened in iowa. >> reporter: add a prestigious journalist to the people clashing with donald trump on the campaign trail. >> go back to univision. >> reporter: trump tangling with jorge ramos as the anchor of univision repeatedly interrupted the presidential hopeful. >> you cannot deny citizenship to so many. >> sit down, please. you weren't called. >> a security guard removes ramos from the room. trump defending himself. >> he started screaming, and i didn't escort him out. >> reporter: but then allowing ramos back. >> i had to go back and ask questions. that's my job as a reporter, as
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an immigrant, as a uz citizen. i have the right to ask any questions to anyone. >> i haven't even started. do you know how many latinos -- >> candidate among them all -- >> do you know how many latinos work for me? >> this is the first time i've ever been escorted out of any press conference or interview. >> univision's news chief responding we would love for mr. trump to sit down for an in-depth interview were jorge to talk about the specs of his proposals. this scrap just the latest in a media offensive. trump repeatedly attacking megyn kelly after this question during the gop debate. >> you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. >> as the fox news anchor returned from vacation. >> welcome to "the kelly file." >> trump firing off a series of tweets. megyn kelly must have had a terrible vacation. she is really off her game and i like "the kelly file" much bet without megyn kelly.
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roger ailes calling trump's surprise an unprovoked attack as unacceptable as it is disturbing. some republican leads are still fear trump may launch an independent bid to become president. south carolina republicans are saying that anyone that wants to be on the primary ballot has to promise to support the republican nominee at the end of the race. we'll see if donald trump will the sign that pledge. tom llamas, abc news, due buick iowa. >> lots of republicans want to know. on the democratic side, hillary clinton picks up her first endorsement from a member of the obama cabinet. agriculture secretary tom vilsack is backing clinton. vilsack says he supports clinton's efforts to expand and strengthen the middle class. vilsack also a former governor of iowa a key early voting state where clinton will be campaigning today. the u.s. ambassador to japan caroline kennedy and some of her senior staff find themselves targets of criticism about their use of e-mail. a new report says they use personal accounts for official government business.
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details from abc's jonathan carl. >> reporter: this comes in an inspector general report looking at the u.s. embassy in tokyo. the report finds that senior embassy staff, including ambassador kennedy used personal e-mail accounts to send and receive messages containing official business, including some information labeled sensitive but unclassified. >> this is a result of a routine inspection which the inspector general conducts on embassies all around the world. >> reporter: sending or receiving sensitive government information with private e-mail would appear to be a clear violation of government policy but the state department has seen no indication that she violated the rules with respect to her e-mail. >> the use of private e-mail is allowed for some government purposes as long as certain rules are followed. >> jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. >> theater gunman james holmes is expected to enter prison for rest of his life later today. a judge in colorado officially passed the sentence in the case after the jury could not agree on the death penalty. holmes' mother took the stand
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yesterday, apologizing to the victims' families and survivors of the shooting. she said her son feels remorse but because of illness and medication, he's not able to express it. even in death, justin wilson is helping other people. his organs were donated to six other people. wilson died a day after being struck in the head by a piece of debris from an accident in front of him during a race in pennsylvania. he was driving a car with an open cockpit. his brother says justin was always generous in thinking of other people. >> it makes you feel even prouder to be his brother and just sort of exemplifies the life that he led. >> wilson is the first driver to die in a major u.s.-based auto racing series in the past four years. the 37-year-old brit had lived in colorado for the st decade with his wife antoine dogs ages 7 and 5. asian markets trading in a narrow range overnight. a welcome change from the volatility of the last few days and volatile is just how we can describe yesterday's action on wall street.
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solid gains by stocks being erased in minutes near the end of trading. the dow ending the day down nearly 205 points after being up more than 400 during the session. wau street veterans say despite the volatility, this is not a time for drastic action. >> you should not make any changes in your retirement portfolio based on anything that's happened in the last week. >> hard for some people to take because the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 all have lost ground for six straight trading sessions. during that streak, the dow has plunged about 1900 points. today's forecast for firefighters battling the biggest wildfire in washington state history is nothing but trouble. high temperatures it, gusty winds, and low humidity mean the flames could be off to the races. that fire already scorching more than 400 square miles. busy abc's kendis gibson is in the fire zone. >> reporter: frightening video shot by firefighters themselves from the front lines, orange flames, flashlights,
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chaos. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: a large tree had just crashed within inches of these firings battling flames in southern california. 65 major fires burning in the west tonight. washington's okanogan complex fires now the state's largest in history growing even more >> today's weather is going to be a challenge yet again. >> reporter: this large home seen before the flames, drone footage showing the charred rubble aftermath. resources stretched to the brink. for the first time in seven years, foreign fighters are on u.s. soil battling flames. this group arriving from australia and new zealand. >> everybody wants to come on these deployments. it's seen as sort of a highlight of your career. >> reporter: the emotional toll of fighting these stubborn flames captured by this father/son duo, fighting on the front lines together. >> it's been a hard adventure but one that i will look back for the rest of my life fondly. >> reporter: the fires so widespread and devastating officials say it will be several
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weeks before they know how many properties were lost. kendis gibson, abc news it, chelan, washington. >> tropical storm erica is heading towards the leeward islands. the northern part of the islands may feel tropical storm force winds late tonight into thursday morning. puerto rico and the virgin islands are under a tropical storm watch. erica may become a hurricane on saturday and could brush south florida on sunday. a rough trip home in arizona thanks to this. a giant wall of dust, powerful winds and rains. at one point, the storm packed wind gusts up to 55 miles an hour. it made a mess out of the evening commute. some power outages reported. but the monsoon season is winding down. it typically runs from june 15th through september 30th. it's gone now. a sinkhole turned into a fishing hole. road repair officials spurred into action by our station's report. >> but for a while, neighborhood residents in detroit gave new meaning to the fishing hole. unable to get action, they
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stocked a sinkhole on their street with fish. >> detroit city officials where -- were apparently embarrassed by the sight of residents sitting around the fishing hole with poles and their favorite beverages. that hole now fixed after several years. >> that's one way to get some attention. throw some fish in the sinkhole. that's a problem a lot of major cities have. >> they say the sinkhole was apparently a repair job gone wrong and someone forgot to finish it. it's been around. well, it now has fish in it. >> it's pretty brilliant. it got everybody's attention. coming up in "the skinny," celebrities caught up in the ashley madison data breach. wait until you hear the damage control. >> and also ahead, a vending machine like no other. why kids are skipping the library, putting in their money and pressing buttons to buy books. but first, real estate agencies on alert. growing concerns about safety in the industry after the latest threat. what some agents are doing to protect themselves. first the forecast. you're watching "world news now."
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break out the febreze, and breathe happy roger ailes. >> well, a west virginia high school student is in custody after holding a teacher and more than two dozen students hostage at gunpoint. students for the next class were returned away and reported the incident. after about two hours, the boy was talked into surrendering. there were no injuries and no word on his motive. an unusual rescue in a rail yard. a worker was buried up to his chest by the sand in a train car, his foot caught in the mechanism that relations the sand. and there were fears he might be sucked under.
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first rescuers had to suction out most of the 80 tons of sand. then he was lifted out of the car and taken to the hospital. thankfully, he appears to be fine. you don't think about real estate agents but these are dangerous times for them. the national association of realtors is planning a safety webinar next month. >> one broker in iowa received calls so threatening that her company pulled employees off the streets. abc's linsey davis has more. >> reporter: realtors on high alert after an agent in des moines received a terrifying threat. >> there's no commission check worth putting yourself in a dangerous position. >> reporter: managers of this firm say someone called an agent from a blocked number, the caller telling her her name was picked out of a hat as part of a gang initiation reportedly telling the agent they intended to bring harm to her and would see her later that day. after hanging up, she called police. her company shut down all scheduled open houses and pulled their agents off the street. that call is being taken very
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seriously in light of recent events. just last year, arkansas realtor beverly carter was found dead after being kidnapped from an open house she was hosting. >> i'm a realtor. i was showing a home and someone just robbed me. >> reporter: and in florida, two realtors robbed at gunpoint while showing homes to a burglar. is there something you're in the back of your mind thinking if something happens, this is what i'm going to do? >> i always have my cell phone with me and i generally have my hand always on the emergency button. >> reporter: realtors agree in this business known for its open door policy, safety is key. linsey davis, abc news, new york. i don't think about realtors but how many times they show homes, have open houses. people come in. they're by themselves. scary stuff. >> absolutely. they're vulnerable in that situation. they don't think. the last thing they're doing is expecting something like that to happen. and it just puts them in a very vulnerable spot. but that meeting coming up next month that's going to be -- they're going to be talking
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about ways to possibly make it a bit safer for them. >> certainly hope that is the case. coming up, celebrities caught up in the ashley madison hacking scandal. >> and how amy schumer responded to a not so flattering comment on twitter. "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues
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♪ skinny, so skinny
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we begin with the latest fallout from the hacking of ashley madison. >> some reality tv stars are getting dragged into this cheating website scandal including nicole polizzi better known as snooki from the jersey shore reports that her husband johnny used the infidelity website. they were strongly denied by her. >> she took to instagram to shut down those rumors posting the couple's wedding photo and writing my husband didn't sign up to cheat on me. if he wanted to cheat, he would go out and do it not sign up and pay for it. >> another reality tv star kristin taekman of the real housewives of new york" is thank agher fans for their support after her husband josh admitted to having an account on that website. he said "i signed up for the site foolishly with a group of friends and deeply apologize for
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any embarrassment i -- or pain have i brought to my wife and family." >> seems like every day there's new fallout being leaked. red hot comedian amy schumer knows how to dish out jokes but apparently knows how to take one too. >> her popularity soaring with her box office hit "trainwreck." when a fan treated her saying she resembles a woman from the american gothic painting, boom, it was on. >> i didn't see it before but i kind of see it now. >> i do, too. >> she didn't fight back. she one upped them with a tweet. she was replying a few hours later with her own version of american gothic posing with j.k. sim bhons who does absolutely look like that guy complete with the kitchen fork in place of that pitchfork. >> how cool is that? i love how they were able to take this in humor and run with it. >> she better. she's a comedienne. >> you can't laugh at yourself, what can you do. >> she's clever with the way she's able to come back. that was pretty good. j.k. simmons really does look like that. never saw it. >> forbes came out with their list of highest paid television actors. leading the pack was this guy.
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>> people should have chips implanted in their skulls that explode when they say something stupid. >> yes, that's jim parsons from "the big bang theory" with $29 million earned last year. the reigning emmy winner for lead actor in a comedy was followed closely behind by his co-star johnny galecki. simon helberg and kunal nayyar. >> an extremely successful show and foreclose attributed the cast's financial success to their recent contract renegotiations. most of them earn $1 million each episode and their female co-star seen there kaley cuoco was third on the list last year. >> note to self, when your contract is up, give the big bang theory cast a call for tips to negotiate. >> there you go. it's in syndication now. they're in a sweet spot there. finally a big announcement here at abc.
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the new lineup of co-hosts for "the view" has been unveiled and it has some recognizable faces. >> joining the team for the new season will be comedienne joy behar. she is so good. so excited. >> she's back. >> and behar was you may remember one of the show's original co-hosts but left in 2013 just when i thought i was out, they pull me back in, she said, in a statement yesterday. >> she said that her husband, she was tired of her husband clapping every time she gave her opinion. she wanted to come back and get it from the audience. >> the current hosts whoopi goldberg, raven-symone will be joined by "full house" star candace cameron bure. >> rounding out the list, paula faris. you remember her well. paula from this seat, she spent some years on "world news now" anchoring the show before heading on to "good morning america." we are so excited for you, and we just hope she's able to take a day off between the two gigs working seven days a week.
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♪ finally this half hour, a different kind of vending machine that doesn't dispense food but gives kids in need something else to devour. books. >> part of an extraordinary program that encourages reading just by the press of a button. abc's david wright has the story. >> there was a door. >> reporter: 7-year-old iyanna george loves to read. looks like you just started that one, huh? >> i'm on chapter 5. >> reporter: chapter 5. but in her neighborhood in southeast washington, d.c., finding books is not so easy. a recent study found that here, there's just one age appropriate book for sale for every 830 kids. nevertheless, she has managed to
3:56 am
amass quite the collection. >> reporter: where did you get this book? >> i got it from the vending machine. >> reporter: books literally falling into the hands of children. >> you want to read it? >> reporter: part of jetblue's soar with reading initiative. >> like getting a candy bar. >> yes. >> reporter: but instead you're getting a book. how do you pay for it? >> you don't pay for it. >> reporter: you don't pay for it? it's free? >> yes. >> reporter: the vending machines arrived here in july. three machines at three different locations in anacostia. washington redskins quarterback robert griffin iii there to help see the community into this new chapter. >> nice pictures. >> reporter: literacy experts say owning the books can inspire children to read more. >> gives her a chance to start having her own collection of books. >> she's got quite the little library going. >> my goodness, the dog is eating the food. >> reporter: at this local church. >> we're reading books in the vending machine so now they can
3:57 am
take that book home and they can keep reading it over and over and over again. it's just wonderful. >> reporter: while the vending machines are temporary, jetblue hopes their experiment will inspire local businesses to start selling more kids books. >> i know we're making an impact here in the community. >> reporter: a neighborhood turning the page inspiring a new generation of urban scholars. david wright, abc news, washington. i never thought about what a difference it can make owning a book versus going to the library and checking one out. >> it's a whole different experience once its yours. you take ownership and it inspires you to keep reading. great idea. jetblue is now considering the next community to put one of those vending machines in. >> what a great idea. >> don't miss our updates on facebook, >> more news from abc coming up. this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, heated exchange. a journalist in a clash with donald trump. the face-off taking place on live tv. >> sit down. sit down. sit down. a well-known spanish language anchor removed from a news conference. what he's saying this morning. terror charge. barefoot and blindfold and new look at the paris train suspect. investigators detailing his plot in court as one of the american heroes arrives home. tracking erika, a major change in the storm's strength overnight. will it form into a hurricane with florida in its bull's-eye. a group of boaters getting a big surprise jumping out of the water.


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