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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 27, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. deadly shooting. new details this morning about the reporter and photographer killed live on air. stunning the nation. police searching the shooter's apartment overnight. >> we knew he had anger. we did not know he had violent anger. >> his terrifying tweets while on the run. his chilling 23-page manifesto. claims of racism and sexual harassment. what pushed him over the edge? and the promising lives he cut short >> she loved what she did and she she was going to go so far in this field. >> the search for answers right now as a city mourns a senseless tragedy. also this morning, bearing down. tropical storm erika taking aim at puerto rico. the island's on alert right now and new path that has it heading to florida. >> dramatic testimony as that former prep school student charged with rape takes the
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stand. denying the charges against him, confronted with deleted facebook messages that prosecutors say should putim behind bars. an abc news exclusive. a little boy hit by a 1345u8 plane crashing on a beach tells his story for the first time. the amazing survival story from the kid his friends call the miracle dude only on "gma." we do say good morning, america and we want to get right to that tragedy that unfolded on live television. two young journalists gunned down. >> we have a live look right now at the memorial where people are paying respects to alison parker and adam ward, of course, they were gunned down by a former colleague, an angry former colleague. that community and their families are in a state of shock and their station held a moment of silence in their memory this morning? they're back on the air this morning, the morning team which they were so much a part of. we have much mo to get to. many questions about what drove this former reporter to commit such a terrible crime.
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we have team coverage this morning starting with abc's jim avila who is there in roanoke, virginia, for us. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the roanoke morning team is back on the air today grieving with their regular audience of nearly 40,000 who witnessed the unthinkable honoring their two colleagues killed in the act of journalism this morning with that moment of silence. a newsroom tries to grapple with the unthinkable. >> trying to get through this together. >> it was all too real live unedited murder fatally interrupting a simple feature about tourism on local roanoke tv. there is no warning, just bullets followed by screams and after the victims fall, the shooter's image briefly captured by the wounded photographer's lens. the stunned anchor cannot imagine what has just happened. >> we will, of course, let you know as soon as we find out what those sounds were from. i heard this pow, pow, pow and
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it didn't register it was gunshots. >> viewers getting realtime updates. >> our wdbj morning crew was live this morning at smith mountain lake when shots were fired. >> the reporter, 24-year-old alison parker and her cameraman, 27-year-old adam ward did not survive the attack. >> alison and adam died this morning shortly after 6:45 when the shots rang out. >> reporter: the woman they were interviewing vicki gardner shot in the back seriously wounded and still hospitalized this morning. the shooter immediately on the run, police chasing leads when a station reviews the tape that freeze frame and quickly identifies the suspect as a former on-air reporter, bryce williams whose real name is vester flanagan fired two years before. >> we were all like, that looks a lot like him. >> reporter: but as police are searching another clue from the shooter himself on social media. tweeting "i filmed the shooting. see facebook." posting two terrifying videos
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recording himself as he was firing those deadly shots. abc news is not showing the videos. >> suspect is believed to be armed and dangerous. >> reporter: it's now after 11:00 in the morning. flanagan on the run in a rented car. state troopers spot him on highway 66, the road to the nation's capital. but when they try to pull him over, he refuses and careens into the median. a lone trooper approaches and the gunman takes his own life. >> flanagan was flown from the scene to a nova fairfax hospital where he died at approximately 1:3030 p.m. >> reporter: overnight in roanoke a memorial service. alison parker, a good, young reporter destined to be great. >> for the last couple of hours following how this investigation is going. >> reporter: the 24-year-old had just moved in with her anchorman boyfriend, her father speaking out on "megyn kelly" last night. >> we've got to do something about crazy people getting guns.
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>> reporter: and adam ward, the photographer who lived and breathed virginia tech sports steady and enthusiastic about coming in to work even on the early shift. also among the mourners at the station, the cameraman's fiancee, a producer on the morning show who was in the control room as those shots were fired. george. >> yeah, she was celebrating her last day. okay, jim, thanks very much. we're not going to be showing the video taken by that shooter but we are learning a lot more about him. a former reporter who worked with the two, he faxed an angry manifesto to abc news, texted with a friend right after the murders and abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas has those details. >> reporter: he was a maltais content, a man who often felt victimized had difficulty getting along with colleagues but no one fully understood how deep the darkness ran. overnight, police descended on the suspect's apartment concerned about bombs and booby
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trap, all this hours after a nightmare that began on live tv. flanagan's anger had apparently been building since being fired two years ago from wdbj, the station where he and the victims worked. he had been ordered to get counseling, represent prix mapdzed by the station's management for berating a cameraman in public. the station citing him for, quote, aggressive body language when dealing with co-workers. >> eventually after many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we dismissed him and he did not take that well. >> reporter: the anger had been simmering for years. in 2000, flanagan was involved in a lawsuit with a florida television station claiming racism and that he had been called a monkey. allegations that were denied. and in 2014 he filed a lawsuit against wdbj, but it was dismissed. wednesday morning nearly two hours after the shooting a man identifying himself as flanagan
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faxed what he called a suicide note to abc news, 23 pages long, it portrayed a deeply angry man laying out his grievances. why did i do it? the church shooting in charleston was the tipping point but my anger has been building steadily. i have been a human powder keg for awhile. just waiting to go boom. but flanagan apparently never let go of the resentment. in the suicide note he claimed the cameraman he murdered complained to management about him and also said he was a victim of racism and sexual harassment suggesting he had been mistreated because he was a gay black man. one of his former bosses at another station suggested he was a problem employee, but that no one thought him capable of this. >> shock. hair on the back of my neck went up. i didn't see that in his personality certainly. >> reporter: in the suicide note flanagan expresses admiration for mass murders, specifically the columbine killers and the virginia tech shooter and in one of his final callous gestures a man claiming to be flanagan
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called abc news in new york at 10:00 a.m. and said he shot two people. he hung up and we called the police. he said after the charleston church shooting jehovah god spoke to him, another case of apparently a man with serious mental health issues with a gun killing the innocent that keep falling through the cracks. >> thank you very much. joining us now are jeffrey marks, the general manager of deflategate and chris hurst, alison parker's boyfriend and an anchor there at the station. to both of you, i hope you feel the love and support from everyone all around the country and our hearts go out to you and our sincerest condolences. i know, jeffrey, that the morning show team is already back on the air there, alison and adam were so much a part of that am. how are they doing this morning, jeffrey? >> they're doing as well as can
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be expected. they're choking back tears and their emotions show but they're covering the news and assisted by some folks from our sister stations in the midwest, as well, who flew in to help us. we're very gratified by that and all the support from the people who have been here all night camped out and have brought flowers and placards and just want to say something to us, we are gratified by that. >> and, chris, for you, i know i can see you still holding on, holding on to those pictures, holding on to the book that have all those pictures of alison. i know you have referred to her as the love of your life. what more do you want us to know about alison. >> i think that i want everyone to know that she was not only a fantastic journalist and was well on her way to a remarkable career, but she was good at everything she attempted. >> i know she was a happy person at heart. she -- colleagues said she brought out the lighter side of you even chris. >> she did. this is something that was for us, we only had nine months
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together but she gave this to me for our six-month anniversary. we celebrated month-aversaries. >> so exceptional. i hope that book brings you some source of comfort right now. jeffrey, adam -- >> it does. it brings me innumerable comfort. >> jeffrey, adam was engaged to the morning show producer who was there at work yesterday. let us know about adam and also his professional relationship with alison. they were considered the "a" team. >> nobody could beat them. anything that was asked of them and more, and adam made sure we were laughing whether it was on the softball field or i'm told in latin class, i can't imagine adam in latin class at the university, he just came in and made us laugh and that's what we're trying to remember this morning is our crew goes through the motions of doing the regular
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newscast and i want to say one thing about alison if you'll let me. i don't care what social media says, i don't care what that alleged manifesto says, there was not a hateful bone in alison's body and she would have never made a racially insensitive remark which is one of the things that the shooter accused our team of. we don't have that kind of operation here. it's a diverse workplace full of respect and alison just couldn't have happened. >> you bring up the note that he sent us to abc which we immediately turned over to authorities and all that he claimed. jeffrey, were you or anyone at any of the executives aware of his prior behavior? >> no, he -- not until after he was employed. he used one name in his previous career and used another name when he came to us and we were
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not aware at all that he had had problems and had legal issues with other stations. >> both of you know as journalists that when something like this happens, that the conversation turns to gun control and alison's father has already been very outspoken, and, chris, you were standing next to him when he said he'll make it his life's mission. have you had a chance to give any thought if you're going to join alison's father in his efforts? >> as a journalist, my issue that i have looked at extensively has been mental health. there are mental illnesses in my family that have affected me personally and it's been something that i've been reporting on. i don't have any comments on what her father would like to do other than i intor -- i support him and i support their family immensely. i told them yesterday for the
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first time because who would say it to parents of a girlfriend after nine months that i loved them and they told me that they loved me back and that i was a part of their family forever and that they were a part of my family forever. >> jeffrey and chris, you're part of a remarkable community there and team and family. thank you very much and we're also thinking of vicki gardner, hoping she makes a full recovery from her injuries. >> yes. >> but, again, i hope that you feel the immense love and support. please be well. >> we do and thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. and there's just so many levels to the story but just we'll talk about it later in our next hour, watching that and how people -- how do you go -- how do you move forward? how do we all move forward? >> you have no choice to have that inflicted on you and we remember those journalists pulling for that young woman, vicki who is going to survive, we hope. the race for president and a brand-new poll showing hillary
7:14 am
clinton losing altitude as she interrupts her vacation for a trip to iowa. striking out at the gop adm admitting mistakes in how she handled the e-mail controversy and speaking out for the first time on a possible challenge from joe biden. abc's cecilia vega was there for all of it. she joins us now from des moines. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. that's right from those e-mails to donald trump and everyone else running against her on the right but when it comes to one of america's hottest political debates hillary clinton had a one-liner. things getting a little hairy for hillary clinton on the trail in iowa. >> most of the other republican candidates are just trump without the pizazz or the hair. >> reporter: the democratic front-runner joking about donald trump but when it came to those e-mails this time it was no laughing matter. >> i'm confident that this process will prove that i never sent nor received any -- any e-mail that was marked classify. >> reporter: and issued a mea
7:15 am
culpa about the scandal that plagues her campaign. >> it clearly wasn't the best choice. i should have used two e-mails, one personal, one for work and i take responsibility for that decision. >> reporter: but when it comes to joe biden's decision to run against her, clinton says it is his to make. >> i think he has to make what is a very difficult decision for himself and his family and he should have the space. >> reporter: biden speaking to party leaders during a conference call wednesday says he's still undecided following the death of his son beau in may saying if i were to announce to run, i have to be able to commit to all of you that i would be able to give it my whole heart and my whole soul and right now both are pretty well banged up. and that new poll will probably have biden pretty happy and hillary clinton pretty worried. take a look at these numbers i want to show you. there's hillary clinton right there with 45% her lowest numbers so far this campaign, followed by vermont senator
7:16 am
bernie sanders and biden with 18% who is not even in the race and could wait until october to decide whether to run or not. >> hillary clinton losing altitude in that same poll and donald trump flying even higher. >> reporter: that's right. i want to show you those numbers too. donald trump so far ahead of the pack with 28%, his highest numbers so far. his biggest lead too followed by dr. ben carson and you can see trailing with 7% bush and rubio. >> packed up. cecilia vega, thanks very much. amy with the other top stories. another police officer under attack >> that's right, george. for the second time in less tan a week a police officer has been killed in the line of duty in louisiana. officer henry nelson was shot with his own gun while responding to a domestic violence call in a rural town. the suspect is also accused of killing a woman. he tried to flee crashing his car before ultimately being arrested. overnight a big turnaround in the global financial markets. stocks in china surged higher by
7:17 am
more than 5%, the best day in nearly two months. concern about china's economy is fueling volatility worldwide. the dow bounced back wednesday soaring 619 points. well, scientists at nasa are sounding the alarm about rising sea levels. they say those levels are up about three inches since the early '90s which is faster than previously expected. they've released this animation. areas in red and orange are where sea levels have risen over the last two decades warming water and melting ice are to blame. president obama travels to new orleans today to tour neighborhoods and highlight recovery efforts ten years after hurricane katrina. former president bush visits tomorrow. and finally there may be nothing more frustrating than watching your car get towed, but note to self, this is probably not the best way to respond. a guy in florida, you can hear him there, trying to escape the tow truck. his suv was already hooked up so not sure where he thought- how
7:18 am
he thought he was going to get away. he was hitting the gas repeatedly trying to make that getaway but there's that hook. he fought the tow truck and the tow truck won. >> now even more damage. >> got to let the river take you sometimes or the tow truck. >> thank you, amy. ginger tracking tropical storm erika heading to puerto rico right now. >> hitting antigua and heading toward puerto rico. this is what it's looking like. it strengthed overnight. tropical storm warnings up to the dominican republic. watches up through the turks and caicos because the track moved further north and east so more like the east coast of florida. remember the heaviest winds and rain would be on the right side of that line and we're still paying attention to the cone, not the line because it's a couple days out here.
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we go again. another treat in store from the weather department. lots of sunshine today. grab the sunglasses. i were humumidity remains low. a light wind out of the north. high temperature today, 84 degrees. mostlyly clear and pleasant tonight. a low around 66 tomorrow, , 85, partly cloudy. humidity cocomes back by the much more ahead. the former prep school student charged with sexual assault taking the stand facing questions for the first time.
7:20 am
dan abrams and nancy grace standing by right now to talk about it. an abc exclusive. that 12-year-old boy hit by a plane on a beach. >> yeah, i remember waking up and going in an ambulance and going to the hospital. >> he's telling his amazing survival story only on "gma."
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>> and morning. we want to get an update on the weather. the 50'semperatures in and 60's. worth a light sweater or jacket. warm again this afternoon with comfortable humidity levels. your forecast, 69 degrees at 9:00. 77 at lunch.
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tomorrow, another winner. the humidity and temperatures creep up by the weekend. >> we have problems around the region. a closure and open. oakton. the re-open to left lanes. hov problems with a disabled vehicle in lauren. accident cleanup at telegraph road. so wehave been reopened, are trying to get back to speed there. that is the latest on the commute. melanie: thank you. search for a teenager who disappeared in the potomac river is now a recovery mission. officials say he went into the water off of the parkway.
7:28 am
he had been fishing with friends. zookeepers working hard to keep mei xiang and her surviving panda cub healthy. this morning, the other cub is healthy and is behaving normally. you can get more news, traffic and weather updates. newschannel8.
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good morning, america. right now new details about the killer who gunned down two young reporters on live tv. police searching his apartment overnight. the victims' station holding a moment of silence this morning as that community mourns their loss. also right now, the faa is investigating a scare on an allegiant airline in las vegas. the nose of the plane started lifting off all by itself before hitting the right speed forcing the bites to abort the takeoff. the mommy blogger with a back-to-school video that is really taking off. ♪ baby >> it's great but it's all in the name of safety about getting people -- >> did anyone escape watching that. >> the sprinkler right there. >> they said bus don't move, the title of it. a lot more coming up but another story right now.
7:31 am
>> we'll begin this half hour with this. that high-profile rape case in new hampshire. closing arguments set to begin this morning. the former prep school student charged with sexually aadahling a younger student took the stand on wednesday claiming the two did not have sex. despite what he told friends. dan and nancy standing by to weigh in live first abc's gio benitez is in concord with the latest. good morning, gio. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. the student says he was simply bragging to friends with teenage exaggerations but now insists he did not have sex with that girl. 19-year-old owen labrie taking the stand thursday testifying in his own defense accused of raping a 15-year-old girl last year at their elite prep school. >> she giggled like i giggled. it was -- you know, we kissed like a little bit. i thought she was having a great time. >> reporter: labrie saying it wasn't a rape but a consensual encounter brought on by a so-called senior salute where
7:32 am
graduating seniors spend time with a younger student, sometimes intimately. >> why did you send her a senior salute on the eve of your leaving the high school? >> i wanted to ask her out. >> did you want to get together with her? >> yeah. >> labrie saying he was fond of the now 16-year-old accuser, the girl in the courtroom sitting right in the front row listening to what labrie said happened much at one point leaving the courtroom upset. labrie showing the jurors how she raised her arms to help him remove her sweatshirt. his attorney asking if she objected. >> did she say anything? >> no. >> did she do anything? >> no, she didn't. >> did you she grimace or call out in pain or objection? >> no. >> he says they rolled around, kissing and just as he put on protection, he says he decided not to have sex with her. >> i thought to myself, you know, maybe we shouldn't do this. it hadn't been my intention going into the night having sex.
7:33 am
>> reporter: in cross-examination prosecutors saying he told friends he did have sex with the girl. part of 119 facebook messages he deleted. >> it was a joke but today it's a lie, right? >> um, yes, it is a lie. you know, i wanted to boast to my friends afterwards and i misled them. >> reporter: and closing arguments begin this morning. the jury will then get the case. we could get a verdict by the end of the day, george. >> okay, gio, thanks. more on this from dan abrams, he's right here with me and in atlanta, nancy grace, the host of "nancy grace" on hln. let me begin with you, dan, the whole defense that testimony yesterday. how did he do? >> you know, i think he did pretty well. parts of his testimony i think were effective. other parts were troubling. i think the beginning of his testimony was important in just laying out who he is, meaning, you know, dad's a landscaper, mom is a public schoolteacher. >> not a rich kid. >> exactly. there's this whole perception this is rich kid entitled. i think he got rid of that. when he got into some of details
7:34 am
he said what he needed to saidakhmetto say and denied what he needed to denied. some rang hollow that he didn't ever want to have sex with her. that didn't ring true. he also kept denying when it came to phrases that mean sex that they actually mean sex that he had talked about doing these various things or that he had done these things, these slang terps for sex, well, that can mean anything from kissing to dating -- again, i think that's another potential problem for him. >> was he credible, nancy? >> well, i think that if you looked at him, he gave a very credible facade. i mean he was dressed like he was going to a prep school with the tie, the shirt, the pants, the jacket, the whole works. he was very well moderated on direct exam. he answered very well and he should with all the money you pay a defense attorney to rehearse, you should be good. but i think it all fell apart on
7:35 am
cross-exam where he said that he was lied to his friends but was telling the truth to the jury after he bragged he had sex. he said he was fond of the girl but they had never dated. he said he put on a condom that he ejaculated but he didn't have sex with her and most of all the fact that he deleted over 100 messages which talked about having sex with the girl. he said that phrases like pork, slay, score, all which he used about the girl didn't mean sex? really? what universe is that? so he was lying. >> but even if he is lying, nancy, let's assume for a moment the jury believes they did have sex, you know, maybe that's a statutory rape conviction but still has real problems with -- >> the other day you told me, no, no, no statutory rape doesn't matter. that's what you said >> that's right, that's correct. >> you're right. it is a lesser offense. >> if i'm owen labrie -- >> -- grounded in we didn't have
7:36 am
sex. >> right but if i'm owen labrie -- if i'm owen labrie and walk out with a misdemeanor statutory rape conviction, that's a huge win. >> it's a felony. it's ten years behind bars. >> it's a misdemeanor -- based on their ages it's -- >> two to ten years behind bars. >> all right. let's not debate whether it's a misdemeanor or felony but it's a misdemeanor based on their ages. >> okay, let's don't. >> but the reality is that's a big win for him. if he's able to avoid the up to six years in prison on the aggravated sexual assault charges which is the key to this case, it's a big win. >> you're right. >> you think it's likely. >> two years versus 16, that's true. >> i think it is likely that he will be found either not guilty or there will be a hung jury on the most serious charges. i think heas some problems when it comes to the potential -- >> quickly, nancy, do you agree? >> i think his big problem he lied on the stand and in closing arguments the prosecutor is going to hammer that home. there's no way to believe that
7:37 am
he did not have sex with that girl. he told all his friends he did, he bragged about it on facebook. and the girl agrees with him so if he's lying that means his whole defense is a lie and they don't have any choice but to convict. >> that's not true. of course, they have plenty of choices and they don't have to believe that everything is a lie. yeah. >> we will be watching. we'll see what happens. thanks to you both. now to ginger with the weather. >> miami has actually had a drought. not just miami but parts of the southeast had some storms not associated with erika overnight. one map i didn't get to show you was the driving force, that high pressure system in the atlantic that rotates clockwise, that's what kind of steers this. a lot of the models taking it farther east. good morning, washington. a beautiful day to look forward to. our third consecutive day with lower humidity. e forecast, expecting
7:38 am
>> all that weather brought to you by trivago and a picture of pyrocumulus clouds. yes, it's a type of cloud. the wildfire makes its own storm. >> wow. >> say that again. >> a wildfire can make a cloud. pyrocumulus. >> fascinating. all right, thanks for that, ginger. >> good name. >> coming up here on abc news, this news, "gma," we have an abc news exclusive, the 12-year-old boy who survived getting hit by a plane, speaking out for the first time only on "gma." in our next hour, new warning about those keyless ignitions in millions of cars. the new lawsuit says they could be deadly.
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a natural way to power down. with melatonin, plus vitamin c and other antioxidants. to work their magic while you sleep. don't just sleep, revitalize. new emergen-zzzz, power down to power up. we're back now with that abc exclusive, the 1-year-old boy hit by a small plane as it made an emergency landing on a crowded california beach last month. this morning we're hearing from him for the first time and abc's kayna whitworth has that story. >> reporter: for the first time
7:43 am
since this plane crashed into a crowded beach on july 4th, 12-year-old nicholas baer, who was hit by the wing, is speaking out. what was the last thing you remember just walking in the water? >> yeah. i was kind of transitioning to skim boarding and then i don't know, i guess the plane just came down. >> we do have one plane down at the water's edge. >> reporter: watch as the single engine plane plums from the sky bouncing on to the surf and tumbling across the beach. its wing hitting nicholas in the head as his terrified friends watched. >> we thought nick died. we thought the plane was on top of him. >> yeah, he started to move and then he's like, he's alive. >> reporter: the 23-year-old pilot was uninjured but nicholas needed help. shocked bystanders holding him steady until bystanders arrived. >> i remember waking up and going to the ambulance and to the hospital. >> reporter: despite suffering a concussion and fractured skull bone that required surgery,
7:44 am
nicholas stayed in the hospital for just four days. his recovery, amazing. his new nickname, miracle dude, something he jokes he could do without. >> i don't really like the name. i'm just another person that just got hit by a plane. >> reporter: in a show of support, 12 of his buddies shaved their heads, as well. >> i was happy that they did it and doesn't make me feel awkward with my shaved head. >> reporter: happy for friends like his and thankful for first responders who work to keep him alive after that terrifying crash. >> i just want to thank them for, i guess, saving my life. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, san diego. >> thankful young man. >> has such a sweet smile. >> he does. >> great, great story. another one coming up. this mommy blogger making a whole lot of news because it is back to school hit. she's going to join us live next. ♪ try to make the moves i say no way ♪
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so happy right now. you'll know later why. oh, back now with "gma's" morning call and this morning that very funny mommy blogger with a very serious message as
7:49 am
kids head back to school she's taking a humorous approach to this important issue of school bus safety getting the message out with the parody of the '80s hit that amy loves "bust a move." take a listen. ♪ if you're in a hurry in your car you got to pay attention and there you are ♪ ♪ it's a scary statistic, because once you got a motive then you got a whole day to do your jam ♪ ♪ thinking of all the hours stole looking super fly then your day improve and a pile of laundry kills you blue ♪ >> joining us now via skype, deva dalporto. hey, well done. well done. i have watched the entire video from start to finish so many times. you got the whole neighborhood involved, it looked like deva. >> we really do have the whole neighborhood. it's awesome. my friends are amazing. they're game for anything which is so cool. >> in addition to making amy
7:50 am
happy, why choose "bust a move." >> i busted a move because i wanted to bring awareness to school bus safety and what better way to do it than with a funky '90s rap. >> because this is a very serious issue. what sparked you? i mean, were you angry, upset by things you saw and decided 0 have some fun but obviously have a real meaning behind your message. >> yeah, i was talking to my frie friends about the fact that 25,000 kids get injured. unacceptable and it just needs attention. >> wow. >> it's blown up on social media but what kind of response have you had? >> the response has been amazing but also a little alarming. o [ no audio ]
7:51 am
>> peopling are having a hard time hearing -- >> we can't skype with her right now but she can put that video on. we the professionals -- thank you, thank you for -- as a former school bus driver, thank you for this message especially. have a great time there in sedona. >> thank you, bye. coming up "gma's" "operation back to school quasi modo. the better you see, the better you play, let's go see brought to you by visionworks. fall is in the air at lowe's...
7:52 am
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>> we have traffic troubles in the district. police are on the scene. atwe go to a live look
7:57 am
interstate 66, all of the travel lanes are open eastbound. no accident activity to report. delays as you approach the capital beltway. southbound i to 70 a slogan -- i-270, a slow go. moving nicely at good luck road. crash dealing with cleanup southbound at maryland 97. be prepared for delays and possible link closures. once you get into the district, accident activity on canal road eastbound between chambers road and socks hall road. that is a look at the commute. we will send it back to you.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and the latest on that deadly shooting on live tv. big questions now for parents about how to talk to your kids with a tragic event unfolds on air and online. new this morning, the major new lawsuit alleging the keyless ignition in your car could be deadly. drivers think they've turned off their cars but, instead their hopes fill with toxic fumes. >> i thought i turned it off. apparently i didn't. >> the safety alerts. consumer advocates are pushing for them right now ♪ wake me up also this morning, baby boom goes high tech. the new fertility solution potentially groundbreaking for cups trying to conceive. get ready to go galactic, jack sparrow and the "toy story" team about to get company from a galaxy far, far away. >> looks like we have visitors.
8:01 am
>> we've got a huge sneak peek at the disney inif ity as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. ♪ party crowd out there in times square this thursday morning. can you guess who is behind that curtain? a little special guest this morning. here's a clue. "toy story" -- >> you kind of gave it away a little bit. >> oh, i got it. >> okay, okay, okay. >> that helped. also this morning, so many new moms struggle with extra baby weight, sometimes diet and exercise respect working. there's some new research revealing why and the condition you could have and not even realize it. >> we're giving amy exercise now. she just ran over to the desk to get the morning rundown from her. >> i appreciate that. we begin with an outpouring of
8:02 am
love and support following the on-air killing of two tv journalists in virginia. the colleagues of reporter alison parker and cameraman adam ward are back on the air today holding hands and paying tribute with a moment of silence 24 hours after parker and ward were killed. the station's weatherman saying the sun will be bright today just like alison. the two were killed by disgruntled former colleague vester flanagan who had been fired by the station two years ago. flanagan later took his own life. he had claimed in the past that he was bullied at work and had suffered racial discrimination but this morning, the focus is on the victims, alison parker's father saying he is focusing on the time he spent with his daughter. >> you know, it just kills me. she loved to kayak and we -- that was the last weekend we all spent together kayaking but i went down by the river yesterday. i just looked down the river and realized that, you know, she's -- i'm sorry. that she's not going to be there
8:03 am
with me. >> our hears certainly go out to all the family and friends of the victims and, mean whooi, the woman being interviewed at the time of the shooting was also wounded in fair condition today. turning to politics. hillary clinton is sinking to her lowest numbers yet getting just 45%. on the republican side donald trump has hit a new high, 28%. meanwhile, vice president joe bin is considering whether to run. he says he's considering whether he has the, quote, emotional fuel to launch a campaign. well, now to a warning about those keyless ig anythings found in millions of cars. a new lawsuit clays they can be deadly and drivers should be warned. abc's ryan owens has that story. >> reporter: starting a car without turning a key. it's a convenience millions of americans enjoy every day. but now a lawsuit alleging keyless ignitions can be deadly. >> it's all about saving lives. >> reporter: this new york attorney is taking on ten of the world's biggest car companies,
8:04 am
her lawsuit claims 13 deaths and numerous serious injuries have been caused from carbon monoxide poisoning. drivers didn't mean to leave their car running, their garage filling with toxic fumes. mary vera is not part of this suit but says she nearly died after leaving her car running. >> i thought i turned it off but apparently i didn't. >> reporter: many cars do have warning lights and tones so drivers know the car is still on. but consumer advocates say that's not enough. >> the auto ers have instituted auto off for the convenience of not draining your battery when you leave your lights on. but they haven't done it to save lives. >> reporter: most of the car companies being sued had no comment. but ford tells abc news the keyless ignition system has proven to be safe and reliable and volkswagen saying safety is a top priority. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> our thanks to ryan for that. and if you're packing a tuna
8:05 am
sandwich for lunch you may be getting money back. starkist has settled a lawsuit that accused them of underfilling its tuna cans. some customers who brought it between 2009 and 2014 are eligible for cash or $50 in free tuna. finally, two adorable 18-month-old twins in seattle may just have a future in acting, in fact, they could get their s.a.g. card for this. they should have been sleeping in their cribs but instead they were playing with each other. watch what happened when mom caught them red-handed. >> hi, babies. >> i just have this to say. that poor mom is going to be in trouble when they are 16. >> they ain't no momma's boys. i'm supposed to be sleeping. >> completely coordinated. >> hi, babies. >> boom.
8:06 am
>> synchronized swimming could also be this their future. >> that too. coming up thousands witnessed that terrible tragedy on live tv yesterday. so many more on social media including a lot of kids. so we have advice on how to talk to your kids. >> so important to discuss that. lots of new moms find it hard to get rid of that baby weight. the research and workout moves that could help you. we'll talk about it and a whole lot more so come on back. ♪ inside. to be makers, creators, to inspire beauty and harmony in our homes. because diy is in our dna. and now we can paint our way to perfection without nicks, peels, chips, or regrets. so with buckets out brushes loaded-get in there. let color flow from room to beckoning room. be a maker. be bold. and paint on. hgtvhome by sherwin williams, now available at lowe's.
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8:09 am
and the dating game, new research revealing what could really lead to your best match. and in "pop news," my favorite, the best besty news ever, jennifer lawrence and amy schumer are pairing up. guess why? all that and the big "toy story" coming up in times square live. high-five. yeah. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by nexium 24 hour. available without a prescription. ♪ ♪ get up girl, show me what you can do. ♪ ♪ shake it, shake it baby, come on now. ♪ ♪ shake it, shake it baby, oohh oohh. ♪ ♪ shake it, shake it, shake it, oohh. ♪ ♪ a-b-c, it's easy as 1-2-3 ♪ as simple as do-re-me, a-b-c, 1-2-3, baby you and me, yeah. ♪ ♪ a-b-c, it's easy, it's like counting up to three. ♪ ♪ sing a simple melody, yeah. make it look easy with jeans that stretch from target.
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but daily eating and drinking can make it weak. try colgate enamel health. it replenishes weak spots with natural calcium to strengthen enamel four times better. colgate enamel health. stronger, healthy enamel. no, doing the whole living room. hey you guys should come over later. behr® marquee interior color collection. covers in one coat, guaranteed. sfx: phone chime they're still at it. behr® marquee. behr's most advanced interior paint and primer. exclusively at the home depot. welcome back to "gma." we'll get more now on that deadly shooting in virginia. you know, more than half a million tweets have been sent relating to this story. so many showing solidarity with the journalists showing the #westandwithwdbj. but those images so horrifying when a traumatic event unfolds like that it may be impossible to protect your kids. how to talk it through with dr.
8:12 am
janet taylor. it's unavoidable for so many watching tv at 6:45 in the morning. what kind of effect can it have? >> the brain knows stress and safety and so it's a shock to your brain and so it's important for parents to realize that it's not just what happened on tv but with social media, how many images your kids are having and just to be aware of that and the impact. >> that's so true because if you didn't see it live, you go on social media. even if you're not trying to, if all these people are connecting and have the link to it, how do you protect your children? >> wellll, the first thing you is to remember their ages and ask them open-ended questions like what are you feeling about this? how did you find out? do you have any questions for me? and so that you can talk to them. answer them in ways that are age appropriate. you know your child. you know what they're used to and to remind them this they're safe and also it's an opportunity to come up with a safety plan. what if you felt uncomfortable. what if you don't want to watch this image, what can you say? ? what can you tell your kids in
8:13 am
terms of not watching this -- some of these horrific images on social media. how do you keep them away from it. >> as parents we are in control so you cut their screen time but at the same time you replace it and focus it with face-to-face time. playing board games, talking to us, you know, face-to-face, getting back to those thing, reminding them they're safe, reminding them that they're loved and also just to remember that in times like this, sometimes it's important to do an action so talk about volunteering and giving back and what's good. >> should parents bring it up even if the kids don't first? >> absolutely. because a lot of times your kids aren't glg going to tell you. if they're watching on youtube or with friends it's out of context so it's not you have to overload them with details but say are you aware of what happedenyesterday? if they say no you can say, oh, well, something happened or talk to them about even things that have happened in school that make them feel a certain way. you don't have to overload your own anxiety on to them but
8:14 am
understand they probably have seen it. >> get out ahead of it if they haven't so they know. but how about for all of us? how do we heal? >> well, i mean the reminders, there's pain and suffering in our world but at the end of the day, there's more good than bad and it's about who you can touch. being kind, being loched. sma smile, that connection. it's about balance because certainly bad things happen and painful things happen you're not in control of but what you're in control of who you love and how you reciprocate with it. >> that is's an excellent way to deal with that. >> truly troubling problem but now on to a story of hope. our series "baby boom." this morning, we're taking a look at a potentially groundbreaking new piece of technology that may help couples struggling to get pregnant finally be able to conceive. abc's becky worley is here with that. good morning, becky. >> good morning, robin. right now 1.5 million americans are trying to get pregnant but struggling. i had my own challenges with
8:15 am
fertility and the process can be heartbreaking and frustrating all in one. so what if putting this tiny gadget in your ear could help? hillary yeager a her husband don wanted to have a baby but like millions of couples timing it just right can be a struggle. >> we had been trying for seven months and were unsuccessful. >> reporter: so they turned to basal body temperature tracking. >> basal body temperature typically will drop and then spike slightly right around the time of ovulation. so by tracking basal body temperature a woman can look back and then be able to figure out roughly what day of the month she off lating. >> reporter: you can't just pop a thermometer in your mouth at any time to figure it out. it has to be taken at the same time every morning before you get out of bed before you move and heat up your body. >> the entire process of charting is a very anxiety causing process because there's a lot that goes into it. >> reporter: enter the yono, a
8:16 am
new product debuting in october that claims to continuous monitor your temperature when you go to sleep each night. >> it takes an ear canal temperature which is ambient and mostly pretty stable. >> oh, wow. it's tiny. >> yeah, it's really small and that's what helps with the comfort factor when you put it on at night. >> reporter: the makers of yono says ear temperature is more dependable than popping a thermometer in your mouth but it'll cost you. the device is expected to retail at $149 which is more pricey than the regular thermometers and the success is yet to be seen. i'm trying to imagine sleeping with this and it's comfortable. i can barely feel it. happily for the yagers the basal body temperature method worked for them and have a 2-year-old daughter but hillary says she'd definitely ice a product like the yono the next time she tries to get pregnant. >> i would probably prefer that way over getting up in the
8:17 am
morning and taking my temperature. >> to be clear this is all about getting to know when you off late. charting that on a calendar for a few months and knowing your exact cycle so when you see the temperature drop like this, that's when you're most likely to get pregnant. this process can take a while. even with the yono, maybe a few months, it's not like the first time you use it and, hey, honey time to get busy, rather the yono can help you predict that window better the following month, amy. >> what was that? >> say that again for us. >> the tone. >> just how she said it. thank you so much. >> thanks. >> well, you know, this flows nicely into the next story. now into our series on modern romance and trouble with finding mr. right because you have to find him right, first? if you're a single woman looking for a man but think there are no good ones left a new book on dating says it's not just your imagination.
8:18 am
abc's linsey davis has the story. >> i'm just supposed to run from every guy that doesn't like me? >> yeah. >> there's not going to be anybody left. >> reporter: contrairy to the movie "he's just not that into you" john berger who we met up with at dakota bar suggests the problem isn't as much about interest as it is numbers. >> it's not their fault. it's the demographics. >> in his new book "date-onomics" he says he's crunched the numbers and cracked the code to why young women like lindsey drier are finding the one can be so elusive. >> i have a great group of friends, i have an amazing job so i have everything in my life that i want. the only thing missing is the right guy. >> reporter: according to berger her first problem is that she lives in a city like new york where there are 38% more female college grads under the age of 25 than men who have a college degree. the educated man deficit is even
8:19 am
worse in raleigh, north carolina, where the gap is 49% and it's 86% in miami. >> men are more likely to play the field, to delay marriage when women are in oversupply. >> reporter: while nationwide mock young college grads there are four women for every three men, berger says women will have more luck in silicon valley, san francisco and columbus, ohio. as a result of this imbalance, he says in the future we'll see more of what he calls mixed-collar marriages. >> we all need to be more open-minded about who we're willing to date. >> reporter: something this 31-year-old says she'd consider. >> i would definitely be open to dating somebody who doesn't come from the same educational background as me but they would definitely have to be intellectually curious. >> reporter: instead of the ole it's not you, it's me mantra, berger says more women should understand it's not you, it's the ratio. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> it's size, people. here with us now relationship
8:20 am
expert, demetria lucas and tell us what you think about the book and its findings. >> this sounds awfully similar to what black women have been hearing since 2008. studies say approximately half of black women are not married so now this has gone from a black woman's issue to a national issue and it feels very similar nationally than it did to us back then. it feels a bit like shaming. you're telling women they've got to -- you picked the wrong job, picked the wrong school. didn't focus on getting your mrf in college -- >> now you're not living in the right city but asking women to change the things that make them happy in order to find a mate. that feels wrong. >> when you said mrs. that's why mie mom said she went to howard to get her mrs. >> when you hear this argument for the first time in u.s. history they're say, they, whoever they are, it's even more give tore a woman to find love as they get hold older. >> that may be true but keep in mind something people don't like
8:21 am
to talk about. women are actually waiting to get married now. you're going to college. you have your own career. you're independent. you're not getting married for survival. you don't need a husband for economics. so women are also taking their time. and i think it's something else to point out, you know, we have a graph here. these are women who -- their bachelors degrees with their master, women are doing really well. we're doing really well at education, something to be celebrated not shaped. >> one would be to move to raleigh, miami and what's the other for men? >> be realistic about the modern woman. she's not going to drop everything or make you the entire center. she can prioritize you but if you're expecting a 1960s housewife it's just not -- >> whoo! i love that. thank you. >> how do you really feel, amy? >> andrew, nothing about you. >> sounds like too much fun in
8:22 am
there. we're having a great time. this is little zachary from new york here. he's been up since 5:00 a.m. thank you, zachary and thank you for watching. you have to see the air quality alerts for the pacific northwest. red flag warnings still in place. a series of fronts will come in. rainfall, at least west of the cascades. it could peak the wins a bit which is never good for the fires but, hey, any rain in any of this area is good. we go again. another treat in store from the weather departmentnt. lots of sunshine today. grab the sunasses. i were humidity remains low. a lighght wind out ofof theorth. high temperature today, 84 degrs. mostly clear and pleleasant tonight. a low around 66.. tomorrow85, partly cloudy. humidity comes back by the
8:23 am
>> well, my goodness. i'm going to be right in for "pop"? we all foe and love laverne and shirley. lucy and ethel. but get ready for this. jennifer lawrence and amy schumer. yep, they're making a movie together. the hilarious duo are writing a screenplay in which they play sisters. j. law telling "the new york times" they've written 100 pages so tar and new bffs met just a few months ago and had a blast on vacation together in martha's vineyard. "the hunger games" star said they're made creatively for each other and it's been the most experience for her in her life. bring it on. >> how cute are they? like that couple you want to happen. >> and i want to be part of it. let's make this a tri-play or -- >> triple. and one of the top trending stories on twitter. social media superstar hays greer making the big announcement he's putting on his
8:24 am
dancing shoes for season 21 of "dancing with the stars" with 4 million followers on vine and instagram, the north carolina teenager is bound to be a huge fan favorite. so far we know he'll be taking on bindi irwin, victor espinoza and backstreet boy nick carter so he's got his work cut out for him. stay tuned for more announcements. entire cast revealed on wednesday, september 2nd. nick carter too. >> he's going to have a little advantage with the dance. >> you think? >> yeah. "bye, bye, bye." this is a surprise for george. we know that he goes to bed slightly early. maybe 8:00 p.m. so you might have missed your beautiful firecracker of a wife, lily tomlin -- ali wentworth on "jimmy kimmel." >> we actually just bumped into each other and i went, and she
8:25 am
went, wah and wah. >> that's how people communicate these days. >> i have a feeling dvrs are now being put to use with the rewind button and the slow motion. >> i cannot wait until george stephanopoulos sees this on "pop news" tomorrow. >> i have to tell you, you know you're going to have -- i do go to bed really interesting. when you wake up and your first e-mail is from jimmy kimmel 2:40 a.m. and titled my apologies in advance. >> you know you're in trouble. and then i scroll through the rest of the evening and have a rapid-fire series of about seven from ali that are basically saying she had no choice. she had to do it. >> she had to go there. >> it was a funny bit. >> it was very funny. >> if you saw miley earlier in the show and -- >> comedy demanded it, she said. >> is there anywhere else you want to be a fly on the floor than watching george stephanopoulos with his wife, seriously. >> oh, my goodness. >> you guys are hilarious to me. like you try to keep a straight
8:26 am
face. your wife clashes. what's going on. >> i'm glad we can entertain you, sara. >> i love you so much.
8:27 am
melanie: we want to get a check on the forecast with jacqui jeras. jacqui: another beautiful weather days. our high temperatures will top off below the average. lower 80's today. we start in the 50's and 60's. by lunch, expecting mid to upper 70's. 5:00, around 82 degrees. seven-day forecast, after friday, things start to change. 90's are back in the forecast. angela: we have traffic troubles on the capital beltway on the inner loop from interstate 66 towards the dulles toll road. three cars are involved with a crash, blocking the center lane 495.u approach 267 on
8:28 am
southbound 95 in maryland as you approach route 1 . in virginia to the district, you are on the brakes. heavy and slow from pentagon city to the 14th street bridge. : top stories now. an emotional morning in virginia and throughout the world of journalism. it has been a little more than 24 hour since alison parker and were ambushed. shooter, a former reporter, fatally shot himself hours later on i-66 in fauquier county.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ looking up at the screen right now. all of our favorite "star wars" characters, disney infinity and the new role and we are surrounded by disney characters today. >> it'll all make sense in just moments. hope you remember earlier this week, i shared our interview with apple ceo tim cook and that groundbreaking initiative, schools all across the country, at a school in tuskegee, alabama, and i also -- he's with apple. take a listen. >> i was listening to in this morning. ♪ broken down and tired of living life on a merry-go-round ♪ >> there's a depth. i love it.
8:31 am
>> and can you believe that woman, andra day is here today? you're going to hear her sing -- it was just random. "rise up" is her song. he listens to her. it helps him when he's working out and things like that. i come back here and they said, guess who is on the show? >> robin, you have some real fans back here this morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> they're happy. >> giving you a shout-out today. >> thank you. we're going to talk about a problem, a lot of moms know all too well, that stubborn postpartum belly fat. for some women no matter how much they exercise and diet their bellies just won't go away. it's a medical condition and abc's paula faris has more. >> reporter: belly fat is the postpartum bane of many women's lives and for so many the bulge won't bulge even long after giving birth. physicians tell new moms it's just their new normal. >> you just had a c-section, you
8:32 am
have twins, you have an older son, this is just the way it is. >> reporter: but ann new something was wrong. >> i was exercising, i was eating healthy and i lost the weight but i did know my abs weren't budging. it felt like my insides were falling out. >> reporter: she had diastasis recti. it stretches out the abdomen and causes the vertical bands of muscle that meet in the middle to separate resulting in a permanent bulge. >> it really happens probably in almost every woman that has a pregnancy. >> reporter: and wrote about her own struggle for "parents" magazine. >> a lot of women have it. they don't know they have it. >> the most common way we create it is part of an abdominalplasty or tummy tuck. >> reporter: leslie says a year after giving birth to her youngest son everything was back to normal except for her tummy. she too had dra. leslie's doctor gave her the name of a plastic surgeon.
8:33 am
>> he said this is a medical condition. that's not going to go away and then i went home and cried. i felt my body betrayed me and i mean i hate to say that because this body also gave me my babies. >> reporter: she decided to get a tummy tuck. >> going into an elective surgery, having two young boys, yeah, it was tough. >> reporter: but zoe levine who teaches postnatal fitness classes says surgery isn't the only option. >> i was told by a surjsen the only way to solve it is by surgery from hip to hip. >> surgery may be an option but i have heard and seen a lot of great stories. we've seen it come back together with work with exercise. >> reporter: zoe shows me the right exercises for women with this condition. the hips a little higher for those squeezes. she also shows me a couple of wrong moves. >> no, it's going to bother your back. one major message there's help out there for you so it just
8:34 am
find it. >> reporter: ann says she's going to stick to the exercise route. leslie has no regrets about her tummy tuck. >> i am very happy with the results and if i had to make the decision again, i'd make it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> great tips. now we want to start with our social snapshot. look at these amazing weather photos. you ready for it? start in arizona. >> w ochoo! >> michael takes really nice photos with us. with the mon son that's the good part and the rain and this one from tahoe so thank you, taylor, for sending that in. we want you to send me your photos at ginger_zee, the place to find good morning, washington. a beautiful day to look forward to. our third consecutive day wit lower humidity.
8:35 am
the forecast, expecting >> all that weather brought to you by target. i think we're going right up over here. >> wow. you're hanging out with those 'bama girls. >> that's a party in the morning. >> because they're rocking nyc because their shirts say so. you can feel the excitement because of a new edition of the video game disney infinity that's going to blow your mind, sara, come on. tell us all about it. >> the game and possibly robin roberts but we'll go with the game. we've been keeping the secret all morning and the way you'll change gaming forever. take a look. disney infinity the video game where the world's greatest characters from jack sparrow and mickey mouse to mr. incredible and even marvel superheroes transcend time and space to go on the ultimate adventures created by you. and now -- >> looks like we have visitors.
8:36 am
let's hope they come in peace. ♪ >> reporter: you can go from infinity and beyond to a galaxy far, far away. "star wars" taking over disney infinity, the heroes and the dark side teaming together now with their new friends ready to play. your imagination controlling their new story with infinite possibilities. it's disney infinity 3.0. >> i like you. wait a minute. the new "star wars" characters, they're going to take over times square. >> they've taken it over, robin. including our special guest this morning, yoda. "star wars" and disney infinity 3.0 come from abc's parent company disney and that means some of your favorite characters including yoda are available to play with in the game.
8:37 am
>> and now disney infinity 3.0 has the complete "star wars" experience, the original trilogy crew is here. the clone wars fighters, the "star wars" everything is about that but we got an introduction to make. >> we do. we've got johnny gnocchi. >> what are we looking at? >> disney infinity 3.0 and there's two different ways to play. playsets then we have a toy box mode and inside the toy box mode you can bill and create your own stories using iconic characters across the walt disney company and for the "gma" audience our team has built a custom toy box themed at "gma" sets on forest moon endar. >> how do you bring the characters in? mixing them altogether? >> there's two different ways to play and inside the play sets you don't mix them but in the toy box you mix them together and use your imagination to play however you want to. we've got over 1 ee playable
8:38 am
characters inside of the game and so you can take classics like mickey and minnie and bring them together with ultron and even characters from "star wars" and "the force awakens." >> you can combine them together like that. your imagination goes wild. >> the same way we play with toys going up. do it inside of infinity in the toy box mode. >> so many of us are huge fans of "star wars" and really special what we're seeing. >> this year we've really done something for everyone. for the younger generation of "star wars" fans, we have episodes 1 through 3 and "the clone wars" as well as "star wars rebels" and older fans like -- >> why are you looking at me? >> we have stuff based on episodes 4 through 6, the classic trilogy and this holiday we'll have content based on "the force awakens." >> when does it come out. >> this sunday, nationwide retailers, august 30th. >> thanks for doing that for our
8:39 am
wonderful "gma" audience. they love to play games. love what you do there, john. for more on disney infinity 3.0, go to our website on yahoo! thank you, sara. coming up, the inspiring story of little leaguers rallying around their teammates and getting the surprise of their lives. come on back.
8:40 am
8:41 am
is there someone in your town that goes above and beyond?
8:42 am
a parent, a teacher, a neighbor, anyone in your community that helps and inspires others? if the answer is yes, let us know and we can help your whole town come out and thank them in an epic way live. this is going to be so good. "gma" is going above and beyond. time for "operation back to school" a home run surprise for thoughtful little leaguers who kicked off the school year celebrating a special teammate. abbie boudreau has the story. >> hi, boys. >> reporter: a field of dreams, we have a big surprise for you. no longer just a dream for these little leaguers. the field is yours. go. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: as the los angeles angels of anaheim invited these little angels into the outfield. >> off this one. >> reporter: home to one of the biggest names in baseball, history making mike trout. a day of many firsts for these
8:43 am
west covina, california, boys whose love of the game and their teammates extends far beyond baseball. do you feel like a pro right now? >> yeah, pretty much. >> reporter: 14-year-old jalen fong is a pitcher. he's also a leukemia survivor. and it was his baseball buddies, he says, that helped him through six long years of treatment. >> it would make me forget about my treatments i had at the hospital. >> he would get treatments on thursday and show up on saturdays and play in the game. >> reporter: today is a back to school celebration for jalen and his teammates. >> don't ever let anybody tell you can't do it. >> reporter: with tips from angels coach and some baseball drills. >> all right. left. all right. >> the importance of hand/eye coordination after repetition, it'll train the hands and eyes to work together. >> reporter: they use that eagle-eyed vision to tackle a word game of our own. we have an "r" up there. haveny guesses?
8:44 am
>> "t." >> reporter: which revealed the ultimate surprise. what's your guess? >> mike trout. >> what's going on? you guys good. be a good kid and stay out of trouble and, you know, things will lead you in the right way. >> reporter: and be a really good hitter like him. then it's jalen's turn. >> i wanted to meet you. everything good? >> yeah. >> reporter: handing his idol one of his courage wristbands. >> i appreciate it. i'll wear it right now. you watch tonight. i'll be wearing it at the plate. >> cool. >> hopefully get me some hits. >> reporter: and he kept his word, getting hits. >> ripped into center field. >> reporter: and creating memories for a lifetime. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, anaheim, california. >> what a great story that was and coming up, you heard just a bit of her magic a little while ago, andra day will perform in just a little bit. "gma's" operation back to school. the better you see the better
8:45 am
you play. get let's go
8:46 am
8:47 am
okay, america is something in your life a hot mess, your wardrobe, that messy closet, the big party you were supposed to plan? do you need a little boost in the right direction? who doesn't. we're looking to hit the road to give viewers the "gma" surprise life makeover you deserve. go to and tell us about your mess and "gma's" hot mess express could be headed your way. >> andra day is being called a true artist. she has a powerful sound. her highly anticipated debut album "cheers to the fall drt drops tomorrow on tour with lenny kravitz, next stop to sing for us. i have been looking forward to meeting you. i understand stevie wonder discovered you. how? >> him and his wife discovered me. she saw a clip of me singing and
8:48 am
so she played it for stevie and he liked what he heard and he was like, let's get her on a call and figure out how we can work with her and called me and my tiny little -- it was like -- probably the size of that corner over there, the apartment that i shared with my mom and just talked about working on music together and he introduced me to the producer, that i did the album with so him and his wife were angels, yeah. >> the album is -- come on, coming out tomorrow on friday. oh, the single that you are about to -- you made me want to stomp "rise up." "rise up." it is such an anthem. it's a fighter's anthem and serena williams has chosen it as part of her campaign with the u.s. open and beats by dre. >> that's actually very surreal so it will be -- it's featured in serena williams' "rise up" campaign. i'm still of kind of like -- is that happening so i'm very excited. >> now singing "rise up." the new single from her debut
8:49 am
album "cheers to the fall," the amazing as i bow to you, andra day. >> thank you. ♪ you're broken down and tired of living life on a merry-go-round ♪ ♪ and you can't find the fighter but i see it in you so we're gonna walk it out ♪ ♪ and move mountains we're gonna walk it out and move mountains ♪ ♪ and i'll rise up i'll rise like the day ♪ ♪ i'll rise up i'll rise unafraid ♪ ♪ i'll rise up and i'll do it a thousand times again ♪
8:50 am
♪ for you you o ochlt hchoh you♪ ♪ when the silence isn't quiet and it feels like it's getting hard to breathe and i know you feel like dying ♪ ♪ but i promise we'll take the world to its feet and move mountains ♪ ♪ bring it to its feet ♪ move mountains ♪ ♪ and i'll rise up i'll rise like the day ♪ ♪ i'll rise up i'll rise unafraid i'll rise up and i'll
8:51 am
do it a thousand times again for you you ♪ ♪ you for you ♪ all we need all we need is hope and for that we have each other ♪ ♪ and for that we have each other and we will rise we will rise we'll rise oh oh we'll rise ♪ ♪ i'll rise up rise like the day i'll rise up in spite of the
8:52 am
ache ♪ ♪ i will rise a thousand times again and we'll rise up rise like the waves ♪ ♪ we'll rise up in spite of the ache we'll rise up ♪ ♪ and we'll do it a thousand times again for you for you ooh for you ♪ [ applause ] >> t
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
tomorrow, ronda rousey is one of the toughest fighters and on top of the world but what did she learn from this little girl that changed her life. tomorrow, the story you have to hear and the emotional message she wants to share on abc's "good morning america." >> her name, andra day. >> won't forget that one. >> no "rise up" and said she dedicated to those affected by hurricane katrina, the anniversary coming up on saturday. "rise up." >> have a great day.
8:56 am
melanie: good morning. we want to get an up date on the forecast. the 50'semperatures in and 60's.
8:57 am
worth a light sweater and a light jacket. warm again this afternoon, with comfortable humidity levels. forecast, 69hour degrees by 9:00. high temperatures will reach the lower 80's across the region. and --w, the humidity tomorrow, another winner. humidity and high temperatures creep up by the weekend. at 50, beltway traffic finally cleared a crash. traffic troubles on the beltway through mclean and tysons corner. another crash on the inner loop. hadleared the crash we earlier at the dulles toll road. volume delays traveling .outhbound i-270 melanie: the search for a teenager who disappeared in the
8:58 am
potomac river is a recovery mission. officials say the 16-year-old went into the water off the gw parkway while fishing with friends. the hits keep coming for the redskins. tornr go let suffered a achilles at the end of practice yesterday. then injury will sideline him for the entire season. you can get more news, weather, traffic updates on news channel 8.
8:59 am
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