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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  August 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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roz plater is there live with what we have learned. roz? roz: we are at the site where the crash happened. we are told he was an avid cyclist and killed half a mile away from home. timothy holden had a distinguished career as a captain in the navy seals and went on to serve as the director of counterterrorism and force protection for the navy. he launched a second career working as an executive for several high-tech companies. the police tell us the crash happened at 6:1524 morning and was biking eastbound on massachusetts avenue when he was struck by a car traveling in the same direction. police are still investigating how and why it all happened. his family is heart broken by the loss. >> it's an extremely difficult day.
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you never expect to get news like that. i was in shock. still am. roz: holden was the chief strategy officer for a company called iomaxis in springfield. the cork wores released a statement saying in part, "we are devastated by the loss of the exemp rare individual and national hero -- exemplary individual and national hero." police tell us the major crash investigation team and the reconstruction team is investigating this and will turn the findings over to the state attorney's office to determine if charges will be filed. live in bethesda, roz plater, abc7 news. maureen: thank you. breaking news out of new york where at least one person is dead after a stunt plane crashed in a practice for an air show. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon. it was 60 miles north of new york city. the pilot was the only person
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in the plane. no word on what went wrong but officials say the show will go on as scheduled this weekend. today, virginia governor terry mcauliffe paid a visit to wdbj7 in roanoke and met with the colleague and the family members of alison parker and adam ward. they were the two reporters killed while in a live report. the gunman, vester flanagan worked at the same station in 2013. tonight, two bbc reporters say they were threatened by the virginia state police. they were covering wednesday's on-air ambush in roanoke and say the state police officers threaten to seize their cameras unless they deleted footage of the scene where the vester flanagan's car crashed. "7 on your side" iteam investigator chris papst spoke with the bbc reporters and the
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state police. chris is in the satellite center with both sides of the story. chris: the bbc said this is a problem in other countries where law enforcement confiscate cameras that pressure journalists to delete the footage. this is the first time they told me the employees complained of it happening in america. tweet from bbc reporter franz strasser has sparked a virginia state police internal investigation. i was sent wednesday morning. shortly after shooting suspect vester flanagan crashed his car. on i-66. in the tweets, stas -- strasser told him to delete the footage or lose the camera. he deleted the footage. strasser's colleague said her camera was confiscated in the name of evidence. the bbc tells the iteam it hopes to recover the video that strasser cheated and also filed a complaint with vfp. they told us, "we hope our complaint will remind officers
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there are things they are legally entitled to ask of journalists and things they are not. we hope this will be a reminder they have policies they have to follow. speaking of policies, the iteam obtained a copy of the vfp concerning media that states, "at no time should a sworn employee seize cameras unless there is a safety concern. no information should ever be deleted from the recording device. a virginia state police spokesperson tells "7 on your side" it is looking into this complaint to see if it is a violation of policy saying, "we will investigate this like any other complaint. there are two sides to every story. we have to make sure this is properly looked into." state police went on to say a virginia news photographer association has also filed a complaint along with the bbc. chris papst, abc7 news. maureen: abc7 is staying on top of this development and
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the stories. we'll have the very latest out of roanoke and the investigation, of course, into the vester flanagan case. we will have continuing coverage on air and online at metro is out with an official report today and it confirms this month's train derailment was caused by human error and equipment malfunction. the emergency train derailed august 6 near the smithsonian station and metro released a report saying the rail fasteners failed to keep the train in place and caused the rail to spread. it said an inspector noticed the problem on july 9 and flagged it for immediate attention and mistakenly deleted it from his report. >> they need to figure out the checks and the balances. overview the whole system from soup to nuts and make sure it doesn't happen again. it's problematic. maureen: that inspector and a supervisor since resigned.
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metro is still trying to determine how the problem continued to go undetected despite multiple inspections by track walkers. right now it is all hands on deck in the district. all weekend long, every available d.c. police officer will be out on patrol. the move is meant to emphasize community policing and community outreach. d.c. has seen a sharp uptick in violent crime. more than 100 people have been killed in the district this year. happening right now, police in maryland are hunting down a convicted rapist. james norris jr. disappeared during a home visit in hyattsville. he was being held in a maryland state prison for a rain and assault -- rape and assault conviction in 1980's. he was last seen wearing black jacket with white stripe, blue jeans and new balance sneakers. the search to find norris is active. if you see him, police want to hear from you. developing tonight, from the national zoo.
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all that is left is to name the newest panda cub. the zoo revealed today that mei xiang's surviving cub is a male and fathered by tian tian. the cub's sibling is bao bao who just turned 2 years old. a smaller male cub also fired by tian tian died earlier this week. the surviving cub is healthy and gaining weight under mei xiang's care and will be named 100 days after his birth. coming up at 6:00, a focal point of the baltimore riots demolished. why the building had to come down and what is going up in its place. plus -- >> you can chase people out of new orleans but you can't take new orleans out of your heart. maureen: ten years after hurricane katrina, stories of survival. meet a family that evacuated from d.c. and ended up making the city their home. first, the key ruling and what a court said about the controversial spy program and why the government will still be allowed to keep tabs on
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: a landmark ruling today in favor of the obama
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administration. a federal appeals court says the bulk collection of telephone data can continue. it reversed a lower court ruling saying that the program would likely violate -- likely violated the constitution. the collection program is set to expire at the end of november. making waves online tonight. how prince george's county police officer getting lots of praise for going above and beyond the call of duty. corporate atkinson noticed a woman and her child sitting in the lobby of the district one police station in hyattsville two mornings in a row. the woman told him she was a victim of domestic violence and couldn't stay with her family until today. so last night, atkinson paid out of his own pocket to get the woman and the child a hotel. he loaded them up with groceries after learning they said they hadn't eaten in days. the cvs at the center of the baltimore riots, now nothing
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more than rubble. why officials say they had no choice but to tear down the building and why residents are excited about what is coming next. some great weather to get us in the weekend. steve rudin will break it down for us in a moment. >> lou: i'm lou holder. coming up in sports, the redskins are getting ready for another team but they don't forget to take time to pay attention to the ultimate team. the military. a visits to joint base andrews when "
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maureen: the corner of pep and north is empty. all that is left is the rubble of the cvs store that became a focal point of the baltimore riot. but as we report this is one more step on the road to baltimore's recovery. reporter: on the corner of pep and north, what's left of the cvs convenience store that for many has been an inconvenience. ever since it was destroyed. >> when i first came up here, i looked on the side to see half of the building is down already.
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>> mary clayton transferred to another location came down to look at the store that she worked at for the past 13 years. it was looted and burned in april unrest. >> citizen building. reporter: as the store started to come down, some came down to get a souvenir. >> tradition in the neighborhood. when they tear something down it means a lot to a lot of people. we take a part of it for memory. reporter: some take things to keep things and others use it to keep it all in. >> glad he turned it down and putting something back up to make it better. reporter: even better things. cvs plans to open the new store before the end of the year. s. >> we need people, you know. don't go too far. reporter: you don't have to go too far to go to an oasis. >> the neighborhood lost out.
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reporter: neighbors hoping they don't lose out again. >> rebuild it better than they did. i hope the community will appreciate it better than they did. reporter: in baltimore, adam. maureen: that was adam yosin reporting. ten years after hurricane katrina hit new orleans, former president george w. bush is visiting the high school he went to on the first anniversary of the hurricane. >> it's a story of loss and also a story of commitment and compassion. maureen: the president and the first lady, former first lady laura bush stopped by the historic warren easten charter high school. the school's library was able to rebuild the collection thanks in part to the laura bush foundation for american libraries. afterwards they went to gulf port, mississippi, to honor first responders. many of those displayed by
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hurricane katrina ended up here in our area. fema flew dozens of evacuees to washington where they stayed at the d.c. armory. others made it here on their own. many have called the area home ever since. but they can't erase the memory of what happened. >> everyone was scattering to figure out which way to go. maureen: many keep remind over the hometown, the mardi gras beads, saints regalia and artwork of cars abandoned during katrina. we now know tropical storm erika has killed at least a dozen people on the caribbean island. heavy rain from erika triggered flood and land slides. the island's prime minister says the storm caused extensive damage wiping out roads and swamping villages. it's heading to florida where
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governor rick scott already declared a state of emergency. we feel for those folks. >> absolutely. we have the latest track of the storm and it takes over florida monday, tuesday, wednesday. slow moving. not as a hurricane or tropical storm. heavy rain. we talk about that. for us in d.c., wow! it's beautiful out there. maureen: wonderful. steve: for the end of august. the sun angle getting lower and lower moving to august and september. autumn is just around the corner. take advantage of this while you can. 82 right now at reagan national airport. winds out of the south/southeast at 3 miles per hour. humidity levels are comfortable and low. high makes it up to 82. degrees. we have the'm and the humidity and it will return big-time in time for the weekend. if your allergies are both everying you or if you are a reaction to ragweed it's in the high category.
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that is reason why. the mold is not bad. grass and trees nothing to worry about there. 81 in culpeper. 84 in petersberg. 79le in lexington park, maryland. a live spread of temperatures tonight. middle 50's suburban areas. middled 60's in town. with patchy fog developing in the mountains. here is the latest with erika. now a tropical storm with winds around 50 miles per hour. the track takes it across florida moving to monday, tuesday, wednesday. look at what happens, it turns in an area of low pressure. that means heavy rain. that may drift off north and eventually northeast and bring us showers south of d.c. by the middle of next week. future cast shows the dry conditions tomorrow. looks fantastic heading to sunday. maybe a stray thunderstorm west of d.c. 88 degrees for the high tomorrow. the heat index values make it feel hotter than that. the beach forecast looks great. ocean city and rehoboth beach 8to 82.
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a -- 80 to 82. warmer for north carolina. look at the heat on sunday, monday, tuesday. the lower 90's. nighttime lows in the 70's. kimberly: great weather for outdoor activities including sports. >> and the baseball team continues against another opponent. they need to win and win big. that has florida marlins in town. but the question is who is going to play in outfield? more injuries for the curly w's. they continue to rear their ugly head. the skipper talks about the health of h
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lou: the men and women of the armed forces, redskins choosing to have the last practice before preseason game number three with the ravens at the joint base andrews. long way away from the military folks who spent countless hours on the dutiment team brought it to them.
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>> it could change. there is always the plan for the third preseason game is a half. lou: catch the redskins-ravens game on abc7. if you want to watch the regularly scheduled program, "wheel" and "jeopardy" is on newschannel 8. denard part, left hip -- denard span, left hip, done for the season. michael a. taylor, right knee, day-to-day. escobar, hand contusion also day-to-day. max scherzer's arm is not injured. it's just sore. he has been getting rocked of late.
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the nats are looking for him to get back on stride. but for the entire team the injuries have been damaging. >> this game is not con deuce i to the joint, the shoulder, elbow, hips or back. it's all rotation. at times it can be damaging. it looks like there will be a new number one rank golfer. jordan spieth missed the cut at the barclays. rory mcilroy will become the newton guy in the golf. that is -- the new top guy in golf. maureen: update on the beautiful weekend. steve: it will heat up quickly and temperatures tomorrow. upper 80's to lower 90's. monday, tuesday, wednesday for the chance for thunderstorms. maureen: thank you so much. "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. have a great weekend. david muir is coming up next. have a great weekend. good
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tonight, the verdict is in. that dramatic moment in court. the former student breaking down, accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl. whose story did the jury believe? and erika strikes. florida on alert. causing flash floods, destroying buildings. dozens feared dead or missing. point of attack. the gunman that killed two journalists on air. we take you inside his home. plus, the lone survivor describes the ambush. and the gunman possibly taking aim on drivers on an american highway. and an abc news exclusive. the americans that


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