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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 31, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. happening now -- hurricanes and heat. powerful storms churning on both sides of the country. florida on alert for flooding from erika's aftermath, as cities from chicago to new york brace for a scorching heat wave. trump towering. surging in the polls and taking aim at a new target. >> she's married to a guy who is psychologically disturbed. it's a very fair statement. >> he's opening up against one of hillary clinton's closest advisers as her lead shrinks. hulk hogan opening up after being fired from the wwe. slammed for the racist remarks caught on tape. >> are you a racist? and no more bad blood.
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nicki minaj buried the hachet with taylor swift. and comes out swinging with miley cyrus. kanye west drops a bomb shell. >> i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> and what moved justin bieber to tears. what everyone about talking about this morning. nd good morning, america. happy monday. boy, those vmas are a game of can you top this? kanye running for president. nicki minaj, she and taylor are okay. but test opened up with miley cyrus. >> things got heated. jesse will get into that later. >> lots of action. first, we want to get to the heat. the wild weather. the heat wave moving east. three hurricanes churning at the same time. ginger szee has what row need t
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know. >> we're tracking the storms. there was flash flooding over the weekend. two to five inches in florida. there's flash flood warnings, cars underwater reportedly in charleston. most of these extire tonight. this picture from inside the eye of ignacio in the pacific. when it was a category 4. still three major hurricanes churning in the pacific. ignacio, the closest to land. the biggest threat is high surf, waves 10, 20 feet plus. you have to take extra care. finally, the heat. it is pushing eastward. now more than 90s for an extended period of time from chicago to new york. that will define, as we start september, real heat wave. the race for president now. your voice, your vote.
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a tight race for democrats in iowa. hillary clinton's lowest numbers yet. while donald trump keeps up the heat on clinton, going after one of her closest aides. >> reporter: this presidential race is defying all expectations while donald trump and ben carson are trouncing all republicans, hillary clinton suddenly looks beatable in iowa. for hillary clinton, troubling science of deja vu all over again. danger looming in iowa. the state that led to the downfall of her last presidential campaign when she lost to barack obama nearly eight years ago. shocking numbers in the latest iowa poll. 37% of democrats pick hillary. barely ahead of bernie sanders. her support tanking 20 percentage points since may. sanders, a self-described socialist from vermont with a thick brooklyn accent doesn't look like the next obama. he's already ahead in new hampshire. >> this is not anti-hillary
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clinton. this is pro-bernie sanders and pro a message that says enough is enough. >> reporter: even joe biden, not yet in the race, draws 14%. the vp dropped by a jam boar ree of democrats in his home state over the the weekend. with his decision on a possible run expected in the coming weeks. >> it's good to be home. >> reporter: among republicans in iowa, donald trump is still on top. now his latest target for a personal attack, hillary clinton's closest aide, huma abedin, who is married to anthony wiener, the congressman who resigned in a twitter sexting scandal. >> she's married to a guy who is psychologically disturbed. >> reporter: trump went on to say she is a security risk if she shared e-mails with her husband. the real story in iowa may be neurosurgeon ben carson. who has never won for office
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before. look at the poll. just five points behind donald trump. way ahead of all the other republicans, including scott walker. and jeb bush barely registering. >> all the energy in iowa is with the outsiders. >> reporter: all the energy with the outsiders. trump and carson never having won. the other interesting factor, is the most popular republican in the race, the one viewed most favorably is ben carson. switching gears to a dangerous situation at the airport. the wings of two southwest airlines planes clipping each other in oakland. david kerley has the details. >> reporter: imagine your jet pulling away from the gate and all of a sunday, collision and the crunching sound of metal on metal. it happened in oakland. the second time in a little more than two months that two southwest jets have clipped
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wings. there appears to be damage to one of the winglet clips. both aircraft taken out of service to be checked. in mid june, in burbank, two other southwest jets clipped wings. this causes an inkconvenience ad delays. >> glad to hear that the passengers were able to get out. now the killing of a texas sheriff's deputy shot execution style at a gas station while filling up his car. matt gutman with the latest. >> reporter: that suspect facing the death penalty. expected to enter a plea in a couple of hours. a police dragnet over the weekend took little time to find its suspected cop killer. what everybody is still looking for is a motive. they're calling it an assassination. >> this is a cold blooded execution. >> reporter: police say the
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30-year-old suspect, seen here on surveillance cameras minutes before the shooting, crept up behind deputy darren goforth and blasted away. eyewitnesses saying shannon miles kept firing after goforth was down. miles faces capital murder charg charges. he's expected to be arraigned in houston this morning. the 47-year-old deputy and father of two who died at the scene, remembered for his decade of service and his loyalty to his family. >> he was a good man. a family man. >> reporter: late sunday, hundreds marched to mourn him. the killing triggering an emotional response from local law enforcement. with sheriff ron hickman linking to attack to the many protests around the country over the treatment of african-americans by police. >> e we have heard black lives matter. all lives matter. well cops' lives matter, too.
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solet drop the qualifier and say lives matter. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is being accused of politicizing the murder. shannon miles had a long criminal history but no history of violent crime. lara? >> just so seps senseless. turning to a major fall at a major league baseball game. a fan dropping from the upper deck as the braves played the new york yankees. his death raising new questions about stadium safety. steve owesen sam my has the story. >> someone just fell over the upper deck. they have to stop the game. oh, my gosh. >> reporter: in a horrifying split second, a night at the ball game came to deadly stop at turner field in atlanta. 60-year-old greg murrey loved baseball and was a season ticket-holer. he fell over a railing saturday night and dropped 50 feet to his death. >> the players on the field don't see any of this. >> reporter: witnesses say he was heckling alex rodriguez when
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he stumbled over the rail. a moment of silence at the game on sunday. dr. joseph ricotta was sitting ten feet away. >> i heard a loud noise on impact. immediately knew it was a person. >> reporter: this is the third deadly fall at turner field since 2008. in 2011, a texasing the rangers fan died while trying to get a ball. and a colorado rockies fan died sliding down a railing. this after two fans were hurt at fenway park in separate accident this is summer. murrey's family said the night greg passed away, he was doing one of his favorite things. watching the braves. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> looks like changes will have to come at those stadium. we turn to the high-profile rape case. 19-year-old owen labrie acquitted of the most serious charges. his legal team weighing the the
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decision. >> reporter: good morning, george. no matter how you look at this case, we're talking about two teenagers whose lives have been forever changed. a two week trial that leaves neither side entirely happy. >> so say you all, members of the jury? >> reporter: this morning, a split verdict in the case of 19-year-old owen labrie. convicted of several misdemeanor sex charges. for the most serious rape charge. >> not guilty. >> reporter: an acquittal. a 15-year-old girl at one of america's most elite prep schools, st. paul's, had accused the harvard-bound student of raping her. >> i was raped. >> reporter: he testified he did not have sex with the now 16-year-old girl. >> i thought to myself, maybe, we shouldn't do this. it hadn't been my intention going into the night to have sex. >> reporter: the jury not xwirly
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convinced. they found him guilty of luring the girl by computer. >> the prosecutors didn't prove the main charge. they did prove he unlawfully had sex with her because she was only 15 at the time. >> reporter: this morning, labrie can appeal the verdict. they might. he may not do any prison time at all. >> it's possible the judge can impose no jail time. most likely, he's probably going prison. >> reporter: labrie does have to register as a sex offender for life if that verdict stands. he's staying at his parents' house in vermont and has a legal curfew as he awaits sentencing in october. off the case. >> it's stirred up so much debate. let's go to amy with the other top stories. a big decision from president obama today. >> that's prigt. president obama heading to alaska where he's changing the name of north america's tallest mountain from moupt mckinley to
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denali, a native word meaning the high one. the focus of the trip is to discuss climate change. just last week, 35,000 wall russ came ashore in alaska. there is no sea ice to rest on. the washington post reporting the obama administration is considering the first ever economic penalties against chinese companies that benefit from the theft of u.s. trade secrets. a decision could come next month. in south florida, this is all that remains of small plane that crash during an emergency landing neareverglades. the husband and wife inside suffered burns but survived the crash. in baltimore, three people being treateded after this boat burst into flames. no word yet on the cause of the fire. and film legend wes craven
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has died. he wrote and directed "nightmare on elm street" and its many sequels. back in 2010, he said he always enjoyed meeting fans who said the movies helped them face their fierce. >> i had people come up to me my whole career. they said, thank you, you scared the blank out of me. >> he wrote the scream series. he died of brain cancer. he was 76. and in sports, baseball history at wrigley field. baseball pitcher jake arrieta striking out a dozen dodgers on his way to his first no-hitter. the sixth in the big leagues this year. and tom brady returns to court today for mat should be the final hearing in the deflategate controversy. the judge has been urging brady and roger goodell to strike a deal over brady's looming
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suspension. a ruling is expected by friday. today's hearing is a second chance for the courtroom artist who drew the sketch of brady. jane rosen berg has completed a better version. a softer, kinder version. though that one took her two days to finish. she says he's very hard to sketch. she's going to be in court today with all eyes waiting for the verdict and that sketch. she says she's not sleeping tonight, she's so nervous. she didn't know who tom brady was the first time around. she's since learned. >> well, yeah. >> i'll bet. >> and now feels the pressure. we'll see. >> copy and paste that one, maybe. >> she was on "gma." we're rooting for her. no pressure, jane. i want to get now to the mtv music video awards. the show generating so much buzz. and jesse palmer is in social square with that. good morning, jess. >> reporter: good morning, lara.
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the vmas. driving chatter on social media from the moment the stars hit the red carpet and still this morning, more than 47 million tweets. and nick watt was there. he has the hottest moments from the show. ♪ baby now we got bad blood ♪ you know we used to be mad love ♪ >> reporter: nicki minaj opens the show with taylor swift. banishing their bad blood with a hug. then minaj just made things worse with miley. >> and now -- back to -- this [ muted ] had a lot to say about me the other day in the press. miley, what's good? >> hey. we're all in this industry. we all do interviews. and we all know how they manipulate [ muted ]. nicki, congratulations. >> reporter: remember when kanye
7:16 am
interrupted taylor. she won video of the year and gave him an award. >> and i'm going to let you finish. >> reporter: he dissed his hosts. >> i still don't under awards shows. >> reporter: made an announcement. >> i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> reporter: and perhaps explained where this is coming from? >> did he smoke something before he came out here? the answer is yes. >> reporter: cyrus wore everything from six pack rings to a shower curtain. and bieber debuted a new 'do. >> i like your swoop. >> reporter: say what you will about the song ster. he can dance. and fly. ♪ oh, what do you mean ♪ what do you mean >> reporter: moved himself to tears. >> hey, justin. call me when you're legal. >> reporter: miley snapped an
7:17 am
ell ellen-esque selfie. she revealed she dropped a new album online for e three. the best moment. ♪ she don't need >> reporter: made taylor do this. kanye do this. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> thanks, nick. so much drama at the vmas. the most tweeted about person of the night, kanye west. in his speech announcing his presidential run, that was the number one moment with the hash tag kanye2020 the top trend on twitter. lots of memes about that moment. one suggesting taylor swift as his running mate. and then this one, tweeted by kourtney kardashian anticipating we'll see "keeping up with the kardashians" in the white house. set your dvrs.
7:18 am
>> did i just hear you become the first person to endorse kanye west as president? >> it's official. kanye, call me. >> a whole new meaning to the west wing. >> well done. >> true. >> sorry. >> plenty of time. four more years on that one. right now, we move to ginger. real strong storms in the northwest. >> winds from 40 to 87 miles per hour did this. still, more than 65,000 customers without power in washington and oregon state. see the damage there. on the cars they go. and big, big waves. lake washington. let's get to the select cities, brought to you by carmax.
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>> good morning. back to school for a lot of kids today. there is a slim chance you get an isolated raindrop or two at the bus stop. 75 at pickup. recess, clouds begin to break. mid-80's. on the way home, try with more sunshine fighting through. 87 degrees by the time the kids e on the w home. we are into the low 90's tuesday, weday, and thursday. it is cooler with sling chance lots more coming up, including an abc news exclusive. hulk hogan opening up about the secret tape recording that got him fired from the wwe. >> i was at the lowest point of my life. >> speaking about those racist remarks and the aftermath for the first time to amy, only on
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left! right! uppercut! leaving tae buds... deliciously dizzy! look! his tongue is knocked out! oh! mom steps into the ring! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. >> dry air right around asheville. a few breaks in the cloud deck. sunshine moves in for the end of
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the day. cloud cover sticks around. into the afternoon, a few isolated showers to the west of interstate 81. sunshine starts to show up. we clear out overnight and have sunshine for your tuesday. temperatures into the low 90's tuesday. we do not have to worry about showers tomorrow. 89 degrees today, decrease in clouds. isolated morning showers and more sunshine later on, 93 tomorrow and 92 wednesday. back in the 80's by the holiday weekend. a slim chance for rain saturday. >> good morning, washington. on the roads, major trouble on interstate 66. fairfax moved over to the shoulder. major delays eastbound 66. a live look at the beltway through mocon recounted --
7:28 am
montgomery county. a crash involving a pedestrian. for folks heading towards the heavyan legion bridge, delays on southbound 270 from hyattsville to germantown. delays on the north side of the beltway in montgomery county from 95 to the 270 spur.
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good morning, america. right now, the east bracing for heat wave. temperatures expected as much as 20 degrees above normal from chicago to new york. florida braces for flooding, the aftermath from tropical storm erika. right now, alison parker and adam ward. the reporters murdered on live tv. them remembered on saturday. a statement from the third victim, vicki gardner, says she's improving. and the u.s. open. all eyes on serena williams. she's playing for history. a grand slam. all four majors in one year. >> what a year it's been for serena as we say good morning, america. she has the australian and french opens and wimbledon. she needs one more. robin sat down with her for a great one on one before the big
7:31 am
tournament gets inds way here in new york. look something forward to hearing from her. >> you'll be out there a lot, i bet. >> maybe once or twice. right now, amy's exclusive interview with hulk hogan. his first interview for getting kicked out of the wwe. this was a humbled hulk hogan? >> that's right. emotional and apoll jet nick the face of a scandal that has many questioning whether he's a racist. he was heard saying the "n" word in a secretly recorded tape from 2007. a tape he says he's never watched. >> hulk hogue season here! hulk hogan is in the building! >> reporter: with his signature leg drop, horse shoe mustache, and unrivaled strength, he turned wrestling into a goebl phenomenon. today, he's fighting to maintain
7:32 am
his legacy. >> can we stop for a second? >> reporter: terry bollea, the man behind the oncehulkster. >> this one hit me the hardest. >> reporter: after portions of his conversation in a secretly recorded private encounter, caught using racial slurs. i was at the lowest point in my life. to the point write wanted to kill myself. >> reporter: you were suicidal? >> yes. i was jp set with my daughter. i was being fapd. >> reporter: he refers to his daughter's then boyfriend using the "n" word. are you a racist? >> no, i'm not. i never should have said what i said. it was wrong. i'm embarrassed by it. but a lot of people need to realize that you inherit things
7:33 am
from your environment. i grew up in south tampa. it was a rough neighborhood. very low income. and all my friends, we greeted each other saying that word. the word was just thrown around like it was nothing. >> reporter: sit fair to say that you inherited a racial bias? >> i would say that is very fair. the environment i grew up in, all my white friends, all my black friends, to hear the word on a daily basis. that's how theyould greet me. good morning, so and so. >> reporter: for fans who feel let down by you. >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: do you ask their forgiveness? >> oh, my gosh. please forgive me. please forgive me. i'm a nice guy. not the guy who rips the shirt off and slams giants. i'm terry bollea. a normal man. >> reporter: the wwe, not taking the risk, fired him. >> it was like everything i have
7:34 am
done never happened. >> reporter: your image, likeness, erased. >> like i had never existed. >> reporter: that had to hurt. >> it was devastating. >> reporter: many industry big wigs coming to his defense. your daughter posted a beautiful poem on facebook. if you knew the dad i knew, you would know he raised me well. he taught me folks are so much more than shades could ever tell. >> yeah. and if anybody -- should have disowned me, it should have been her. you know? she should have been the one -- she should have been the one to throw me out like the trash. but instead, she showed me more love than anybody. >> reporter: what did brooke say to you? >> well -- could we stop for a second? >> reporter: yeah, sure. >> all right. okay. >> reporter: how has brooke
7:35 am
helped you through this? >> she's been so supportive. she was the direction of my attack. you know? i was not so mad at her boyfriend. i was mad at her. you know. and she -- she instantly said, i don't need to forgive you because i'm not mad at you. >> reporter: now the man known for his superhuman strength is wregling with turning this negative into a positive. >> just because a person makes a mistake, just don't throw them away. you don't throw good people away. if every at their lowest point was judged on one thing they said and your whole career was wiped out today because of something you said 10 or 20 years ago, it would be a sad world. people get better every day. people get better. >> hogan told me the day he was fired from the wwe was the greatest day of his life because the truth literally set him free. he's dedicating to raise awareness about the impact of racial slurs. he's hoping to make this a
7:36 am
positive. while he's apologizing for what happened. he's suing gawker for releasing the tape for $100 million. that trial is set for next spring. >> that will be a block buster, too. it seems like he's healed his family. any chance he gets back to wrestling? >> he would give his left arm. he would love a second chance. he made it clear. it remains to see what the wwe is prepared to do, if anything. >> great interview. >> really good. moving on now to a nasty neighbor feud than turned deadly. a former tennessee school security guard on trial for shooting his neighbor. he claims it was self-defense. closing arguments are set to begin this morning. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> reporter: a three-year feud ending with one neighbor dead. the other on trial for his murder. >> this is 100% within his control, now, not to die from me. >> reporter: this is the voice
7:37 am
of former school security guard kevin waggoner. prous cuters playing the audio recorded months before he allegedly shot and killed his neighbor, michael woodby. >> he's choosing to come tri straight at me. >> reporter: he took the stand. >> i'm going the kill you. those are the things he was saying to us on a regular basis. >> reporter: on the night of the shooting, an intoxicated woodby approached he and his son. knocking his son into a fence post. >> it was so obvious he wanted to kill kolton, it was frightening. >> reporter: catching this on camera. woodby's widow says the accused was the real threat and her family felt stalked. >> you don't talk to my children. you don't video tape them 24/7. >> reporter: closing arguments set to begin today. for fam "gma," mara
7:38 am
schiavocampo, abc news, new york. dense fog across the midwest. >> this is soldier field. you can't see a whole lot else in downtown chicago. nor at o'hare. less than 50-foot visibility. >> closeser to home still dealig with the cnce for few sprinkles ththis morning but mot of us are going to stay y. 77 around d 8:00. mid 80's by noon. sunshihine moves ifor the enof >> all that weather brought to you by volkswagen. this was in newport beach, california. very hot. big, big waves and surf. this video out of the southwest. it's mon soom season. the rain shaft, the rainbow. it moves on.
7:39 am
then you see a dust storm come through. it's pretty much everything in one video. and then a land spout. >> did the seas turn red, too? >> all the weather in three seconds. >> a busy time for ginger zee. coming up on "gma," it's "gma on the money." a team of professional bill cutters, sharing their secrets. and take a look at this. bear gets up close and berperso with a hiker. scary encounter caught on camera. it's a good looking car. this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous. what kind of car do you like? new, or many miles on it? the volkswagen model year end sales event ends on labor dayn to your local n dealer day.
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it is 7:43. we're back now with "gma" on the money. this morning, how to slash your monthly bills. not just one. all at once. cable, electric bills. you name it. rebecca jarvis has tips from the pros who make their living by saving you money. >> reporter: kimberly and preston didn't realize they were
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shelling out a texas-sized amount on monthly bills. >> we've probably been overpaying for 0 years. so that's $30,000. >> reporter: if you think you're overspending, you probably are. barry gross, founder of >> the discount is around 25% to 35% on their monthly bill. >> reporter: they have a team of phone whisperers that haggle with companies on your behalf. working to get you money back on everything from cell phones to gym memberships. >> josh would qualify for a one-time credit? >> reporter: and in return, they split the savings with you, 50-50, the first year. >> i know what to ask for. when they give me a discount, i ask for more. >> reporter: here are helpful how-tos. >> you get a lot more flies, so to speak with honey than
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vinegar. >> reporter: go through your bill line by line. ask for specific discounts zplp what kid you say the average usage is? if all else fails -- >> call back and we'll get a different rep. >> reporter: kimberly signed up online and gave them her bills. they saved her nearly $1400 a year. >> i was like what? i didn't feel like i had that many bills. >> reporter: brooks says the extra dollars will go a long way for the upcoming trim to seattle. >> could be a special anniversary gift. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news. >> $1400. >> a nice gift. >> goes along way. coming up, superstar lawyer amal clooney speaking out in a rare interview. and a hiker's close encounter with two black bears caught on camera.
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back now with one hiker's close encounter with pair of black bears. she tried to keep her distance. they kept closing in. one put its mouth on her leg. >> i'm walking with bear right
7:50 am
now. this is crazy. >> reporter: an incredible encounter caught on camera. >> hi. >> reporter: she was hiking and came upon two bears. the bears came closer and closer. then, this heart-stopping moment. >> oh, no, no. don't get crazy. >> reporter: the bears surrounded her. >> the teeth scared the hell out of me. i thought he would take a muscle out with one bite. >> reporter: something spooked the bear. she was able to get away. >> i took ten minutes in my car and sat there and thanked god for letting me out of there alive. >> reporter: connecticut tracks its bear population. those red tags in the bear's ears helped authorities identify him as a 1 1/2-year-old male. in may, tourists surprised by family of bears in yellowstone national park. >> go, go, go.
7:51 am
>> there's bear on my car. >> reporter: and in june, this grizzly bear also just outside yellowstone. back in connecticut, authorities immediately closed the trail so no other hiker experiences the same scary brush with danger. for "good morning america," phillip mena, abc news, new york. >> is anybody else wondering how she was able to still take the video? >> i don't think she was that scared. she didn't seem scared. >> she said hi to the bear. >> hi, hi. >> bye. >> we'll be right back. it tastes delicious and has 50% less calories. with this taste? no way. give me fifty squats. but... it can't taste this good... read the label. ...and have 50% less calories? exactly, now you drop... and give me the 50. trop50. tastes so good you won't believe it has 50% less calories.
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7:56 am
>> good morning. things are looking at little cloudy. it won't last all day. want toe and radar, i show you what is happening. spotty showers out of the south. towards asheville, you see breaks in the cloud cover. decrease in clouds throughout the day, 89 for your high. theated shower through morning hours. later, any rain should stay west of interstate 81. a breeze out of the south at 5-10 miles per hour bringing in warmer air. overnight, between the mid-60's
7:57 am
and mid-seventies and staying mild and dry. 93, hot andhigh of humid for the next few days. into wednesday, thursday and friday, highs in the 90's. best chance for rain friday. comla: our monday morning mute, our first school bus accident in potomac, glenn road at falls road. district, volume delays on the northbound lanes, stalled car southbound at glebe road. not bad into the pentagon city area, just a lot of company. 66 had the earlier accident that has been cleared. eastbound volume delays from manassas to centerville. at compton road, a crash at centerville road. no troubles on 95 into the
7:58 am
springeld interchange. volume delays three prince george's county on the outer loop. we will be back half an hour. half an hour. make it a great
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. amal clooney speaking out in a rare interview after the bomb shell sentencing for her journalist clients. she's blasting the egyptians government. under fire. the woman caught on camera leaving her baby outside the supermarket. she says it was all a devastating accident. this morning. robin, one on one with serena williams. >> am powerful and beautiful at the same time. there's nothing wrong with that. >> the tennis superstar opens up and her fight against body-shaming. miley's big night. the superstar singer turning host of the vmas. her live bad blood moment with nicki minaj and her bombshell move as the awards show ended. plus, bieber behind the scenes. back on stage in an emotional
8:01 am
performance. and kanye breaking the internet, saying he's running for president. we have your all-access pass to the big es night in music. as walk the moon says -- >> good morning, america. >> yeah! and it is a good morning for taylor swift, after a big night at the vmas. that is her video, wildest dreams. posted it last night. 2.5 million views overnight. who is that man at the center of it? a lot of people talking about him, too. >> the son of a very famous actor. she looks like elizabeth taylor. she can do no wrong. and then there's miley and her costumes. i know what i'm being for halloween. a new series launching. we'll show you how the find the cash hiding in your own home. less les gold is with us.
8:02 am
we have costume jewelry that could be worth a lot more than you think. this is called the secret cash dash. >> coming up. now the morning rundown from amy. the big story. the powerful storms in atlantic and pacific that ginger is track. florida and the southeast preparing for drenching rains from the remnants of tropical storm erika. parts of north carolina getting six inches of rain. in the pacific, this picture from inside the eye of hurricane ignacio. heavy surf is expected as it passes north of hawaii. meantime, an emotional outpouring for a sheriff's deputy if texas shot and killed at a gas station. more than 1,000 people marching to honor deputy darren goforth. the alleged gunman, shannon miles, faces a judge today and
8:03 am
could face the death penalty. new signs of trouble for hillary clinton. her once 20-point lead over bernie sanders in iowa has shrunk to just seven points now. sanders leads clinton in new hampshire as well. on the republican side, donald trump is on toop top in iowa. but neurosurgeon ben carson is five points behind. a rare interview with amal clooney. she may best be known as george clooney's wife. she's an accomplished human rights lawyer. she's trigti ifighting to prote journalists overseas. >> i have more freedom to say what i want than lawyers who prookt here all the time. >> reporter: in a rare interview with the bbc, amal clooney speaking out after three al jazeera journalists were sentenced to three years behind bars. one of the defendants, has been
8:04 am
represented by clooney. he's also canadian. >> are the judges upholding individual rights or allowing their courtrooms to become instruments of political rop began da? >> reporter: the well-respected human rights lawyer and activist blasting the government. >> the verdict today sends a dangerous message. a message that journalists can be locked up for simply doing their job. >> reporter: her accomplished reputation some what overshadowed by her september 2014 wedding to george clooney. >> if ever there was a case where i would trust journalists to focus on the issues, it's this case. >> reporter: she's trying to get people refocused. >> we're motions for him to issue a pardon.
8:05 am
for all journalists. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to reena for that. lots had to make an emergency nding when a flight attendant opened champagne and the cork smashed the ceiling panel causing the oxygen masks to drop. we have a hot dog on the run at the ballpark. the el paso chihuahuas team hosted the race. one of the wieners escaped from the handler. the owner, the groundskeepers, the players, no one could catch him. this dog had the moves. but finally, this hot dog was collared. there you see. he gave up his trim on the run for a good belly rub. >> yeah. >> that's what happens when you try to stretch doubles into triples. run out of gas. >> thanks, amy. a lot more coming up, including a mom under fire for leaving her son at the supermarket. and a surprising reaction online this morning. and blackish star tracee
8:06 am
ellis ross paying a tribute to her mom, diana ross. wait until you see what she did. and the bigger message behind it.
8:07 am
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8:09 am
jamb in a jam-packed times square.
8:10 am
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8:11 am
be yourself. kohl's it's 8:11. it's time for the heat up dex. the hot button. this morning, all about the mtv video awards. miley cyrus promming it would be psychedelic and raw. i would say it was both. rachel smith joins us live. tell us what you saw. >> hey, there, lara. behind the scenes, maybe not as psychedelic as miley's take on hosting. definitely full of energy and excitement. the stars, they were not disappointed with the spectacle of this year's vmas. from the frenzy created on social media, neither were the fans. it was a night to remember for first-time vma host miley cyrus.
8:12 am
>> i have literally done everything on the vma stage. and none of it showed that i was qualified to host. and maybe, mtv figured the easiest way to keep me from performing was by asking me to host. >> reporter: she broke records with this selfie. her instagram post racking up over 500,000 likes. she snuck in a questionable moment that we can't show you here. she called out her dad. >> we have a kp you will of really old ones. you know who you are, dad! >> reporter: but father billy ray couldn't be more proud. telling us this. >> seeing her be so happy right now. that's the most important thing. she's having fun. loving what she's doing. and living with purpose and, um, making a difference. >> reporter: and bieber was back. before the vmas, posting this video from inside the theater.
8:13 am
>> britney, i'm back. spider-man kiss? >> reporter: later, back on stage, one of the most emotional moments of the night. his first time on the vma stage in five years. and in tears. >> wow. >> reporter: and a front-row seat at the pop-up stage. with macklemore and ryan lewis. fa pharrell williams. taylor swift dropping a new video. ♪ say you'll remember me >> reporter: justin bieber getting in on the act. posting the new video for what do you mean overnight. ♪ what do you mean >> reporter: demi lovato. >> i'm trying to be myself. i'm who you hear on the all bum is who i am in real life. >> reporter: and miley cyrus making the biggest splash of all.
8:14 am
a bomb shell move. releasing a huge new album on her website for fans to stream for free. true to her entire night of hosting, going out like a wrecking ball. oh, miley being miley. get this, according to reports, her latest album, "bangerz" cost millions to make. this new one, only 50,000 bucks. a passion project. one outside the contract with her record label. >> giving it away, wow. >> giving it away. thank you, rach. thanks for the pictures. images fresh on the mind. see all of hat they wore on on yahoo!. next up. the mother of four facing child endangerment charges after leaving her baby in a shopping cart. many people online coming to her defense. you have the details. >> reporter: after shaying she'
8:15 am
a god mom who made a horrible mistake, she's trending on social media with a wave of support from whose those who agree with her. she's the 27-year-old mom of four. >> it wasn't like, i knew i left him. >> reporter: cherish peterson, under fire. for leaving behind her 2-month-old son huckston, outside an arizona supermarket monday afternoon. this photo snapped shows huxton snapped in a carrier in a shopping cart. peterson shares her side of the story. >> i got into my car and normally i put my cart away. i didn't need to because i parked at the front of the store. i drove away. >> reporter: describing the horrific moment she realized huxton wasn't in the car when she got home 40 minutes later. >> as i pulled in the garage, my 3-year-old goes mom -- where's
8:16 am
baby huxton. his car seat is right behind me. i turned around and realized it was gone. >> reporter: an offduty police officer spotted the baby and took him inside a nearby salon. huxton was not injured. she faces a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment. >> reporter: a social media fire storm was sparked. one febook user wondering if she was under the influence. just as fiercely, others rushing to support her on twitter. and facebook page attracting nearly 17,000 members. supporters sharing their own perfectly imperfect parenting moments and calling for forgiveness. i have never met cherish but the public punishment has to be painful. >> we love our family. we love our children. >> reporter: the petersons ede a aing they are not perfect
8:17 am
parents. >> i'm a good mom who made a horrible mistake. >> reporter: one post asking people to contact the local police department and ask that the charges be dropped. e we asked you. is this mother unfit or did she make a forgivable mistake? 73% of you said she is unfit. >> oh, no. >> come on. >> some say she made a mistake. >> it's harsh. >> most importantly, the baby was okay. okay, next up. amazing family story. a 51-year-old mother with mchlt s. who gave birth to her own grandchild, acting as a surrogate for her own daughter. juju chang has this exclusive. >> reporter: this is month old mila james. snuggling with mom and dad. it was a special gift from grandma that aloud her to come into this world. after they were married, mandy and jamie couldn't wait to get pregnant. >> e we started trying right away. they opted for ivf.
8:18 am
there was success. the 20-week ultrasound looked perfect. a month later, tragedy struck. mandy went into early labor and lost the baby boy she named theo. >> you have so much excitement. you carry the baby for so long. that's ripped apart and taken away. your whole world stops. >> reporter: mandy's mom felt the pain, too. >> watching your child lose a child is the definition of sadness. i can't describe it any other way. >> reporter: because mandy's cervix opened early, doctors warned them a premature birth could happen again. >> we had a lot of tough decisions. we talked to adoption agencies. i had family members step in. >> i decided if that was sur gassy or someone carrying their child was the best option, i would volunteer. >> reporter: sherry, at 51, had three group kids of her own. >> my children are the best thing in the world to me. so to be able to give that to
8:19 am
your own child, i can't describe that field fooeling. >> reporter: she was a high-risk pregnancy because of her age and her diagnosis of mull triple sclerosis. >> my husband was probably more concerned than i was, just probably because i was just all in. >> reporter: there were risks. there was a potential health benefit for sherry, whose m.s. was in remission. becoming pregnant might help keep it that way. protective changes in the body during pregnancy keep the symptoms at bay. >> i am fortunate. i played tennis up until a week before i delivered. i kept working out with my train person the delivery at 51 was way harder than my last baby at 33. that was the hard part. >> reporter: baby mila was born four week ago. mom, baby, and grandma are doing great. >> you can't describe it. you can't imagine it.
8:20 am
i look at mila and think about, it brings tears. >> how do you thank somebody who has given you the ultimate gift. >> she doesn't have to. i have a grandchild now. that's the ultimate thank you. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> what a great story. they could be sisters, by the way. >> i'll say. the picture of happy family. the doctors wanted people to know there are other medical options for mandy's condition. in this case, the sur gassy worked out. let's go to ginger. >> george, you have to meet my new friends. this is lilianna. she's 7. a little tired, right? >> yes. >> just a little bit. we feel you, lilianna. let's start with the warmth. oh, my goodness. it's warm. the heat is building. look at the temperatures. not record-breaking. could see an official heat wave. st. louis, raleigh, you're up there, too.
8:21 am
the tropical moisture pooling into florida. some of the numbers top two to >> good morning. back to school for a lot of kids today. there e is a slim chae you get an i isolated raindrop or two at the bus stop. at pickup. recess, clouds begin to break. mid-80's. on ththe way home, tryith more sunshineighting through. 87egrees by the time the kids are on the way home. we a a into o the lowow 90's tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. it is cooler with a sling chance for rain o >> it's a birthday monday out here. let's go some pop. it's time for "pop news." this is what everyone's face looked like when taylor swift made her fans dreams come true last night on the mtv vma preshow. the superstar premiered her
8:22 am
"wildest dreams" video. taylor sporting much darker lox and drawing inspiration from "the notebook" for the project which also starred scott eastwood, clint eastwood's son. some extraordinary sites in africa. the proceeds of the video go to animal conservation efforts of the african parks foundation of america. >> and scott eastwood, i'm good with it. >> we could probably do a month's worth of "pop news" just based from the vmas. >> absolutely. get ready, everybody. tracee ellis ross is going to work that body. remember when diana worked it out in this music video? the mother of three kids grooving and working out. look at her. now her daughter, tracee ellis
8:23 am
re-created the video to inspire women everywhere. women tend to objectify themselves in videos. she wants women to find and be and enjoy their body. >> thanks, mom. what do you think? i think you're so much hotter than me. [ laughter ] >> don't you just hate when that happens. >> she's so funny. this is where you remind us how old you were when the diana ross -- >> '81? i was little. i'm avoiding that topic. >> were you even alive? >> maybe not. >> moving along now, guys. justin timberlake is heading back to the silver screen -- whoo-hoo! partnering with jonathan demme.
8:24 am
demme no stranger to music projects, fresh off meryl streep's "ricki and the flash" and other projects. we can expect unbelievable dancing from man he likes to call quote a funky fred astaire. i was not born for that either. no release date yet. it will be sure to take back the night. i'll be honest. i had to look up fred astaire. >> no you didn't. >> i had to google. he was born in 1899. >> we try to help him out. and then he goes there. >> he's a good dancer. could sing. could act. >> wow. he's going to double down. >> jesse is unafraid. >> i got home work to do later. if you lost your phone? you probably never found it where it was like this guy did.
8:25 am
a story, thanks to our friends, at the daily mail. scott and his fellow traveler, megan, were on a trek around the world. he lost his ipod touch in laos. a few days later, logs on to icloud and discovers this. a young monk. and another image appears. and another, and another. soon, dozens of photos taken by someone they dubd as the monk that lives in my phone. he's now settled in south korea. he wants to meet the man one day. >> a different type of meditation. >> maybe he can give him his ipod touch back after all that time. >> monkeys? >> a lot more coming up, including serena williams. going for the gland slam. grand slam.
8:26 am
8:27 am
josh: good morning, washington. mostly cloud cover this morning. a few isolated sprinkles. we are watching some dry air worked its way into the picture around asheville and climbing up the appalachians. for us, that means some sunshine moves in for the end of the day. cloud cover sticks around. into the afternoon, a few isolated showers to the west of interstate 81. sunshine starts to show up. we clear out overnight and a lot of sunshine for tuesday spells temperatures into the low 90's. we have to worry about showers tomorrow, should be a dry day. 89 degrees today, decrease in clouds and isolated morning showers. more sunshine later on.
8:28 am
92 wednesday. back in the 80's by the holiday weekend. for the three-day weekend, slim chance for rain saturday. angela: good morning, washington. tracking the monday morning commute. interstate in virginia looking good. heavy volume as you get closer to the beltway on 66 and 95. tiedrilyn, a look at 270, up through gaithersburg. crashes blocking the left lane on southbound i-270, making your approach to west diamond avenue. on the left side, tied up. heavyh montgomery county, delays from interstate 95 connecting with the capital beltway. through fairfax county, inner loop congestion from the springfield interchange to gallows road and closer to tysons- mclean.
8:29 am
heavy from turkey run to the
8:30 am
good morning, america. ♪ do big or go home and good morning, serena williams. u.s. open starting today. and of course, she's getting ready for the u.s. open. all in that quest for the grand slam. she and robin sat down for an exclusive interview. >> she seems pretty relaxed. one woman taking control of her life. dropping more than 100 pounds. she did it in just over a year. how she did it all by hearse. wait until you see her after picture. really, really great. this morning, we're launching a brand-new series called "secret cash stash" to help you find money hiding in plain sight in your home. becky worley traveled to michigan to help one woman discover the pile of cash right
8:31 am
under her nose. >> reporter: grandma's costume jewelry. give to it the kids to play dress-up? or is there hidden cash in here? that's the question kim has. >> i'm kim. >> reporter: kim's mom handed her this bask. look at this. this is crazy. filled to the brim. >> this year, my mom turns 80. she decided to start cleaning out her hours. >> reporter:o you think this is worth anything? >> in terms of cash, no. >> reporter: she terned to les gold. >> i have never seen anything like it. >> reporter: les took the jewelry and spent time with it. >> most of this stuff, is not real. >> reporter: but buried inside. >> this is a gucci piece. >> gucci? >> reporter: and those iconic "cs," chanel. >> this looks like real piece of chanel. >> reporter: costume jewelry looks gaudy.
8:32 am
>> the most gaudy is probably the most valuable. >> reporter: how do you know if you have a spot of gold? invest in a jeweler's eye loop. >> nothing can tell you better than your eyes. >> reporter: look for brand hallmarx. >> chanel has a specific logo. in the '70s, a round disk that said chanel, made in france. >> reporter: hat do you think the value is? >> $5,000, maybe $6,000. >> this is one of the nicest collections i have seen. these would be worth probably $30,000 to $40,000. congratulations. congratulations. >> thank you, mom. >> reporter: for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, detroit. >> i mean, that is a dream come true. >> it was her wish. she couldn't imagine. >> i bet.
8:33 am
this is les gold, from truetv's hard core pawn. we call this game so not junk. is it junk or so not junk. we begin with a watch. >> it's a beautiful example of a pocket watch. high relief hunter case. what do you think? >> junk or so not junk. [ audience yelling ] >> this is actually junk. this is -- this watch is a 14-karat gold repeater. a good example of an early 1900s watch. this is gold-plated. >> it's pretty. how much value does it have? >> this is $25. this is $4,000. >> even if it doesn't work, it tells the right time twice a day.
8:34 am
>> thank you. we got pearls. >> this is pearls. pearls are valuable. if they're real. the question is are these real? or are they not? >> junk or so not junk on the pearls. [ crowd yelling ] >> everyone thinks so not junk. >> these are real. >> you did it. >> these are really extremely fine paerls. worth about $4,000. these pearls are worth about 99 cents. >> how can you tell the difference? >> you take the pearl, rub it across your tooth. >> you really do do that? >> no, i do that. if it's gritty, it's a pearl. pearls are made by sand and the oyster puts layers and layers around it. it would be gritty. these are not real. >> people across america right now -- >> the you feel e these, they're light. >> very light. >> so not real. finally, a piece of glass. crystal or fancy or junk? >> junk! >> well this is worth about $25.
8:35 am
it's a waterford crystal glass. the real value is in something like that. this is steub erk n. >> how do you know? >> you need to look at it. look for the markings. take a jeweler's loop or mag magnifying glass. >> i see it. i love it when you come on. you know i love to hunt. >> we'll come back. >> please do. thank you, guys. amy, hopefully, you and i can go treasure hunting in our closets. now to a little girl making a big impact. the 9-year-old fighting against subtle sexism she says she encountered when she went shopping online with her mom. mara schiavocampo has her story. >> reporter: adare may be
8:36 am
pint-sized. this 9-year-old packs a powerful punch. the north carolina native was shopping for pajama party pants online at vineyard vines when she noticed boys bottoms were called lounge pants an the girls were called lazy papts. >> i thought, did they call me lazy? >> reporter: what did you decide to do? >> i decided to write a letter. >> reporter: adair didn't hold anything back. >> i think boys and girls and men and women should all be treated the same. can't we all just wear comfy pants. >> reporter: what tdid you thin? >> i was shocked, impressed. and proud. incredibly proud. >> reporter: after getting the the letter, the creators took action. you responded really quickly. >> it's important. she had a great point. i think it was misconstrued. we didn't mean that women were
8:37 am
lazy. we meant they were pants for when you wanted to have a lazy day. >> reporter: the brothers inviting adair and her family to their head quarters. >> welcome to vineyard vines. >> reporter: first. >> will you go cross it out. if you could name lazy pants something else, what would you name em? >> lounge pants. >> reporter: all right. let's go it. next, she picks her pattern and color. and watches her design start to become a reality. >> she wanted fish going one direction and a whale going the other. she clear sli that whale. not afraid to follow her own path. >> reporter: and last but not least. what are you going to call your paints? adair you to be awesome. >> what a great story. thank you so much, mara. let's go to ginger. >> we have to do our social
8:38 am
snapsh snapshot. we love this time of the morning. amazing weather sfoets you have taken and sent to us. we want more of these. let's enjoy all of us looking at how about in kansas, this shelf cloud. ooh, right? that is a really great shot. you can see the landscape there. i love that about chasing storms in the plains. you can see forever. this one in surprise, arizona, taken just yesterday. >> wow! >> they're so nice! >> the lightning with the rainbow in the back. thank you, david. you can find me on twitter. send me your photos at >> closer to home still dealing with the chahance for few sprinkles this morning but most of us are going to stay drdry. 77 around d 8:00. mid 80's by noon. sunshihine moves ifor the enof >> and all that weather brought
8:39 am
to you by voya financial. my girls from maryland. they have energy, lara. >> thank you, ginger. we want jesse to look on the jumbotron. wondering if you knew what that might be? >> no. is that fred astaire? >> that is -- >> so he can kind of dance. he's got some moves. >> and ginger rogers. >> that's jijginger rogers. >> you can't name the movie? >> dancing in the rain? i don't know. >> i grew up in canada. in an igloo in canada. i'm being bullied on live tv right now. zblerlier in the show, jesse admitted he didn't know who fred astaire was. we felt you might need a visual. >> he's from canada. that was his excuse. >> i'm not going to talk for the next couple of minutes. coming up next, tennis superstar serena williams one on
8:40 am
one with robin. stay with
8:41 am
8:42 am
u.s. open kicks off this morning right here in new york. on the women's side, it's all about serena. looking to become the first p y player to win a grand slam since 1988. robin sat down with her for this espn/abc exclusive. take a look. >> serena williams.
8:43 am
>> reporter: she's queen of the grand slam. superstar serena williams. the number one tennis player in the world. back to defend her u.s. open crown. so how do you keep it all together as you get closer and closer to the start of the open? >> actually, it's really easy. i don't feel pressure to win here. i feel like i want to win here. more than probably anybody. but at the same time, i don't feel that pressure. i felt a loft pressure in wimbledon, going for the serena slam. getting that four in a row. that was interesting. >> why was that more pressure than going for "the" grand slam? >> i think it was the pressure i put on myself. i learned not to put that pressure on myself. relax and do what i can do and to work hard and to win if i can. >> mentally or physically, at this point in your career, what is more of a challenge for you?
8:44 am
on the court? >> that's a really good one. um -- gosh. i don't know. i want to say -- i have to say mental. i mean, just to stay in there. you know, two hours, 2 1/2 hours. can sometimes be tough. >> i was there when you won the first one. came on "good morning america." >> it's really exciting. i went out and made history. the first african-american to win, i think in 41 years. >> do you ever take a step back and see where you are and go, man, what a journey? >> sometimes i do. i'll look at pictures. me winning the first open. i remember it like it was yesterday. that -- i remember thinking, i'm just not going to miss on this shot. i'm not going to miss. i don't care if i have to hit 100 balls, i'm not missing. just remembering that moment of holding the trophy. it was everything to me. >> reporter: though much celebrated, the 33-year-old athlete, who recently earned her second serena slam, winning four
8:45 am
grand slam tournaments in a row, she's been the victim of body-shaming comments. you embraced it and said this is my body. >> yeah. >> reporter: i saw the picture on instagram in the bathroom. >> look back at it. >> reporter: yeah, is that your way of saying, this is me? >> it's me. i love me. i learned to love me. and i've been like this my whole life. i embrace me. and i love how i look. i love that i am a full woman and i'm strong and i'm powerful and i'm beautiful at the same time. there's nothing wrong with that. it's so important to look at the positives. if i get caught up looking at the negatives, it can bring you down. i just -- don't have time to be brought down. i have too many things to do. i have grand slams to win. people to -- inspire. and that's what i'm here for. >> reporter: speaking of that. new york magazine. those pictures were slamming. sit fun for you to be able to show that side of you? that we all don't always get to
8:46 am
see? >> yes. it's really fun. it was the photographer's idea. i can't take credit. he said, i saw a picture on your instagram of you in the air doing the split. he said, i want to re-create that. i was like, really? it was fun. i do a loft things off the course. >> reporter: there's no acing serena talk about her private life. especially concerning recent rumors of a mixed doubles partner off the court. we love to look in n your box a see people. anybody that we might -- might recognize other than family that will be in your box at the open? >> venus. patrick, my coach has been great. we'll see. robin. >> reporter: i tried my best. >> you did. >> reporter: that was good, you have to admit. >> it was a good one. it was a good one. >> good try, robin.
8:47 am
>> she seems to be in a good place. >> she does. she exudes a positive energy. i think she plays tonight. >> it all starts today. coverage of the first round starts at 1:00 on espn. 7:00 p.m. on espn2. when we come back, one woman's amazing weight loss
8:48 am
8:49 am
this morning, yahoo! health is kicking off their brand-new series, weight loss win. sharing inspiring stories of people who got healthy. first up, caitlin adams. she overcame depression and binge eating to get control of her body and her life. ♪ yahoo! >> reporter: an inspiring journey of self-reliance, caitlin adams, now 26 years old, dropped a staggering 107 pounds
8:50 am
in a year. she's our first yahoo! health weight loss win. michelle promaulayko describing the honor. >> it features people who have lost a significant amount of weight without personal trainers, fancy maleal-delivery services. >> reporter: she got a wakeup call and took charge. >> this time, because of my health. if i don't get healthy, not thin, but healthy, then i was going to die an early death. >> reporter: in 2011, she was failing out of college, dead broke, and fighting severe depression along with a debilitating bing-eating disorder. >> i was at rock bottom. >> reporter: she moved in with her mother, who also struggles with obesity. they hadn't lived together since her parents' divorce as a young
8:51 am
girl. she resolved to make a change. without money for an expensive diet program or trainer. she spend a month researching. >> she discovered she needed to eat clean food, clean whole food and to move more often. >> reporter: on her own, 5'9" caitlin dropped from 253 to 146 pounds. sflit feels empowering. it feels like i am worst it. i am enough to be healthy and strong. >> reporter: and watch now as we reveal her transformation. all right, everybody. so we have a picture of what caitlin looked like before. and -- take a look. here she is, everybody. caitlin come on out. >> wow! >> you look fabulous. >> thank you. >> you look incredible. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> you brought some of your old clothes. how does it feel to look at those, look at yourself and just to feel yourself right now.
8:52 am
to feel that energy that you have? >> it's bizarre. it's way bizarre. i can't believe i used to wear this, honestly. it's crazy. >> what is it like for you now when you go shopping for clothes? >> it's a lot easier. i can pretty much go anywhere now. before, i used to have custom-made clothes. go to certain stores. i couldn't go anywhere and everywhere. now it's more fun, too, as well. >> i'm so glad. it was important to share the importance or how eye-opening it was living with your mom. her struggle. a huge influence on you. >> yeah, definitely. that was the turning point for me. it clicked. before, it was about being thin and beautiful. when i lived with my mom and saw her health issues, it became about my health and not being able to fully live my life. that's when it stuck. that's when i got the passion and fire inside. >> it seems like right now there's a great movement toward loving you for who you are and not being so concerned about
8:53 am
having quote unquote the right body image. >> yeah, you know, i think that's important. i love that whole body love, body acceptance movement. something i should have learned back then when i was overweight. at the same time, i wasn't healthy. i was on a path to self-destruction. i don't think that's a way to live either. it's a balance of the two. >> you are great inspiration. you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> thank you for sharing your journey with our viewers. i'm sure a lot of people out i'm sure a lot of people out there are listening.
8:54 am
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wow, so this is it for august, everyone. >> wow. >> have great monday. >> bye, summer. good morning, washington. looking a little cloudy. it will not last all day. chance for rain is slaton. -- is slim.
8:57 am
spotty showers working their way out of the south. if you look towards asheville, you see breaks in the cloud cover. on.hine later decrease in clouds, 89 degrees for your high. isolated shower through the morning. later on, any grain should stay west of interstate 81. a breeze out of the south at 5-10 miles per hour. warmer overnight temperatures between the mid-60's and mid-seventies. partly cloudy, staying mild and dry tonight. into tomorrow, a high of 93, hot few days.for the next wednesday, thursday and friday highs in the 90's. best chance for rain should show up friday. angela: folks traveling on the george washington memorial parkway southbound, gridlock with a crash after spout run parkway. 395 at gw parkway and
8:58 am
14th street bridge, some northbound delays are getting better. has he passed edsall road and duke street. from thep still heavy robinson terminal springfield interchange up to gallows road. accident cleanup on interstate 66 blocking the center lane eastbound into centreville between 29 and route 28. maryland, a second crash southbound i-270 just past shady grove road. southbound i-270 just past shady grove road. two lanes are blocks and he has no idea what's coming. my taste - so huge, yet so unexpected.
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