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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  August 31, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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season. coach gruden: it's not so much what somebody didn't do but what kirk has done. robert: a few changes at redskins park. rgiii the face of the franchise has been benched again. >> robert didn't lose his starting position because of injury. he lost it because of performance. coach gruden: correct. robert: rgiii was benched late last season, too, but was given the starting job this off-season despite gruden's initial promise of open competition. but griffin struggled against the lions leaving game with what gruden called a concussion. rgiii has been out due to injury. now he is out, period. demoted to second or third string. coach gruden: ultimately as a football coach it's my call to say who starts or doesn't start. it's my decision. robert: espn report sunday claims that many in the organization want to part ways with griffin but the team ownership, i.e., dan snyder was holding out. coach gruden: all mr. snyder
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wants to do is win. there is a lot of things said he is pulling for this guy or that guy. that is not the place here. robert: how is rgiii taking this? a source close to the situation is that griffin is "content" despite the setback and he still wants to play here. coming up at 5:00, we will hear from the starter kirk cousins. robert wachts to play here according to a -- wants to play here according to a source. kimberly: even at that level you compete for your job. robert: every level. that is what you are talk from little league on up. jonathan: you can't blame the coach. he wants to win. thanks. no surprise that the redskins is a big talker on social media. kimberly: we have more than 100 comments on the abc7 facebook page.
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kimberly: we want to know what you think. join the conversation by going to the abc7 facebook page. jonathan: coming up tonight at "abc7 news at 5:00" and 2:00, our own diane cho will have reaction from the fans out on the street talking about the move with the redskins. stay with abc7 for any new developments as they come in with the redskins starting line-up and look for updates on the website we will have all of that for you and keep you up to date. kimberly: another violent -- >> kirk cousins is doing the job. give the job to the man doing the job. jonathan: just some folks weighing in. again, please, we want to hear from you. go to again, we will have the updates at 5:00 and 6:00. with this drama a lot of folks have a lot to say. kimberly: right. moving on to the other top story. it was another violent weekend across d.c. even with police flooding street as part of the all hands on deck campaign.
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jonathan: tonight more evidence of the problems within the police department. members of the union say they have no confidence in the chief's leadership. kimberly: stephen tschida is live in the district with more on the heated division. stephen? stephen: kimberly, an overwhelming show of no confidence from the rank and file over the weekend. i have tell you, 15 minutes ago i got a response, an e-mail from chief cathy lanier. i want to share what she has is say. she is not interested in responding to or commenting on an anonymous online survey conducted by the fraternal order of police. she goes on to tout what she says was all hands on deck move over the weekend and she lowered the violent crime 30%. overall crime by 50%. compared to the same weekend last year. the rank and file, fraternal order of police unhappy with the leadership style. this is what chair of the f.o.p. had to say about the findings of the survey.
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the turnout was roughly a third of the members. out of the third the vote is 1,122 voted no confidence. 28 voted they had confidence in the chief. stephen: the chief stressing this is an anonymous survey over the weekend. the same weekend when they were ordered all hands on deck. some may have planned vacation and were required to work. so it may have tainted the view of the chief. chief lanier has had one of the highest approval ratings of any official in the city. the most important approval from mayor muriel bowser who responded to the survey sending out the statement saying that the chief enjoys her full confidence. reporting live, stephen
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tschida, abc7 news. kimberly: she is the boss. thank you. search is underway for a george washington university student disappeared while swimming overseas. nicholas upton was last seen sunday night in capetown, south africa. he was studying there. brianne carter is live near the campus of george washington with the university with the details. what have you found out? brianne: that stunt is a member -- student of this fraternity, known as k.a. and is a member of the rowing team. he is in south africa studying abroad. now the search is on to try to find him. george washington university officials say upton a junior was studying abroad in south africa and was traveling in a break in classes. officials say upton has not been seen sunday night while swimming in cape province. local officials in capetown are conducting a search and are coordinating with the program representatives there in south africa. the family as well as the
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u.s. embassy. the community here at g.w. is praying for his safe return. >> i lived in south africa. it is pretty crazy. i don't know where he was, but that is tough. especially in the wildlife area. brianne: this is the first day of classes here at g.w. a lot of students getting in the swing of things. some heard of this and others had not. coming up at 5:00 what the fraternity is saying about this. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. tonight president obama calling for urgent action to tackle climate change. he left this morning with john kerry, secretary of state. he and the president will address the state department conference on global
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leadership in the arctic and the president will tape a special episode of "running wild "with the survivalists there. you can look for that coming up on cable. a live look outside, sun and clouds to start the workweek. it looked like it would rain. kimberly: humid, too. that is what you are touching on. rain drops in the future, doug? doug: not in the immediate area. if you factor in the dew point, the dew point it feels like 91 at reagan national. mid-to-upper 80's across the area. 88 in fredericksberg. 77 in andrews. 86 in baltimore. you factor in the moisture from the dew point temperatures. those are running through the 60's to close to 70 in spots. that is how we are feeling, warmer than the warmer capts. getting through the evening hours, it's overnight muggy.
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you could see outline areas of 67. but a muggy start to tuesday. tomorrow is first day of september and meteorological autumn. in a little bit we will give you the numbers for the summer meteorological summer ending today. temperatures interesting, interesting summer we have had indeed. in the short-term, it's 66 in the suburbs. we will look to the rest of the week. jonathan: thanks. scary start for the first day of school for montgomery county. the picture tells the tale. two buses. one backed in the back of the other one. one of the buses shattered the win shield. the back was crushed. 17 students evaluated and evacuate and doing fine. injuries were minor. kimberly: the first day of school was smoother for other students including those in virginia. jonathan: students in manassas
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city, loudoun and prescription william counties returned to -- prince william counties returned to class. >> it's back to school earlier than usual. traditionally in virginia they start the day after labor day. but a waiver was signed to start a week earlier because of the snow days. we have a highlight. the three bullet points of the year. 87,000 students enrolled. a growing school system. the second largest in virginia. so class size, is it a big concern going forward? that is why they are building more schools. this is chris young elementary school who is named after fallen police officer chris young who lost his life two yeah years ago sadly. you can see the students, about 700 of them walking into the school for the first time ever. >> we think it will be a tremendous inspiration for chris young's legacy to live
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on for years to come. yet the class size is always a challenge and continues to be. having enough bus drivers. so if you want to drive a bus we could use more bus drivers. >> i'm glad in his classroom they have two teachers,ous. one teacher won't be so overwhelmed. >> we transferred from the fairfax city school so this is a change. we're excited. brand new and everything. >> looking forward to having fun and making friends. >> looking at the group behind me, you can probably tell how diverse the school system is. well, it is. we are told that this year alone there will be 120 languages spoken by the students here in prince william county. in virginia, john gonzalez. jonathan: we asked you to submit back-to-school pictures. how cute is that? the mom sent the photo of the third grader. attends in rockville. if you see news, send it to
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us. e-mail us your photo or the video at do include the name and where you took the picture or video. we know the traffic can be a nightmare around d.c. but coming up learn whether maryland or virginia is the worst for this traffic. kimberly: a big rivalry there. but nobody wants that trophy. plus, an unexpected thrill for kayakers. what they are saying about the close encounter with a shark. scott: 7,000 pages of hillary clinton's e-mails about to go public. what is in them and how many are now called classified? i'm scott thuman. are now called classified? i'm scott thuman. all the answers coming up
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kimberly: the largest batch yet of hillary clinton e-mails when she was secretary of state are going to be released tonight. what should you expect to see in senior political reporter scott thuman joining us live from the capitol hill bureau. do you think there will be something incriminating in there? scott: we don't know. that is what we are waiting for. we know we will see 7,000 pages that will be released in the latest patch that will happen around 9:00 tonight. what is safe to predict, though, is that it will continue to be an issue for
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clinton. the problem for her is that some of the e-mails are now after the fact being labeled classified or top secret in a few cases. so though she claims she did nothing wrong and didn't send them from the private home server they are now called at by the inspector general by the state department so the critics are lining up. including now the former vice president dick cheney. >> it wasn't how we handled the classified information. >> he should have known better. >> i think she should have known better. >> do you think the russian and chinese have her e-mails? >> they have my personnel records. how can they not have her e-mail? >> do you think it undermines or disqualifies her candidacy? >> i think there is a real possibility of that. >> so the last batches that are put out in person and made public on the website every month. the last batch is scheduled to arrive at the beginning of next year, 2016.
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that times out to the iowa caucuses. in january. february of 2016. have a say in the race for white house? we talk about that at 6:00. we will tell you how many of the batch of 7,000 are called classified and will be withheld from public view. a lot to talk about it and we will see you in an hour and a half. kimberly: we will look for you then. kimberly: an investigation involving two planes that were packed with people. wings of so southwest airline planes hit each other at the oakland international airport. a chunk came off the departing flight wing. no one was hurt. >> heard a loud popping noise. a jolt. we saw a chunk of the wind tip on the right side come off.
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kimberly: southwest says both planes were taken out of service and will undergo a maintenance check. jonathan: this is a heart-pounding shark encounter and caught on camera, of course. watch this. take a look. the nearly 7-foot hammer head circling the kayakers off the coast north of san diego. this is not a shark looking to paddle the boat. probably wanted to eat win. nearby swimmers pulled to safety. lifeguards evacuated the beaches as a precaution. >> the lifeguards come by and they are like even out of the water. freak og out. i thought they'd be calm. they were like "even out! shark!" jonathan: the hammerhead falled them to shore -- followed them all the way back to shore. nobody was hurt. for the most part hammer heads are not dangerous sharks. kimberly: still, not a lot separating you from the shark. jonathan: you think?
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a new list ranks commuters in the country. kimberly: maryland is one of the worst. it's been found maryland is the fourth worst state to drive in. drivers in the free safe have the longest commute at 30 minutes. that is six minutes above the national level. they have the 11th highest insurance premiums. ranked in the high repair cost as well and the rate of car theft and the annual gas spending. is there anything left? kimberly: they did rank the sixth lowest for fatal crashes. so that is one silver lining. virginia ranked 19th in the survey. which is surprising because virginia has so few routes to washington and maryland has so many. jonathan: talking about the traffic let's look at it. jamie sullivan has a look at the monday afternoon commute. not bad. a couple lot spots. jamie: it's pretty bad in some spots. start with this picture that we have.
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this car on the side is southbound at g.w. at belle haven. they may block off the road. they haven't done it yet. you can see the cones out already. look at the pace. if you are traveling on the capital beltway we are okay. this is the issue. a disabled vehicle that is blocking off the right lane. this is northbound. let's look at the backup behind this. not much to worry about. this is the green. slowdown is where you see the yellow line. this is from the capital beltway to take you under 20 minutes. i say it's typical because we are used to this. southbound closer to the mixing bowl. in arlington, the issue is this water main break. best option as an alternate is to use wilson boulevard.
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capitol boulevard is pretty good. we have one slow stretch from virginia to maryland. through montgomery county we are okay. we don't have any big delays. the bottom still looks good across the wilson bridge. closer to joint base andrews. that is a look of traffic. we have issues and will look at the vehicle on the parkway. kimberly: we were clearly in denial about the traffic situation. same thing about summer ending. jonathan: meteorologically speaking this is the last day of summer? doug: yes. autumn begins tomorrow. don't confuse with the official seasons astronomical and fall doesn't begin until the 21, 22 of september septemb. but pay attention to this because this could be a final "jeopardy" question if this is a category. look at the cardinal ridge elementary school in centreville.
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this is the way it was for most of the area. cloudy start to the day. midday skies brighten. the clouds came back. at 3:00, the clouds moved out of the area. now we have the bright blue skies. with that, the southeasterly wind. that is driving the temperatures up. driving the humidity up. on the last day of august this is hot and humid. beautiful sky conditions. since we are wrapping up the month of august, we are in the books with 1.16 inches of rain. that is below average for the month. in the last 19 days we have only had .58 of an inch of rain since june 1, the first day of the meteorological summer. we have a surplus of 7.75 inches of rain for the season since the 1st of june. but it's dry. very dry. but officially we are not in a drought situation yet in the d.c. metro area. we will keep close tabs on that. we have showers well west of metro. to the eastern pan-handful of west virginia -- panhandle of
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west virginia. look at the numbers. the mid-to-upper 80's across the board from the bay to the mountains and tonight. we will stay muggy. partly cloudy, 67 to 74 by morning. high pressure in control. that will move eastward in the next couple of days. it's hot and humid and we have a chance of a shower or a thunderstorm wednesday. another chance here on friday. right now, find some wood. [knocking] plexi glass. that's wood. right now it looks like the labor day weekend will be fine with the cooler temperatures and also fair amount of, you know, sunshine throughout the weekend. at the beaches with the temperatures in the mid-80's. that looks good to me. but i always have my -- [knocking] caveat. it's a holiday weekend and only monday. kimberly: coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- tom brady's availability for the start of the nfl season. now is in the hands of a judge. when the judge expects to make a decision in the deflategate
4:23 pm
scandal. jonathan: here is another back-to-school picture to show you. leah's mother sent us this photo and says she is super excited to be in the first grade at lakeville elementary school at rockville. you can see it on her face! she loves her teachers. good picture. thank you for sharing with us. we'll be right back after this.
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jonathan: a judge will decide tom brady's fate in the whole deflategate scandal after the patriots quarterback and the nfl could not come to an agreement. the two sides are arguing over brady's punishment. the punishment is a four-game suspension. abc elizabeth has the latest development for us. elizabeth: tom brady left court before noon flashing a smile but without talking to reporters. hours earlier there were tears from fans for the star quarterback. and boos for nfl commissioner roger goodell. the two arriving separately for last-minute settlement talks that ended without a compromise. it is now up to the judge to settle their differences over deflated footballs. >> we want to thank the court. we tried our best to reach a settlement, which we did not reach. but i think that for us it reinforces the desire and the need for an independent
4:27 pm
arbitrator. in these matters of personal conduct. elizabeth: the nfl players union wants the four-game suspension thrown out. the league is arguing it acted appropriately upholding the punishment. brady was fined and suspended after nfl concluded that brady was generally aware two employees conspired to deflate footballs before the arkansasf.c. championship -- a.f.c. championship game. allegations that brady denies and continues to fight. >> the nfl has gone into this with the advantage. i think they still have the advantage. settlement talks went nowhere. you have to give more favoritism to the judgment ruling for the league. but you never know. elizabeth: should the judge rule in favor of the league analysts say it's still possible for brady to play in the season opener next week by appealing the ruling and essentially asking the judge to put his decision on hold. while the appeal process plays itself out. in new york, i'm elizabeth
4:28 pm
hur, abc7 news. kimberly: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- stranded at the zoo. what we are now learning about more than a dozen animals stuck in floodwaters. >> he was killed along a busy eight-lane roadway. police need your help to solve his murder. i'm kevin lewis.
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 4:00". on your side. jonathan: this was shocking. one minute they are working
4:31 pm
along a busy road in wheaton when they witnessed a murder take place. now police are looking for three men responsible. kimberly: montgomery county reporter kevin lewis is near that scene with the latest. kevin, what do you know? kevin: hi, kimberly. yeah, the scene is right behind me. police say this is really startled the wheaton community. the murder taking place close to the busy intersection of randolph and biers mill road in wheaton. it was around 9:00 last night that the road crew witnessed three men beating the fourth man in the middle of the street. paramedics came to the scene and found the man in his 20's, who police have not identified lying lifeless on thepayment. they took him to -- thepayment. the three suspects ran off on foot. suspect one is hispanic man with a goatee wearing a red shirt and black pants. suspect two is a short hispanic man wearing white shirt, blue jean and tennis
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shoes. no word on the third suspect. >> the fire rescue personnel got here first and found hispanic male in his early 20's. 200 block of beers mill road with serious life threatening injuries. he was taken to a hospital he later succumb to the injuries. kevin: only 15 minutes ago we saw a few montgomery county detectives leaving the rite aid pharmacy. the pharmacy has security cameras. we still don't know if the cameras captured anything including the three men taking off. live in wheaton, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. jonathan: hope they catch them. thanks. volunteers are working to provide food and medicine to a dozen animals trapped in the floodwaters at the zoo in russia. this is a dire situation. the video show the bears standing on the hand legs clinging to the bar to keep the head above the water. 14 brown bears and a lion are trapped and awaiting rescue.
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kimberly: pretty humid for the first day of fall, meteorological fall. jonathan: it's scary when we say the last day of summer meteorologically speaking. kimberly: i don't like it. jonathan: me neither. doug hill, it's nice when the sun pokes out. this is what you expect for august. doug: typical late summer weather around the area. breeze off the chesapeake bay. comfortable 83. the skies cleared so it's comfortable. hot and humid. all there is to it. not up usual for early september. ragweed continues to lead the pack here with the pollen count. mold spores are moderate. everything else is low. temperatures are higher than earlier because of the increased sunshine. 87 at reagan national airport. dew point temperatures the measure of the moisture in the air is creeping up slowly and steadily. you are feeling the heat and the humidity combination more
4:34 pm
so for the next three days. tonight is warm and muggy, partly cloudy. drop to 70's in most spots. the metro area. suburban spot may hit the upper 60's before sunrise. for the next seven days we are in heat and humidity big time. 92, 93, 93. the next few days 30% chance of storm on wednesday. a little better chance on friday. if it works out according to plan the labor day weekend should be partly to mostly sunny. highs in the mid-80's. kimberly: it's called a cold blooded execution. today a man accused of gunning down a texas sheriff's deputy appeared in court. emily schmidt has more in the case and the questions that remain. emily: a line of law enforcement walked shannon miles to the houston courtroom to face the charge of canning their colleague, deputy darren goforth. as he pilled up his patrol car friday night. miles said little in court. the prosecutor outlined what
4:35 pm
gas station surveillance video alleges shows. >> he runs up behind deputy goforth and puts the gun to back of his head and shoots. deputy goforth hits the ground and he continues to up load his gun. >> an eyewitness pulled up to the station and heard gunshot provided the description of the suspect and the get-away car. when the authorities tracked the car to shannon miles they found a .40-caliber pistol at his home that could fire 15 shell casings. the same number of casings found at the crime scene. >> 15 shell casing, you can do the math. he unloaded entire pistol to deputy goforth. >> no one outlined clear motive yet. the sheriff says he believes deputy goforth was targeted only because he wore the uniform. >> we heard black lives matter. all lives matter. cops lives matter, too. drop the qualifier and just say lives matter. >> the community honored
4:36 pm
deputy goforth. >> here to help. we need to show them more appreciation. >> goforth was the father of go children and according to the officer down memorial page the 23rd law enforcer fatally shot this year in the u.s. emily schmidt, abc7 news. jonathan: boston firefighter is on a mission. his helmet was stolen. he won't rest until he finds them. he has been trying to get his helmet back. he says it's as much a part of him as anything else. >> history of the career. wherever you have been and everything you have done. every fire you have done to, not only my history but all the guy option the job. >> he is asking the public for the help to find the helmet. it could be on ebay or another
4:37 pm
bidding site. he says there is a market for the firefighter helmets. collectors will spend a couple up dollars to get one. kimberly: the cat cafe in georgetown is so popular prices are going up. as a dog lover i find this shocking. but it's supply and demand. in an effort to keep from overcrowding a visit will now cost $15 instead of $10 in the week and $12 on the weekend. according to the owners, 20 cats will still be out and about to pick up and pet and purr. but only 24 people are allowed at the time down from 37. you may have to wait in line. jonathan: you can love both. i like them both. kimberly: i can't. jonathan: really? you'll get over it. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- left in a shopping cart. not groceries. we are talking about child. the charges now against an arizona mother of four who alerted her to the mistake. we have that story ahead. >> to, no, no.
4:38 pm
kimberly: wow! see the what happens next. the heart-stopping close encounter with a black bear that has one woman thinking she is lucky to be alive. "abc7 news at 4:00" continues after this quick break.
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jonathan: i want you to watch the video. we're back now with one hiker's very close encounter with a pair of black bears. all of it was caught on camera. kimberly: the hiker tried to keep her distance but they kept closing in. one even put its mouth on her leg. jonathan: literally. it looks like it is going to bite her leg. abc has the story for us. >> i'm walking with a bear right now. reporter: incredible encounter caught on camera. >> hi. reporter: stephanie ripkin hiking in connecticut when she came upon two bears. she thought she was a safe distance away but the bears came closer and closer. then this heart-stopping moment. >> oh, no, no, no. reporter: the bears surrounded her. one reaching out for her leg with his mouth. >> the teeth scared me. i thought he was going to take a leg muscle out. reporter: miraculously, something spooked the bear and she was able to get away
4:42 pm
unscathed. >> i took ten minutes in the car sat there and thanked god for letting me out of there alive. reporter: connecticut tracks its bear population. the red tags in the bear's ear helped the authorities identify the bear as 1-1/2-year-old male. in tourists, they were surprised by a family of bears in yellowstone national park. in june, this grizzly bear also just outside yellowstone. back in connecticut, authorities immediately closed the trail so that no other hiker experiences the same scary brush with danger. phillip mena, abc news, new york. kimberly: wow! seems like people are putting a premium of getting themselves with a wild animal. jonathan: shooting the video was he is nibbling on her leg. maybe you want to put down the camera and move away from the bear. kimberly: a warning before you load your children up in the
4:43 pm
car. potentially dangerous flaw with many car seats still ahead. jonathan: plus, plus, you are thinking that eggs have gotten expensive. it's not just now. what is behind the skyrocketing prices when "abc7 news at 4:00" returns.
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jonathan: iconic film director wes craven died after a battle with brain cancer. he was best known as a writer and director of "nightmare on elm street" and "scream." he was credited with reinventing the teen horror movie genre. he died in his home on sunday at 76 years old. mother of four now facing child endangerment charges after she left her baby in a shopping cart. 27-year-old cherish peterson now at the center of a social media buzz and backlash. the mother of four left her 2-month-old son outside of an arizona supermarket for more than half hour monday afternoon. it's august in arizona. very hot. peterson says it was just a horrible mistake. cherish: i thought the whole
4:47 pm
time he was in my car. i was pulling in garage, my 3-year-old goes mom, where is the baby? his seat is behind me. i turned around to look. realized he was gone. jonathan: off-duty phoenix police officer spotted baby huxton and took him inside a salon to keep him cool. he was not injured but peterson is facing misdemeanor count of child endangerment. "7 on your side" with a consumer alert this an. just -- this afternoon. just in time for national child injury prevention week, there is a report saying that car seats just don't fit properly. they found that 42%, nearly half the time they were compatible -- there were compatibility issues with the seat. many parents report to rolled up towel or blankets or even the pool noodles under the car seat to make them level. researchers recommend to ask
4:48 pm
the stores to test car seats before you buy them. all right. how about this? have you been to the grocery store? have you seen what eggs are costing? kimberly: yes. i bought just six the other day. jonathan: sticker shock. right through the roof. kimberly: kellye lynn is live in the newsroom with the reason behind the price spike. what is going on? kellye: if you have been to the grocery store you notice the price of a dozen eggs is higher than usual. we wanted to know what is driving the increase and when the price of eggs will level off. no matter how you like your eggs you probably don't like the price. >> they have gone up. kellye: not just here. across the country. the average price for a dozen large grade-a eggs was $1.95 a year ago and is $2.57 today. >> we heard it was coming our way and the egg prices would shoot up. kellye: livestock and poultry expert says blame it on the bird through that led to the
4:49 pm
deaths of tens of millions of chicken and turn i can and that cut supply. driving up the wholesale price of eggs. >> it largely occurred through the beginning of 2015. the last incident was in june. kellye: we want to know the cost of eggs in our area and found the lowest price for a dozen large eggs at whole foods. at safety they are .359. the local 7-leb was $3.7 a -- $3.79. it will remain high through the rest of the year. and then decline next year. >> we're still buying eggs. we make eggs every morning. scrambled eggs and bacon. kellye: whole sell egg prices for 2015 to be 15% lower than this year. in the newsroom, kellye lynn, abc7 news.
4:50 pm
kimberly: bacon and eggs. getting hungry. but instead let's talk about weather. jonathan: it's already monday so we are looking ahead to the weekend. doug: it's a holiday weekend. folks left to the beach early or are thinking of going the beach early or are going to go to the beach by friday. jonathan: need good weather. doug: it is going to get better. >> rehoboth beach is busy. a few clouds. not bad for monday afternoon. this is live. if you have plans to go to beaches in the upcoming weekend, it looks nice. water temperature in the upper 70's. saturday, sunday, monday. just around 80 degrees. a few scattered clouds. we are going to look for the temperatures that are going to be a little bit warmer. the further south we go. especially for the outer bank of north carolina. we are talking about 85 on saturday. 84 on sunday. monday around 85 degrees. notice what is missing. no shower activity. no thunderstorms.
4:51 pm
this is monday. something could change but we are growing confident that the cold front on friday will clear us out for the beaches. d.c. metro saturday is 85. sunday, middle 80's. staying in the middle 80's on monday with a lot of sunshine. the average high for this time of year is at 84 degrees. i think the biggest difference is the daylight hours you will probably notice already are beginning to shrink. we are losing a minute and 15 seconds of daylight moving closer to winter. i don't want to say that. tomorrow the first day of fall, meet log -- meteorological fall. there is a chance for thunderstorms. lower 90's thursday. the cold front on friday will bring us a chance only a 30% chance for a few showers and the storms. at least we will clear it out nicely for the weekend. it doesn't get better than this for the last week of
4:52 pm
summer vacation for some in arlington. kimberly: i think they go back to school tuesday. jonathan: thank you. kimberly: time for a check of the traffic situation. jamie sullivan is here with the details. there are enough people to cause a jam, huh, jimmy? jamie: of course! that is where i want to begin, in virginia. this is at the springfield interchange. heading southbound on 95. get ready for bumper-to-bumper traffic. sluggish closer toward an accident. move to the maps. this activity has two lanes blocked off. 95 southbound in virginia. you can see 10 miles per hour. that is a pretty good idea of what you just saw. the commute is the slow down. 395, you are heavy at well. it will take you under 30 minutes. getting from the 14th street bridge. continuing south toward the mixing bowl. some spots in the teens but definitely going to see the congestion. the 395 delay not because of
4:53 pm
the crash. water main breaks. carlin spring and abington road. wilson boulevard is the best alternate. montgomery county we have a water main break. this is on jebson road in silver spring, wheaton, glenmont. south of ran doll road. best option is livington street. g.w. parkway southbound is blocked off. this is near belle haven road. you can get around it with the police direction. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a change is not sitting well with the delta passengers. the ticketing change in effect
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
kimberly: if you are a southwest flier you already
4:57 pm
don't have this. a lot of flyers are unhappy with the big changes at delta airlines where you can no longer get a seat assignment at the time of booking. leon: john matarese shows us what you can do so you don't waste your money. john: how do you like sitting in the back of the mane next to the restroom? or being the last one to board? all of those overhead bins are already full? that could happen the next time you nigh one airline and a -- one airline and a lot of passengers are not happy. delta passengers are discovering a new definition of the term "economy ticket." donna lewis booked a flight. as she has many times before. but she discovered the cheapest seats come with big restrictions. >> i could not do a seat assignment. john: she is not the only stunned passenger. "l.a. times" is saying that delta is shaming passengers to paying more. the new report claims with delta cheapest seats you have to wait until the check-in time to find out where you will be seated on the plane. something a lot of people
4:58 pm
don't like. >> said i don't get it. she said you have to come to the airport and they will give you the seat assignment on the day you fly out. >> if you buy a basic economy ticket you will be the last to board. you will be the last to access the overhead bin space. you can't make any ticket changes. donna said it keeps the prices low but she says what low prices? >> i said don't tell me when i'm paying close to $500 that is a cheap air fare. john: delta tells the "l.a. times" they are making the passengers aware of what they are buying but the personals rights group says it shames people to buying ticket upgrades they hadn't planned on paying for. delta says it's no different than what the discount airlines have done for years. you may have to pay extra to
4:59 pm
upgrade so you don't waste your money. >> he has proven to be the best quarterback on the roster at the time. leon: the head coach has spoken. the redskins have a new leader on offense. rgiii's days in washington may be numbered. no confidence in the chief. >> 1,1122 go for no confidence. >> why the rank and file believe their boss can't keep the public safe. plus a g.w. university student goes missing off south africa coast. pleas for help grow louder. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. leon: another day in redskins football land. no quarterback controversy here. today, redskins coach jay gruden made it clear. kirk cousins is in and robert griffin iii is out. we have team coverage of the big change tonight. let's begin with robert burton. a big stunner, robert. robert: that's right. if no drama was happening, we'd be worried.
5:00 pm
saturday, kirk cousins was backing up robert griffin iii because of his concussion against the ravens. less than 24 hours later cousins is the starter for 2015. not because of injury but based on performance. this thursday, the rgiii roller coaster. cleared and then uncleared for the concussion and now he is out of his starting job and kirk cousins is in. >> i felt like the roles were defined and i was competing for the backup. but you also understand you are battling if every spot. nobody's job is safe. robert: today gruden emphasized that the change was due to kirk's performance it, not robert's. coach gruden: what he has done in practice and o.t.a.'s opened our eyes. he has proven to be the best quarterback on the roster. he's a compliment to kirk not the other guys didn't do this or that. i just think kirk played so well he earned the right.


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