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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 1, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," breaking news. thousands of e-mails from hillary clinton's private account just released. why some messages will stay private and how this impacts her campaign. reaching out. pope francis in a rare virtual audience with americans in three cities not on his upcoming u.s. travel agenda. how he even brought some to tears in an abc news exclusive. and new this half hour, serena williams advancing towards tennis history. >> her progress at the u.s. open, what she has to say to body shalers and how she's responding to very personal questions. and later, thrown out by taylor swift. a famous former friend of the superstar out of a home because of a swift move, bittersweet details in "the skinny" on this tuesday, september 1st. from abc news, this is
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"world news now." >> good tuesday morning to you. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm phillip mena. in the political world, it's heating up every day. we're getting new information. we have some surprising new information to tell you about revealed the latest batch of hillary clinton's e-mails. >> we're talking about more than 7,000 pages that were released last night on the state department website. >> about 125 of them are newly designated as classified. previously the state department said there were 150. >> and it appears at least one member of the state department's i.t. team was unaware secretary clinton was using a private e-mail address. the e-mail issue continues to dog clinton's campaign. here's abc's jon karl. >> reporter: although none of the e-mails were mark classified at the time they were sent, it's more evidence classified information may have been mishandled. this as donald trump launched a harsh personal attack on huma abedin, hillary clinton's top aide.
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>> huma is getting classified secrets. she's married to anthony weiner who is a perv. >> i think it's a very dangerous thing when she is the receiver of so much of this very important information and she's married to a guy who obviously is psychologically disturbed. >> abedin's husband anthony weiner infamously resigned from congress after tweeting inappropriate photos to young women. the clinton campaign called trump's attack disgraceful. while trump continues to ride high in the polls, he is now facing new competition in the critical first voting state of iowa where dr. ben carson is now tied for the lead in the latest poll. carson is tied with trump and way ahead of the rest of the republicans. jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. president obama is visiting alaska. he's hiking on a glacier today as part of a three-day visit to draw attention to environmental problems. he made sure that he would get a
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warm welcome in alaska by changing mt. mckinley's name to mt. denali. alaskans have been asking for the name change for daksds. decades. but politicians in president mckinley's home state are upset. >> we think it's too bad the administration has chosen to go around congress and to do this. >> some members of the ohio congressional delegation are threatening to introduce legislation switching the name back to mckinley. the mountain is the highest in north america. >> now to an abc news exclusive. abc's david muir sitting down with the pope three weeks before his first ever u.s. visit. as part of that special event, the pope held an audience with people in los angeles, chicago and the border town of mcallen, texas. momore than 100 people packed a art center near downtown l.a. to hear from and ask questions of the pontiff including single mom rosemary farfan and her two young daughters.
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>> he's humble and gentle. he's nice and kind and i always wanted to speak to the pope. >> in an emotional moment, the pope asked the teenager from chicago to sing for him after she described being bullied because of her rare skin condition and turning to music as a source of comfort. >> and we'll see much more from the pope's virtual audience during a special one-hour edition of "20/20" pope francis and the people, that's this friday night at 10:00 eastern. >> i hope we get to hear her sing. i bet it's beautiful. well, a county clerk in kentucky has lost another round in her fight against same-sex marriage. the supreme court refused to hear the case brought by clerk kim davis over her refusal to issue licenses to gay couples. davis has now lost at every level in federal court. her lawyer says davis has to think and pray over what to do next. president obama condemned the murder of a houston deputy sheriff calling it an affront to civilized society. the suspect in the case shannon miles appeared in court yesterday.
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records reveal miles spent four months in a psychiatric facility after being found incompetent to stand trial. his attorneys say despite hours of questioning, miles has not confessed. an atlanta area police officer is in critical condition all because of a wrong address. he and two other cops were responding to a burglary call at a residence. somehow the police and the homeowner got into a gun fight. the circumstances aren't clear at this point. the homeowner was also wounded and his dog killed. dekalb county police asked state authorities to investigate. a utah woman is also in critical condition after lightning struck here her at a family picnic. the strike sent the woman into cardiac arrest. she's now in a medically induced coma. extreme weather is affecting other parts of the country, particularly the southeast. more now from abc's rob marciano. >> reporter: torrential rains swamp agstreets in charleston, south carolina. rescuers going door to door. mudslides covering roads.
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remnants of tropical storm erika bringing flooding to north florida and spawning this waterspout. out west, almost three inches of rain bringing flash flooding across the utah desert. this after the west cleans up from a weekend of windstorms. watch this tree flatten a forklift at the storm's height in washington state. and everyone chicago to new york, a late summer heat wave in the works. a sweltering start to the u.s. open in new york city. here in the tampa bay area, many rivers are in flood stage and still rising. many not expected to crest till midweek. rob marciano, abc news, tampa. >> want to take a look at today's forecast. there is isolated downpours from florida all the way up to the carolinas. hot weather in the midwest and northeast. it will feel more like july really. cool and wet in the northwest, warming up along california's coast. >> 90s from kansas city to chicago and new york. 80s in denver, minneapolis and detroit.
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70s in boston and portland. 68 in seattle, 105 in phoenix. well, hurricane fred has been downgraded to a tropical storm. it was the eastern most hurricane known to have formed in the mid-atlantic tropics in years and the first to pass over the cape verde islands. meep while in the pacific, another rare occurrence. three strong hurricanes at once. hurricane jimena 1200 miles east of hawaii, ignacio north of the islands and weakening and hurricane kilo is now heading away from the u.s. i think you pronounce it jimena. the j is silent, right? >> i would think. i'm sure we'll hear if it's wrong. four months after a deadly listeria outbreak, blue bell ice cream is making a comeback back on store shelves in parts of texas and alabama. in late april, blue bell voluntarily recalled its ice cream after the cdc linked to three deaths and illnesses. the company nearly ran out of money as it tried to clean up
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its plants and get its ice cream back on the shelves. and coming soon, no more sticky dripping ice cream. british scientists say they're close to developing ice cream that doesn't melt. >> oh, come on. what's next? >> that's what they say. it is based on a naturally occurring protein that binds together the air, fat and water in ice cream to make it resistant to melting. more good news. researchers say it will also have lower levels of saturated fat and fewer calories. >> i don't want any of it. it doesn't sound good to me at all. you didn't sell it well. no one's going to eat this. >> it does sound a little weird. it's not going to be on shelves though for another three years, from what we hear. >> thank god. it could be 30 as far as i'm concerned. i want the real stuff. >> it does when it's sticky on your hands, no one likes that. >> do you have to put glue or rubber cement in there to make it not drip? >> i hope not. now you're scaring me away from it. that looks normal.
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>> all right. we'll see what happens. it was also a big day on the campuses of university of cincinnati, xavier university, both of them in ohio, of course. buddie is coming >> buddie is the super hero mascot for a campaign aimed at getting marijuana legalized in the buckeye state. you get it? buddie. it's clever. >> buddie looks a little scary to me. what is he wearing there? it's a little bit risque. he was drumming up support at the university of miami of ohio yesterday. the campaign describes buddie as a crime-fighting scientist with an oversized marijuana bud-shaped head. before election day, buddie will visit more than 20 campuses and many more cities across ohio. buddie is the thing of nightmares. >> his eyes were way too white for it to be authentic. maybe -- there you go. >> right. >> he should be a big cloud of smoke. >> smoke follows. have a big nugget as a head.
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he's got competition. from south park, that's the other mascot. he was the other unofficial mascot. it was a towel and his eyes were way different than that. >> we have to move on. hollywood "a" lister making a movie about a not so glamorous side of the nfl. you love your -- >> sports. also ahead, tough personal questions for serena williams. she's taking strides towards making history at the u.s. open. and later, the 9-year-old girl taking offense over clothing marketed as lazy pants while the boy's version of the pants are caused lounge pants. how she launched her battle and won. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" weather brought to you by to you by what do you got to offer us today? ♪balance transfer that's my game♪ ♪bank you never heard of, that's my name♪ haa! thank you. uh, next. watch me make your interest rate... disappear. there's gotta be a better way to find the right card. whatever kind you're searching for,
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you could say serena which yams eased her way into the defense of the u.s. open title. she played just 27 minutes of tennis yesterday before her russian opponent had to quit their first round match. williams didn't lose a game. in fact, she only lost five out of 37 points seeking to become the first player since steffi graf in 1988 to win all four grand slam titles in the same calendar year. >> she's well on her way. it was a different story for the williams older sister venus. she battled for almost three hours in the scorching heat before winning her first round match. at 35, she is the oldest woman in the field. she's never lost a first round match at the u.s. open. >> i watched some of that match too. it was hot outside. and i got tired just watching that. >> i always wonder why we can't change the u.s. open date. it's some of the hottest days an the women are out there and men too. >> it was a good day for the williams sisters.
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you can't ask for more than two wins. >> there's no way around it, all eyes are on serena right now. abc's robin roberts talked with her about tennis and other stuff, as well. >> reporter: serena williams back to defend her u.s. open crown. how do you keep it all together? >> actually it's really easy. i don't feel pressure to win here. i feel like i want to win here more than probably anybody, but at the same time, i don't feel that pressure. >> reporter: i was there when you won the first one and you came on "good morning america." >> it's really exciting. i actually went out and made history. the first african-american to win in i think 41 years. remembering that moment of holding that trophy was everything to me. >> reporter: though much celebrated, serena has also been the victim of body shaming comments. you embraced it and said this is my body. >> it's me and i love me. and i learned to love me. i love that i am a full woman and i'm strong and i'm powerful and i'm beautiful at the same time. and there's nothing wrong with that. i have too many things to do,
3:46 am
you know, i have grand slams to win, i have people to inspire and that's what i'm here for. >> reporter: speaking of that, new york magazine, those pictures were slamming. >> thank you. >> reporter: is it fun for you to be able to show that side of you we all don't always get to see? >> it was fun. because i do a lot of things off the court. i don't just play tennis. >> reporter: there's no acing serena when it comes to talking about her private life. especially when concerning recent rumors of let's say a mixed doubles partner off the court. >> anybody that we might recognize other than family that will be in your box here at the open? >> i mean venus definitely will be there. yeah, we'll see. >> reporter: i tried my best. >> you did. >> that was pretty good. you got to admit. >> that was a good one. >> that was a good one. nicely done, robin. >> yep, and the u.s. open action continues today on espn. >> coming up, why the nfl may not be happy with will smith. and with everything now cool with kanye, taylor swift has a
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new beef with an unlikely foe. "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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♪ skinny, so skinny >> all right, first up in "the skinny," the new movie that may have the nfl very worried. >> the trailer released just yesterday has already gone viral called "concussion" and stars
3:49 am
will smith as bennet omalu, the real life doctor who identified the degenerative can you help me out here? >> the degenerative disease. >> thank you very much. of the brain known as cte. the movie chronicles how his discovery transformed the football world in the face of tremendous pressure from the nfl. >> the nfl does not want to talk to you. you turned on the lights and gave their biggest boogeymen a name. >> you're going to war with a corporation that owns a day of the week. >> no proof was presented today because there simply isn't any. >> they have to listen to us. this is bigger than they are. >> the accent and after numerous reports and documentaries on the subject "concussion" is on track to be the most widely publicized work on the controversial subject. >> there are now more than 30 former nfl player who have committed suicide with concussion-induced depression. and dementia at the center of
3:50 am
the issue. one of the major figures junior seau was also one of them. after coming under fire for being caught on tape using the "n" word, hulk hogan insists he is not a racist. >> the wrestling star was essentially erased from wwe history over the incident. hogan explained to abc's amy robach he was upset over a situation between his daughter brook and her boyfriend. >> if anybody should have disowned me, it should have been her. you know? she should have been the one. she should have been the one who -- to throw me out like the trash, but instead, she showed me more love than anybody. >> hogan explained he made the comments when he was at his lowest point and suicidal. >> he's asking for forgiveness from the public and his many fans and suing gawker media for releasing the recordings. let's talk about taylor swift who patched things up with kanye west yesterday at the vmas
3:51 am
but now she has another parent celebrity beef. >> sir ian mckellen says he was tossed out on to the street by swift, well, kind of. >> don't mess with gandolf. things seemed to be cool between the two when he recited her lyrics for "bad blood" but he says when he was staying at the lord of the rings director's new york city apartment swift gave him the boot. one small detail though, swift bought the apartment. >> finally, liam hemsworth has given fans an reason to celebrate. finally on instagram. >> he was once engaged to miley cyrus but apparently moved on to miss piggy. hemsworth's first post on instagram was a picture with the newly single miss piggy. >> wonder what kermit will say about this one. he will guest star on the new puppet
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♪ finally this half hour, the 9-year-old fighting against the subtle sexism she encountered when shopping online with her mom. >> taking the issue right to the company's headquarters and inspiring change. abc's mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: adair mahoney may be pint sized but this 9-year-old packs a powerful punch. the north carolina native was shopping for pajama pants online at the popular store vineyard vines when she noticed boys bops were called lounge pants while the girls' were called lazy pants. >> i thought did they really just call me lazy? >> reporter: what did you decide to do about that? >> i decided to write a letter
3:56 am
to vineyard vines. >> reporter: adair didn't hold anything back. >> i think boys and girls and men and women should all be treated the same. i don't want to wear lazy pants because it makes me feel bad. can't we all just wear comfy pants? >> reporter: what did you think when you saw the letter? >> i was shocked and impressed and incredibly proud. incredibly proud. >> reporter: after getting the letter, vineyard vines founders shep and ian murray took immediate action. >> reporter: you responded to her really quickly. >> it's important. she had a great point. i think it was misconstrued. we didn't mean that women were lazy. we meant they were pants for when you guys wanted to have a lazy day. >> reporter: the brothers inviting adair and her family to their headquarters in connecticut. >> welcome to vineyard vines. mahoney family, you are the famous adair, huh? >> you ready to design some pants with us? >> adair even whisked away to create her own pair of pjs. but first -- >> will you go cross it out? if you could name them something else, what would you name them? >> lounge pants.
3:57 am
>> all right. let's do it. >> reporter: next she picks her pattern and colors. >> this green for the fish. >> reporter: and then watches her design start to become a reality. she said she wanted to have furnish going one direction and a whale going the other. and she's clearly a whale. she's not afraid to follow her own path. >> reporter: and last but not least -- >> what are you going to call your pants? >> adair you to be awesome. >> reporter: mara schiavocampo, connecticut. >> what a great name. and kudos to her for pushing the nef echb very lop on there and kudos to vineyard vines for responding so quickly. >> there's going to be some pushback people saying there's pc right away. but she's learning. there is a difference between lounge and lazy and she called them out and got some action. >> and got nice pants. more news coming up. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, a new batch of hillary clinton e-mails released overnight. thousands of message s off her private server. some deemed classified. severe weather. a major monsoon shutting down an airport and damaging a terminal. plus, a mother and her baby rescued in the floodwater. flee american cities virtual visit getting a special audience with the pope. the pontiff lifting the spirits of a bullied teen with a request of his own. >> and going viral. peekaboo at the zoo. a toddler and a gorilla with a play date to remember. good tuesday morning. we begin with the details from the


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