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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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it has seen the second most homicides this every year. richard reeve is live where residents want to fight back against crime. we know this is an important meeting for chief lanier. richard: this is a vital meeting for chief lanier. the first public meeting since the police union had the no confidence vote earlier this week. all this summer we have been reported about this, about the skyrocketing homicide rate. it has been a violent summer. we have video to show you. 105 homicides that you referred to, maureen. that is a big increase from last year. police telling us most of these are domestic homicides or personal disagreements that escalate. also synthetic drugs is a big issue. as you mentioned, here in 5d and 7d, they account for 90% of the homicide in the district. a lot of people are afraid to be out on the street. we have had the start of all hands on deck. there were ten shootings in a
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12-hour period that first night. this week, reprieve. overnight monday, absolutely no shootings. but for many people out here the biggest concern is that homicide rate. >> when you talk about all hands on deck, you are not dealing with the, is. you are reacting to the behavior. >> we don't value one another's life. that is nothing that a chief can do, a mayor can do. it has to start with us. >> law enforcement did have a big, big victory today. a huge synthetic drug bust. $2.3 million worth. 265 pounds. they seized a number of guns so they are pointing to that. there is one thing that is going good for the police department. but we will certainly hear a lot about this in tonight's meeting. we have the latest tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. reporting live, richard reeve. maureen: 105 homicides in the
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district this year. so far. that equals all of last year. there has been a 67% increase from last year. district five and seven account for 84% of the city increase in homicide. leon: the d.c. police are working to determine if a body found this morning is the city's 106th homicide this year. i was found at ridge roads in southeast. so far the body has not been identified. the cause of death has not been released. maureen: new information on a shooting that injured a person on board a metro bus. metro transit police identified the suspect as bijon brown. right now he is not in custody and is considered armed and dangerous. that august 21st shooting prompted metro to cancel bus service to parts of elmon road in southwest d.c. for several days. but service has been restored.
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>> bystanders came to the rescue after a woman tried to snatch a child along an orange metro train. witnesses say a woman tried to grab a 2-year-old girl out of a stroller while the train was in the metro. they went and got the woman and helder to to the ground. the woman is in custody. the child and the mother were not hurt. maureen: 90-plus degrees and no air conditioning and water. that is how it has been at the living facility in siller is spring this week. residents went outside to protest. this is not the first time, without air conditioning or hot water. today was not a good day to be without air conditioning and now we are trading the daytime heat for thunderstorms this evening. chief meteorologist doug hill on storm watch tonight.
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doug: this is feeling like 91. the closest area across the fairfax. but there are heavy showers now south of fredericksburg. that is the jackpot area today. satellite shows the complex moving slowly to the east. that will open the door to the hot sunshine. the forecast, the showers end tonight. better weather for the weekend. back to you. leon: the trial of the six baltimore police officers accused in the death of freddie gray will move forward. today surrounded by the security, the attorneys for the officers argued to have the charges dropped and the prosecutor removed from the case. the judge refused to do so and said that the request was monday boggling. however he did order separate
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trials for each officer. stephen tschida now live outside the courthouse where the protesters gathered today. stephen, what are you seeing today? anything like what we saw this year? stephen: no. nothing like earlier this year. much smaller demonstration here. outside of the courthouse. the judge did rule not to dismiss the charges and that all six of the police officers should receive separate trials but the rulings came down after the demonstrators did surround this courthouse. anger over the anticipated request to drop or dismiss the charges drew protesters to the baltimore city courthouse. for the most part the demonstration was loud but not violent. >> i want to acknowledge and thank the protesters as is our history in baltimore. we are known to have a tradition, a peaceful demonstration.
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>> it's not fair to look at the protesters and say do you expect it to get violent? >> freddie gray died when cuffed and on the floor of a police whatgone. they let the charges stand and they questioned the prosecutor impartialality and asked the judge to remove here. >> we say no. she is an elected representative of the people of baltimore city whether they like it or not. >> the judge, of course, did not rule to remove the prosecutor. now, it's likely that the police will be back in force at the courthouse next week when there will be another hearing. this time regarding a change
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of venue for the six officers. if and when they do go on trial. reporting live, stephen tschida. maureen: authorities called out the all-out manhunt for shooting of police officer. they are looking for charles gliniewicz killer. memorial to the 30-year veteran and the father of four continues to grow outside gliniewicz's police station. still ahead on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- a study reveals how many immigrants are reliant on government assistance. what a local immigration advocacy group says must change. leon: the major change at the army ranger school days after celebrating the first women graduate its. maureen: next, the special toy cargo on the way to the international space station as part of historic mission. leon: meanwhile, we are not
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playing around. the storm watch weather team is tracking rain and few storms in the area tonight. when they could effect you still ahead at "abc7 news at 6:00".
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>> lift off. leon: on the rocket astronaut and cosmonauts on the way to
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the international space station bringing special cargo. first dane going to space bringing 26 lego figure rines. of course lego is based in denmark. successful launch. five hours after the kazakhstan launch the u.s. sent navy communication satellite from cape canaveral to provide smartphone access for personnel anywhere in the world. maureen: the u.s. army elite ranger school is now open to women. the army allowed a limited number of women to enroll settling on a larger integration program. you might remember last month two seasonals became the first women to graduate the eight-week school. women cannot join the regimen but it could change. all must lift bans unless
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granted exception. leon: supporter of sweet briar college made a payment to keep the virginia college open. they delivered the final payment today. that is $100,000 more than required to deliver. maureen: next at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- what two sides say must change after they find majority of the immigrants reliant on the government assistance. leon: the latest on the white and the pop-up storms in the area to the weekend. robert: i'm robert burton. coming up in sports, rgiii honest for giving back to the community and he is also -- honored for giving back to the community and he is also wearing pink pants. community and he is also wearing pink pants.
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leon: more than half the nation's immigrant households
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receive assistance of some kind. chris papst broke down the watchdog report. chris: the report center for immigration studies is getting a lot of attention. using census data the group found 51% of the immigrant-led households legal and illegal in america receive welfare. compared to 30% for the native households. 73% immigrants from central america. central america receives the most. >> this is creating significant fiscal burden for the american taxpayers. >> stephen oversaw the study and believes the current immigration and the system made this predictable. and the only way to reverse is it to reverse course. >> if you want to deal with this moving forward you will need to move to a system that
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selects them on the education and the skills and up likely to turn to the welfare system. >> wouldn't you rather look at the statistics as a sign what we should do as a society to bring the population up? >> they see it as one to reinforce the need for the better job. and the higher minimum wage. >> this is income -- incumbent to look at a broader issue. >> immigrant households at 87% are more likely to have someone that works compared to the 76 of native born households with someone employed. in the newsroom, chris papst, abc7 news. maureen: today barbara mikulski became the 34th democrat to support the iran nuclear agreement. president obama has enough votes to sustain a threatened
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veto of the republican led measure to kill the deal. leon: we have new video of president's visit to alaska. he has been visiting the striking sites to draw awareness to the issue of the climate change. he took a moment to take a selfie with the survival expert bear grills. he is shooting an episode of the survival show "running wild" that will air this fall. that will be fun to watch. maureen: a nice and a beautiful area. doug: hot and humid. we need rain. some areas got some. maureen: what about tonight? doug: showers are coming to an end. it will be hot and humid
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tomorrow. this is a live look from the university. 79 degrees there. upper level disturbance from high school and southern lakes all day. this live shot will give you an idea of what skies will look like tomorrow. it's comfortable. 79 degrees. 94. another day in the 90's at reagan national. 76 is the morning low. the morning low is not that far away from the average high. rain at the moment, nothing in the immediate metro. showers continue. in northern and frederick company. this is more south of fredericksburg. distributed around the area but not in the metro washington today. that is why we are warmer than most other areas. 87 in reagan national. 73 in frederick and hagerstown. cooled off by the rain. the satellite and the radar combination will give you a
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feel of the complex moving across the mountains. and settling to the southeast. the farther south it will go the hotter and the more humidity air. the good news this is moving out. if you like sunshine it will come back tomorrow. the next weather event comes friday. when a cold front moves in the area. the future cast gives us a feel of what is happening with the clear skies and as we get through the day tomorrow isolated shower. the best chance is west again. time to get to friday a cold front moves through. the cold front will give us showers in the day. we will clear out for the holiday weekend. tomorrow, sunshine. hot and humid. highs of 94 degrees. we look to the next seven days a 40% chance of showers and storms with a front on friday. saturday, sunday and monday. labor day. look at this. mid-80's saturday and sunday.
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less humid and a lot of sun. next week we will go through another stretch of temperatures in the 90's. more later. right now back to you. maureen: thank you. leon: all right. it's getting late for the nats. robert: it is max scherzer is pitching tonight but he is struggling, too. leon: not encouraging. robert: that is not encouraging at all. another letdown by the nats last stand. where they stand in playoff race. and rgiii honored for giving back to the community next in sports.
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local toyota dealers. robert: the redskins had the annual 54th welcome home lunchen benefiting the work of the foundation. robert griffin iii received the salute award. he is the son of two u.s. army sergeants. he commented after receiving the award. rgiii: this is an honor to be in position to have the platform and give back in a positive way. that is a choice you have to make. i'm blessed to have the teammates that led me in the right direction to use my platform for positive thing. in the military the one thing
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you have is your word. if you give your word to someone that means you will follow through. i give my word to the teammates, family, military and the redskins that i'll be there for him. robert: way to go. nats will try to avoid a sweep by the cardinals. last night didn't help the playoff cause at all. they blew another lead. nats were up 5-3 in the eighth until the cards scored off drew storen. walkoff in the bottom of the ninth is never good. nats are six and a half games back from the mets. max scherzer who is not pitching like a cy young award winner will take the mound against the cards. mystics playing the mercury this afternoon. washington could secure a playoff berth with a win. we will pick it up third quarter. mystics with the turn-over. on the break. get the bucket. mystics trail by 15. they go down low. it's brittney griner underneath, unstoppable pretty much. mercury win 73-53. the playoff berth has to wait.
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sorry, girls. final note, serena advances to the third round after beating bertens. maying like a beast. leon: she is on fire. >> good for her. the latest from you, sir? doug: we will check radar one more time. showers popping in the metro area? ahh. they are well south of fredericksburg and frederick county. muggy throughout the area tonight. temperatures are in the 70's. in the next seven days hot and humid in the 90's. a better chance of thunderstorms friday. colt fronted. the labor day weekend is spectacular. heat and humidity return next week. steve rudin will give you more on the holiday forecast tonight at 11:00. leon: if we drag him out of the ice cream shop. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. leon: see you here at 11:00. ha
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tonight, the urgent manhunt widening, the officer ambushed and killed and just now the audio. you will hear the officer's final call. three suspects armed and dangerous, families told to stay indoors. seven schools closed. the war of words tonight, donald trump telling jeb bush to stop speaking spanish. and vice-president joe biden speaking late today. will he take on hillary clinton? the school scare, the student pulling out a gun, face-to-face with his teacher, saying he was going to kill. and now we learn of the teacher's instincts that saved so many. the image of the tiny boy going global tonight, the urgent crises, thousands trying to reach safety. our chief foreign correspondent is there. and the worker warned to get out and the blast that follow. how he survived and the case now being fought tonight.


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