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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  September 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> we have a crisis. violence and angry questions for the chief of police. how she is responding. >> we are going to be at every court hearing, every process. leon: all eyes on baltimore. the freddie gray homicide case reaches court. >> it is a difficult time for his family.
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remembering the news team. next. heated questions for d.c. police chief. there been 105 homicides this year alone in the district. gunfire continues to burst into homes, with a teenage girl wounded by a bullet just this week. tonight, she faced the public for the first time. richard is live with how the chief is fighting back. richard: that is right. there were some unhappy people at this meeting tonight. you got to admit that. there was also a clause -- applause. she did discuss the whole no-confidence vote. anger, frustration, and concern about d.c.'s rising homicide
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rate made this a standing room only meeting. >> we have a crisis in the city. , police this gathering say illegal guns, large round magazines, and synthetic drugs are driving those numbers. >> make it easy-sponsored program. richard: this is chief cathy lanier's first public meeting. she was given a no-confidence vote in the wake of the homicide numbers. she says those voting against her are in the minority. >> a lot of the strategies we have used, i have gotten officers and sergeants involved in that strategy. richard: officers seized a record 265 pounds of synthetic drugs. >> we are committed to going after these synthetics wherever they are coming from and sending a commences -- a message that we
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are not going to give up. achard: they say it is not policing problem, but a community problem. >> maybe when people do not have jobs and any way to support themselves, they may be taken in a just people who do have something. union hashe police pushed for a return to the quick action vice squads. says she does not want to do that and will stick with all hands on deck. a scary ordeal aboard a metro train today. a woman tried to snatch a toddler out of a stroller. caughtsay the woman was by another passenger and held on the floor of the train. this happened on an orange line train this morning. the two-year-old child was safely returned to the mother. fortunately, she had been strapped in the stroller. police are trying to determine the motive of this case.
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tonight, police are searching for a suspected gunman. he is wanted in connection with a shooting on a metro bus last month. police say they believe the man wounded was not the intended victim. in theerouted its buses aftermath over safety concerns. brown is considered armed and dangerous. if you know where he is, call police immediately. all eyes on baltimore tonight after a case that set off a national firestorm reached court today. six officers charged with the death of freddie gray. getsrotests as the trial closer. tom is live with a look at what the judge had to say in court. tell us all about it. tom: well, a protest that was going on into the night tonight has ramped up at city hall. some big decisions today by a judge, all but one of them going against lawyers for the police officers.
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protesters took to the streets just hours after a judge decided not to go out charges against police officers in the freddie gray case. >> if the judge would have thrown out the charges, you would not be here having this conversation with you now. baltimore would be in an upright aged it would have been like sherman's march -- an uprising. it would have been like sherman's march to the sea. tom: they try to have state attorney marilyn mosby removed from the case. >> i assured his family that no one is above the law -- tom: saying her press conference was like a pet rally calling for payback. the judge said he was troubled by mosby's comments but did not remove her from the case. the defense lawyers did have one victory. the judge ruled that all six officers will be tried separately instead of together. as that been the case throughout the day, tonight's protest was
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peaceful. there was one arrest earlier of an activist who goes by the name kwame rose. the six police officers themselves did not attend court proceedings today and their lawyers did not say anything publicly after the hearings were over. as far as what is going on here in baltimore in the immediate future, next week is also a big week here. that is when the judge will hear arguments on whether or not the trials should stay in baltimore or whether they need to be moved elsewhere to try to find a more impartial jury. leon: thanks. now we move to heartbreak on the gw campus tonight. a student believed to have drowned after disappearing while swimming in south africa. classmates gathered to remember him. jay korff is live with a look at the memories being shared on the campus. what a tough way to start the school year. jay: indeed. gyments filled an auxilary
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for an emotional vigil to remember a teammate, a classmate, a friend. students packed this gym wednesday night to attend a private vigil for nick upton. officials believe he drowned while swimming sunday night. the 19-year-old junior was studying abroad at the university of cape town. >> they asked for a time and place together as a community. the university wanted to support them in reflecting on the time with him and celebrating him. jay: he was a popular figure on campus. he belonged to a fraternity. many of those in attendance were those closest to him, teammates and fraternity brothers. >> anytime that a tragedy like this occurs, the university pulls together and we really support each other. that is the reason the community came out tonight. jay: some are still holding out hope that nick is alive, will be
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found alive. sadly, south african officials fear he is not. his body has not been found. leon: thank you. now a case of maybe something positive growing out of a tragedy. scholarship funds honoring two journalists killed in an on air and bush are growing by anusands of dollars -- in on-air ambush are growing by thousands of dollars. students at james madison university helped raise money for alison parker. >> she was one of the most bright and happy people. she knew you on a personal level. she was super kind and welcoming to everybody. set uphe scholarships saved $76,000. parker graduated from that school in 2012. let's talk about the weather.
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showers and storms roll through. you might have had some of that in your area. some humidity coming in tomorrow. steve: it is still warm and humid out there. temperatures have not fallen below the 70-degree mark across much of the area. 72 in gaithersburg. further out west, the mountains looking at temperatures in the 60's. showers and thunderstorms earlier this afternoon. did not amount to a lot this evening. take a look at our forecast tomorrow morning. grab an umbrella. you may see a few thunderstorms, but dress comfortable. high temperatures around 95 degrees. one more really hot day on the way. we will talk about relief from the heat and humidity just in time for the holiday weekend in just a few minutes. leon: a white house staffer is officially resigned after being charged with assault and reckless endangerment. barvetta singletary used to be a
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special assistant to president obama. last month, police say she fired a gun at her boyfriend, a capitol police officer. a white house spokesperson confirmed her resignation was accepted. the latest redskins drama everyone is talking about. it will be the talk of the day tomorrow for sure. forgm's wife apologizing accusing an espn reporter of giving sexual favors in exchange stories. robert burton is here with how all of this happened. robert: when you think things are trying to quiet down, then this happens. unbelievable. leon: i believe it. robert: we have broken to stories about the redskins quarterback situation. now a tweet from the wife of gm scott mcclellan -- mcclellan -- mccloughan. a statement issued from the team
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mccloughanof ms. says -- as far as we were told, her twitter account has since been shut down the that twitter will get you. -- shut down. that twitter will get you. leon: this is getting ridiculous. robert: a new reality show here in d.c. , new still ahead controversy over gay marriage licenses in kentucky. the clerk who is fighting the system. and too much homework? we will have a new study for you. and a major shift in policy that has -- at the elite army ranger
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leon: developing now, a battle over same-sex marriage in kentucky. this week, the supreme court ordered clerk kim davis to start issuing marriage licenses. she still is refusing to do so
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on moral grounds. the aclu wants her to be held in contempt of court. the hearing is set for that tomorrow. the court records revealed that of a roller coaster for davis herself. ,he has been married four times to her current husband twice and two separate times has been divorced. words of sadness, but also sentiments of thanks from the family of an illinois police officer. gliniewicz spoke -- was gunned down. while authorities have called off the man for the suspects, they are continuing to follow up on any lead. new developments in the iran nuclear deal. the house will vote on a measure next week. today, maryland senator barbara
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the nextbecame democrat to support the agreement. -- secretary of state john kerry says that the agreement is more than a temporary fix. secretary kerry: the key elements of the agreement would last not for 10, 15 years, as some are trying to assert, or for 20 or 25. they will last for the lifetime of iran's nuclear program. leon: the white house says its work is not done yet. they are pushing to get 41 senators to support the deal, which would prevent the senate from voting on the resolution. it is back-to-school time, but are your kids complaining about too much homework? according to a recent brown university study, the kids might be right. minutesy suggests 10
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per grade per night. they might that limit the amount of time they spent bonding with other children and playing outdoors, which can be important to the development. a big announcement from the army today. the elite ranger school will be open for all qualified women. last month, the first two women graduated from the school but they were only allowed in some classes as a way to assess integrating women into the roles there. they are still banned from combat positions, but that could change. the ground combat exclusion, they are talking about lifting that by next year. now it is the president like we have never seen him. this week, president obama used a selfie stick to document his visit to the alaska national park. near aouring an issue
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glacier. steve: a pretty part of the country. leon: a lot more comfortable than we are right now. steve: a huge difference. take a look at this graphic. 27 days so far this year at reagan national airport at 90 degrees or better. last year, 24 days. so a huge difference. it has been a lot hotter this year. we are not even over with the month of september and into october. 78 at reagan national this hour. it feels like temperatures in the lower 80's. if you have your windows open, the breeze is not going to do a whole lot to cool you down. 10 degrees above average for this time of year. not close to the record, which was 101 back in 1980. a little bit cooler off to the west of us. at looking the dew point levels, upper 60's
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and lower 70's. that is why it feels so sticky. we will keep the trend going through the day tomorrow, but relief is on the way. your overnight low. this is our futurecast. we stayed dry as we head towards the opening -- the overnight hours. as you head out the door, make sure you are dressed in something comfortable. well into the 90's. a few showers and thunderstorms. if you have outdoor activities planned tomorrow afternoon and into the evening, an umbrella, you will need it. but more than likely, you will not be -- you will not. a better chance for those storms on friday. that will bring us that push of cooler and drier air. the high tomorrow is around 92 degrees. heat index values of around 95-98. it stays hot and humid. a few isolated thunderstorms
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during the afternoon hours and especially to the south and west of d.c. when it should be relatively light. the holiday weekend is creeping us on -- creeping up on us fast. upper 70's to around 80 degrees. labor day weekend looks great for the outer banks and north carolina with temperatures in the middle 80's. here is your extended outlook. the 80's are not going to last very long, just the holiday weekend. 90 degrees by the middle of next week. leon: speaking of heat, we need some for the net -- nats. what is up right now? robert: 4-3 in the 8th. nats trying to avoid st. louis. and ryan zimmerman. we will update you on that.
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by a local toyota dealers. nats are running out of time, trying to avoid this week -- the sweep in st. louis. game tied at 1-1. ryan zimmerman continues to be a big bat. here is a solo shot to left. that would make it 2-1, nats. top of the sixth inning, game tied. ryan zimmerman is not done. another solo shot. this one to center. it is 3-2, nats. he has homered seven times in his last nine games. right now, the nats lead it 4-3. o's have lost 12 out of their third -- their last 13. look at steve pearce. #topten.
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this one went into trainings. thes go to the bottom of 11th. look at chris davis. this would be a walkoff. o's snapped a losing streak, 7-6. iii in the news today and it is drama free. no facebook or twitter posts. you saw that could get you in trouble. he was honored as the redskins welcome back luncheon. robert is the son of two military parents. very grateful for his recognition. >> i am blessed to have a lot of teammates that have let me in the right direction to be able it for a positive thing. in the military, the one thing is your word. when you give your word to someone, that means you are going to through.
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i give my word to my family, the redskins, and the military that i will always be there for them. appreciate you guys. u.s. open, serena williams trying to complete the serena slam. she advances to the third round, 7-6, 6-3. the racket never had a chance. racket have it. racket moreut poor than anything. and the mystics lost to the mercury today in phoenix. leon: i am wondering how she will ever afford a new one. robert: i do not know. they do not make enough money. leon: here is something that is a little more lighthearted.
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96 years old, 96, and every year, she insists on going down the giant slide at the fair. the right does not even make her nervous. ride does not even make her nervous. that is something else.
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leon: the heat wave goes on. ande: one more day temperatures well into the 90's. feels like around 90, 98 degrees. we have a cold front on the way on friday. heat and humidity returns the middle of next week. all the kids go back to school, terrible tuesday. traffic, traffic. leon: that is right.
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dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- amanda peet, bobcat goldthwait, and music from chris young. with cleto and the cletones. and now, that reminds me, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm t


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