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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  September 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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from his wife, remains the focus of the investigation. >> we do believe there are items in the house which contain forensic evidence. reporter: that would connect him? >> that could potentially connect david black to the murder of bonnie. >> we've been concerned that this man continues to live in our neighborhood and nobody has been charged with this horrible crime. we received a statement from brian campbell, david black's attorney. he says his client remains innocent and is cooperating with investigators. brian campbell coming out arlington police, calling it a surprise arrival in questioning the other goal standards of how the department handled this investigation. we have more coming up at 5:00. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. jonathan: thank you very much. jeff was the first to break today's news. we want you to be the note when
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breaks any story, even when you are away from your television set. go to when news breaks, your phone will ring and you will get on your mobile device the breaking news. let's switch our attention to high heat and humidity. kimberly: let's find a from doug hill. doug: we have a couple of storms out there right now. nothing immediately inside the district not far away at the moment. hot, humid sunshine. we do not have to go far to find showers just east of town. county and of the border with prince george's county. away from fedex field there could be a few showers. cannot relet isolated storms anywhere but the biggest concentration is further south in charles county in st. mary's county. they are drifting slowly to the south. areas to the west of town quiet. more showers and storms across the mountainous areas. it will stay hot and humid in
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the evening but maybe a shower or storm. kimberly: thank you. the three people accused of helping cover up the murder of agolyon sisters 40 years now have attorneys. they were arraigned today. the three are accused of interfering with the investigation into their relative richard welch. he is a person of interest in the abduction and murder of sheila and catherine lyon. lloyd lee welch is charged with the girls'murder. neighbors are wondering how a three-year-old girl is alive. she fell five stories down of an apartment building. this happened at the skyline towers apartments. they tower above route seven. the little girl landed on some shrubs and branches and that was soft enough to allow her to pull through. she is hurt, but she will survive. jonathan: developing on abc
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seven at 4:00, a community on edge in maryland after a disturbing tweet. a man posted ". i will not stand for this no more tonight we purge. kill all the white people in the town of laplata." the man is in jail and police continue to investigate the case. brad bell is working the case and he is more for us tonight at 5:00. a hit and run has announced injured neighborhood on edge. a woman struck and killed at commonwealth and braddock road in the gallery neighborhood. -- delray neighborhood. what happened here? reporter: it happened around 9:30 this morning. witnesses say it appeared to be a large pickup truck which struck this woman. they say it was a horrific scene. the woman was badly mangled. we have video shortly after this occurred in the delray
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neighborhood of alexandria. a lot of people wondering and how the 9:30 the morning someone could not have seen this woman in the street. it was daylight. we did talk with some residents here who are very worried that this woman could be among their neighbors. -- thisy said this is intersection is dicey to traverse anytime of the day. >> you can't see it all if a car is coming around the corner. i am always nervous when i'm at the intersection. reporter: we did talk with someone who says the woman appeared to be either jogging or walking. she was in running clothing or something like that. that is not confirmed. we have not had the identification confirmed. there was concern that when people go running they do not take id with them. alexandria police told me about 10 minutes ago they have identified this woman.
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they are waiting to notify her next of kin before they name her. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. kimberly: covering metro tonight , frustration and outrage at on the board waiting in to roam it that happened in august that caused all that commuter chaos. report showed metro knew about the problems week before but did nothing. that came up at today's board meeting and brianne carter was there. what is the reaction? reporter: certainly it was two and half hours during this meeting and tough words at times coming from board members directed towards the top leadership here at metro. ,here was a lot of discussion including exactly how the roman happened and what changes. -- how the derailment happened. today the hot topic was the report into how all of that took place. we took -- we understand the cause, including the failure of
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real fasteners was detected nearly one month before the roman but not before -- the derailment but not fixed. the operator of the track inspection vehicle noted the issue but mistakenly hit a button and deleted it from the report so it was not fixed. it was revealed that between the tgv track inspection, inspectors walked the track eight times. what was not answered was how those track walkers would've been able to detect with what they currently do on the tracks. members say they have no confidence in the safety department here within metro. >> it was obvious from our questions today that this beforet occurred well august 6. there were not adequate protocols in place from the very beginning monday were using the equipment. >> there were a number of things
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we have done in response that. we have changed the process and procedure as it relates to the tgv. we have the crew immediately behind the vehicle making repairs immediately after anything is found. metro officials also say they have brought in a third-party to look at all of this. they have inspected 60% of the --l since the jerome and, the derailment. , what oneat 5:00 board member now says is not a request but a demand that he wants to hear from metro officials. brianne carter, abc 7 news. kimberly: transit police have identified the woman accused of trying to snatch a two-year-old child from a stroller yesterday morning on board and orange line train. as we told you at 4:00 yesterday, bystanders ran to help that mother and child and then detained the woman until police could arrive. isyear-old monique mcknight
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accused of -- with a tinted -- attempted abduction. what the judges had to say but the incident at 5:00. toathan: two deflategate escapegate. how tom brady dodged. it is one more victory for tom brady who can now start the season at quarterback for the new and the patriots after a judge overturned his four-game suspension. there was the determination if he actually tempered with footballs used in the afc title game back in january. rather, the judge to gain at the way the nfl handle the controversy. >> the process was so deficient in so many ways that he needed to overturn it. reporter: the court found brady was never given proper notice about he was being accused of and what the consequences might be, a violation of rights so
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basic judge richard berman said nfl commissioner roger goodell may have an said to be dispensing his own brand of industrial justice. the nfl said it would appeal but not seek a stay of the judge's ruling, leaving brady free to play a week from tonight when the patriots open their season against pittsburgh. >> a little surprised but there is nothing we can do about it. we have to be prepared to play against tom and the crew up there in new england. reporter: patriots fans rejoiced. >> i was confident from the beginning he didn't do anything. reporter: they showed a photo of brady pumping his fist. jonathan: he wins the super bowl, he was the court case, he wins everything. a live look at fedex field. rg iii has not won anything yet. he is doing his pregame warm-up. is he playing? i don't think so. redskins are taking on the jaguars in the final preseason
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game but that is not the only reason the team is in the news. the tweet that has the gm's wife and a mess. this is embarrassing. kimberly: each day it is something new. jonathan: ahead at 4:00, a clerk behind bars. the kentucky woman who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples faces the consequences. but what is next for those that want to get married? kimberly: we are learning more about the pope's mass and the language she will use when speaking. it is a big night in the d.c. area. some of you are going to the skins game and some are trying to get away early for a long weekend or maybe you are just try to get home. we will have traffic and weather all after this.
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jonathan: a piece of debris found on the indian ocean island is from militia flights 370. -- malaysia flight 370. remarks come we after revelations by minister at a same -- similar statement. no other pieces of the plane have been spotted or recovered.
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kimberly: when pope francis comes to america this month he will be making a statement in his language. the archbishop of washington announcing today that when he stands at the altar of the basilica he will celebrate mass in spanish. he is a native spanish speaker and the decision is believed to be get another way to reach out to america's growing hispanic population. you can count on abc 74 week coverage of the pope's visit. september 22 with public event beginning next date. adopt bodyepartments cameras, a look at new video shows a critical it is to have as many perspectives as possible. dash cam video of a traffic stop in texas appears to show an officer aggressively going for his gun without being provoked. if you look from a different view, the officer's body camera tells another story. >> is that a real gun?
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hey! don't touch that gun! kimberly: it shows the officer pulled his gun after the driver pulls a pistol from the front seat. this is as department's run the country go on body camera buying sprees. many are concerned about privacy issues and costs. jonathan: you see how dangerous that job is. the kentucky clerk it will not back down was in court. she refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses this by this up in court ordering her to do it. now she is facing jail time. marcy gonzales has the judge's decision on how long she will be locked up. reporter: today, cheering and outrage outside of this federal courthouse in kentucky. strong reactions to a judge finding a county clerk in contempt of court. putting her behind bars. >> we are here to get our
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marriage license. >> we are not issuing marriage licenses. reporter: since the june ruling, kim davis has repeatedly turned away gay couples. refusing to issue any marriage licenses. testifying today that are conscious will not allow it. >> under whose authority? >> under god's authority. reporter: they maintain the court that while her past might not be perfect, she is entitled to her religious freedom. >> someday -- the other consequences she would not want to risk in that is being unfaithful to god. reporter: the aclu filed a motion and said she has the right to religious police but obligated to follow the law. the group requesting she pay a fine but the judge taking it further, ordering her to stay in federal custody until she agrees to issue marriage licenses.
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that.did not want to see again, the judge did his job by following the law. reporter: the judge explaining this is the only way to make sure davis complies. the legal team responding to the ruling sank this is not the america the founders envisioned. marcy gonzales, new york. kimberly: if you like the parker free parking in arlington after dark, that may be about to change. leaders are considering extending the amount of time you have to pay to stay parked at a meter. reporting a current pose a allow meters to charge for parking until 8:00 p.m. right now they shut off at 6:00. county leaders with whom -- will hear the proposal that month. jonathan: time to check on the traffic situation. it is not moving to all of their. -- out there. jamie: this is a real-time video right now.
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you can see the people barely moving. it is a slow go traveling on 66. 95 as well. this is 95, working your way southbound approaching the area of lorton. the delay continues past that point. continuing closer to trying oh. -- triangle. it is rough. this is normal rate we don't have any accidents reported. sticking with virginia, the bottom side of the beltway. the outer loop from van dorn street to the wilson bridge with take you about 16 minutes. our commute outbound on 395 in the teens. we are ok on the gw in both directions. the issue on 66, a disabled blocking alain and adding to the normal slowing. as far as the commute right now on this front of the beltway -- side of the beltway, nine miles per hour passing by clara barton parkway and continuing to the 270 spur.
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debrisng on 270, we have near father hurley boulevard. kimberly: thank you. jamie is with us throughout the evening rush on this game day. we will hear from her in about half an hour or whenever news breaks on the ride home or to the stadium. jonathan: an entire family in washington state after a falling tree split their dream home in half. a man was sitting in his living room with his daughters when he heard strong winds slamming branches on his roof deck. they grabbed the kids and ran downstairs. it was minutes after that that a big gust pushed over the huge tree in the backyard and it split the house, destroying everything in its path before stopping about a foot from his head. >> if that was not there, there were not been any resistance. three minutes earlier it would in my whole family. jonathan: a crew came out to remove the tree in several others near his driveway.
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a building inspector cannot to inspect the damage. the family had only lived in the home, their dream home for about three weeks. kimberly: fortunately we don't have anything like that. doug: a few little downpours. nothing widespread at all. tomorrow has storms but nothing widespread. we pay for it with the heat and humidity. let's get started for this thursday. heat and humidity, no surprise. this is from the army navy country club in arlington. this morning that quickly burned away when the sun went above the horizon. it feels like the middle of summer, not so much for early september. some of these clouds are continuing to build, drops of rain, and thunder and lightning at the same time. temperatures range in the low 90's at many locations. here is washington. we have a couple of showers and
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thunderstorms starting to pop up. one not that far from fedex field. they are drifting south. the heavy starcrossed southern maryland -- the heaviest are across southern maryland. that will continue to settle south, into northern sections of st. mary's county. the showers are producing heavy rain but they are few and far between. 95 degrees at reagan national. 93 at dulles and manassas. you factor in the moisture, the dew point, temperatures, it feels more like 100 degrees in the city. it was a hot and humid. an isolated chance of a thunderstorm. temperatures about 88 degrees at fedex. later on tonight we will see skies clearing a bit. tomorrow, another chance of showers and thunderstorms. temperatures expected in the upper 80's and it will turn cooler into the weekend. it looks pretty good. maybe a few clouds but that is about it.
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kimberly: coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, the latest in the freddy gray case. what is next for six baltimore s as the former commissioner now speaks out. jonathan: it has been a mess for the redskins and the have not played again that means anything. we will take you there would abc anything. we will take you there would abc 7 news at 4:00 con
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jonathan: in baltimore it is the day after for prosecutors and defense attorneys for press -- for officers charged in freddy gray's death. kimberly: the prosecutor who announced the charges will stay on the case. the former commissioner is now speaking out. bath's anthony explanation for the rising crime and in washington. joy: with a former police commissioner comments angering many within the baltimore city police department. so much so the interim police department commissioner called a news conference today. here is what led to the news conference being called. >> i think part of the crime rate that is happening in baltimore is that the police officers at some point took in the -- a knee.
4:26 pm
the officers are shared with me that they believe no one is standing up for me. the police officers in baltimore will tell you that they felt i was not standing up for them at the end at the end -- at the conclusion either. what is it you want as a police chief? to hear them say it is that anything they do, they want the police chief to stand up and say my guys were right. you can't do that. lanier was brought into this conversation as he was talking about what was happening across the nation. he seemed to suggest during the panel discussion last night that it may be a tactic within police ease up off of the fight against crime and allow the crime rate to actually spike in an effort to get people who are pursuing police chiefs out oficular and reform
4:27 pm
that position. jonathan: anytime you endanger the lives of citizens out there in your job supertex citizenry, that flies in the face. that would make so many people angry. let me ask you about the trial. highons in baltimore are in the going through some preliminary stuff up for the trial gets started. what position is the city taking in getting the city ready for the trial. as far as the police department, the urban 1400 officers who have gone through advanced training. there is a field force unit in place, the first of the baltimore city police department has introduced. as far as their equipment, that was a big issue back in april. many officers had inadequate equipment as they were facing protesters. all of the officers have been equipped within the city would
4:28 pm
be equipped they need. there was a memorandum of understanding agreements that it worked out between many of the jurisdictions in this area. so if the need should rid -- arise that they be called in, everyone is clear on what the role will be. that was another issue in april because there was a lack of communication that even the fop cited. kimberly: thank you very much joint. coming up at 4:00, heartbreak during the manhunt for a cop killer. police receive a big tip but it was a false one. what happened to the woman who called in. jonathan: the wife of the officer gunned down is speaking out. more on that coming up. the redskins are getting into preseason action. still have to block out all the noise the past week. rg iii wearing our favorite era pants. that's coming up next.
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>> abc
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 4:00, on your side. kimberly: the redskins have not played a game that really counts yet but already this season has been something of a soap opera. jonathan: a controversy on twitter, controversy on the field, controversy in the locker room. they will have to play through all of that tonight.
4:32 pm
field burton is it fedex with a team that is trying to play through some serious distractions. how do they do that? you have to learn how to do that. the players have already had the field, trying to block out all the noise and all eyes will be on colt mccoy. no kirk cousins and no rg iii. let me set the stage for you from earlier. rg iii doing his pregame routine. if you notice some thing familiar about his outfit, it's because he had it on yesterday at the luncheon. member the pink pants. knock on wood, coal does not get her tonight because if he does that was the redskins in a very sticky situation. that means kirk cousins, the starter right now will have to step in for tonight. we don't see anything happened to that guy. back to you guys.
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jonathan: do you own a pair of pink pants? robert: i own a pair of pink socks. kimberly: i have two pairs of pink pants. i will bring some entry. jonathan: i have pants in the right now. kimberly: you can catch the ravens game with special covers tonight at 6:30 right here on abc seven. is airing at the usual time on our sister station, news channel eight. the september he went continues. hot and muggy like it is still august. what can you expect if you're going to the game? doug hill has your game evening forecast. doug: it will stay hot and humid through the evening hours. a couple of little showers and storms. 95 it reagan national right now. 93 degrees in baltimore. we have a few showers out there. we are watching them locally east of town. this little batch will stay there.
4:34 pm
we are watching locally the possibility of an isolated shower or storm as the system moves out. the next event will come from the northeast tomorrow. a cold front that will be to a cooler and more pleasant holiday weekend. 88 degrees is extended in the metro. temperatures will slowly trailed off but it will stay very warm and muggy throughout the entire night. more about the weekend forecast coming up shortly. jonathan: a house panel investigating between 12 benghazi attack is now underway. two former top aides of then secretary of state hillary clinton are on the hot seat. cheryl mills one before them today. jake sullivan will be questioned tomorrow. a third and a set of her private enough server plans to plead the fifth. lawmakers want answers about the decision to invade libya and u.s. involvement in the war-torn country. clinton will testify next month. kimberly: we need to warn you.
4:35 pm
a picture spinning around the world is very graphic. some of you may not want to see this. it is sending a message around the world and it has put a face on the migrant crisis hitting europe. the three-year-old boy who was found dead on the coast of turkey -- he and his family were fleeing isil and syria. he, his brother, and mother all died in the went overboard while on a human trafficking ship. four people are charged in his death. he was just one of hundreds of thousands stormy across the border, trying to escape for and get into europe or summer else that is safe. jonathan: heartbreaking to see the little fellow in the sand. one marine is killed and nine hurt after hardly any during a training at camp lejeune, north carolina. the marine corps says the super stallion made a hard landing on base last night. a spokesperson for not elaborate. of the nine never heard, only
4:36 pm
one marine is considered to be in serious condition. the main tent continues in northern illinois for the man who shot in killed a police officer late -- earlier this week. a false report was made. the woman who made in the bogus tip was looking for attention. instead, she was arrested. the lieutenant, fondly called "g.i. joe" was gunned down well pursuing three megan fox like -- three men in fox lake. >> he was my rock as much as i was his rock. me.y night he came home to ,e was the most wonderful caring, loving father to our boys. jonathan: the two were married for 26 and a half years. kimberly: bp is going back to court over the 2010 spill in the gulf of mexico. it wants some money back.
4:37 pm
they went restitution of some of the money it paid in claims to gulf coast businesses as part of a 2012 settlements. the oil giant wants interest on money he claims it is owed. a three-judge panel of the fifth u.s. circuit court of appeals is going to hear arguments today and decide. it is the search for a missing king cobra. latest from orlando for the eight footer is still missing. escape from a home there. it's owner notifying while the officials that the snake just got away yesterday. the neighborhood is being canvassed. people are being told if you happen across that snake, stay away. the pats, small children away. call the wildlife agency hotline. jonathan: it's one of the deadliest snakes in the world. kimberly: why? jonathan: why would you have it is a pet? to cuddle with up -- to cuddle up with it and watch movies? coming up at 4:00 --
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>> i have signed the pledge. jonathan: no immediate applause. donald trump says he will win the nomination anyway. what does this mean for the rest of the gop field in the race for the white house? that is coming up next. kimberly: the unofficial end to summer. what you should know ahead of the labor day travel weekend. that is coming up.
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jonathan: the race for the white house e-mail controversy continues fork hillary clinton. kimberly: donald trump remains upfront and he says he will not run as an independent if he loses. abc's stephanie ross reports. reporter: it was decision day for the donald. donald trump telling the crowd of supporters in front of new york's trump tower that he sent a republican loyalty pledge. >> the best way for republicans to win is if i win the nomination and go directly against whoever they have that happen to put up. for that reason i have signed the pledge. reporter: he spoke after meeting with republican national committee chair, pledging he
4:42 pm
will support the eventual republican nominee. also ruling out a third-party bid for the white house. >> we will win. reporter: they asked all gop candidates to sign the pledge. >> what i get? absolutely nothing. reporter: trump continued his all-out war of words with rival jeb bush. >> i watched him this morning and television. it is a little bit sad. reporter: that tv appearance calling trump's statements bizarre and hurtful towards the hispanic committee. >> he does not believe that is greater the greatness of this country. reporter: some of hillary clinton's former aides are testifying this week about her private e-mail account and the benghazi attacks. another former aide says he will take the fifth rather than answer questions from the house select benghazi committee. they having cursed all age the
4:43 pm
answer questions, including pagliano. stephanie ramos, washington. jonathan: coming up, unemployment on the rise. the latest figures ahead of a key monthly report due tomorrow along with the latest from wall street. kimberly: it is almost labor day. a check of the forecast and chances of storms heading to the three-day weekend.
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4:46 pm
jonathan: the past two weeks seven a wild ride on wall street. triple digit gains for much of the day in and then they give it all back before the close. the dow ended up closing at 16,003 into 74, just up -- 16 ,374. unemployment is up little bit. this is according to the labor department. the four-week average is much better indicator of a trend that was also up. but still well below 300,000, benchmark for a healthy job market. the federal jobs report is due out for july tomorrow. kimberly: where are you going for labor day?
4:47 pm
a lot of people are going somewhere. it is expected to be a seven-year high for labor day travel. nearly 35 million americans will drive or fly for the holiday weekend. the u.s. travel association expects labor day travel will generate $13.5 billion in spending. a 2% increase over last year. that's a pretty big deal. even with the recent diving gas prices. prices are down $.12 in the last week and $.20 in the last month and nearly one dollar lower than at this time last year. this may be the cheapest price since 2004 for labor day weekend for consumers and -- in concern for what they're paying at the gas pump. kimberly: the national averages about $2.44. jonathan: during the ravens game we will be opening the 7 on your .ide tip line
4:48 pm
our entire team of reporters and producers will be taking your phone calls starting at 7:00. you can reach is with your questions, comments, even story ideas or tips. a great resource for you. and steve is here for you to because every once in know what the weather will do this weekend. steve: it is going to get a whole let nicer out there. it is not good to be as hot or humid but still a little bit humid. we will take it. three-day holiday weekend. everyone is at school, work, this is live from our weather network at ocean city, maryland. hardly anyone out there with the temperatures in the lower 80's right now. a beautiful afternoon and evening for the eastern beaches out there. look at your beach forecast. we are talking temperatures in the upper 70's to around 80 degrees. surf temperature in the upper 70's. the further south you go, we are
4:49 pm
talking around 81 to 84 degrees. not quite as humid. a real nice weekend. maybe a pop-up thunderstorms as we head towards the day on sunday. closer to home, it looks fantastic. the same on sunday. 88 degrees on monday. would not be surprised if some of you see close at 90 degrees. doug will have more the look of the doppler radar. jonathan: time for a check in the traffic situation. jamie sullivan is back. still time to avoid the game day rush but you have just a matter of seconds. jamie: everyone is trying to get to that area. first, i want to start. 95 working to a southbound. accident activity in the right shoulder in -- let's talk about maryland. we focus in on route 50. the commute westbound as we move to the map. it will be congested, in the teens.
4:50 pm
accident blocks the right lane around route for 50. directions is pretty heavy at about 12 miles for our. -- per hour. i want to focus in a voyeur seeing as far as a crash. south dakota avenue northeast between hamilton street and carlton avenue. three cars are involved in is a move a little closer to fedex field. to travel metro for the past few games, what they've done is added an additional hour of service. that will not happen on metro tonight. normal closing. that is our look at traffic right now. jonathan: 7 on your side with health matters. word of a new survey that tells parents to trust their instincts or the guts when it comes to their children and adhd. the beginning of the school year sees a big jump in diagnosis for the attention disorders. the cdc says parents of the best instincts that something is off and then they should alert
4:51 pm
doctors. kimberly: as the school year gets underway, it is a stressful time for students and parents. jonathan: how much homework grow our children get in is it too much? kimberly: sheila expands how to respond to those questions and help out with homework. >> what are you going to work on first? reporter: they had a routine after school. homework before playtime. balancing things got tough and their mom saw a big increase in the amount of work her son was bringing home. >> i was seeing a big decrease in grades in motivation and confidence because of that. reporter: katie is an educator herself, working at risk high school students. she sees the benefit of homework believe kids need time to be kids. a nationally recognized author therapist says it is a necessity. >> if a child is inside doing homework instead of outside playing or competing or having then they areme,
4:52 pm
being shortchanged. reporter: she is the author of the learning habit. she says there is no benefit to having more than 10 minutes of homework per great level. she says parents need to take control. >> parents need to become to vote with cutting off, sending a noted to the teacher, and saying it took 20 minutes to do this and i think that is enough. reporter: she has talked with teachers and said most want to know from parents about how their children are managing their work. so they can manage expectations at school. if homework dispatch perfect, the teacher will figure your child is getting it. she says it is are responsible it is parents to make sure our kids have a balanced life so they can learn important life skills like communication, being part of a team, even learning from their mistakes. it is hard to acquire this skills later in life. parents can make homework time productive i setting up a
4:53 pm
workable routine at the same time each day and let them do the work. -am-it. jonathan: there you go. coming up. >> had it these three drunk women get on the bus? kimberly: the video and consequences for the bus driver and women quit far too much to drink next on abc 7 news at
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know who do you really is getting on the school bus have to send your child off in the morning? jonathan: he see the regular faces. he would that bus driver be able to figure that out and pay attention. that was not the case in one texas town were three grown drunk women half on board. reena ninan has it all cut a camera. reporter: an unforgettable ride for a group of san antonio middle schoolers. >> we don't know them!
4:57 pm
reporter: three intoxicated woman boarding this bus filled with children last week. these writers slipping right past the driver. watch as to take seats in the back of the bus. the third sitting down next to a middle school boy for the entire 30 minute commute. >> clearly the driver was not paying attention. reporter: after arriving at the school, two were able to slip by the driver again. when the third tries to realizes this is not a group of students after all. >> howdy three grown drunk women get on the bus? driverr: the veteran bus is fired in the three when charged with criminal trespassing. one of the women cited for possessing alcohol on school property. another charged with assault after allegedly grabbing a student's arm before the now infamous ride. >> is difficult during the very beginning of school, if there are new faces. this is a huge mistake.
4:58 pm
jonathan: who killed bonnie black? >> we just want this resolved. jonathan: investigators take a look at the only person of interest, her estranged husband. what this man wrote that set off alarm bells. for refusing to issue marriagey licenses to same-sex couples. a judge used his authority to punish her for it. >> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. we begin with abc cameras on the scene as police searched david black's home this morning. his estranged wife was murdered back in april and while police keep assuring neighborhood -- neighbors there is no threat, no one has been arrested in this case. jeff goldberg at the very latest on the story we saw first on seven. david black has
4:59 pm
remained the only person of interest throughout this entire investigation. when we asked police why he is not been arrested, we were referred to the arlington county commonwealth attorney. she tells us she cannot comment on this ongoing investigation. meanwhile this home behind me, which is not very quiet, was very busy starting early this morning. arlington police remove evidence from the home of david black is a welcomed sight for wary neighbors. >> we are astounded this is taking so long. reporter: investigators remain for nearly eight hours. leaving with phil bags and bicycles. the search warrant was carried after find specific items receiving results from the state lab following testing of items taken from bonnie black's home after she was found murdered in mid april. their two children discovered her body inside the house which is just blocks away from the home of david black. >> he has cooperated.
5:00 pm
his demeanor changes every time we have interaction with him. reporter: david black was a strange of his wife and had violated a protective order and .epeatedly threatened her the two were in the middle of a divorce. a private investigator working for his defense attorney arrived at the home this afternoon >>. and you willment have to go off the property and get on the public space. >> we will close this case. reporter: neighbors remain anxious. they he is the person committed this crime, we want him out of this neighborhood. reporter: do you think he is the guy that did this? >> if not, i think he knows who did. reporter: we received a statement from his attorney. he says, "this mooring surprise arrival by arlington county police officers at mr. black's home is dismaying and we are greatly concerned that nevers of the arlington county police may be selectively sharing confidential


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