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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  September 6, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> a shakeup in leadership in loudoun county. a member of the board of supervisors, resigning hours after he was arrested. >> he was everything to me. >> a woman waiting at the bus stop, struck and killed by a drunk driver. how she is being remembered. counting down until pope francis visits d.c. how parishioners are gearing up for the trip. the news starts right now. >> now abc 7 news at 6:30 -- on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] kellye: developing right now, the search for a new member of the county's board of supervisors after sean williams wasgned hours after he arrested. williams was arrested this morning on simple assault and unlawful injury charges. deputies say they were called to
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a home on winged foot court in broad len. it was for the report of a man who pushed his way into a neighbors home and pushed a victim. williams posted bond and was released from jail. the loudoun county board says it will work as quickly as possible to find a replacement. we will follow the story and bring you more tonight. heartbreak for a family in fairfax county, a woman standing at the bus stop to go to work, struck and killed by an accused drunk driver. tonight, that driver, cory english, has been arrested. diane cho spoke with the victim's husband, and she is in that newsroom. diane: the bus stop where the victim was hit was less than a mile away from her home. the driver went off the road and went off an embankment before crossing the median into the other side of traffic. >> i lost my life. diane: emotions ran high. abraham tries to make sense of
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the fact that his wife is now gone. >> the most kind and generous person. she lives for me. she lives for everybody. diane: the 47-year-old was waiting at the bus stop just after 2:00 on saturday afternoon to go to work when she was hit and killed. >> it was a wild incident. when i see it, i couldn't believe my eyes. diane: fairfax county police say cory english was going east on old keene mill road when they say he lost control and hit her. investigators say the car went up an embankment, veered onto the road before crossing the median into the westbound lanes where they say he hit another car. on sunday afternoon, firefighters raced to the victim's home for another scare. it turned out to be a small fire in the kitchen that was quickly put out. friends and loved ones have been gathering inside grieving. despite the panic that set in during the moments of uncertainty, it pales in
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comparison to the grief he now faces as he tries to figure out how to go on without the woman he loves. >> she was everything to me. was injured in the fire today. police say that english is facing charges for driving while intoxicated. the driver of the second vehicle was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. police say english had to passengers in the car, that they've been treated and released. diane cho abc 7 news. kellye: we are getting a new look at the survivors of the ambush on wdbj television, the crew that was ambushed. the photos were posted to a updatek page set up to vicki gardner's recovery. you can see garner smiling for she was shot during a live interview with reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward. ward and parker were shot and killed. the shooter later shot and killed himself.
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d.c. police have made an arrest in a shooting that killed one man and wounded another in northwest. the shooting happened just before 3:30 this morning on 7th street. a 55-year-old died at the scene. a second man was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. we have an update to a story that we brought you last night at 11:00. police say they have found a prisoner who escaped from custody in northeast. jerome wright took off from the area of seventh and eighth streets. in custody for drug charges. checking the weather right now, another warm day, but what is ahead for labor day? meteorologist devon lucie has an early look. devon: we are going to return the humidity. the temperature was pushing a little warm as compared to the average high of 83. we are above that downtown and reagan national. low to mid 80's out there today.
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real-time temperatures, lower to mid 80's. we are already taking those temperatures down right before sunset. a live look outside. closer to the sunset hour. right around 7:30. we can take a look at dew point temperatures, our best measure. takes thesepor numbers up to 65. 40's and 50's, really enjoyable out there tonight. if you've got plans to get outside, 70's in the city. we could drop to the 60's in the suburbs. tomorrow in herndon, the labor day festival, it's going to be a little bit more humid. even more heat and humidity waiting in the wings, and we will have that in our complete forecast, a few more minutes away. kellye: we are less than three weeks away from the pope's historic visit to the u.s., and of course, one of his stops is in d.c. kevin lewis is live in northeast to show us how parishioners are
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getting ready. kevin: pope john paul ii visited the city in 1979. pope benedict came in 2008, but this is the first trip to the nation's capital for 78-year-old pope francis. there is an eagerness at the , 17edral of saint matthew days until pope francis attends midday prayer. >> i think he's a gentle man, and i think not only the united states but the world needs a peacefulness and a gentleness. ♪ kevin: the archdiocese of washington, urging all 620,000 members to pray, serve, and act in the coming weeks and then share on social media using the #walkwithfrancis, parishes handing out t-shirts and wristbands. >> my only concern is people
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remember his message, and that he is not a celebrity, and many people i think will turn out to see him, the way you would to cb on-site or somebody. -- would to see beyonce or somebody. kevin: the pontiff will visit st. patrick's catholic church near the verizon center where he will lead a blessing and short lesson. >> those of our brethren who may be homeless, hungry, tired, unemployed, whatever the challenge is, he says, let's stand by people, let's not stand over people. that is the message he brings to washington. kevin: pope francis will also come to catholic university where he will hold mass here at the basilica. that service, which will be said for 25ish, has seating thousand people. the archdiocese tells us most of those tickets will go to members of the hispanic unity. kevin lewis, abc 7 news.
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kellye: it turns out that ticket scalpers are trying to profit from the pope's stop in philadelphia. hundreds of people on ebay and craigslist are trying to sell pope'sickets to the visit for $40. that is four times the face value, but the problem for scalpers is only half of the 200,000 tickets being sold have been claimed. be sure to stay with abc seven and for continuing coverage of the pope's visit to america. coming up on abc seven news, a look at new polls in the presidential race. which candidate is seeing a surge, and which candidate could be in trouble? getting a new low when it comes to gas prices.
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kellye: many of the presidential candidates are spending the holiday weekend on the campaign trail. this comes as a new poll shows donald trump still on top, and hillary clinton losing steam.
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devin dwyer has more. >> i want to take some of your questions. devin: on the stump today, hillary clinton was losing her voice as her campaign is losing steam. little raspy, a but don't let it bother you. it still works. avin: troubling numbers in recent poll shows the secretary of state now trails bernie hampshire, and in iowa, heller clinton loses head-to-head matchups with both jeb bush and nash -- and donald trump. >> i think donald trump is the republican nominee for president. >> i think we are at peak trump. i said this six weeks ago. devin: right behind donald, dr. ben carson. >> he is converting people from being crowdpleasers tip folks who will stand up with him at the carcass. ben carson is someone we should not laugh at. gaining ground, carly fiorina. today on "face the nation," she
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seemed to job at trump for his apparent fumble on foreign policy. >> the difference between hezbollah and how mas does not matter to you yet, but it will. appropriate.n it's i will know more about it than you know, and believe me, it won't take me long. >> i think it's important to know who our enemies are. i think it's important to know the difference between hamas and has the luck. it's important to know that both of them are proxies for iran. devin: many candidates are out on the trail for labor day, with one exception. donald trump is on a campaign hiatus until tuesday. devin dwyer, washington. kellye: the national symphony orchestra will perform a free concert this evening on the capitals west along. here is a bit of what you can expect to hear. lawn. capitol's west here is a bit of what you can expect to hear. ♪
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you areis limited, so urged to take metro. gas prices continue to fall. according to aaa, the national average is $2.40. we haven't seen labor day gas prices this low since 2004. unfortunately, you are paying the in the seat where average is two dollars 66 cents. virginia is the cheapest with the average price of. around $2.14. just ahead, what kind of weather can we expect for labor day? just ahead, what kind of weather can we expect for labor day? devon
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kellye: when i walked outside did notice that promised drop in humid 80. devon: down today, at levels that are very comfortable. you might find more in the mountains as you get into the
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end of the season. i hope you enjoyed it and took it fully in today. it's going to come back as soon as tomorrow. in the overnight hours towards early morning, we are going to build in that humidity. dew point temperatures, 40's, 50's. very dry. they are going to be back to the mid-60's as soon as tomorrow morning. we start with real-time temperatures, a very pleasant night if you want to get out after this broadcast and enjoy the night out on the town. 84 degrees is exactly how that looks. day aten a very popular the beach is out there today. again, that is the live look getting closer to the sunset hour. it is one of the beaches, very popular today. you hardly could find a spot earlier. this was from about an hour or so ago. ocean city has been busy. a little bit of an onshore flow. the current was a little bit of a risk for recurrence. that is starting to subside. i'm showing the heat and
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humidity starting to building to the planes and midwest. here tuesday to be or wednesday. hot and humid as soon as tomorrow. is back in full force. the average is around 83. tuesday is going to be the hottest and most humid day, coming in and initially. resetting our forecast overnight towards your monday morning. a bit crisp in frederick and gaithersburg. 70 downtown. we've got a couple parades going on. thereleasant to get out if you want to get your spot little bit earlier. by noon, it's getting a little bit warm. we are going to be pushing at least 90 degrees, feeling hotter. we've got your gaithersburg labor day parade tomorrow. it's a -- it's hot and humid by the time the parade wraps up. very hot as we go into tuesday. temperatures, lower to mid 90's. it could feel like mid to upper
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90's. peris been a hot and humid september has been chock-full of heat and humidityod. fully whatou enjoy we've got for your sunday night. the way i'm putting it, just enough heat and humidity that you get to enjoy your last pool day. we do have to track some storms eventually. right now, thursday kellye: looks to be the next great day. kellye:kellye: we can live with that. kellye:a great performance by the nats. cast has as sports sponsor. the nats are pushing the mets for the division title. robert griffin iii is essentially going to be pushing kirk cousins to get his spot back. first public comments since the decision, coming up next.
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>> and now the toyota sports
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desk, brought to you by her local toyota dealers. robert: next sunday this time, we will be engrossed and how well the starting quarterback did or did not do in the season opener against the miami dolphins, but this sunday, it is still about the quarterback who will not be starting. first practice since the final 53-man roster was named. is theusins, we know, starter, but jay gruden told the media he hasn't officially decided who will be his second string quarterback, and he will once robertision griffin iii is medically cleared. jay gruden also told the media that keeping number 10 on the roster as a backup will not cause any problems. is a don't feel like he distraction at all. we feel like he is a quarterback and you can never have too many quarterbacks in your building. >> we at first are a team. robert is a part of this team, and he's our teammate. we love him just like he's a
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starter. nothing is changing in the locker room. everybody is together. we've still got the same goal in mind. so does he. month of theast season is going to be tasty indeed. the curly w had taken three of four from the braves before today. one more this afternoon, and then three massive games against the mets coming up tomorrow, tuesday, and wednesday. the nats explode for five runs in the second. jayson werth, getting a hold of this one. left center and gone. three-run jack. 5-0, nationals. effortarper with this with swing, a golf shot. this kid's strength is ridiculous. the mets lose to the marlins, so the lead in the nl east is now down to four games. #interesting. if you are not watching women's tennis right now, shame on you.
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you are missing out on arguably the greatest athlete of our generation. i said it. it's serena williams belongs in any conversation about the greatest not only in her sport but all sports. serena and fellow american madison keys in the fourth round . both players have powerful groundstrokes. serena was in control. set 6-3 in 30rst minutes and continued her dominance in the second set. he's doublefaults on match 6-3, 6-3ving serena a win. serena is three wins away from the calendar grand slam. no woman has done that since steffi graf in 1988. her sister venus had no problems . ,n her round of 16 matchup venus, showing she still has good court movement, getting to this forehand. 6-2, six-one,ily setting up a must-c quarterfinal match against her sister serena.
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mystics on the road in the atl facing the dream. washington ran into some hot shooting by tiffany hayes. she drains 43-pointers and leads the dream with 17 points. .he mystics fall the orioles drop another one and lose the blue jays 10-4. it is fun watching serena williams. kellye: it will be great to watch her sister. robert: mixed emotions. kellye: you don't know who to root for. she is a beautiful lady. very talented. we will be r
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kellye: remember those weird courtroom sketches a patriots quarterback tom brady? now you can use them to make a fashion statement. take a look. isompany called red bubble selling the tom brady courtroom sketch skirt for $34. if you don't want a skirt, you've got other options, including phone cases, coffee mugs, and tote bags. robert: really? will be a bigt seller in boston. i don't know about the rest of the country. in washington, what we know is that you've enjoyed a fine day today. i cannot hide my natitude. we welcome in those mets. three games against the mets. it will be hot and humid at the stadium. that.e for it is that perfect last day of summer. labor day, rain-free. thursday appears to be our likeliest rain day. kellye: we thank you for joining us. we hope to see you back here at 11:00.
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