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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  September 6, 2015 11:35pm-12:06am EDT

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>> from abc7 news, this is a
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breaking news alert. kellye: and that breaking news is from southeast d.c., police announcing that a body found in a burning car found last night has been ruled a homicide. the victim, a man was shot to death. his name has not been released and so far no arrests have been made in the case. some unwelcomed news for hillary clinton, a new poll shows she's losing support among voters. chuck severeson breaks down the numbers. chuck: as the days of summers dwindled, so do hillary clinton's numbers. she's losing to president joe biden who isn't even running. in a hypothetical matchup in iowa she would lose to donald trump. the billionaire developer is holding on to a huge lead with 30% support in the republican field. >> i think donald trump as the republican nominee for president. the latest numbers could explain why he took the weekend off
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while hillary clinton is spending the day on the campaign trail. hillary: i'd rather you start cherishing women and start respecting women. >> hillary said nasty things about me but there was no emotion, no truth. on abc's this week two of them disagreed over kim davis, the kentucky county clerk jail for refusing a judge's order to issue same-sex marriage licenses. >> she's not running the church. i wouldn't force this on a church but i think she has to comply. >> as for the clinton campaign they say they're getting ready for a bumpy fall. kellye: a devastating illness for a man nases mother. she's been diagnosed with west nile virus. richard reid has a warning for
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her family and what they want to share. richard: as he reads the symptoms from his daughter's illness paul rice is holding on to hope. family members say in mid july amay a 36-year-old mother of two she thought was a >> she woke up the next morning and she was delirious and couldn't breathe. richard: she was rushed to prince william medical center but her condition got worse. >> her respiratory system shut down. she had a mild heart attack. >> doctors saved her life and kept her sedated. but no one knew why she was so ill. >> she had west nile virus along with west nile fever. >> rice's illness has turned into a summer long or deal, at time she spiked a fever of 105
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and is partly paralyzed from the neck down. >> she can't swallow. she can't move her legs. she can wiggle her toes. >> all this from a mosquito bite. >> today her son is celebrating his 11th birthday. he's just hoping his mom gets better. >> every time i go there she seems even more better, can talk better. can move a little bit more. kellye: and the virginia department of health say 1-150 west nile pashes have the severity of symptoms that rice has. amy's off the breathing tube and can move her fingers, her feet and her ankles. virginia attorney mark herring announced his plans for the election. he will seek a second term as a.g.
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kellye: with school back in session, some new information say a startling number of drivers ignore the rules when it comes near schools or school buses. >> watch as this s.u.v. in washington state nearly hits three girls about to board a bus. you can see the girls step out but jump back as the s.u.v. crosses just inches from them. the terrifying near-miss was captured by a school bus camera. in this video, a school bus stops, puts out the stop bar and not one but two cars race by. the bus driver honk and as the boy starts to cross a third card nearly hits him. newly released numbers shown that in just one day maryland bus drivers reported that vehicles illegally pass them 2,796 times and 83 of those times they were passed on the
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right side where children get on and off the bus. >> think about it. if the children are waiting at their stop, getting ready to get on the bus, cars are disregarding the red lights and driving down the right side. that is just a major safety issue. >> and it's not just maryland. 26 states captured illegal passings on the right. these violations can be deadly. according to the national association of state directors of pupil transportation services on average 10 students are killed per year by drivers illegally passing school buses. >> i think vokes particularly at that time of day are trying to get somewhere and just aren't paying the sort of attention they should. >> in most states when drivers see the stop sign, by law they must stop on both sides of the school bus within 25 feet of the stop sign. one bus manufacturer installing
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additional strobe lights on buses a customization that other chool districts can get. kellye: geo benitez reporting. they capture violators and send violators a ticket in the mail. coming up on "washington week"ly" the poll will look different for the next year. and it's a view of pope francis you have never seen.
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kellye: pope francis' first visit to the u.s. is now less than three weeks away. and john gonzalez got a bird's eye view where the pontiff will deliver mass on september 23rd. john: well, it definitely be a challenge. we are inside the bell tower at the basilica of the national shrine. we are tethered. we have our harn eses on. we are 250 feet up. the majestic dome, well, it is right next to us this afternoon.
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we are told this is the second highest point in all of d.c. and while you can pretty much see the entire city from up here and you can really get a sense of where the folks will be during the mass, that right there the grounds of catholic university on the east portico that's where thousands will gather for the papal mass. and you can see the roads. from up here i've got to tell you the traffic looks smaller and trivial. you know that's not the case and it won't be on the 23rd. he makes those three historic stops, the white house, st. matthews cathedral and here. and the o.p.m. are urging work.ees not to go to >> our school is having a half day that day. and i'm considering whether or not i'm going to bring my daughter at all. the traffic will be backed up
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for quite some time. so i would have concerns about it. >> we'll probably be stopping more with our employ eyes that live -- employees that live close by in these buildings just encouraging employees to leave their homes really early, make sure that there's enough lead time to get around. >> some parents are say why not cancel schools all together. they're telling folks to plan and treat this as a snow event. pope francis will be here september 22nd, through the 24th. kellye: repairs began this week on the national mall reflecting pool. on tuesday workers will begin draining a 30-foot section of the pool closest to the world war ii memorial. work on the memorial in 2013 damaged this section of the pool. the project should be complete next summer. still ahead on "washington weekly," a warning for ez pass customers how to avoid the latest scam targeting drivers on the east coast.
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and we are in for some beautiful weather for your labor day event.
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kellye: we've enjoyed some pretty nice weather this weekend and that will continue tomorrow? devon: temperatures warm, but might of thought that today was nicer than saturday even though it was warmer on sunday than saturday. realtime temperatures noting
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we've got some pretty dry air. we've gone in into the lower 608's almost into the 50's. tail end of the summertime. you're doing something and brought in really dry air. but we're also watching what's also holding temperatures up as the hottest part of the city where densely populated building, more people 75 as opposed to 63. culpeper down to 62. et's get a live look at a live update. that's the latest update coming in from a live picture. you hear people say. jefferson memorial and washington monument obviously the capitol in the distance. never a terrible time to see one of the most beautiful shots not only in the nation but in the world. 87 degrees. high temperature going on for that realtime temp in the mid 70's. i'm show young the mid 90's. only moves one direction.
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that's going to be here. but a couple of days away. labor day to tuesday, warm to hot and humid. labor day will stay truly hot and humid staying until tuesday. let's go back in your labor day morning much closer in forecast. matching dew points, the missing 50's. morning parade for kensington at 10:00, lower in the 70's and make it cloudy skies. might be some of the more enjoying temperatures before it gets too hot and even hoo mid. afternoon parade going on. gaithersburg. this is where it gets hot and humid. you have the hats, sunglasses and sunscreen to keep you out of the sunburn territory. and then we go into tuesday and this is one of the hottest days we got this week. lower to mid 90's into the forecast for actual air temperatures. wednesday is your hottest day. we may have our hottest
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temperatures peaking at 95 to 96. 95, 96 but for this time of the year we're getting a record of high temperatures. we're getting into that territory. it's awfully hot. and the likelyiest storm day is thursday with a cold front coming in. kellye: all right. sounds good. thank you very much. 7 on your side. ez pass holders owe money on their accounts. the message direct ez pass holders will click on a link and hand over personal and financial information. >> if you take the bait you're actually transferring money electronically to put it into the hands of a scam artist. kellye: the better business bureau says the scam is similar one serviced last summer. ez pass maryland sends you a mail. through traditional this week's a camp
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kellye: having a parent with a deadly illness is hard on any child but what is that youngster is at risk for the same terminal disease. the camp and the people behind it are this week's harris' heroes. >> this peaceful setting in
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southern maryland maps the pain and stress that these teens and young adults face every day. almost everyone here is impacted by huntington's disease a genetic brain disorder for which there's no cure. >> i watched him progress and watched him pass away. developed this. >> they deserve support. they need support and there are people there to support them. >> camp provides education and something even more important. it gives camper as chance to meet other who are affected by h.d. and have some fun in the process. >> this is definitely the happiest i've been in such a long time. it's like we're able to let our guard down and be kids again. >> and in the prose soft having that fun they're also forming
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lifelong bonds. >> we will always be like someone who they can talk to. and it's a really good thing. >> we had to equip them with what they can, you know? so they can be afforded with that. it's not stopping them doing what they want to do. >> leon harris, abc7 news. kellye: more than 40 teens and young adults attended the camp. organizers hope to make ate yearly event. 30,000 people have huntington's disease or the gene that causes it. the u.s. army elite ranger school is now open to women. the army allowed a limited number of women while it settled on a larger integration program. two soldiers became the first women to graduate the eight-week school. women still cannot join the 75 ths regimen but that can change soon. they must lift the ban by next ear unless granted an
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kellye: customers have wanted it for years and now mcdonald's is giving in to public demand. mcdonald's will serve all-daybreak fast nationwide on october 6th. the most popular items like the egg mcmuffin sandwich and hot cakes and sausage will be available ever where. what would be your favorite
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breakfast at mcdonald's? >> the egg mcmuffin or the bacon, egg and cheese biss i can. kellye: not the sausage. >> no, bacon. kellye: now we know. >> what about you? kellye: i like the egg mcmuffin. but i do enjoy the hot cakes. when i really want to make myself happy i'll do that. devon: we've got a great day. just enough heat and humidity for the pool. 90 with a high temperature for the afternoon. we're rising through to the 80's to get there. all that heat and humidity comes after labor day. enjoy your labor day tomorrow. our meteorologist will work hard on this holiday. kellye: we thank you very much for joining us.
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