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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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here, after they put the guns ahead and robbed people outside the fraternity house on harrison street. >> scary. what if they come back? >> about 1:30 the visitors left the party to wait for the uber car. >> the other people put on the ski masks to comeup behind them. pull out guns. hold them to their heads. >> he asked what was going on? >> fell to the ground and my pockets searched. >> did they take stuff from you? >> they took my phone and wallet. >> blocks away minutes later, two men were outside this apartment complex confronted boy who they describe as the three black males who attempted to rob them at
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gunpoint. residents learned of the incident today. >> i don't like it. i don't like it at all. >> i pity the fool that is trying to rob me. i have a temper. >> it has left residents concerned in the upscale neighborhood. >> shocking. i'm scared of it happening in this neighborhood. >> police are looking for three 25th middle teen to 20-something age black males. over six feet tall. none of the victims was seriously hurt. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. kimberly: the nationals stumbled in the playoff push this an. just about half an hour ago. they gave up a game to the
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mets. we have team coverage tonight with robert burr top with a look at the game itself. where did it go wrong, robert? >> this is the most important series for the mets. let's show you how it went down. >> buffalo comes through. bases loaded. that is out of here. the mets take a 2-5 lead in the second. cesarcecspodis gives them insurance. they are now five back from the mets. here is matt williams after the game. >> i think that over the last
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week it has been really good. five again today. albeit one swing. jason came up with a big double. this is a tie game after six. we have a chance with four cracks at them. we didn't get it dong. thigh are five games back. we have more coming up in sports for matt and the players. jonathan: thank you for that. the next two days could make or break the nationals season. from a fan standpoint this is tough. they want to sweep these guys! suzanne kennedy absolutely! this is the series of the year. do or die time. the people are leaving here and leaving nationals park. the fourth inning that robert talked to you about, there was electricity in the air. felt like we'd get it done.
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>> we have all the momentum now. i'm very confident. >> it's brought on by a weekend sweep of the braves. we have momentum in the game. >> the camaraderie is good. we have the young guys producing. >> they come from the opposite end of the spectrum. >> sometimes it's hard because if my team is winning she has a frown on her face. >> i'm the worst. he keeps his mouth shut. i yell more than he does.
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the nationals hunt for a red october. >> where do we go from here? time for the nats to regroup. we put this behind us. tuesday and wednesday night. reporting live, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. >> right now the roads are starting to fill up with the drivers heading home from the holiday weekend. look at this live picture. focus on the left-hand side of the screen. this is leading up to the chesapeake bay bridge in kent narrows. the backup for three or four lanes there, 22 miles long. kellye lynn is live in mobile track 7 along i-95 northbound near spotsylvania and virginia. i think you are doing better than that they are. maybe not. you are slowing down.
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we noticed that the closer get to d.c. the heavier the traffic is. the good nute is the gas prices are at the lowest since 2004. drivers are saving $50 a month. the price could drop below $2 by christmas. in mobile track 7, kellye lynn. kimberly: what a great way to mark the unofficial end of summer. jonathan: fantastic weekend. >> this is beautiful out there. this is a camera from the tornado factory.
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looking toward maryland. there is nothing that is girlfriend to bring us rain. 14 days has gone by since we have seen a drop of rain. we have clear skies for the overnight hours. the temperatures will slowly fall. the same for st. andrews. hour-by-hour. 11 tonight. most folks will be in bed at this point. dress comfortably. cold front, thunderstorms and the daytime highs in the 70's. on the seven-day outlook. more on that on the belfort furniture center.
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jonathan: lieutenant joe gliniewicz shot and killed last week and the authorities are still looking for three men, two white, one black. they don't have the descriptions right now but the investigators they say found an important clue last week. they are not elaborating on that yesterday. kimberly: now a developing story out of europe. they are all trying to find a safe place to live. some countries are welcoming the refugees but not everyone is happy about it. reporter: we meet him on a train. how did you get from there to here? i'm listening.
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>> the family is two more train rides to go. this is the hardest moment ever in my life. reporter: after there was macedonia and serbia. we arrive -- [inaudible] over the weekend, 18,000 refugees crossed into germany to jubilation, cheers and the welcome signs. >> germany expected to take 800,000 refugees by the end of the year. angela merkel says it's a rate
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her country can't sustain. french president hollande will take 24,000. but tonight if it goes according to plan he will step off the train and into his new life. >> the u.s. accepted 1,000 syrian refugees this year. the crisis is just one of the issues coming out of the middle east this week. wednesday night, join us for a round table discussion on the state of affairs surrounding the iran nuclear deal. >> found out what the commander-in-chief is doing that sounds like a campaign promise. kimberly: then later,/em not sure how you would win at this point. if you win you are on a unit with people you sued.
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>> a complicated situation for a local police officer in search of a promotion. jonathan: summer draws to a close. look at things to be weary of as we head back to the regular routines. kimberly: i'm -- >> kevin: some say this group has a
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jonathan: fun filled day in capital greenbelt. the parade started at 10:00 and it wrapped up by noon as part of the greenbelt labor day festival that has been going on for 61 years. the annual gaithersburg labor day parade had a such of controversy. the issue was a group marching with the montgomery flag. kimberly: kevin lewis went along the parade route to get reaction. >> despite the glazing sun with temps close to 90 degrees this year's 77th annual gaithersburg labor day parade drew large crowds. it had marching bands, ethnic dance troupes, cars and the maryland sons of confederate
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veterans. that group was founded the two goals in mind. one, raise money for needy veterans and two to cover burial costs for confederate seasonals that died in the active warfare -- soldiers that died in the active warfare. in light of the charleston church shooting many are sensitive to the public display of the confederate flag. we ask parade goers if we saw anything wrong with the troupe marching. >> i don't believe they are preaching hate. they are preaching heritage and preaching to honor those who served but it doesn't have anything to do with hate. >> i brought my family out. parade. whatever is in the parade is in the parade. this doesn't offend me at all. >> we did reach out to the maryland sons of the confederate veterans in hopes of getting a comment but we have yet to hear back. in gaithersburg, kevin lewis, abc7 news. kimberly: right now hundreds of thousands of people
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traveling for the holiday weekend from the area make their way back home. majority of them are on the roads right now. they are paying less for gasoline than in 11 years. according to a.a.a. the average price of regular unleaded is down to $2.39. in the greater d.c. area we are paying $2.67 a gallon. you can find the best gas prices near you at get ready to dig deeper to feed the meters in arlington. when they start charging tomorrow the rates rates will ct another 25 cents an hour. time now to check on the weather. what a gorgeous start to the day. jonathan: this is the day that you think you shouldn't go to work today. kimberly: yet, here we are. jonathan: wait a second. let me do the math. we are here. steve: some of the most beautiful weather in d.c. is september and october when the humidity falls. we will see it next week and
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the skies are blue like today. only going to get better. ready to look outside? kimberly: ready, set, go. steve: it's beautiful. a lot of people are enjoying themselves on labor day. the picnic and the barbecues. a lot of folks going at it. traffic is not so bad on the memorial bridge. we will look for quiet conditions. 89 at reagan national airport. we haven't had a drop of rain at reagan national airport since august 1. we are 2.5 inches below where he should be. we started september off on a hot note. the average daytime highs 7 degrees above average for this time of year. 90 in winchester. 89 in martinsburg. 87 in quantico. wherever you are, it's warm and humid. it's only going to get hotter as you move in the day
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tomorrow. that is when the kids go back to school. even goes back to work. so some changes on the way. heat index value in the lower 90's. a lot of sunshine. enjoy it for another couple of hours. sunset around 7:30. looking for the cooler air, it is well off north and west. duluth at 76 degrees. the coolest air will make its way toward our area. it is going to take another week. we will start to feel the difference by monday of next week. temperatures, though, still hot. pittsburgh, charleston, indianapolis. aural in the upper 80's. 91 in detroit. 86 in chicago. enjoy the nice weather. warm weather while we can. the changes are on the way. night time lows middle 60's. north and western suburbs. mainly clear skies. not going to cause any travel delays. school bus is scheduled to come at 10 after 7:00.
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or 1 after 8:00. don't expect the delays there because of the weather. dry and on the south side. off to the west, a stronger cold front. arizona of low pressure to make the weather day a bit more memorable. on wednesday, as we will look for thunderstorms. a stronger cold front in the upcoming weekend. we will ump to 90 in the lunch time hours. so if you have outdoor reverse, dress comfortably. grab the sunglasses.
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take you to the seven-day outlook. a few will stick around overnight to thursday. friday, saturday, look fantastic. lower to the middle 80's. feast your eyes on monday of next week. the highs in town in the 70's. jonathan: fantastic. steve: it will feel great. jonathan: on monday he is talking about the weekend forecast coming up. kimberly: eternal optimist. steve: something to look forward to. jonathan: a good man. d.c. looking to make summer last longer in the face of the heat. plus et may feel like ronald reagan's name was just added to the airport but find out why the push is on to change the name again. >> we have a brawl of boxes constructed in downtown washington. what is going on here? i'm jeff goldberg.
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we will tell you what is going on after the break. jonathan: first a look at what coming up tonight on
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kimberly: judging can have their cake but don't want to eat these. entry for the ugly cake contest in v.a.t.
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jonathan: ew. kimberly: we are told one cake had sardines on it and surprises like the onion rings, chocolate and fishy crackers. they all got a ribbon showcasing their talent. notice the ribbon is puke green. jonathan: the indoor exhibit at the building exhibit thousands of people. swimming through it. but this is on the move underground. >> some kids want to know where it is going. i was just so much fun. jeff goldberg is inside to explain. jeff? jeff we have volunteers that will be moving the 650,000, 750,000 ball from the beach to dew point underground.
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going metro, bicycle, you name it. they will do whatever they can to get the balls to the dew point underground. what is the beach? this is the beach. this is here all summer long at the national building museum. a huge party at the beach. this was pap lar all summer -- popular all summer long so dew point said they would take them. the balls will be poured in the art space once they are all over there. there is huge excitement on what to do with the balls. the coordinator we spoke to said we are not sure what will happen but we want to do something cool. >> this is an amazing opportunity to do something grand. this is an opportunity to do something to leads to the mission, the design and the
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arts mission. >> behyof -- beehive of activity happening here. they are not messing around. dupont going to try to figure out what to do with the 700,000 plastic balls. this is probably happening for the next 2 to 36 hours. there will be a lot of work getting done until the balls are over in the dupont circle. a lot of fun to a lot of kids. coming up next on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- get ready for traffic to return. look at that and some other sure signs summer is coming to a close. >> plus the court clerk at the center of the battle in
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kentucky makes the next move. >> mangled metal on the side of a road. coming up tonight hear from
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. jonathan: horrible crash to tell you about over the weekend. now prince george's police are trying to reconstruct the
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crash that left three children without at least one of their parents. happened yesterday afternoon in temple hill near tinker creek drive. brianne carter has more on what happened in the crash. brianne: well, we just got new information in the last hour from the prince george's county police. they say the victim's car was here. making a right-hand turn on to kirby road. that is when they say the striking vehicle went to the other lane and crossed back in striking the vehicle, leaving two families devastated. >> some may never know who she was. she was my baby. >> virginia moore is beyond devastated today. after she says her daughter and her sonlaugh were killed in a -- son-in-law were killed in a car an. >> perfect example of a young driving couple. they had their own house and vehicles.
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brianne: the couple's lexus was struck while turning right. the striking car turned over the center line to bypass the cars slowing down. they were rushed to the home and they later died. the man in the striking car suffered non-life threatening injuries. >> never in a million years would i have thought i would have to bury my own child. >> the family members tell abc7 she was an employee at the bank. the couple had three children. they were running out to get last-minute items to get barbecue when the crash happened outside their neighborhood. >> if i could deliver a
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message. please slow down. brianne: the investigation is still ongoing and they are looking into whether speed was a factor in this area. the family is trying to figure out how they can move forward. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. kimberly: the police are looking into whether these events are connected. five universities were robbed by men in masks at gunpoint. a similar robbery happened 15 minutes later. no arrests have been made. >> the lead went back and forth but the mets came out on top winning a critical game with the nats. the final was 8-5. this is crucial to keep their playoff hopes alive. kimberly: this announcement is
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coming as europe faces the worst refugee crisis since world war ii. hundreds of thousands are crossing ocean and land to escape the civil war and the islamic state. jonathan: rowen county, kim davis was jailed for not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex marriage. she refused and she is being held on a con sent of court ruling. after four days in jail she is asking the appeals court to reverse the ruling. seven couples held ceremony. it was held by a group of women when the state challenged ban on same-sex marriage when it was in effect. kimberly: the pope is making changes ahead of the visit to america. tomorrow he says he will
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release the new procedures when it comes to annulling marriages. pope francis said previously he finds the current system cumbersome. costly and often unfair. you can get complete coverage from the time he touches down until he leaves. we will have 40 hours of coverage on and on our sister station newschannel8. jonathan: well, it may be hard to believe that the september visit begins in 15 days. despite the heat, labor day is one of the surest signs that the end is summer is upon us. people are heading back from the long weekend before they go back to work. the traffic is moving all right. better than all right. moving good. kellye lynn tells us she has noticed a slowdown in the last half hour. if you compare it to route 50
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along the chesapeake bay bridge and this is crawling. the backup is 22 miles. we will get a traffic check in 10 minutes' time. you can expect to see more traffic on the roads when all the schools in our area head back to class tomorrow. a good reminder to slow down when you are out there. the bulk of schools welcome students back. but stafford high school is not on the list. they pushed back the opening until september 14. arlington county, the drivers should be ready for surveillance camera on school buses. they pass with the arm and the stop sign display. the flashing red light is a cue to stop. another sign summer is over and fall is here. starbucks' pumpkin spice latte
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returns tomorrow. there is a pass for a first taste, "pumpkin." kimberly: it's supposed to have real pumpkin this year. it won't feel like fall, not until monday. late this an, d.c. announced that the spray parks stay open for a week because of the expected heat you. show us how you are spending your labor day. tomorrow, alison starling will return from maternity leave. >> that is just the way the timing worked out. she is with me tomorrow at 4:00. kimberly: coming up next on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- an executive order and what the president did to impact hundreds if not thousands of
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people in the area. >> he is accused of beating a woman, kicking her until he passed out. now he is on the wall of justice. police need help coming up. jonathan: new at 6:00, milder hurricane season for decades to come. the evidence that may point to a change for the east
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isteve: i'm steve rudin. tomorrow we have a hot and a humid day. the first day of school back to work. lower 90's for the daytime high. you may see thunderstorms on sunday. highs around 80 degrees. week from today the highs in the
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jennifer: i'm fighting back against crime investigator jennifer donelan. this is the wall of justice. people who commit crimes and have warrants out for their
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address land here for all to see. police need your help. arlington county police are adding ally megdar to the wall-ali repeatedly kicked a woman until she passed out. they are also looking for ramon calderon for assault. prince william county detectives look for juan garcia and devonta conward. the stafford county is searching for marlene paige. set the wall of justice in motion. tonight is spotlight is on calderon. arlington county police say he is armed and dangerous. the 23-year-old is accused of slashing a man's face after an outdoor soccer game. they got in the argument over value of college education and calderon became enraged. >> he produced a knife and slashed the face of the victim causing 40, 50 stitches, probably permanent damage to
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his face. kimberly: -- jennifer: calderon is 6'3", black hair and brown eyes and charged with aggravated assault. they want him off the wall of justice and put him behind bars. if you know where he is, call arlington county police. we will see you next week with a "7 on your side" wall of justice. i'm jennifer donelan. jonathan: thank you. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- what is in a name? why is the push is on to change the face of a local airport. >> a howard county police officer suing the department where she still works claiming discrimination. i'm joce sterman. coming up, why court records show she is not the first record to make the claim. >> abc7 countdown to kickoff.
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jonathan: a california cell phone company started the petition to change the name of ronald reagan national airport back to washington national airport. this comes after the republicans express disappointment when president obama changed the name of the tallest mountain in u.s. from mount mckinley back to denali.
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what do you think of the proposal? tell us on the facebook page. you can leave your comments and some could end up on the air. kimberly: a woman suing the police department. not over an arrest. the agency discriminated against her because she is a woman, she says. joce sterman joinings us live. this is not the first claim of discrimination against the depennsylvania? -- the department? joce: absolutely not. we dug through a decade worth of court records and found other cases where women trying to work for the department claimed discrimination in court. amy frasier said simply being a woman cost her a promotion she claims to be exceptionally well trained for. for amy, training her dog for competition is a respite. >> i work with them anytime i'm stressed. because they relax me. joce: frazier says she has a
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reason to be stressed in a fight of her own. she is taking on the howard county police department. where she has worked for nine years. suing for discrimination. >> i have done everything possible. i still have not gotten the position i'm clearly qualified for. >> she says she is a decorated dog trainer, training german shepherds in the art of tracking. in the lawsuit she claims despite training on her own time and money for years she has been passed over twice for jobs on the k9 unit. for male officers that were not as qualified, she says. >> it will continue to happen and other women. >> other women have stood up against the department. "7 on your side" pulled three other cases where the women sued the police claiming discrimination. including two settled case where they said it was a peal-oriented culture and
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rewarded and encouraged a locker room atmosphere. >> they treat me differently than the they treat the male applicants going through the process at the same time. >> so frasier spends her time serving on the department she is suing hoping to get the job she wants. it's awkward but she won't back down. she has been trained not to. >> i still want to be a k9 officer. >> even after all of this this? >> more i think. joce: we offered the howard county police to go on camera and explain why she didn't get a job but the spokeswoman declined because of the ongoing lawsuit. frasier also asks for compensation. joce sterman, abc7 news. jonathan: thank you. time for a check on the roads. alie on traffic watch. some areas are great but other areas are not so much. >> you hit it on the head. look at the beautiful sunshine
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over college park. i love this shot of the beltway. 95 and route 1 and everybody comes together. nice ride. this is a nice shot of route 50 through bowie. it looks good at this point. the problem is the 20 mile delay across the bay bridge. there is a broken down box truck at the center of the road. it's slow. by the time you get to this point, easy peasezy limit squeezezy. it looks great. go to 95. at times we are getting waves of heavy traffic through fredericksburg and stafford. we are on the lighter side. but this looks to be pretty good. jonathan, kimberly, back to you. kimberly: thank you. kimberly: "good morning washington" starts at 4:44
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a.m. better them than us. we have you covered with terrible traffic tuesday at 4:24. i hope to be sound asleep at that hour. >> we talk about how beautiful it was. beautiful blue skies. this is great weather. >> this is awesome. on the warm side. it's cooler in martinsburg and hagerstown. tonight is dropping from the middle to the upper 60's. suburban areas inside the capital beltway 70 to 73 degrees. high pressure is going to remain overhead. it will keep us dry and beautiful. the cold front moves across the region. this has the potential to trigger stronger
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thunderstorms. behind it is relief from the heat and the humidity. dress is something comfortable. females like temperature are hotter than that. it's going to be upper 90 close to 100 degrees. the next seven days show 92 on wednesday. what a day at nationals park! not the outcome we expected. let's head out to robert burton who joins us with the not so good news. robert: yeah, the weather was great but the outcome of the game not so much. nats didn't help the playoff calls at all. they lost 8-5. five games back from the mets. go inside nats park to show what happened. bottom of the fourth. buffalo. and ramos where the bases loaded.
5:52 pm
crushes one to deep left field. we thick this up in the seventh. game tied at 5. david wright lines a single to center. ruben tejada comes around third. throw home is cut off and the nats lose 8-5. they are five games back. after the game, bryce harper expressed displeasure with the fans. >> they left in the 7th. that is brutal. i don't know. whatever. >> i'm disappointed i wasn't ailing to hold the lead. something i take pride in. get some offense and hit a big grand slam. you go up 5-3. frustrating for me i wasn't able to do that. robert: switching gears.
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virginia tech hosting the national champions ohio state. this game is in blacksburg. home field advantage should help. talk about starting off with a bang. last year they beat ohio state. at the horseshoe. this the quarterback on the excitement. >> i'm sure that everybody in the university will be fired up about it. i heard they canceled class that day. >> how many time dos we start out national tv, monday night, blacksburg against the number one and the number one by far? to me this is big. we take care of it after that. after that. robert i'm jealous. classes were never cut short for me, any big game. back to you. jonathan: all right, thanks. we'll be right back.
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jonathan: donald trump has been sun port i of tom brady and it's been mutual. someone snapped this picture and brady had a trump hat. so far no comment from the quarterback. kimberly: today president obama signed an executive order that mandates seven days of paid sick leave to employees of the federal contractors. we look at why some argue congress needs to step in. >> working americans should have the security of paid leave. >> on the way to a labor day event in boston president obama signed executive order mandating all the companies with the federal contract offer benefit to employees. president obama: as we were flying oaf here i signed executive order to allow employees who work on our contract to earn up up to seven paid sick days a year.
5:58 pm
>> beginning in 2017, the white house says 300,000 workers who don't receive paid sick leave will receive one hour for every 30 hours worked. the executive order is limited as it will only apply to the firms with the government contracts. president obama is pushing congress to extends rule to the private sector. the labor saibling perez argues that the new policies are bringing american working standards in line with those of other developed countries. >> the united states is the only country where this is a is. >> this comes on similar orders raiserd for federal contractors iiiiiiiiiiir sexual ooooooooooooooooooooooood
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m wage.ose o newsws a >> i called my sister and i said i hit the lottery for $20,000. she said, "stop lying." jonathan: why the lottery is telling a woman her $20,000 winning ticket is worthless. kimberly: plus, holding on to another kind of hope. father's message one year after his children vanished and the mother was taken into police custody. jonathan: moving an entire beach using the metro. the major undertaking right now and where you could be lounging beach side underground. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts now. announcer: you "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. >> the joy of a lottery win turned to disappointment for a d.c. woman. lottery officials where she
6:00 pm
bought the ticket say it was printed in error. she turned to "7 on your side" chris papst. chris: imagine thinking you won 20,000 only to find out later that you didn't. this woman had a ticket saying she won $20,000. but she is not getting paid for it. >> i saw $20,000. you don't know how excited i was. >> on august 22. at this machine inside alexandria. she thought she hit it big. on a $2 scratch off she matched the number 16. for $20,000. >> $20,000 would help me. i have a sister that is in syracuse who is very sick. i could help her with the medical bills. >> but the lottery


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