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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 8, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> the extra attention that the u.s. attorney will give to the gun offenders. >> she and the chief are moving ahead. >> the last time we ran the 50 people they accounted for 850 abs. >> five were injured on martin luther king, homicide death of 28-year-old hall on forester southwest. the law has support. >> right now we are in a state of emergency in d.c. >> they have served their time and are already disadvantaged because they can't get jobs. now watch them every minute of the day.
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sam: he expects the aclu to sue saying it's a violation of the fourth amendment against unreasonable search and says sures. reporting live from northwest washington, sam ford, abc7 news. leon: john mccain is trying to -- tim kaine is trying to take a step to end the gun violence. alison: three people charged with killing a 17-year-old were arraigned today. danny was shot and killed. the gunfire had several schools locked down. up named 17-year-old charged with second-degree murder. henry vasquez and juan selia face accessory charges. police is looking into whether it was a gang-related
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shooting. leon: there will be a settlement to freddie gray's family. he suffered a spine injury in back of a transport van. it led to charges against gib police officers. the boards meets tomorrow to discuss the settlement. stay with us. we'll have continuing coverage. maureen: back to school and work for many of us today. chief meet roll just doug hill -- chief meteorologist doug hill is here. doug: it is going to feel like summer tonight and tomorrow but there will be a break on thursday with the rain and the slightly schooler temperatures. at the moment 90 at reagan national airport. same at the belfort furniture weather center here in arlington. 88 in gaithersburg.
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this comes to three or four degrees above the air temperature. there is no threat of heavy rain. this this is what it feels like. weather at the park is just fine. the first pitch and temperature in the city is 87. it will be warm and muggy throughout the area. there is a cooler air for friday. that is the latest. back to you. leon: thank you. a year ago two children vanished. no sign of them since. but the mother is in custody. tonight we hear a heart-felt message from the father who is still keeping his hopes alive.
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>> they spent the final afternoon at the clark before the mother kathryn kidnapped then. in the 12 months since the family members printed a number of flyers, led dozens of searches and even hired a private investor, but to no avail. reporter: the police have implicated kathryn with the children's disappearance. she is committed to a psychiatric hospital. a judge banned detectives from speaking with her. >> she is cooperative with the treatment plan. she is exercising and is being responsible.
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reporter: kathryn talks with her mother daily. >> our conversations are good. i'm hopeful that she is clear she was aware of what she was doing a year ago today. we have agreed on that. reporter: in a recent telephone call she asked to speak to turner. >> it wasn't productive. it started out with small talk. said i have no interest in small talk. >> police have led searches on the land and water. they emphasize as she spoke up, the tragic mystery would end for good. >> we will keep going until we find them or find out what happened. we need to know the truth in the end. >> today they told me that they feel the judicial center is benefiting kathryn more than the missing children. next friday a judge will likely decide whether or not
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the 28-year-old is competent enough to stand trial. kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: thank you. maureen: new at 2:00, hillary clinton is apologizing for using the private e-mail server in the time at the state department. she came under fair for using the e-mails earlier this year. the interview is next on "world news tonight." still ahead. the controversial clerk gets out of jail. latest on the battle in kentucky. leon: counting down. excitement is building as the pope's visit is closer and closer. a look at the preparations underway up next.
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maureen: a controversial kentucky clerk is out of jail. she was jailed after not issuing same-sex marriage licenses against a court order. today a judgment released her and ordered her not to interfere with the issuing of the same-sex marriage licenses. davis spoke to a crowd of hundreds after her release.
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>> just keep on pressing. don't let down. because he is here. he's worthy! i love you guys. thank you so much. maureen: deputy clerks in davis' office are issuing licenses to all eligible couples. davis' lawyer says he will not say whether his client will obey the judge's order when she returns to work. leon: closer to home now getting to reagan national airport from the g.w. parkway and vice versa is going to take longer. construction work begins wednesday on route 233 bridge. that is one that connects crystal city to the airport. work will be done on the southbound parkway ramp from the airport. drivers can expect lane closures on and off for the next nine months. alison: enter the battle over the iran nuclear deal. there is now enough support in thenate to prevent a republican effort to shot to shut it down. 41 senators are in favor of the deal. three new democrats came
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forward with their support today. vote on the deal must come before a september 17 deadline. senior political reporter scott thuman will host a round table discussion on the state of affairs surrounding iran nuclear deal tomorrow at 7:00 on our sister station newschannel8. leon: "7 on your side" health matters report finds big leaps in the survival rate of prematurely born infants. researchers reviewed hospital records for more than 35,000 babies born over the course of 20 years. they looked at infants born 2.5 months to four months early and weighed 14 ounces. primmies born in 2012 had a survival rate of 79%. that is up 9% from 1993. alison: -- maureen: the pope will celebrate a mass in spanish when he visits washington, d.c.
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leon: summer here. we have the complete forecast after this break. ronal: the name of the game is don't panic. we preview nats-mets game two. that's next in sports as "abc7 news at 6:00" continues.
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leon: another big change from pope francis. he is allowing the catholic church to faster track marriage annulments. this rule simplifies that procedure. maureen: local catholic families making spiritual preppation for the upcoming visit of the pope. for many, the most special time is a mass he will celebrate in spanish. the pope's latin roots and why this mass will mean so much to so many. john: pope francis says pray for me. for this family his native tongue will make this visit a
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personal experience with a cultural connection. >> we identify the language. >> he and his wife transplanted from mexico from the young daughter to the united states in 1998. they have taught their son the faith and deep devotion. >> you feel connected because you were born in latin america. john: when pope francis celebrates mass, it will be in spanish. one-third of american catholics are hispanics. >> the energy of his presence and holiness, it is extremely important. >> they have been preparing spiritually. >> i'm praying about his coming. >> the first latin american pope has been a champion for the poor and immigrant
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community. saying migrants are not pawn on the chess board of humanity. >> the first ever in the history of the church. normally for latino and the most progressive pope we never seen ever. >> the washington archdiocese says this is fitting but the new pope in a hemisphere that speaks spanish. >> this is an emotional time. he is from argentina but i'm a religious person. >> john gonzalez, abc7 news. leon: coca-cola bringing the popular surge brand back to the store shelves. it was popular in the 1990's for those who remember it but it was phased out a decade ago. they began selling the drink in a limited sale through amazon and sold out on the first day. alison: the heat and the humidity are still around despite up official end of summer. the district is helping you to
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stay school. the spray park will stay open an extra week. they were supposed to close last night. but mayor bowser kept it open longer because of the heat and the humidity coming this week. leon: coming? it's here. doug: today was the 501 z day we were at 90 or higher. tomorrow is the 52nd and then we will cool off. leon: i've had enough. doug: me too. ready for fall. look at the type lapse -- time lapse from the earth and space laboratory. this is clear skies throughout the day. we start to heat up and few weather clouds develop. the heating of the day diminished and the cloud cover. it's going to be beautiful evening. 92 and 72 are the high and low officially at the reagan national airport. pure summer numbers for the high and low. the average is 82 and 65.
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85 as we speak. columbus ohio is 87. same in charleston. warm in south and north. this afternoon in central park, new york city, 97 degrees. we were only 92. the humidity is up. it's warmer with the heat index. a slow dropoff in the temperatures after sunset. clear skies and light winds it will be a warm and humid tuesday evening. temperatures range if 67 to the sout lining areas and the city to 74 downtown. clear skies looking overhead. warm and muggy with a light breeze out of the south. here is what will change. area of the high pressure with the heat and the humidity surge, that will move east. it will continue winds out of the south. we'll have another hot and humid day. late in the afternoon the cold front will move our direction.
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it will fire up the storms in the mountains and maybe a couple will get to our area. the better chance on thursday. we have some cloudiness. showers in the afternoon. some could make it to the region. as the front passes over the top of us on thursday from the morning, midday and the early afternoon, that is the best chance of the showers and the thunderstorms. clearing skies move in thursday night. drier and the cooler air. the bus stop tomorrow is a muggy day to start. but hot for the kids again as the dropoff time is 92 degrees. but feeling even warmer. more the, in seven days 80% probability on rain on thursday. clearing skies on friday. weekend is a question mark. the rain chances saturday. we could have showers here sunday as well. tomorrow at this time we should have better feel for what the weekend weather will be like. i have done my part for a great baseball weather. robert burton, what will you do about the nats? robert: here is the question. is it too early for the nats to start panicking? the players think it's too
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early. we will preview nats-mets game two up next in sports.
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk brought to you by
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your local toyota dealers. robert: welcome back. live outside the left field gate at nats park where it's about the catch-up. nats trying to gain ground on the mets after losing game one. the final for that one 8-5. put the nats five game back. a good pitching matchup tonight. zimmerman against matt harvey, the mets' ace. still a lot of baseball to be played and they still understand this series is very important. but according to the players the name of the game is don't panic. >> it doesn't do any good to say we have to do this. this is a must win. going out just because you try heard won't make it better. you can't sit there and psyche yourself up. you'll make mistakes. just stay even and play your game. beat the other team. simple as that. robert: switching gears. welcome to washington, d.c.
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we have a little thing called a quarterback controversy when it comes to the redskins. first, rgiii and his concussion situation. then kirk cousins slides in the starting slot. colt mccoy doing well. not getting that much love. well, today, we spoke with the former head coach. i think you know who he is when you see him. he had something to say about the quarterback controversy. >> when i was coaching, when we had two coaches vying for something they say you have a quarterback controversy. my statement is that's good. i want that. that means you have two good quarterbacks. i think that is a plus for us. we will start kirk cousins and even will be behind him. hopefully get robert griffin iii back and it's good we have depth there. robert: that sounds like mr. gibbs. that is all for sports. back to you in the studio. leon: all right. maureen: thank you. leon: well, we're panicking.
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we are. all right. alison: no panic about the weather. hit-and-run we know what is up next -- maureen: we know what is up next. doug: no rain. locals of 95 to 75, clear -- 65 to 75 but clear, warm and humid. tomorrow back for the 52nd time this season. 90er higher at 92. slight chance for storm tomorrow evening. 80% chance of a cold front passing thursday. friday we get a break of the heat and the humidity. partly cloudy and 84. cooler over the weekend. up certain -- uncertain because of conflicting computer models dry weekend or rain. showers are possible saturday. may not be out of the question on sunday. we will punt it to steve rudin who can worry about that at 11:00. getting rid of the heat. enough enough. leon: good deal. thanks, buddy. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir is up next.
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tonight, the abc news exclusive. my interview with hillary clinton. for the first time, saying that was a mistake. i'm sorry. i take responsibility. also, we ask, would joe biden make a good president? about donald trump. and what we've never heard before. does she ever privately ask herself, why run again? also tonight, the dramatic turn. the marriage showdown in kentucky. the controversial clerk set free. but what does that now mean for marriage licenses, will she return to the job? the american dentist who killed that beloved lion, surfacing today to a crush of protesters and cameras. you'll hear what they said to him. and the high school football video under the microscope. the student players taking down a referee, tonight, the new investigation. and one of the coaches -- did he tell them to do it?


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