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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  September 9, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jummy: the debate over the iran nuclear deal is heating up as noon. gop presidential candidate donald trump and ted cruz are among those speaking out against the deal. a protest rally is set to start in an hour and brianne carter is on capitol hill with the preparations underway right now area -- now. : dozens and dozens of
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people have been filling in here on the west lawn. the stage is set behind me. take a look at the crowds starting to perform at the edge of the stage. organizers did not say how many that they expected that they did say that they expected this to be a big event for them. we do understand that this is getting underway at 1:00 this afternoon. the rally to stop the run iranar deal -- i run -- nuclear deal. ted cruz and donald trump are expected to be here. as well as jim gilmore and sarah pearland -- sarah palin. supporters say that it is designed to curb the iranian nuclear program. 42 senators said that they would secure the deal, securing enough votes so that president obama would not have to veto the resolution disapproving of the deal. hillary clinton speaking out ahead of the rally.
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she said that it is not enough deal, it has the to be enforced. clinton: yes, we will begin from day one to set the conditions so that iran knows that it will never be able to get a nuclear weapon. not during the term of the agreement, not after, not ever. >> take a look here. you can see groups of people starting to form. busloads coming in, individuals from new jersey, nashville, southern maryland as well. as you know, republicans continue to say that this is not the correct way to go. to stop this current deal. all of the developments in the rally are set to kick off this noon. brianne carter, abc 7 news. jummy: we should point out that our senior political reporter will be hosting a roundtable discussion on the state of affairs surrounding the deal tonight at 7:00 on our sister station, news channel 8.
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the forecast out there, as you saw in our live shot, some clouds out there with potential storms later this afternoon. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with a look at our first forecast. doug: delightful outside right now, live in rockville at montgomery college. temperatures elsewhere starting to climb. 88 degrees at reagan national. 90 in fredericksburg and in frederick, maryland. same as yesterday, temperatures into the 90 to 92 degree range. the difference between yesterday and today is that the moisture content is higher. we know that because dew point temperatures are higher. index to getat around 100 degrees around portions of the metro area. 96 at reagan national, 94 at dulles. a hot day. as you mentioned before, such chance for showers and thunderstorms in the evening hours.
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some of that could spread eastward to the metropolitan area later this afternoon. this area of low pressure moving out and allowing the front to spread eastward, increasing the chances for scattered showers and storms. we will talk about that in more detail in a few minutes. then, thanks. developing right now, a community on alert after two overnight homicides. a triple shooting and capitol heights killed one person, as well as an overnight murder in hyattsville. the police are on the search for the murders. >> -- murderers. >> police have had their hands full, two shootings, two people dead, two more injured. the first 911 call came in for a shooting in capitol heights. when the police arrived at around 12:30 they found one man dead, two more critically wounded. within moments dozens of
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evidence markers littered the ground. nearby homicide investigators try to reconstruct the scene. hours into that investigation another man was shot and killed about 10 minutes away in hyattsville. police found his body outside the sidewalk on cooper lane. neighbors heard the shooting unfold. >> i heard four shots. >> four hours the body laid uncovered as school buses and children walked to the nearby elementary school. you wake up and you wake up to someone on the ground that. >> police have not released suspect or victim information and tell us that they don't believe the shootings are connected. if you have any information regarding these early-morning homicides you are asked to contact prince george's county police. sam sweeney, abc 7 news. night inso a violent
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the district. just after 11:00 and adult male was shot on alabama avenue just blocks away from the congress heights metro stop. right now we don't know anything about the victim's condition. we know that at the same time 1.5 miles away another person was stabbed on langston place. in northeast there were reports of shots fired. police say that no victim was ever found. new at noon, the fbi wants your help to catch a group of what they are calling serial robbers. investigators say that these men held up six 711 convenience stores in maryland or virginia. at least two of them were armed. this is video from one of those robberies, right here on your screen. it happened in the district. the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. toy in baltimore city lawmakers are expected to approve the settlement with the family of freddie gray, who died
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one week after being critically injured while in police custody. six officers are now charged in connection with the death. thatmore mayor blake says she hopes it can bring some closure to the family. blake: the purpose is to bring an important measure of closure to the family, the community, and the city, and to avoid years and years of protracted civil litigation and the potential harm to the community. experts say that the settlement could affect where the officers trials could be held. a judge is expected to make that decision later this week. in the district now some d.c. tenants and activist are speaking out this noon. they held a news conference outside the wilson building this morning. they are upset about what they
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say is the corrupt collusion between the bowser administration and major developers and say that they plan to unveil new evidence supporting that claim. power crews in montgomery county are working to clean up downed wires that cause the huge mess for the morning commute. officials say a dump truck crashed on connecticut avenue at knowles avenue, bringing down power lines. all northbound lanes are open but only one of the southbound lanes is still closed. head right over to jamie sullivan fore-check on the rest of the traffic this noon. jamie: we are starting off the traffic that looks pretty good on the capital beltway. nothing to worry about here. take a look, this gives you an commute is.nice the beltway, traffic looks great. no issues right now in either corrections approaching annandale or the springfield interchange. i want to move to the map to focus on what we do have as far
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as delay. traveling on 295 you have a delay working inbound on kenilworth avenue with d.c. police reporting a crash on east capitol street. with the accident activity that hour.e, 15 miles per then we have a manhole explosion in northwest. closed in both directions, 22nd to 23rd street, then moving north into montgomery county poles and wires are down, julie just mentioned this, we currently have the right way and blocked between knowles avenue and prospect street. that inget by that keep mind. traveling on metro today, heads up, we have that work that was being done and started at 10 a.m.. orange, blue, silver lines. mcpherson square to smithsonian, that will be in place until 3:00 this afternoon, as well as on the red line. keep in mind that you will see delays.
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continues jummy: daily through friday. back to you. jummy:jummy: the kentucky county tok -- clerk who refuse distribute marriage licenses because of her religious beliefs is out of jail. hundreds rallied, led by mike huckabee. a tearful davis thanked those who supported her. >> i want to give god the glory. his people have rallied and you are a strong people. jummy: as a condition of her release the judge ordered that she shall not interfere in any way with the efforts of her deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses to all legal eligible couples. meanwhile, a new legal battle may be brewing. the rock group, survivor, is thinking about suing mike huckabee for using their song at davis'rally. a major scare from a british
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airways flight in las vegas. what do authorities think caused it to go up in flames moments before takeoff? and the mystic terrorism, the latest in a series of attacks targeting drivers. plus a hiring blitz. where should you go today if you are looking for a job. and tracking some storms as the work week continues. how could it impact your weekend?
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>> you are watching "abc 7 news at noon." on your side. jummy: it is being called a
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catastrophic failure. 14 people are being treated for minor injuries following a major scare on a plane in las vegas. the jumbo jet just burst into flames moments before takeoff. we have all of the dramatic details. >> disaster averted. fire.have a repeat, we are evacuating. >> crews onboard this earning british airways flight wasting no time. >> request services. >> heavy fire services are on the way. >> emergency responders arrived on the scene and minute, quickly translated -- transporting passengers to a nearby hospital. >> i don't even remember what i was thinking. i was having an out of body experience. >> all that you could see was smoke and ash. >> 157 passengers and 13 crewmembers were on this plane
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in las vegas, bound for london. a mechanical failure could have caused the engine to explode, sending hot metal to the -- into the plane, starting the fire. engine that is on fire. after they put out the fire you can see how clearly it came to almost penetrating into the cabin, which meant this could have been a very, very serious accident. >> the quick thinking crew getting credit for saving the day and nearly 200 lives. >> i was quite happy that we were all ok. >> officials say that it could be quite some time before we learn what happened, but they can tell us at this point that had this airplane taken off all on fire, the results could have been catastrophic. police are investigating a series of shootings targeting drivers on highways. nine possible incidents over the last 10 days, vehicles hit by projectiles on interstate 10, a
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major thoroughfare through the heart of phoenix. investigators are considering the shootings a possible act of domestic terrorism. >> anytime you have multiple shooting against american highway, that's terrorism. they are trying to frighten or kill somebody. atf are joining in the investigation and are warning drivers to be vigilant. now to the hill, where planned parenthood is the focus of a house hearing today. it is called planned parenthood exposed, examining the abortion largests at america's provider. a defender of the group says that they have done nothing illegal. ok, so switching gears now to talk about the forecast. possibly some rain this evening? 30%, 40% chance, best
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chances probably after 5:00 tonight. jummy: nats game ok? doug: there is a game -- chance that it could rain there. we will know more at 4:00, 6:00. but it is a possibility this afternoon. what is a probability is another day above 90 degrees. if that happens it will be the 52nd time this summer season we have been 90 or better. hadof last summer we only 24 days that hit 90 or better. 90 in laurel, already in that location. lots of sunshine the fairweather clouds. very humid today. the combination of temperatures in the 90's and higher dewpoint temperatures means it will feel more uncomfortable outside during the early afternoon and evening than it did yesterday. 88 at reagan national. inittle bit cooler indianapolis. that's the cooler, drier air behind the cold front. the frontal system lies between us and those areas.
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temperatures will continue to rise during the afternoon with 97 --ndex values already the surge of morse -- moist air continuing to the afternoon, it will be a matter of watching the showers and storms. at the moment we just have a possibility of isolated showers and storms at first pitch at the park and that chance will continue through the evening hours. for tomorrow, better chances for scattered showers. satellite radar shows a lot of ,unshine with clouds for us traveling apiece back to the mountains to see the showers associated with the cold front developingssure along this front. the whole thing will move north and east slowly. better chances tomorrow than today. as far as the way that it will look on the futurecast, this is the one computer model version that shows for this afternoon there will be's got it showers west and southwest of the metro
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area. through the evening hours though should diminish somewhat but by early in the morning there are more showers here as the actual cold front passes through and we deal with showers in the evening hours finally clearing out for the day on friday. computer model suggested the heaviest rains will be to inches or more in pennsylvania, only 1/10 of an inch for most of the metro area. we will see how that works out. let's go ahead to a 30% chance of showers and storms this evening, jumping to 80% tomorrow . clearing out on friday, looking great, lower humidity with temperatures in the middle 80's. rain is a good possibility on saturday. sunday will be mostly cloudy, we could have showers on sunday as well that we have the whole afternoon to update the forecast. jummy: we will be tuned in. thank you. one of our favorites, chipotle, making a huge hiring effort, planning to hire up to 4000 new
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employees as part of the national career day. it will be an average pay of $10 per hour, plus a 401(k) savings plan. coocoo, or seo coo -- co says that more restaurants are opening but there are fewer job applicants. also today, queen elizabeth the second of england is the longest .eigning british monarch she ascended to the throne back in 1952 when she was just 25 years old. she is surpassing the record set by her great, grand -- great, grand graham -- great, great grandmother. the queen made it clear that she does not want a fuss today. she marked the milestone in scotland, where she and prince philip inaugurated a new train. coming up at noon, the big announcement expected from apple today.
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and forget actually driving to the grocery store. what new service w
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jummy: a big announcement for apple fans out there. the company is less than one hour away from their expected announcement of their new product line. perhaps a new faster chip inside and possibly an improved camera. tvmay also see an apple system with an improved remote and there are rumors of a larger ipad. for on the big reveal. consumer alerts this noon, google is testing a new service that will deliver groceries
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right to your door. it is the latest in an increasing shift towards digital shopping. a similar service is already offered by amazon. grocery delivery will not begin until later this year. francisco andsan one yet to be determined city. maybe it will be d.c.? stephen colbert, back on tv as host of "the late show." whoeplaces david letterman, left the show after 22 years back in may. he introduced himself and his new show at a packed audience in front of -- at the ed sullivan theater. i had known that you would do that, i would have come out here months ago. upcoming guests include stephen king and scarlett johans
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jummy: ok, so some rain for folks possible? 30%? doug: hot and humid today, chances of showers and storms this evening, your weekend is up in the air. could be showers both saturday and sunday. jummy: ok, we will make sure to watch at 4:00. have a great day.
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> yeah! [cheers and applause] yeah! hey! hey! hey! i'm terry crews, and i've got a million dlars i just can't wait to give away here on millionaire! [cheers and applause] today's first contestant is a periodontist who wants to make going to the dentist a little more bearable by opening a dental spa. it sounds good to me. from new york, new york, please welcome kristina salaverry! [cheers and applause] oh, oh, oh! how you doing? >> hi, how are you? nice to meet you. >> come on over. nice to meet you.


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