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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 10, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," a big city on edge. >> and shootings along busy highways in the past 11 days. could a serial shooter be taking aim at cars? the close causes for drivers and the new details overnight. major developments today in the case of a former white police officer caught on camera shooting a black man in the back as he ran away. the courtroom drama expected just hours from now. demanding justice. patients put through painful eye surgeries they did not need. the doctor who could be moving from the clinic to prison. and later, apple's big reveal from upgraded phones to changing the way america watches tv. there are incentives for you to sell back your old phone. it's thursday, september 10th. from abc, this is "world
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news now." >> good morning, everybody. we've made it to friday eve. >> we have. i'm reena ninan with kendis gibson joining us. >> we're paying attention to all the developments with apple yesterday. and you know, it sounded like a big thud. we'll get into the details. >> you're not. >> the reviews were not all that great. we're going to get started this half hour with the string of shootings that put drivers in the phoenix area on edge. >> after ten shootings along a busy freeway and another incident yesterday, police are asking commuters to look for anything or anyone suspicious. here's abc's brandi hitt. >> reporter: phoenix is a city on edge. the driver of this white pickup truck the latest hit with a projectile on interstate 10. officials are now investigating this case along with ten other incidents just in the last 11 days. >> that's terrorism. they're trying to frighten or kill somebody. >> reporter: the shooting spree started august 29th along this short eight-mile span of i-10
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the major thoroughfare through phoenix, arizona. this police sergeant's window was struck. before that, a bullet went through this windshield injuring a 13-year-old girl and this tour bus was also targeted. >> i heard a loud bang. it startled me. >> reporter: a bullet hit a seat narrow little missing the driver who luckily was the only one on board. >> the person almost took me away from my family. >> i don't know if it's a copycat crime. there is no pattern for time. different days of the week, different hours of the day. >> reporter: luckily no one has been seriously shot or killed. reena and kendis. >> brandi hitt reporting from los angeles for us. a bond hearing scheduled today for the former south carolina police officer caught on camera fatally shooting an unpa armed black man in the back as he ran away.
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michael slatter's attorney claims he feared for his life. he says enhanced video showing the scuffle. adding that scott had traces it of alcohol in his system. he was 15 feet away when the first shot was fired and calling on the community to show up at today's hearing >> it is a sad day when they even think about letting mr. slager out on bond. >> police in the area have been briefed and are prepared to protect slager if he is released. they're bracing for 0 protests over the death of freddie gray a day after officials approved a $6.4 million settlement for his family. a judge is expected to decide if the trials of the six police officers charged should be moved out of baltimore. defense attorneys say the officers cannot get a fair trial in baltimore.
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experts believe the settlement could poison the jury pool. from las vegas, images of thankful british airway jet that burst into flames captured from inside the plane. a passenger was recording what he thought was a routine takeoff when sudden there was an explosion. here'sers abc's elizabeth hur. >> disaster averted. >> woo we are evacuating. >> reporter: passengers wasting no time calling for help and evacuating the plane. >> may day. may day. speed bird 2276 request fire services. >> reporter: emergency responders arrived on the scene win minutes transporting 14 passengers to a nearby hospital. >> all you could see was smoke and then all you could see was ash. >> reporter: 157 passengers and 13 crew members were on this
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flight in laeg bound for london' gatwick airport. according to experts, a mechanical failure could have caused the engine to explode, sending hot metal into the plane starting the fire. >> the fire you see in those pictures is already the airplane itself, not the engine that's on fire. after they put the fire out, you can see how close it came to penetrating into the cabin. it this could have been a serious serious accident. >> reporter: the crew now getting credit for saving the day and nearly 200 lives. officials say it could be sometime before we learn exactly what happened here. but what they can tell us, at this point, had this plane taken off while on fire, the result could have been catastrophic. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. >> the head of philadelphia's fire department is promising action against a man using his phone behind the wheel. a woman claims the driver of the ambulance never put down his
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phone during the whole trip. they say the driver will be disciplined. a florida eye doctor on trial accuses of ripping off patients. prosecutors say the doctor not only lied but also performed up needed surgeries. here's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: he's the florida eye doctor who could be seeing jailtime. facing 20 counts of medicare fraud. prosecutors saying dr. david ming upon lied to 250 patients to treat falsely diagnosed retinal diseases with laser treatments that were neither in medically necessary orendered. bringing in $7 million of medicare treatments. patients like 93-year-old world war ii veteran james allen. >> just greedy. i think he should go to jail. >> reporter: it's not the first time we've seen a doctor misdiagnosis patients. thisser? a michigan doctor was sentenced to 45 years in prison after pleading guilty to falsely
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diagnosing 550 patients with cancer and not only charging but also recommending unnecessary and potentially harmful treatments. officials say dr. upon's treatments did not harm his patients. now that trial getting under way. his lawyers saying he didn't break the law or defraud medicare. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. in political theater in washington over the iran nuclear deal. opponents were outside the capitol as they face most certain defeat on the issue in congress. president obama has enough votes to head off a blockage of the accord. among those speaking donald trump and ted cruz. >> also from washington, a former i.t. staffer for hillary clinton is expected to take the fifth today before a congressional committee looking into the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. brian paglyian know. the state department has failed to turn over nearly 70 pages of
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hillary clinton's e-mail documents as instructed by a federal judge to the "associated press." at least one official in texas says the take-down of a football referee should result in their entire team being suspended. the governor body of texas high school sports is questioning whether the team's copes should have done more tore calm emotions. there were punches thrown, late hits and ejections before the. accident. james blake demanding an apology this morning from the new york police department over an apparent case of mistaken identity. blake says he was thrown to the ground handcuffed and detained by five officers it outside a hotel yesterday for up to 15 minutes. police had mistaken him for a suspect in a cell phone purchasing scam. once he was identified and found to have nothing to do with the case, blake was released. >> it shouldn't have happened. it's something that we'll deal with the police and find out what they have to say internally
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and hopefully there's video of it and people can see what happened. an internal affairs investigation is under way. new york's police commissioner calling the incident disturbing. well, a brief sports with reena this morning. tom brady. the patriots opened defense of their super bowl title tonight. thank you for not putting any roman numerals after that. brady is back on the field. before the patriots take on the steelers, the team's new super bowl victory banner will be unveiled. roger goodell will not be at the game. i can't imagine he'd be getting a warm reception at the patrons games. >> you're well familiar with the rivalry between the steelers and the patriots into remind me again. >> and the teams the steelers and patriots. the hockey team. sorry. the new edition of the guinness book of world records is being published today and includes a
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great collection of the weird and wonderful. >> mama lew was at the launch in london showing off her ability to air a phone book in this half. warren the beagle who owned the record for most balls caught by a dog in one minute, none of those balls were defeated. >> and the world's fast everest tortoise is in there, too. birdie moves at just over half a-mile-an-hour. the previous record stood since 1977. how about the fastest man over 100 meters while wearing clogz. congrats to all of them. their mama's are proud. one town that's 58 letters along. imagine a forecaster trying to pronounce it. >> apple promising to change the way you watch tv. incentives for your old iphone. >> and a candid conversation with former nypd commissioner
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time lapse video of the construction of a new visitors center at the flight 93 national memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania. the video is from earth cam.
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the visitor center is being dedicated and opened to the public today just a day before the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. the film condenses more than 1800 days of construction into less than two minutes. i always think about that day. can't believe it's 14 years ago. what a great way to honor those folks who did die in that field in shanksville. >> absolutely. it's good to see they're getting that memorial. well overdue. our focus now on the issue of strained relations between police and communities they serve. improving those relations has proven to be a tough high risk priority task. >> george stephanopoulos sat down with former new york city police commissioner and abc news consultant ray kelly. we're up "up all nightline." >> reporter: once a cop, always a cop. ray has walked this beat his entire life from new york street kid to two terms as the police
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commissioner. this was your precinct. >> i used to work here as a blifr. >> reporter: kelly first became commissioner october of 1992. just a few months later. >> in new york city, a massive explosion beneath the twin towers of the world trade center. >> it appear that the explosion that occurred was in all likelihood the result of some type of explosive device. >> tell us about that. >> it was a real jolt. nobody anticipated it. should we have? probably. >> it could have been so much worse. >> the goal was to have one building go into the other building. that didn't happen this en. >> that's your second tour as commissioner. everything has changed. >> things having changed throughout the world. >> reporter: during your tenure as commissioner, the crime rate in new york city came down. you know the criticism of your stop and frisk approach to policing >> not everybody likes stop and frisk.
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if you go into communities of color, they're very much concerned about crime. crime rates are higher there. they want to be protected. it was lower than philadelphia and baltimore. >> just this spring, polls show the confidence in police overall in the country, lowest level they've been in 23 years. >> it's a real problem when you have incidents such as the horrific events that happened in north karlston, south carolina, where walter scott was gunned down by a police officer, these high profile events set us back quite a ways. >> when you ethese protests all across the country saying black lives matter and african-americans say to you, i'm sorry, i don't believe the police have our best interests at heart, what do you say? >> i think you have to work with the community. it's nos task. you have to reflect the community that you serve. >> for night line, george
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stephanopoulos in new york. >> so fascinating to hear ray kelly. >> his memoir out there week. coming up, iphone frenzy. apple's big reveal. their latest selection of products propsing to change the game yet again. you'll see what's new and improved. >> ahead in our next half hour, the kentucky clerk now out of jail vowing to head back to work. you're watching
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♪ that's our technology movie. >> is that what that music was? >> once again, apple promised to outdo itself announcing yesterday a slew of upgrades.
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>> not only upgrades but new and improved products according to apple. neal karlinksky was there for the unveiling. >> it was the new apple tvceo tim cook seed most excited about. >> the television experience has been virtually standing still today. >> we are going to do something about that. >> the new black box puts games and other apps on your television and a new way of searching, just your voice. show me schwarzenegger movies. look at that, it works. you can call up a grid of every baseball game being played go directly to any game or see stats as you watch. there's the ipad pro, their biggest ever, the flu iphones include 3-d touch. the phone senses how hard you press to bring up other options.
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none of these are cheap is why a slew of companies are anxious to buy your old phone. gazelle and glide offering an anywhere from $20 to $485. of all the big announcements the one thing people consistently say they want the most. longer battery life for their phones. neal karlinksky, abc news, san francisco. so you weren't too excited by all the changes. >> i wasn't. a lot of people watching it yesterday weren't all that wowed by all of the improvements. yes, there's a new improved camera for the iphone. >> you've had a range of different phones, right? >> right. >> 19 2. >> that's what i'm rocking today. >> you look like -- >> i'm thinking of upgrading to star tech. >> you look like the millionaire from monopoly. >> if only i had the bucks. i like it, guys. coming up, the broadcaster who could pronounce anything.
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great checkup. ¤3+ welcome back. now it's time for "the mix." 2 is a tough age for kids. >> i know this. >> you sometimes can't knock sense into them. they call it the terrible twos for a reason. here's a little meltdown between daddy and a 2-year-old. >> you don't have a boyfriend. >> you don't have a boyfriend. >> i do. >> you're not allowed to have a boyfriend. >> i do. >> isn't that cute? that's chelsea kirkland. her daddy said she's not allowed to have a boyfriend till she's 50. but she says she does. >> 2 years old. just imagine the tween years when all those fellows come knocking. >> they grow up early, these kids. >> too early. so it's tough for us in the news business to even pronounce
3:26 am
new jersey or the simple things. ohio. >> reena ninan be. >> exactly. >> our own names. >> this guy, the weather guy in the uk, he took on a challenge yesterday. the longest name of a town in all of europe. and he look at it. it's 58 letters. >> that's a real town? >> yes. >> that's a real name. >> who houfl do you pronounce that. >> just up the road from llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogery chwyrndrobwllllanty siliogogogoch. the temperature got to 21 celsius. just up the road from llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogery chwyrndrobwllllanty siliogogogoch, the temperature got to 21 celsius. >> but screwed up on the computer. >> the prompter. my favorite part about that is after he conquers it, wait for the smile like yeah, i'm nailing this. i did it. >> that's impressive. >> it is very impressive. >> i practiced it. it didn't work out.
3:27 am
>> we're not going to test you on that one then. horses may know a thing or two about love we could learn from. gentlemen folk could learn from this one. the horse bringing his girlfriend some hay. >> ah. >> and as a typical woman, she just looks ungrateful. >> and then the sexy music. >> we have no idea if this led to any horseplay. >> looks like the quiet storm. led to horseplay. we will find out in in six to nine months. i don't think how long it takes. your moment of zen. moment of zen. some folks in australia took a drone into the western waters there, and got these dolphins as they're playing in the waves there into beautiful scene. >> beautiful scene indeed. >> that's the news for this half
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this morning on "world news now," airline inferno. exclusive pictures taken inside a jumbo jet. erupting into flames. new details about the investigation and the frantic evacuation. >> political platform. the republican rivals, donald trump and ted cruz on the same stage. opposing the iran nuclear deal. their comments getting worldwide attention. >> and new this half hour. no women allowed. >> punishment for an old fashioned barber shop where a woman was refused a haircut. did the barber deserve a fine. and the baddest woman around, ronda rousey wants to take her rowdiness to hollywood. the movie remake she's ready to launch. it is thursday, september 10th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> yeah. >> good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm ken


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