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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  September 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the numbers now the images to show you have passed this rain came down. from downtown annapolis and the naval academy. these are what appeared to be walkingm -- midshipmen ankle-deep in some water that was there at the naval academy. we have some still photos to show you. here are some of the midshipmen lying around in the main -- rain. we also got a picture from downtown annapolis was posted on instagram showing what appears to be some small flooding and some heavy rain hitting downtown annapolis in that photo. it seems to be the spot that hit -- got hit hardest this afternoon. jonathan: don't miss an update from doug hill and our entire m.ormwatch 17 -- 7 tea you can also download the to gettch weather app
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notifications right there on your smart phones and tablets. kimberly: developing out of loudoun county this afternoon. a sex assault at an in-home day care. rodriguezd juan charged last month. kevin lewis live in sterling with this late breaking story. this day care is situated along the suburban cold the sack. -- culdisac. juan rodriguez owns the home while a female relative takes care of the children. exactly two weeks ago today rodriguez sexually assaulted and sodomized a child under the age of 13. the next day the lease arrested the 52-year-old. a middle-aged woman who said she did not speaking wish answered the door. we saw at least three young children inside the home with her. police are now notifying parents who send their kids to this at home day care. they are concerned there may be
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more victims. to know someone lived right next door to the do something like that. >> that man wouldn't do nothing like that. reporter: police seem to think he did. >> well, they wrong. reporter: this afternoon rodriguez is out of the home and in jail with no bond. if you feel your children may be victims here, you are urged to contact the loudoun county's sheriff department. jonathan: this was a case they got a lot of people talking. natasha mckenna died while in a jail. now there is video of the deadly confrontation. jeff goldberg has a working the story since it broke earlier this year. they released the video hoping this would make it go away but it seems to have made things worse. reporter: hard to say exactly
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what the opinion will be on this . we can tell you at the top of says she stacy kinkade wanted to make this video open to the public two days after the attorney decided not to pursue charges against the deputies involved in this incident which led to the death of natasha mckenna. you promise you would not kill me. mckenna who was bipolar in schizophrenic leaving her cell naked as multiple members of the fairfax county sheriff's emergency response team worked to constrain her using handcuffs and leg restraints. the deputies can be heard telling her to stop resisting and cooperate. she can be heard crunching and struggling. 16 minutes into the incident, tasers were used on her three
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times in a 20 minute struggle. mckenna was eventually taken away in and amulets and stopped breathing at one point and later died at the hospital. the medical examiner ruled her death was accidental, the result person with mental illness becomes agitated or exhausted in her heart or body function simply quits. >> i want all of you to know this tragic incident has been in my mind since the day it occurred. my responsibility as your sheriff to ensure that something like this never happens again. reporter: sheriff kincaid is not available for comment this afternoon. she has been in beans with attorneys regarding the situation, including the attorney for presenting the family of the cost of mckenna -- natasha mckenna. we hope to have more on this coming up at 5:00. live in fairfax county, jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. jonathan: we are following two
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developing stories. you can subscribe to our text alerts at kimberly: now to arlington were police are releasing pictures now of the car pointed in a hit and run of a two-year-old boy. the boy survived. it happened august 30 at a mcdonald's parking lot on columbia pike. the car is a four-door silver cadillac. the driver ran over the boy in it stopped so the family could pull him from under the car and then the men sped away. jonathan: virginia's confederate flag license plates are being replaced. 1600 plates of been shipped out. missing on this version -- the battle flag. the state required everyone with those plates to return them and get new ones. the governor ordered the change after the shooting and trust and shall's -- in charleston, south carolina. kimberly: this is a replacement
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overpass for washington boulevard at columbia pike. it was a clear the most structurally deficient after the collapse in minnesota. nationwide, inspections were ordered at that time. jonathan: the six officers charged in the death of freddy gray will go on trial in a trial will go on in baltimore. no change of venue. brad bell is live in baltimore. this was a big blow for the officers fighting back, saying they can i get a fair jury there. reporter: that was their argument. they said they couldn't get a fair and impartial jury seated in baltimore because of all of the intense public city. -- publicity. and the public elevation destiny that $6.4 million is going in the form of a settlement to the family. the defense attorney says for that altogether and there is no way they can find 12 jurors for each of these six cases.
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the state counted that is an absurd assertion to make. they say in a city of more than 600,000 people, certainly they can get a jury seated. barry williams, agreed with the state in the ruling key made his they will begin trials here. they will attempt to seek a jury. if they have problems they can postpone things and then request to move. i do want to start the process here in baltimore. jonathan: there were some protests this afternoon. what was the mood there like? reporter: there were about 50 people out here this morning chanting the chance we've heard. they want their voice to be heard. they moved in an orderly fashion around the courthouse, around city hall here. you can see some of the video. there were police on hand. no riot gear. things are fairly, but police said they just wanted to the
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peace and make sure these people can have their voice heard. and that no laws were broken. no arrests today. there was praise from the police for the way the protesters handled themselves today. the protesters were pleased with the ruling. they say they wanted this -- these cases to be heard in baltimore and they got their wish. jonathan: brad bell from baltimore. thank you. on monday we told you about a lucky lottery players that thought she had $120,000. kimberly: for genia lottery officials refused to pay her. they said there was something wrong with the ticket. they are joining it to chris pabst. reporter: this is the ticket that sparked the investigation. it was purchased by woman deflategate who lived in -- who bought it in d.c. and bought it in alexandria. if you match it, you win the prize.
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there is the other 16 and the prize is $20,000. when she went to redeem the ticket, the virginia lottery said it was issued in error and she would not be getting not only this money but not even get refund of the purchase of the ticket. even that you can clearly see this ticket was cut incorrectly by the machine where he purchased it. the winning numbers are supposed to be a. . -- supposed to be up here. this is two different cards. is a lottery liable at all for that sort of mistake? she paid for that ticket. >> care or no tear, this is a losing ticket. we will showing up you the results of the investigation into this ticket. we will show you why one of these two is actually a winner but the woman will not get any money. she could get charged criminally. enrichment, chris pabst, abc 7 news. jonathan: the machine cuts it
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wrong in -- scratching my head on that one. we are getting ready for the pope's arrival. the 1-wood you can see him without a ticket in the best way to get around town when he is here. kimberly: and six marathons on six continents and the last one in the district. meet demand running all over the globe and the reason behind his mission. jonathan: we are tracking rain and storms moving to the area. what you can expect on the ride home.
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kimberly: there was a brief scare at a got center in florida -- epcot center in florida. guests were evacuated from the attraction. no one was hurt. the fire was quickly put out with minimal danger. the norway pavilion will be home of a new attraction based on the ."vie "frozen jonathan: the archdiocese of washington said there will be a parade on the 23rd. pope francis will be with the
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president, then he will be driven a lot of route between the lips across from the white house and then down by the national mall. you don't need a ticket but there will be lots of security checkpoints. expected huge crowds really everywhere the pope will go well he is here. jonathan: metro announced its plan to help you navigate inauguration level crowds. remember, this mass is happening during the height of evening rush-hour. this metro station, the brooklyn station, it's right across the street from catholic university. only about half a mile from the front door of the silica -- basilica. more than 25,000 people will be attending that mass. thousands more will be lining michigan avenue and the station is actually the smallest on the red line. it only a, -- accommodate about 5000 writers -- riders.
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more a car trains. be sure to load your smart cards before you arrive. the station may be designated as a night and only for a period of time before the mass. some so you might have that the patience of a saint to see the pope. >> all the track maintenance and every thing else included. if it's not worth your time, don't get frustrated. if you have an alternate route, just take the bus. >> maybe two or three hours early to make sure -- i had to read the train backwards. i may take leave and state -- stay home. reporter: and the orioles will be in town during the visit. metro say they will add more buses to subtle people from other stations nearby. if you can walk, that is a great idea. if you can telework, that is even better.
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kimberly: in anticipation of the large crowd, the secret service in d.c. leaders are beefing up security. , the special agent in charge of the secret service and other officials all put together their plan and are your achieve sam ford will have those details for you on abc 7 news at 5:00. as we get more details about his arrival in his plans we will pass them along. along with our sister station used channel eight, we plan to bring you more than 40 hours of live coverage of pope francis in washington. jonathan: we have got some bad traffic. time for a check with jamie sullivan. this is pretty bad. jamie: it's definitely going to be bad,'it's a -- it's a pretty typical afternoon commute. nine miles per hour on the outer loop of the beltway.
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basically working to away from the 270 spur a little closer towards the american legion bridge. continuing past that point, getting close to gw parkway. you get a little bit of a break. as far as traveling on the inner loop, the backup starting right here to 67. ,s far as our commute right now about 22 miles per hour heading outbound on 295. an accident is being reported. as far as our traffic in the d.c. area right now, the 3rd street tunnel heading southbound just before the freeway. the left lane is blocked. the backup for this already seeing the delays in the single digits. only about five miles per hour. a live look outside. 95 in virginia. route one in woodbridge. quite a bit of volume. this is typical volume, nothing out of the ordinary. jonathan: talk about stamina. rainy injury is not the ideal weather to run a marathon.
4:18 pm is charlie barkowsk his sixth marathon on six different continents in less than five days. i can't do the math. he's doing this to raise money for the wounded warrior project. we caught up with them outside of arlington national cemetery. feeling great and running off of airplane food. >> surprisingly i feel pretty good. coming back to america and knowing this is the last leg makes it -- i am home now. everything feels good. really loaded up the first three. about aad some time, day in between each in that healthy recover a little bit. jonathan: the fact he is standing up is fantastic. the journey started in greece and then off to cairo, followed by the dobby. i, then sydney, then
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chile. kimberly: then you had the jet lag from being exhausted from the running. we have lots to talk about with the weather. we have an outdoor fundraiser this weekend. jonathan: everybody is coming out in a cowboy gear. it's a backyard deal. doug: probably not a bad idea. showers possible saturday here. sunday will not be a prize but maybe just a few showers on sunday. big changes weatherwise. look what happened now. a cold front on target and on time bringing showers to the area. as we have seen in annapolis, too much of a good thing with flooding as a result. doppler radar shows the heaviest rain continuing. it's moved through across the lower eastern shore of maryland. if you more batches of showers and a couple of isolated heavier
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downpours west of 81. we will see that track to the northeast tonight along the front. we are not finished with rain around the area. we are finished with the extreme heat and extreme discomfort of the humidity levels due to the front and rains as a pounded down on us. a lot of lightning as well. look at the number on the map. 3.46 inches of rain today. close to one inch in culpeper. plenty of rain that is dropped temperatures as the wind direction has changed. it spring -- it's starting to turn more to the west and north. you will see the back into the system moving through. the rent will eventually come to an end. some of the clouds will hang tough for a while. that clearing line will take a while to get here. we start with a little cloudiness in the morning but it will turn sunny. 72 in gaithersburg and frederick right now.
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these numbers are 18 degrees cooler than they were this time yesterday. 19 degrees cooler in frederick. for tomorrow, we turn to a sunny day with a high of about 84 degrees and then a chance of rain back of the forecast with another area of low pressure on saturday. probability at 60%. it will be noticeably cooler, only in the lower 70's on sunday. not the brightest they put look what happens monday through thursday. gorgeous again. timing is everything. kimberly: still to come -- review we believe it may not have been. kimberly: a former tennis star body slammed by the nypd. of ahan: also the father reporter gunned down during a live report comes to washington. his emotional demands of
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jonathan: he was one of america's best. james blake, a former tennis star. kimberly: he says in nypd officer came out of nowhere and took him down. elizabeth has the apology and the investigation now underway. reporter: shock and shaken. >> was held for about 15 minutes. after about five minutes, i
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admitted i was scared. reporter: he told robin roberts he wants answers. >> most cops are doing a great job of keeping us safe. when you police with reckless abandon, you need to be held accountable. reporter: the incident is now under investigation. >> i would be interested to talk to him. i extend my apologies for the incident in which he found himself involved. reporter: it happened in broad daylight. he says he was waiting for a ride to the u.s. open when he was tackled, thrown to the ground, and handcuffed. the former top 10 player committees mark during the 2005 u.s. open now making it clear this may not have been about race. he says the officers went too far. >> i was standing there doing nothing, not running, not resisting. reporter: police to not leave he played a role that they're looking into the tactics used by
4:26 pm
the detectives working undercover on a credit card fraud scheme who apparently thought blake was a suspect is now admit they got the wrong guy. he says the officer leslie took down blake has been placed on administered a duty ending the outcome of this investigation. the u.s. tennis association released a statement which read in part, "this is troubling." it calls blake the embodiment of a model citizen. i come here still in a state of raw and consuming grief. jonathan: still ahead, the father of reporter murdered on live television arrives in capitol hill. the big political allies he is found in a quest to change u.s. gun laws. continuing tore track showers and storms that in coming through in waves. what can we expect to the rest of the evening? dougal have your forecast right after thi
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 4:00, on your side. an update on the heavier in that caused flash flooding over annapolis and further north over baltimore. it is all moved up to the eastern shore with heavy rain and thunderstorms. downstream, closer to the front itself, we have more areas of isolated thunder popping up.
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the motion is pretty much from west to east. parts of the area will get a second batch of showers and thunderstorms during the next few hours. slowly tonight the skies will clear. a little bigger picture for you. the heaviest rain work back to the east. kind of lingering areas of showers ahead of the cold front. the cooler temperatures already out there. 18 degrees cooler now than they were this time yesterday. by tomorrow morning some areas will be in the 50's. a big change from what we are used to. we expect between 57 and 67 degrees by tomorrow morning. we might have a few clouds tomorrow morning but things will clear up quickly. futurecast has timing here. you'll notice the brakes around 7:00 tomorrow morning. it will still be 80-82, but the pleasant weather will not last long week is another system out west will develop. it's moving in our direction during the day on saturday.
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rain is back in the forecast for the weekend. for friday, for pickup time for the bus stop, 66 with sunshine developing. the next seven days, a 60% probability of rain through midday, afternoon, and evening on saturday. lingering showers on sunday with a high of about 73. we know it will clear out late sunday, but we don't know if it will clear out at 3:00 or 6:00 in the afternoon. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday -- gorgeous weather. more for you coming up in a little bit. father of the reporter shot dead on live television just two weeks ago now calling on congress for more gun control. he led -- allison: he led a rally this afternoon. reporter: he told me his 24-year-old daughter allison was
4:32 pm
a bolt of lightning and a force of nature in today he was simply carrying on her legacy. stood with other survivors of gun violence from sandy hook, virginia tech, the charleston church shooting. the red shirts they were in the signs they had said whatever it takes. something he said immediately after his daughter and the photographer she worked with were shot and killed on live television. three virginia governors all pledged their support for legislation for universal background checks. >> how many more communities have to go through these kind of tragedies? 30,000 gun deaths a year. 85% ofarkable thing is gun owners support universal background checks. this should not be this hard. >> often time gun control groups are pushing for gun control
4:33 pm
legislation, exploiting a tragedy. in this case the alleged shooter in roanoke past not one but two background checks with the state and the federal. clearly expanding a broken system is not the solution. nra and gun advocates expressed condolences to the family. we did have a chance to talk with randy parker one-on-one. he is the father who is grieving , but even more than that he is determined to change our gun laws on a national level. you will hear more of that side of the story coming up at 5:00. abc 7 news.ters, jonathan: thank you for that. robert deniro is playing in on the political side of things. elle"de comments in "w;; magazine. he said clinton is more --
4:34 pm
linda morrison says, "she deserves to be behind bars and never president. saying "iis defense can't wait for the first woman president of the united states. ."e alternative is donald duck it is interesting when actors away and because if they do not say anything the two sides don't have anything to get critical about. when they do, they run the risk of alienating one side or the other. for the accurate the job is to get everyone to and brace you -- embrace you. it does create controversy and gets a lot of folks talking. alison: we have a lot of time to go. around the commonwealth, former virginia lawmaker morsi is no longer running for print --
4:35 pm
senate. he says he is dropping the bid because of health problems. that former delegate was jailed sexualn alleged relations with a 17-year-old secretary. despite that he won reelection and then vacated the house he for his state senate bid. jonathan: european countries struggling to accommodate hundreds of thousands of refugees from africa, the middle east, and south asia. fiveuropean council says countries are handling 70% or more of those refugees. jordan's queen says the international committee must step in and help. >> we need to come together for collective action. when you to come up with a conference of and cohesive policy in order to deal with this. other countries are being asked to take in more refugees but some oppose doing so.
4:36 pm
the european union officials will meet next week to discuss this issue. alison: widespread flooding in japan is forced about 170,000 people from their homes. 20 inches of rain fell in only 24 hours. north of tokyo helicopters were forced to rescue people from rooftops. more flooding is possible as the weather system moves north. authorities are concerned that the run of good overwhelm the drainage pump at the fukushima nuclear plant. jonathan: coming up at 4:00, the search for eternal youth for your dog. scientists across the country are trying to do just that. that is coming up next. are trying to do just that. that is coming up next.
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jonathan: it is the search for eternal youth. alison: a university of washington research group is trying to keep dogs young. how.isa jackson shows us >> i don't have any children said he is might child. reporter: if only there was a pill that could magically make merlin live longer. >> magically extending his life
4:40 pm
could be great. reporter: that is what researchers are studying. is looking for the fountain of youth for dogs. .> are not turning back time we are trying to slow the aging process. reporter: bella is one of 32 pets participating in clinical trials. she will be monitored to see if the drug delays diseases that come with age. s get a lot of the same diseases that people do as they get older. cancer, heart disease, dementia. reporter: researchers are studying the drugs impact and they have found that the drug has extended the life of warms, brewers east, fruit flies, and mice. the data can take a few years from cats and dogs. the information on people would take decades. >> it will be important in
4:41 pm
applying these discoveries to human aging. the primary goal for me personally is to improve the quality of life for pet dogs. reporter: that can have a direct impact on the quality of life for owners. >> if she did not greet me at the door saying it was time to play, i would probably not collect running every night. reporter: the team hopes to fetch the answers for how to keep our pets healthy longer with no side effects within five years. up on abc 7ming news, alison: the video that is gone viral but was this provoked by something to referee said. his lawyer speaks up. jonathan: the baby that could just not wait. who helped deliver the child and where it was born is coming up. >> abc 7's countdown to kick off.
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alison: some breaking news from the capital. movement on the iran to clear deal in the senate to tell you about. tom is that our live desk. reporter: this news just coming
4:45 pm
into our newsroom. a live picture right now from the senate. tim kaine talking right now but this vote happened to short time ago. the people who oppose the president and the other countries deal with iran needed 60 votes today to move a resolution forward. they got 58 votes. they fell just short. this is a victory for the president and his iran deal. what it means is the president as soon as next week and start enacting the deal. he can remove some of the sanctions on iran or start scaling the back. the united states and others have promised iran hundreds of billions of dollars in relief. their supposed be able to monitor iran and keep it from getting a bomb. this.ery skeptical about the republicans were unanimous in the senate in opposition to the deal. they were joined by a number of democrats. in the end they did not quite
4:46 pm
have the votes. they needed 60 votes. the president's deal will move forward. the republicans in the house are still trying to find ways to stop it. without the senate, it looks like it will be impossible to stop the deal at this point unless something major changes. tom roussey, abc 7 news. jonathan: football is big business, even when it is not exactly legal. according to the american gaming association, we will wager, not nearly $100 billion on nfl and college football games just this year. almost all of that is illegally. about $2 billion will be part on the line in the data where it is legal to gamble on sports. last year almost $4 billion swap hand illegally over just the super bowl. , tom bradyategate
4:47 pm
says it is time for him to go do this job. steelersots host the tonight in foxborough. the kickoff for the game is at 8:30 tonight. alison: 7 on your side with a consumer alert. fiat chrysler recalls nearly 2 million trucks to fix a problem with airbags. most vehicles are ram pickup trucks. if your vehicle is impacted, you will be notified in october about repairs and inspections. users willew netflix soon be bench watching for new markets. the service is stepping up its international expansion with plans to enter for more asian markets for next year. south korea, singapore, hong kong, and taiwan. they currently have 65 million descriptors in more than 50 countries around the world. alison: the number of americans seeking unappointed benefits for the first time is down from last
4:48 pm
week by about 6000. that was not enough to erase a rising trend over the previous three weeks. the monthly average when it by a few hundred. last month the federal job reports was full of next results. job creation was less than expected but the unemployment rate did get to a seven-year low. one baby girl could not wait to be delivered at a hospital in southern california. she decided to make her entrance into the world outside a car wash. they were driving to the hospital when maryella realized the baby was coming. they pulled up next to a l.a. county sheriff's entity that escorted into a direct parking lot at a car wash. then the deputy helped deliver the baby. >> it was once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> in law enforcement, in light of everything going on in all the bad experiences we have, it is great to have a spectacular moment like that when you can see the miracle of life. alison: she named her daughter
4:49 pm
lexi. mother and baby are just fine. maybe she will have free car wash is for life. jonathan: i think they should design the catch is that for sheriff's. like a baby catchers mitt. alison: i can't imagine how stressful. still to come tonight at 5:00, safe and secure. a look at the districts plan for the pope's visit later this month. jonathan: we will take you to the white house for the medal ceremony it just wrapped up a few minutes ago. the prince george's county fair opens in a matter of a few minutes. at rosecroft raceway run city through sunday. it's got a petting farm, pig races, so much fun for the whole family. six dollars for 12 and older. five dollars for kids six to 11 years old. it runs tonight and friday. it opens at 11:00 on the weekends. alison: a lot of rain going on? doug: they will be ok for a
4:50 pm
little bit this evening. a few scattered showers tomorrow. talking about showers and thunderstorms in just a moment. live super doppler radar. fairfax, va to arlington and rosslyn. otherwise the heaviest of the rain has been clear of the bay as a continues to track towards the east. let's talk about this weekend forecast. saturday, lower 80's. scattered showers and thunderstorms. by sunday temperatures only in the low to middle 70's. still a good deal of sunshine. we have the redskins game on sunday afternoon. it starts at 1:00. we will see temperatures eventually make it into the 70's and may be a chance for passing shower or two but it should not amount to a whole lot. a look at the next seven days. calling for daytime highs for next week slightly below average . 76 on monday.
4:51 pm
82 degrees on tuesday. middle 80's come wednesday and thursday. let's get an update on the seedings rush-hour commute straight over to jamie. jamie: google start with bumper to bumper traffic. heavy traffic on the inner and outer loops. , basicallyr loop from 66 virginia across the american legion bridge. it will take you just under 35 minutes. no crashes to report that the average speed is about 12 miles per hour. delays as well through montgomery county. approaching the mormon temple and a little closer towards 270 we start to clear out. in virginia, 66 leaving the city. continuing closer towards fairfax and working your way towards centreville and gainesville. typical volume and no crashes. a live look at 95 in virginia. bumper to bumper traffic. a good description you have right here. this is working towards stafford county.
4:52 pm
let's move back to the map. 395, pretty typical for you. a crash on the gw parkway near the key bridge. we have a lane blocked so we might start to see this really backup. right now we are still ok because the crash just happened. in d.c. keep in mind we had delays on the freeway as well as 295. the two heaviest spots we a crash cleared away on the third street tunnel at the end before the freeway. still have a backup and plan on an average in the 30's. some spots did down into the teens. that crash is gone on the third street tunnel. still a typical afternoon delight. jonathan: you know when it is chilly outside, there's nothing better than a hot waffle. the celebration is huge at the waffle house. they are so ready their one billion waffle. the georgia-based reference served the lucky customer at the atlanta location on tuesday.
4:53 pm
the first waffle house opened back in 1955 on labor day. there are now more than 1800 across the country. -- givegive us or any her anything besides a golden waffle? that was the one billionth. here on abc 7 news , it is hard to watch to high school football players blind-siding and assaulting a referee. alison: did he do something to provoke this? the explanation coming right here on abc 7 news. ♪
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4:56 pm
jonathan: this is horrible video. to high school football players specifically targeting a referee on the field and they just take him out. alison: he was accused of using a racial slur that night.
4:57 pm
tj holmes reports a lawyer for the injured ref says that never happened. reporter: robert watts is hitting back at the two players who blindsided him during a high school football game. did he use a racial slur on the field at any point that night? >> mr. watts did not. they are flat out lying. reporter: his attorney strongly defending his client against accusations from the players that he directed racial slurs at them during the game. >> this is a very common tactic to make the victim of a crime responsible for the crime against him. it is commonly used -- watts is now considering taking his own legal action against the players. >> they have to know that some he may even hurt. wants to he says watts continue officiating but hurt by the accusations of being a racist. >> there been threatening
4:58 pm
remarks made on social media directed him. reporter: is he concerned about a safety? >> i would be. for good morning america, tj holmes, new york. leon: it's about time. relief from the heat. not before storms rolled through. doug is tracking the doppler in watching up for trouble. a woman taste with 50,000 volts four times. no charges filed. a look at the deadly struggle. securing the d.c. area during the apple visit. -- papal visit. >> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. right now at 5:00 our eyes are on the sky. a a storm sets up along the i-81 core door. doug hill is in the abc 7 weather center.
4:59 pm
doug: nearly 40 days for that any measurable rain around here. that all changed today with a slow-moving cold front. heavy rains moved through earlier today in the cause flooding and a flash flood warning in effect for parts of annapolis. that system has moved out but there is a new area forming along interstate 81 through harrisonburg. the front is moving to the east. we will monitor the storm for the next couple of hours to see how many make it as far north and northeast is the metro area. just a few sprinkles in the metro area so a good break for the rush-hour traffic. this area to the south and southwest will move to the foothills of the blue ridge and could affect part of our western suburbs by about 6:30. rainfall totals pretty impressive, well over three inches in parts of annapolis. the weatherbug station at saint marys. 3.48 inches.
5:00 pm
are looking ahead to brighter days coming up in just a couple of minutes. leon: your safety always is our first priority. if you d.c. any weather damage, you can snap a picture safety and send it to us. e-mail us the pictures and videos to alison: new information tonight in the investigation into the death of a woman and fairfax police custody. just hours ago police released video of the confrontation between officers and natasha mckenna in jail. jeff goldberg is live in fairfax to show you the footage. reporter: this video is at times hard to watch. it was from february 3 inside the fairfax county jail. natasha mckenna naked in clearly struggling throughout the encounter. battling with a team of deputies who knew this could be a difficult situation based on her previous behavior while in custody. >>


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