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are looking ahead to brighter days coming up in just a couple of minutes. leon: your safety always is our first priority. if you d.c. any weather damage, you can snap a picture safety and send it to us. e-mail us the pictures and videos to alison: new information tonight in the investigation into the death of a woman and fairfax police custody. just hours ago police released video of the confrontation between officers and natasha mckenna in jail. jeff goldberg is live in fairfax to show you the footage. reporter: this video is at times hard to watch. it was from february 3 inside the fairfax county jail. natasha mckenna naked in clearly struggling throughout the encounter. battling with a team of deputies who knew this could be a difficult situation based on her previous behavior while in custody. >> you said you wouldn't kill
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me. reporter: the moment natasha mckenna these are sell members worked toponse team subdue her using handcuffs and leg restraints. >> get on the ground! reporter: suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, she continues struggling as debbie's work to gain control. -- deputies work to gain control. she was being taken to alexandria on the charge of assaulting a police officer there. debbie's to play a taser. -- the foyerhe boy taser. four times total during more than 20 minute struggle. at one point she lost consciousness before eventually being taken away in an amulets. she later died at the hospital. the medical examiner ruled her death accidental, the result of
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an excited delirium. mental illness patient to become so agitated that her heart or body functions simply quit. share stacy kincade expresses her desire for the public to see what happened. >> my responsibility as your sheriff is to ensure that something like this never happens again. reporter: two days ago fairfax county, attorney ray morrow decided he would not be pressing charges against any of the deputies involved in the incident tsonga did that they -- they did -- incident saying they did the best they could under the circumstances. stacy kincade called minister for the broadcast saying she of the speaking with us. we're going to go talk with her right now and having her comments at 6:00. jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. leon: tonight the loudoun county sheriff's office is trying to find it if a man accused of assaulting a child day care has anymore victims out there.
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investigators say juan rodriguez lived at the house that served as an in-home day care in sterling. that is where kevin lewis is live tonight. really troubling sounding stuff. reporter: absolutely leon. juan rodriguez has lived in the home for about 15 years. it doubles as it in-home day care center. a few militant takes care of the kids. police say two weeks ago today rodriguezd juan sexually assaulted and sodomized a child inside his sterling home which doubles as a day care. that child was less than 13 years old. catherine hernandez has two younger brothers, ages seven and nine. >> to know that someone that lives right next door to do some thing like that. today, this woman answered the front door in the told us she did not speak
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english. he is out of the house and into gelineau bond. -- and no bond. so disgusting to me that somebody would take advantage of a small child. that really is as bad as you can get. reporter: some find the allegations hard to believe, most notably this neighbor. >> that man would not do nothing like that. reporter: police seem to think he did. >> well, they wrong. reporter: only knocked of the day cares front door we did see three young children still inside. the day care center is still in operation. if you feel your child or children may have also been victims of abuse, you are urged to call the loudoun county sheriff's office. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. alison: the six officers charged
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in freddy gray's death will stay in baltimore for their trial. brad bell is live -- was in the courtroom this morning when the judge issued the ruling. what was the response there? reporter: two different responses. it -- defense attorneys left saying no comment. protesters outside the courthouse, for them it was a minor victory. there was talk of the trial would be possibly to prince george's or montgomery county's. no it is staying right here. a small but loud group of protesters keeps up a steady cadence. they are far outnumbered by police. today there are no arrests. >> we are here to afford these folks an environment where they can repeat their message as often and as loud as they want. reporter: in stark contrast,
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judge barry williams man's quite in his courtroom. he gives defense attorneys 15 minutes to argue that the six trials of the officers should be moved out of baltimore because passion and publicity would it impossible to seek an impartial jury here. the state gets 15 minutes argue that is not true. the judge agrees with the state and keeps the case in baltimore courthouse. doug colbert says it is the right call. >> he have to have a heavy showing that there was pervasive -- adverse and hostile to the rights of the accused. it was not present here. reporter: protesters celebrated. >> people helped make that decision. i think they are actually listening to us. reporter: the first of the trials could actually begin as early as the middle of next month.
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the defense attorneys reserve the right to say not to have a jury trial. they could let the judge decide. andjudge has the option they're having difficulty finding their in impartial jurors in baltimore, he could call a delay in move the trial at that point. brad bell, abc 7 news. alison: thank you. more fallout from that bloody arrest of a uva student. lawmakers, senator frank watkins and delegate todd gilbert said it will hold a hearing on why the public cannot see the review that was conducted by state police. the governor ordered that review after johnson's arrest at outside of a charlottesville barton march. the governor says he is for him and by law to release the report because it is a personnel matter. >> the three agents are entitled to release it. they could send a letter to us, giving a waiver that they would release the data.
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issues that relate to mr. johnson in the report. he could order that release. alison: a prosecutor said no investigation -- evidence of malice was found by the agents. charges against johnson were dismissed. leon: you develop its tonight in the man accused of adopting a woman in philadelphia has played guilty to a federal kids it -- kidnapping charge. it sparked national manhunt involving the fbi. melvin barnes agreed to a p -- plea deal that gave him a 35 year prison sentence. they were found five days later in jessup, maryland. random drivers targeted by gunfire. police in arizona are investigating two more shooting incidents today along that same stretch of highway in phoenix. the string of nearly a dozen shootings is being called an act of domestic terrorism. as brady hit reports, police are
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trendy figurative more than one shooter is involved. reporter: drivers on its to gay -- on edge again today as investigators look into another round of vehicles that may have been targeted. this cars back window shattered early thursday morning. hours later, investigators confirmed a bullet hole in this semitruck. >> we are not sure all of these are bullets. it does not care -- matter if it's coming from a handgun, a pellet gun, or rifle. been 10: there have incidents right in his heart of the city. many drivers not feeling like sitting ducks. >> it makes your cautious to be in that stretch. >> i use the side streets. i can't anymore. reporter: the target seven random, hit at all hours of the day on both east and west bound lanes. this pick up back when it was shot at wednesday. look at this tour bus with a gaping hole in the side in the seat. this shattered window injured a
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13-year-old girl. arizona authorities are now getting help from the fbi and atf in tracking down those responsible. >> to take shots at moving vehicles that endanger people just try to get to and from work. it legitimizes cowardice. reporter: investigators are zeroing in on the shooter. they say because they have responded to have been confined to a four block area of interstate 10. randy hitt, los angeles. alison: amtrak service is suspended in with your line after train hit a traffic -- tractor-trailer. it was traveling from durham to new york city what happened in pleasant hill. no one on the train during the tractor-trailer were injured. the train is delayed. about two and half hours getting into union station in d.c. leon: the father of a reporter gunned down a live tv comes to the nation's capital. find out what he wants. alison: a little later --
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>> don't leave us in the dark. alison: 7 on your side investigating how it meant went to a hospital looking like this and now looks like -- drastically different. leon: he says he was slammed to the ground by new york city police. see with the department says about james blake's accusations. the saintting at regis hotel downtown's d.c. gets ready for the visit of pope francis. i am sam ford and that story is next on
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alison: we are less than two weeks away from the pope's arrival in america. this morning metro announces its security measures for the visit. pc mayor unveiled some of the city's plans to hours ago. sam ford is live in northwest with all the details. good to see you back. the secret service agent in charge of the washington area compares it to an inauguration. i don't know it will be that big but the d.c. government will be open as are the d.c. schools. anywhere around the navel observatory uptown, the national
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basilica in northeast, or downtown around the white house with a capital is going to be busy. the mayor secured a room at the saint regis hotel for an array of federal, local, and i us -- diocese officials. the 22nd through the 24th of september. it starts at andrews air force base for the pope flying in, greeted by president and mrs. obama on tuesday the 22nd. on wednesday morning, he goes to the white house for meetings with the president and then rides the popemobile around the eclipse -- he lives. capital,rsday, at the he addresses a joint meeting of congress with jumbotron tvs showing be addressed to crowds on the mall and then he leaves for new york. >> i do anticipate i will be able to interact with the pope. he is my pope and we are very
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excited for his visit. i will get to represent all of the residents of washington and welcoming him to the city. reporter: thousands are expected in town for the visit. use public transit. there will be delays. this would be a good week to telecommute and you need to plaintiff it going to be driving because many of the roads will be closed around the events. >> the business community is very excited about posting the pope in washington dc impetus by the the region you cannot imagine. reporter: week after next, a big week here in washington. the pope will be canonize a saint paul he is here. who is saint juniper sero, walked 1000 miles around california bringing people to christianity in california. sam ford,.
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alison: a behind-the-scenes look at the vatican is set to hit stores this fall. it chronicles the context between the pontiff and his opponents at the vatican. it is said to be published november 10. we will have complete coverage of the papal visit and we will be on air for more than 40 hours. we will have everything you need to know at leon: hopefully the weather will cooperate when he is here. damage from last night storms canceled the first night of the music festival in arrington, virginia. headliners billion the kids said they don't want to sit around with nothing to do so they are all set to get out and perform a last-minute pop-up show at the jefferson theater in charlottesville. by --and the kids led also some speculation that the grateful dead's mickey hart
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could make a special appearance on the drums. check it out. alison: we have weather to watch around here. night we hadast 1.16 inches of rain at reagan national since august 1. too much in annapolis. things will settle down. a few more hours of rain showers and and things are good to go for one day. i'm just the messenger folks. let's look at doppler radar. you are looking across chesapeake bay and parts of delaware. that is where the heavy rain has moved. off to the west, across the appalachians and the interstate 81 core door, the rain is a mealy head of a cold front. some of the showers are pretty heavy. that will move off to the east as well over the next few hours. i think we get a few more showers tonight. based on the movement and location that any heavy downpours will stay well south
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of the immediate washington metro area. the rain has been pretty impressive. sunshine and the storms moved then. torrential rain and an hour or two later the damage was done. the sky started to clear out. a little bit of afternoon sunshine. behaving like summertime thunderstorms here. temperatures have cooled way down. 67 degrees at hagerstown. alexandria.t only about 1/10 of an inch. 3/10 of an inch in martinsburg. after somebody days of temperatures in the 90's and really stifling humidity levels. feels like middle of late october out here. low 70's in north and west. the warm spot locally. this temperature map tell you the story. it is 20 degrees cooler at hagerstown than it was this time yesterday. that same scenario applies all the number two seed.
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reagan national, 14 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. tonight we will stay cloudy for a while after the rain leaves. during the overnight hours and before sunrise we will see -- will wake up to temperatures between 69 and 75 degrees. he get an idea. into to thear back system moving just over eastern sections. moving out of columbus. this cloud mess will move eastward overnight. maybe a few clouds in the morning and moving -- becoming progressively sunnier tomorrow. already we are seeing signs of the next weather system double play a role in the saturday and sunday weather. we get rid of this stuff tonight and get sunshine tomorrow and a secondary front will come in early saturday. then another one of these low-pressure systems will develop over southwestern virginia. that will move northward saturday night and increase chances of rain. it looks like some showers could linger into the day on sunday. late in theingers
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morning or the afternoon is yet to be seen. futurecast indicating skies clear in the morning. we jump ahead to the late afternoon and see the effects of the next system moving in on saturday morning and i will continue to progress eastward and give us progressing schanzer showers later the day. -- chance of showers later in the day. 60% chance of rain back in the forecast for saturday. lingering showers. the question on sunday is how long they will linger. check out next week. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. gorgeous. time is not on our side this time around. leon: good stuff in the right doses. tonight a new study is putting a scary spent on alzheimer's research. alison: and a discovery setting on our human ancestry.
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leon: the syrian refugee crisis continues to spin out of control and the white house is just announced how many the u.s. is preparing to accept. we have the numbers coming up next. alison: first, a look at what is coming up tonight here on abc.
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leon: we are tracking in developing story as the u.s. -- for 10,000ident asks syrian refugees to be let into this country next year. millions are fleeing syria looking for shelter anywhere they can find it. scott thuman shows us why summer -- helping the syrians could harm the u.s. in a big way. reporter: this is truly a crisis. millions of refugees fleeing war in syria. aliens more not far behind. as they make their way west, capitol hill there was contention over just who should take them. >> it will take a coalition. a coalition of countries that are being most impacted by the migrant crisis. >> we are not talking about diplomatic problems. we're talking about human lives. reporter: the u.s. will accept
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1500 by the end of the fiscal year, the president is pushing for a dramatic increase. >> he would like them to accept at least or make preparations to except at least 10,000 syrian refugees. reporter: national security is a major concern. identifying terrorists who may be hidden among the masses and using them for cover could be the proverbial needle in a haystack. that theare databases fbi says they don't have right now to property that them for terrorist reasons. i cannot be complicit with a policy that would bring terrorists into the united states. >> we've taken our share of refugees and people under this country. sometimes i think it is time for pop -- us to pause. reporter: the white house insist they go through the most robust security screening of anyone tried into the country. it's also about providing relief and so for the u.s. is given
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$4.1 billion, more than any other country since this crisis began. scott thuman, abc 7 news. up, 7 on your side investigating how i meant treated in a hospital is covered in bruises. [applause] alison: a crowd of the white house to honor some of the nations most entertaining figures. after histwo weeks daughter was gunned down, a grieving father comes to washington. i had a chance to talk to
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>> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00, on your side. this is the pattern we've seen before. tragedy strikes and lives are lost in their calls for gun control. today the father of alison parker, the reporter shot and killed on live television led a rally on capitol hill asking for universal background checks. kim lee suitors joins us live from the 7 on your side satellite center. reporter: some people shake their hands and say if you cannot get work in control after the murders of 20 children at sandy hook elementary school, congress justice not have an appetite to tighten gun laws. --the shootings happened the seemingly happen one after the other, surviving family members are joining forces. the pro-gun control crowd
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chanting the very words and he parker point after his daughter's murder. >> allison was a bold of lightning in a force of nature. reporter: carrying on the fighting spirit is two weeks after her death, hate was joined by families who share a painful bond. their loved ones were all shot to death. interesting, newtown, blacksburg. for three virginia governors it has become personal. >> i will figure out a way to ine some thing really bad maybe just turned it into something a little bit better for somebody else. >> i have three daughters. and he could've been them. >> it's time for the folks behind me to get some guts. reporter: 85% of americans support universal background checks. the nra says it would not of dbja shooter.
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>> the past not one but two background checks. clearly expanding a broken system is not the solution. reporter: what change in the lobby luca to save her daughter's life? >> i'm not sure there is any change. -- like see may not but laws, it minute save your life in a horrific crash but it could. >> we just want to keep the guns out of the hands of crazy people. that is it. reporter: we heard some agreement between the two sides today. mentallling for better health services and reporting of behavioral problems before anyone gets a gun. kimberly suiters, abc 7 news. alison: thank you. checking today's other top stories, new video showing the confrontation between sheriff's deputies and an inmate who later died. the fairfax county sheriff released this video of deputies trying to restrain the tosha mckenna. -- natasha mckenna.
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she died days later. the medical examiner really her death in accident. leon: a man in loudoun county charged with sexual assault of a child at an in-home day care. -- rodriguez the not care for the children. alison: the six police officers will be tried in baltimore. the judge rejected a motion from the defense to move the trial out of the city. saided in april after sustaining a spinal cord injury while in police custody. leon: the new york police commissioner has apologized to james blake. he said he was standing outside his hotel in manhattan yesterday when an officer charged in and body slammed him to the curb and put them in handcuffs. police later said an eyewitness misidentified him. the detectives were investigating fraudulently sold cell phones.
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he says he wants those responsible to be held accountable. >> i think most cops are doing a great job in giving us safe. when you police and reckless abandoned you need to be held accountable. leon: the officer has been put on desk duty as the investigation continues. alison: the white house is so ready excellence in the arts and humanities. the president delivered remarks and gave awards at the 20 15th national medal of the arts and national medals ceremony. firstly also attended in the honorees included sally field. author stephen king, and chef alex waters among 18 people and three organizations. >> i need to create. i suspect those awards at every honoree has felt and we are beneficiaries of that need. alison: is consider the government's highest award given
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to artists and arts patrons. leon: congratulations. the preliminary rounds of this year's miss america pageant began tonight in a lake city. kate o'shea is in new jersey for the event. his live reports begin tomorrow and you can watch the entire pageant sunday night right here on abc. alison: scientists are talking about a major find in a cave system in south africa last year. they discovered 15 partial skeletons in their believed to species.human-like miladee. they believed it walks like humans up to 3 million years ago. leon: it was not buried in rock and they cannot executive data get. steven spielberg or somebody to come by and do a "jurassic park" thing and bring it back.
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coming up at 5:00, the new tools scientists are using in the fight against -- alison: showing off. a look at the renovations to a local bridge once considered one of the
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steve: just one more day into the weekend and a lot of the ball to talk about in the weather on saturday for the maryland game not so great, especially through the midday hours into late afternoon. temperatures will make it into the lower 80's. notice the showers and thunderstorms. it will not be a washout that you could find heavier cells over the area. redskins football sunday afternoon at 1:00 at fedex field. tempers will be on the cool side. highs will only make it into the lower 70's. may see an isolated shower.
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confidence is growing that we will keep the showers out of here. hopefully we can see a win
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alison: tonight in vote 2016 -- ♪ alison: yes, that is martin
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o'malley making some have ice tonight for the performance on wall street. a group challenged him to play for tips right in the financial district. his guitar case was covered in stickers that said "we need debate." speaking of big money, wall street did not really turn things around. he picked up $1.74. alison: if he did that in maryland he would've made more money. leon: maybe if he did not saying. maybe if he just played. alison: that was cold. sunlight will be all you need to get around. that in a dollar $.74. a professor of physical chemistry at emory university are in a quest to make that happen. they're working on a more affordable way of converting
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solar energy into chemical fuel. it would only require sun and water. they will be testing out some different methods using lasers and they say the dream is not far off. and health matters tonight, potential for a new treatment for blindness in the news. researchers are working with single celled green algae that lives in water and dirt to try to find a cure. the organisms cannot see themselves with a still know how to seek out sunlight for photosynthesis. researchers say the algae behave cycle lot of human eyes by using light-sensitive proteins. alison: a new study in "nature" suggests you may be able to catch all summer disease through blood transfusions and other operations. a leading surgeon and u.k. was examining a patient who died after catching mad cow disease through it and injection. he believes it also transmitted a protein known as a hallmark of alzheimer's to seven of those
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patients. it suggests the disease can spread but the doctor says more research is in fact needed. leon: coming up at 5:00 -- reporter: 7 on your side helps a local family find out how the father was badly hurt inside a fairfax hospital. coming up, what they had to say about video they claimed they were shown today and a meeting set up after we started making calls. they start theht nfl season but we will introduce you to a local football team already getting the field.
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alison: new information about the elderly man whose family says he was severely injured while in the care of a local hospital. the 7 on your side team first told you about this last night. josie's back with what is happened since we got involved in this story. reporter: his family wanted answers after they found him bruised and battered. they say they got an apology and they claimed they got a look at video from inside fairfax hospital.
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7 on your side they are thinking for putting on the pressure to piece together what happened. >> i want to know. that is why i call you guys. i need you guys at this moment because i don't have nobody. reporter: his family was not alone in their battle to find out how the 83-year-old ended up with extensive injuries during his stay in fairfax cinema hospital. pictures with his face bruised and swollen, along with his hands. his family said they were in the aspital and he -- they got call here fallen for the could i get from answers or an official report until 7 on your side make calls for comments. the hospital would not top of this because of privacy laws but his family says today than it with hospital officials. they claimed they apologize for not re-think information sooner. the family claims it were surveillance video from inside the hospital that shows he wondering the whole for several minutes before he was eventually
5:47 pm
noticed by a nurse and then fell into a middle handicapped handle that was stationed along the wall. the family says the video was very disturbing and they claimed they saw the man appeal -- appear unsteady on the tape. his son says they were so upset by what they saw they left immediately. the hospital did not respond to questions we sent today about this situation. leon: all right, thank you. let's tank -- take time out for a check in the traffic is evening. how does it look out there? jamie: it is pretty slow in that is been typical. we do have a couple of things. there is a delay on the inner loop from virginia in the maryland. traffic at about 12 miles per hour. heading north on 270, not too bad. getting to germantown and pass that, little closer to frederick classic -- traffic looks pretty good.
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the d.c. area seen quite a bit .f congestion a crash and bound on the gw parkway. we are also in the teens right in the freeway at about nine miles per hour. that is where we are seeing the most congestion right now. outbound on 395, you are in the teens. traffic on the 14th street continuing to the screen field interchange. that will take about 30 minutes. definitely slowing along the national mall. nothing to report as far as delays. let's show you a you have on independence avenue. everyone moving slowly without too much of an issue. that is a look at traffic. at 6:00 thisup evening, virginia's lottery about the woman who thought she at one $20,000 but she did not because of the lotteries mistake. --will tell you why there they are not only going to pay out, she could actually be in
5:49 pm
trouble. mayor talks about how the police will handle new body cameras. alison: first another check of the weather. doug: fairly quite at the moment outside right now. we are watching this next area of rain and a cold front moving across interstate 81 and the heaviest areas from harrisburg down to the charlottesville area. we are thinking this evening any heavier downpours will stay south of the metro area with another band or to a light rain at times. of light rain at times. clearly south of harrisonburg a little lightning strike that's pushing easterly. temperatures today a lot cooler than the past few days. 68 right now it gaithersburg. 69 in hagerstown. 78 at reagan national. the warm spot locally on the map. the temperatures market big
5:50 pm
difference over what we saw yesterday. even with cooler temperatures the dew point to bidders are high enough that it could still feel muggy but not the overpowering feeling of heat and humidity. things will improve through the day tomorrow quickly as high pressure builds back into the area. i think we will be in good shape throughout the day. a little bit of clearing towards sunrise. definitely cooler with northwesterly winds. this next system approaching for saturday likely to bring more ring to start the weekend -- rain to start the weekend. more details in the 6:00 hour. back to you. alison: erin is here with sports. erin: it's an incredible story. this is really a time that we are going to talk about this school and the spirit of football. it's right in our backyard. the first university for the deaf which has a long and
5:51 pm
storied football program. robert burton has more. drumt: nobody beats the quite like head football coach chuck goldstein. >> i got lucky to be in the right place at the right time. robert: their mission is educating the lives of the deaf and hard of hearing. goldstein's mission is to coach football. molding man is more like it. appear,your son shows an 18-year-old, not mature, make mistakes. we help them get through those mistakes but a guaranteed when he graduates college he will be ready to be a man. robert: he is entering his sixth season. >> the main reason i love playing for him is the reason -- he is always full of energy. it's never a dull moment around the coach. >> time to work! here we go!
5:52 pm
robert: he led the program to his first ever conference title. last year, just two wins. but they do not succumb to hurdles. they overcome. that is who they are in what they do. all with the help of chuck goldstein. >> the best part of the job is when it's springtime when the players to graduate. they walk across that stage. that is just the same as winning a game on saturday. that is a win for all. erin: the coach did not know sign language when he took over. think about all the teams he could've coach that. it says so much about him and what he is able to do for those kids in the program. alison: you can see they released -- they really respect him a lot. leon: thanks. isight, abc 7 on your side
5:53 pm
checking to see of a local project is on schedule. alison: one of the worst bridges has a new life. that is up next.
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leon: back with an update on a 7 on your side report. we told you about the d.c. department of transportation punch list for the streetcar along 8th street. 18 items on the list for finished. they told us the rest for due to be completed by today. we reached out to get the status on those items. we've yet to hear back. let you know once we do. alison: it was rated one of the worst bridges in the region. today virginia leaders and arlington residents dedicated a new bridge. the washington boulevard bridge. it has a new look, new name
5:57 pm
honoring an important chapter in arlington history. >> 3, 2, 1. reporter: transportation officials celebrate at the new bridge gearing washington boulevard over columbia pike. named friedmans village bridge. >> the village was very self-contained. it had its own hospital in its own schools and churches. reporter: the federal government established the village in 1863. it was symbolically on the state of general robert e lee. today it is him to washington nationals -- arlington national cemetery and the pentagon. >> that is where i was born. reporter: 97 euros with burton says she was not sure she would live to see a day like this. >> a long time coming. it finally got here. reporter: this $40 million
5:58 pm
project replaced the previous bridge go by the military in the 1940's. in recent years the concrete started a canyon crumley. traffic loads have been increasing. >> you could walk underneath the bridge and it was -- see it was in dire need of the -- needing to be replaced. reporter: for the villagers descendents, this is sacred ground. nabelope the bridge's inspired people to learn about the free men and women who wants lived here. alison: a new day indeed. -- 7 news that does it for that does it for abc 7 news at 5:00. things go from bad to worse for a woman who thought she $120,000. now she could actually face criminal charges. at 6:00 begins now on stormwatch. >> you're watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. maureen: drying out after an
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afternoon mess. this was the scene a few hours ago in annapolis is heavy rain flooded the roadways. the rain is quickly moving out of the area. doug hill is tracking this. anymore rain on the way? doug: a little more this evening but nothing heavier like earlier today. not much rain today. he saw the pictures of annapolis. a timeless from the naval academy. -- time lapse from the naval academy. this area of rain moved in in a hurry. we saw the showers quickly form up and torrential downpours for about an hour. as a result of all the heavy rain there was flooding, flash flooding warnings issued and in saint mary's element to school they had three and half inches from the system. lesser amounts elsewhere.
6:00 pm
no real rain in the metro to speak of the more heavy rain south along interstate 81. most of that will slight self. -- slide south. that will eventually into some clearing overnight. 69 to 75 degrees tomorrow. it will be beautiful but the good revenues stops tomorrow. i will tell you why coming up in a few minutes. maureen: see it, send it. if you see weather problems are you are, get to a safe location and then e-mail pictures to maureen, we have breaking news coming into the abc 7 news room. jonathan elias monitoring everything for us right now. reporter: there has been an amber alert issued by montgomery county police right now. they are looking for a little girl. it's important you take a look at these pictures. they only issue amber alerts when they fear for the life of a child. they have issued that warning. they are looking for 50-month-old farah


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