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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  September 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. aison: a police pursuit after double shooting. officers were chasing a suspect on i-95 near laurel just moments ago. leon: this started with a shooting in silver spring. oz just made her way to the scene. she is checking in now with the
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latest. what can you tell us at this point? roz: this is a very large scene. we are at the intersection of carroll avenue and university boulevard, which is the area where the shooting happened. we are told that it started around 9:30 or so tonight. here was an argument between a couple of people. one person pulled out a gun and shot the other two. that suspect is known to the people who were shot. we are told that he then proceeded to get into a car and took off. police pursued him first on 495 95, following him until they lost him at some point in howard county. they have a lookout for state police and other jurisdictions, other agencies within the jurisdiction as they are looking for that person. one person that was shot was in serious condition. the other was not and was not transported to the hospital. all of this happening around
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9:30 tonight. two people shot. he suspected shooter known to the folks who were shot. they were in some kind of argument when this started the he took off in a car. police lost him somewhere on 95, but there is a lookout for the .ehicle and the suspect the last he was seen was in howard county. we will get the latest information or you as it becomes available. nice work getting out there. thank you. keep us posted. a serious pedestrian-involved crash in bowie. a man is in extremely critical condition. road. hit on annapolis no word on what led up to that accident. stay with abc 7 for updates as we learn more. severe injuries to an elderly man happened while he was in the care of hospital workers. leon: nine days later, his family is finally getting some
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answers and taking action. some viewers may find these next images a little upsetting. i-team first brought you this story last night. richard has some new developments. the 83-year-old man at the center of this case remains in intensive care. he was brought here after he suffered a brain hemorrhage. he also had several other injuries. for nine days, his family has looked answers. today, they got some, they are none too happy. his injuries are hard to even >> when i see the pictures, this guy was involved in a car crash or something. >> he is not doing good. he cannot breathe perfectly. he cannot talk. he cannot move richard: this is what the 83-year-old looked like hours before his stay at the
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hospital. he was admitted on september 1 after a brain hemorrhage. the next day, they got a call that he had a small fracture after a wall. this is what they saw when they arrived. >> i could not believe it. this is the guy i had given to them in such a healthy way. >> for nine days, they got different versions of what he -- of what had happened. that he felt, that he tried to leave his room and took a tumble while trying to run from a nurse in the hallway. and we wantedem them to tell us what happened. richard: the hospital invited them to watch a hospital surveillance video. the family says it shows him wandering the halls for 6.5 minutes, unattended, in a hospital gown, before he fell and hit his face on a handrail and a wall. >> first, he hit that and then
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the ground. richard: and they say all those injuries happened from one fall? >> yes. richard: the family says they do not want this to happen to anybody else. >> there was not any justice. richard: the hospital citing privacy concerns, is not commenting on this case. they have received an apology, but they have hired an attorney, who they say is doing their own investigation. they say they want their father transferred to another hospital. alison: thank you. students, seven umd cannot go home tonight after a large tree damaged the roof of their house. police shared this image. is on princeton avenue, which is in college park. no one was injured when the tree came down. according to police, neighbors say this is one of the oldest and largest trees in that city. and improving forecast ahead
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now. raines and storms -- rain and storms clearing out. steve rudin is here with the outlook. sounds like a beautiful day tomorrow. steve: big changes compared to earlier today, when we had the .5 inches of rain in annapolis -- when we had 3.5 inches of rain in annapolis. , our skies are beginning to clear very nice lady -- very nicely. 64 degrees in gaithersburg. 64 in cumberland. waking up tomorrow morning, it is going to be a cool start to your friday. it is not going to last very long. eventually around 80 by noontime. daytime highs around 85 degrees. talk about the upcoming weekend, football game weather. a whole lot more from the weather center in just a few minutes. leon: new video in the death of an inmate in fairfax county.
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died after being repeatedly hit by a stun gun. prosecutors decided to not bring criminal charges in the case. tom roussey is live with the footage and the investigation happening now. tom: there is still a federal civil rights investigation going on into this. we now know that the deputies will not face criminal charges. this incident happened on february 3. we are seeing the video of it for the first time. >> you are going to kill me. tom: the sheriff emergency response team. she suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. suitses wore biohazard because the naked mckenna had been near her own waste. tape shows her struggling with deputies for about 10 minutes. they threatened to use a taser.
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isut 16 minutes in, she tased. she is tased four times. >> three times, four times. tom: eventually, medics arrived and mckenna was taken to the hospital, where she died. >> it has been a tragedy. tom: she released the video after learning the deputies would not face charges. >> they did the best they could under these circumstances. tom: she is calling on the justice system to change how it handles mentally ill people. >> i'm going to make sure this never happened again. tom: we reached out to the mckenna family but we have not heard back. the deputies were trying to transfer her to face a charge for allegedly assaulting an officer. the medical examiner ruled her death accidental, saying it was due to excited delirium.
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no venue change for six officers charged in the death of freddie gray. defense attorneys argued they could not get a fair trial in baltimore. a judge said citizens in baltimore can think for themselves. gray died from a spine injury while in a police transport van in april. it fueled riots in baltimore and protests across the nation. setting the stage for the next gop debate. cnn will be hosting that debate out of california. here is a list of those w made the cut. eligibility was based on national polling. nextople will spar wednesday, including carly fiorina, who did not get -- make the cut for the foxnews debate last month. the other candidates will be debating at 6:00 p.m.
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the whole puts bernie sanders putsillary did -- the poll bernie sanders and hillary clinton in a tie. leon: democrats blocked the resolution of disapproval against the iran deal. the nuclear deal will move forward, but republicans are vowing to keep fighting, possibly in court. supporters say the deal is a good first step while opponents argue that it is too weak. on the hill today, a rally to handgun violence. was alison parker's father. on them tois calling pass a law to strengthen background checks. >> we cannot stop now. we must continue to mount pressure on our elected aticials in washington and home in your own state. the overwhelming majority of americans agree with commonsense reforms. too many members of congress
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remain in the pocket of the gun lobby and that has got to change. leon: virginia governor terry also participated in the rally today. alison: a democrat is introducing a bill about the redskins. white now -- right now, they are exempt from antitrust rules and that would -- and this bill would lift the exemptions if the redskins do not change the name. it is mostly symbolic and has little chance of being passed by the house. still ahead, taking action. to save syrian refugees. how many people the president wants to allow in the u.s. and why some are fighting the plan. leon: and the bubonic plague mishandled by federal labs? alison: lots of people swear by those curate -- k
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into how the government is viruses. the department of defense is looking into whether to buy play f1 -- bubonic plague and encephalitis were mishandled. officials placed an emergency ban on all research at nine labs. the cdc says there is no risk to health workers or the public. leon: overseas now. theg the recce -- easing refugee crisis. president obama is calling on the u.s. to let in 10,000 syrian refugees. millions are fleeing a brutal war in syria. opening the doors brings concerns as well, identifying terrorists can prove a huge challenge international security. gsci told me they do not have a proper database to vet them for terrorism.
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the u.s. has accepted the least amount of refugees of the countries who have led them in. they have given the largest share of monetary aid that has gone to the crisis. more than $574 million today. -- to date. alison: we are less than two weeks from pope francis' arrival in washington. he will visit the white house september 23, followed by a parade in the pope mobile. tickets are not required, but there will be security checkpoints. for more on the post visit, go to leon: some consumer news now. more than one million chrysler ram trucks being recalled because of steering wheel and airbag issues. 2012-2014lling models. they may have faulty steering
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wheel wiring that could cause the passenger airbag to deploy. alison: good news for you k-cup lovers. is getting- keurig into the soup game. they will partner with campbell's to make soup k-cups. it will come in either homestyle or southwest style. leon: the good news is they are each only 70 calories. the bad news is they are not recyclable. alison: and there is no caffeine. leon: exactly. real bad news. the stuff you chew comes into a packet. you put that into the cup. they expect me to do my homework. steve: we have a nice change on the way if you like lower humidity. wait until you see sunday.
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this big football day game, a football day game. i got it out there. we are looking at skies that are beginning to clear. looking at me she does not realize that i can see her in the other monitor. finally, we do not have to worry about any heat index values this late at night. 64 degrees in gaithersburg. 66 in frederick. 71 at lexington park, maryland. if you think it is cooler compared to yesterday at this time, you are right. 15 degrees cooler. just 24 hours ago, we were 15 degrees warmer in gaithersburg. cold front now clearing the region. showers are quickly coming to an end. prince george's county, if you remaining showers -- a few remaining showers at this time. that will remain for the next 20 minutes or so. , youun county and fairfax
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are dry and will stay dry for the rest of the night and into the day tomorrow. is when we will feel the bigger changes. 57-67 for overnight lows. we will see around 65-67 in the district. humidity levels really beginning to fall as the wind kicks up out of the north and west. futurecast, waking up tomorrow morning, a few breaks in the clouds. otherwise, you will need your sunglasses midday, through the morning, and through the afternoon hours. it will be beautiful with the sun and the warm temperatures. the next best chance for rain will come midday saturday. we could see some stronger thunderstorms. 84 degrees is the high tomorrow. wind out of the northwest at 5-10. here is your seven-day outlook. football game, redskins. of course, the high temperatures
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only in the 70's. a chance for a few passing showers. i do not think we will see much at all. back into the 80's by tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. leon: forget high temperatures. we need high-performance. alison: 70's is nice for kickoff. ramped upe certainly for the redskins. all eyes will be on kirk cousins. next in sports.
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local dealers. >> we are a few days away from the redskins season opener against the dolphins and there will be a lot of locus on kirk cousins, who enters the season as the redskins starting quarterback. it is still unclear where robert griffin fits into the occasion,
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but he does remain on the roster, which has led some people to believe it may be a distraction for cousins and the team. >> i do not feel a distraction in the building. the distraction is if i turn on the tv, answer my phone, get on twitter. the distraction is -- as long as i am in the building, working noise," evenng the if there is something said, i do not feel it. robert: i love his -- i love his attitude. there are some questions about a redskins squad who went 4-12 last year and are picked by many experts to do the same this season. yearst year was a tough but that is over and done with. i think we have 20 new players on this roster, a new gm, new coaches. it is up to us to learn from some of the things that we did
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did bad lastr -- year. was: serena williams' match rained out. she will play friday at 11:00. we did learn something new. do not ask serena williams a dump engine -- dumb question. she was exhausted after she beat her sister, venus. after the match, a reporter asked her why she was not smiling. here is what she had to say. >> to be honest with you, i do not want to be here. i want to be in bed right now. i have to wake up early to practice i do not want to answer any of these legends and you guys are answering -- are asking me the same questions. just being honest. erin: got to like honesty. look at this. a seven-year-old tries to nail
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this shot. here she goes. flip and she gets it all in a fairy costume. this video is so cool, it caught the eye of legendary skateboarder tony hart. -- tony hawk. look at that. she is just owning that skateboard. seven years old and she is from brazil. nfl kicked off the season tonight it patriots and steelers, the actress -- the patriots have the game in hand. leon: a lot of amazing birth stories out there, but this one might be one of the books.
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leon: a woman is taking on virginia lottery after a $20,000 when he ticket was voided them and it was their mistake. changestro announcing ahead of the visit to pope francis and rain clearing out with brighter skies tomorrow the beautiful weather is just ahead. how about this incredible story out of california? a baby born at a car wash. just when we thought we heard it all. she was supposed to give birth at the hospital this morning, but little lexi was not waiting. her parents were forced to pull over in a car wash parking lot.
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a sheriff's deputy was parking -- was passing them at just the right time and pulled over to help out. the deputy went to visit the family at the hospital tonight and everyone is doing well. leon: what is her middle name, rainex? alison:
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we live in a pick choose, choose, choose.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, johnny depp -- from "the visit," kathryn hahn -- and music from mutemath. with cleto and the cletones. and now, first and foremost, it's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody.


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