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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  September 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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president obama: we do not forget those who are fallen. we are inspired by the survivors. very day 14 years ago branded in the minds of so many, terrorists striking the world could center, the pentagon, and shanksville, pennsylvania. steve: showers and thunderstorms
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tomorrow, plus a cooler sunday ahead. leon: an unexpected guest in montgomery county. hear from the oman are who founded -- here from the homeowner who found an alligator in his backyard pond. we begin tonight on storm watch. butautiful night right now, big change ahead tomorrow. steve rudin is here to tell us more. a messy saturday? afternoon,omorrow heavy rain expected across parts of the area along with thunderstorms. right now it is beautiful, 60's off to the west comes 64 winchester. winchester 72. this is the cold front that eventually will across the midday,ntic during the late afternoon come and early evening tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms. some of these storms may bring powerful wind and heavy downpours, especially for the maryland game in the afternoon.
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we expect temperatures only near 80 degrees, showers and thunderstorms. we may have some sunshine in between. the rest of the weekend and the , and it sunday forecast gets a lot better, all of that in much more from the belfort furniture weather center coming up. leon: stay ahead of the bad weather by signing up for text alerts. just go to and enter your cell phone number. loved ones held a candlelight vigil tonight for a couple from clinton killed in a car crash. the couple were out running a quick errand when they were struck. roz plater shows us how the parents of three are being remembered tonight. clinton humidity is rallying around the family and the three small children left behind. their grandmother says it is the power of forgiveness that is helping them heal.
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coworkers, even complete strangers came out to support the family as they killed in aloss, tragic accident labor day weekend. they left behind three young children. full, and i'm so a mom, so i can only imagine. >> it's sad to see somebody that you knew and were kind of close to just be taken away like that. >> a terrible thing for the cumin today and every -- for the community and everyone who worked with him. we just keep them in our prayers. roz: the couple was turning onto kirby avenue sunday afternoon when their car was struck. the police are still investigating. so far, no charges have been filed. >> we have to pick up the pieces. the grieving mother reached
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out to the driver of the car that struck them. >> i want you to know that i'm forgiving. not necessarily understanding, am yet unforgiving -- i forgiving. amhard as tit is, i forgiving. thanrters have raised more $38,000 to support the children left behind. funeral services are set for next friday. roz plater, abc 7 news. [taps plays] leon: somber scenes across the nation, a number of ceremonies taking place to mark 14 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. survivors and loved ones gathering at the pentagon, the world trade center, and shanksville, pennsylvania, to make sure the innocent lives are not forgotten. richard reeve spoke with some of those paying tribute. he is up to gone tonight with their stories. rich?
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leon, the official ceremonies ended a few hours ago, but continue to flock to the pentagon. quietny, it is a place of contemplation, including those who lost loved ones and those who saw miracles that day. 184pentagon memorial, with benches, is hallowed ground. have so many family members who have lost people for freedom. richard: flowers and flax, markers of 14 years since 9/11. >> if you don't know what history does come you are bound to repeat it. richard: within earshot, arlington national cemetery. >> you never know your hour or time. richard: she came in support of her friend, carla. >> every september 11, i come here. richard: among the names, barbara olson. >> that was the last time i saw
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her alive. her supervisor and friend was killed on flight 77. her last conversation with his with her husband come using an onboard phone. >> i think they had a chance to say their goodbyes. when he lost her the second time, the plane went into the pentagon. richard: even on this day, they are counting their blessings. >> i'm just glad he is here today. chuck, aher husband dod employee, was supposed to be at the pentagon on 9/11, but he work area,ause his where flight 77 impacted, was being under renovation. two friends, still coming to terms on that terrible day. >> we should all take that day to remember those who lost their life. the person who watched the attack in new york on
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television said it was hours before she knew whether her husband was alive. she calls his life a family miracle, on a day when so many lives were lost. richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: thank you, rich. many of us can recall exactly where we were on the day of the attacks. when abc 7 asked college students about the attacks, we got some surprisingly vague responses. >> like, why they did it or how it happened? i have no idea.\ leon: some incoming freshman at george washington university happened to be four years old when the terrorist attacks happened. some are making an effort to learn more about the turmoil in the middle east and u.s. foreign-policy 20 state what happened september 11. volunteers across the d.c. region spent september 11 remembering victims and helping others. on the national mall, volunteers packed more than a million meals for those in need. they say the day of service is an important part of september
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11. tonight, we are learning that a man has died after he was shot at union station. it began as a domestic dispute at midday. at the stabbed a woman mcdonald's inside the station. a security guard chased the man and then shot him when the man lunged at the guard with a knife. the man later died. his name has that been released. the woman is expected to recover. in takoma park an investigation into what led to a stabbing outside of a bank. the victim was stabbed during a fight with a man outside of the capital one on east university boulevard. the victim was taken to the hospital. the police have not released details. so far, no arrests have been made. tonight, the field of republican lessdential candidates is crowded. former texas governor rick perry has dropped out of the race. some things have come and become very clear to me. that is why today i'm suspending
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my campaign for the presidency of the united states. had trouble raising money and struggling to break out of the bottom tier of candidates. he is the first republican to drop out of the race. the longest serving governor in texas history and ran for president in 2012. an update of a story that we brought you wednesday involving razor-like traps found along a popular hiking trail. the frederick county sure of's office say that deputies have met with frederick city police and determined the sheriff's office will handle future investigations into these booby-traps near the frederick watershed. deputies plan to place more cameras and they say at this point, they still do not know who they are looking for. a montgomery county homeowner has quite a story about a crazy find in his quarry pond -- in his koi pond.
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it was a three foot long alligator. tonight we are hearing from the homeowner. tom roussey is live in brookville with the story. this is crazy, tom. tom: yeah, a little unusual, leon. an historic town. during the war of 1812, it was the capital for a day when madison fled from the british. it's known for history, not alligators, but somehow one made it to this area today. >> i was at work, not grabbing an alligator. tom: life through from a scaly curveball. in the morning he saw something swimming in his koi pond. >> as soon as i got on the deck, i realized it was not a snake. tom: he called 911. >> hi, ma'am, this may sound crazy, but we have an alligator in the pond in the backyard. getting the call is a
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surprise. arriving on scene and sing an alligator is a shock. animalntgomery county services says in 18 years, this was a first, but there he was, helping get the alligator under control. >> he was about three foot long. his head was about this pick. big sharp teeth. tom: county and state dnr police trained the pond and a net on the alligator, but -- ande popped out, fortunately he landed on the ground where he is a lot slower. the alligator is at a frederick county zoo, but how did it wind up here? >> either he came from watershed over there, or he was somebody's pet. : if it was somebody's, that is illegal in the state of maryland, but natural resources police say this is the fourth
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alligator they have had to deal with in maryland this year. two others were the northeast of baltimore, but the other was in prince george's county, insulin. live in brookville, montgomery county, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: climate change? who knows. coming up, an upscale hotel losing president obama's business. why he will no longer stay at the waldorf astoria in new york city. plus, a look at surveillance a formeran arrest of tennis player. a top official apologizing. and also released tonight, video of a crane collapse.
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on video as a construction crane collapses in saudi arabia.
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the crane fell at the grand mosque in mecca. the death toll stands at 107. strong wind may have brought the crane down. the deadly accident happened as people begin to arrive for the annual rich that begins it -- for the annual pilgrimmage that begins in a few days. new york city police have released video of the arrest of former tennis star james blake, standing outside of a hotel when a police officer comes up, body slams him, and handcuffs him. the police say he was mistaken for a credit card fraud suspect. earlier today, the new york city mayor apologize to blake for the officer's actions. mayor: i want to apologize to him for this on behalf of the state of new york. they should not have happened and he should not have been treated this way. it's a reminder of why we should have reforms.
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leon: the officer has been placed on desk duty while the investigate if he used excessive force. the white house says president obama will no longer stay at the waldorf astoria in new york city a mid spying concerns in the wake of the hotel's just by chinese interests. presidents have been using the water for story a for decades, but now president obama will be staying at the new york palace hotel when he visits the big apple this month for the opening of the united nations general assembly. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says she will not seek reelection next year, the announcement coming nearly five months after riots that followed the death of freddie gray, who was injured while in police custody. the mayor believes she could have won reelection, but thinks that not seeking another term is the best decision for the city and family. what's going on with the weather? tomorrowbrellas afternoon, and sunday looks
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better. we are making progress. of you might see quite a bit of rain over a short time. this evening, if you have not been outside, it's beautiful. 72 degrees at reagan national, don't worry about the heat index. if anything, it is a bit cool to the west. 87 earlier today, 81 the average, 98 record back in 1983. nothing record-breaking on the way, at least not anytime soon. changes in temperatures definitely going to arrive tomorrow, especially into the day sunday. if your allergies are bothering you, weeds and mold are to blame. the bees and grasses, not too much problems. tomorrow's rain may help things out, especially for the weeds. 64 gaithersburg, 62 dulles, 63 manassas. 63 lexington park, maryland. the cooler air is located just to the west of us.
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well into the 60's. that is where the cold front has moved off, towards columbus, charleston. with it, rain. this rain moves are way overnight into the day tomorrow. tomorrow morning, if you have plans to head out to the farmers market, you should be drive. after the west, garrett county, allegheny, washington, you will be the first to see the clouds increase and rain arriving midmorning. for the media metro, probably holding off until the afternoon. overnight, clear skies, the wind out of the southeast at 2 to 5. futurecast, 7:00, not a lot of problems. moving through the afternoon, heavy rain should be across southern maryland. the best news of all, this is out of here by early sunday morning. skies begin to clear. we may see a stray shower for the redskins game on sunday.
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not expecting a whole lot. 63 waking up tomorrow, grabbed the jacket heading out the door. it will warm up, up 70's, near 80 at noon time. the seven day outlook, redskins football, 75 degrees. it will be breezy with winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15. once we get the rain out of the way to work him it looks great in terms of no rain and a lot of sunshine. 80day, tuesday, wednesday, to 85 degrees the high, where we should be this time of year. nats are not where they are supposed to be this time of year. you would think they could turn it around on the road against the marlins. not so much. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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desk, brought to you by your local to go to dealers. desk, toyota sports brought to you by your local toyota dealers. reporter: the nationals in miami, they lose 2-1. the oriole still playing with passion. nolan reimold with a grand slam. 8-6 birds. says, you know what -- chris davis gets hit in the back. inbreaks his bat frustration, both teams warned, but that does not sit well with buck showalter. he's angry. he gets tossed. that moore the last laugh. the only thing better than one the samem is two in
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inning, tying a major league record. the orioles win 14-0. opening day is rapidly approaching for the redskins. sunday at fedex field, the fans will be cheering about working running back matt jones. he put together an impressive preseason with a team best 139 yards, averaging seven yards per carry. the coaches like jones, but they also like what they already have .ith albert morris how will they split the carries? coach gruden: it depends on how the day goes. alfred work matt in, but is still the bell cow, so to speak, but we want to keep him fresh 16 weeks. erin: one of the biggest upsets in tennis history. serena williams upset in the u.s. open today, ending her
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grand slam run. the unseeded italian was playing in a first grand slam semi finals. after the match she was honest when asked if she thought she had a chance against serena. >> no. [laughter] really. no, no. said, ok, iup i will have fun today, try to enjoy. just enjoy it. i do not expect that i would win. erin: and make sure that you to into high school sports final in just a few minutes for all of the high school football action. you have to feel bad for serena. leon: i do, put that may be the best interview i've seen all week. still ahead, cupid striking the washington capitals.
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leon: a big weekend in atlantic city, the miss america passion -- the miss america pageant taking place. look for live reports this weekend. washington capitals star alex ovechkin is used to rocking the red on the ice, but he may be
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looking into another color for his wedding. he announced his engagement today to a russian model. heaps that this photo on his instagram page. that is a pretty big engagement ring, lots of ice, ha, ha. congratulations.
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leon: a good half weekend? steve: tomorrow, the first three hours with the ok, but the afternoon we are looking for showers and thunderstorms, gusty wind, heavier downpours. once we get that out of here, everything is fine sunday, middle ladies next week. leon: we cannot pick which three hours? steve: mo. --
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