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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 15, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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yesterday afternoon, only two hours after classes let out. he was walking along >> we tried to make the day as normal as possible. was remembered as a with a wonderful personality. students work coyote blue to , who was agi standout it cap rallies and games. >> everybody knew him. outgoing.t he was a good friend to everybody. >> he was very quiet in the hallways and in the classroom. it was heartbreaking for everybody. everybody was crying. remains, how did he get hit by a loud train on a crystal-clear day? finality of it is really
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humbling. dereggi attended difference makers church here in clarksburg. a prayer vigil will be held in his honor that is open to the public. police are still investigating the cause of the crash. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. now to breaking news out of montgomery county. we are getting new information about a fire that prompted an evacuation at a retirement community there. us? what can you tell roz: there were a few scary moments when this started this afternoon around three: 15. on this ground-level apartment is where it started but it quickly spread to the second floor. firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke and fire in this
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two-story apartment complex here. they evacuated everyone and began calling for backup. they were eventually able to --ck down the fire about 15 in about 15 or 20 minutes. there's one injury to report. we are told of firefighter was hurt as he was inside the building and had a net injury from part of the ceiling that collapsed on him. he is being evaluated and treated at the hospital. they believe eight of the 12 units had some sort of fire, water, or smoke damage so those folks will likely be displaced and will have to find another place to stay. they have lots of work to do here on the scene as they make sure all the embers and nothing else flares backup. one injury to a firefighter and everyone else got out safely.
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leon: in university park maryland, a car ran off the road into a creek. two army reservists who were nearby rushed in to help. the driver was pulled out to safety. we are told that she is doing just fine. alison: an update to a story we first brought you at 4:00 today. an elderly man has died after getting the west nile virus in baltimore county, maryland. it is the first this season. health officials are recommending taking harbor precautions to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes. leon: a religious journey stepped off this morning with washington, d.c. as its end goal. they hope to send a message to pope francis about immigration reform. >> the pilgrimage started with the early morning prayer outside pennsylvania.
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this is where 100 women began their journey for justice for immigrants here in the u.s. >> it's a civil rights issue of our time. it is a stain on our collective soul right now. >> the women will walk 100 miles, from central and some a new to the nation's capital, each day covering 10-15 miles. one undocumented immigrant is making the long journey with her four-year-old daughter. >> i could not imagine doing this without her. >> event organizers say the u.s. immigration system is broken. they are hoping the holy father will take that message with him when he meets with congress. pope francis is really compassionate and he has already delivered many messages about having compassionate immigration reform. >> the group will arrive in
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washington dc next week on the same day as the pope, who no doubt will be weary from their long pilgrimage, but they will be invigorated by the work they have done to raise awareness of the need for immigration reform. .uzanne kennedy, abc 7 news join us tonight for a special production, the people spoke in d.c. night coming up tomorrow right here on abc 7 news. students erred and in a school bus crash in houston. the bus was on an overpass headed to a local high school when the car swerved and hit the bus. the driver overcorrected and landed on the freeway below. no one has been arrested or
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aarged with any crime area dozen wildfires burning out of control in california. hundreds of buildings have been damaged, thousands still threatened. brandy hit takes us to the front lines. home after home up in inmes, nearly 600 wiped out middletown california alone. families returning to find everything they own gone. they try to save 9000 homes still fret -- still threatened. many residents barely getting out in time. barbara mcwilliams was unable to escape the flames, her body discovered in her burned-out home. 12 large wildfires are tearing across the drought stricken state, scorching hundreds of square miles. it has become a never-ending fire season. the nearby viewed fire has
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leveled another 150 homes, yet some refused to evacuate. >> on staying as long as i can. >> many are now waiting at shelters like this. >> i'm thinking about my home. >> some houses have miraculously survived untouched, which also makes them perfect for looting. officers in middletown are now patrolling those burned-out streets. the d.c.ser to home, summer jobs program ended weeks ago but the mayor is hoping to put many who cannot go back to school on a path to find work instead. sam is standing by where the mayor unveiled her plan. sam, tell us about it. i see the mayor's
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car. she is still here. this is something she is passionate about. she unveiled a spending plan that includes nearly $7 million for young people, jobs for young people. the mayor made her remarks here before taking off on a walk with her cabinet and others through this neighborhood to find out what residents need. she heard requests for better lighting, more cameras, and told resident she put money in the body mo cameras for police officers. the big focus for her is jobs, which he calls her d.c. career connections for young people. 400 year-round jobs for 20-24-year-olds, plus 21 new jobs at d.c. public works, 29 jobs at d.c. parks and rec, at a point of $6.8 million. she is not contracting it out, the city will be running. risk have a lot of at
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youth that are not being served that well by any program right now, especially during the non-summer months. we are focused on year-round programming. >> also the mayor says she is proposing spending $8 million to troubled crime lab. she plans to hire civilians to d.c.he lab and put 50 police officers back out on the street to fight crime. .am ford, abc 7 news leon: coming up next, donald trump may be running for president, but he has not set aside his other businesses. we'll tell you how much it will cost to stay at his next luxury hotel. marks and failing grades when it comes to using antibiotics in meat products. the answers might surprise you. >> a number of possible cases of
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salmonella linked to a popular new restaurant has skyrocketed. one restaurant leon: all from visit letting a
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run for the presidency get in the way of making some money. expect the trial rio to have 1 , up to $30,000m a night. coming up at 6:00 we will look at the complaints being made here inumps off course loudoun county. the anger there has been stewing for five years alison:. now, the d.c. health department says it is aware of 70 individuals who reported feeling sick after visiting a restaurant at city center this month. lab tests confirmed eight cases of salmonella. we spoke of one woman who is certain she will be confirmed case number nine. >> laura donohue started feeling ill labor day weekend but after three months of training for a
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half marathon, she decided to go for it. she could only walk in the final mile, then she fainted at the finish line. >> next thing i know i'm strapped on a gurney being rushed to a medical tent. >> donahue believes she fell sick with salmonella after visiting a popular new restaurant at d.c.'s ritzy city center. >> it was about nine of the worst days of my life. it was truly terrifying because the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me and why i was not getting better. >> staff inside the restaurant declined to comment. pursuant to regulatory authority, they suspended operations on september 10 until a source of the outbreak can be identified. >> i'm sure they will turn it notnd, but i probably will go there. >> some visitors say they would never done at the restaurant
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knowing about this, but many others are more forgiving. >> we really enjoy it. we love the ambience. >> it turns my stomach to think about going back to the scene of the crime. i don't really hold it against them. we will see what the investigation unveils. the subject of restaurants, which ones use antibiotics in meat? 25 restaurants were graded and only two of them got a's, -- panera.d an era critics of antibiotic use in animal say it leads to bacteria then becoming resistant to medicine. -- snow in thea
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sierra nevada mountains reach the lowest level in 500 years. the studies of first of its kind to measure the history of snowfall. it does it i looking at tree rings. lays a big role in replenishing water to much of california which is in severe drought. i talked to a friend in san diego and he said it was sprinkling the other morning and he could hear his neighbors cheering. hopefully this is just the beginning of what many people feel is a strong el niƱo pattern and perhaps rain will become a little more frequent across california. alison: we could use a little rain here. every day we go without rain, the brush fire possibility increases. this is a look from the rooftop camera here in arlington. winds are calm and 82 degrees.
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this past week we've had very few days when there has been much of a breeze. pollen counts are in the high ande once again for mold ragweed. trees and grasses reported in the low range for this tuesday. culpeper, 82 in leesburg. . very comfortable day let's check out the forecast as we get through the evening hours, temperatures in the 70's with clear skies. tonight because of the dry air and a little bit of a breeze at times. like we will stay clear and quiet, down to about 57 for an average temperature overnight. tomorrow morning after a cool start, the 70's are back for another day with mostly sunny ties. 86 and theature near same story again on thursday and
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friday again. we are locked into the pattern here. off on the western side there raincattered showers and reported in los angeles is good news. showers along the gulf coast of , they have been having rain over and over again, the exact opposite of california. my brother in central florida ofd they've had rain for 45 the last 50 days. that tells you what is happening there. we are locked in a drive pattern. there are no signs that anything major will happen here with the weather to change it. a little cooler by sunday and monday. tomorrow sunny and warm and the next seven days, if there is any rain possibility it will be late saturday and early sunday. the chances of that are probably
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a little better than me hitting the lottery tonight. cooler sunday but we do need rain. everyday we go without rain, brushfires become a possibility. a journeyill ahead, for justice. from selma to again, 50 years after the civil rights movement. a look back at the historic moment and the changes many are still calling for. >> nobody's going to be able to do the job i'm going to do. at the top ofains the latest polls but dr. ben carson is climbing fast.
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leon: getting ready for the gop debate, round two. 11 candidates will be on the stage at the ronald reagan library. donald trump and dr. ben carson are the two big targets.
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>> the clash of the politicians, part two. donald trump says he is ready. x i hear they are all going after me. whatever, whatever. >> his fellow gop candidates are not the only ones going after him. pack club foruper growth action is behind the new antique trunk at. anti--- between the new trump ad. a new poll has them at a virtual tie. -- trump'sgh talk on took talk on immigration center stage. >> we have to build a wall, and a wall works. >> it is separating a lot of us.
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quick speaking only in spanish in this do add, jeb bush says hispanics are an important part of the american dream. he enlisted the help of his wife, who only spoke english in the ad. >> it's a quiet day on the trail for gop candidates as they prepare for tomorrow's debate. donald trump will deliver a national security speech on a battleship, the uss iowa. mouton, abc 7 news. been allowedll has to leave maryland. he will report from the reagan national library both before and after the gop presidential debate. >> i know the answer to what we all must do. it is to profess alison: love.
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coming up, chris hurst returns to tv. towas the anchor who was set marry reporter alison parker who was ambushed in an interview. intense thunderstorms and deadly flash flooding's in utah and arizona.
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leon: 52 years is how long it's been since for little girls were killed on causing a seismic shift in the way our country viewed the fight for civil rights. from selma to washington wraps up at the lincoln memorial. , i understand the walk is over but there are still more plans for tonight. stephen: that's right, leon, there will be an interfaith service. so many people on the mall here addressing a constellation of
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causes. hundreds of people paraded across the memorial bridge. that come to washington to mark the 50th anniversary of the voting rights act and the fight to expand it. >> we are looking to strengthen to empowerrights act these legislators with the will of the american people. >> they are also clamoring for a roster of causes, including raising the minimum wage, more funding for education, and eliminating racial profiling. >> all people matter, and just to show support. >> it is billed as a journey for justice. senator bernie sanders. >> this is the year 2015. we want more people to be participating in the political process.
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a diverse group, some joining the march in its final hours. those from the metro area who joined in the march walked with some who say they have tracked all the way from selma, alabama. >> it really matters in america. everybody needs a chance. everybody needs to have good education, and be able to vote. >> the focus now shifts to capitol hill where advocates plan to meet with representatives and senators tomorrow to push their causes. leon: students at clarksburg high school more and the death of a classmate. ggi was hit john dere by train while walking on the tracks with friends. two reservists were in a
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building across the street when a woman crashed a long route one in college park. with the help of another good the woman they pulled from the overturned vehicle. there is no word on her condition but we are told that she was talking when paramedics arrived. leon: the suspected salmonella outbreak in d.c.. lab tests confirmed eight cases of salmonella. war storms expected in utah as the search continues for survivors after devastating flash flooding last night. the town is home to war and jets polygamist sect. the ninth victim was found today. for others missing after a wall of water hit cars filled with women and children. many residents were caught off guard because they might not have known about the flash flood warnings.
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>> we know the potential is there, but it has just never actually happened. alison: one of the survivors remains in the hospital. rescue crews are back out searching for four people who remain missing. leon: prince george's citizens got the chance to offer their opinion on changes at the regional hospital. a public forum was held this morning it upper marlboro to discuss that issue. a second form is scheduled for tomorrow. like visitorsks are spending big in virginia. the governor says tourism revenue surged to $22.5 billion in 2014, a 4% increase from 2013. the industry is supporting nearly a quarter million jobs in the commonwealth alone. travelers spend $61 million
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every 24 hours. chris hirst, the boyfriend of slain wdbj reporter alison parker return to his job on the anchor desk this morning in roanoke. >> all of our families continue to grieve and cope with the alisonf adam ward and parker. but i can take you that the healing has begun. >> they were shot and killed by a former coworker on august 26 in virginia. marrysaid he plans to alison parker. now a consumer alert, it's that time of year. scammers targeting college students. late include calls about tuition. do not give out credit card numbers over the phone. make sure the kids never agree to rent an apartment without
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first meeting the landlord and getting a good look at the home themselves. the fda is ordering a ban on sales of four cigarette brands from r.j. reynolds. they are essentially the same as older products when it comes to help risk before standards were put in place. alison: the census bureau says americans are shopping less but spending more. .2% intail sales rose august, a 2% hike from the same time last year. a hike in car sales is one reason. the data comes as the federal reserve begins a two-day meeting tomorrow and the fed could raise its key interest rates. leon: that's how it works in america. up, a flight diverted.
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this was really crazy, you have to see this. what passengers say a woman did that forced the pilot to land the plane after taking off. >> we told you about a korb on the loose in orlando. what an elementary sch >> lots of sunshine, wins out of
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the southwest at around five miles per hour this weekend. fedex field, rams and redskins looking at temperatures of around 75 degrees at kickoff time. upper 70's for halftime and for the final, just around 80 degrees. we may see a passing shower but i don't think it will amount to a whole lot.
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next seven days, it's going to be dry at least until they. stay with
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leon: check this out,
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researchers have discovered a 1000 year old set of remains. the skeleton was found tangled that the roots of a tree they believe is 215 years old. it toppled over in some strong winds recently. archaeologists say it appears that young man died of knife injuries to his ribs and hands. they believe it was the death of a personal a few or a battle of some kind. king cobra ining orlando has not been found, but wildlife officials believe they know where it is, in its owners backyard. the venomous snake escaped almost two weeks ago. at a nearby elementary school are being allowed outside for recess. the county cut grass and bushes and small trees to eliminate any hiding places for the cobra, who has his own twitter page.
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an emergency landing for a flight from miami to chicago. this was crazy, the plane was forced to land in indianapolis. the woman was escorted off. investigators say she actually hit another passenger after he complained that she was kicking his seat. then they say she targeted a flight attendant next. >> she was trying to talk the girl down, and all of a sudden she grabbed her by the face, kissed her, and then punched her in the face. >> authorities say she even kick a police officer. she now faces a long list of charges and tens of thousands of dollars in fines. pope francis has become quite popular. we will pinpoint what makes his visit different than any other. areon: the decision some
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questioning tonight, what a houston zoo will allow visitors to bring with them that has some worried.
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you can bring a gun to the houston zoo. texas allows people to carry their gun on public property. houston zoo has removed its sign banning guns since the change. visitors reactions are mixed. >> i don't think it's necessary, we are not hunting any animals at the zoo. if you have a license to carry, you should be able to carry wherever you are at to protect yourself. you never know when a crazy person is going to come in to the zoo. act untilzoo did not a complaint was filed 10 days ago. alison: he's been called the people's pope.
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pope francis has been known to go off script wherever he goes. it has a lot of people here very curious. this papal visit will be unlike any other. francis has already made it his stealth be ordinary, humble, and is close to the people as security can allow. guaranteed is the unexpected as followers turnout for his visit. >> it's going to be a papal visit in which we see a real person. he loves to kiss babies and two hanley in firm. i think this is the message he wants to bring to america. >> it will be a different message from pope benedict back in 2008. benedict was more than academic and his focus was more toward worship and the public at large.
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>> i think it was more the pope and the catholics, it wasn't the pope and the people of the united states. this is big. all, the address to congress, which has never happened before. >> it is historic just by virtue of the fact that he will be speaking to congress. that has never happened before. his visit to philadelphia will be especially enriching and enlightening for those of us who live in pennsylvania and well beyond pennsylvania. >> and of course security will be a challenge. in 1979, they used the football team to guard the pope. inngs will be very different 2015. >> it's heightened, not only but because of the charismatic figure that he is and the kind of person that he is, that likes to be with other people. stay with us, we will
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have continuing coverage of pope francis in america between us and news channel 8. you can expect more than 40 hours of live coverage. you can get all of our updates on >> we know traffic is going to be a nightmare when he gets here. jamie: a little bit of a nightmare but only in one spot. both 66 heading into the city and out of the city is in bumper-to-bumper traffic. will talk about why 66 eastbound is slow, there is a crash blocking the lane just before you get to the capital beltway. the solid yellow line is our traffic heading westbound out of the city. a little bit of a son blair , from thehe d.c. area freeway you average about 10 miles per hour.
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we're also seeing delays heavy on the inner loop and the outer gettingsolid red line closer to the american league bridge,merican legion continuing closer to 270. twelve street heading northbound , right at new york avenue, all lanes are blocked. be careful in that area. let's see what's coming up tonight at 6:00. i group of homeowners are pushing for donald trump to plant trees. plus a car runs off the road and into a creek. we will talk with the army reservists who stepped in and jumped into action. and for an old eyesore in southeast washington. the plans for st. elizabeths hospital. first another check of the weather situation. it continues to be beautiful but dry out there. doug: and drive for some time to
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come. the slightest possibility will come on sunday but that will be about it around the area. tonight and a warm in to the work week. we will be in the 50's in the suburbs by morning. the rest of the work week, it will warm up just a little bit. but maybe just a shower , a slight chance. 82 at reagan national air or, 82 in frederick, 80 and baltimore. the forecast tomorrow will be just like today, sunny, warm, and pleasant. the highs about 86 degrees. not much day to day change beyond tomorrow. humidity up slightly on saturday withan a weak cold front
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temperatures in the 70's as we head through monday and tuesday. looking at some of the longer range, really no sign of storms in the immediate teacher. >> the st. louis rams beat one of the best teams, the seattle seahawks. the st. louis defense is jack right now, which raises the question, despite kurt throwing two picks in the last game, they lost to the miami dolphins. >> overall i think he managed the game, moved our team and we needed to. we just didn't make enough plays for him and it was unfortunate. our guys played hard and competed. i think everybody can play better. gamel good about his first and where he is going as a pro. >> nba players have a rigorous
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workout. 10 euros, it is different, or is it? our alex parker got to meet him today. cutler.ame is know what tler.ah cu >> when did you start playing who? >> when i was eight. >> he picked quicken has not put it down since. our three hours a day every day. >> his videos have gone viral. 37,000 followers on instagram. >> what is that like? >> i don't know, really. it is crazy. noah is homeschooled.
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his father says education comes first. much,think if it was too he would tell me. we don't really have to push him. >> this pint-size prodigy has become a hot commodity. >> people are constantly contacting us asking if he will wear their close or try out their products. kids were asking me to take pictures with them. >> do you like that? >> kind of, yeah. >> remember the name, noah cutler. college and go to maybe to the nba. >> you played some college ball. could you handle him?
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>> not for more than a few seconds. i love the hairstyle. great-looking kid. the 10 year olds are all doing it. president obama hosted the nations best women's basketball team today. the third year in a row. he equatednt said the event to the christmas tree lighting. congratulations, ladies. still ahead -- >> i knew it would probably get to me when i saw it. alison: a grieving father's pride in his daughter.
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alison: lauren hall lived her dream of playing college basketball while battling cancer. as brad johansen from cincinnati shows us, a new jim will ensure her memory and message lives on. >> student athletes from warner's burke, how would july cap remembrance of never give up when you walk into the gym. remember how she fought so hard. it is just so neat. , that weight room, to holdw is something onto. passed fromr lauren brain cancer, mary helen cook and a couple of her employees got to work on a trophy case
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that would never be forgotten. little more special and more sentimental than anything we have done before. >> her mom went through what she called the treasure trove in their basement, picking out things that she said would be at home here at lawrenceburg high school and let mary helen do the rest. >> it looks good. >> thank you. >> i love it. >> that is also. really neat. >> you brought one of the final pieces, one of lawrence high school jerseys and the espy she won in 2014. >> i am just awestruck. when you sit there and think accomplished, has and not even a years worth of time. such an inspiration.
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6:00,: right now at rescued by heroes. soldiers racing to the rescue after seeing a car crash right into a creek. what they are telling abc 7 news tonight. claims thep scaffolding around the capital will be taken down just to be put back up again. we get answers. momentg that terrifying as floodwaters swept away two vehicles. the search for survivors on abc 7 news at 6:00. quick soldiers jump into action after seeing a woman's car crash off a road and into a creek. rhiannon is live at the scene in college park with the story you
6:00 pm
will see only on 7. reporter: the two army reservist walked in this building are -- worked in this building across the street from the crash. they heard the crash and rushed into action to help that woman get to safety. >> we heard something that sounded like a dump truck. >> they sprang into action after a woman's car ended up like this in a creek running across the street from their office. according to authorities, the woman in this car was heading south on route one when a car madeling north of roughly a u-turn. the two cars collided, the red although crashed through a concrete fence to the water below. the embankment and there was another gentleman there who was also helping. he was trying to open the door


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