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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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will see only on 7. reporter: the two army reservist walked in this building are -- worked in this building across the street from the crash. they heard the crash and rushed into action to help that woman get to safety. >> we heard something that sounded like a dump truck. >> they sprang into action after a woman's car ended up like this in a creek running across the street from their office. according to authorities, the woman in this car was heading south on route one when a car madeling north of roughly a u-turn. the two cars collided, the red although crashed through a concrete fence to the water below. the embankment and there was another gentleman there who was also helping. he was trying to open the door
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and we carried out the driver that was in there. >> they help the wanted back up to the road as paramedics arrived. the woman was taken to an area hospital. they areoldiers say not heroes for helping, they were just doing what they have been trained to do. >> it was second nature to us. when we heard something, we reacted. suffered say the woman nonlife threatening injuries and she was not at fault in any of this. they say the other driver, charges are currently pending against that individual. see newser if you happening where you are, see it and send it. leon: two teenagers are dead after a horrifying schoolbus crash in houston after a school bus fell off a highway overpass this morning.
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the bus driver lost control and went over the edge. a 17 year old and a 13-year-old girl died. two other teens and the bus driver are now in the hospital. evidence of heightened security ahead of the pope's visit next week. a 15-year-old was taken into custody in philadelphia, accused with threatening to launch and isil-style attack. the plans were in the aspirational stage and lack specifics. two dozen items are banned from selfients including sticks and strollers. you will find a complete list along with which roads will be closed right now on ope. tomorrow, join our team for an up close look at the pontiff's
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historic visit. it airs at 8:00 tomorrow night right here on abc 7 news. leon: new problems for donald trump. hedates back to a move tt ordered for his golf course in loudoun county five years ago. jeff is live with the calls for donald trump to make amends. jeff: it involves removing trees and donald trump said it has had great benefit to members here at his club. opponents were left shaking their heads and taking action. from riley's lock in poolesville, maryland, one portion of the virginia shoreline of the potomac river looks different from the rest. >> very noticeably baron on the other side right there. not good. >> five years ago, donald trump
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cleared nearly 500 trees and shrubs from this 1.5 mile stretch at trump national golf club in sterling. environmentalists were furious, saying it damages the rivers water quality and ultimately drinking water for millions in the area. the president at the potomac after donald trump touted the view created by the clearing just a month ago. a group started a petition calling on him to donate 500 with two or trees to be planted in parks across northern virginia. so far, 5000 signatures. >> we want to put in protections to ensure this kind of tree clearing travesty doesn't happen in other people's neighborhoods. >> some golfers say the clearing is far from a travesty. for lovers say it is time right the wrong.
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>> it's up to him to try to make up for that damage. >> the potomac conseancy says it has not heard back from donald trump regarding the petition, and neither have we. but did multiple times not get a response. donald trump is facing a bit of a backlash over some claims he made last night about the work in done on the capitol dome. donald trump: they are going to take all of the scaffolding down, paid millions of dollars to do that, and then after the inauguration, they are going to put it back up again and pay millions of dollars. do you believe that? actually not true, according to the architect of the capitol. he said that claim is simply not
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a fact. it is on track to be completed before the inauguration. maureen: marilyn republicans favor dr. ben carson over donald trump. strong poles show carson with support from 32% of republicans and donald trump second at 26%. texas senator john cornyn once a special counsel to investigate hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. he sent the request to attorney general loretta lynch. he insists his request has nothing to do with politics. last week the justice department concluded clinton did nothing wrong in deleting personal e-mails from the server. leon: the moment floodwaters turned deadly and the latest on
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the search for survivors. spectacularr september day. the forecast is still to come.
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this is a fire that on theed a condo complex alabama gulf shore. there is no word on what spark the fire. another fire in 2007 caused similar damage. hungary has closed when the main routes that thousands have been using to reach western europe. agencies say that hungary is misguided if it things that fences will solve the worst record you crisis since world war ii. anyone caught damaging or climbing the fence faces up to three years in prison. i will not give up. i will stay here, even if i die.
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it doesn't matter if i die here or if i die in afghanistan. >> the prime minister said refugees threaten europe's christian culture. they are considering a summit next week to address the migration crisis. a dozen cuban migrants and a dog have been taken into custody. the engine on their boat gave way to weeks -- two days ago, leaving them adrift. is not clear whether the migrants will be last to stay in this country. presidentraul castro will address the u.n., and his first trip to the u.s. and becoming president of cuba in 2008. --n: coming up next at 6:00
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afterarch for survivors what's being called a 100 year flood sweeps across utah.
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leon: a plan to develop that massive saint elizabeth hospital in washington. sam ford explains the deal. sam: two huge 1970's era buildings on the campus of saint elizabeth's are slated to come down, to be replaced with a boards arena to see 5000. would play their games instead of at the verizon center. reaction in the neighborhood is mainly positive. >> on with it, absolutely.
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>> negotiations have been in the works for some time. if vince d.c. whose board yesterday approved a resolution for project not to exceed $56.3 million with each contributing funds to the project. greatte frankly we need a anchor to change the game at saint elizabeth campus. >> it helps the mayor keep her promise to develop projects and most of the local activists are on board. >> i think we will get better police protection as well. >> you've got to go to work the next day and there will probably be a lot of emotions. makes the metro station would be about her to blog walk from the
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new facility. buildings are designated storage landmarks. at least 12 are dead utah andsh flooding in arizona. we have video showing the floodwaters sweeping away two vehicles. >> there are two vehicles, oh no. >> those women were very upset at what they saw. 15 people were in that van and suv, and most of them were women and children. only one person is still missing. calls theovernor disaster a 100 year flood. in los angeles, a much different outcome after three people and the dog were swept away brought these swollen los angeles river. rescue crews were able to find
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people clinging to branches along the river. all were pulled to safety, including the dog. breaking news, jonathan elias has the latest for us. a grand jury just came back with an indictment against jesse lee roy matthew, junior. we understand he's being charged officially with murder and abduction in the 2009 case of morgan dana harrington. she was a virginia tech student who went missing after a metallica on certain and her body was discovered after that. they matched his dna from a sample they took on her shirt. the grand jury has indicted him on two counts of murder and abduction in the case of morgan harrington.
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is being more cases he looked at and we will try to get more information for you in later new casts. doug hill is standing by to give us the latest on the weather doug:. looking live at the laurel high school annex. 80 degrees there right now, sunset tonight at 7:17. a very pleasant evening. upper 70's and low 80's across the region. in much difference temperatures from community to community. we are all under the influence of the same weather system, producing comfortably warm temperatures and very dry air. that combination will yield another cool start to the day frederick,0 two in andomorrow in manassas
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about 60 inside the beltway. see, little if any cloud formations to speak of. you have to go far to the west or south to find any precipitation. this shows how clearly the large high-pressure has dominated allher from the gulf coast the way back to the eastern slopes of the rockies. this will turn the wins a little more to the south, so we will see a little bit of a warm-up. but no rain comes with it. by the time we get into saturday night and sunday, a cold front will drop out of the northern plains with cooler temperatures. tomorrow, another day like this one. sunshine from start to finish and the next seven days show the a slightre rising with
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increase in humidity. sunday will be a bit cooler, about 80. cooler still on monday and tuesday. i think the dry weather will continue well into next week. anye is no indication of rainy pattern that would make an essential change in the deficit we have around here. every day without rain, the chances up brush around our area wi start to increase as well. we will have a lot more for you tonight at 11:00. quick switching things up already.
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>> now, the toyota sports desk. >> not sure if you've taken a p at marilyn's chart -- taken of the, you might have seen a change. a loss to bowling green on saturday, things changed quickly. zach garman wasamed as the backup. he will go all the way to number three. thereust saw some things
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that i didn't think we were getting the things done that we need to get done in order for us who we need to be a offensively. >> we want caleb to play well. i think is a little bit better now than what he was going into camp, physically as well as mentally, so we will move from there. been placed onas the injured reserve list with a broken wrist. nine are vikings last night in san francisco. carlos put a spin on things and made a big splash last night after that move on the vikings defender. he gets into the end zone afterwards. non-hockey season yet, but that doesn't mean you can't hit the ice. , a big letdown
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last year, the caps losing in seven to the rangers in the postseason. the nats are back at work against the phillies tonight. stephen strasburg is on the mound. maureen: just give us a win. another sunny day tomorrow and thursday and friday. highs 86, a bit warmer into saturday and cooler on sunday. still looking for rain. we will let you know if the on's change at 11:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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tonight, we're on the scene, the deadly floods. mothers and their children swept away, trying to get out of their cars. it happened in just moments. also, the rescues tonight. families and their pets pulled from rushing water. the deadly plunge. the school bus sent over an overpass. now we learn what the bus driver was trying to avoid. the air scare. the flight to chicago. the unruly passenger and the takedown. new details. the alleged plot against the pope. the arrest here in america. pierre thomas standing by. and the high speed scare for an american neighborhood. the license plate. police says he claims he has diplomatic immunity. tonight, the confrontation. >> get out. good evening. us here on a tuesday


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