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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 16, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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>> traffic will be perfect in new york. good time to visit. the united auto workers union and cf chrysler have reached a tentative agreement. it would affect about 40,000 workers and if finalized will likely set the pattern for similar deals with general motors and ford. no specifics as yet. but the union was seeking salary hikes, especially for long-time employees who haven't had a pay raise in nearly ten years. the company hoping to hold down those costs. and classes are resuming tomorrow for more than 50,000 students in seattle after teachers were striking there and delayed the start of school this year. the teachers' union voted to suspend the strike after reaching a tentative agreement as well. well, another example of the power of social media for you this morning. this time it's facebook helping reunite someone with their wedding ring. >> ring was found near a line of dumpsters at a landfill in iowa. inside the initials j.h.h. to
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w.w.s. >> there was also a wedding date listed for more than 30 years ago. our station in cedar rapids put the reng on theing on their fac and the owner has been located. nice to hear bay happy ending like that. >> yeah. too bad the marriage didn't last. but the ring is back. >> oh. are we sure about that? come on? >> i kid. i kid. >> it's not yet throwback thursday but we're taking a trip down memory lane anyway. play-do. hello. >> the experts at play-do sent over a play-do "world news" mug. and look. we're going to attempt to copy it. can i just say in my 20 years of life i've never played with play-do. >> wait, this is revolutionary. 20 years of life? you're only 20 years old? >> the big part is i've never played with play-do. >> never in your life? >> never. >> that makes me sad to hear. >> i know. the therapy didn't help. it's going to be interesting.
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we're going to try to see if we can replicate it and the viewers of course will decide. >> who has a better cup. i just want you to know i don't buy it. your sad story. i'm going to smoke you out with my play-do "world news now" mug. >> please vote for mine. you're going big. >> okay. we'll see. coming up, haters gonna hate, hate, hate. how facebook will soon let you weigh in with the new button of negativity. finally, you dislike me, you really dislike me? and gadgets for the outdoors. the giz wiz stops by with these tech items you have to see coming up. it smells fine, but his wife smells this... luckily for all your hard-to-wash fabrics there's febreze fabric refresher febreze doesn't just mask, it eliminates odors you've gone noseblind to
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now too. "lost in space" was the other big science fiction tv show in the mid 1960s while "star trek" was earnest and serious, "lost in space" was campy and kind of corny. to sbrcelebrate its 50th anniversary all episodes of the show are available in blu-ray along with never-before-seen material. like "star trek" lost in space also had its iconic catch phrase. "danger, will robinson!" amazon's founder -- you said that with so much gusto. the founder no doubt hopesis spaceships won't be lost in space. blue origin, the rocket company also started by jeff bezos, has leased a launch pad at cape canaveral. bezos says the first rockets built by blue origin will be launched before the end of the decade. the rockets will be built nearby. but no one is saying exactly what those rockets will be carrying. okay. i'm constructing my mug here. where are you at? >> i'm just starting. >> we'll go to the next piece. facebook users are about to get something they really, really
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wanted. a way to express support for friends' troubles without saying they like it. >> the social network says it's about to start testing a solution. abc's david wright with more. >> reporter: facebook has always been relentlessly positive. but the founder himself suggested that's about to change. >> people have asked about the dislike button for many years, and today's the day where i actually get to say we're working on it. >> now they're adding the dislike button. >> good. >> and the question is what would you want to dislike? >> everyone who's getting married and having babies and i'm single. >> reporter: until now twitter has been the place for disliking things. all those mean tweets on "jimmy kimmel live." >> how do you make obama's eyes light up? shine a flashlight in his ears. >> reporter: facebook doesn't want that. they're hoping thumbs down will be a way to show solidarity, not negativity. >> people aren't looking for an ability to down vote other people's posts. what they really want is to be able to express empathy. >> reporter: what's not to like
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about that? david wright, abc news, new york. >> well, there's plenty not to like about my mug right about now. >> uh-oh. really? >> you're making progress on something. >> how's that? >> it looks fairly deformed. >> it looks a little deformed. not quite there. but you know what? >> at least you're making progress. all right. we'll see. >> coming up, we are -- our world play-doh challenge coming to the end of the wire, as you see here. >> but first some exceptional gadgets to help you survive. you're watching "world news now." >> keep it going. come on. >> see how it goes. >> it's kind of nice. >> and i need more.
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♪ welcome back, everybody. we know that everyone carries keys, right? and you probably would be lost without them. so dick debartolo from gizwiz tv is here with some key rings that may make your keys even more indispensable. >> key buoy from davis. this is in case you drop your keys overboard, live near the water, have a boat. we already did one before the show. we're going to start another one. what you do is if the keys go overboard there's a chemical reaction inside. this should pop open and it should float the keys. we'll check back. >> how long does that usually take? >> you know, it's starting
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already. anywhere from one minute to about three minutes. >> that's genius. so it's not just the key that comes up. the flag. >> the whole thing's going to come back up. only about $7. infinikey. i love this little guy. instead of those split rings where you try to open the rings and put keys on it -- >> you lose your nail in the process. >> absolutely. this is from night eyes. and infini-key, just push the key on, go like this, and then pull it down to the bottom and you won't lose it, and this is for your belt buckle. >> oh, great. >> and they're like four -- this is the big one. $5. the little one down there is four bucks. >> great. >> if you have lots of keys and you want to hang them on these little clips here, there's one in stainless, there is one that is color coated for your keys. it also has a built-in flash-flight if you want. let me just push on the package here. there's one with a bottle opener. >> dick, we are emerging into --
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>> oh, my goodness. our keys. >> i don't know the term you'd use to refer to these. >> off the bottom. and they're coming up. >> we have received full, you know. >> there you go. excellent. >> no viagra needed there. >> that's key light. and key light with a light. and key light with a bottle opener. >> okay. >> this is neat. these little guys are the power key, and they are mini things that hang on your keychain and if you get to the office and you forgot your charging cable. >> it's right there. >> this is the apple. the lightning connector. >> those are the two things you forget. your keys and your -- >> your charging cable. exactly. and this is the little one for usb micro for almost all the android phones. >> super smart. >> and they hang on your keychain. >> great idea. what do we have now? >> inca mobile. this is a great idea. i have the original inca which doesn't have these features. this clips onto your key ring or your belt. one end is a space pen.
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writes in any position. underwater, in frost. the other end is the stylus for your ipad or -- >> i thought it was an eyeliner. that might be the next design. >> and they make it in two versions. this little clip-on version and they make another version that can go in your pocket or hang on your keychain. about 12 bucks. nano light. now, nano light i showed years ago and i'm showing it again because i love it. this has been on my key for about three years now. and as you go up to the key lock just press on the key. i'm showing it to you. i'll show it to the camera. this little light. >> red light there. >> the keyhole. and it's tiny. all you do is take the glue off the back and stick it on the key. i bought it on amazon. you get four for $10. these little guys are really neat. and this is the -- let me get the name of this guy. i forgot.
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these are the new doohickees. this has a built-in wrench. the other has a bottle opener and a little saw. if you want really big tools you can go to swiss tech. that as an awl, a pair of pliers. it also has a bottle opener and an l.e.d. light. and our final guy also hangs on your keychain. this gives you a bright light, less light, blinking light and then off. >> i have one of those. they're great when there's a storm or you're camping or in the middle of the night. it's so useful. i love that your products are all very affordable. >> absolutely. the biggest thing here is $25 because it's the apple connector. everything else is 10 to 12 bucks. >> great ideas, dick, as always. for more information you can head over to we'll post these on our facebook page, you're watching "world news now."
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pampers turning very hairy. >> don't you just love that play-doh commercial from the 1980s? those kids are probably 40 years old right about now. i think they're still playing with play-doh like we are. still making our cup. >> that's right. for the past half hour reena and i have been trying to match what the play-doh folks have done. >> look at this. this is incredible. this is a mug they did. look at that. >> they did a really good job. >> i don't even want to touch p because i'm afraid i'll ruin it. >> yeah. so we want you to decide who did a better job on it? >> yeah. we're still working on it. we have some time, right? >> yeah. >> we have a little background on play-doh. i'm working on the black part here. >> i prefer not to see the world in colors. >> play-doh, made out of simple
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ingredients. flour, water, salt, boric acid and mineral oil. so it's really okay if kids eat it. it was -- >> oh, really? >> i'm not so sure about that. it was made as a wallpaper cleaner. i'm not so sure kids should eat it. that was in the '50s. but in the '60s some kids started using it as modeling compound and now the rest is history. 95 million cans sold every year in 75 countries. >> very, very impressive. and speaking of impressive, are our mugs. >> very. >> you cheat zblpd why did. >> why did i cheat? no, no, no, no. >> i thought it had to be made completely of just -- >> it's fine. so this is what i'm doing. i'm not quite sure. but there you go. see? what do you say? jack's giving me a wow. let's say your big reveal. >> is that a wow? jack, what do you think? okay. >> wait. >> wait till you get a look at this little baby. >> what did you do? you did the big gulp?
2:57 am
we asked you to do a simple coffee mug. you had to do the big gulp. >> go big or go home. >> really? >> yeah. look at that. >> you're going to be able to see our products on facebook -- our facebook web page, i just want to know, can your mug do this? >> ooh. nice. >> can your mug do this? >> very -- wow. really? mine has a shot of tequila. can yours do that? >> may have one jumped -upped mt one. you can decide who has the better mug, kendis or myself. you can go to our facebook page and instagram and tell us who did it best. tomorrow we'll have the big reveal. here you go. >> and just a reminder, i never got to play with play-doh as a kid. i'm just appealing to your votes. >> you had to do the big gulp version. >> exactly. i need your help. >> try to take a sip out of this on
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this morning on "world news now" deadly flash flooding. >> the death toll rising in utah in the search to find people washed away. their cars swept up in the raging waters. onlookers helpless to stop it. as the search for the missing continues in the rain overnight. school bus tragedy. new details surrounding the crash that killed two students. the wrong move made by the driver that caused the accident and how one of the families got the tragic news. the stage is set for debate night. republican candidates preparing for the big event while front-runner donald trump takes his message aboard a warship. his message to the veterans. and in the mix, digit dancing. got two left feet? no problem. dance with your hands. finally a way we can all share the groove and retire those terrible moves. it's wednesday september 16th.


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