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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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track 7 to explain how it works. how is the traffic out there at this time? brianne: it's not too terrible. we are driving in an additional lane. the shoulder lane is open to traffic it's usually like that in the peak hours but now with this new process in place, the atm can open the lane at any time of day. also part of the new expansion here in terms of the atm put online today, we will see more in terms of what is hapening on the roads. there will be additional signage and cameras that are getting law enforcement as well as the traffic managers able to see things they are happening in realtime out here on the roads. the goal is for improved safety. along this is the most region in the region. most of the time of the day
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really. we see concession in both directions. this is designed to help ease some of that. so the lanes were traveling in the red x lane will be open. regardless of the time of the day or day of the week. what do drivers think of it? take a listen. >> it helps. you know the ultimate test. you take them. a lot of times i avoid 66. because i don't like the hassles. >> there will be cameras that will improve monitoring of the highway to enable personnel to respond more quickly. if in fact you see the green arrow there in the middle of the day, lit up and not the red "x," you know you can use this to work around one of thing doesn'ts out here on the road. some drivers we talk to, though, saying whether or not
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they will still get into the congestion to begin with. that remains to be seen. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. maureen: thank you. changes coming for uber and the lift riders at the local airports. tonight the metropolitan washington airport authority said the ride share services can operate at reagan national and the dulles international at a cost. first is a one-time $5,000 fee. the second is a $4 surcharge for pickup and drop off that would be passed on to customers. the new rules begin november 1. leon: doeses of people getting sick. as many as 210 people may have been sickened after eating. now it appears they are linked to the truffle fries served there. the restaurant is back open tonight. maureen: we are two weeks away
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from a deadline for congress to pass a spending bill or risk a government shutdown. tonight as maryland congressman van hollen put it we can't have a repeat of what happened to years ago. >> we don't want a repeat of this. if they want to fight the battle, fight it on their own terms. maureen: but it's a fight over funding planned parenthood. they are introducing legislation to stop a shutdown that sets up negotiating teams and fail safe to keep the government running if an agreement can't be reached. the possibility of a government shutdown and the fight over planned parenthood are likely to be discussed at the republican debate. leon: a big moment for the top candidates on the stage but those trying to claw their way up in the polls. 11 people will be on the stage when the debate begins at 8:00 p.m. tonight. maureen: for what to expect we turn to john treanor at the
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ronald reagan presidential library tonight. site of the debate. john? john: good evening from simi valley. we are hours away now from the second and the anticipated g.o.p. debate. all eyes once again will be on donald trump. how is this for a sneak peek? we snuck in last night and got a another look today. this is where the republicans will rumble. >> it's in the middle because as cnn says he is leading in the polls. >> the g.o.p. candidate last met august 6 at their debate in cleveland. in the week since he has proven he is no fluke.
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providing statements about women and immigrants that would sink mere mortal candidates. >> go back to univision. >> the bad ones are getting out fast. >> they are rapists. two debates. the first at 3:00, the undercard with the republicans scoring in the polls. then the main event with 11 on stage. they will challenge each other and debate each or to make for fireworks and see over the course of three hours. the big question will trump take off further. >> it's a fascinating night. what a place for a republican debate. >> we are expecting donald trump to levy the attack. he will no doubt be the subject as the 11 capped its including him try to vie for
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the voters and the donors in a crucial time in the election. back to you. leon: thank you. we have a wrap up at 11:00 from brad bell who is there as well. but not just the 11 folks on stage getting the attention. this plane went in service in the nixon administration. president reagan travels 660,000 miles on the 197. it was taken out of service after president bush took office. now you know. alison: thank you. the man accused of killing two virginia college students are given attorneys for a case against him. we told you about the indictment against jesse matthews for the 2009 abduction and the murder of virginia tech student morgan harrington.
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coming up at 6:00 -- leon: a plan pleads guilty for burning cvs at the baltimore riot. the punishment he could face. maureen: tensions for the refugee crisis. where they are added after being forced away from one country. doug: i'm doug hill in the weather center. a beautiful perfect weather day for wednesday. how many more ahead? we will let you know the forecast still to come at 6:00.
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>> a man has pleaded guilty to setting a fire that dell stroyed a cvs store. raymond carter faces up to four years in prison when he
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is sentenced in november. cvs has demolished the store and has plans to rebuild it. leon: two years ago today gunman killed 12 people at the neighry yard. today marks the deadline for the family members of those killed to file wrongful death lawsuit. six families filed suit against the companies they say should have seen red flags about the gunman. they had several outbursts prior to getting the job as a government contractor working there. special prosecutor will investigate allegations against the loudoun county sheriff mike chapman stemming from his election campaign. chapman says the allegations are politically motivated. maureen: next at 6:00, a
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championship soccer team has another obstacle. how to get home from a foreign country. leon: the beautiful weather continues. doug hill is back to tell us when we will see a chance for rain. erin: i'm erin hawksworth. coming up in sports national manager matt williams is on the hunt after the team underachieved this season. hear what price harper had to say about the nats' skipper up
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leon: sam ford introduces us to the soccer champs who left with no choice was to sleep in a homeless shelter. sam: three-time members came to the u.s. at the liberian government expense to play a tournament that was canceled. they may have known it was canceled but they rap out of funds and ended up in a homeless shelter. the activist heard about them last week.
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sam: she brought them from a shelter in baltimore to a house in northeast washington hoping to give them attention and help before they go to africa. 15 in all, they are staying busy in any way they can, doing yard work, hoping to play soccer and raise funds for crutches better than ones held together with duct tape. >> all right. we want to play our games. >> many lost limbs in the war. >> our family was killed. >> you lost your parents and lost a limb. >> yes. sam: so they stay in a rented house and hope to play. >> i respect that is your job.
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sam ford, abc7 news. maureen: the commission in charge of building the multimillion dollar memorial to former president dwight hawaiian hour is getting help from political heavyweights. today the commission announced both former president george bushes are joining the fundraising effort along with the former secretary of state james baker and colin powell. the memorial will be built on four acres near the u.s. capitol. today crews are putting up fences and barriers near east por tyco. we -- east portica.
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we have in-depth look at the culture impact of the visit and the intense security required for the visit and the effect it will have on the daily life. this is coming up tonight on abc7 at 8:00. maureen: too early to look at the weather. doug: we are entioning tuesday and wednesday next week the 30% chance of showers. but that is iffy now. we will be paying attention as we get closer here. >> in the meantime, more of the same old stuff. sunny, warm, pleasant. low humidity. get started and look at the national from the studio in arlington. south toward reag national airport and crystal city. 40 degrees. three months ahead of myself. 84 degrees at the reagan national airport. 84 is the temperature. frederick. we will see the temperatures again to get an early morning
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feel of fall in the air. the temperatures at this hour across the country starting to warm up in southern planes. we see the temperatures in the upper 90's to the low 90's. this is going to be pulled northeast. not huge numbers. i don't think we hit 90 degrees. 86, 87 is the likely high outcome for friday and saturday. friday and sunday the cold front is going to come down from northwest. cooler temperatures for region. satellite and the radar, big blobs of the orange and the red showing up. this has ranged so much.
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numerous shower and storm across florida. they will continue with this longer. area for the rain the most in california is not so much. look at the rainfall today. 2.3 out of west palm beach. 60 is an average wake-up. 91 is the sunshine in the midday. 86 for the afternoon high. we have mid-to-upper 80's. we are cooler and breezy. but monday, tuesday, wednesday they will turn cooler here. the highs 78 of monday. we will keep an eye on it.
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>> good deal. >> they want to avoid starting with two straight losses. >> that would be nice. >> it would. we have sports coming up after this.
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erin: this week's game at home against the rams is extremely important. the skins will have their hands full against the rams that beat the seahawks. the redskins has a lot of players there is a big difference between 1-1 and 0-2. the first victory is important. it puts guys in the right mindset. i can snowball and get the team on a roll. if you lose it can get you going the wrong way. we want a taste of victory in our mouth. z. the nationals are in philadelphia. bryson coming off a monster game. they drove in all four runs in the nats win. after a second homer, harper
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gave matt williams a hug. williams has been on the hot seat but he gave confidence in the nats manager and talked about that embrace. >> we talk about what he was going to do with me and how to approach it. matt is great. talk about hitting and what he thinks about the approach and who i am facing. erin: harper endorses the skipper. the mystics and the wizards will have a state-of-the-art facility. they unveiled the plans for the practice facility. 5,000 seat arena for the mystics that play at verizon center. the new arena is completed by fall of 2018. leon: that will be interesting
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to see how it transforms the neighborhood. bring business to the area as well. maureen: what is going on in your world? >> not much. the next few days mostly sunny skies. 86 and 87. we are increase in humidity levels saturday. a cold front will come through and bring in the cooler temperatures. it's partly cloudy, breezy and good football weather sunday. fed ex. 82 for a high. cooler monday, tuesday, wednesday, a chance to have a shower or two, tuesday and wednesday. we will update the weekend forecast tonight at 11:00. leon: world news tonight is coming up. that is it. see you at 11:00. hope it's 1-1 weather, not 0-2 weather.
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tonight, the gloves coming off. the big debate. our reporter with donald trump. what he's signaling. the make or break moment for the others. and vice president joe biden now sounng off on trump and you'll hear him. also tonight, the controversial arrest. the muslim student, handcuffed, suspended in high school after bringing in his project, a homemade clock. fears it was a bomb. the outrage. was he treated differently? breaking news. federal air marshals in hot water tonight. about alleged trysts with prostitutes, recorded on government phones. david kerley standing by. flash point. the refugee crisis. children hit with tear gas. families blocked at the border. what should these countries do? and the hoax making global headlines tonight. president putin supposedly calling elton john. you will now hear the call and the reaction tonight.


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