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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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four-year-old ethan is happy to welcome guests to his new house. but it is his family thing if you like cap disappeared. >> we packed up and said goodbye to our things in germany on may 6. this is what we have of our office chair. reporter: they transferred back to virginia this ring. they are missing -- this spring. they are lacking furniture in the hardware required to put it all together. they are eating off of paper plates in their baby girl sleeps in a bassinet next to her unassembled crib. >> we've adopted a new minimalist lifestyle. reporter: not by choice. their stuff was on board ship which got fire back in june. we discover their stuff needed to baltimore weeks ago but they say the military contractor will not say when they will get it. >> there are no dates about
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-- aboutwas coming when anything was coming or went to inspect information. reporter: after 7 on your side made phone calls a got -- they were allowed to inspect their things. they still do not know when they can finally settle in. >> maybe the christmas. reporter: here is the clincher. her husband also had back surgery since they have moved back to the states. originally he was told just use an air mattress while they waited for his bed. after our calls, the family got approval to rent a bed that will be his needs. the contractor says they are trying to navigate the situation with as much compassion and can vacation as possible. they are encouraged by news of the shipping could be released soon. leon: thank you. shocking video coming in from temple -- tampa where a school bus ran into a creek. the kids on board it escaped
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relatively unharmed thanks to people who ran into the water get out of -- to help them get out of the water. police said they saw the bus speeding. maureen: we are five is away from the pope's arrival. catholic university is preparing for 25,000 visitors. a field near the basilica of the national shrine is been transformed into an outdoor sanctuary for the pope's historic mass next week. barricades are being erected. all of this means increased security that will contribute to utter -- what some are calling the perfect storm for drivers in and around the district. in addition to the mass, the home of the a nationals game and a concert at verizon center all of the same time. brianne carter is out to tell us what to look out for next week. all at the same time
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as people are doing what they're doing here tonight, heading home. easy traffic moving freely through this intersection. the barricades here a lot massachusetts avenue starting to go up which means the traffic options will be cut down, creating major gridlock. throughout d.c., drivers run into traffic trouble. nixon several major events, a crush of commuters, and dozens of streets shut down and getting around town will be anything but easy. at the heart of it all, road closures starting tuesday for the pope's visit to washington. changes will also be made to public transportation routes and parking. >> certain areas will be very difficult. reporter: thousands will be in the city for the pope's canonization mass. and thousands will be trying to park.n nats
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there was also a concert wednesday night at verizon center as cher is playing tuesday and wednesday night. >> not downtown/ >> no way. >> at dupont circle the car will stay in our garage. reporter: they are urging people not to get behind the wheel. use public transportation instead. speaking of public transportation, metro saying that they will be ready, running at your rush-hour at many parts the day for they normally would not. the advice is to telecommute if you can, stay out of downtown. brianne carter, abc 7 news. leon: speaking of public transportation, it will be running normal service during visit. 's vre is encouraging you to arrive
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at stations early and use the app to purchase tickets. leading the way with coverage of the papal visit. we will have more than 40 hours of live coverage. every minute of the mass of the basilica. you will find a complete guide on maureen: an accused serial killer scores a victory in court. he will be able to cast blame on the first victim's husband, a former sheriff. a judge ruled that charles severance can injuries evidence to cast suspicion on warmer sheriff jim dunning. prosecutors say it drags his name through the mud. the former sheriff died in 2012. the trial is scheduled to begin next month. leon: help is on the way for an often overlooked part of d.c.'s emergency response team. >> you are a vital connection to
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people who are experiencing the most difficult time in their lives. you are on the other end of the phone. leon: pc graduated its first class of 91 dispatchers in five years. the 22 graduates will join a team that takes more than 1.4 million emergency calls every year. good luck. coming up at 6:00, what could be the defining moment in the race for the republican nomination for president. the message from the president to the three americans that thwarted a terrorist attack on a train bound for paris. leon: nasa raises a red flag over orbital science's mission to the -- doug: comfortable temperatures. we will see if we have more coming up on abc 7
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leon: a new government report about the and terry's rocket tares rocket ant explosion. orbital remains grounded. it helps to regard to the iss as soon as december by putting its things on another company's rocket. they say the schedule contains significant risk, citing that the orbital capsules of never
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flown on the new rocket. orbital hopes to continue flight extra with new engines. maureen: major changes in the works for i-66 in northern virginia. they could eliminate the age of the requirement. requirement. cars with three passengers could travel for free. single drivers will also be a will to ride the road for a toll. that change will begin sometime in 2017 put the age of the requirement change in -- with the hov requirement changing in 2020. technical problems grounded all flights to and from chicago, dallas-fort worth, in miami. the impact could be felt by travelers at reagan national s several flights were delayed. american is not said what cost the computer problem. -- caused the computer problem.
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leon: the americans that sort of the terror attack on a train in france last month are being honored in washington. earlier the president praised their decision to attack and subdue the gunman. >> the represent the best of andica, american character, it's these kind of young people who make the story nearly optimistic and hopeful about our future. leon: the young men were given a parade back in their hometown. france is already presented them with the legion of honor. maureen: up next, the big winner in last night's debate that broke a record on cnn. leon: the first look at the weather forecast for pope rance is'-- francis'visit. erin: coming up in sports,
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-- who will step up in
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leon: the big story for the past 20 hours. the fireworks at the republican presidential debate. it was cnn's biggest audience ever. now the analysis for who came ahead and who fell flat. jeff takes a look at the scoreboard. >> excuse me. >> you cannot take -- >> more energy tonight. i like that. reporter: tv viewers had donald trump winning with 46 are spent -- percent of respondents. despite a more subdued donald trump, he did not hold back in his attacks. >> is this role response to attack people on their appearance. >> i never attacked him on his look and believe me, there's plenty of subject matter right there. reporter: everyone is talking about carly fiorina.
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she might start chipping away at large numbers enjoyed the other outsiders. dr. ben carson and donald trump. if you cannot fight on a debate stage, you can't fight for the american people. reporter: some candidates scored some points. >> will not authorize use of force if you can't put them in a position where they can win. reporter: for the 55-year-old construction worker in that audience tonight who doesn't pay a job and cannot childhood education, they could care less about your careers. reporter: candidates who needed to win l short. >> 40 your's ago i smoked marijuana and i admitted. who will get a bump and who will not will play itself out in the upcoming days on the campaign trail. jeff barn, abc 7 news. leon: the u.s. nuclear deal will go forward with iran.
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simmons -- senate democrats defeated a move to block the deal this morning. mitch mcconnell says they are dropping the fight but they will admit it will be an issue for the next president. maureen: the death toll from a northern california massive wildfire has grown to five. 20,000 people have been evacuated more than 800 homes destroyed. one man helped to neighbors get out of there's. he got emotional about an elderly neighbor who could not make it. say coolerials weather is helping firefighters gain ground. one is 35% contained and the other is nearly 50% contained. the department of agricultural will be spring for mosquitoes in laurel on sunday. it's a twin corpsman avenue and main street and sandy spring road. that is where a woman died from a suspected case of west nile virus. it will begin at dusk.
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keep your ears open in your mouth closed out there. [laughter] maureen: a beautiful day today again. doug: slow humidity levels are creeping up. it will turn somewhat cooler on sunday. let's get a look at conditions around the area right now with a befuautil -- with beautiful sunshine. you have the beach all to yourself. just a couple of people walking. it's getting to be a bit cooler there for the wind off the ocean. 74 degrees at ocean city right now. 86 and 63 the high and low. the average high is 79 today. yesterday was a. very slowly as a move through the fall the averages will go lower and lower. the next time we haven't 80 degree average high is not until may 31. a lot of weather changes to come. a little bit more noticeable by sunday and monday.
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by tomorrow morning throughout the region we will have lows in the upper 50's. these averages temperatures just about where they should be for this time of september. looking forward to next couple of days. it will stay quiet. little rain chances until early next week. even then it will just be a chance. radar shows clouds and showers moving in from the atlantic ocean. there is a disturbance there. florida is getting hammered day after day. portions of the east coast of florida up towards melbourne could pick up another two inches over the next few days. we will stay away from that because of this high-pressure center that is staying dominant. you notice the change here? a touch more on the humid side on saturday. 87 and partly cloudy. it looks as though for the
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redskins it will be about ideal football weather. that idea weather will look like this. 75 degrees at kickoff time. 79 in the afternoon with a northwest wind and partly cloudy skies. here is the way it looks. we will see how the temperatures continue to climb through saturday. then they get turned run on sunday with a high of 79. monday, about 75 degrees. and in the hope's visit on tuesday afternoon through thursday afternoon, it will be partly cloudy and cool. only a small 30% chance at best for a few scattered showers. we will keep our eyes closely on the weather for next week. back to you. leon: thumbs up for the nats. erin: nice transition. it's been a rough couple of weeks. -- of the hear from
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first them on the meltdown that led to his broken thumb. hear what he had to say coming up after this.
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leon: breaking news. a live look at i-66 he's bounces before route 50. the right to lanes are completely blocked because of an accident there.
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that is forcing traffic to squeeze its way by. we will keep you posted. >> the toyota sports desk rocky by your toyota dealers. erin: the nationals are back on tonight with plenty of optimism after winning four straight games on the road. it is been a rough couple of weeks for truth or in -- who gave up home runs in a loss to the mets last week. after the game he said he shut the lockbox on his locker a little harder than usual and he ended up breaking his thumb in the process. he is now out for the rest of the season with the thumb injury. he did speak to us today in the clubhouse. >> it is frustrating. i'm a competitor. i'm frustrated with my outing. i have no intention -- i'm not the coming guide to punch a wall. it's not what i was aiming for. erin: after his seven catches
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and a touchdown in the redskins opening loss, jordan ross has already been added to the injury report. he was limited in practice today with ace -- with a strained quadriceps. jackson is out three to four weeks with a hamstring injury and now there is an opportunity ross to stepshad up at the wide receiver position. >> i think confidence is high because of what he showed everybody in the season. i got to play with him a lot. i believe he has played the nfl. he was with us a lot less season. for a guy who is "never played in the nfl," he is pretty experienced. u,in: is the battle of the h hampton and howard. kickoff is at 7:30 for that one.
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the offense is not very spectacular so far this season. leon: all right. doug: for the next three days, tomorrow, sunny and 87. saturday, 87. sunday turns reading and cooler. steve is watching all of this with an update for the redskins. a 30% chance of showers for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. by no means a done deal. steve will have more on those possibilities and with the pope coming. tens of thousands will be outside and that is important to note. maureen: "world news tonight" is up next. leon: have a good night. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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tonight, who won? after fight night, donald trump set to speak, and who was the real winner on that stage? some now pointing to the only woman running for the republican nomination and that one moment. breaking developments. we are just learning, authorities say a man tried to steal a jet from a texas airport. senior justice correspondent pierre thomas standing by. the deadly earthquake and tsunami advisories triggered for the american coastline. the sirens going off, the grocery store shelves tumbling down. the 8.3 quake, the biggest this year. the major headline for american drivers tonight. one of the largest settlements ever from an american automaker after a deadly defect. and elton john breaking his silence tonight after that radio prank. he thought it was president putin. he's sounding off tonight.


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