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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  September 18, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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six margaritas at a nearby bar. her attorney said she was disoriented before accidently turning into the car lot and then things went horribly wrong when she tried to leave. >> the gates closed down and she felt closed in. the men yelling hostile things at her and she had a panic. you saw the remorse she expressed. jeff: noor shaikh says he is in pain almost constantly. he can't work and his life has gone to shambling. his medical bills total $900,000. coming up at 5:00, the emotional and the specific words that shaikh said to the judge and what alexandra mendez said directly to noor shaikh. until then, live in arlington, jeff goldberg, abc7 news. leon: police make an arrest in an armed bank robbery in arlington. officers took burke into custody yesterday after he left the crystal city metro station. he is charged with robbing a
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tv bank this week. no one was hurt. alison: leon, a crime alert in montgomery county. this right here is video of an armed robbery at a gas station. you can see here terrifying video of a suspect holding a gun to the man running the register, using the other hand to hold something covering his face. another grabs the cash. this is all at the shell station at west lake drive in bethesda. this happened on the 9th at 2:00 in the morning. so if you know the men in the video, montgomery county police want to hear from you. leon: preparations for the pope's visits is nearly upon us. if you have been looking around lately, you can see pretty much all that is going into in terms of the preparation. abc7's suzanne kennedy is live outside of st. matthews in northwest washington. she has a look at more to prepare for the visits.
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suzanne: this is where the pope will be on wednesday at st. matthews cathedral. he will participate in a prayer service with the bishop. they are putting up the security barriers here in road island in preparation for the visit by the leader of the catholic church. i want to tell you where we have been and what we have seen in and around town. we can tell you all over town there are signs of enhanced security. this is where the parade will take place. catholic university, a banner women colling the pope -- welcoming the pope unfurling this morning that says, "love is our mission." that is the theme of the papal visit. hundreds of students will help at the mass on wednesday to help deacon give communion to the 25,000 people at the event. >> i really like the fact they have been involving the students here.
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wi have plenty of volunteers. it's an opportunity that is unique to here. i'm honored to have this opportunity as a senior. suzanne: coming up in an hour, i will tell you about a banner unfurled from a block where i'm standing and the unique message it has for the poly father. reporting live in northwest washington, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. alison: okay. before the pope gets here in d.c. he will be in cuba. pontiff will have a four-day trip to include visits to churches and meeting the poor, the clergy and the president. ahead of the trip he asked for one thing via twitter. i need your prayers. sunday morning the thousands are expected to turn out for an open air mass. they with abc7 for 40 hours
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live coverage of the visit. get all the information you need on the street closures, event and the security at leon: we are about to hit the weekend. picture-perfect start. how long will it last? let's see what the answer is with chief meteorologist doug hill. doug: the last five days have been gorgeous. the next five days are different. not terrible but get into it. we enjoy bright sunshine in arlington. there is bright sunshine everywhere throughout the viewing area and beyond. high pressure. 84 in laurel. 86 in frederick. 82 in baltimore. 88 in cumberland. lower 50's in the mountains. upper 50s in the outside. the hour-by-hour after the sunset. it will clear off.
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late night is lower 70's. overnight it will bottom out to 66 in downtown washington. a comfortable day. we will highlight that and more in a few minutes. alison: see you then. new developments in the case of two missing montgomery county siblings. as montgomery county reporter tells us, catherine hoggle has been deemed not competent to stand trial. reporter: for the third time this year, catherine hoggle has been deemed incompetent to stand trial. doctors at a maryland psychiatric hospital where she is on 24-hour watch made that decision today. the police have implicated the 28-year-old in the disappearance-her children. many believe that she killed her kids. she walked in court today with a calm and stoic demeanor and went on to tell the judge she
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is aware of the charges and the potential consequences. she added she believes she is competent to stand trial. her family including her common law husband troy turner agree with the personal assessment and they are growing tired of waiting. >> she understands everything that is going on. to me i believe this has the do with an understanding of what is going on around you, what has happen and what you are going to embark on. i'm not sure what she is not competent in this case. >> she will reappear on monday october december 23. they hope two more months will convince the doctors she is lucid enough to stand trial. in rockville, kevin lewis.
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alison: the structure that is going to be a bus and the rail hub at the silver spring station ran over by tens of millions of dollars. coming up at 5:00, there is a one-on-one interview with the interim general manager about the grand opening. and the problems over the years. leon: the latest now on bowe bergdahl, the soldier who walked off the base in afghanistan. he says he left the post six years ago because he thought he could bring attention to what he felt were problems in the unit's leadership. he was capture and the u.s. sent five taliban commanders in exchange to get him back. military lawyers want a court-martial in the case. if found guilty of desertion, bergdahl could spend his life behind bars. alison: more than $12 million. that is how much a d.c. construction company is being sued after an elderly man was hit and killed by a street sweeper. this is story you saw on abc7 in june. chris papst got a copy of the lawsuit. he is in the newsroom with what a family says really
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happened here. chris? chris: the lawsuit is pretty straight forward and says driver and her company are both negligent in james gary senior's death. the family now wants $12.5 million. on june 17, the 73-year-old was crossing clay place in northeast d.c. at the same time, a street sweeper had begun to backup. according to the lawsuit filed yesterday in d.c. superior court, gary was hit by the back of the truck, knocked down and then pulled underneath by the brush. they moved forward and it activated the brush and pulled him under. he died at the hospital. >> you look back at what could i have done more? hung out with him more. that is the hard part.
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chris: we will tell you what part of the truck was not working. the meat behind the lawsuit. and we'll tell you about the possibility of criminal charges filed. in the newsroom, chris papst, abc7 news. leon: thanks, chris. police in new england say they believe they solved a murder mystery. until now should be known as "baby doe." a girl found dead in a trash bag on a massachusetts beach. she has been identified as bella bond. her mother is now under arrest. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00", the big break in the case that allowed police to move forward in the investigation. alison: former maryland governor o'malley will not face inquest inquiry due to the purchase of furniture. when he left office the family took items to furnish the new home in baltimore. "the baltimore sun" said the family paid less than $10,000 for items that originally cost taxpayers $62,000. that decision drew a lot of criticism. leon: coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00" --
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flying with the thunderbirds. that is ahead of the weekend's air show at base andrews. alison: remember this yesterday? school bus flipped on its side in the pond. the hero that ran back in water and how many children that saved still ahead. >> i wouldn't lie about the situation. leon: still ahead, the football players who blind-sided a referee explain what happened. who they blame for the attack seen around the world. coming up when "abc7 news at 4:00"
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leon: around the nation now. the father of the 14-year-old muslim boy arrested at school over a homemade clock mistaken for a bomb held a rally. muhammad was arrested at irving, texas, monday and suspended for three days. his father held a rally last night outside the school to demand answers and change and he announced that his son will be transferring to another school. >> we will learn from and build off of this and continue the strong relationship. leon: the city council held its own public forum and the
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police chief boyd told the family he plans to meet with the family and penalled to continue to build a relationship with -- planned to continue to build a relationship with the muslim community. alison: there is a new dinosaur. no danger to us, of course. it has been dead for millions of years but meet eva. it was found three years ago in montana. now resides in colorado. however, it wasn't until recently that scientists discovered this one is unlike any other. paleontologists first thought it was an evaseratops but noticed big differences. >> it is missing the nose horn. they point forward. 85% were found in good condition. it's an herbivore. how about that? new information on an incident we showed you yesterday. a bus overturned in a tampa
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pond. a 10-year-old boy is being called a hero. "tampa bay times" reports nicholas sierra pulled a kindergartener to safety and he went back on the bus and brought out two more students. it's still unclear why the bus driver veered off the road down a grassy hill and in the water. good news is nobody was seriously hurt. that seems to have a lot to do with what he did yesterday. leon: wow! he deserves a couple of strips to six flags. don't you think? alison: absolutely. leon: way to go, nick. let's check the traffic situation here to see how it is shaping up. jamie: since it's friday, a lot of people are leaving and heading out of the city. if you are getting from rockville or gaithersburg, this is what you have to contend with. bumper to bumper traffic on 270 northbound. move to the maps. we had a crash blocking off lanes. the backup here i want to talk
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about how heavy it is. this is a seven-mile stretch. you will be late for dinner if you live in gaithersburg or germantown. we have an accident involving a pedestrian at university boulevard at langely drive. we are down to one lane. watch for the energy crews on the scene. you will see a lot of flashing lights. seven miles per hour on the beltway. typical. crash on the outer loop of the beltway. this is near central avenue. something to keep in mind. be careful after you squeeze by. 270 is a rough one. extra time if you can. leon: all right. alison: thank you. well, it's truly a treat for your eyes this weekend. get ready for spectacular displays in skies in the joint
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base andrews air show. leon: sam sweeney got a sneak peek. check it out. >> the winds are calm. sam: normally you hear 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds. how about 0 to 14,000 feet in seven seconds? >> we increase the pressure. now we will pull the jet. pull 6.5 g's, pulling vertical here. sam: my pilot code name "wolf." we met three hours before the flight. there is a lot to cover before one flies in a fighter jet. they briefed me about the flight suit to keep my blood circulating when we pull 7 g's. i'll feel my weight time seven. >> more blood pressure drops to your feet. you worry about the blood to the brain and passing out. sam: before long we suited up. on the flight line.
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in the cockpit. airborne. within 15 minutes we are south of atlantic city, new jersey. no we look at the capability of the fighter jet. it starts with a move to see at this weekend's air show. loop, spin and several rolls. but the turn took me over the edge. i couldn't handle the u.s. air force muscle and i needed the bag. we smoothed things out a bit and roared back to andrews. but just before landing with one way -- >> to the left. clear to land. >> it happened again. despite getting sick, that was without a doubt one of the greatest experiences of my entire life. the men and women who fly these and run the ground crew run a well-oiled machine. this is a reason they serve as ambassadors for air force in the united states and across the world. andrews air force base air show kicks off tomorrow
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morning at 9:00. reporting at joint base andrews, i'm sam sweeney, abc7 news. leon: sam is a braver man than me. i wouldn't put it on the air. i wouldn't put it on my reel. >> everybody does it. leon: i know. doug: it's totally normal. alison: i was thinking that summed up my pregnancy. leon: good for you. doug: the weather is perfect for air show tomorrow. the ceiling, visibility is unlimited. warm, a great day. this is alexandria. belle haven country club. beautiful afternoon. fair weather clouds. that is it. if you are going outside, the weather is not an issue. it will be a reason to go out. it's gorgeous. 86 at reagan national airport. 86 at chevy chase and potomac. 85 at rockville. 85 at port washington. throughout the mid-atlantic we are warm.
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the average high in the upper 70's. we are a bit above average. not 95 or 96. we are in the low to mid-80's. it's all good. there will be a change coming. it will come tomorrow night when the cold front to the west approaches the area. the cold front i don't think will produce rain in the area. the rain will be out to the west. we will watch the coastline for the carolina coast to get rain. the front will fall apart. however, by sunday morning as it comes through, the winds to the northwest are breezy. but actually darn pleasant here on sunday. upper 70's with a breeze. tuesday, wednesday, thursday is unsettled. looking partly cloudy. chilly. sometimes mostly cloudy. we want rule out a stray sprinkle because of the unsettled nature but it's generally fine to be outside. we mention this for the folks with the temperatures on wednesday in the mid-to-upper 70's. alison: that is nice. doug: looking good. alison: very good.
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still to come on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- escaping zion national park moments before it took out hikers. distance they had to climb to barely get out alive coming up. >> it is tough to watch violence on a football field. it
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he pulled me and another player and told us to hit the re. >> for what? >> for everything going on in the game. the racial slurs that were told to players. leon: these are the two infamous high school football players that blind-sided a referee in the game, hitting him and knocking him out. they say they were insulted in the game. the ref denies it. the coach told them to take him out is what the players are saying. alison: this is not the only controversy. video came out about a player ripping off an opponent's helmet and smashing it in his head. leon: this violence has some wondering what the coaches are teaching players and what the referees are looking for in the game. maryland bureau chief brad bell at the high school tonight where the kickoff is two hours away. brad tell us what is the talk out there about all of this?
4:25 pm
brad: what is funny, this place will be filled up in a couple of hours. they will be watching the game. the northwest jaguars going to play the blair blazers. it will be a good game. people are talking about the videos. take a look, you can see it again. the players coming in and blind-siding that ref. we went out today and talk told a ref. we talked to a coach. basically they are saying nobody is teaching this. they believe that these are absolute anomalies. craig jeffries is the coach at oxon hill hill high -- oxon hill high school. he had a similar experience years ago when he was coaching at dunbar was taunted with racial slurs. he said he pulled them off the field. he has never seen anything like this.
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>> you try to leave no stone unturned. but for those guys to act alone and do an act like that is something i've never seen. brad: he has seen a lot. we are still working on the story. when we come back at 2:00, you will hear from a ref, an experienced ref, a man that holds clinics for football officials. he says you know what? you have to remind the player it's just a game. we'll have that when we come back. blair high school, brad bell. leon: thank you, brad. coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- a live look at joint base andrews. the air show underway. but it's open to everyone tomorrow. the timing and what to expect ahead. alison: a high school fight caught on camera in maryland. the serious charges a 17-year-old faces and just what sparked such a violent outburst. that's next on "abc7 news at 4:00". vo: today's the day.
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leon: the video is disturbing. a high school fight on a cell phone. one teen pummeling another teen until he was unconscious. adam from the sister station joins us now live. he is on the story for us. adam, johnson is behind bars right now. what is going on with the
4:30 pm
case? adam: a judge denied the bail for johnson and the lawyer argued that the client might not be charged with attempted murder if the video of the beating didn't go viral. the judge disagreed and denied bail. we want to warn you that the video you are about to see could be viewed as offensive and violent. we were there for the bail review afterwards. we learned that johnson has had issues with anger management. the prosecutor said the victim will need facial reconstruction surgery. we did learn that johnson's juvenile record has robbery with deadly weapon. we spoke to his attorney and he said his client has been over-charged. we asked if changes have been
4:31 pm
made for school policy in the cafeteria and they te clined to comment but said they immediately broke up the fight. we are live in baltimore, adam yosim. leon: update on the christianburg high school student suspended for wearing confederate flag on school. some of them demonstrated outside. they are challenging the dress code. 20 students were told to stay home yesterday. alison: let's talk about the weather. maybe staying home or going to the beach. doug: you have the beach to yourself. a cooler sunday. no rain saturday, sunday. notice the temperature in the 70's. it's comfortable but getting late in the season. 75 now. elsewhere 84 in winchester. 88 in leesburgburg.
4:32 pm
one of the warm spot locally. 82 in baltimore and 86. we drop from 80's to 70's. you wake up tomorrow morning in the mid-60's. back to 80 degree by noon tomorrow. as far as the weekend it looks fine. warm tomorrow, humid, up to 87. cold front tomorrow night. on sunday we will turn partly cloudy and breezy with the highs only in the upper 70's. that is a change. with the weekend coming you need to keep up to date with the weather. if any alerts come out or bulletins or anything you need to know forecast wise, this is how you do it. go to have a good weekend. see you here in a little bit. alison: thank you. earlier today we showed you sam sweeney taking flight with the u.s. air force thunderbirds. getting a little sick.
4:33 pm
but that is one part of the air force at joint base andrews. kellye lynn is on base with more of what we can expect out there. hi. kellye: hello. i'm out here on the grounds of the air show at joint base andrews. i am inside of what is known as the huey. this was used in vietnam but today it mostly carries v.i. v.i.p.'s. the air show has so much to offer. if you look here you are looking at a plane featured here. that replaces the huey that i told you about. the big act is the thunderbird s.
4:34 pm
but there is more to see and do. there is a new fighter jet. an unusual rare craft as the nasa super guffy. this is oversized cargo plane that carries hardware. there are food vendors here and plenty of things for the kids to do. a bouncey house and a play area for them. the gates are opening at 9:00 a.m. you need to park at fedex field and the branch avenue metro. the joint base andrews air show is back. best of all, it's free. kellye lynn, abc7 news. leon: check this out. the must-see video showing the hikers rushing to safety at the start of the flash flooding. at zion national park.
4:35 pm
these hikers did make it out alive. however, the bodies of seven other hikers were found later in the park. alison: unbelievable. now on the hill today, the house volted to cut off planned -- voted to cut off planned parenthood. no federal funds for a year. as the republicans express their outrage over the videos posted showing the planned parenthood employees discussing prices for fetal tissue. it has little chance of becoming a law. republicans don't hold enough seats in either house to override presidential veto if it makes it out of the senate. a "7 on your side" consumer alert. with the traffic restrictions easing verizon became the first wireless company to allow americans to make calls and use the network in cuba.
4:36 pm
the catch, though, the roaming fees. calls, listen to this, $2.99 a minute. using the cellular network for surfing and downloading would cost more than $2 a megabyte. leon: overseas now. slovenia extended the suspension of the railway traffic with croatia. hundreds of migrants entered slovenia on an international passenger train. several countries are slugging to deal with the refugee crisis that is burgeoning over there. drone footage over the railroads show the huge crowds wandering on the track. the border crossing was shut down after the slashes between migrant and the hungarian border police. singapore and malaysia have gotten so bad there that the government in indonesia declared a state of emergency. that fog was created by the burning of land in sumatra.
4:37 pm
leon: coming up we look at the celebration and the controversy coming up. alison: another controversy for donald trump. the republican front runner the race for the white house is catching heat for how he responded or didn't respond. that's coming up
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alison: this time it's what republican front runner donald trump did not say in a town hall and he had no clue what would be asked there. leon: the first person had controversial commentary saying that obama is a muslim. kenneth mouton has the response or lack thereof and how it affects the race for the white house tonight. kenneth: today strong response to the lack of reaction by trump to this question at a town hall. >> we have a problem in this country called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he is not even an american. reporter: trump stayed quiet on the inflammatory remark
4:41 pm
about the president and muslims. >> well, i was appalled. reporter: trump's rival, hillary clinton called trump's silence disturbing and discriminatory. >> he knew or should have known what the man was asking was way out of bounds and it was untrue. reporter: john kasich's campaign and chris christie said president obama is both an american and christian. defending the president the way john mccain did in 2008 when this woman made a similar inflammatory statement. >> no, ma'am. no, ma'am. he is a decent family man, citizen that i just happen to have disagreements with. reporter: trump has a history of criticizing the president's background. in 2011 he led a birther campaign questioning whether the president was born in the u.s. white house press secretary josh earnest weighed in today. >> this is a cynical strategy that too many republican politicians have dabbled in. because for some of them it's proved to be successful.
4:42 pm
but there are consequences for it. reporter: today donald trump canceled his appearance in south carolina. the billionaire's campaign said he had to attend to a big business deal and will be back on the trail on saturday in iowa. reporting in northwest, kenneth moton, abc7 news. leon: up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- pope francis won't be the first and hopefully not the last pope to visit the united states. coming up we take a look at the prior papal visits. the crowds and the controversial topics that each discussed. alison: did you see this? president carter caught on kiss cam. so cute! at a braves' game. crowd reaction coming up on "abc7 news at 4:00".
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leon: breaking news from prince george's county. a man is accused there of killing his mother with a rolling pin. police say charles crockett got in an argument with his mother and hit her repeatedly in the head with a rolling pin. crockett is being held without bond. alison: well, as you know, this is not the first time a pope has visited washington. pope francis will be the fourth pope to visit the
4:46 pm
united states and the third to visits washington while serving in the role. john paul ii who grew up in communist poland was the first pope to visit the nation's capital in 1979. >> he played a major role in literally bringing down the wall that divided us. so in many ways he was a world leader. alison: in a homily on the mall he spoke out about birth control and abortion. he said all human life from the moment of conception and through all subsequent stages is sacred. >> you can't come to washington without encountering politics. it's who we are as well as what we do. alison: when pope benedict visited in 2008 he addressed the sexual abuse scandal repeatedly, even before the plane touched the ground. >> it's difficult for me to understand how it was
4:47 pm
possible. >> the abuse scandal is an open wound in the church and it is still is. no pastor, certainly no pope can come to our church, our country and not address it. alison: visit to the united states gives popes a peter understanding of this -- better understanding of this nation's catholics. >> it's said that pope john paul ii was told when he came to the united states he'd find the church in disarray, a church that was hostile to the church and the leadership. >> we love you! >> perhaps i love you more. >> he found a vibrant community of faith. alison: pope francis' will will have an effect on catholics and non-catholics. >> a lot of people stop me and
4:48 pm
say, "i like your pope. i'm glad he is coming." alison: we will have a better understand offing the american catholics. this is always the case if you see someone up close you see different things. >> we will see different things in francis and he will see different things in us. alison: this is just the beginning of the coverage of pope's visitor rick visit. he will arrive -- historic visit. we have 40 hours of coverage. if you missed our special "the pope's visit in d.c." you can watch it online leon: virginia supreme court says the public doesn't need to know how the executions are performed in the commonwealth. this overturned the 2014 decision by the fairfax circuit court that ordered the state to release the manuals with the other documents. alison: we are seeing more problems from the ongoing drought in california.
4:49 pm
by the time they learned the extent of the problem it was too late. we weren't to the point in august. we were notified recently too little too late. it was dry by sunday. alison: an investigation is underway whether the owner took action. when first notified of the low levels last month. former president jimmy carter, of course, battling cancer still had time to go to atlanta braves game. take a look. >> how about that couple? >> hey, great to see the president at the ballpark. alison: that just warms your heart, doesn't it? the president caught on the kiss cam of all things. he complied. it looks like to rosalyn's
4:50 pm
delight. got a round of applause. leon: she moved first. alison: very cute. so sweet. let's talk about the weather. first talk about 5:00. leon: see what is coming up at 5:00. a look at today's ruling that could put an end to the conversation about the peace cross. alison: plus only on 7, we are going one-on-one with the metro interim general manager. inside the silver spring transit center. that is coming up at 5:00. leon: now talk about the weather. no, i guess not. let's talk about this. alison: we are dieing to get to the weather. leon: this is news to us, folks. alison: this is another cute factor story for you. a big gift for the national zoo. $4.5 million. this goes to the giant panda research. the donation from david rubenstein and will fund the
4:51 pm
program through 2020. okay. take a look at the new video of the day. mei xiang sleeping with the cuter-by-the-day panda cub. this weekend she will have given birth four weeks ago. got to love it. leon: how about a kiss cam there? frederick county getting ready for more local beer. city leaders approved a contract with the flying dog to sell 31 acres of the empty farm land to air force for $2.5 million. this will launch a study period. the brewers say the new plan to allow them to have seven times as much beer as they do now. 700 barrels a year. alison: well, take a look at this as you head to the weather. joint base andrews, a big weekend there. doug: all week, the weather is cooperating and it is going to be perfect for events at st. andrews. flying or on the ground or
4:52 pm
anything else. the whole weekend the weather is fine around here. let's get started. look at the conditions across the area. they are fine as fine can be. we look at the rockville campus on montgomery college with the temperature at 82 degrees. all right. so the weekend is coming. give you the story and highlights here for the weekend weather. like tomorrow morning. out at washington dulles. sunshine and warm temperatures through the day tomorrow. just about ideal. also tomorrow, we have another event to talk about. this event is the run. 4k. the race kicks off at 8:00 tomorrow morning. the big blue mont fair in loudoun county tomorrow is sensational. anywhere you go for the entire weekend. enjoy the weekend. come back at 5:00 with more about the chances of the rain coming up. traffic time now. jamie? jamie: doug, you know, we are starting off with a big delay we were talking abbottabad a half an hour -- talking about,
4:53 pm
a half an hour ago on 270. earlier crash on middlebrook road. i cleared away and traffic is getting better. we have a seven-mile backup of bumper-to-bumper traffic. now a seven-mile traffic but it's not bumper to bumper. loosening up past 24. move to the map. accident is involving a pedestrian. university boulevard at langely drive. down to one lane. you see solid red line. a lot of police activity. you are slowing down in the area. there is congestion on 95. if you have to catch a flight, 95 and the b.w. parkway is slowing. as far as the cape call slow -- typical slowing working your way closer to the american legion bridge we are almost in single digits. we have crashes on 66. one eastbound near the toll road with the lane blocked. outbound on 66 trying to get closer on fairfax near 123 with the left lane blocked. 95 in virginia at route one. it is congested getting there. slow-go on friday. back to you.
4:54 pm
leon: all right, jamie. coming up next on "abc7 news at 4:00" -- the two simple ways to get the money you deserve. how to collect on class action
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alison: a couple of minutes on the web could earn you $50. john matarese shows you how to claim what is rightly yours so you don't waste your money. john: do you eat -- drink beer? eat tuna fish? clash action settlement means free money. many of us pay no attention to that or if we get a notice we toss it out. >> i heard of it and i got flyers in the mail but i never have done action on it. john: have you heard of the class action cases that you might get money back? >> not really. john: you could turn down easy money. if you bought starquist tuna you are eligible for money or
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coupons. many canned foods contain large amount of water. one shopper was so upset he filed a class action case against starkist, while not admitting wrongdoing will refund money. tuna fish is the beginning of it when it comes to the money you may receive in recent class action settlements. drink beer? there is a suit settling anheuser-busch misrepresented brewed in germany. red bull settled the case over the health claims. if you are locked out of a recent sephora rewards promotion, you could have a few dollars coming your way, too. instead of pitching the notices -- >> find its way in the trash can. john: sign up because money is money. bottom line don't ignore the notices unless they are just for one or two bucks.
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leon: another taxi cab robbed. and there are plans for a protest and a lawmaker that says he is not interested in what pope francis has to say. cleared for take-off. with budget cuts in the rear-view mirror, the air base at joint andrews set for thunderous return. announcer: now "abc7 news at 5:00" on your side. alison: police say they hail a cab but then pull out a weapon and rob the driver. now the search is on for the two men who have attacked three different drivers in takoma park since july. kevin lewis is in takoma park with a video you will see only on 7. kevin: this color video is the first look at the guy that is causing cabbies in takoma park nervous nights. they believe this duo is
5:00 pm
responsible for rash of taxi cab muggings. they have seen three in two months. >> a bunch to the face. pepper spray to the face. kevin: two young men flagged down a cab at night and got the driver to take them to the takoma park neighborhood. then the suspects pull out a weapon. >> they are going to a place that secluded that dead ends. it's also easy area for them to flee on foot. kevin: this video shows both suspects entering the metro station last saturday. one man wore a white hat, white t-shirt and light colored pants. his accomplish had braided hair, gray shirt and gray pants. the two men went through the station, hopped a fence and hailed a cab. they robbed the driver minutes later. >> i would recognize the person if i knew them. whether i could see their face or not. you can just tell. hopefully someone out there


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