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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 18, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> he told me and another player we need to hit the re. maureen: right now, two texas players give their story about the hit as a new jersey teenager is suspended for hitting an opposing player with a helmet. these events are raising concerns on the local football field. maryland bureau chief brad bell is live with more on that tonight. braked the cheerleaders are getting warmed up -- brad: the cheerleaders are getting warmed up. this should be a good game. people will be focused on the field.
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in this video they blind side a reand one knocks them down and the other piles on. a crushing blow. they say the dirty hit was ordered by a coach because the ref was using racial slurs. >> he told us we need to hit the ref. brad: tonight as the friday night lights hit our area, they are talking about the video. and this one from new jersey. ripping off a helmet and swinging it as a weapon. long-time ref adams said he has never seen anything like the video. >> before every game i work i tell the players be safe and keep it clean. play within rules and have fun. this is fun.
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>> he remembers another game that they taunted his players and he pulled them off the field. he hopes the right lessons are learned. >> we have to be more vigilant on the lessons with teach the kids outside of football. back live you can see the officials are getting warmed up for the game. the official denies he used racial slurs slurs or ethnic sl. criminal investigations underway. they don't expect anything other than a beautiful friday night. the maureen: mother of one of the children suspended says the punishment doesn't fit the crime. >> it seems harsh to kick him off the team.
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maureen: prosecutors are trying to determine whether to press criminal charges. her family says she is competent and so does catherine hoggle but a judge again declayed her not confident to stand trial. the judge ordered hoggle to continue treatment at the psychiatric hospital. a judge sentenced alexandra mendez to ten years for hit-and-run. she pleaded guilty to nearly killing noor shaikh as she drove away from the car dealership in january. sings that time, shaikh undergone six surgeries including facial reconstruction and his medical bills total $1 million.
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mendez's attorney said she had been drinking before the incident and never meant to hurt anyone. pope francis will make a visit to america. signs are everywhere. the giant batter went up at the basilica at the national shrine. another urges welcome the lgbt community. there are also temporary barricades and things in place. they are going to bring in cell on wheel towers to improve the phone reception for the tens of the thousands attending papal events. >> it embodies the discourse where there are more adversaries and allies and the infighting is the norm. who better to install element of peace than the pope?
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>> most of the time when the pope speaks people listen. he will talk the people who run the most amazing country in the world. he will talk to them and have a message for them. >> you can surprise that it will include immigration with a push to greet those in need with the open arms than handcuffs. controversial but if anyone can politely twist arms it's the pope. >> the quiet humble wit will help him pull it off. >> this is the man that helped break down years of barriers between cuba and the united states. it wouldn't be shocking if he tried to lobby lawmakers on matters from abortion to global warming. >> when you talk about climate change you are not talking about a difference between the christianity or the judaism or
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islam or hinduism. >> even catholic lawmakers, though, contend there still should be separation of church and state. >> there are a lot of times when i don't give faith leaders at vice. i hope they don't give me advice. >> but the first ever visit couldn't come to a better time or a venue more in need of a true wistic at vice -- altruistic advice. >> this might resonate more than a bit more of what we hear on the hill. earlier this year, 70% of americans say they view the pope favorably. 14% said the same about congress. maureen: congressman from arizona plans to boy count the address -- by cot the address. he is going to address climate change that he says is placed on left wing ideology. before the pope lands in
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washington he will spend four days in cuba. on sunday he will conduct an open-air mass in havana. today the pontiff took to twitter to ask for prayers before the big trip. we will have unmatched coverage of the visit. still ahead at 6:00, years later and millions over budget. the silver spring transit center is finally ready to open. only on 7 what the metro g.m. found on the walk-through. what jesse jackson's jr. means release on house arrest means another jackson going to prison. while the wheels are moving and it could lead to government shutdown. what comes next? doug: i'm doug hill in the belfort furniture center. beautiful weekend. i have a hunch you'll like the forecast. that's still to come here on "abc7 news at 6:00".
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>> what is onerous to me is the republicans are willing to shut down the government or where a woman goes for healthcare. maureen: some republicans fletten to remove planned parenthood funding from a larger bill to fund the federal government. former illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. is a free man tonight and he has completed the two and a half year sentence for misusing campaign funds. the time in prison was split between prison, half waive house and house -- halfway house and house arrest. his wife now has to report to prison. she was convicted to text crimes related to the campaign fund. the judge allowed them to serve sentence separately so one parent could be there to care for the children.
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a federal appeals court ruled some of the gun restrictions are unconstitutional so d.c. can no longer ban people registering one handgun a month. the owners can be photographed, fingerprinted and forced to take a safety course. up next at "abc7 news at 6:00" -- the problems that metro could face as it prepares to open the long delayed silver spring transit center. doug hill has the forecast for pope francis' visit including when we could see rain. erin: i'm erin hawksworth. the rams' head coach tried to get under washington's skin in the coin toss. we will hear from jay gruden thinks about the fisher mind games coming up next in
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maureen: after years of delays, silver spring is set to open. >> we waited long enough. get it started. >> abc7 cameras were the only ones there as the head of metro got a look at the silver spring transit center two days before it opened. jack requa who was at the ground-breaking in 2008 says he is excited the riders will get to see the benefit of the project. >> one of the features inside the transit center not only information about the buses, ride on or metro but if you are translating to trains the realtime information on that as well. it was plagued with congress certains over construction, to
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use the facility. the metro and the county fired suit against the contractor to tell us it will cost more to maintain than wear and tear long-term. it will draw more customers and offset the expense of maintaining the facility. >> if not, would there be a chance passing maintenance of this to riders? >> i don't think there is an intention of that. >> this comes as metro continues to try to fit fix a long neglected rail system. riders are growing frustration over the daily delays. we asked what he has to say to the riders left waiting. >> it's a challenge. making repairs as quickly as possible. >> brianne carter, abc7 news.
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maureen: how about the weather? shaping up perfectly for weekend air show. joint air andrews will host a air show and the thunderbirds are among the stars. there will be the vintage aircraft and nasa equipment on display. admission is free. sam sweeney went on the ride of his life. watch exelon pearance on -- watch his experience on a beautiful weekend ahead for flying a thunderbird or whatever you want to fly. doug: yeah. no weather concerns tomorrow. there will be a few clouds around. but the visibility will be unlimited and unrestricted. good weather this weekend. maureen: tell us about it. doug: here is the story. this is a weather bug camera from centreville. this is warm like today for tomorrow. the 87 was the official high.
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the average is 79 to 62. tomorrow is a carbon copy of today. in the afternoon we have more cloudiness. temperatures are mild. 82 at richmond. 81 at pittsburgh now. 83 at day of reagan airport. everybody is settling down in the afternoon. the temperatures will take a tumble. it won't be as cool tomorrow at many mornings this week. coolest reading is 59 in the morning. 60 at hagerstown. through most of frederick county maryland we have the temperatures in upper 50's. 61 in leesburg. the metro area temperatures are comfortable. d.c. and the metro area downtown is the warmers
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overnight low of 7. most others in the lower 60's by morning. warmer near the waterway. the breeze will add a couple degrees. lexington park is an arizona along the bay is warmer than the areas away from the water. as far as what will happen tomorrow, and into sunday. high pressure that is going to move out to allow the cold front to advance tomorrow. but it will wash out. no rain coming through. when it comes through late at night to sunday morning we will see clouds and change in the wind direction to the northwest. what that mines is we will have a breezy day. bottom line for the weekend is sunny with the clouds. 87. sunday. partly cloudy and breezy. cooler highs in the upper 70's. talk about the sunday, for the redskins, it looks good. kickoff time is 73. 75 with sunshine at halftime. 78 as we head through the an hours here. enough breeze to have some effect on the kicking game.
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as far as the next seven days go, we have a 30% chance of showers for the day on monday. we get to wednesday. wednesday night is the first day of fall. wednesday for pope's visit, cloudy. 78 for a high. slightest chance of a sprinkle. that is the latest for the weekend forecast. back to you. maureen: thank you. perfect storm of teams, caps, the nats the redskins. everybody is out doing something. erin: that is great. good call, maureen. we were out at training camp with the washington capitals. we hear from one of the newest members of the team and what the expectations are. that is coming up next.
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erin: don't expect strange antics from the rams head coach jeff fisher against redskins this weekend for the coin toss on sunday at fedex field. last season, fisher trotted out six of the players that the rams got as a result of the rgiii trade for the coin toss. sending a not so subtle reminder that they got the better end of the deal. well, earlier this week, redskins head coach jay gruden said he doesn't really care what fisher does. he is not worried about it at all. coach gruden: coaches have different ways to motivate the
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team pre-game. if their way was to send out guys they got in the trade, so be it. i don't know how he motivate them doesn't concern us. we will strap it and play the best game on sunday. ja manyael charles lost the game for the chiefs playing the broncos. he had not one but two fumbles, one in final minute of the fourth quarter of a tie game. the chiefs went on to lose the game 31-24. meantime, wnba. the mystics playoff run begins tonight against the liberty in new york. game two is sunday at the verizon center. training camp is underway for capitals. every reason to believe they can build off last year where they were two minutes away from the eastern conference finals. they were so close and came up short. newcomer t.j. oshie says it's
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a new chance for the squad. >> t.j.: it seems like everyone has a little extra excitement to get going this year. everyone is excited about the team we have. the direction we are going. i'm sure it's frustrating with the fans here as in st. louis. but i think we got something special here. erin: we all hope they have something special this season. one final note. it's game two of the nationals four-game set and they send max scherzer to the mound. maureen: a lot going on. good weather to do it all in. doug: yeah. the weekend, a quick look at the weekend forecast. tomorrow is sunny and warm in the upper 80's. we will have more details and a look ahead at the seven-day tonight at 11:00. maureen: "world news tonight"
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tonight, donald trump under fire at this house. you will hear what one of his supporters said about muslims and the president. and trump's response causing an uproar. hillary clinton wasting no time. tonight, judge for yourself. the outrage tonight. this moment recorded on video. the police officer, the baton. >> he's just a kid. >> and then the take down. outrage on both sides. we have breaking news tonight in the case of baby doe, followed by tens of millions. the toddler now has a name, and what we know about her mother. we'll take you to the news conference. the air scare. more than a dozen passengers injured after their plane hits severe turbulence. and an abc news exclusive. the two high school football players, and that moment on the field. blindsiding the ref. did someone tell them to do it? the players right here tonight.


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