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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  September 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> it is a very unfortunate and sad case. arrested for killing his mother with a rolling pin. plus, a terrifying armed robbery. >> it was so intense that throat and mouth got burned. leon: and a popular d.c. restaurant facing legal action over salmonella, next. >> now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on
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your side. leon: a belly home. a son attacked his mother with a rolling pin. days later, she died from her injuries. tom roussey has the latest. leon, the police are calling this a sad case. sits the7 in bowie heather hills neighborhood, a middle-class neighborhood with a lot of nice folks who were saddened after a son whose family says he is mentally ill is accused of killing his own mother as his uncles tried to stop them. on september 6, the residence of heather hills say the police swarmed the neighborhood. the police say that 22-year-old charles crockett had got into an argument with his mother, roberta crockett. he grabbed a rolling pin. >> at some point he struck her
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with the rolling pin, rendering her unconscious. uncles say they tried to step their nephew. he said he got the rolling pin from charles and knocked him out. the injuries are seen in the mug shot. injuries were severe and she died a few days ago. a it's rare that you hear of case like this, a rolling pin used as a murder weapon. it is a very unfortunate and sad case. tom: one of her brother say that she was a wonderful sweet person who just moved back into this home after separating from her husband. her brother says that charles is schizophrenic and hears voices, but had never been violent before. a neighbor said he seemed laid-back. >> he was pretty peaceful, actually. he would be sitting down with the dogs on the front porch. us: the uncle who spoke with
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says his nephew became schizophrenic a number of years ago, after trying synthetic marijuana. right now, crockett is in george's county jail on no bond, charged with both first and second degree murder. live in bowie, tom roussey, abc 7 news. arizona's governor says a suspect is in custody for a series of highway shootings. heat completed the news a short time ago. there were 11 shootings along the interstate in arizona. a suspect has not been identified. news closer to home in the district, the police on the scene of a serious shooting in the 1800 block of harvard street in northwest, near a senior living center. an adult man is in critical condition. no arrests have been made. we will keep you updated.
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launching a lawsuit against d.c. 's popular figure in doll of salmonella. olive popular fig and restaurant over cases of salmonella. forand olive was shut down six days, reopening wednesday. the exact cause of the salmonella has not been identified. we still have a stretch of great weather, the weekend looks dry, but there are a series of changes in store. steve rudin has a look. are looking at another warm day tomorrow, a cold front late tomorrow night into early sunday morning. outside the belfort furniture weather center, it is quite nice, 70 leesburg, 66 manassas, 63 luray. overnight temperatures in the middle 60's. cooler in the suburbs.
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the day planner tomorrow, going to the farmers market, early in the morning, lots of sunshine, need the sunglasses. a quick warm-up into the lowero middle 80's by midday, then we cooldown just in time for the redskins football game. all you need to know, plus the important weather forecast for wednesday and thursday next week. leon: developing now, searching for suspects in a series of restaurant will raise in loudoun county. asian restaurants were targeted in the last week. it happened at the good fortune restaurant, the hunan restaurant, and the kings buffet. officers are warning restaurants to remove all money from registers after hours. an armed robber hauled off to prison for decades. when i come a closer look at his crime spree, including a stun gun attack.
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richard reeve has the story with the latest. rich, what are the details? years is the, 32 jail sentence handed down in rockville. the court documents tell part of the story, but he was one of two people did a series of taser robberies, one of them happened a couple blocks from where i'm standing. >> what is the emergency? >> we had a woman attacked. callrd: a midnight 911 from this rockville apartment, looks. a 32-year-old and his associate were looking for people to rob. >> did they brandish weapons? what?, they had -- they tazed her. >> that scared me. i carried first brave. richard: the female victim was
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walking home from the rockville metro station. she began unlocking an outside door and she was tazed three times, even after she was on the ground. >> robbed her of her purse, credit cards. richard: the two men were later seen in this clinton drugstore using her credit cards. the police recognized both summer and walker, suspects in previous robberies. both the police arrested men, summers admitted that he took part in 20 street robberies between may and june of 2011. andent and got a handgun did armed robberies and shot a person in washington, d.c. >> that's crazy. achard: summers were serving 16-year jail sentence for the robbery and d.c. before being sentenced today. there was concern about the
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suspects, using tasers, then graduating two guns. in one case, they shot a victim. now both men are in jail. richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: a federal appeals court is revising d.c.'s gunaws. the city cannot require gun owners to reregister a gun every three years and cannot require them to make the gun available for inspection. they also struck down a ban on registering more than one month, but they'll pulled a law that requires them to be feeder grift -- fingerprinted and photographed. the attorney for baltimore teenager said his son was bullied before a vicious fight. a judge ordered the 17-year-old frederick douglass high school student to be held without jail, charged as an adult for the attempted murder of a fellow football player. protecting the bully at this point.
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what happens when the bully -- there is no protection for the bully. leon: the defense attorney says that the prosecutors overcharged because of the graphic nature of the video. the victim will need reconstructive surgery on his face. storic nomination by the president, choosing eric fanning to be the army's new secretary. if confirmed, he would be the first openly gay leader in military service. the current secretary, john mchugh, will step down no later than november 1. new developments when it comes to another issue in the military -- women. the marine corps is expected to ask that women not be allowed to compete for frontline combat jobs after several moves to open up roles to females. the new opposition is expected to increase tension between marine leaders and the army and navy, who approved women for combat. over the summer, three women
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completed army ranger training. no final decision still about women in combat roles. a showdown over planned parenthood could shut down the entire u.s. government, freezing federal funding for planned parenthood for one year. democrats are expected to block the bill in the senate, but it complicates the issue of spending. 30s before the september deadline to avert a shut down. undercover video revealed unethical practices at planned parenthood. supporters argue that the organization helps thousands of women. redskins quarterback kirk forins signed autographs men and man's best friend tonight. pictures and for signed a few jerseys as well. cousins and his wife were there to support animal rescue groups. still ahead -- getting ready for the pope.
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not just preparing the ground for his masses, the guy he was in charge of brewing coffee. in aast developments tragic murder mystery of baby doe, who has been identified.
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leon: a major break in the case of baby doe in boston. this evening, the police confirmed that she was murdered. to be plunder arrests, including her mother. the authorities say they finally have the name of the top or was heartbreaking story captivated so many. deder this computer-ai sketch was shared all my than 50 million times. >> the child that we came to know as baby doe has been identified as bella bond. she was about to win a half years old when she died. leon: in june, a woman found 's body in a trash
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bag in boston harbor. the police had little to go on, so they turned to the public and social media, sharing this sketch. then a huge break thanks to a tip. >> we were able to build this case and about 24 hours and solve it. leon: under arrest and charged with murder is 35-year-old michael mccarthy, the boyfriend of bella's mother, rachelle bond , who posted this video at her second birthday celebration. the mother is behind bars, charged in connection with her death. >> we allege that mccarthy caused her death. that he did so intentionally. that he and bond took specific death a keep bella's secret and avoid prosecution. >> it's a good day that we brought a name to the face, but
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it is a sad day that we lost this young child. leon: bond and mccarthy are due in court monday. the medical examiner is working to determine bella's exact cause of death. before francis arrives next tuesday, he visits cuba. president obama spoke by phone leader raul the white house said they discussed improving relations between the u.s. and cuba. in the district, final preparations are underway, a nging from the basilica of the national shrine, temporary cell phone towers have been erected, and they are also having a unique preparation. one person has been tasked with creating a blend of coffee for him and his staff. the woman from kansas city was given the job next to business in italy. he says he is honored.
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and7, news channel 8, will have unmatched coverage of pope francis' visit, including 40 hours from touchdown to take off. hopefully the weather will cooperate. steve: it's looking better than we originally thought. we thought showers wednesday, but it looks like they will hold off now. outside we go, it is wonderful. you had a chance to enjoy the warm weather. some changes are coming for the end of the weekend. 72 right now it reagan national, the high was 87. that is well above average this time of year, not quite record 91 in 1927. i don't like we will have record-breaking temperatures anytime soon. culprit,len may be the if you are sniffling, ragweed
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moderate. for, 65 --k, 61 call 61 culpeper, 65 fredericksburg. west, a lift in temperatures ahead of the cold front that will bring us the cooler air for the football game sunday, the redskins. the satellite radar, we are quiet and dry in the metro, across the mid-atlantic. the high pressure slowly moves off to the east. a lot of the action today has been to the north and west, across a kind go lower michigan, northern indiana. this cold front looks nasty, but by the time it reaches us, it will dry out and we will not have a lot of rain. overnight, the temperature slowly fall into the 70's, eventually into the 60's. these are in town temperatures. 680 tomorrow morning, degrees, 70 or so, mainly clear skies, just a few clouds.
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we stay dry. futurecast, dry tomorrow. the cold front approaches tomorrow night. still see the moisture across western pennsylvania, into extreme western maryland. as it moves closer towards us, it fizzles out. at least we get the relief in terms of the cooler air sunday. monday,stick around tuesday, and wednesday. upper 80's off to the west. if you are closer to town tomorrow, the temperatures generally will stay in the 85 to 88 degree range. warm in southern maryland, 85 charlotte hall. off to the west, middle to upper 80's culpeper and orange. if you have events planned tomorrow, and we have a fun one at dulles international airport, , 75 to 80ane pull degrees. if you're up early, early in the morning, in georgetown, 63
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degrees. lots of sunshine to enjoy. a look at the next seven days, the temperatures eventually will down, 72 monday. an important day, tuesday through thursday, appears to be dry, daytime highs in the upper 70's. that is right on target where we should be this time of year. leon: right on target. i think the nats maybe getting closer to wait target. wish we could have done this two weeks ago. it may be late, but they still have a chance, it's slim but it is there. we will take a look at what they did tonight. ♪
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and now the to be otis sports desk, brought to you by your
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local to fiona dealers -- brought to you by your local toyota dealers. erin: tiger woods announced he until 2016 because he will have back surgery. he is hopeful, but with two back surgeries in his recent years, it's hard to imagine he will return to being the best golfer in the world on a consistent basis. the nationals, statistically they still have a chance to make the season, and they sure have made it interesting, winning five of their last six. bottom of the eighth, michael taylor singles up the middle. bryce harper from second. the throw, safe. harper is fired up. nats lead 4-3. papeljason pat lenehan -- lead, we go to
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extras. jayson werth, say. nats win 5-4. then it is time for chocolate celebration. you know what, hope is still alive in washington. playoffs, game one of the best-of-three between the mystics and new york liberty. with a fewdown 3, seconds to play. boom, nothing but net. that ties the game, overtime. , drive,conds of ot draw, the dish. she gets the lay, forcing a second overtime. the mystics pull out the win, 8 5-83. game two is sunday at the verizon was center. the nats win, the mystics win. redskins, on to the
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gearing up for their showdown sunday against the rams. the key injuries are jordan reed with a quad injury. several players are gametime decisions. stadium, the annual battle, the pirates score early. he finds thomas allen all alone. loan coverage, 21 yard t.d. thet now, hampton leads in fourth. and for all of tonight's high school football action, or to high school sports final on new's channel 8. i will be hosting and it starts in five minutes. i'm running over now. leon: no heels? steve: i will have to watch. tributelarger-than-life to the country music star.
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leon: this video came in from wisconsin, a corn maze. this is garth brooks, in case you were wondering. shout out andem a share the picture when he announced his new tour dates. his family was invited to be his personal guest. acres,n maze covers 11
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their most ambitious one yet. sure, tv has evolved over the years.
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it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next?
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for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. really nice. a cold front arrives late tomorrow, early sunday morning. 87 degrees, lots of sunshine. cooler on sunday for the rekins game, upper 70's the high. monday, buthe way only about a 30% chance. tuesday through thursday, upper the, nighttime lows in 60's. at least we are not dealing with showers or rain. a little cool and cloudy, but you do not want bright, bright sunshine. it will be nice watching the giant screens on the mall. thank you for join
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and now abe's "jimmy kimmel live"! >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, johnny depp -- from "the visit," kathryn hahn -- and music from mutemath. with cleto and the cletones. and now, first and foremost, it's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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