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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  September 19, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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that's it for the ford wrapup. we'll see you next week. ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history.
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a hospital after a boat explosion in calvert county. it is the beginning of the longest overseas trip during his papacy. arrival inpe francis' cuba. and when the weather will start feeling more like fall. and now, abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. kellye: what was supposed to be a fun day on the water ended up with three children in the hospital at a boat on fire in
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calvert county. kevin lewis has more on the investigation. kevin: just after 11:00 this morning, a bunch of baoters in l usby were enjoying a nice saturday on the water. that was until they heard a loud explosion from this direction. they looked over, saw the boat in flames. >> water rescue at the marina for a boat fire, in the water. on a: a horrific sight beautiful rich of water, a tubing boat on fire, a mother and her three children on board. michael, who lives three doors from the water's edge. >> i just thought maybe they were having a cookout and the grill fell over and somebody got burned, but it is much bigger than that.
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somehow the children and mother managed to get to shore. the kids are badly injured. one had third-degree burns to the face. skeleton,s now a immersed in the shadow we waters. >> it does not even look like a boat anymore. kevin: the department of natural resources said the boat will take a long while to investigative. one, the boat is still stuck in the water. more importantly, even when they get it out, the boat was burned to a crisp, making the analysis a tough feat. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. kellye: a retired prince george's county fire chief was killed overnight in a crash. he retired nearly six years ago after 20 years of service. the police say that the car was traveling southbound on route to make ahe tried left turn onto old fort road, colliding with another car.
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she died at the scene. the other driver suffered nonlife threatening injuries. crash is under investigation. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is ok after being involved in a fender bender this afternoon. the house or got into the minor accident on i-295. nobody was hurt and she resumed her public schedule later in the evening. .- nobody was hurt changes are on the way with the weather. devon lucie is here to explain. devon: the belfort furniture weather center, we are tracking a cold front coming through, bringing temperatures down. , the, the snapshot nation's capital, from the marine corps memorial, on the other side of arlington national cemetery. one of the more beautiful shots of the nation's capital. there are some stars in the distance. the high temperatures today, something i spoke about yesterday, near 90, cumberland
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91, reagan national 87. adding the humidity, it felt hot. still in the 70's. not quite as crisp as the previous nights. tomorrow, sunny, the temperatures only into the 70's. monday, this could be a very fall like day, lots of cloud cover, very cool. we need some rain. also, the weather surrounding s visit and the complete forecast just a few minutes away. kellye: we are three days away from the pope's visit to the u.s. he kicked off his historic trip by arriving in cuba. reporter: adoring crowds lined the street to greet pope francis as he began his first visit of cuba. the pope touchdown to a red
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carpet welcome from a military honor guard, flower-bearing children, and president castro. the asked him for a special favor. they will probably meet. intoope then waded politics, praising the restoration of relations between cuba and the united states that he helped broker. persevereon this -- on this path and set an example for the entire world," he said. >> a wall of mistrust and suspicion, he wants that to come down. reporter: the pope has called to cuba a mission of mercy. cubans and americans are eager to see how far he can go. >> the winds of change that john paul brody here continued with -- that john paul brought here
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continued with candidate, and it is being felt. francis: sunday, pope celebrates an open-air mass in front of a million people. he has asks them to pray for him as he begins his longest and perhaps most challenging trip. kellye: count on abc 7 and for complete coverage of the pope's visit to d.c. with more than 40 hours of coverage on abc 7 and our sister station, news channel 8. a violent we can to the district, the police investigating three murders, including one that took the life of a father. tonight we are hearing from the victim's ex-wife who says their young son witnessed the murder. richard reeve has that interview. this memorial off 28th street is just feet away from where marcella screen was gunned down early saturday. >> minutes later you heard the
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gunshots. richard: his ex-wife heard the shots. i called for my son, my 11-year-old. i looked five feet to my right and marcellus was laying in the alley, dead. richard: moments before, he had taken their son outside for some marijuana carp it up with a couple men inside. >> they started shooting at the people standing there. -- he took his son outside for some air when a couple of men pulled up inside of a car. >> they jumped out of the car and sprayed. he saw his father mowed down. richard: late saturday, the police arrested two 22-year-old suspects. >> a lot of it is senseless, over nothing. richard: and this plea. >> just respect each other as
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human beings. they do not know the devastation they have caused. accused gunmeno are in custody, facing first-degree murder charges. his ex-wife said the hardest part is seeing how her son will deal with the death of his father. richard reeve, abc 7 news. twoye: so far no arrests in other murders in the district. charles welch of fort washington was shot and killed friday night. early this morning, 22-year-old deandre ingram was shot to death in southeast. the police are urging anybody with information to call. countynce george's firefighters were injured while battling a fire in springdale. the homeowner was attending her husband's funeral. one firefighter suffered minor
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burns, the second was treated for electrical shock. we do not know what caused the fire. a surprising message from the man arrested in a series of highway shootings in arizona. why he claims the police have the wrong man. and donald trump firing back after he was criticized for not correcting a man who said president obama was kellye: best-selling romance
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author jackie collins has died of breast cancer. her publicist said that she passed away saturday in los angeles at the age of 77. family said she was a trailblazer for women in fiction and a creative force that entertained millions over four decades. a landscaper arrested in a series of freeway shootings in phoenix said the police have made a mistake. >> all i have to say is on the
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wrong guy. i tried telling the detect is that. my gun has been in the pawnshop the last two months. kellye: the judge set bond at $1 million for leslie merrett junior, arrested late yesterday. investigators say that forensic evidence links his gun to four shootings in late august. the democratic presidential candidates in new hampshire tonight. hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders receiving a standing ovation at the state's democratic convention. of the talk centered around donald trump's refusal not to correct a man who called president obama a muslim and not an american. >> i think any of us have an obligation to correct errors and hateful things when people say them. said he is not morally obligated to defend the
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president or correct supporters. he has long touted the presidents citizenship. that more than half of his supporters do not believe the president was born in the u.s. the long-delayed silver spring transit center will open sunday. it is $50 million over budget. it is opening five years later than planned. a long time to fish and return to the skies over joint base andrews today. -- a long time tradition over the skies of joint case andrews, the airshow and the famed thunderbirds flight team. the show became a biennial event after 2012. last year's show was canceled because of budget cuts. perfect weather for that. toon: certainly was, great see so many people enjoying that event. onittle warm, hot and humid the tarmac, but big changes coming. the cold front will becoming, bringing temperatures down.
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let's get right to the temperatures, the complete ols.cast, and new tolls 75 washington, 60's on the board to the west. 67, chicago 57. the cooler air will be here tomorrow, along with the dry air. 75 in washington. together,ite radar rain shower activity is there, but that activity will fall apart as it moves here. a strong cold front on the doorstep. the bigger picture, the heat and humidity goes away, we dropped temperatures. a fine, mild day, a breeze. we tap into this northeast flow, uds,layer of clo drizzle, and rain monday night. we may have less than a 10% chance of an isolated shower monday.
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the low temperatures, mid to upper 60's downtown tomorrow. skies clearing through the day, plenty of sunshine. it will be breezy in the morning, but still a nice day. mid to upper 70's the high temperatures. the big game tomorrow, the rams coming in, 76 at 1:00, 77 halftime. by the time the redskins are hopefully winning, 77. upper 70's in the morning, so be prepared with a light jacket. the cloud cover, building monday. a much cooler day, the high temperatures only topping out in the 60's. the high temperature forecast showing upper 60's, near 70. here is the newest tool to visualize the forecast tomorrow morning. the cloud cover with the cold front coming through. clouds, 68 degrees when
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you wake up over the nations capital. day,kies clear through the plenty of sunshine, beautiful day, northwest breeze, 78 degrees, much lower humidity. the seven day forecast, expect rain to be light, drizzle monday, a light shower coming in as we had through the evening. there are still some uncertainties with the upper-level system next week, right around francis -- right , butd pope francis' visit looks like a good forecast. we will keep a close watch on the rain. kellye: you don't want the pope mad at you. sounds perfect, winning weather for the redskins. coming up, we have college football. out howted, plus find many home runs bryce harper has
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scored this season.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. monster bryce harper's season with the nationals continues, his 41st home run, and as he crossed home plate, the fans started to chant "m .v.p." jordan zimmermann, kristin yellen scores, 2-0 marlins. bottom of the fifth, still same score, tyler moore deep to left center, solo shot. sacs score two more on a fly. seventh, harper comes
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through again, blasting one into the second deck, his 41st home run and the nats win 5-2. college football, a great story for the terps. just four weeks ago, the third , but afterterback some big plays at the start of the season, he overcame three interceptions. picking it up in the first, he throws a dart, hitting him in stride. jacobs takes it to the house, 70 yard touchdown. 14-7 terps. third, 21-10 terps, over the middle, hitting edwards with the 12 yard score. his coach has a couple things to say about that. the young tight end learned his lesson. in the fourth, he finds edwards again. another touchdown. this time, yeah, not going to spike it, give it to the wrath,
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learn his lesson. -- give it to the ref, learned his lesson, maryland wins. virginia tech on the road, and a rough start for the hokies. fumbles the ball, picks it up, and he has all kinds of room. he takes it back 90 yards. 14-10 boilermakers, but the hokies outscored the new 41-10 with the special teams. the blocked punt is scooped up, who takes it in for the td. virginia tech wins. william & mary, check out the great effort i jordan ellis. up, butke he is wrapped bounces it outside, breaks another tackle. he goes all the way for his 39 yard score. uva led by one at the half. cavs now uop 8.
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upling the punt at the26, the middle, breaks the tackle. he's gone. easy touchdown. itliam & mary made interesting, but virginia to its first win of the season, nice job, winning by 6. mls, where d.c. united ad a chance to seal playoff spot with a win over the columbus crew. already 1-0 columbus. the game-winner, 2-1. united have now gone five games without a win. they are due. and don't forget, rams-redskins at fedex field tomorrow. we will have highlights and reaction after the game. have high expectations. that it all comes together. an amazing site at
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dulles international airport.
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kellye: you could say these heaties, taking we part in the airplane pull. brian van de


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