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tv   ABC7 News at 630  ABC  September 20, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> a white house staffer loses his life in a charity bike race. what we are learning about the tragic accident. hear from one of the men who rushed to rescue three children from a burning boat. evening things up. the redskins earn a win at home against the rams. at 6:30abc seven news on your side. >> the redskins are 1-1 on the season so far. aaron hawthorne is live. erin: this is a win many did not think the redskins would be able to pull off. they finished strong.
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10-0 skins. kirk cousins throws it to the corner for pierre garçon. good game for matt jones. and twod for 121 yards tds, including this one to put the game away. the redskins win 24-10 and they improved to 1-1 on the season. >> it is a great win because everybody has a hand in it. it was not just the running back. it was not just the offense. everybody played a major role. special teams was excellent. defense did their thing. offensively, we ran the ball and killed the clock. erin: jay gruden added after the game, you don't want to start the season 0-2 with two home losses, but the redskins do not have to worry about that. what they have to worry about is the new york giants as they have
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a quick turnaround when the redskins play the giants in new york thursday night. kellye: he will be here before you know it. a beautiful day to get out to fedex field to watch football. the weather is changing just in time for the work week. has a first look. devon: everything looks beautiful right now. this coming from the marine corps memorial. catty corner to arlington national cemetery. lovely shot of the potomac. high temp of 81 in washington today, mid-to-upper 70's elsewhere. real-time temperatures are dropping off with dry air in place. that will allow temperatures to drop shortly before sunset. back to school for kids tomorrow morning. make sure they have coats handy. chile tomorrow morning. 55 is a middle of the road
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temperature. make sure they have the reindeer handy. for the rest of us in our three day forecast, it is about that rainy afternoon. that could affect the commute. nicer weather appears to be coming our way. we will cover that in the complete forecast. kellye: we continue to track the pope's historic trip overseas. today in havana, cuba. the pope celebrated mass. the pontiff met with fidel castro. the conversation was informal and that the two men exchanged gifts of books. >> it is a moment of healing. it is a moment of reconciliation. d.c.e: the pope will be in until thursday. you can count on abc 7 and to cover the complete visit of the pope. we'll have 40 hours of coverage on abc 7 and news channel 8.
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five years late's and tens of overbudget,dollars the transit center is finally open. there was no ceremony. the transit center allows people to catch trains, buses, and taxis all in one place. >> it is brand-new. it has real-time departure information. one thing people always want to know is when is my bus coming? kellye: the transit center's first real test will come tomorrow. volunteer staff will be on hand for the first few days to help anyone who got lost. now to an interview you will hear only on 7. who rushed to man help three children hurt in a boat explosion. kevin lewis is live with the rescuers' first-hand accounts. kevin: a remarkable story.
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five grabbedf lunch and launched this boat in the marina. they were going no more than five miles per hour when something caused the vessel to explode. this is what the boat looks like this evening. charred a nearly fully submerged in the water. a home restoration project along mill creek. he gave way to an adrenaline-pumping water rescue. >> it was a horrible thing. kevin: construction worker benjamin diggers heard a loud explosion and saw a boat engulfed in flames. a husband and wife and three young girls jumped in the water and doggy paddled to shore. >> i grabbed them with one hand and set them down here. ages three,irls, eight, and nine, were all hurt,
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one critically. >> from her shoulder and all the way down, it looked like she was burned. her skin was sliding down her arm. >> there was a loud noise and people in the water. kevin: coworkers dialed 911. state police airlifted the girls while the fire boats sprayed down the boat. now a skeleton submerged in the creek. >> it started out a nice, sunny day and turned out crazy for everybody. thought about them all last night and we are hoping for the best. kevin: officials say that three-year-old girl fell into the engine compartment of the boat during the blast. her father had to pluck her out and put her in the water. she was listed in critical conditions. the other two young girls are doing much better. the dnr has not been ported a cause. kevin lewis, -- has not
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pinpointed a cause. kevin lewis, abc 7 news. kellye: a charity right turns a tragic turned. a white house staffer is killed. kelly cho is in the newsroom. president obama released a statement saying he is heartbroken over the tragedy. after pedaling more than 100 miles in the ride to conquer cancer, michael vick cross the finish line with mixed emotion. >> we are happy, but at the same time we still grieve. iders left onider friday and returned sunday, but jake brewer never made it. he collided with an suv. these are photos of brewer found on his wife's instagram page. brewer was pronounced dead at
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the scene. the alexandria father was going westbound on old frederick road around 3:40 saturday afternoon, heading along a curve in the roadway when he lost control and crossed a double yellow line. howard county police say an suv going the opposite direction hit rumor as the driver entered a kurd -- brewer entered a curve. he was a member of the office of the chief technology advisor. she posted a message saying in part -- police say the driver of the suv was not injured. a gofundme page has been set up to help pay for hit the children -- the childrens' education in the future.
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kellye: a woman fell about 40 feet from rocks at scott rocket mclean. the helicopter had to be used to rescue the woman and take her to the hospital. she suffered nonlife threatening injuries. republican presidential candidate ben carson in the hot seat for recent comments. our calls for him to end his presidential campaign. here from a local military family.
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kellye: there are calls for dr. ben carson to end his presidential campaign. they come as a republican candidate said the u.s. cannot have a muslim president.
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>> i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. kellye: tomorrow, largest muslim civil rights group will call on carson to drop out of the race. the head of the national democratic committee have also condemned the statement. taken on wednesday finds ben carson and trump losing support and carly fiorina gaining ground. trump had 28%. that is a drop of 8% since the last bowl. 14%.n comes in third with still ahead on abc 7 news, get ready to grab the jacket and umbrella before you come out the door.
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kellye: redskins fans had another reason to cheer. sergeant richard grab returned from deployment in afghanistan to week -- two weeks early. he said it was hard to keep the secret from his wife. >> i had been traveling for the last week, making up stories about where i am and where i'm going and convincing her that i was going to afghanistan for two more weeks. it was a great homecoming. i could not have even dreamed it turning out any better. kellye: the lieutenant colonel said the cheering from the crowd made the surprise even better. a lot of reasons to cheer out
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there. i bet that was such an exciting moment out there. fans out there with a win today. the weather could have been better for it. we will track rain to arrive where you are. here is the live temperature comparison. temperatures are already lower. warmer weather going on south, but this could be downright chilly tomorrow morning. upper 40's in some spots. 66 already at state college. 72 in charleston. what we've got is generally a north breeze out there today. what that is doing out there is dropping in that cooler air. the north breeze switches around to the northeast. that aids with an upper-level system dropping in. that also puts rain moving in. the bigger picture next two
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days, watch the rain developed. this is a lot of heavy rain -- not a lot of heavy rain, but there will be drizzle in the afternoon. i would not forget the reindeer when you set out tomorrow -- rain gear when you set out tomorrow. overnight towards tomorrow morning, the cloud cover starts to build first. take temperatures northwest of your down to a couple of degrees of here down a couple of degrees. this will move in southwest to northwest tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, spotty showers activity. the drive home might be a little more wet in the drive into work tomorrow morning. high temperatures tomorrow. west of washington and in
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shenandoah in the upper 50's tomorrow. sunshine stays away from the rain east of here. you go to 73 and there are a huge difference in temperatures. rainy withzly and temperatures over 70 degrees. tomorrow, youst will be developing spotty drizzle by the evening. good thing we are getting rain, a lot of it falling. that bigger picture of the two days, still lot of concern exactly where that is. it will be near the region. thatch variation will keep out of the forecast right now. kellye: you said out of the forecast. that is what we want to hear. [laughter] now we are going to head over to
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erin hawksworth. she is live at fedex field. we're calling this a quality win. erin: that's right. i must point out that this is my first redskins game. i'm not saying i had anything to do with it, but rookies matt jones, he had a big part in this game, a big part in this win. jones, he had a big part in this game, a big part in this win.
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erin: with star wide receiver desean jackson out for surgery, many of us wondered what kind of offense with this redskins team put up? it was not a problem thanks to offered morris and matt jones. -- alfred morris and matt jones. the redskins dominated the line
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of scrimmage early. rookie matt jones has a gaping hole to the left side and goes 39-yard td andhe he does his version of the lambeau leap. washington's defense looked good. they sacked nick foles once. the skins secondary was all over the place, covering rams receivers. it is 10-0 skins. kirk cousins throws it the corner for pierre garcon and it is a touchdown. washington was turnover-free until the third reading that is when matt jones -- third. that is when matt jones pops it up. after that, touchdown st. louis. the skins respond with a strong drive in the fourth.
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jones punches it in from three yards out to put the game away andhe redskins win 24-10 they improved to 1-1 on the season. statementou made a the way they shut you out last season? >> we just want to take it one game at a time. we didn't want to go out and make a statement. we just wanted to go out and play good football. >> that is the blueprint we have to have. you have a young quarterback. we don't want to throw the ball 50 times. we have a lot of thanks for us. erin: how good was it for you to watch the offense rolling? >> it was good watching our offense go up and down the field, taking as much time as possible. >> as a young player, you learn how to win. you learn what it takes. it is something that we keep laying through with these young guys, keep learning and playing together. i'm excited about what the future hold if we keep playing and pushing them.
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erin: big win for the redskins. what about the mystics? they had a chance to advance to the second round of the playoffs against the new york liberty, but they came up short. they fell behind in the first quarter and never recovered. tina charles dominated down low for the liberty. she finished with 22 points, five boards, and two assists. mystics lose and will play a third and deciding game in new york on tuesday. the nationals played the marlins and beat them 13-3. stephen strasburg struck out 10. the nationals now trail the mets by 6.5 games and the mets play the yankees tonight. we will have to see what happens with that. kellye: two out of three is not bad. thanks so much.
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kellye: take huge moment caught on the -- a cute moment caught on the panda cam this morning. the cub had started to look like a giant panda and weighs nearly two pounds. very interesting. growing quickly. devon: for us, coming in so fast is a chilly start to be work and school week. rain does not arrive until midday and afternoon. rain is spotty. have your drizzle at time. not going to get a lot rain out of it. it is coming back home where it will be the wet one. dreier on tuesday. a little bit of sun coming through. kellye: we thank you for
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