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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  September 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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kellye: less than two days and counting until pope francis arrives in the u.s. we are trapping his historic trip overseas and what he did in cuba. under fire for what he said about muslims. how he is responding to calls that he end his presidential campaign. and the redskins even their record with a victory over the rams. the news starts now.
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>> from abc 7 news, this is a breaking news alert. kellye: breaking news from the district, the police 5thestigating their 11 homicide of the year, a man shot and killed on north capitol street northwest. the police are investigating what led to the shooting. in less than 48 hours, pope francis will make his first visit to the u.s., the pontiff spending the weekend in cuba, where hundreds of thousands gather to see him. we expect large numbers when he this week. ec chris papst is live in northwest with what to expect. comes when pope francis to d.c., he will only be here 48 hours. he flies in tuesday afternoon, flies out thursday afternoon at 4:00. in that short time, he will be busy. it's a special grace of god.
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rnard: monsignor been has been a priest for over 40 years. he has met other popes, >> that this will be exciting. he is the head of the catholic church. visitswhen pope francis to d.c., he will go many places. after arriving tuesday, his events began wednesday at 9:15, meeting president obama at the white house. following a parade on the national, he will offer midday prayers at st. matthew's cathedral. >> we took pictures inside and excited he was going to come. we came to mass here to have the experience. he will canonize a saint at the basilica. >> i think he is trying to get
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everybody, that just catholics, to walk the walk. chris: thursday morning at 10:00 am he will speak to a joint session of congress. one hour later he will appear at the west front of the capital. for his last stop at 11:30, he will visit st. patrick's catholic church and catholic charities. ronald says he has been offered a chance to meet the world leader. i appreciate with catholic charities is doing. i feel like i can express my gratitude. out --when the flies hed-up flies out thursday, will be going to new york city, concluding his first u.s. trip in philadelphia. chris papst, abc 7 news. kellye: in honor of the papal visit to d.c., metro is offering a commemorative smart sleeve beginning tomorrow.
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toro is urging riders purchase more trip cars in advance to avoid long lines at vending machines. are available while supplies last. we are learning about another special honor for the pope, the streaming music service spot if i reached out to professor at .otre dame to create a playlist there are songs that reference some of the pope's, including bruce springsteen, motown feeley, and alicia keys. stay with abc 7 for live team coverage of the pope's visit. we'll have more than 40 hours of coverage. you can find road closures, papal events, and much more on just click on features and go to " pope in america."
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jacketl want to grab the and umbrella because you will probably need them on your ride home tomorrow. devon lucie has the first look. devon: we start off chilly tomorrow morning. in washington, 71. frederick is close to the 50's, culpeper the same at 52. speaking of the rain, the satellite radar combined, to the southwest, light showers in the direction of roanoke. those will be moving to the northeast through the morning. it will be a while before the rain gets here for us, mid afternoon before the latest rain gets here. tomorrow morning, jacket weather, the coldest spots could be 49. at recess, the high temperature of the day, 10:00, it is light and spotty, may have heavy drizzle coming in. tuesday is looking better, right around the papal visit from
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francis. we will have the complete forecast in just a few minutes. kellye: a day that many never thought would come, but this morning the silver spring transit center open. the project finally completed after years of setback. jay korff live in several spring -- silver spring to show us what it include. lot of excitement, three levels of transportation, the top level taxis and kiss and ride, and to levels below various bus stops that will take you all over, and a stone throw away, a metro train stop. is a big day for us. we are excited to be opening this center. jay: riders are thrilled that finally -- >> a long time coming, but well worth it. jay: the silver spring transit center is open. finished,t it's
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everything is pristine and looks wonderful. it it sat unused because of structural integrity concerns. >> it's unfortunate that it had to sit there. bike,ow riders can walk, or ride a bus to their destination. it includes metro bus, montgomery county ride-on, van guy, departure signs, and restrooms. need toe may transfer. we will have to to help. i don't think it will be long before people get used to it. these people say moving the buses from street stops in 20 transit center makes for a more efficient and safer travel experience. >> the traffic is flowing freer, pedestrian traffic is safer.
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it's really nice. we were just talking about how happy we are that it is open. jay: of course, the big first test is the monday morning commute tomorrow. keep in mind that metro officials say that some 3000 people will use this facility -- some 20,000 people will use this facility daily. kellye: we will keep you informed about traffic problems on "good morning washington," beginning monday at 4:30. president obama says he and the white house are heartbroken over the death of a key advisor. jake brewer died yesterday in a bike accident during a charity rider cancer research. he was from alexandria and worked in the white house office of technology. the finish line of the charity ride. >> we are happy but we still grieve. kellye: the driver of the car
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that he hit was not injured. his wife is pregnant with their second child. only on 7, hearing from the men who rushed to help three children badly printed in a put explosion on middle creek in calvert county. benjamin said that he heard the explosion and ran to help. three girls were all burned, one of them critically. grabbed them by one hand and under the shoulder and we put them up and sat them down here. a garden hosesed to the water on the girl while coworkers called 911. all three children were flown to children's hospital. the b-year-old is in critical condition. the other two girls are doing much better. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. you may have noticed smoke in the skies over the district. we are told it was from a large trash fire at the fort totten
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trucking transfer. firefighters have not said what caused the fire and there are no reports of injuries. the race fornts in the white house, dr. ben carson under fire after comments he made this morning when he said a muslim should never be elected president. dr. carson: when you are talking about being very unfair to women , when you are talking about animals, advocating their extinction, how can anyone say that is in any way compatible with the standards that we have adhered to here in america? kellye: the country's largest muslim civil rights organization is calling on carson to drop out of the race. several democratic candidates have also condemned his statements. taken since wednesday's republican debate finds ben carson and donald trump losing support, and carly fiorina gaining ground. 24% as the cnn poll with
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drop of eight points since the previous poll. carly fiorina is carson out of second place. he has not announced if he is running for president, but vice president joe biden has one vote, his wife. dr. jill biden's spokesman said she would be on board of the vice president jumped into the race. the vice president is still considering whether he is emotionally prepared for a presidential campaign. walks into aa man church service and starts shooting, wounding three people. with the police believe led to the violence. and 7 on your side with a consumer alert for drivers. a major automaker is apologizing.
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kellye: rebels in yemen have
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released six hostages, including two americans. the white house thanked the sultan for helping secure their release. all six were taken captive when the yemeni government fell earlier this year. they are believed to be holding a third american hostage. the police say that a man walked into a church service in east selma, alabama, this morning and opened fire, shooting his 24-year-old girlfriend and their infant son. he also shot the pastor. other people in the congregation managed to wrestle the gun from him. investigators say that it appears the shooting stems from a domestic dispute. it's sad that you cannot just go worship in church, you have to stay alert. this is another instance of
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domestic violence going terribly wrong. kellye: the police say that all three victims are in stable condition. the man was arrested and charged with three counts of attempted murder. california's worst fire season has claimed another life. one person has died, three homes have burned along the coast in monterey county. hundreds of people had just minutes to escape. at least 1400 homes were destroyed in two other fires burning in the central path of the state. a 7 on your side consumer alert for drivers, the ceo of vw has apologized after the epa said the automaker cheated on emissions tests. useepa said that vw software that allow diesel cars to release fewer pollutants during tests than in real-world driving conditions. vw's ceo says the company has ordered an investigation. the epa ordered the automaker to fix the cars at its own expense. vw also faces fines.
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we have had some fine weather this weekend, and we are happy about that. devon: yes, started off a little summery saturday, finishing off more fall like. and wee bit of a breeze, start to us are in cooler air tomorrow morning. it will be chilly in some spots. 82 degrees at reagan national. the high temperatures around the region, 70's to the midwest, the great lakes into the upper 60's. the heat and humidity bottled up to the south. 71 at reagan national, already 50's to the north. some of the local suburbs in the 50's as well. into the forecast, because we have the track of how cool it will be tomorrow, then it is about the rain. rain setting up around there, but we are watching the rain that is moving in with the shifting of the upper-level
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system. that will bring the rain that will be here. the wind already shifting northeast. cooler air runs in. putting together the upper-level week system, low-level cloud cover. the marine layer and the rain comes with it. a steady, heavy drizzle tomorrow, possibly light , steady rain. it will not be a downpour, but a little bit of a soaking rain. well needed after running so dry. tomorrow morning, tracking the cloud cover, rain and humidity, the pinpoint temperatures -- 7:00, starting to get cloudy, but the rain is not here yet. it is just chilly. toderick and hagerstown down 49, about 60 downtown in the morning. jacket weather. in thee umbrella afternoon because by noon we will have more rain. futurecast is not showing it, but expect the light rain if not
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drizzle coming in. by evening, that will be light rain, washington metro west. the high temperatures, shenandoah valley upper 50's, 60 in the washington metro, but the eastern shore what we do not get the rain, a little bit of sunshine, into the 70's. tuesday, we dry up, sunshine coming through. that will best back over the hub, back into the 70's. 75, 76, 77 depending on where you are. the seven-day forecast, monday, like earlyly feeling october, cloud cover, drizzle, light rain. it is not here in the morning. homeor the commute tomorrow afternoon, evening, that is when you will contend with the wet roadways. it is not heavy rain, but heavier drizzle, light steady rain is the way that i worded. for the visit of pope francis, things are looking better. kellye: the skies clearing for
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the popee. speaking of perfect, man, the redskins. lou: wins are hard to come by, only seven wins in the last two years. and we have one already this season. it has been a long time since the burgundy and gold were in victory formation at the end of a football game.
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get 50 m fios internet, tv & phone starting at $79.99 a month. plus get $300 back with a two year agreement. get out of the past. get fios. desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. lou: if i were to tell you that the redskins would drop up over 375 yards, the 24 points, hold st. louis to 10 points, you
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would not believe me. me,t, i would not believe but it did happen and erin hawksworth was there. erin: the redskins manhandled the st. louis rams in an impressive 24-10 victory. four phases showed up and contribute it to the complete game. gruden: it's a great win because everybody had their hand in it. kurt: the offense played well. erin: quarterback kirk cousins did not turn the ball over. 203 yards andith a touchdown, but he praised the offensive line, open things up for running backs alfred morris and rookie running back matt jones, combined for 182 yards of the offense's 373 yards total.
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i was just feeding off that, his energy. we had a great energy. football, i: pro think that is the blueprint for the most successful teams. very few successful teams are throwing 70 times per game. erin: last season, the ram shut out the redskins 24-0. coach gruden says this is a different team. it's a different feel from last year? >> absolutely, we are going in the right election. erin: but when you talk about the keys to the victory, don't forget about the defensive line. >> every time we go on the field, we playoff each other because we surround each other. it is a family atmosphere. erin: if the defensive line is the family, perhaps newton is the father, the veteran is the leader. -- he the defensive lot
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bought the defensive line nationals jerseys with their names. hanging out in the camaraderie, is that what helps make you so dominant? >> i hope so. it has been working at good for us as a defense. erin: after the game, head coach jay gruden talked about the importance of the win, saying you don't want to start the especially with home losses come up redskins don't have to worry about that now. what they do have to worry about, though, is the new york giants because i have a quick turnaround, playing in new york thursday night. at fedex field, erin hawksworth, abc 7 sports. lou: thank you, erin,. to share the headlines now, and if they want people to be talking about them next week, they may want to keep doing what they did to the fish this afternoon. a huge sixth inning for the
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nationals, escobar lines it into the right center field gap, clears the bases, three run score. strasburg gives up just three hits, strikes out 10. 13-3 is the final. the mets are losing to the yankees 11-1 right now, so their lead in the national league east will be six games. wnba playoffs, mystics-liberty. the mystics fell behind by 13 points in the first quarter and never reach covered -- never recovered. tina charles, five rebounds, two assists. the mystics lose. they will play a third and deciding game in new york on to stay night to go to the eastern conference finals. the giants lose to the falcons, and the eagles lose to the cowboys. in the cowboys victory, they lose tony romo to a broken collarbone, out up to eight weeks. the nfc east is becoming very,
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very interesting. kellye: i like to see you end the sports cast with a smile on your face. lou: anything can happen now. kellye: coming up, a look at the weekend box office.
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kellye: an action-packed movie
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debuted at the box office. s johnnyn second wita depp's new movie.
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devon: tomorrow will be cloudy and cool in the morning. the rain coming in at about noon, light rain if not steady. lasting through the acne, evening. not real have a, could have what roadways for the commute home. eileen whelan is tracking the rain with "good morning washington." we thank you for watching. stay with us.
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