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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  September 21, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> now, abc 7 news at noon, on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] here with usis now. doug: most of the day will be under the threat of rain. here in arlington, just down the road in alexandria, the same story. 69 degrees and cloudy skies. the areares around ranged from 63 now in hagerstown and frederick. 67 degrees in fredericksburg and annapolis. washington, moving north, more toward pennsylvania, toward i-95 and the day.
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fairly small disturbance, we are keeping an ionic here. we speak to the northeast. otherwise, cloudy skies. things are looking to improve. not perfect but better for tomorrow. the weekend will do that in a few minutes. the meantime, a fire at an electrical substation impact of a commute for thousands this morning. a fire broke out at the rfk memorial city and parking lot. -- togo live to just jeannette p record is the latest? have quietedings down quite a bit. originally, we thought the station would be open by now. behind me, it is still closed off. it was so thick at one point, it was similar to the metro station earlier this year.
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rough way to start the week, problems even before getting to work. closed route 8:00 this morning due to heavy snow, right in front of the stadium. it shut down the blue, orange, and silver lines. many were not surprised. >> this is a problem metro really has to work on. it has happened a lot and people need to get to work. the delays are not really helping. >> i have an appointment and i cannot get there. >> a little bit of time, a little bit of wiggle room. cloudsne point, black billowed out through the tunnels. remained on trucks scene for several hours while shuttle buses maneuvered around them. passengers trying to get to work.
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>> we pay them a lot of money to ride the train and the bus. feel like they need to get this together. >> officials are trying to pinpoint exactly what caused the fire. reporting in southeast, abc seven news. work begins on the northwest safety project. that work is scheduled to continue for the next six months. you can expect changes around new hampshire and florida avenue w streets northwest p or traffic will be detoured at that time and curbside parking will be restricted. let's get a look at the roadways. any problems out there for midday? first, let's take a live look and talk about why the strapped down to 16 miles an hour. if we could take a live look, i want to show you on 270, heading southbound now, there is a crash. it has you down in the teens.
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give yourself extra time, especially if you have to have from the germantown area continuing a little further south toward gaithersburg. what we have is an accident in gaithersburg westbound. there are two lanes blocked. mind, if to keep in you really want to go through the area, a lot of emergency crews on scene. work your way closer, we are ok. delays on the toll road. so far, 395 as well as 95. d.c., non or out of big delays and nothing to worry about. the issue on 270 will be heading southbound. approachingging and accident. back to you. investigators are trying
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to find out how a pedestrian ended up struck and killed by a train. this all happened earlier this morning in beltsville. the person was struck right at a railway crossing and pronounced dead at the scene. francis arrives right here in america tomorrow. today, he arrived in cuba, welcomed by a crowd of singing children waving cuban and vatican flags. live for there are really scrambling with the last-minute preparations. john? john: things are really coming together at the catholic university. about a week ago, i stood right here and the only thing really out of the ordinary was all the fencing and barriers all around campus. take a look at this hour. thousands of lawn chairs have been set up where many of the
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more than 25,000 visitors, the guests, will be when they celebrate mass with pope francis. take a look at what it looks like this hour. you can see much of the papal chair, the furnishings already out there under the canopy for the massive sanctuary where they are now draping that resemble marble inside the church, the largest catholic church in the country. 25,000e to more than ticketed guests p are not all of them will have a seat. that is why they set it up there. , right at the entrance many are studying here. they cannot believe in about 48 hours, they will witness history. >> i cannot quite believe we are dc. even in washington
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having my first year and focus here at the same time, it is an incredible experience. >> i'm really overwhelmed it is coming here. >> we want to show you what was just unveiled moments ago here. there is already a massive banner welcoming pope francis. take a look in between there. that was just unveiled. it is a massive banner of an old spanish painting. that is the man who, in about 48 hours, will become a saint. ont will happen at 4:15 wednesday. as i send it back to you inside, , thetake one last look altar literally moving into place right now. back to you. jummy: thank you for your great
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work out there. count on and the entire team. we will have more than 40 hours of coverage and our sister station, news channel 8. news, jury selection is underway for a former local democratic chairman tear michael fondling aaccused of couple of grows in his home in 2011. they were attending a birthday party sleepover for his daughter. alleged he was trying to find someone to kill those girls so they would not testify against him. it happened in 2011. we will keep you updated on the story. says he and white house staff members are heartbroken over the death of a key advisor. jacob died saturday. worked in the white house office of science and technology
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policy. he was married to a political commentator pregnant with the couple's second child. gop candidate a gaining ground. rocketing to second place, 15% of support. donald trump is at 24%. -- ben carson is right behind. marco rubio in fourth and jeb bush in fifth. the same poll shows hillary clinton gaining ground on her, bernie she leads bernie sanders to 24%. the nation's's largest muslim civil rights organization held a news conference calling on ben carson to withdraw from the race. this followed controversial comments he made sunday morning when chuck todd, the host, asked him if islam was consistent with the constitution.
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mr. carson: no, i would not muslim inhat we put a charge of the nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. on to say he does believe president obama was born in the united states and is a christian. here, 7 on your side appsmer alert about apple on the attack find out which are affected and how you could be at risk. plus, the 67th primetime emmy awards at a wrap. we will highlight top moments. an accident in pennsylvania leads to an amazing rescue. veteranshow a navy saved a couple from this accident here. you live outside now, getting ready to break out fall gear and the cooler weather on the way. back
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jummy: a mother and boyfriend killed in the murder of a .wo-year-old girl found in a trash bag on the shoreline in the boston harbor back in june p or chew was not identified until last week. killedher's boyfriend her and her mother helped cover it up. today come the judge ordered mccarthy to be held without bond and the daily set for $1 million. people -- the suspect who killed three people in an alabama church may have been
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motivated by a recent breakup p opened fire during a church service in east selma yesterday. hisce say he injured girlfriend, infant son, and a pastor who tried to intervene. arrested less than a mile away. all victims are in stable condition this noon. he said it was innocent the first four of the 11 shootings. the shootings, a tour bus, and as cv, cars were hit. no one was injured. people should not rush to judgment about his son, the father said. until proven guilty to reign supreme, which the country is founded on. the right to be instant until proven guilty in a court of law. no one should make that assumption just because he was arrested. >> the shootings happened in august. there were no fatalities per the
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next court appearance was scheduled for friday. it was a star-studded night at the 67 primetime emmy awards. hbo dominated the night with big wins. the history making moment came with the best drama for an actress award. here to recap all the things that happened last night, you got some awards? >> it is time for us to hand out some awards. award goes to an outstanding actress in a drama series for horror -- for her role in the drama. quite the only thing that separates a woman of color from is opportunity. >> the award for never give up even if you're nominated a bunch of times and never went goes to jon hamm, who finally won madmen last night. >> i have done a lot of work and
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my own sort of time and effort and sweat and all that good stuff. it is really nice to have it be recognized when it comes to most genuine, jeffrey won his award. >> thank you for your patience. >> and the award for most entertaining but not to own going as a host goes to andy samberg who hosted, showing how prepared he was for the award show. everyamberg: i watched show, every single episode. i feel superb i watched every show. netflix, amazon to time overjoyed. i watched every show. andy samberg has the most watched video on youtube. that four-minute long open. 20%good for the emmys, down
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last year. they moved it last year monday night. it worked a little bit better. going up against the football games to not work any better. >> it is tough. you have got the oscars. exactly. all right. thank you. a couple is covering -- recovering from a terrifying experience in amounts. they were driving down the road when suddenly, the motorhome caught fire. you're looking at video right there. that is why a navy veteran came to the rescue. inside and it was so toxic, i went to my knee and finally, felt their leg, the woman's unconscious. i picked her up and drove her all the way to the front of the rv. the rv rolled backwards,
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setting fire to two other vehicles and taking out power lines as well. the hero and victim are now at the hospital after being treated for smoke inhalation. more homes have been burnt to the ground in california after those wildfires. officials say another 100 62 houses were destroyed just north of san francisco. the teams have completed about 80% of damage assessment with more than 1000 homes lost in the fire. contained, it9% killed three people and chard 118 square miles. home, things are much better than out west. we are dealing with a little bit of rain. let's get to our chief meteorologist for the forecast. camera inr the hagerstown, maryland, showing a few raindrops. though fall does not officially begin until morning, folks will tell you it feels like fall already.
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heavy overcast and occasional light rain. are 53 degrees or 57 degrees in winchester productive these areas and that is the area with rain. the will be the story for afternoon as we track an area of low pressure, the atmosphere pretty much along 81 and farther south, not so much moving toward the east. as a result, the heaviest clouds west of the area now, look at the cold temperatures in the mid-50's. it warms up a little bit even though it is cloudy. for this afternoon, high toperatures, we will climb about 70 degrees, even overcast pretty little cooler, western sections and fairly comfortable with a slight chance of rain east of the metro area. we keep talking about the location or dickies moving to the north or northeast. there we are in washington. most of the rain is west in the
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morning. i think that train will continue. this gives you good perspective at the area is pre-much like this. it will move to the northeast and be out of here later tonight with some improving conditions. there will be a lot going on in town in the next couple of days. it looks like in the futurecast, the weather will cooperate. early in the morning, we will take you to that time frame. there could be a nice sprinkle on the coast guard most areas will be spreading out. in the morning, a little sunshine late in the day, warm and sunny. i think all things considered, we are in good shape. the forecast for the day, about 7:00 in the afternoon. 76 tomorrow with a little bit of sunshine breaking through the forecast. we will put our concentration right here on the day wednesday. a lot of activity and a lot of people in town. it looks for wednesday afternoon and most of the day, we should be in fine shape with
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temperatures approaching 80 degrees and partly sunny skies. we will stay partly sunny. a little bit of rain today, not a whole lot to worry about. things will improve tomorrow. you do not want 25,000 people outside when it is raining. i am sure the pope is grateful for that. thank you. the new overbudget long-delayed transit center is -- silver spring. brianne carter was there for the morning commute kickoff. brianne: thousands this morning stepped inside the long-awaited silver spring transit center. it,ctually be able to use because it looks a mess for so long. brianne: dozens of bus stops were previously out on the street in downtown silver spring. facility isvel designed to provide more connectivity, the metro bus, the
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right on bus, train, taxi. and metro train. by midmorning, we had showers here p normally, people waiting for the bus would have to use an umbrella. with the new transit center open, another added benefit -- covered bus bays for those waiting for the next ride. >> this is more convenient. little longer to get here. hopefully, when i get used to it, it will be better. >> other agencies had extra staff on hand to point people in the right direction. metro estimates about 20,000 people have moved through the transit center every day. in silver spring, brianne carter, abc 7 news. noon, hackng up at attack at apple. what the tech company needs you to know about in its latest security breach.
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jummy: to a consumer alert now. hundreds of millions of iphone and ipad users may be at risk after the first ever major attack on the apple app store. hackers trick developers into using a counterfeit version of code, the system that runs apple's ios and mac cap. the version was downloaded from a server in china. some of those apps include the .hap app, and a music app apple says it is working to fix the problem. we have got another tip for you.
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are heading out,
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doug: a close eye on the showers this
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>> hi, i'm chris harrison, your host to the all-new "who wants to be a millionaire." that's right. this season, we're changing things up. no more easy answers, no more shortcuts. just a single player hoping to walk out of here with $1 million.


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