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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  September 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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boarded a flight back to virginia. thursday the duo flew to l.a. for the american humane association hero dog award where axle was recognized as the national service dog of the year. as seen here on facebook. a medal he wore proudly. sunday while boarding a flight home, they were stopped. >> it was extremely upsetting. it wasn't disrespectful. if i wasn't as far as i am in my recovery it could set me back years and put me back where i was three years ago. chris: he said american airlines wouldn't let him on the plane saying they didn't have the proper paperwork even though they had flown that airline to get there. he flies a hundred times a year with axle and said it has never happened. >> what do i want? we would love an apology. chris: minutes after that statement, "7 on your side" received that apology. "we apologize to both captain
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hague and his family for the confusion with the travel plans yesterday. thank you captain hague for your service to your country. we are extremely proud to fly you, axle and your family." he is scheduled to land at reagan national airport tonight. he says this issue just brings to light the need for a national service dog database not just for the veterans but for everyone who is having universal i.d. in the newsroom, chris papst, abc7 news. leon: all right. thank you, chris. cold, dreary and rainy. i feels like fall is already here. doesn't it? abc7's chief meteorologist doug hill now lets us know what to expect for tuesday. what is the word? doug: it will turn it around tomorrow. right now outside the belfort furniture weather center looking out to fairfax and across the area, cloudy skies, cool temperatures and the rainy condition as well. starting tomorrow morning we will see a nice turn-around in the pattern across the region here. this is what we have on doppler radar. a steady parade of showers moving from the
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charlottesville area north east to melt row area. so far, most stayed in the city and the northern suburbs. not so much the eastern suburbs. that could change. the cool temperatures will continue. no strong winds. as we get through tomorrow, we will be in the low to the mid-50's with the cloudy skies. then the sun comes back tomorrow an and much improving weather forecast as we head through tomorrow and wednesday and thursday. we will give you the weather coming up as it pertains to the pope's visit. back to you. leon: all right, doug. happening now. impact of metro commute to the evening. there was an electrical problem found outside a parking lot at r.f.k. stadium to delay service on three lines throughout the day. brad bell live in southeast washington on the story for us. brad, how does it look out there now? >> well, some good news. i want to show you live right away now. take a look on the tracks back here. you can see here come the train. rolling down the tracks heading to the tunnel.
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pan to the right. behind the portable generator is where the problem was. underground bunker had a transformer in there. converts electricity and burst into flames today. at this hour, the fire department had to put it out and they did get it out. metro was able to get in there and they have been able to reenergize the track to move trains through here for much of the day, however, no rain was allowed to get through the stadium armory section, station, that is not a problem anymore. the trains aral rolling. they are expecting to have delays tonight bouz they are moving more slowly than normal. metro recommend alternatives for tonight. at r.f.k., brad bell, abc7 news. murder thank you, brad. we know the -- maureen: thank you, brad. we know the pope's arrival is sure to affect travel in a big
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way. melt row released plan -- metro released imagine to handle the crowd. transportation officials urge everyone to be prepared for road closures and the delays. stephen tschida has more on that. stephen? stephen: maureen, massachusetts avenue can get busy in any rush hour but the sign is fair warning. come tomorrow, a stretch of northbound mass avenue will close to make way for the pope. >> this is exciting. it's worth it. it's worth it. >> from the heart of the city to capitol hill and beyond. d.c. will get hit with papal paralysis. vital arteries through the capitol will be cut off to make way for the pontiff. >> agencies allowed me to telework. because pope will be here, there will be too much traffic and stuff like that. >> some route such as a stretch of the massachusetts avenue northwest where the pope will stay will be closed throughout his visit.
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14th street northwest between pennsylvania and independence will close from tomorrow night till wednesday afternoon. as well as constitution between 12th and 23rd northwest. >> when we heard about the pope i decided to come. >> michigan avenue near the national shrine of the immaculate conception where pope francis will celebrate outdoor mass will close for the bulk of wednesday as well. then on thursday a spate of streets near the u.s. capitol will shut down to make way for the pope's speech to congress. roberta chung came all the way from honolulu and she doesn't care about the crowds or the traffic. she says it is all worth it just to see the pope. roberta: he has given us hope there will be positive changes in catholic church. >> there will be more road closures and parking restrictions. to get the lowdown go to reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. maureen: thank you, stephen.
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there are massive preparations underway at catholic charities headquarters in d.c. ahead of a meal the pope will share with members of the city's homeless community. what that meal will look like and perhaps taste like still ahead on "abc7 news at 6:00". leon: all right. we have breaking news now in the race for the white house. wisconsin governor scott walker is expected to drop out of the race. that is according to multiple published reports. walker is expected to make it official in a news conference at any minute now. this is quite a turn of events as walker started out the year at the top of the polls but he has lost that footing as donald trump gained himself popularity in the last few months. the latest republican presidential poll from cnn/orc show voters favor dr. ben carson. jeb bush and carly fiorina in second followed by chris christie in third. alison: calling him unfit to leadsh -- maureen: some want ben carson
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to hend us presidential campaign. over the weekend, carson said islam is incompatible with the constitution and a muslim should never be elected president. carson refused calls to apologize. >> you are a christian, jewish, muslim, catholic, black, brown, white. if you are born in this country and you uphold the constitution, if you have the vision, if you are fit to lead you can lead. maureen: the constitution prohibits religious test for public office. a recent gallup poll found 60% of americans support muslim candidate and 38% said they could not. >> it's my pleasure to introduce our vice president, my husband, joe biden. maureen: vice president joe biden's wife says she will back him if he decides to run for president. jill biden was believed to be against biden's initial presidential run but the vice president has not yet
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announced if he intends to run. he says he is considering weather he is emotionally prepared for a campaign. secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. is ready to welcome more refugees. kerry made the announcement in germany on sunday. right now the u.s. refugee camp stands at 70,000 people. that is expected to grow to 85,000 next fiscal year and to 100,000 the year after that. many of those additional restew gees will be from syria -- refugees will be from syria. leon: up next at 2 -- 6:00 barb what the owner of a peanut company did that could put him behind bars for decades. apple apps target and how they try to get your personal information and how they are tryi
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maureen: the former owner of a peanut company will spend 28 years in jail. that decision was hassed down 30 minutes ago. late this afternoon, a 10-year-old boy sickened with salmonella outbreak in peanut butter testified in court. it's been blamed for 700 illnesses and nine deaths. federal jury convicted stewart parnell of knowingly shipping contaminated peanut butter and faking result of laboratory tests. leon: "7 on your side" tonight with a consumer alert for shares of volkswagen dropped 20% as the effect of a
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cheating scandal are revealed. u.s. regulators say volkswagen cheated on environmental standards for diesel cars. regulators say the car-maker programmed the vehicles to turn on the emissions yol -- controls only when tested, not used on the roads. the cars regularly ran emissions up to 40 times the legal standard. for the list of the vehicles involved check our website maureen: "7 on your side" with new information about the hacking of the apple app store. tonight apple is removing dozen of popular apps infected with malware. they are capable of tricking users to giving up icloud passwords and opening dangerous websites. apple discovered the problem over the weekend. now the tech company says 600 million people may be affected worldwide. there was some good news from apple tonight as well. latest software update ios 9 is the most successful update yet. right now more than half of
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all iphones are running the system making it the fastest adoption rate ever. new features are a power saving mode, smarter series and improved mapping option including transit directions. leon: still ahead tonight on "abc7 news at 6:00" -- maureen: behind the scenes of the meal made for pope francis and who will share it with him. leon: cooler temperatures across the region. what we need to know about the morning commute. we have doug's full forecast next. erin: i'm erin hawksworth. coming up in sports the redskins are back on the practice field. it's a short week. but the skins could have a legit chance to win
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maureen: happening now, nonstop work ahead of pope francis' arrival. but this is to prepare a meal. suzanne kennedy has the details. suzanne: in a matter of days the street will be blocked off and pope francis will break bread with hundreds of homeless people and they are getting the food ready to
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serve. ellis-bay has been looking since 4:00 this morning. >> we are also doing asian pasta salads. suzanne: this is likely the most important meal he has prepared. >> i'm nervous but confident in my kitchen. suzanne: they are making a meal for the holy father. on the menu, teriyaki marinated chicken vegetables and pasta salad. a lunch he will share in downtown washington hundreds of homeless clients regularly served on wednesday by the st. maria meal van. >> this is a once in a lifetime chance for my staff. to serve royalty. >> we have to get it right. suzanne: the pope will meet charities and clients at the st. patrick church thursday. we had a chance to tell one client he had been chosen to see the pope. what do you think of that? >> that is nice. i like that.
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>> what does it mean to you? >> i've been blessed. suzanne: congratulations. in northeast washington, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. maureen: thanks, suzanne. we one day away from the pope's arrival at joint base andrews. abc7 has you covered from the moment the pope arrives until he leaves philadelphia on sunday. abc7 and our sister station newschannel8 will have more than 40 hours of coverage. you can also watch online at -- leon: hopefully the weather will cooperate. doug: it's amazing. it looks terrific. >> the clouds rolled in and it
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turned to a cloudy and a cool day across the region. as i said, this will change quickly starting tomorrow. we are cooler in the weather. it's 54 at blue ray. and mid-60's for the metro area. a warm spot is annapolis at 69. at this time of year the water temperature is 74 in the waters near annapolis. it's usually cooler. because of the water temperature but today the air is cooler. i can do an hour on this phenomenon but i'll cut you a break and not do it tonight and i'll just talk about the rain moving through. take a few hours. it will move out in a small disturbance. clearing skies from the west. the system is going to rotate out and we will good to go. cloudy and cool. the sun improves throughout theen of a.
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pleasant. cool in the area under the clouds now but even late in the afternoon, columbus and indianapolis. 75. 80 in louisville now. everything will equalize tomorrow. the skies will brighten and this will fall apart. it is falling apart late tonight with the influence of drier air working in tomorrow morning and the northeast. on the afternoon hours, good to go. thursday is bright and sunny. all things considered we have a great looking plan ahead weather wise. cloudy and school to start. skies righten tomorrow with the partly cloudy skies. getting through wednesday for the outdoor activity, parade and the mass. sunshine and 80 degrees in thursday. 81 and sunny and dry. we have questions about the seven-day outlook. we know it's cooler but we don't have a handle if there
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is a chance of rain. right now i have to tell you the way it looks with the computer model we could have rain friday and saturday. we have all week to work on that. back to you. maureen: thank you. leon: something tells me erin has to go to new york this week. erin: i am! maureen: she -- leon: she is the redskins good luck charge. they pull out a win. erin: nobody thought they'd win. leon: a lot of people didn't but some had faith. erin: the redskins, they ran away with a win. could they run away with the n.f.c. east title? next. plus, the nationals are making things interesting down the stretch. they may be closer to the mets than you might think. stick with us.
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announcer: now the toyota sports desk brought to you by the toyota dealers. especially victory monday and the d.m.v. and everyone is smiles except for corner back amerson who was cut by the skills. if for rest of the team, they don't have too much time to enjoy the 24-10 win over the rams yesterday. the redskins rushed for 182 yards on sunday. the rams had no answer. >> we have to stick to it. it runs the clock. our lineman love it.
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>> you can't help what is going on and it bodes well for the redskins. erin: dez bryant goes down and then buddy roemer will be out for eight weeks so the -- tony romo will be out so the redskins are tied with the cowboys for the most wins with in the division. >> it is unfortunate that he got hurt. but we can only worry about ourselves. every game is competitive. this comes down to a two-pint drill.
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>> the nationals are only three games back. tonight is gio gonzalez on the mound for the battle of the beltway as the nats fight for those postseason lives. leon: that is right. every win matters now. big-time. big-time. doug: quick look of the radar, we have more rain moving through the area but it will move out in the morning. the weather will improve rapidly throughout the day. brian van de graaff in for steve rudin at 11:00 and give you details of the weather and how it affect the pope's visit and more. maureen: "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. leon: see you at 11:00. stay dry. go nats. c'mon!
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tonight -- the breaking news. the candidate dropping out. governor scott walker out of the race for president and the uproar about at candidate. ben carson says the u.s. should not elect a muslim president. should faith matter? >> coming to america -- less than 24 hours until pope francis arrives. tonight, security unprecedented after that moment in cuba. the arrests. and what the pope gave fidel castro. >> the abc news exclusive. for the first time, one on one with that county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to gays. her new words right here tonight. >> would you do anything differently? baby doe. the dramatic moments inside the courtroom today, after tens of millions studied that sketch. and the invisible danger in so many homes. a massive explosion. tonight, three important tip


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