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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  September 23, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> ♪ lord, may you be forever
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blessed ways of holiness [all together] ♪ lord, may you be forever blessed of holiness ♪ays [choir sings] ♪
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♪ lord, keep me steadfast in your ways ♪ lord, keep me steadfast in your ways ♪
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[choir sings] ♪
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, keep med, lord steadfast in your ways ♪ sings] ♪
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, keep med, lord steadfast in your ways ♪ sings] ♪
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, keep med, lord ♪eadfast in your ways ♪
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[bell] [organ plays] ♪ [choir sings] ♪
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with my foes encircle me deadly intent ♪ [choir plays] ♪ they are watching -- ♪ are watching to straight me to the ground ♪ [choir sings] ♪
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sings] ♪ ♪
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everye holy yourselves in of your conduct. holyor the likeness of the one that calls you. "bember scripture says,
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holy, for i am holy."
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priests the road with holiness. e robedyour priests b with holiness. responds] >> [speaking latin]
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>> holy father, it is a great honor and enjoy to welcome you to the archdiocese of washington and its cathedral. our mother church bears the name of st. matthew, the apostle, whose experience of god's love and call are expressed in your [speaking foreign language] in the future when we look at the great mosaic of st. matthew, we will be reminded of your concern for us as you begin your nation andsit to our the archdiocese. the archdiocese of washington just celebrated its 75th
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anniversary, which included with our commitment to reflect the love and truth of jesus. ,n behalf of the lay faithful the clergy, and the religious in this church and our nation's capital, i express our profound renew ouron as we loyalty, pledge our affection, and recommit ourselves to your call to be true missionary disciples. pleasure my distinct to welcome in your presence my brother bishops who gather here to pray with you. to presenty honor the president of the united -- of catholic bishops. archbishop joseph.
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>> most holy father, on behalf of my fellow bishops, it is truly a joy to welcome you to the united states. represents 71 million faithful catholics. they are prayers are with you as you travel to washington, new york, and philadelphia. three you are visiting cities, you're welcome reaches welcome reaches across the country. we are eager to enjoy and join with you in service to the least of our brothers and sisters. our faith calls upon us to ensure that the promise of "one nation, under god, with liberty and justice for all" remains an american dream accessible to all. each day tostrive be a field hospital, which binds
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the wounds of families and individual. the grace of christ binds our wounds, and then we might become servants who resemble even more closely the good shepherd. witnessher, your humble that no one is beyond the healing power of christ's mercy energizes the church. true to our heritage, we wish to spread the good news, for every life is cherished, every person deserves to flourish. we look forward to your meeting influential, the forgotten, and everybody in between. in lives are the great american story. -- their lives are the great american story. and theyis unique unite to form one of the most diverse nations in our whole world. and in each person, we see the image of god.
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let us share the hopes and challenges of entrusting each to god. pope francis, your brother bishops extend to you our eternal and brace and our ce andelt -- eternal embra our heartfelt gratitude for joining us. [applause]
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francis: [speaking latin]
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[applause] latin]ancis: [speaking


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