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whohave 50 staff members have 50 staff members who won the lottery so to speak. they got the opportunity to sit in on this dinner. they're going to have a special gift for him and it is quite unique. they will hand him a 471 page book detailing the names of those participating. they are going to hand that off to him as he walks out so that he can keep that as a keepsake of his trip. it is his first time coming to the united states. i'm sure he is taking a lot of gifts with him. there he is. you can get a good look at him. everyone is cheering. a lot of cell phones in the air.
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i know some people -- you can periscope this to friends and family. he should be walking up to the mic shortly. facesaction on people's is quite in front -- is quite incredible. larry: as we are getting ready , where from him again the people in attendance at this event able to watch his speech to congress? were you able to gauge their reaction from that? : some of them heard that a lot of them were either here or on their way here so unfortunately most of them did not. another piece they did not hear was the speech he gave just outside of the building. they did not know exactly what he was doing and did not get to hear that speech. it was about most of the people
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here. it would've been nice if they had heard something like that. he is about to speak shortly. they are passing the mic to him. we will make sure to give you the opportunity to take a listen. he should be speaking in english. we are trying to get a look so that you can see what he is doing. a lot of people standing up. take a listen. he said bon appetit. [applause] jummy: did you have a chance to chat with any of the folks in attendance before the pope showed up? but were some of the conversations you had? how excited was everybody? jeanette: i did get a chance to
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speak with several men at a table and i asked them what they are going through. how is the organization? and they said they are helping them with jobs, providing shelter, clothing, food. he is goingtells me hebe in awe of the pope and wants to talk to him like he is a regular person. i think that speaks to the pope and the impact he has had on people. he said the reason why he would do that is because he does not want to be formal or official with him. for him to feel that comfortable to simply ask the pope how he is doing and he said specifically, what did you have for lunch. we're not sure what answer he will get. they just want to have a conversation with him because they feel that comfortable with the pope. such a powerful figure with hundreds of millions of followers.
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are they making a line to greet him? so many faces on the screen right now. jeanette: they are all surrounding him and they are fairly close. this is what i was mentioning earlier in the day in terms of security. the pope constantly breaking traditions and wanting to get close to these people, these parishioners. they are just inches away from him. i think the guards are trying to protect him but he enjoys this. he wants to talk to people and he said before to abc news that this is his way of connecting with people and emphasizing and understanding what they are going through, which would make sense considering his message he has been trying to deliver. it is easier for him to deliver whenmessage genuinely here's what these people are going through from their mouths.
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this complicates security. we know that he despises the bulletproof pope mobile. it prevents him from having that interaction with the people. there he is. hardly anyone surrounding him in terms of guards or security. just talking to people, doing exactly what many of these people were hoping for. larry: i want to bring father lee in. father lee: i think it is a fantastic opportunity. catholic charities is i think the largest organization that takes care of the poor outside of the government. these men who are being helped by catholic charities, homeless shelters, overnight shelters. thatso have these places
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are transitional to help them to find jobs and give them some skills and get them from being homeless to being back on their feet again. i think this is what we who are invited to this luncheon. -- it does not look like he will get lunch. [laughter] nobody is larry: you can eat later. he has wheels up for new york at 4:00. describing catholic charities. those who may not know the full scope of what they do and how brought that scope4:00. is, to your point this a pitta mines is all the thing heat -- this epitomizes all the things he talked about. father lee: making these connections to people. this is not him being condescending.
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he has something to give to others who have less. he is meeting these people. this is what it is to have charity. midstognize got is in our and this is the source of our charity, not because he is good and he makes someone else better , because he recognizes the good in all of us. jummy: we see these live .ictures of the pope the biggest smile on his face as he greets everybody. talk about the energy in the room. jeanette: the energy is hard to describe. there is an organized chaos. considering who he is, people are being kind to each other. they are not walking all over each other. in that sense, there is no concern over there being any kind of chaos.
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he seems very comfortable. i don't know there are a lot of people, being in the middle of these crowds, feel comfortable. he seems to be like, this is what i'm used to and this is what i prefer. which is striking. faces as the crowd, their are beaming. -- it is funny because before pope francis got here one of the organizers had to say please don't cut your food -- please don't touch your food, weight till pope francis blesses it. i think they are forgotten about the food. that speaks to how excited they are about him being here. one rooma crowd from where he started to where he is now following him the whole way through.
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calm but excited at the very same time. larry: there is not really in order. he is just going through the room. embassy where the the children have been behind the gate trying to reach through , this group of people are so lucky. they are walking right next to him. larry: there is no fence. he is obliging and saying, sure. he is smiling for every smart phone put in front of him. i was talking to some of my colleagues and we were surprised how close the media was able to get and especially how close the public is able to get. i think it has a lot to do with how much access he wants security to give to him -- security to give to the public. we are close considering who we are talking about and so are the people. i can tell you, i have seen him
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a couple of times kind of letting officials know it is ok. certainly not, at least for expected in we terms of access and simplicity. we have not been told -- we have not been given too many rules to follow. just to stay out of the way for the public actually so that they have access to him and we do not disrupt that. we have the privilege of being able to show you this as it is happening live. larry: i want to get father lee's comments. some of his thoughts as he marvels at pope francis going through this crowd. his final event before he goes back to the vatican embassy before catching his plane to new york. father, thought you would like to share? father lee: i want to know why i
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did not get a ticket to this event. [laughter] father lee: i am a little jealous. it is incredible to me that he is that available. how patient he is. letting people take selfies. he does not know what a cell phone is. he does not own one. he does not watch tv in years and here he is patiently going to the crowd. so happy. jummy: this might be the record of selfies with the pope in one place. i think i must've witnessed at least 12. that is a lot. jeanette: a lot of selfies. i'm glad father lee mentioned that. he said he promised not to watch television since 1990. he is a huge soccer fan but he is not big on technology and he has one of the officials at the vatican keeping him posted on
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scores in terms of soccer. i don't know that he is entirely familiar with where this is going and exactly how many people are going to see this and retweets and all of that but he is willing to take the pictures without asking any questions and he is very patient. people have to get several pictures, the video. he just goes with the flow. larry: no tv since 1990. that means he does not know the name kardashian. he is running a little bit late. if you are wondering what is going on and checking in during the noon hour, he is supposed to go -- his speech with congress went almost 50 minutes. he does have a window before he catches his plane to new york to spend a couple of days there and finish off his trip in philadelphia. it has been an amazing visit in washington by pope francis since
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he landed at joint base andrews tuesday evening. you cannot imagine the people, the thousands of people who got a glance of him. also, the people who touched them. easily in the time best easily -- easily in the hundreds. we were saying earlier, talking about how he looks like he could have gotten out of the car and interacted with people. i would guess this may be the highlight of his trip that he is immersed in people. father lee: it looks like it. he really loosens up. earlier he looked like he was being contained so now he can let loose. so beautiful to see. jummy: does it appear that they are getting back into the cars and departing?
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what can you see? .eanette: it appears that way i can see a couple of vehicles moving right now. it is interesting you all mentioned, why did i not get a ticket. i think this is up there as far as the most memorable events in terms of access, the message he is sending and the interaction people are getting. even at the vatican embassy's which a lot of us were surprised . there was still a barrier in between them. here, no barriers, nothing in between the people and the pope. this is the place to be and probably the event that will be talked about the most when it comes to a public figure, especially a religious figure, practicing what they preach. this will be the event that the fines -- partly defines his legacy. jummy: we just saw the famous fiat pull-up.
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you so the pope's arm waved to the crowd. this appears to be the end of this trip as he will head back to the vatican and the city. -- the vatican embassy. folks are starting to sit down behind you. is it time for food? jeanette: i think they are probably like, oh, i forgot we have food. they will focus on that now. certainly worth it for them. you can sense that they are missing the pope already. it went by fairly quickly but i think a good amount of people got an opportunity to see him up close. you have those lucky few that got pictures as well. jummy: taking a live look at mayor bowser in the crowd. it appears she is talking to somebody but we are starting to
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see people sitting down. larry: who knew there were tables and food? jummy: a lot of untouched plates. we are starting to see folks enjoy the meal now that the pope has left the building if you will. larry: they will have a couple of hours before he has to head back to joint base andrews. father lee, your thoughts on this day? there's a lot for us to contemplate. the message that he gave. father lee: it is beautiful. speaking to congress. what he said at the beginning of his speech was, through those representatives you speaking to all of america. you represent these people and calling us to deeper humanity, unity, compassion for one another has been his theme for the whole time. in by this
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it has been quite moving to watch from here. larry: you were amazed when he first walked into the chamber to speak to the joint meeting of congress. right away he said, a standing ovation. you said, this is a different by from what you usually see. father lee: you watch for the state of the union address. it is sort of one camp against another or this is my team, that type of thing. here, nothing like that. embrace of this person and it was fascinating to watch. jummy: what do you think now that this is kind of the final event on his schedule in the district? your thoughts on what this visit to dc has meant to the catholic
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church and christianity overall. soany people said, i am not catholic, i am not a christian but i love this pope. what do you think this means overall? father lee: i think what people are seeing is that -- normally we think about the church, it is not always associated with good news. .hat you can't do, the bad news instead of them being confronted with a list of do's and don'ts, they are confronted with a person who is alive with compassion.e, his approachability is what they are seeing. this connects with them and they say, i want to look at this again, hopefully. jummy: on the left side of your .creen, taking a live look the front driveway of the vatican embassy. within the next couple of minutes we will be seeing the
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fiat and all the other cars pull up as the pope takes a rest before he gets back on his plane for new york. larry: what are the odds that he does not go right inside? jummy: he will greet a few of the children and other people. larry: one of the tenets of his speech to congress saying, they are in a hopeless maze of violence, abuse and disparity. their problems are our problems. he does have a special affinity for the poor, the underserved, and children. father lee: he sounded like the grandfather, the father, speaking about that. when i heard that line i thought, we have a responsibility for others. his affection -- what a great message that is. a lot of young people feel there is a disconnection with an older generation and hear ye is showing this affection. larry: we tend to think young
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attention toot pay older people. this is something that flies in the face of conventions of that kind of wisdom. member john paul ii was incredible. he drew so many young people to himself. even in his speech to congress he mentioned the gifts and value of the elderly because of their -- he isontinued work everywhere.ges across classes, young and old. larry: you and i have been going for eight hours so we may repeat ourselves. lincoln, the, abe declaration. in every speech he found a way to reach into the american quote people we
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respect or script we know that dear.d he says it is not just me saying this, your society has an based on these things. this is why what i am saying is spiritual god, this is why you should listen. father lee:this, your society hd on these it is not that he came over here to say i have the answers for everything. he is saying it is already taking place so look at what is taking place in this country among people of goodwill. jummy: we want to head back out to horace holmes standing by live for us at the vatican embassy where we assume the pope will show up any moment. they are excited and waiting for him to come back. horace: excited everywhere the pope goes. they have blocked off massachusetts avenue. this is the place the pope has called home for the past couple
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of days. he has attracted quite a crowd everywhere he is gone. perhaps the most fortunate of all of the people are those who have been invited -- and most of them schoolchildren. on the front lawn of the embassy and get an up close look as the pope comes and goes. a group of six students and their teachers and bishop that the mayor high school got the thrill of their lives when pope francis shook their hands. young people pulled out their phones and took some video. they shared some of their videos with us. it was very emotional. a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you get. not many people get that opportunity. it was very cool. >> you will never have that ever
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again. you probably might not be that close. horace: did you get to shake his hand? >> i did. his hands are really soft. [laughter] horace: i learned something today. a pope's hands are very soft. we are expecting him at any moment. we talked about schoolchildren. another group of kids, back there waiting for the pope's arrival. we understand that every school in the archdiocese was given an opportunity to have a contingent of school to come and be out there to meet the pope. i asked six kids who got their chance from act america high school how they were children -- how they were chosen and they said they were chosen by lottery. they learned two weeks ago that they would be coming. i guess they really did hit the lottery. phones do many smart
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you see out there ready to take selfies? 90%? horace: everybody. a couple of places where the pope has been, you know he is coming when people go like this. the pope is close because they want to take that shot. these kids have quite an opportunity because they get to get right up on top of him. he shook that hand and the hand is soft. larry: he lotions. conditions. we just saw a moment ago at catholic charities -- thank you for that horace. there was no fence at catholic charities. we have a couple of minutes left. some of your thoughts on what you have witnessed and what it is meant for you as someone in the catholic faith. father lee: some of the most beautiful moments were actually
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in the silence. , you feelat mass euphoria when he comes in and the whole crowd responds. it is beautiful, emotional. yesterday at the mass, particularly when there were moments of silence, you prayed with him. was00 people there and it completely silent. i think that is what he has been doing with his words and his presence, drawing our attention to a reality greater than this. jummy: we will go back to horace. we see the motorcade. is that starting to come back? horace: absolutely. you see the motorcycles have come up massachusetts avenue. we are expecting the motorcade in seconds. we have a crowd around us and a crowd of people lining massachusetts avenue as he comes
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embassy.the vatican the pope had a grueling schedule while he was here in washington, d.c. this is an opportunity for him to rest. impressive for a 78-year-old man to keep the schedule he has and keep his patients through it all. .his is his opportunity to rest sort of a bittersweet feeling out here because this is one of the final times people on this trip for this pope will get an opportunity to catch a glimpse. here is his vehicle now turning into the driveway at the vatican embassy. you will hear a cheer in just a minute. i will move out of the way so you guys can see. as he steps out of the vehicle. you hear the school kids
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squealing. this is the last time the pope will be arriving on this trip. he will go inside and get a and leavers' rest around 3:30 this afternoon to head to andrews and catch that flight to go up to new york and onto philadelphia. nowsee the pope on camera as he steps out of his vehicle. every time he is either come out of the embassy or arrived at the embassy, he takes a moment to come over and talk to people. to shake hands, especially the school kids. break away for the moment and say goodbye to our abc 7 viewers. our coverage continues on news channel eight. more on pope francis.
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