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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 25, 2015 2:37am-3:01am EDT

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confirmed the two will spoken. john had originally talked to meet with putin to talk about gay rights in russia. putin is open to a meeting when their schedules commit. >> the president of china is making a commitment aimed at reducing gases. the so-called cap and trade initiative builds on a deal that president x jinping reached with president obama last year in beijing. despite common ground on climate change, the u.s. and china still facing thorny issues at tonight's state dinner. >> they had a private dinner before they had a official meeting where cybersecurity concerns are on the agenda. tonight the white house is rolling out the red carpet. s and has more on the decor and the menu. >> pomp and pageantry of a state dinner returns to the white house tonight. president obama, chinese
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presidenti jinping and their 200 guests will dine on the white house's finest china. centerpieces feature pink and orange roses. what do you serve two presidents? a four-course meal had blending american and chinese flavors. the menu includes wild mushroom soup with black trfls and poached maine lobster. the main course grilled lamp flown in from colorado with sauteed baby broccoli from local farmers markets. the dessert is even more extra gant, poppy seed and lemmon occurred pudding or tiny pastries from this display appropriately named a stroll through the garden. one of the trickiest parts of the dinner is the timing >> in a matter of like 45 minutes, we are going to be handing out about 800 plates, and that's not a small logistical matter to deal with. >> reporter: after dinner, he
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guests enjoy a concert by grammy award winning artist neo who sang alongside the president last year. something guests might hope he'll do again at this dinner. ar let signs, abc news, the white house. who's idea was it to do that piece at this hour? >> i'm salivating looking at that. it is a chinese state dinner. they expect to be hungry an hour later. >> that's only when you eat sushi. come on. it's been all pope all day here in new york city and perhaps his presence was just what the football giants needed to notch their first victory of the season. >> thursday night football had the giants hosting the washington redskins. the giants scoring early when running back rasheed jennings blocked the redskins' tress way punt. nailing a safety. they wrapped up with an o'dell beckham junior 30-yard touch down and a ruben ran del -- it's randle, 41-yarder.
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>> randall. >> final score, 32-21. it's randall? >> randle, you got it right. >> i did get it right. >> you did a good job. as a washington redskins fan and a fan of their quarterback, i was hoping that they would pull out a victory but miracles got to happen sometime tort giants. >> it's rashad randle. rashad jennings. i'm just going to stop sports right there and move onto the battle of the box office this weekend into it is coming up. toby mcversus robert de niro. the reviews are in. we've got them when we visit the "insomniac theater." plus a rough week for donald trump as the attacks from republican rivals pile on. but first, we have a really cool weather map. it beats yours. >> "world news now" weather brought to you by gerber life insurance. i just ran a couple of sweaty miles with these guys,
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what a view. the pope had riding in the popemobile down new york's fifth avenue with thousands of people crowding the sidewalks. trying to get a glimpse. he was on the way to an evening prayer service at st. patrick's cathedral. he'll say a full mass tonight at madison square garden before heading to philadelphia tomorrow. >> a lot of excitement in the city right now. >> the at st. patrick's cathedral, $177 million to restore that church, and they actually allowed the people who were working, the construction workers to stand on the steps as the pope arrived. >> that's a good movement. a beautiful church. they did a great job. we're going to turn our focus from the pope to politics now and forget about hillary and bernie and joe, the republican presidential hopefuls are making most of their shots at the front-runner right now, donald trump. >> the billionaire holding steady in the bowls but others are closing the gap. tomium has has the latest.
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>> his rivals are calling him out as uninformed. >> i would have crawled under a rock long ago. that's part of it, you know. >> reporter: a new poll showing fiorina now in second place in new hampshire and just behind her, marco rubio also taking aim at trump. >> he's not well informed on the issues. he never talks about issues and can't have more than a ten-second sound bite on any key issue. he's an insecure guy. >> all week trump ripping into his competition. >> rubio, i've never seen a young guy sweat that much. >> reporter: and trump fending off new accusations of sexism after this comment about hillary clinton. >> and hillary who has become shrill, you know the word shrill? she's become shrill. >> trimp insiting he was say the same thing about a man. >> i think the word doesn't
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apply to women exclusively. >> and donald trump clearly going after the evangelical vote meeting with a socially conservative group of value voters and pastors or monday. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> coming up, we're going to have much more on whether your children should spend time in front of the computer and video screens. it's a battle i have at home. >> and how much time are children spending? the answers may surprise you. well, according to a recent
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poll more than half of all parents think their children spend too up time in front of screens. >> no doubt. what's the real impact on kids?
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dr. richard besser took a look. >> reporter: screens, parents can't live with them. >> time to put it away. >> and kids can't live without them. >> stop. >> we've heard the downsides of excessive screen time. how they alter children's sleep, school performance, even aggressive behavior. among kids 8 and older, one study found between 1999 and 2009, screen time increased by an hour. to more than seven hours a day. but in kids younger than 8, it's the wild west. they're just aren't any studies yet. >> it's a cautionary tale. we really have to think about is there a downside to there because we don't know yet. >> tova cline runs the bernard toddler center in new york city. she invited us to watch a group of preschoolers to see the difference between kids playing with regular toys and ipads. when we bring the kids in the room, the two boys garrett and milo bee line for the ipads
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while the girls choose toys. >> the thing that surprised me the most was that more children weren't attracted to the screens. girls as they get older tend to be more involved in that imaginary play. >> while there's no research to show that boys favor technology more than girls at this age, look what happens when we try to distract milo from the ipad. >> what are you playing? >> he has no response. they get glued. they really get glued to technology. >> but the girls never fully tune out their environment, talking, interacting, connecting. >> are all the people up there? can you fit them all in there? >> she's not missing what's going on in the rest her environment. >> but the buys can't even hear the teacher calling their name. >> they were incredibly focused. is that a good thing or bad day? >> it's not bad if it's not all day. some children would be on a screen all day if given a choice. >> next we take away all the ipads about you one.
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garrett dominates it. milo has trouble transitioning and wanders around for two minutes. when the last ipad is taken away, the boys join the girls in being more social, verbal, and creative. >> even though they were really engaged and focused, they could create. they could see what other children were doing. >> they were reacting to each other. >> they were reacting to each other. they were watching each other, such an important part of early childhood. >> dr. richard besser, abc news, new york. >> everything in moderation, right, kendis? hey -- >> i don't really believe in the theory. >> oh. what do you have there? >> what is that? is that like a commodore 68? >> probably your belly button. clearly have attachment issues. >> separation anxiety, as well. >> well, what are you playing there, pac man? >> tetris. >> miss pac-man. >> that's the only one i can really do. >> do that well?
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♪ >> time now for "insomniac theater." two new movies at the box office this weekend. >> first up is "pawn sacrifice," the true story of the chess drama that unfolded during the cold war. tobycguire stars as chess prodigy bobby fischer set to play the reigning world champion soviet boris spassky, playedly leave swrib ir. their battle was dubbed the match of the century with immense national pride online and the pressures of the game have a noticeable effect on the eccentric american psyche. >> i think that chess dominance problems soviet intellectual superiority over the decadent west. >> i don't care about politics. >> they're using cles to say
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screw america. >> i'm about the game. two guys on the board. the one makes a move, the other makes a move and that's it. >> i'm a chess fanmyself. i'm also hopelessly patriotic. >> so the reviews are favorable for this one for the most part with andrea chase of killer movie reviews saying it las all the suspense and intrigue of an espionage thriller. peter traverse noting biopics are a dime a dozen but toby mcguire gives such a transforming transformative performance that you're looked. >> up next "the intern." ann lathway plays the founder after a fashion company. she agrees to participate in a community outreach program that helps senior citizens find internships. jewels wendy's up employing deniro, retire yee and widower who decides jumping back into
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the workforce will give him a fresh lease on life. he discovers some things have changed. >> this is the first time we're hiring senior interns. we're going to go for itna. >> fire away. >> where did you go to school? >> i went to northwestern. >> hey, my brother went to northwestern. >> probably not the same time. >> probably not. he graduated in 2009. >> class of '65. >> wow. what was your major? do you remember? >> the reviews for this one a bit mixed with guy lodge of variety saying it takes all the leads considerable combined charm to forestall the after taste of the pic's smug life lessons while film ink notes it is capitalizes on believability of chemistry between anne hathaway and de niro to produce a romcom that is genuinely satisfying. i'd go see this one. >> it sounds interesting. both two good movies. >> that's the news for this half hour. >> remember to follow
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this morning on "world news now," pope francis takes new york. >> the pontiff copies his whirlwind tour of the u.s., building momentum off that historic speech in the capitol. the crowds of the faithful overjoyed and the mass of security effort to keep him safe. we're live with the very latest. stampede tragedy. hundreds of faithful muslims crushed to death in saudi arabia on one of the holiest days of the year about the staggering is death toll as investigators determine how it could have been prevented. fighting fraud. the new way credit card companies are trying to stop thieves from swiping your information. hi-tech methods and what you need to know. and faux francis. the major fakeout on streets of new york just hours before the pope's arrival the premature sighting that had security officials praying for it to be over. it's friday, september 25t


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