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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 29, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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this morning on "world news now," the political promise from republican front-runner donald trump as polls tighten up even more, trump reveals specifics about who will get a tax break and who will not. >> an emotion apology. she helped two murderers break out of prison. and her tearful words to her husband and a judge. >> and new this half hour, mayhem on the streets blamed on a monkey. >> the adventure outside of his owner's home. how he ate his neighbor's mail, made a mess of a patrol car. we'll show you how that ended. >> and replacing jon stewart on "the daily show." trevor noah's first night at the anchor desk. so how did he do? that's in "the skinny" on this tuesday, september 29th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> and we say good tuesday morning to you, everybody.
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i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm kayna whitworth. it's just not monday anymore. >> so hallelujah to that. it is still the united nations general assembly here in new york city. so that means traffic is beautiful right about now. >> don't go anywhere on the east side for 30 minutes, right? >> yeah, it's a little bit crazy around these parts. in the political world, it's crazy still. >> anytime you have donald trump i feel like in the ring, you're going to add a little bit of that. we start with the details of his tax reform plan this morning a plan he says will cost him a fortune as a wealthy business owner. >> trump would slash taxes for the middle class and some of the working poor wouldn't pay any at all he says. it's your voice, your vote. we'll get the details from abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: some real details from donald trump. >> this is my wheelhouse. that's what i do well. the economy is what i do well. >> reporter: trump promising to
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eliminate income taxes entirely for more than half the country. anyone making less than $25,000 and couples earning less than $50,000 would pay no taxes at all. trump would also offer sweeping tax cuts for businesses which he says will create jobs. and slash tax rates for the wealthiest americans. and who does trump want to pay for it all? some of the richest people on wall street. >> those are the hedge fund folks that i've been talking about for quite awhile. they make a lot of money. >> reporter: trump says they will lose some of their tax deductions and he will also close other tax loopholes that benefit the rich. >> in other words, it's going to cost me a fortune, which is actually true. >> reporter: but does that part of the plan sound republican? trump asked about it on "60 minutes." >> well, i'm a pretty good republican, but i will tell you this -- i do have some differences. i don't want to have certain people on wall street get away with paying no tax. >> reporter: defending himself again. >> we're lowering taxes very substantially. we're simplifying and we're getting rid of deductions that are actually obsolete.
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>> reporter: trump's tax plan comes as his lead in the polls shrinks and he faces new attacks from senator marco rubio. >> i'm not interested in the back and forth, to be a member or a part of his freak show. >> reporter: i asked trump about rubio's choice of words. senator rubio described your campaign as a freak show. you take a lot of pride in your campaign. >> look, look. senator rubio is a lightweight. we understand that. he wouldn't be able to do this. he wouldn't know a trade deal from any other deal. >> reporter: rubio had no comment on trump's tax plan and neither diagnose carly fiorina. both candidates now on the rise. some prominent anti-tax crusaders praising the trump plan, but hillary clinton blasting it, calling it a huge tax break for billionaires and many wondering how trump will pay for all of it. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> we move now to the high tensions at the united nations. president obama and russian president vladimir putin squaring off over the chaos in syria. the two leaders sat down privately for 90 minutes, their first formal meetings in two years and described as
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business-like and constructive. but they failed to reach common ground on the fate of syrian leader bashar al assad voicing their differences in dueling speeches before the u.n. generally assembly. >> when a dictator slaughters tens of thousands of his own people, that is not just a matter of one nation's internal affairs. >> president obama insists assad must go while putin says assad is doing more to fight isis than the united states. still, mr. obama says he's open to working with russia and iran on ending the war in syria. >> a conservative california lawmaker says he wants to be the speaker of the house when john bane area steps down next month. ten-term congress man kevin mccarthy is widely considered the front-runner. he's already been endorsed by boehner. florida congressman daniel webster also wants the job. a fellow republican who can't wait for boehner to leave is ted cruz.
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cruz took to the senate floor for an hour last night to the blast boehner's leadership accusing him of working with the democrats, among other things. his senate colleagues then refused to give cruz yet another hour to speak. >> former house speaker dennis hastert is seeking a plea deal. that would keep private potentially embarrassing details about hush money payments he allegedly agreed to make. it's reported the $3.5 million would have kept a former student quiet about sexual abuse while hastert was a high school wrestling coach several decades ago. a former new york state prison employee will serve at least two years behind bars for helping two kill kers escape. joyce mitchell broke down as she pleaded with a judge for mercy. abc's linzie janis reports from outside the courthouse. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: joyce mitchell sobbing in court promising to wear an ankle bracelet for the rest of her life if she can go home to her family. >> i'm hoping you will have
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mercy on me, your honor, no words can explain how deeply sorry i am. >> reporter: the former prison tailor shop worker insisting she only helped two convicted murderers escape, smuggling them hacksaw blades hidden in hamburger meat, because ey threatened to kill her husband lyle. >> i could not let anything happen to my husband and family. i love them all so much. >> reporter: the judge didn't buy it. >> your husband's life would not have been more in danger by exposing the plot to escape. >> reporter: lyle mitchell arriving in court, standing by his wife, even after learning she may have been in on that alleged plot to kill him. visibly upset as his wife was sentenced to up to seven years behind bars. the district attorney says mitchell got off easy. with good behavior, she could be out in just two years. linzie janis, abc news, plattsburg, new york. >> the death of a high school football player in new jersey
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has been ruled an accident following an autopsy. >> evan murray died last friday night after taking a hard hit after the game. the autopsy found his death was the result of massive internal bleeding caused by a lacerated spleen, which was found to be abnormally enlarged. murray's wake will be held tomorrow. researchers say that lowering the drinking age might cut down on binge drinking at colleges. a medical journal says lowering the drinking age reduces the urge to binge in secret but there are other consequences to this. first of all, they say there are more high school dropouts reported. dropout rate goes up when the minimum drinking age is 18. >> apple reporting record sales of its new iphone 6s and 6s plus. the company says it sold more than 13myon during the first weekend that they were available. that's up by the way 30% from last year's iphone 6 launch. but the biggest reason for the difference is the new phones went on sale right away in china which is one of their biggest markets.
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last year china had to wait an entire month. and facebook is back up and running overnight. hallelujah. did you shelter in place? >> i didn't even know. >> some users couldn't reach the social network for about 40 minutes yesterday afternoon. it was the third outage in three weeks. facebook says it was a configuration issue. it affected users in north america. >> our producers were saying so then people had to talk to each other. >> wouldn't know what that's like. >> oh, my gosh. >> there's this neighborhood near orlando, florida. it's back to normal this morning following a walk on the proverbial wild side. >> yeah, that walk came courtesy of zeerk the monkey, who escaped his enbachelor yesterday morning, then ran around wreaking some basically harmless havoc. he hung out on a police car. >> that looked like it was in is fast forward. >> swung on a sign and even ate some mail business as usual
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according to one wildlife official. >> just a monkey being a monkey. i think of it tore some of the molding off of one of the patrol cars. it wasn't like it was aggressive, didn't bite anybody. just playing basically. >> just playing. just monkey being a monkey. police tried to catch zeke. but when his owner returned home, zeke jumped into his arms. one neighbor called it a peaceful surrender. >> was he waving a white flag at the time? or did he eat that too? >> he probably ate the white flag. >> i feel like you gloss odd over it. "and he ate their mail." >> i was reading one of the quotes from the police down there. they were saying their officers are prepared for absolutely everything, but this was a completely different situation. he's drinking water. kind of hanging out. >> isn't it more of like gator territory or something like that? >> it is. but it's everything. >> wow. >> in florida. coming up in "the skinny," medical drama on "dancing with the stars" and confirming a poorly kept secret on "the simpsons." >> also ahead the significant
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many native americans were as opposed to his canonization blaming him for pressing their ancestors. >> the widespread recall triggered by faulty air bags may be getting bigger. the takata air bag deflators can explode and spew shrapnel have been blamed for eighth deaths and hundreds of injuries. so far more than 19 million vehicles from 11 companies have been recalled. some major changes to our credit cards currently taking place. i actually have two of them this already happened. millions of americans will be receiving these new cards in the mail. >> part because there's a new law requiring cards to contain a computer chip that will make it harder for thieves to steal your information. rebecca jarvis tells us how they work. >> reporter: caught in the act. watch as this fast food attendant swipes this credit card once, and then secretly, a second time. to steal a customer's personal information right off the card's magnetic strip.
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>> skimming is at an all-time high. >> reporter: starting this week, new technology in your credit cards should keep thieves from doing that again, because of this -- a small, metallic chip that holds all your payment data, far more difficult for criminals to copy. >> you'll actually put your card into a little cover. people complain that it takes a little bit longer, but that little bit of lag time is worth it in the long run, so that your data is protected. >> reporter: retailers are also being pushed to upgrade their systems. if they don't, and there's a data breach, they'll likely pay. unlike the old days, where the credit card companies were on the hook, now it's the store. >> exactly. the liability has shifted. >> reporter: some of the credit card benefits are also changing, which makes it a great time to double check fine print and compare the perks, using websites like, and credit karma. >> 1.2 billion of these new credit cards with chips have
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gone out to consumers. the banks say many more will be going out later this year. if you happen to have an old credit card still, you can use it at most retailers, grocery stores and gas stations. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> so a lot of times you have to have a pin now, as well. >> this was something my husband just put into our credit cards that i couldn't use it or something. like i don't know the pin. >> that was a smart move. does that work? >> yeah, it works brilliantly actually. >> good move. all right. up next. >> just got married and he does this. >> up next, trevor noah's first episode of the daily show" as jon stewart's successor. >> and the latest tv star to come out of the closet. it's not who you might think. "the skinny" is next. "world new
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♪ skinny, so skinny >> we're going to start "the skinny" this morning with a new era in late night tv. "the daily show" moving on. without jon stewart. >> last night was the highly anticipated debut of the show's new host, trevor noah. he started with a monologue paying tribute to stewart, then dove right into the debate over comedy central's choosing of him as the successor. >> it turns out that comedy central did ask women to host and the women they asked turned the job down because they all had better things to do and clearly knew something i didn't.
3:49 am
why didn't they get an american to host? again, comedy central tried and those people also declined. once more a job americans rejected is now being done by an immigrant. >> the rest of the program seemed to follow the familiar "daily show" format. noah turned to the news headlines for punch lines, politics and the pope. delivered some edginess but nobody truly in the crosshairs on the first night. >> he also seemed eager to carry on stewart's torch declaring the war on bs, it will continue. a nod to stewart's fine episode. -- final episode. >> u.s. today said a not so great daily show". reviews are a little bit harsh so -- >> it's his first one. >> give him a break. next up, it was a dramatic night in the ballroom on "dancing with the stars." >> you should have seen him with hair and makeup talking about it. >> so reality star kim zolciak and her partner tony were forced to drop out of the competition because kim suffered a mini stroke last week.
3:50 am
according to the rules, since she couldn't dance because of medical reasons, she had to be eliminated. she explained on skype that her doctor wouldn't clear her to fly. otherwise, she says she would have been there. >> so now to the challenge this week. preparing dance routines based on their favorite tv shows. topping the leaderboard was nick carter and his partner sharna. the pair wowed the judges with their waltz to the theme from downton abby" earning a score of 36 out of 40. >> gary busey. >> make it stop. >> did not fare quite, as well. the judges were pleased and appreciated his tribute to the adams family. all partners safe from elimination this week because of kim's withdrawal. i like the teenage mutant ninja turtles. >> that kid did really well. i actually think he's great. >> turning to what's being called the worst kept secret in all of springfield. >> the simpson's character smithers coming out of the closet.
3:51 am
the show's executive producer says smither's super loyal assistant to mr. burns will make the big reveal this season. most people in the town already know his sexual orientation but to his boss, it's still a secret. >> apparently smithers will finally get fed up with mr. burns not appreciating him and will consider new options elsewhere. finally, a possible hint for fans of the '80s cult classic, i loved it, "the goonies." one of the film stars is talking about a squeal. >> last night talking about sean aston who played mikey in the 1985 movie took to facebook last night saying. "i have always believed there will be a "goonies" sequel because steven spielberg told me in 1988 that he wanted to make one." >> he insisted the others have given him a reason to believe it's in the works and hopes it gets made sometime in his lifetime. >> a note to sean aston,
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this half hour, the latest scientific discovery that's causing quite a stir on this planet. and another one. >> yes, what we're now learning about mars that's truly out of this world. abc's david kerley. >> reporter: it sounds like something sci-fi, but nasa's mars orbiter has seen something only imagined. >> liquid water has been found on mars. >> the essential ingredient of life on the red planet. look closely, during the summer months, little riv lets, streaks develop 12 to 15 wide. a football field long. that scientists say is a salty even briney water which disappears in winter. billions of years ago, mars had
3:56 am
an ocean. was there life then? and with this discovery, is there life now? >> the discovery really is most exciting because it suggests that it would be possible for there to be life today on mars. >> reporter: it could also change a manned mission to mars. water on that planet means that astronauts if they travel to mars may not have to carry water and other resources. >> is this really a break-through for humans to visit mars? >> we could use that water to drink, of course, to break up into its parts, hydrogen and oxygen, breathe the oxygen. hydrogen and oxygen is a great rocket fuel. >> right now only rovers like curiosity are on the surface of mars. with the discovery of water, a human visit becomes more of a possibility. >> people down here on the original blue planet having fun online with the announcement sharing this very literal take on the discovery and then this update add snapshot of the martinez rover. >> if your face, neil armstrong.
3:57 am
>> some people even joking on twitter that it's all an elaborate promo for an upcoming matt damon movie about a mission to mars. >> i've done the math. it checks out. >> for "nightline," i'm david kerley in washington, d.c. >> that's not a promo. >> i think it's a con-spiracy. the movie opens october 2nd and now we find life on mars? >> oh, look, look at you. i'm going to go with that's mars. >> i look so short today, like emmanuel lewis on mars. come on. >> was your muscle suit deflated that time? >> yesterday you had the muscles. >> i had the muscles. so now i'm -- >> the helmet was -- but you planted the "world news now" flag up there. >> webster. >> this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for two decades. informing insomniacs for two two decades.
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making news in america this morning, developing overnight a tropical storm forming, the east coast on alert as the system slowly churns in the atlantic, plus, severe flooding from another storm system in the south. we're tracking it all. tax plan. donald trump's ambitious proposal to cut taxes for millions of people and another candidate calling trump's campaign a freak show. we're live in washington. high-speed chase, a car weaving in and out of traffic over 100 miles an hour then a wild crash and a foot chase all of it caught on camera. and a pet running amok chewing on mail and a police cruiser. the monkey on the lam.


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