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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  September 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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in the next couple of day once it makes the turn, possibly coming to a substantial size hurricane, category three. the new track from the hurricane center they shifted it to the west. more land. look at the cone of uncertainty, the way to read this is the preferred landfall area could be here. it could be there. there. anywhere out to here. this is just the center line of the track. it doesn't mean it could come to the chesapeake bay. it could. but it could come west or east. in any case it will affect the weather. but even before the effects come in we have heavy rain on its own on a friday saturday to saturday and that is something to keep a close eye on. let me show you latest plots. they are coming in better alignment. even takes the storm and turns it west. it will turn west to make landfall but there is a large area that could be impacted including all of our viewing area. a lot more to talk about coming up in hour.
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alison: absolutely. we'll see you soon, doug. thank you. meanwhile, tonight the national weather service surveying the storm damage. this was in laurel. the agency trying to figure out if a tornado did damage overnight. it tore a hole in roof of a building. more than three inches of rain fell in less than an hour. at the height of the storm. leon: last night's storm soaked much of our region. backburn, virginia, set a record in a single day. more than four inches. we have storm watch team coverage for you with brad bell looking at the damage in frederick. begin with mike carter-conneen in alexandria. we have a look for you to be ready for next round of rain. mike? mike: we are live in old town. this is a dark and a driry day all day long. as the word spread about the storm residents say they will spend a few days hunkering
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down. at old town harbor we got the homeowner press pairing for the heavy rain and flooding. at the least, the staff is recommending you take three steps. first, protect the low-lying or basement doors with the barriers like sandbags or duct tape. remove any debris and unflog drains. with the leaving starting to fall you might want to check the gutters. >> what happens when the gutter ising thered it will fill up and overflow. it wasn't designed to take that much water. it is on the window seal and you get water you have never seen before or falling on your foundation that weren't designed to take that much water that could cause flooding in the basement. another storm to take before the storm. if you have trees or damages that you are concerned about, you can contact local contractors now or present a
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danger to your neighbors. several tree service companies get bezzier this time of year before and after big storms like this one. they get overwhelmed with the calls. reach out now. it may take time to get through the backlog. coming up tonight at 6:00, we show you a product that might have you rethink your sand bag tragedy -- sand bag strategy. it's cheaper and easier to store if you can find it. alison: we'll stay tuned. thank you for that. flash flooding was a big problem in the area around frederick after the storms. that is where your maryland bureau chief brad bell is live tonight with the latest on everything. brad? brad: a really sad scene playing out right here. we are outside the ymca. all of this stuff is being pulled out of their daycare or the preschool. look at the chair. this is still wet.
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what is going on is the work crews are going in and they are bringing the stuff out at the time. they are trying to use the hoses to pull the moisture out. there was three feat of water here last night. >> nobody expected anything like this. knee-deep water in downtown frederick. flooding videos on twitter. look at this video. >> i didn't know boom, quick, rain, everything. >> the pond is baseball diamond. walking both under several streets of water. but the problem was too much rain for the storm drains. >> the water was coming from the alleyway. back to the chair. i didn't realize i felt this was a foot.
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>> basement and garages are soaked. these boxes held stuff that lisa andrews storedded in her cellar. >> renter's don't cover. we are stuck. >> also trying to figure out how to recover tonight. the day care center is ruined. there is no place for the 90 children to go. >> trying not to cry. on the verge of tears all day. i never experienced this before. >> back live. look at this toy. this is covered with mud.
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>> you can stay one step of the weather. keep track through the facebook and the twitter feeds. download the app to your smartphone or tablet. leon: breaking news on the schultdown threat. they passed a bill to keep the government running. chris papst live at the capitol hill bureau with the latest. chris: the crux of the matter is the government is funded until december is 1. that raises a question at that point? as you mentioned this is seven hours before the budgetary deadline ends.
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this controversy start 2 when believe that planned parenthood were breaking the law by selling body parts of aborted fetuses. some lawmakers want planned parenthood to be defund and they are willing to shut down the government to make sure it happens. >> i'm watching what happens. i am hopeful we won't have to have a repeat of 2013. >> coming up we will introduce you to a local business owner whose business is tied to the federal government and what she is doing to prepare just in case. the house passed a bill. the senate passed it. goes to the president but it
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only funds the government through december 11. alison: thank you for the latest there. we are tracking a developing story on metro. hours ago the national transportation safety board called for the federal railroad administration to take control of wmata. brianne carter with what it means. >> the ntsb saying it's part of the investigation in safety at metro and the yellow line incident that happened here outside of the metro station. they are asking the government to step in and help. >> a push for the government to take over when it comes to safety oversight of the metro rail system. >> in an unprecedented my they recommended that the federal railroad association assume
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the oversight ability. the rail system continues to be plagued with problems. the tristate overtalk committee made up of the representatives from maryland, virginia and d.c. oversees the rail system but some say tops doesn't have the leg ratory needed. the safety oversight has improved very little since the tragic red line that killed nine people. in a state, congressman said the finding and the recommendations coupled with those from the other federal investigations demonstrate that metro is facing monumental challenges it can't face alone. >> i don't need another group of people looking over the shoulder. we have so many right now. >> i need $25 billion for ten years to make it a third rate system. >> the investigators say without oversight, it will continue to place the rail
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riders at risk. what do the riders think? >> too many chiefs, not enough indians. it all depends. >> calling the urgent recommendations and they are asking to hear from the department of transportations in 30 days. then congress will get the chance to weigh in. reporting live, brianne carter, abc7 news. leon: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- following suit. how am track prepares to take page from handbook. alison: the man accused of killing two college students head back to court. leon: his commander says he was acting in the selfless manner. we are more on how the marine died. >> this time by the bushes across from a popular well-known high school. we will hear from the men who
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came to the victim's aid. i am
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gee new information in the murder of a virginia tech student. jesse matthew will go on trial october 16. he is charged with
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first-degree murder in the 2009 murder of morgan harrington. matthew also charged in the kidnapping and the murder of hannah graham. today a judge denied two defense motions including one for details about the grand jury that indicted matthew. friday a judge in fairfax county will sentence matthew for a 2005 sense wall -- sexual assault. alison: arlington county investigators are trying to figure out if a man who assaulted the woman last night could be behind half a dozen other attacks since late july. that happened in the 1200 block of north quincy street not far from the other incidents that have happened. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is live on the scene for us tonight. jeff, the suspect description sounds familiar. jeff: it does. a man in his 20's or 30's. 5'7, 5'8". the eighth attack in arlington on a woman in two months. this one happening in front of
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the bushes last night on north quincy across the street from washington lee high school. thankfully the victim in this case is doing okay. the suspect got away. the victim was a 23-year-old girl who was walking home last night again at 10:20 after getting off of the bus. when police came up from behind grabbed her and attempted to pull her in the bushes on north quincy. the woman screamed very loudly. cause the man to take off. authorities are looking into whether the suspect is on the bus. if he was could provide surveillance images of the man. we spoke with another man who heard the victim scream as the attack took place. >> this is a scream you don't want to hear. i knew something was wrong. i didn't know what. i knew i saw something running from the scream and i knew that guy probably had something to do with it. jeff: sean says he did chase the man down quincy but the
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man got away. the victim is shaken after what took place. after speaking with the neighbors and the police said was doing okay. they do not believe that the suspect is connected to the other incident. but they are not ruling out the possibility. we'll follow through this the evening and have more on later editions of abc7 news. live in arlington, jeff goldberg. doug: we have two big weather stories. joaquin obviously but before that excessive rainfall here and there. before jacque jacque is in play. leesburg is top of the pack. more inches of rain still to come. three inches in germantown and 2-3/4 in annapolis.
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watching the radar now. sprinkles. and the winds out of the north. moist air and cool air. breezy conditions. not much more with sprinkle or drizzle. the cold front is off the coast. it is going to stay there and it may move south and southeast but not much. what will happen is the the front will transport more moisture in ahead of the hurricane. the future cast shows rain tomorrow morning, mainly south and east of if region. as we get through the afternoon scattered showers. we get to late night and friday as they occur. the frontal system will draw heavy rain in the area.
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tonight is drizzly and cool. then heavy rain will return with the gusty winds and the chilly temperatures in the 50's as we head through the day on friday and saturday. between now and sunday. now and the possible effects of joaquin, look how much additional rain could fall. four inches of rain in leonard town. three. is at andrews. three inches, and the lesser amount north and west. it's a big deal to follow. steve has that with joaquin. steve: if it continues the track we could have more rain sunday and monday. measured in inches across the metro area. take a look where it is located now. it's not moving toward the southwest. 8-mile-per-hour. pressure beginning to fall. winds gusts at 105-mile-per-hour. this is a storm that is gaining in intensity. it is going to take a quick turn to the north. this is the latest guesstimate where it may move over the coming days. keep in mind the center line you see here is just an estimate. this could move inland or
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further east. this is 5:00 reading. it shows monday 2:00. it could be the center, it could be over part of the d.c. metro area with the winds at 65-mile-per-hour. right now the storm, maximum winds at 85 miles per hour. these are the models that we use to determine where the storm may go. curly cues across north carolina. that is bad news. if this happens we are look at the prolong period of heavy rain across north carolina to southern vass and a lot of rain for the d.c. metro area. take the outlook for next seven days. it does not look pretty. tomorrow is daytime highs. the middle 60's. only the upper 50's on friday. taste of bethesda is on saturday. it looks like it will be a washout with the area of heavy rain. middle 60's. question marks for sunday and monday. where joaquin goes, that will determine our forecast here in washington. at least right now we are looking at the brighter skies come tuesday and wednesday with the highs back in the 70's.
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head back to doug. doug: thank you. it's possible that late tomorrow night some part of the u.s. east coast might be under a hurricane watch already. alison: already. leon: we're just getting late word while you were at the board about charles county saying they are now, charles county decided to distribute sandbags starting tomorrow at noon through 8:00 p.m. if you live in charles county and think you might need one. alison: thanks a lot. leon: now the word "cute" doesn't do this justice. we found this video that you have got to see. we will show it to you later this hour. alison: you will like it. plus, deadline day for district as it tries to build a new stadium. find out what has to happen. kellye: i'm kellye lynn at the airport where nonstop nights are now available to havana, cuba. i will tell you about it coming up. leon: first, a look at what is coming up tonight on abc7. mom this is hugely important. is there anywhere in your house i can get a good signal?
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jonathan: i'm jonathan elias. black eye for the secret service. many employees improperly access tend old job application of a congressman investigating scandals inside the agency. it's chavit. of utah.
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and the actions could violate the u.s. privacy act. we will stay on top of the story and we will bring you the information once it's available. i'm jonathan elias in the newsroom. back to you. leon: "7 on your side" consumer alert now. the next time you ride am track you may have to pay a baggage fee. tomorrow, the passenger train company will start to charge $20 for the passengers who exceed limit for carry-on and personal items. the customers are allowed to bring on board three, two personal items weighing up to 25 pounds and two carry-on bags more than 50 pounds each. am track hope it will pre -- amtrak says they hope it will preserve space on the crowded trains. meeting between president obama and raul castro at the united nations show physically how the tensions are easing between the countries. alison: today, another change. the first regularly scheduled flight from b.w.i. to havana
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took off. kellye lynn is live with details. kellye: hello. this flight took off at 4:00 on time. it is schedule told arrive in havana at 7:15 this evening. for $700 the fair is offering a nonstop, regularly scheduled flight to cuba. >> getting to cuba just got easier. i saw that there was a nonstop flight a couple of months ago. booked it right away. wanted to see what was going on in cuba. >> this is time to have regularly scheduled air charter flights from b.w.i. and havana cuba. the >> the plane was barely full. but it didn't darnen the enthusiasm. >> vintage vehicles. hemingway house.
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>> jamie: hernandez and his wife chose the flight for convenience. >> this is the first time for us to see my wife's family from baltimore. we don't have to go to miami or another any other airport. >> there are misconceptions about cuba. there is a lot of mystery surrounding cuba. it has been 60 years and you haven't been allowed to be there. i want to know it's time for this to happen. kellye: the plan is offer the flights on wednesday and if there is interest expand it to saturday or sunday. kellye lynn, abc7 news. alison: thank you. coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- given his blessing? what the kentucky clerk at the middle of that same-sex marriage debate has to say
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about her encounter with the pope. >> a u.s. marine is hit and killed while helping a stranded driver in the pouring rain. now the hunt is on fo the striking vehicle. i'm kevin lewis. that story is coming up. leon: but first, look at this scene. last night's rain sparking a feeding ground for heron looking for fish. what will joaquin bring? doug is discover the world
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announcer: you're watching "abc7 news at 5:00". on your side. alison: let less get back to the weather. you can see that clouds are covering the area but the first real tropical threat of the year is churning now in the atlantic. chief meteorologist doug hill is here. we were just saying how we hadn't had any trop tall issues lately -- tropical issues lately. here we are. doug: quiet season. alison: so far. what are the best and the worst case scenarios with joaquin? doug: worst impact is impact on the midlatten the coast. best case is stay off the state. i want to demonstrate clearly. this is the bahamas and this is going to turn north so the best case is heading to sea. worst case makes the landfall from the carolina to the chesapeake bay. that is possibility. because of that, this is a good idea people to think ahead. that includes in the next few days. clearing the storm drains or
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debris. with so much rain coming this is smart, just to prepare if you are close to the by a or the river. alison: there is rain coming and then there is heavy rain regardless if the hurricane hits us. >> we are talking about two to five inches unrelated to the joaquin. that is the cold front surging northward. but you have to add on through the next few days it will become a category three storm and make landfall in the coast, southeast virginia, the bay area as a category two. that is winds over 100 miles per hour. if you take that as a realistic possibility here, rain from the hurricane we have a big mess. we can't say where it will land or even if it will land.
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if it does we have a short time to react. that is why preparation is important. alison: we know they have done that at the beaches. charles county is giving out sandbags. we will keep on top of it. thank you. remind, you are you are our best eyes when the weather or news breaks. if you see it, september 11 it to us at abc7. e-mail them to leon: back to the rain that hit us last night. a marine assigned to camp david stopped to help a stranded driver in the middle of the rain and that cost corporate william ferrell his life. as kevin lewis reports now the search is on for the hit-and-run driver who killed the 21-year-old. kevin: pink spray paint marks the spot where william ferrell lost his life along route 15ch 10:40 last night and pouring
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rain. ferrell was helping a motorist when a passing vehicle hit and killed him. the driver fled. ferrell's mother pictured here woke up to a knock at her front door. >> it can change. please tell me it's not my son. please tell me it's not my child. reporter: ferrell who worked presidential security at camp david had a servant's heart. he just completed a 13-mile hike to raise awareness of ptsd. >> people would just pass by. but he didn't because that is who he is. kevin: they want you to lock at a pickup truck hauling a trailer with damage to the right side. >> he is a good samaritan. he wasn't on the clock. he was just stopping on his way in to help somebody out. >> took away the most precious thing in my life.
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and own up to it. take responsibility. kevin: it's possible the suspect was transporting cars to an auto auction in pennsylvania but so far they have no solid leads. in frederick county, i'm kevin lewis. leon: the kentucky clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage license for same-sex couples set she met with pope francis in the d.c. visit. she said the pope gave her rosaries and told her to "stay strong." davis says she and her husband received an invite from the vatican. the vatican spokesman is not denying that the meetk took place. >> i put my hand out. he grabbed it. i hugged him. and he hugged me. he said thank you for your courage. leon: davis is back at work but refusing to issue any marriage licenses with her signature. a position that pope francis voiced support for in the press conference on the flight
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back to rome by the way. coming up at 5:00 -- this week's hastier' ero. d.c. program that is building relationships and closing the reading gap. >> coming up at 6:00 tonight, new information on the closure of a hospital in prince george's county. how many positions will be cut
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steve: i'm steve rudin. if you have outlore plan, think twice about it. 65 in bethesda saturday. heavy rain. heavy rain on sunday. this is part of what is the hurricane. this is what we expect the track to take in the next few days. this could impact the mid-atlantic sunday to monday. the exact track is still up in
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the air. of course we will keep you updated on abc7. stay with us. "abc7 news at 5:00" c
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alison: today is the deadline for the district to get the land needed for a stadium for d.c. united. mayor muriel bowser told sam
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ford that the city is taking control through eminent domain at two acres of land to but saturday's point the move -- buzzard's point to move it forward. the courts will have decide on the price. acreage negotiated a deal with former mayor gray to give them the reeve center at 14th and u northwest. mayor bowser rejected that part of the original deal. leon: hundreds of students that struggle with reading get a boost thanks to a program where the volunteers work one-on-one with people reading below the current braid level. it's called "reading partners" and it's this week's harris' hero. >> like this. perfect. leon: 6-year-old juniorania marshall wants to be a rock star. she is identified reading below level. that is what she and the other first graders at malcolm x. elementary school in d.c. are getting individual reading support.
5:40 pm
it's called reading partners and the goal is to close the reading gap. >> in washington, d.c., we have seen incredible results. the past year, the students doubled the rate of learning. >> they have someone sit side-by-side with them and practice on the reading strategy. >> the program focus is on phonics and reading comprehension. the young students have fun, too. >> to keep them excited and opposed to boring work sheet. >> the rewards with well worth time spent. >> i love to learn from the students. >> one hour isn't much to ask for an adult. but it can lead to the life changing outcomes. >> he mail me the high five
5:41 pm
for working hard. thank you for coming in. >> using the help of 100 volunteers to get the work done. among the volunteers muriel bowser signed up to be a reading partner. >> good for her. >> a great program. thank you. coming up, on "abc7 news at 5:00". the panda cub is growing quickly. but see what he did to melt hearts on the internet ahead horace: she thought it would be a simple move down south.
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alison: it was a chance to start a new life in florida for a virginia woman but she claims her life was placed on hold after contracting contracta local mover. she told "7 on your side" that company promised the move would take a few days but several weeks passed and she hat no answers about where her me longings were. that's when she contacted
5:45 pm
horace holmes. horace: she was so looking forward to making the move from the previous home to florida. until she actually tried to move. >> i am to the point now i'm frustrated and agery. i can't man honingry i would be by now if i was down there. >> we met her and she was living in an empty home, clueless where her belong, were. >> where is your stuff? >> i don't know. horace: the movers moving representative promised her, her things. >> there is four pages of what they loaded. horace: nearly everything she owned would be in florida in less than a week. she paid them in full up front. $4,o 38 according to the contract. >> a big mistake. >> they have been paid and they have my stuff. horace: over the course of the month she called the movers over and over and got she claims excuse after excuse. >> how can you possibly think this is any way to run a business? horace: finally the callbacks
5:46 pm
stopped coming so she filed a report with the police and reached out to "7 on your side." we spoke to the representative from alliance who told us it's not unusual for moves like hers to take up to 21 days even though they told her it would be less than a week. a manager told us that he is didn't know for sure but believed they were in the storage facility in beltsville. a couple of days later she received a call from the moving representative saying the truck with her things was in florida. it seemed like a happy ending but no. she says some of her items were missing. others broken in the move. horace: we spoke with her in florida via skype. >> i don't think they are looking for my missing stuff. >> we went to alliance relocation system on the website only to find out the company moved out three years ago. preeted calls to the company were not returned. we checked with the better business bureau and they show the alliance relocate has an "f" rating with numerous
5:47 pm
complaints similar to hers. in the newsroom, horace holmes, abc7 news. alison: all right. that is not good. thank you. all right. get a check on the roadways. jamie on traffic watch. how does it look? jamie: it is rough. two different spots we have an area all lanes were blocked. first i want to start in d.c. heading southbound at new york avenue. all lanes are blocked. the police are on the scene with the crash. if you enter the tum, police are blocking off the entrance ramp. let's shift closer to virginia. leesburg pike westbound, same things. all lanes are blocked with an accident. >> this is what we typically have. two directions on 295. mainly seeing the volume working your way in both directions between near the toll road and 270. take a live look to give you a
5:48 pm
better idea of what we have now. right near the american legion bridge the inner loop is heavier than the outer loop. but volume nonetheless. keep in mind right now the roads are dry, which is good. you will probably see more traffic. that is a look at the afternoon delays. back to you. >> from delays to something cute. in fact, this is the daily dote of cuteness, the national zoo released video of bei bei, the giant panda cub letting out a atmosphere as he slept. take a look -- letting out a sneeze as he slept. [sneeze] adorable. the zoo posted the video on facebook. that is something that you might expect from a cub whose name bei bei means "precious treasure." leon: are you sure it came out of his nose? alison: regardless it was cute. >> he was moving everything. alison: leon! leon: all right. we have joaquin moving in the area. that is what we have our eye
5:49 pm
on. doug: before any impact to joaquin we have more rain. look what the heavy rain did in frederick county, maryland. frederick, caroline, thank her for shooting the video. the heron found breakfast. a little beauty and fun to be found even in the tough situations. the bitionest concern in short term is more heavy rain as we move through late in the day friday, through friday and saturday. cold front came through. the showers and the storms along the coast. rain. cloudy, breezy and the chilly weather for us. the front will take a position and become stationary up and down the east coast. that will be in a position to allow moisture ahead of the hurricane. just between friday and saturday, we could pick up two or three, four, five inches more rain in our area. here is what we are thinking. tonight is cloudy, damp, drizzly and the temperatures are upper 50's.
5:50 pm
future cast showing the rain east tomorrow. friday it will come back at us from the south. the rain could get heavy at times as we head through late friday night. head to saturday. potential of inches of rain from the system. when we get it out of there on late saturday we will worry about joaquin. steve: a lot going on for joaquin. the latest for you is it's spinning north of bahamas. it is going to continue the trek for the time being and take a quick turn north. that is when it will track up the coast and it could eventually impact the area. show you what is going on in terms of what we expect with the latest track for you. it will intensify. it could intensify to a category two and then three storm. then notice the area by monday afternoon. very wide range. from new york city to west virginia. these are the areas where the center of the storm may be located with the winds upwards of 65 miles per hour. if you have travel plans for
5:51 pm
the outer banks of north carolina come sunday and monday, this is a storm that we need to watch very carefully over the coming days. right now at 5:00 update. 85-mile-per-hour winds. wind bust at 105-mile-per-hour. the movement toward the southwest at 8-mile-per-hour. i will tick yaw out with a -- i will take you without with the next seven days and this is the spaghetti plot. showing where the action is located in terms of what could be sunday and monday. wide range. we will keep you updated as the storm progresses in the coming days. here is the seven-day now. middle 60's on saturday. lower 70's on sunday. on the weekend, feast the eyes on tuesday and wednesday. let's talk sports with erin. erin: you are talking about the weather, doug is talk about the weather and we are
5:52 pm
talking about the weather because it could have huge implication for the sunday 1:00 kickoff for the redskins-eagles at fedex field. the redskins practice in the bubble today due to the rain. if you think the weather was bad today? wait until sunday when hurricane alison: alison: could absolutely hammer the east coast. here is what the players had to say about what mother nature could bring come game day. >> i have been in worse, like in chicago. i don't know if that is worse. i'll preparing long cites whatever it is. >> you have to plan for it. rain all week. the field will be wet. we have to be prepared. >> run the ball. i can't wait for that. erin: meantime, backup colt mccoy was on the practice
5:53 pm
field after missing monday's practice with a cut on his left foot. we will have more on the backup quarterback at 6:00. hate it or love it the wizards are taking it old school. they will pay homage to the 1969-1973 baltimore bullets wearing the alternates in six games this season. the soonest you see the players sporting the bad boys on the hard court is november 25. feel free to tweet me whether you hate it or love it. maybe you like the look. some people said not so much. this is just awkward. this guy was on a date at the red sox-yankees game in new york. he had nice seats but the catching skills not so much. he dropped not one, not two, three balls. his girlfriend starts to look a it aral embarrassed. no word yet on if she dropped him. leon: that's cold. that's cold. alison: he was trying. a for effort. >> you could catch one. c'mon!
5:54 pm
leon: who gets that many shots in one game. erin: get one. they were going to give it to him because he kept missing it. leon: that is awful. awful. this is awful, too. pilots have been reporting more close encounters with them this year. alison: when we come back, a look at an airport plan to deal with
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alison: the number of close calls involving drones and other aircraft is skyrocketing. the f.a.a. reported 700 cases so far this year. as brandi hitt reports, now airport if i believes are meeting to see what they -- airport officials are meeting to see what they can do to crack down on illegal prone use. >> almost got hit by a drone. >> it's becoming a dangerous problem across the country. >> this got too close. brandi: one close call after the next, drones nearly hitting helicopters and commercial airports. >> 100 feet below us. off the right wing. >> a huge spike in the drone encounters. brandi: the situation now so out of control denver international airport officials met with the f.a.a.
5:58 pm
to discuss risks to passengers. potential drone use by terrorists and outreach efforts. >> to get rid of the grand parents with the grand kids out there operating because they don't know where they are. brandi: f.a.a. says drones nearly hit ten planes this year alone. >> sooner or later we will lose an airplane due to a collision. brandi: the unmanned aircraft now in such high demand surveillance video shows thieves stealing drones this week worth $2900 each from this california store. while the footage can be magnificent, california fire crews say drones are getting in their way in the critical fire fight. >> we shut the aircraft down for the rest of the day. if you flight, we can't. brandi: you can't fly more than 400 feet in air. even though many of the machines can fly much higher. brandi hitt, abc news, los
5:59 pm
angeles. alison: that will do it for "abc7 news at 5:00". but right now at 6:00 -- tracking hurricane joaquin. what it could bring to our area in the coming days and a look at what you can do starting now. as we prepare for joaquin, some business owners are cleaning up damage caused by last night's storm. we are watching the budget battle on the hill. the fight to keep the government from shutting down. "abc7 news at 6:00" starts right now. announcer: now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. milwaukee first at 6:00, pre -- maureen: first at 6:00, preparing for nasty weather. leon: and what we could see in the d.c. region. moments ago virginia governor terry mcauliffe declared a state of emergency in the storm. let's get to chief meteorologist doug hill who is tracking the storm and joaquin as well. doug: at last check the report by the national hurricane center, joaquin is drifting southwest toward the bahamas. show you full screen and get a
6:00 pm
big glimpse of the enhanced satellite. ind indicates that the storm is intensifying. cloud tops are higher and colder. it is getting stronger. top winds reported at 85 miles per hour. so what is going to happen around here in the next couple of days we will be watching and watching what happens. track to the southwest and it is going to make a uturn and head north. this is the latest track by the national hurricane center with the top winds of 85 miles per hour. gusting to 105. keep a note as you look at the track the center line doesn't mean it will come off chesapeake bay. i could come west or the east and staying offshore. this is like the center of the projection. but we are talking the sunday to monday time frame. it could intensify to category three hurricane east of savannah georgia. category two nearing the coastline and slowly weakens. it will be a strong stretch of the


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