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announcer: now, abc 7 news at noon. on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jummy: get the number let ready. the umbrella we are tracking hurricane joaquin, a category 3 storm. chief meteorologist doug hill is here. at thes we look conditions surrounding hurricane joaquin, it is drifting to the southwest into the bahamas. it will turn and head north.
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the rain we have had and the heavy rain we are going to get tomorrow has nothing to do with hurricane joaquin. rain and wind from hurricane joaquin comes sunday night into tuesday morning. we know the computer model has said it would intensify into a major category three storm sometime tonight or tomorrow. it actually happened last night. a lot of things about the computer modeling are not given us a lot of confidence. seere going to wait to until later. if this does not turn to the left and turn to the north -- you know what i am saying. per hour winds gusting to 155 miles per hour. the expectation is it will turn later tonight or tomorrow morning and had north. yesterday and the past couple days, we have the euro model, one of the most reliable models
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that was keeping it offshore. everyone else was bringing it to the coast. othercommuter monocle -- computer models are keeping it offshore. we still have a number of models bringing it in to the carolinas, others into southern new england. it is goingw where to go. there are other activities going on right now that are going to be involved with joaquin as it weakens over cooler water. what we are going to see is this big area of low pressure overhead, it's called a trough, that is going to start drifting westward and bring us heavy rain and into saturday morning. into sunday and monday as the area gets stronger, it may have an effect of pulling the hurricane or the moisture from it closer to shore. the bottom line is we're going to have a lot of rain and wind over the next four or five days. jummy: thank you. virginia governor terry a state ofeclaring
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the storm.head of suzanne kennedy takes a look at what local communities are doing to get you ready. suzanne:l keeping an eye on the potomac rive into two days of steady rain and then hurricane joaquin will bear down on virginia. the city of manassas park started handing out sandbags this morning, 300 will be distributed to residents in low lying areas near creeks. people want to be prepared for whatever the category three hurricane sends our way. >> everybody is saying that plane thursday night and friday night it is going to be significant, even before the hurricane gets here. that is what we are preparing for. i have my people on-call. >> when we get heavy rain, the creek bed arises. sometimes we get lucky and it is not coming in the back door. normally i use one but i think i will use more. suzanne: in alexandria there was
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flooding during hurricane sandy back in 2012. residents and merchants are preparing for whatever joaquin brings with it. in alexandria, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. jummy: and a lot of people are preparing for the worst, stocking up on supplies at hardware stores. john gonzalez has that side of the story. ddc area is saturated from heavy rain. talk of a powerful hurricane growing in size has many preparing for what could be a challenging weekend. >> make sure you have your batteries and flashlights so the power does not go out. if you have a generator, get it out and make sure it starts. if it does not, bring it for service. john: at the hardware store in maryland, extra ship mints could be arranged. >> i have a 93-year-old mother. my daughter is on well water,
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she is loading up and filling her bathtub. john: keep an eye out for signs like these at hardware stores, storm related items are not returnable. want just in case purchases, especially if these items are at a premium and others can really use them. flooding and power outages could be widespread in the region was inches of rain. just replaced a storm fighting tool in his home just in time. >> it is delightful. just an old man with wild ideas. john: how do you get ready for a powerful hurricane? >> just replaced a storm fighting tool in his home just in time. >> it is delightful. to begin with, i worry about my sump pump. most of the time it works but when it is needed it sometimes
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gives up. a new pump. john: in burtonsville, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. together ae's put checklist. plan an evacuation strategy, stock up on essentials like medication and nonperishable food. if you are in an area that floods, make sure your electronics are unplugged and move furniture to higher ground. already some events being canceled. into a is looking contingency plan for sunday's redskins-eagles game. one plan involves the redskins moving their bye week to this week and rescheduling the game sunday for week 8. ase sure you stay with abc 7 we continue to track hurricane joaquin. download our free stormwatch app. stay connected at we want to check on the roadways. jamie has a look at traffic. we are seeing wet roads.
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something to keep in mind if you are traveling at a high speed, turned the headlights on. we are going to start with a crash and down on the baltimore-washington parkway, just inside the capital beltway. before route 50 right near kenilworth avenue. right lane is blocked. as far as backup, currently from the beltway to 50 it will take you just under 20 minutes. typically it should take 5-6 minutes. triple that time working your way into d.c. other delays, we are not seeing anything major. ok through prince george's county. no big issues in virginia. 395 as well as 95 at decent speeds. 66, same thing. if you have to catch a flight, no delays getting there on the toll road. inbound on the gw parkway towards reagan, in great shape. this is where we see delays on the capital beltway. let's take a live look to give you a better idea of the beltway .
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everybody going a little slower. i mentioned making sure the headlights are on, which helps when you are trying to merge and you look over your shoulder. it will help prevent accidents. make sure to do that getting out there this afternoon. jummy: thank you. today, and accused serial killer in court in alexandria. a motions hearing was held for charles severance, charged with people.g 3 this is the final hearing before the trial which is set to start monday. and a tentative trial date for the man charged in a sister's murder case is set for november. lloyd welch is charged with killing sheila and kathryn lyon in 1975. welch is a sex offender who was already serving prison time in delaware. to prince george's county,
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police investigating a double shooting in capitol heights that happened in the 68 hundred block of central avenue. officers responding after reports of gunshots in the area. found with gunshot wounds and both were pronounced dead at the scene. district, now in the a few hours for lawmakers before they are sent to hear testimony concerning the city's response to emergencies. a d.c. council committee will hear about efforts to reform the 911 call center here -- after the center was slow to send emergency responders to the metro during the smoke incident last january. the council proposing new training for dispatchers and firefighters. president obama has signed a bill to keep the government-funded. the bill passed the house with the majority of republicans voting against it. the funding runs out again december 11. and mitchobama mcconnell, and retiring house speaker john boehner are set to begin talks on a two-year budget
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blueprint in the coming days. latest secret service scandal. a government report shows some secret service workers and properly looked at job applications for utah congressman jason chaffetz. chaffetz is a member of the house oversight committee. information -- one officials that embarrassing information should be leaked in retaliation. >> it is intimidating and wrong. if they are doing this to me, they are probably doing this to others. jummy: the investigation never chaffetz'sleaked information, but within 48 hours of the snooping a story was posted online. russia carried out a series of airstrikes in syria for a second day. the russian defense industry facilities 4 isil including a headquarters.
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russian officials say strikes are to help the syrian military other groups. the u.s. and opposition groups say they targeted syrian opposition fighters. coming up on abc 7 at noon, a new batch of e-mails and a new set of questions. the e-mails discovered and hillary clinton's private account and who may have sent them. the latest in a vote 2016, a possible problem for donald trump. we keep an eye on the weather, doug will be back with the latest track of joaquin.
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announcer: you are watching abc 7 news at noon, on your side. jummy: in alexandria, a hearing
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to halt the execution of a serial killer. a federal judge put a temporary hold on the execution over concern of drugs. was scheduled to be executed tonight. pope francis sent a letter to terry mcauliffe asking for prieto not to be executed. he was on death row in california it dna linked him to the slaying of a virginia couple. the state department released new e-mails from hillary clinton's private server and they are raising questions about whether that was a target by hackers. sam sweeney joins us live with details. what are they saying? hackers tried five times to penetrate clinton's computer. they sent e-mails disguised as speeding tickets and asked clinton to download the ticket. that would have given them access to private servers. it is unclear if clinton fell trap.e
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the e-mails were full of misspellings and experts say that should have tipped off clinton that something was wrong. officials say millions of americans receive these types of e-mails each year. the hacking attempts illustrate the possible danger of content using unsecure e-mail account while in office. republican congressman kevin is suggesting that a bipartisan committee investigating the nghazi attacks gets credit for clinton's falling polling numbers. clinton fired back saying a statement like that shows the investigation was meant to be partisan and a political excuse. critics say mccarthy crossed the line with the comment and those the families of the benghazi victims and apology. in the last hour, john boehner said the committee was in no way created for political reasons. live in the studio, sam sweeney, abc 7 news. jummy: we appreciate the update. vote, 2016 trump hotels is the
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latest company victimized by hackers. intor's snuck a virus their payment system in u.s. and canada. hackers may have swiped credit card data and other sensitive information. anyone who visited a trump hotel between may of last year and this june may have been targeted. trump hotels offering a year of free identity fraud protection customers. donald trump, jeb bush and then carson held an event last night in new hampshire. trump is the gop front-runner but the latest poll shows his favorability is only 35%. is 45 percent. trump is ramping up attacks against other candidates, even cursing during his speech. >> when i see what is happening to our country, i am fired up. i hope you see the new polls coming out. jummy: dr. carson is in second place against trump, he raised more than $20 million last
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quarter. carson supporters say they like his outsider appeal. rainso the weather, heavy and flooding in south carolina being blamed for one death. several businesses are closed in spartanburg county. officials were able to rescue a man after his vehicle was swept off the road. the waterlogged area bracing for more rain throughout the weekend. when you think about our local weather, we had so much rain the past couple days and more heading our rain. doug: i have heard reported in a couple other places, not here, that the rain and wind we are getting now are related to the hurricane -- it is nothing to do with it. because we have a separate system it looks as though for many areas that is going to create most of the rain. even parts of the carolinas are getting 12 or 13 inches unrelated to joaquin. mix --et joaquin in the this has all kinds of tentacles. all kinds of possibilities. let's cut through the clutter
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and explain what we are looking at and what is likely. this is the doppler radar. theave had rain through day, small areas drifting to the north and northeast. more will be coming our way. over the past few days we've had over 4 inches of rain in leesburg. mount not very -- 3.5 in airy. we will get more over the next several days. this low pressure elongated is called a trough, it is an important player and will affect what happens with hurricane joaquin. we think the trough is going to start heading westward. the is going to give potential to dump rain in the carolinas and give us heavy rain starting tomorrow and into saturday. what happens beyond that? that is going to be related to the movement, speed and strength northward as it moves and how it interacts with the area of low pressure. between now and saturday, here's the additional rainfall, an inch
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or so towards the mountains. that's what is happening now. computerture, our model suggests it will be cloudy through the night with a little shower or two. it will be during the day tomorrow when we think most of the rain will build in. heavy rain west of the metro area. we are under a widespread flood watch. getting more and more rain through saturday. to this point, no affect from joaquin yet appeared with a flood watch in effect through saturday and the ground so saturated, any additional rain sunday night and monday could cause even bigger problems. right now, joaquin is starting slowly to make its move to the west. top wins when hundred 25 miles per hour with higher gusts's, a category three hurricane. the plots on the storm are all over the place from west to east . we will see that pattern continue. the model spread coming in through the carolinas to staying out to short. there seems to be some
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indication that more models are tending to come to the east, the right, to keep the center of circulation offshore. remember the trough? it's possible into sunday and monday as the storm slowly weakens as it moves northward that the trough of low pressure could pull on the hurricane -- like what happened with sandy. sandy was offshore and the trough pulled it inland. we are hoping that does not happen. i am showing you how complicated the system is an trying to figure out its effects. i think for most of us we are going to have added rain and wind sunday and monday with the worst effects on the coast. 5:00 thisit until afternoon to see what effect the computer modeling will have on the future of hurricane joaquin. here's what the next seven days look like -- rain, rain, rain and gusty winds with chilly temperatures be sunshine tuesday. a chance on saturday afternoon
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after the trough is finished and before any effects from -- we might get a few hours of sunshine. jummy: that would be really mean of mother nature! we appreciate the important information. coming up on abc 7 news at noon, lottery officials looking for the big winner of last night's drawing, we tell you where. the big winner of last night's drawing, we tell you where. show up or pay does your mouth often feel dry? multiple medications, a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your mication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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jummy: the search is on for the person who won $310.5 million in wednesday night's powerball drawing. in michigan.s sold
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lottery officials say it is the second largest powerball prize this year. no word on who bought it. none of us are in michigan so probably not us. minnesota, a couple making headlines after receiving a bill for not going to their cousin's wedding. jessica says the invitation stated no kids allowed. when her babysitter fell through, she and her husband decided not to go. they later received a bill telling for them to pay for the bill they did not show up to eat. baker
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doug: give me a half hour show and i will give you everything you want. hurricane joaquin is a category still over the bahamas. it will make a turn tonight and start heading north to make it up to category for status. we have to figure what interaction it will have on the coast. the area on the rain along the carolinas will swing over. we will have a lot more about this and updates at 4:00. jummy: we will be watching it.
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