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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  October 1, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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time was not armed. in the last hour, the governor of oregon extended her condolences and prayers to the victims and their families. >> we are holding the community of douglas county in our hearts today. the work the first responders have done his harrowing. to our first responders, thank you for your work as this community real some grief. from grief. was --r: president obama we expect to hear from him when he addresses the nation. we will carry the remarks live. leon: thank you. stick with abc 7 and for the latest developments. also look for coverage on "world news" right after this newscast. the nasty weather is expected to come all ahead of what could
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come from hurricane joaquin. we've been bringing you team covers of the storm and the preparations underway. let's check in with doug hill who has the latest on the path of the storm. doug: at the moment it is cloudy in damp outside of the weather center but all eyes continue south to the bahamas. mileswith winds over 130 sustained which make it a week category four hurricane. it will make a sharp right turn and then head northbound. gusting tohe winds 160 miles per hour right now. the official track as it moving offshore in each time we get a new round every 12 hours, every six hours rather, it seems that each successive computer model run tens they keep it a little more offshore. that is good news for us if that continues.
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that is happening and we are dealing locally with a trough of low pressure. it's enough so that we can get 1-3 inches of rain tomorrow on top of the rain we've already had. that is why a flash flood watch is in effect for our entire area. that same push of moisture is going to dump more than one foot of rain across portions of south carolina over the next day and a half. mostly around two inches in our area. some gusty winds but not damaging and then all lies to the coast to see any possible flooding coming from joaquin in the days ahead, especially for monday. leon: this is going to be a mess. storm preparations are underway in ocean city. jonathan is live in ocean city. what are you seeing and what is it feel like right now? jonathan: this actually feels a good part of the hurricane but it is not. the storm is just a nor'easter. this is nothing to do with joaquin.
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the folks here know about storms. anytime you live on the ocean you do. we have not seen people boarding a particular cautions yet but certainly all the outdoor gear they had for the summer is inside. let me turn your attention to the storm waves we're seeing. it really is turning up and getting nasty. a lot of times when you have a storm out here the worry is in ocean city that they build that 17th street levee to keep any kind of erosion or damage from happening to the area. this will be a test. most people's eyes are drawn to this side of the ocean for damage. that is the wrong way to look. you should look inland through the back bay. that is the area that tends the flood. brad bell picks of our coverage from over in the back bay. you see it exactly right. we will see some beach erosion.
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these of the neighborhoods that will suffer the flooding. this is where it starts in this is the reason why. this is the back bay. it was low tide just about an hour ago. normally low tide should be several feet down here. this is actually abnormally high for a high tide. it is coming back up again. we expect to have a high tide about 11:00 tonight. we expect flooding to start. ocean city has already cleared his speech of lifeguard stands. the chair and him throw a rental boxes have been removed. property owners are being told to get ready. >> i put away all the summer stuff, the chairs. just making sure anything that can float away. reporter: now the town has to hunker down. expected that is will be moderate to severe flooding and that is before
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joaquin even draws near this coast. >> when you have two back-to-back storms, it will cause some problems. reporter: what we are showing you live is a look straight across. the island i think you can see the boardwalk, the elevated area and you can see how much higher it is and i am standing down here. the mayor was talking about tight cycles. the wind just keeps pushing and pushing. the high tides role in but they cannot get out. so they pile up in the flooding happens. we will be done here to take a look at it and keep an eye on it. we expect it will start tomorrow and be bad again tomorrow afternoon. comes close, it could be really bad. back into you. leon: as we prepare for what joaquin could bring, we are
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learning about the potomac river. this is a neighborhood that is seen plenty of flooding in the past. reporter: i am in bloomingdale at the moment. we've been moving around the city, including at the national mall on the look of the new levy they could be put to work if needed for joaquin. you have probably never noticed it between the white house and the tidal basin, but a wall on either side of 17 straight is downtown d.c.'s defense if joaquin causes the potomac river to flood. >> we monitor the projected flood level stage. right now there is nothing actionable from joaquin. we are still several feet short. reporter: the national park service controls the levy. if needed it will be assembled piece by piece out from the wall funny site in across, shutting off 17th street.
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do people know what it is? >> i have no idea, i'm not from here. reporter: not even the leader of the segue tour because by here all the time. you don't know what it is? >> is a levy, ok. reporter: it's about a four hour task. the army corps they built it put together this video convincing for hours worked into 15 seconds to show exactly how it is put together needed. the park service tells us the parts are already on trucks at a site northeast d.c., ready to be brought here quickly if needed. >> we will monitor throughout the week and as the rains come. reporter: assuming they don't need it for joaquin, they will be putting it together sometime in the next month because they need to have the training to put it together annually so when they do need to do it they are ready. sam ford, abc 7 news. leon: thank you.
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just a few hours ago maryland governor larry hogan declared a state of emergency ahead of hurricane joaquin. >> while we are hoping for the best, we are preparing for the worst. at my direction the state is currently taking steps to mobilize all potential resources. leon: governor hogan is asking state agencies to make preparations for incoming storms. the announcement comes a day after virginia governor terry mcauliffe declared a state of emergency in the commonwealth. stay with us as we track all this bad weather for you. we have a full listing of the cancel defense we know about so far on our website, check that periodically. and download our stormwatch seven apps he get updates running your cell phone. and we have much more coming up 6:00.n abc 7 at a new law in maryland. and if you can take a photo from a safe location, send it to us to
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be sure to include your name and where you took the photo. doug: steve will join the on the track and also impact of the hurricane.
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the white house press reefing room. the president has remarks he would like to make on that mass shooting in oregon. we will keep an eye on that situation and take it with the president comes out. new laws are taking up -- taking effect in maryland. a blooder accused in legal limite the one of their license suspended for six months rather than 45 days. drivers can put petals of the metal on some roads. the speed limits can be raised from 65 to 70 but that is on a case-by-case basis. it will start off with a section of i 68 in western maryland. a new poll shows hillary clinton is losing ground. today" poll shows heard the distraught by dental -- double digits. vermont senator bernie sanders next at 22% and vice president
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joe biden who has not even declared he will be a candidate is standing get 20% in that poll. it is a margin of error of plus and minus five points. coming up at 6:00, douglas join us with an update on the bad weather heading our way and also what joaquin could bring us over the weekend. erin: protecting the football will be crucial for the redskins on sunday. what the team is doing to help matt jones getting grip onall security when abc 7 news at 6:00
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leon: the wet weather makes it for a tough ride to work and home. let's see what the roads look like now. brianne carter is live on the beltway. now.oks at you are moving reporter: somewhat. here on the gw parkway at this point and take a look from mobile track seven we are experiencing slowdowns on parts of the road. here along the parkway at this hour, the national park service also going to watching over the next couple of days.
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--s in addition to both vdot all the crews on the looker roadways have been maintaining them over the past couple of days. that means they been clearing storm drains and debris. here -- storm drains and debris. they are watching for any standing water in the next couple of days. everyone being urged to be careful and drive with caution. if you approach any standing water or debris on the roadways, we will be watching them over the next couple of days as well. brianne carter, back to you. leon: you guys be careful. find somee can windshield wipers, it's coming down and parts. the me tell you what we expect. silly category four storm.
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is classified as dangerous. fact, not hyperbole. gusting up of two 160 miles per hour winds we are continuing to track the storm. which has been moving a little more east with these computer model run. any effect on the mid-atlantic coastline will be on monday. let's talk about these upper-level winds that are bringing us rain. over one foot of rain in carolinas unrelated to joaquin. you will make a sharp right-hand turn tomorrow and that will push it up to the north. if that happens, we will start to see -- the computer models are coming together with a solution that will be much more reliable. are ontoomputer models the idea that the track will stay a little further offshore and that is great news. even remaining offshore it will possibly interact with that big trough overhead and possibly
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bring more strong winds and more rain and rough surf to the mid-atlantic coast. good news, it is moving up short. what happens next, we will have to wait and see. hopefully the storm will be without to sea. steve is here to talk about rain. steve: a lot of rain on the way into tomorrow and tomorrow night and saturday. a flash flood watch in effect for d.c. and surrounding counties. this is for tomorrow into saturday. we also have flood -- flash flood watches. that very well could change as it moved to the coming day. looking at satellite and radar, just a few showers east of d.c. around college park. widely scattered at this point but it will change of move through the overnight hours and into the day tomorrow. everything will fill it with
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heavier rain on the way. this is where all the action is located well to the south of us. this will move towards the north. heavy rain tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, and it will begin to ease as a booster the day on saturday. this is futurecast. a good grasp as to the timing of the heaviest rain. 3:30 in the morning tomorrow, moderate rains across the metro area. it will be a wet rush-hour commute with heavy rain towards the end of the day and then into the overnight hours. the heaviest rain to the southwest. that is what parts of north carolina could be picking up six, 9, 10, 12 inches of rain. for us, not the case. 1-2 inches is the general that. bet.neral we will be looking for this to be out of here by saturday afternoon. 80% chance of showers on saturday for the maryland-michigan gain.
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sunday will clear things out or start to clear out. and then sunshine back in the forecast for tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week with highs in the lower 70's. leon: we will have some soggy games this weekend. erin: the redskins are preparing for a slippery sunday. the ravens are preparing for a primetime battle. >> lights of been changed
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forever. another community stunned with grief. another community forced really their own english. -- anguish. and parents across the country who are scared because they know it might've been their families or their children. i have been to roseburg before. they are really good people there. i to think of the first responders is prayer really likely saved lives today. federal law enforcement has been on the scene in a supporting role in we've offered to stay in helpless us much as roseburg needs for as long as they need. in the coming days we learn about the victims. young men and women who are studying and learning and working hard with their eyes set on the future. america will send everyone who is green our prayers --
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greeting our prayers. as i said just a few months ago and i said a few months of for that and i said each time we see one of these mass shootings, our thoughts and prayers are not enough. it is not enough. capture the heart ache and grief and anger that we should feel. and it does nothing to prevent this carnage from being inflicted someplace else in america. or a couple of months from now. we don't get know why this individual did what he did. and it is fair to say that anybody who does this has a
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sickness in their minds. of what they think their motivations may be. only countryt the on earth that has people with who want to dos harm to other people. we are the only dance country on earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months. earlier this year i answered a question in an interview by saying the united states of america is the one advanced nation on earth in which we do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws, even in the face of repeated mass killings. was ater that day there mass shooting in a movie theater in lafayette, louisiana.
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that day. routine.his is become routine.ting is my response here at this podium into being routine. the conversation in the -- weath of it has become have become numb to this. we talked about this after columbine and plattsburgh after tucson, after newtown, after aurora, after charleston. it cannot be this easy for somebody to inflict harm another people and get his or her hands on a gun. and what is become routine is the response of those who oppose any kind of common sense gun legislation.
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right now i can imagine the press release is being cranked up. we need more guns, they will argue. fewer gun safety laws. does anybody really believe that? there are scores of responsible gun owners in this country. they know that is not true. window because of the polling that's as the majority of americans understand we should be changing these laws, including the majority of responsible, law-abiding gun owners. a gun for roughly every man, woman, and child in america. how can you with a straight face make the argument that more guns will make us safer? we know that states with the most gun laws tend to have the
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fewest gun deaths. the notion that gun laws do not harder forl make it law-abiding citizens and criminals to get guns is not borne out by the evidence. countries inother response to one net -- mass shooting have been able to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings. friends of ours, allies of hours. australia,in, countries like ours. we know there are ways to prevent this. routineourse was also is that somebody, somewhere will comment and say obama politicized this issue.
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this is something we should politicize. it is relevant to our common life together, to the body politic. organizationsws callie up the number of americans who been killed the terrorist attacks over the last decade and the number of americans who been killed by gun violence. and post those side-by-side on your news reports. this will not be information coming from me. it will be coming from you. over $1 trillion and passed countless laws and devote entire agencies to preventing terrorist attacks on our soil and rightfully so. yet we have a congress that explicitly blocks us from even collecting data on how we could
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potentially reduce gun violence. how can that be? this is a political choice we make. to allow this to happen every few months in america. we collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones because of our inaction. inn americans are killed mine disasters, we were to make minds safer. when they are killed in floods and hurricanes, we make communities safer. when roads are unsafe, we fix them.
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we have seatbelt laws because we know it saves lives. that gun violence is , that ourfferent freedom and our constitution modest regulation of how we use a deadly weapon when there are law-abiding gun owners across this country who could hunt and protect their families and do every thing they do under such regulations. it does not make sense. so, tonight as those of us were lucky enough to have our kids a little


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