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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 2, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. two big breaking stories this morning. storm emergency, millions of americans bracing for major storms. we are dealing with two situations, a major, major severe event. >> potentially life-threatening flooding across the east coast, torrential downpours already wreaking havoc wiping out roads, crews building barriers and laying sandbags. five states declaring a state of emergency. and joaquin battering the bahamas this morning. wind gusts up to 150 miles an hour. inside the eye of the major hurricane threatening the coast with high winds and waves, the storm's new path this morning. tragedy on campus. >> we were all just running for our lives. >> reporter: a gunman on a rampage at a community college in oregon. ten people killed, seven
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wounded. >> we're exchanging shots with him. he's in the classroom. >> the campus terrorized. family of survivors saying he targeted christian students. >> samantha is down. >> before officers kill him in a dramatic shootout. >> i have never been more terrified for my life ever. >> an angry president obama demands action. >> somehow this has become routine. we collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones because of our inaction. >> this morning full team coverage, all the latest on the shooter, the victims and a community left reeling. and good morning, america. we have two major stories this friday, the east coast on alert from florida to maine. as you're looking live at virginia beach governors in five states have declared states of emergency. they're worried about floods from this storm stuck over the carolinas right now and the
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impact of hurricane joaquin as it moves north in the atlantic. >> we, of course, also on the ground of that deadly shooting on a college campus in oregon. at least ten people dead, seven others wounded. amy is standing by on the scene. we'll get to her in a moment but we'll get to the other major story, ginger starts us off, two storms right now, ginger, causing lots of problems. >> yes, two storms in two different places. if in the mainland usa it is now joaquin. it is this low pressure system already causing rain, wind and coastal flooding. it's going to be around for the weekend. this deal did imminent, joaquin, on the other hand still stuck in the central bahamas and so it's going to stay there for another 12 hour, it's been there for 24. some of the winds 2k3wu69ing well above 100 miles per hour. the only pictures we've gotten out of this island so far because a lot of communication down not looking good so we will know much more about the damage there but here's the great news i have for you. the track now trending far east, away from land meaning no u.s.
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landfall. this has been the trend with some of the other computer models that we like to look at and if it comes to fruition all it would mean is rougher surf. remember we have that one storm imminent happening this weekend, very heavy rain south carolina, north carolina, coastal flooding all the way up to coastal new england. two storms, we'll have much more coming up on the imminent one this weekend. our rob marciano is in virginia beach and he'll have the latest. >> yep. that's rit. going to cover it all for us coming up all right, thank you. turn to those kills at umpqua community college in roseburg. roseburg like newton, columbine, another american town shattered by a mass shooting. amy is there. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is a sleepy remote community about three hours south of portland, oregon, and it is simply devastated this morning. if you take a look watt behind me the road is closed. this is umpqua college road, it is the only road leading in and out of campus and you see the
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police tape lining the streets. remnants of a day of terror and this morning there are more questions than answers as to why a 26-year-old man terrorized this campus here. at 10:38, the first emergency calls start flooding in. >> somebody is outside one of the doors shooting through the door. >> reporter: the 26-year-old gunman chris mercer enters a classroom in snyder hall and orders the students to get on the ground and stand up one by one asking each their religion. >> are you a christian, he would ask them and if you're a christian, stand up and they would stand up and he said, good, because you're a christian, you're going to see god in just about one second and then he shot and killed them. >> reporter: as police raced to the scene blocking the only road in and out of the school. >> dispatch as many aulances as possible. >> reporter: the other students at this campus of 4,000 flee their classrooms fleeing for places to hide. >> we thought it was a desk or somebody thought it was a firecracker.
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it sounded like a fight was breaking out. it was intense. you don't think of it as a possibility. >> reporter: at 10:44, eight minutes since the first reports of a shooting officers confront the gunman. >> we do know that we have at least two heroic officers who responded into the building within minutes and exchanged gunfire with the suspect. >> reporter: at the scene they find four weapons including one assaultt rifle. the gunman killed, unclear if by his own hand or police. >> tactical teams and bomb squads have cleared all the buildings on the campus. evidence teams from the fbi and from the oregon state police are working to process the crime scene. >> reporter: overnight, many in the tight-knit community gathering for prayer services and candlelight vigils in honor of the victims and for those still fighting for their lives. and we expect victim identifications later today as this community still tries to get a handle on what happened.
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as one faculty member put it, this is not going to be our defining moment. we will not be terrified. rockin'. >> good for them, all right, amy, thank you. we'll get back to you in a few mens. moments ago we spoke to cassandra welding, a student in the classroom next door to the shooter and talked to her mother lisa who was on the phone with her during during the rampage and began asking cassandra what she saw and heard. >> at around 10:30 i heard a really loud kap ochow noise lik moon popping. we all jumped. we didn't know what it was. we knew something wasn't right and so a classmate of mine went to go open the door to see what was happening next door to where the shooting occurred, and she opened the door and unfortunately she got shot twice and fell down and collapsed and
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we huddled in the right corner of the classroom and we're all calling 911 and, you know, it's a busy line and i just called it repeatedly trying to get a hold of 911. hurry up and get here because we have a person shot in our classroom. >> what was the condition of your classmate that was shot? >> i though that she was shot in the left arm and she was also shot down in the lower abdomen area by her rib cage. >> and you all were just trying to help her as best you could, i would imagine. >> her friend that was sitting right next to her during the class ran over to her and was doing cpr trying to resuscitate her. >> you said that you attempted to call 911, you got through then you called your mother. lisa, when you got the call from your daughter, what -- the emotions you must have felt and what did you tell her to do? >> well, first i couldn't understand her because she was
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crying hysterically and i finally then realized i heard shooting and i said, okay, wait a minute. somebody is next to you shooting and she said, yes, in the room and i said, first thing, i said make sure all the doors are secured and make sure you start barricading. if there's anything there, i don't care how make sure you guys are safe to keep somebody out. but it's not a call that you ever want to get from your child. >> lisa, how did you know -- like you said it's a call no parent wants to receive. you stayed so calm and gave her such great instructions. where did that come from? how did you know to do that? >> i have no idea. i guess it's called being a parent because at that point, everything i thought of was being safe and everybody there, so my first instinct was i knew i had to be the calm person here and the adult, so i was trying to calm her down and in the meantime, just saying, you know, make sure you lock, barricade. all i knew was barricade. >> is that what you did, cassandra? >> we tried to as much as we
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could. we were all just terrified to even get up at this point because we were -- heard continuously gunshots. i heard maybe about 35 to 45 rounds that were shot. >> did you ever see the shooter? >> i did not see the shooter but i witnessed my classmate getting shot. >> and what were your other classmates doing at that time in the room? >> you know, a lot of tears were shed. i heard i love you -- i love yous on the phone. crying, gasping for air, just a lot of that was heard. >> and how comforting, cassandra, was your mother on the phone with you? >> oh, it was amazing. i knew that either this was going to be my last time talking to her or i was going to see her again and at this point i was just praying i would see her again and my dad. >> lisa, what advice do you have for parents who may be watching and they know that this is a scene that's being played out again and again in this country,
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unfortunately? what advice do you have for them if they should get a call from their child like you did? >> the best advice is, you know, just try to be calm and use your head and use your instincts. >> that's what you did. lisa and cassandra, thank you very much and just know that -- >> thank. >> -- we are thinking of you and others in your community. all the best going forward. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> take care. really got me when she said it's called being a parent? so clear in that moment of crisis. that was really something. as we mentioned seven people wounded in the shooting. three of them in critical condition fighting for their lives. we are learning more about the victims and the shooter this morning and abc's neal karlinsky is at the hospital in roseburg. good morning, neal. >> reporter: george, good morning. this is a small community and the sheer scope of this shooting initially overwhelmed them. seven people fighting for their lives this morning, among them heroes including one very brave army veteran. this morning, 30-year-old chris
7:11 am
mintz out of surgery recovering from seven gunshot wounds, witnesses say the student and army vet charged straight at the gunman trying to save who he could telling others to run. >> he ran to the library and pulled all the alarms and he was telling people to run, grabbing people telling them, you just have to go and he actually ran back towards the building where the shooting was and he ran back into the building and i don't know what happened to him. >> reporter: seven people this morning still in the hospital. three in critical condition. overnight police and fbi swarming this apartment complex in winchester, oregon, where the man allegedly behind the carnage, 26-year-old chris harper mercer lived with his mom. dogs at the scene examining every inch. an officer pictured questioning mercer's mother outside. >> they thought he was an odd guy. >> reporter: abc news learning he was allegedly armed with three pistols and an assault-style rifle and that he left behind writings.
7:12 am
an official describing them to abc news as rambling utterances with overtones of racial and social hatred. neighbors in torrance, california, where mercer lived before moving to oregon saying they had seen him with guns in the past but thought nothing of it. >> i did see him at the time walking or leaving his apartment and coming home with what looked like gun cases. him and his mom both and he actually did say that he used to go shooting at some range. i don't know where it was. >> reporter: mercer's father this morning saying he and his family are reeling. >> obviously it's been a devastating day, devastating for me and my family. shocked. shocked is all i can say. >> reporter: no known motive this morning. officials tell us there is no known connection to international terrorism but they continue to pore over the suspect's background. the victims range in age from 18 to 34. the friend of one of them told me he was actually shot in the hand drying to escape and is just lucky and happy to be
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alive, george. >> i'll bet. okay, neal, thanks very much. this was the 15th time president obama has been called to speak out after a mass shooting and when he took the podium late yesterday he condemned the ritual. his voice etched with anger. >> somehow this has become routine. the reporting is routine. my response here at this podium ends up being routine. the conversation in the aftermath of it, we've become numb numb to this. >> jon karl at the white house. jesse palmer, the tenth fatal school shooting this year alone and the president being very clear he is now politicizing this issue. >> reporter: george, he was explicit on that point. i have been in the white house briefing room with him for several of those statements following mass shootings. i have never heard him angrier or more political as he blamed gun violence in america on congress' inability or
7:14 am
unwillingness to pass more gun control laws. he said that thoughts and prayers for the victims are not enough. >> okay, jon karl, thanks very much. >> somebody somewhere will comment and say, obama politicized this issue. well, this is something we should politicize. it is relevant to our common life together, to the body politic. >> reporter: and no comment from the nra. they said their policy is to gather the facts before making a statement on something like this. >> jon karl, thanks very much. all right there, george. back to amy and our team in oregon throughout the morning but now we're going to turn to the other big story this morning, the potentially life-threatening weather. the east coast bracing for major flooding. you're looking at live radar of that storm, five states declaring a state of emergency and abc's rob marciano is in one of them in virginia beach. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning,
7:15 am
robin. you know, this area over the past couple of weeks has been getting hit with a lot of this, seemingly endless wind and this surf that has just been pounding this shoreline, plus the inlan flooding and we got joaquin just out there and this new coastal storm developing. they've got more of it coming. this morning, parts of the east coast reeling from over a foot of rain and bracing for an additional foot this weekend. the potential for dangerous flooding across much of the eastern seaboard threatening 50 million americans wreaking havoc in south carolina, trees down and this road collapsed because of flooding. one man rescued from the massive opening. this storm front fatal already possibly to blame for at least two deaths in the carolinas. all of this as joaquin makes its way up the atlantic. >> we are dealing with two situations, a major, major severe event of rainfall. at the same time, having to deal with this potential hurricane. >> reporter: five states already declaring state of emergencies. >> now is the time for you to
7:16 am
begin to prepare for hunkering down and dealing with the storm. >> reporter: crews working along the shore building barriers on the new jersey coast and laying sandbags in north carolina. >> a hurricane does not have to go directly over your town, doesn't even have to make landfall to have an impact on you especially if you're along the coast. >> reporter: scientists taking to the skies to track joaquin. air force hurricane hunters collecting data for the national hurricane center flying directly into the storm calling us as they were gathering that vital information. >> each time we go through the storm we're passing through the eye wall, the center of the storm, outside the window it kind of looks like shattered glass. this storm has been intensifying. >> reporter: and this coastal storm at this hour is intensifying going to tap some of that tropical moisture from joaquin so we have inland flood watches. we have weigh got coastal flood warnings not to mention this relentless wind. to say the least, robin, no one in this area of the delmarva,
7:17 am
czar beach will rest easy until both of these are well out to sea. >> i can imagine that being the case. hurricane joaquin may miss us but hitting the caribbean hard battering the bahamas with extreme wind and rain and linzie janis on the scene in nassau. good morning. >> reporter: hurricane joaquin has been battering the central and eastern bahamas for the last 24 hours and it looks like it'll be at least another 12 before there is any letup. the small thinly populated islands getting lashed with 130-mile-per-hour winds, 30-foot waves and 2 feet of water in some place, homes and streets ared frommed. there are widespread power outages and phone lines are down. people here in nassau say they are worried sick about their relatives who live there. george and robin. >> thank you. another major headline, a military plane crash. that story in just 30 seconds.
7:18 am
six american service members have been killed in the crash of a c-130 cargo plane in afghanistan. the taliban claiming responsibility. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz in washington with the details. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. this happene just after midnight at the jalalabad airfield near the border with pakistan. on board the big turboprop aircraft not only the six-person crew but five contractors supporting the u.s. military who were also killed. the military says the c-130 went down just after takeoff and that all of the wreckage is contained on the airfield and even though the taliban claims to have shot
7:19 am
the aircraft down, the military says there is no indication that it went down because of hostile fire. but they're obviously trying to figure out what did happen, george and robin. >> thanks very much. incredibly busy friday morning and we have much more ahead. the latest on the tragedy in oregon. as hurricane joaquin barrels north millions brace for life-threatening floods. what to do to protect yourself and your home. >> scary moment. unexpected turbulence throwing passengers from their seat and one person's head damaging the aircraft. what led to the midair scare? ca. must be a supermodel, right? you don't know "aarp." because aarp is making finding the career you love, no matter what your age, a real possibility. go to to check out life reimagined for tools, support, and connections. if you don't think "i've still got it" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp." find more surprising possibilities and get to know us at
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so...last drop of gogurt, where ya living now? a tube check this place out. so come on out, sign the papers, and this little gem, it's all yours gogurt. whatever it takes to get it all. getting alerts on your phone for flood watches. that's not joaquin. it's this low pressure system affecting northeastern georgia
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good morning. we want to get and update on the weather right now. we're getting pummeled difference we really are, so much rain. this is nothing to do with hurricane joaquin. this is a boundary just off shore. satellite and radar is showing the rain push in, east to west. heaviest rain, leonard town really feeling the brunt of it t ground is saturated. think about all that rain not being able to be absorbed by the ground, so flash flooding a concern. in effect through saturday morning for every one. it will be chill atoday. wishful thinking that these temperatures would be in the 70s. only the 50s all day. pretty breezy as well. for the day tomorrow, 61 degrees. expect scattered showers on and off throughout the day, maybe not quite as heavy rain as today. but it will be quite windy and the same on sunday.
7:27 am
66 with only about a 40% chance of showers. stay with the storm watch 7 team and download your app, radar and hurricane updates through the weekend when you're away from your tv. the rain causing problems on the roadways. angela foster? >> well, on the roads right now it is a wet slippery commute. as you know. we're dealing with quite a few incidences intersectioncluding the stalled tractor trailer through mcclain. also several steps. capital beltway, outer loop in silver spring. just past georgia avenue before accounted avenue. we're getting word of another crash in the area of river road. so be repped for outer loop delays. once you cross the american legion bridge this is the stalled tractor trailer that continues to block two lanes. heavy and slow through that stretch. melanie. >> anchor: and now to top stories in alexandria, you still have time to get sand bags if you need them. distribution hours x were
7:28 am
extended starting through today, 9 through 5:00 p.m. ever resident can get up to five sand bags at the locations on your scone. the intersection of king and lee streets, and also on souths quaker lane. and remember, for up to the second weather warning sign up for our text alerts. go to you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8., keep the umbrella handy. have a great
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welcome back to "gma." we are on two big stories this morning, that deadly campus shooting in oregon where a shooter went on a deadly rampage killing at least ten people. and injuring several others. we're also following that big storm impacting everyone up and down the east coast. that's a live look at the radar. five states under a state of emergency on alert for potentially life-threatening floods and ginger has been talking about it and rob marciano is there in virginia beach for us. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning again, robin. things have really picked up the past couple of hours. this surf behind me, the seafoam coming on shore going on and off the past couple of weeks and this beach has been stripped of sand. this state among five that have a state of emergency because we've got more wind and rain coming, potential flooding too and this is all really for the
7:31 am
most part independent of joaquin which as you know is a major storm down in the bahamas. here is the latest track. the east coast breathing a little sigh of relief that the track now is forecasted to keep it offshore and out to sea but nobody here is going to rest easy until both of these storms are through and that will take at least through the weekend. we've already seen a foot of rain in some spots in the carolinas, robin and could get a foot more and that could cause catastrophic flooding so the next 48 hours here especially will be critical. >> yeah, and ginger has been talking about it too. these are two separate systems we're talking about. >> two separate systems. if it is raining for you that is not joaquin. joaquin is in the bahamas and should with the latest trend stay out to sea. >> all right. >> you can see the wind pick up on rob in just the last half hour. back to amy in oregon on the scene that have deadly campus shooting. at least ten people dead others fighting for their lives. good morning, amy. >> reporter: that's right, george. it is an eerie scene right outside umpqua community
7:32 am
college. the road is closed, the only one that leads in and out and police tape behind me and remains throughout the weekend into monday but the big mystery here is why this deadly rampage happened? why did that 26-year-old chris mercer walk in with four gun, one an assault rifle and ask students to stand, according to the father of one of the victims, he asked each person as they stood up, are you christian? and then told them, good, you'll be meeting your god soon so a lot of questions as to the motive as to why he felt so motivated to terrorize this small quiet community just about three hours south of portland. a few molts ago we spoke to the governor of oregon. governor kate brown to ask her about the campus response to those fired shots. >> the umpqua community college had an incredible plan in place. i believe they did everything possible to be prepared, but the reality is in circumstances like
7:33 am
these it is very difficult to deal with. >> reporter: there are reports of two heroic officers, specifically, and within eight minutes of the first reported shots, those officers were able to neutralize mercer, pretty incredible, unclear, though, whether or not they took him down or he killed himself. a lot of questions still here in this community and many people looking for answers as they continue to grieve and pray for those who are still fighting for their lives here in oregon. robin, back to you. >> we are thinking of those that are still fighting for their lives. you're right about that, amy, thank you. we turn to a frightening flight on a miami-bound american airlines jet, the plane experiencing severe turbulence, five people were sent to the hospital. abc's david kerley has the latest, joins us from reagan national. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it was sudden and severe for the passengers on this flight to miami. passengers tossed around when they hit the turbulence. an ambulance on the tarmac, passengers loaded, one with a
7:34 am
neck brace injured during their flight from grenada hit by turbulence which flew them from their seats. >> gentlemen a couple rows ahead were sleeping and didn't have on his seat belt either and his head damaged the aircraft. >> reporter: that's the damage caused by that passenger after flying out of the seat. in all, five passengers were taken to a local hospital for minor injuries. >> my hands were shaking afterwards because it was terrifying. >> reporter: in a statement american airlines says the seat belt sign was illuminated at the time and that pilots did not have any indication of severe turbulence in the area. the plane landed without further incident. one possible cause for scenes like this, clear air turbulence which pilots can't see. it happens when a fast and slow-moving jet stream pass alongside each other. the air between those streams are disturbed and if a jet passes through it can get very bumpy very quickly and radar can't detect i now, robin, this
7:35 am
is the second incident in a couple weeks we reported on where passengers didn't have their seat belts on. this is why the aircrews tell you, this is why when you're in your seat keep your belt on. you don't know when you'll hit turbulence. >> thank you so much. to abc's tom llamas in for amy with the morning's other top stories. crisis building in syria. >> huge crisis, good morning. that's where we start in syria. escalating fueling new tensions between the u.s. and an old enemy, russia. overnight, the u.s. and six allies condemn russian air strikes in syria claiming moscow was attacking moderate opponents of bashar al assad instead of attacking isis. but the kremlin is standing firm saying just this morning, that 12 isis targets were hit in the latest air strikes. and this morning we have new details about the pope's meeting with kim davis, the kentucky clerk who refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses. today the vatican released its first detailed statement about the visit. here's what they said. the pope's meeting with davis
7:36 am
should not be considered a form of support of her position. and back here in the states, another major consumer data breach. this time 15 million t-mobile wireless customers may have had their personal information compromised including their social security numbers and addresses. hackers got the information from a credit reporting agency that t-mobile uses. and two las vegas casino dealers have been arrested accused of running a lucrative cheating scheme. they're charged with skimming a million dollars from crap tables at the bellagio. the alleged scam involved bets that came in late or were uncleared during those games. called phantom bets. dealers and their friends could face decades in prison. forget the eight-hour workday. how would you like a six-hour workday. they're experimenting with the idea and companies say, get, this, the workers are fresher, more focused and bosses report
7:37 am
fewer arguments. our executive and senior producers looked into this for a hot minute and then they just laughed and said never ever is that going to happen. >> but, thanks, tom. we appreciate that. >> i don't know about you guys, i'll take an eight-hour workday. i'll take that. >> i was thinking that. >> that works. >> some is 14. >> instead of the 14 wee do. all right, coming up, clayton sandell shows us how to prepare for a hurricane and floods. good morning, robin. we're about to show you how to protect yourself from debris flying at you with the force of a category 4 hurricane and here's something. did you know you're not supposed to tape up your windows. we're about to show you why. ♪ [music]
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7:42 am
shouldn't. abc's clayton sandell is at underwriters laboratories in chicago with more on this. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: and good morning, lara. we are here at the ul labs outside chicago. they've been nice enough to fire up their cannon for us this important to help us demonstrate one critical way to protect your home when the worst storms strike. millions of people are bracing for impact. >> oh my god. >> reporter: as hurricane joaquin churns north and flooding threatening the east coast. stocking up and buckling down, all part of the exhaustive process of making your house hurricane safe. >> i kneed to get a generator in case we lose power for an extended amount of time. >> reporter: the biggest threat, wind, water and power. during a violent storm, winds can gust to nearly 160 miles per hour. with debris and projectiles swirling all around you your
7:43 am
home's most vulnerable points the window. >> the envelope of the house is breached and that's the walls, doors and windows. if it's breached by flying debris. it could blow out other windows or doors or take the roof or the. >> reporter: what to do, first that old advice tape your windows, experts say, don't. watch as we shoot this nine-pound 2x4 at taped up glass, it tears right threw. experts say boarding up with plywood works better. but the best, impact resistant glass built to withstand winds up to 200 miles per hour. the next step keeping torrential rains and floodwaters out as little as an inch of water can cause mold, sandbags and berms are common sites but even inland sealing up the tiniest cracks with duct could save a home. >> once water enters your home it can cause problems simply because water and electricity do
7:44 am
not mix. >> reporter: remember, being prepared doesn't end when the storm passes. fallen trees and downed power lines are dangerous. sometimes plunging entire cities into darkness. after superstorm sandy in 2012 some residents were without power for an average of six days. then there's staying connected. experts say invest in backup power packs for your cell phone and labtop. even a solar charger for as little as 30 bucks. okay, so here in o is the reason experts tell us you do not want to tape up the windows in your home. we're going to fire this cannon on the count of three, one, two, three. and you can see what happens. we taped up this window and you get these very large shards. compare them to these, these are from a window that was not taped up that we broke earlier, this is from the window that we actually taped up. you definitely do not want these
7:45 am
flying around your home. lara. >> yeah, definitely not. clayton sandell, thank you. that was surprising. and slightly alarming. thanks, clayton. coming up, the ring bearer and flower girl walking down the aisle again, this time as husband and wife. how it all came to be. we love this story. you will too. it's coming up in our "speed feed." he used car buyer who's worried about getting taken for a ride... don't worry. the only rides you'll get taken on at carmax are the ones you take yourself. but just in case that absolutely 100 percent perfect choice... ...turns out to be... less than perfect... we give you five days to change your mind. sorry.
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7:49 am
♪ this should be a clue. time now for "the speed feed" and, tom, you got a story we love. >> that's right. such a cool story. it all started when the couple was just 5 years old. so, here we go. there's brooke gibson right there and adrian franklin walking down the aisle as flower girl and ring bearer and then check this out, 17 years later walking down that very same aisle in that very same church as husband and wife. so beautiful, but it was love at first sight for brooke, adrian not so much. take a listen in a "the speed feed" speed dial. >> she was trying to chase after me. i was always trying to get away from her and so then having to walk down the aisle with her was definitely a thing i wasn't looking forward to. >> i through that he couldn't stand me and hated every minute but that didn't bother me a bit.
7:50 am
>> now the paths crossed over the years but it was in high speed -- >> you'll end on that. >> he said he was being sarcastic. >> they were little. >> that's when they were little. >> she was -- >> don't put a theg on it, george. here's some more good stuff. >> i didn't get the sound bite. >> they met each other again in high school when he was ministering at a church and they have been there ever since. adrian serenaded hit bride during the ceremony, the song, of course, "you are the love of my life." >> george is not buying it -- >> yeah. >> this is kind of funny. i have a daughter who is just a flower girl i didn't even think about keeping an eye on the ring boy. i'll hone in on them, interview them, make sure he has a plan. >> come on, tom. >> have to be on top of that. when we come back at the top of the hour the latest on the two big stories of the morning. come on back.
7:51 am
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we've been so focused on the atlantic we have to go t the pacific. this gulf of alaska storm going to drop down into even southern california meaning cooler weather, rain showers, mountain snows and quite a bit of wind.
7:55 am
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7:57 am
[technical difficulties]. be alert for the closure. a live look at the capital beltway, we are still dealing with crash cleanup on the outer loop. as you make your trip toward river road, be alert for major delays toward the lesion bridge. southbound 2670 accident agentivity -- 270 accident activity, after montrose road. and arlington, an accident with a pedestrian struck on washington boulevard near tip street. >> top stories, the man accused of murdering hannah gram and morgan harrington will be sentenced in a separate sexual assault case that happened in fairfax county in 2005. dna evidence from that case linked him to graham and
7:58 am
harrington. he could face live in prison in the fairfax case alone. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. hope you have a
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the latest on the oregon school at least ten people dead. more fighting for their lives. families around the country are reeling, huge new concerns about the safety of your children as they head to school this morning. and alek skarlatos, the train hero who took down a terrorist rushing to the scene in oregon overnight. we'll tell you his connection to the college campus and community. also this morning, state of emergency, millions bracing themselves for two major storm, torrential flooding, high winds and waves set to batter the east coast. full team coverage from the storm zones right now. ♪ and the ultimate fitness fuel. what should you be eating to supercharge your workout and when should you eat it? the keys to kicking your fitness into overdrive this morning.
8:01 am
and good morning, america. on this friday, our whole team on top of two major story, storms heading for the east coast, so many bracing for a pair of storms and that school shooting in oregon. here's what we know right no eyy he wassing itting christians. >> amy traveled there overnight to be with us there this morning and, amy, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, robin and george, good morning to you. everyone here this morning, mourning those brave victims and also thanking all of those heroes who rushed in to try and help so many people who were injured and shot including 30-year-old chris mintz, an army vet, he charged at that 26-year-old gunman and was shot seven times. we are so happy to report that he is out of surgery this
8:02 am
morning. that is incredibly remarkable but at the same time there is a lot of anger and a lot of questions surrounding that 26-year-old shooter, chris mercer. he lived nearby with his mother. not yet known what his connection may be to this community college. but there are those alarming reports that you just referenced that he asked students what their religion was, standing them up one by one and then if they said christian, he killed them. that is the report from one of those classrooms and we expect some of the victims who perished in this deadly massacre to be identified later today as families are mourning their loss, but so many questions remain as to why this happened and how we can prevent it from happening again. you saw and heard that angry president obama yesterday saying what we've been doing up till now is not good enough. back to you, robin and george. >> i know when he said our thoughts and prayer, that's not enough. >> no. let's turn to our top story, that potentially deadly storm
8:03 am
threatening the east coast right now. coastal flooding. more than a foot of rain expected in some areas and rob marciano is there in virginia beach for us. good morning, rob, again. >> reporter: good morning, again, robin. the wind and rain picking up as this coastal storm intensifies. that will be a slow mover too and the tides are coming in, this surf has been relentless. we expect high tide again around 1 p.m. and during those high tides with this onshore wind they will see a tremendous amount of coasting flooding in the virginia beach area and onto that, the heavy rain that will fall tapping some of that moisture from joaquin, that's what we're mosted concerned about as we go through the weekend. speaking of joaquin in the bahamas a major storm at the moment pounding those islands. here is the track. flangefully for the u.s. it will remain offshore but no one here at least in the mid-atlantic will rest easy until both are far out to sea and won't happen until after the weekend. >> thank you very much.
8:04 am
this doesn't surprise me at all because days ago you were telling us that could be the possible track but you'd never know -- >> when we're that uncertain that's what you have to keep in mind. don't let your guard down but look at that and say this is the good news as far as joaquin goes. not the other storm. >> to tom llamas who is here with the morning's other headlines. tom. >> we begin with the economy and big news about the job market. the government releasing its monthly employment report this morning. wall street expecting to hear that another 200,000 jobs were created in september. that steady growth could prompt the federal reserve to raise interest rates in the cominging withes. we'll keep on eye on it but not enough now to lower the unemployment rate. overseas we learned six u.s. service members have been killed after a cargo plane crashed into afghanistan. five civilian contractors are also among the dead. the taliban has claimed responsibility but u.s. officials say there's no indication the plane came under
8:05 am
any type of enemy fire. an unusual moment at the united nations, israel's prime minister paused for 45 seconds staring, we should say glaring at delegates without speaking, the silence was to protest the iran nuclear deal and says the u.n. has responded to threats with a deafening silence. as retailers open earlier and earlier to get a jump on the holiday shopping season staples is doing just the opposite closing its stories on thanksgiving. employees and customers should enjoy the holiday with family instead offering online deals on that day. cats have nine live, they say but maybe dogs do, as well. ask bonzo, a 12-year-old dog with a little arthritis who usually spends had is day napping but the other day he got curious and squeezed his head right through the railing of his owner's 11th story balcony and plunged down 10 feet to the ground -- >> no. >> yes, but amazingly bonzo only
8:06 am
fractured a rib and landed on the grass and is expected to make a full recovery. >> maybe he's part cat. >> yes. >> maybe he could be. >> has to. >> 12 story, wow. >> bonzo. >> go, bonzo. >> named just right. >> thanks, tom. we have a lot baltimore coming up. as your kids head to school a safety expert weighs on what they should do if their school is threatened by a shooter. and alek skarlatos joins us live. he is the hero who along with his friends took down a terrorist on a train and also a former student at that oregon school and he's going to talk to amy in just a moment. come on back.
8:07 am
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♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. we welcome you back to "gma." the campus shooting in oregon once again throwing the spotlight on an important question. can we keep our schools safe? abc's david wright is here with a look at that. good morning. >> reporter: hugely important question. mass shootings are not a unique american phenomenon but they are a uniquely american epidemic. every campus in the country is grappling with this issue, how
8:12 am
do we protect our kids? this morning, those families in oregon are reeling from a threat all of our kids face. the challenge nationwide -- >> being able to prevent a crisis before it occurs. >> reporter: daniel carter runs a safety initiative formed after the deadliest college rampage in u.s. history, virginia tech where a lone gunman killed 32 students and faculty members. >> there's almost always some type of red flag in advance of they type of crisis situation. >> reporter: nearly 50% of campus killers give some sort of advanced warning. >> attention, this is a drill. we need to lock down. >> reporter: many schools run regular drills. >> please go behind my desk. >> reporter: we witnessed one in colorado, the teacher locks the door, the students huddle. it's kind of scary, huh? the teacher trying to strike a balance between calmness and fear. this is all very real to her.
8:13 am
when you look at those kid, are you always thinking, somebody could come and take away their lives like that. >> no, no. when i look at those kids i think how great they are. i think how lucky i am to teach them and i think about -- i wonder what they're going to be like when they grow up. her school skyview academy is now taking the drills one step further teaching the teachers how and when to fight back. you're steving a lot to be heroes who don't have the training who aren't necessarily adduls. >> you bet. they don't have the training because we don't prepare them. >> reporter: when the gunman bursts in everyone throws something at him. tennis balls but in real life it could be a hole punch or a desk chair or a dictionary. the question is, would this save lives if the bullets were real? you know, those active shooter drills are controversial. many people worry they scare the pants off the teachers and the kids and the teachers there told
8:14 am
us that they do feel better, though, having gone through that training because they don't feel like sitting ducks. most campus violence occurs at the start of the semester as it did in oregon and most often in the transition points of the day, going to school, after school or during lunch. >> interesting. something to keep in mind. >> yeah. >> sure is, thank you, david. back to amy in oregon. she is with alek skarlatos, one of the american heroes who stopped a terrorist on a french train. he's actually from roseburg and attended umpqua community college. hello, amy. >> reporter: yes, george, and alek, you are here with us this morning. it's a tough morning for you. you called roseburg home for the past six years. how are you processing everything that's happened in the last few hours? >> i mean it's just absolutely insane to be in a situation like this especially and my town roseburg, i mean this is a really small community and just something of this magnitude happening here is just very rare and just unheard of. >> reporter: there is an
8:15 am
incredible twist of fate here to this story because six weeks ago you took down a terrorist on a french train and because of the response to that, that is the only reason why you weren't on that campus yesterday. you had already enrolled for tuesday and thursday classes, correct? >> yes, i was enrolled in the reserve academy on saturday and tuesday and thursday classes and i -- if i didn't get called for the dancing show i would have been on campus. >> reporter: so if you hadn't agreed to do "dancing with the stars," you would have been on campus when the shots rang out and i'm sure you know what you would have done. >> i would have tried anyway. >> when you hear about the response that within eight minutes they had that shooter down, it's not surprising in this community. >> no, it's not. i mean the law enforcement here is excellent but i mean in any kind of shooting or situation like that eight minutes is an eternity. >> where were you when you heard the news? walk me through what the moment was like. >> i was actually in the studio
8:16 am
with lindsey dancing and i got a text from one of my friends telling me what had happened so i looked it up on the internet to confirm it and i was just in total shock and i just sat down for a second and then hid in the bathroom so the cameras couldn't see me. >> and then you booked a flight in yeah, almost within an hour i decided that i would come here and be with my community. >> and your friend, your family all safe and sound this morning? >> yes, as far as i know, i mean everybody that i've contacted has been fine, so i'm really grateful for that and i just -- i mean my heart really goes out to the people who can't say the same. >> i know it does and your support here i'm sure means everything to them. alek skarlatos, thank you so much for being with us this morning? thank you. appreciate that. >> george, back to you. >> thanks to both of them. boy, these shootings always shatter the entire community. >> let's go outside to ginger. >> george, we're out here on a very wet, rainy and cool morning
8:17 am
in new york city. this, though, not moisture from joaquin. joaquin now we have an update, separate storm from the coastal storm that's going to drench south and north carolina. joaquin is still in the bahamas moving very slowly northwest at three miles per hour. it's going to take more of a north-northeasterly track. at this point the trend is for the cone of uncertainty to sway out to sea. that would be good news just kicking up big surf. 41 in marquette. that is the big picture.from 8a through saturday moing. between 2-4" of additnalal rainfall is possible. - perioiods of rain, heavavy at time today through saturday. - as of this writing, not expepecting y impact from jquin. nicer weather next week today: periods of rain. heaviestain southwest (terrain induced). breezy and chilly. higs: 53-58 winds: ne10-20 g 30
8:18 am
mph tonight: rain continues. bezy y and >> we'll have updates on the coastal flooding and how much rain to expect in the southeast in a couple of minutes. let's head back inside. >> thanks. we switch gears and we have more fit myths. i can't say that right. >> you had all week to work on it. >> focusing on nutrition, when and what to eat before and after you work out. mara schiavocampo on the case again. good morning, mara. >> reporter: good morning. you know there's a saying that healthy bodies are made in the kitchen, not the gym. everyone from fitness instructors to nutritionfs noting what you eat is one of the biggest factors in weight loss and muscle gain. fit foods, everyone from celebs to professional athletes sharing their pre and post-workout meal photos all over social media. the rock posting this, egg, turkey bacon and muffins, even
8:19 am
lebron james drinking a peanut butter smoothie. how important is nutrition to someone's fitness goals. >> die set a huge factor. what you eat will end up dictating where your results come from. >> reporter: knowing exactly what to eat and when can be confusing. so we asked sports nutritionist jason mccuskey to break it down. what to eat an hour or two before hitting the gym. >> you don't want to start out starving or stuffed. so you're going to want to look at about 150 to 250 calories of food. kind of comprised of carbohydrates and protein. >> reporter: as for post-workout, i you're trying to lose weight, time your workout so it's right before a meal. when you have to eat anyway. >> lean protein, lots of veggie, you know, having a lit bit of a nutritious carbohydrate whether a complex carb, whether it be a starchy vegetable or fruit. >> reporter: looking to build
8:20 am
muscle use that post-workout period to refuel, 300 to 550 calories of preteen or carbohydrate. jason suggests not waiting more than two hours to eat. >> if you go much longer most tend to get really hungry and leads to becoming ravenous and make poor food choices. >> reporter: no matter when you eat the quality of the food is key. >> lean tree teens and vegetables, the whole grains, healthy fat, they have nutrients in them that love us back. >> and, of course, hydration is also really important. jason recommends drinking about 12 to 20 ounces of water in the hours before your workout so you don't get dehydrated part of the way through. keep your power up. >> let's go through pre-workout, what you do during and after. starting out with the pre. >> there is an idea you have to carb load, right. but really unless you're training for a marathon you don't need that many carbs. this would be an exam of the carb loading preworkout that you
8:21 am
don't need. dra nola bar, banana. >> instead. >> mix it up, complex carbs and protein so the milk and oatmeal and we have berries in there, a super food and this will give you the right balance to power you lew. >> during the workout a lot think we have an edge with a sports drink. >> again unless you're training for a marathon and doing hours of training all this will do is giver you calories you don't need. all you really need during your workout. >> i know what this is going to be. >> good old-fashioned water. stay hydrated make sure you're drinking throughout and you don't need this unless you're training for something major. >> i love the tip eat right after. >> important not to wait too long. also your body is looking for fuel after the workout so this is a protein shake. the headache is a good option especially if you're on the go you need something quick, but if you have the time, real food is always better. you want to try to prepare a meal that will replenish, repair and give you the energy you need
8:22 am
to refuel. something like a complex carb, a sweet potato will refuel. this is kale, anti-inflammatory and the protein, it's going to help you rebuild -- >> that's why it's a good idea to move your workout up to meal time. >> because you're not adding in a meal or smack. if you plan it before a workout you're going to need a meal anyway. >> good advice all week long. back inside to lara for "pop news." >> get over here. it is time for "pop news" friday edition. are you ready, tom llamas. >> i'm pumped. >> ready. >> ooh, look at george. like your own personal runway. work it. there we go. there we go. >> he was strutting, wasn't he? >> come on. >> come on. >> we need you. >> who else is going to look at me incredulously. ready. we begin "pop news" on this friday edition with this, we've had plenty of time dissecting the candidates for next year's presidential election but we haven't heard from a huge group of american about the contenders, children, so jimmy
8:23 am
kimmel sat down with them to get their take. >> who's this guy, do you know? >> george clooney. >> george clooney, no, that is not george clooney but he'll be very happy to hear you say that. >> i hope donald was watching. >> he'll love that. focus on that. when he asked about democratic hopeful hillary clinton, listen up. >> her husband used to be the president. yes, edie. >> is it martha washington. >> it is martha washington. >> trump did a lot better than hillary. i mean, she is a former first lady so not too bad. we thought that was great. thank you, jimmy, for that. and -- skwoets sweet caroline ♪ >> robin. ♪ bum, bum, bum >> kneel diamond still has it. crank up the volume ♪ so good >> spotify has run the numbers on the all-time most popular
8:24 am
tunes to belt out in the shower and 1969 "sweet caroline" still making the good times feel so good, so good, so good. that tune came in at number eight, also making the top 20, the supremes' "baby love" proving we all possess a little diva inside of us, "at last" by etta james. the number one a little boom, boom into your morning. ♪ wake me up >> george, look at your face. >> i'm incredulous again. no. >> leave it go. >> by wham. have let's get to know tom better. your number one go to song in the shower. >> and if you could demonstrate pretend you're holding a shampoo bottle. >> this is embarrassing, pointer sisters "jump." >> i love you. >> i will admit that. it gets me going. >> so is rob's -- >> is that your song. >> definitely. >> wow.
8:25 am
that is really something. >> kind of weird too. >> no. >> you're in a whole different light. >> i love drake too. different drake songs? pointer sisters, i have a whole new you in my head. finally another reason dog is man's best friend because when you're short one person to play jump rope, rover helps a hand or snout. i mean look at this, you guys, i love this video. >> that's great. >> perfect rhythm. he even pauses to let another kid take a turn. now we don't want to leave anybody out. usually we see dan harris sometimes fill in. he loves cats. i didn't though it was you. so happy to see you, miss pointer sister, anyway, this one is for you dan wherever you are. so this video we thought was funny. this flowery fedora. look at this cat's reaction. and that's really it. there's nothing else to say. >> get that off my head. one more time, one more time.
8:26 am
one more time. [ laughter ] >> if cats could talk and that is "pop news" on this friday. >> we needed that this morning. >> we did. we have don johnson in just a little bit. ♪ i bet my life i bet my life i let my life on you ♪
8:27 am
>> good morning. we want to get an update on the weather. esque, it keeps coming down. >> it does. it's going to keep coming down all day long. from the live camera you can see rain drops on the lens. 54 chile degrees, breezy, northeast winds, 16 miles per hour. here is a look at live doppler, the rain moving in from east to west. we're really seeing steady rainfall and will continue to see that. we've had so much rain over the past few days, flash flooding is a concern. flooding in parts ovule aliya and along the coast. this is in effect until early tomorrow. today, temperatures in the 50s. better tomorrow. 61. scattered showers throughout the day, windy. windy on sunday. but only about a 40% chance of showers, much nicer next week. now to the roads we go.
8:28 am
angela foster. >> reporter: good morning. on the roads right now, heavy slow ride connecting with the capital beltway on all our interstates in virginia as well as maryland. a live look at 95 in virginia. northbound delays, southbound we've got a crash blocking a couple lanes toward dale city. 395 headed ini the district we've got problems on main avenue westbound, oversized truck blocking the lanes as you approach independence with problems there and here is a live look at the capital beltway. your with a 30 minute backup from new hampshire avenue to the george washington parkway for the crash blocking the lanes. >> anchor: thank you. top stories now. the redskins this morning, following the weather closely. it's too early to know if they're pleaing on sunday. they do host the eagles at fairfax field. if the -- fed expressway field. if the weather is bad they'll take their b week now and play
8:29 am
this game on week 8. you can get more news, weather
8:30 am
♪ i want to see you smile welcome back to "gma" on this friday morning. and don johnson, hot new series, "blood & oil," a revealing one-on-one with don johnson just ahead. >> he sat down with sara haines. you see her right there, talked all about that iconic role. >> going european there. >> "miami vice" and the look that made him. >> you always are awkward because you don't know if they'll do the double kiss. >> the triple. >> triple. >> that's a lot of kissing. >> let's go to ginger. >> the triple would totally confuse me, george, but now i know how we're going to go in for one. time for our new series "modern romance" and the quest to find love online. research shows that one in five adults ages 25 to 34 have given it a try but now a new show is
8:31 am
trying to help people find love at first swipe by transforming their online profile one person at a time. meet tara udot. she spent the last ten years concentrating on her job and now she has her sights set on a new goal. >> i made a great career for myself and i'm really ready to settle down. >> reporter: the problem, the whole meeting mr. right thing is easier said than done. >> off and on i've been doing online dating for five years and i haven't had great results with any of them. >> what is your ideal guy. >> reporter: who are you going to call, clinton kelly and devyn simone, the hosts of tlc's brand-new dating show "love at first swipe." they met tara for a love intervention. >> step into our office right over here. >> reporter: within minutes of looking at tara's dating profile they had some ideas. >> you like movies, you like sports. >> reporter: devyn and clinton
8:32 am
say the number one mistake tara is making being too general in her profile. not putting herself out there. >> your photos, they're pretty vanilla. very girl next door, bordering on average. >> i've been hurt before so i'm kind of safe in terms of what i put out. >> that's exactly what this is. this profile says, i'm playing it safe. >> tara's profile was uninteresting. it's not because she isn't an interesting woman. she wasn't highlights specifics about herself. >> reporter: as for tara's appearance, clinton had ideas too. >> hair, you're open to color. that's interesting and clothes. she says tara's first date wardrobe needs a little bit of an upgrade. >> this kind of top always says to me a woman is just looking to camouflage her body. >> reporter: he introduced her to bold new looks. what will tara's new dating look be when they're done? find out right now. oh, we can't wait to see clinton
8:33 am
kelly and devyn simone here with me now. before we talk about mastering the dating po file, we are so ready to see the final results of tara's makeover. her new look and profile. let's get one more before picture so we remember before and tara, drum roll, please. come on in. >> ah, you look great. >> hi. >> look at this. >> bombshell. >> we love it. >> i love it too. >> thank you. >> you look outstanding. how do you feel? >> i feel fantastic. i love everything they did. the hair, makeup. my dress, you know, i just feel -- i just feel like a new person. i'm so excited. >> clinton helped you but, clinton, what did you do specifically that can help our viewers with their profilprofil >> you want to look like yourself but not a boring version. you might think you're playing it safe. you don't want to do that. go bolder with your online profile. it's like fishing. you want to entice the fish to take the bait then also add color, color goes a long way
8:34 am
when it comes to making you pop off the page. that's what you want. you want to pop and not look like everybody else online. >> with your eye, i see it. devyn, i know you revamped her profile. what did you do? >> she was hiding behind the profile, bad lighting and grainy and important to celebrate yourself so find your light. make sure you really stand out and pop much don't play it safe in your profile photo. that's what's going to get you the guy. secondly, be descriptive so you have friend, you have family. how about i have great friends. i love my niece and nephew. i love football as opposed to sports and really tell them about yr interests so you will potentially have a match. >> guys use online po files too. clinton, what is your number one tip for a man. >> stop it with the pick tires that look like you're at a frat party. most women want a man, not a boy. >> so true. >> secondly i'd have to say
8:35 am
don't take photos with a bunch of friends. we get it, you have friends but we don't know which one you are so lead with a solo shot of yourself. >> so the guys tend to do that more. >> yeah. >> them and their buddies. >> i'm so popular. look at all my friends. >> you are feeling good. >> i feel fantastic. i'm so happy. >> are you getting hits already? >> we'll see. i'm hoping to, yeah. i'm ready. >> clinton kelly and devyn simone, thank you for being here. best of luck. the new show "love at first swipe" premieres tonight 9:00 eastern on tlc. >> she looks great, thank you. it is time now for "gma's" yahoo your day and this morning yahoo beauty editor in chief b bobbi brown is sharing her secrets on making eye shadow pop for any occasion. ♪ yahoo >> the great thing about eye shadow it makes your eyes stand out. you want richer and true colors.
8:36 am
i'm going to teach you the basics. a light, a medium and a dark. light goes all over the lid and what this does, it creates a nice surface for putting the rest of the eye shadow on. it also lightens up any kind of darkness, the medium color with a fluffy brush also makes sure the powder is off it and that starts the lower lash line and add a little depth on the outside. darkest, a shadow or a gel pot or a pencil and then you line the eye starring at the outside all the way across so it's eye shadow as eyeliner. lay iring is really fun and playing with different textures. a little bit of shimmer, a little bit of sparkle, super, super pretty. >> all right. thank you. i'm just going to admit robin and a were dancing to that music. outside to ginger. >> i'm having a lipstick moment.
8:37 am
i have to apologize if advance. sparky is behind me, national fire awareness, right? >> it's national fire awareness month and sparky is here to share fire safety tips with kids and families. >> always a great idea so sparky, we're happy to have you. has a little bit of rain on his visor because of that coastal storm and put on the futurecast so you can see rounds of showers and storms heaviest in north and south carolina and that's why we think we could see epic flooding independent of joaquin. joaquin is still out at sea. the flash flood warnings part of -- boy, a rough weekend. look at some of the numbers, 6 to 10 inches almost the entire state of south carolina. it will come in pockets, though. om 8am friday though saturday orning. between 2-4" of additional rainfall i possible. - periods s of ra, heavy at times, todayay through saturday. - as of this writing, not expecting imy impact from joaquin. - nicer w weather next week today: periodsds of rain. heaviest rain southwest (terrain induceced). breezy and chilly. high 53-58 winds: ne 1
8:38 am
>> all that weather brought to you by ford. lara, i want to get in and dance with you guy. >> get in here then, ginger. always room for you. and coming up, robin going one-on-one with queen rania in a revealing new interview. don't
8:39 am
8:40 am
queen rania of jordan has been speaking out about the refugee crisis in europe. it is not a new crisis to her country.
8:41 am
over the past five years refugees have come to make up 20% of jordan's population. i sat down with her this week when she and her husband king abdullah were here for the u.n. general assembly. your majesty, thank you very much. been looking forward to spending this time here with you. >> it's an absolute pleasure, thank you, robin. >> the one issue that is finally made it here to american shores, the refugee crisis and this is something that you and your country, you have been dealing with, taking in refugees for the last five years like 600,000. >> absolutely. this is -- the syrian refugee crisis is a true humanitarian catastrophe. i think people don't realize the magnitude of the numbers. 250,000 syrians have lost their lives as a result of this conflict. half of the population of syria have left their homes, 7 million of them are displaced and 4 million have become refugees and often hear people say why aren't the countries in the region doing more.
8:42 am
we are doing quite a lot and this -- you know, jordan is a small country that's quite resource poor so it's really been a major issue for us. >> puts a strainen 0 the whole economy. >> it puts a huge strain -- we do need assistance from the international community. >> when you talk about the numbers, president obama just said that we, the united states, will accept 10,000. is that enough? >> it isn't though for the united states or for europe alone to soldier the burden. i think we all have to work together to try to find a cohesive and comprehensive and a unified approach to this. >> do you think part of the problem here in this country and elsewhere, a not true understanding. when you say refugees and when you talk to these people they're like everybody else. they had jobs. they were providing for their family. now they're being misplaced. is there -- are there misconceptions we have to get a better understanding. >> yeah, i think the first thing we heed to do is put ourselves in their shoes. these people are not leaving by choice and that's the difference
8:43 am
between migrants and refugees. mike grants choose to go to another country because they want a better job or an education but refugees are running for their lives. when i look at a country like the united states, it baffles me that people don't understand it because this is a country that where immigrants have done so much and can you imagine what the united states would have been like without the contribution of the valuable contribution of so many immigrants. >> i don't know why we look at it, your majesty, so differently now. >> i think it might having something to do with the fact that these refugees are arabs and muslims and there has been a stereotype now that's been festering for so many years because the extremists have really dominated the agenda and have shall think caused a lot of fear and mistrust and intolerance towards arabs and muslims. >> religious extremism, has it gotten worse and is there more that moderate muslims can do in
8:44 am
helping in this fight to end the war and to end what isis is doing? >> the truth is that, you know, the groups such as isis, i'll refer to them as da'esh, they are building and broadcasting a brand of global terror implicating islam, muslims and arabs. >> we saw a part of this, and i know you recently met with him and he was -- we interviewed him on our program, thedown man from texas, ahmed mohamed. the outpouring from people who stood up for him and said, no, this is unacceptable. how does his story help and hurt? >> well, you know, i think it kind of woke us all up to the fact that some of these stereotypes can seem into our subconscious without us knowing and make us make grave misjudgments of people. sometimes causing a great deal of unfairness and injustice. >> finally, what do you want to say to this big, wonderful,
8:45 am
beautiful, global community that we all share? >> you know, when people look at some of these crises that we see like the refugees and ask what can we do, it begins with empathy but then you have to act and acting doesn't just mean you just click like and move on to the next post because you assume that somebody else will do something about it. you are that somebody else. you've got to act on your values because if you don't, they just slip away. they strrt to erode and that wouldn't be a good thing for he of us so i think my message would be, you know, remember what matters and i think the pope really reminded us in the last few days and act on it. >> always a pleasure to spend time with queen rania. always an enlightening conversation when she's here. coming up one-on-one with don johnson, "miami vice" star is back, big new show and revealing what he really thinks about his daughter's shoulder in
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
don johnson became a superstar on "miami vice" and now he's back on tv in "blood & oil." he talked all about it with sara haines. hey, sara. >> good morning, lara. yes, we did talk and we laughed and talked some more and not much was off-limits as you'll see. here's a man who has created a career that spans the decades and is still going strong. how are you? >> i'm good. >> meeting actor don johnson is meeting with television royalty. in the 1980s he wowed us with "miami vice" in the '90s he starred in "nash bridges," now he's back in "blood & oil." you don't change. >> oh, yeah. >> we sat down at feinstein's 54 below to discuss his new character, oilman hat brigs. >> he's a wildcatter in the oil business sittingen 0 the biggest oil find in the history of the planet. >> now you're the patriarch. you're still a leading man, it's just you are the guy giving the advice.
8:49 am
you're overseeing the chace crawfords. >> i know what it's like to be in their position and i can go to them and let me tell you how i handled this situation badly and -- >> what not to do. if anyone is in a position to give advice about how to handle the limelight, it's johnson. in the 1980s he soared to superstar dom as "miami vice" sonny crockett. women wanted to date him. men wanted to be him. did you ever think you'd be such a trendsetter? your t-shirts with your jacks and no socks and your shoes. >> that was kind of a surprise. i was doing it out of function of the heat. i'd go to work in july and in miami and it was so hot that i just kept taking off clothes. >> so you were accidentally doing this. >> oh, yeah, i took off the bell, the socks, anything that added heat i took it off. i mean i'll stop there. but things came off, okay. >> go where you must with that. >> commando. i would go commando quite often. >> but it's not acting that makes johnson light up the most.
8:50 am
instead, it's family. johnson is the proud father of six. his daughter with actress melanie griffith, dakota johnson who famously starred in "fifty shades of grey." >> i'm an stash that steele. >> did you watch "fifty shades"? >> oh, no, i was foreboden. >> good. i'll watch for both of us. >> there are images that you just don't need in your head. that's one of them. >> i have to do a lightning round with you, okay? >> okay. >> this is kind of would you rather, okay. you got to pick one. mountains or the beach? >> beach. >> beer or champagne? >> champagne. >> i like you. send a text or pick up the phone. >> send a text. >> boxers or briefs or "c," "miami vice." >> commando. no, i'll have to say boxers on that. >> now i'm going to go just a little '80s. would you have taken a spin in dukes of hazard general lee or magnum ferrari. >> i had my own ferrari. >> see, not everyone can say that. you are good at this game. you were fast, you were decisive except when you rocked my answers with i had my own
8:51 am
ferrari. >> okay, i came in as a fan of don johnson, now i'm kind of smitten with him. this man was so amazing, so if you want a little piece of don johnson this series that i just saw, it's exactly what you want from him. he's like all cowboy and amazing but that guy sings, he performed with barbra streisand. >> yeah, he's cool. >> he's so chill. >> you are so smitten. >> i am so -- i immediately called my husband and i was like, baby, i hope this okay but i love don johnson. i mean, it's don johnson. >> and the show is "blood & oil." it's really good, right? >> it is good. >> so check it out, everybody, sundays, 9:00, 8:00 central here on abc. that w
8:52 am
oh, well that's a good price.
8:53 am
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what do george, shaq and the president, not that president, this one all have in common? their favorite job is being a dad. monday they're in the "gma" dad council hot seat giving fatherly advice to your questions live. mom, you won't want to miss this. >> good morning, america. >> "good morning america" is brought to you by quaker, off you go. dad council, right? we can learn so much from promos. >> i know what i'm doing monday. >> now we know. but before we go on friday we want to tell you about disney, abc and espn kicking off their choose kindness campaign. in support of national bullying plea vengs month working with
8:55 am
pacer, stomp out bullying and to put an endtoy bullying to inspire others to kindness. every single pern has their own thing. >> be strong, be kind. >> be daring. >> be awesome. >> and together we can stop bullying. >> and to find out how you can make a difference go to >> all month long share words of encouragement using #choosekindness and be inspired. have a good weekend. >> do it today.
8:56 am
>> good morning. we want to get and update on the weather. and here is eileen whelan with an update. >> the only update we have is the rain continues to fall. it's coming down and the heaviest rain is over southern
8:57 am
maryland. and we were going to see more of that rain all day long. here is a look at our live doppler, heavy rain, you can see the brighter yellows over st. mary's counties. also into calvert county as well. heavy rain bands moving from east to west, all associated with this coastal storm off shore. watch in effect over the dc metro, really for all the counties here highlighted in green. as we head into the weekend, it's going to be kind of damp and cool. temperatures in the lower 60s saturday. middle 60s on sunday. angela foster it's definitely windshield wiper worthy weather today! >> reporter: certainly. most definitely is. we're teaing with a slow soggy ride out there. i270 going to take you almost 40 minutes from 121 darksburg to the i270 spur for southbound communitiers, within the heavy delays at the capital beltway your. new hampshire avenue, it will take you 30 minutes to get
8:58 am
around to the george washington parkway where the crash continues to welcome the right lane, outer loop. a leave look at next batter state 66 where we -- interstate 66, cleared out. >> top stories, alexandria you have time to get sand bags the you need them. distribution hours were extended through today, starts in a few minutes at 9:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. every resident is get up to 5 sand bags at the locations on the screen. the intersection of king, lee streets and south quaker lane. you can get more news, weather and traffic on good morning washington on news channel 8. hope you have a great friday.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the film, "beasts of no nation," idris elba. r.d star of the new comedy, "d ken," ken jeong. plus, wild animals from around the worth courtesy of peter gros. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] >> now, here are your emmy-winning hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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